The Pussy Train IV by twistmynipples

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Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Extreme, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome

I woke up at 10:30 and immediately checked my phone. No messages. I got up and made myself breakfast. After I cleaned up my phone rang. I excitedly ran to answer it and when I picked it up, the called ID said ‘Robin’. I was disappointed, but answered it.


“Hey Will. Did you find Amy last night?”

“Yeah, man. And Elly was there, too.”

Robin said nothing for a few seconds.

“You’re shittin’ me.”

“No, seriously. She was there.”

“Okay, I hope you’re comfy ‘cuz you’re giving me all the gories.”

For the next five minutes I recalled the night in vivid detail to my best friend.

“I can’t believe how lucky you are, man. This is the kind of thing EVERY guy fantasizes about. I honestly never thought this happened to anybody. Guess I was wrong.”

“I know, bud. I can’t believe it.”

“When do I get to meet ‘em?”

“We’ll see, man. I promise that you’ll be the first person I introduce them too.”

“You’re so my hero, dude. Later.”

“K. Catchya later.”

I had just hung up the phone when my text alert went off. YES!

‘Starbucks in Pioneer Square. 2:30’

I hit reply. ‘K. C U then’

I had a few hours to kill so I did some tidying around the house and went and got my groceries for the week. 2:00 came and I left for downtown. Being Sunday there was not much going on downtown so I had no trouble finding parking. I got there a bit early and went inside only to be welcomed by the identical smiles sitting in the corner. I walked over.

“Hey.” It was all I could think to say.

They chuckled a bit.

“Dude.” said Amy.

“Word.” added Elly

We all laughed.

“Every time I look at you guys no words come to mind. I’m usually much smoother than this.”

“A likely story,” cooed Elly.

“No. I mean it. Just seeing you girls is truly a breathtaking experience.”

“That’s a vast improvement,” chuckled Elly.

“I don’t even know where to begin.”

“First off, can you tell who’s who today,” asked Amy with a smile.

I pointed. “Amy and Elly.”

They smiled.

“Right. How’d you know?” asked Elly.

“I learned some subtle differences in your facial expressions last night. I pick up on little details.”

“Cool,” they said together

“Okay. You guys said that I’m the first guy you’ve ever done that with?”

They both nodded.

“Wow.” And again, my mind was a vacant wasteland. I just looked at them, alternating from one to the other. Finally Amy broke the silence.

“There’s just something about you, Will. You are the sexiest, coolest, most caring guy I’ve ever met.”

“Yeah. From what Amy’s told me and what I experienced last night, I have to agree.”

“And you guys have been into each other for pretty much your whole lives?”


“Didn’t your parent or siblings ever find out? I mean if you have siblings, that is.”

They looked at each other for a second.

“Everything we tell you is in the strictest of confidence. You never tell a soul.”

I was somewhat confused, but quickly agreed.

“We grew up in a different household. We have 2 more sisters and a brother. All younger than us. Our parents are naturalists.”

“Naturalists? What’s that?”

“A synonym would be nudist.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Oh!” I repeated suddenly realizing what this meant.

“We never wore clothes around the house. When we went out, we were just like everybody else, but we never wore clothes at home” Elly said.

“But the question still stands. Didn’t your family ever find out about your activities.”

“Our parents also believe in an open expression of feelings and desires.” Amy continued. “They thought it was a good thing for us to learn from one another. At least that way we’d be guaranteed of not being abused or hurt by our partners. All five of us have experimented with each other.”

“We never did anything with Mom or Dad,” Elly added. “Only our sisters and brother.”

I stared.

“Please tell me what you’re thinking, Will. I need to know,” said Amy.

“There’s a lot racing through my head right now.”

“Are you okay with this or is this the end?”

“No, it’s not the end. This just takes a few adjustments in the way I think. I’m not thinking anything bad. It’s not like your home life hurt anyone. Everyone was a willing participant, right?”

“Of course,” answered Elly.

“Then I’m fine with it. You guys are amazing women and I’m all for whatever has happened in your life to make you who you are.”

They both erupted in that unforgettable smile. They moved over and kissed me on the cheek.

“How old are your siblings?”

“Well,” started Amy. “We’re 36, our sister Laurie is 33, our brother Tim is 32 and little sister Monica is 17.”

“17? Wow, I bet THAT wasn’t planned”

“Nope,” said Elly. “Her nickname is ‘Oops’”

I laughed.

“I know you live in Chicago, Amy, but where’s home for you, Elly?”

“Same address as Amy in Chicago. We’ve always lived together. When Amy got transferred to Chicago, I quit my job and moved with her.”

“And what do you do?”

“Well, I just got a job with a marketing company there. That’s what we both got our degrees in.”

“What do you do, Amy?”

“You’re going to be jealous, Will. I work for the Bulls. I’m their VP in Marketing. I used to work for the Blazers here and then the Bulls offered me the VP job at 3 times what I was making here. Couldn’t pass it up.”

“Wow. You work in sports. 2 hot and sexy women who are bisexual, into me and love sports. An impossible situation.”

We all laughed.

“What do you do, Will?”

“I’m in the financial arena. I used to be a software trainer and then I invested heavily in Apple a few months before they announced the iPod. I’ve done EXTREMELY well with them and now I’m retired from regular work and I play the markets. I live very comfortably. That’s why I offered to fly you out here, Amy. It’s no big deal for me.”

“Now it’s OUR turn to be impressed,” said Amy.

Over then next few hours we talked about everything that came to mind. I learned a lot about both of them and was continually amazed at what they had done in and with their lives. Dinner time came and I took them out for steaks at Morton’s then we retired to my place. Seeing that we had two cars I gave them my address and told them I’d meet them back at my house. The 20 minute drive seemed to take forever, but I finally got home. I beat them by 10 minutes so I was able to get a bottle of wine ready and put on some music. The doorbell rang. I let them in and led them into my living room.

“I love your place,” said Elly.

“Me too,” added Amy. “I love big band music, especially Glenn Miller.”

Then she picked up the wine bottle.

“And we have a man that knows a good wine, Elly”

“Thanks. When I had the money to be able to afford good wine I thought I’d better learn so I took a few courses in it.”

Amy picked up a glass, took a sip and slinked over to me. Her lips were upon me. My tongue had a mind of its own and it went exploring. Amy pulled back.

“Don’t want to spill the wine,” she said as she put down the glass.

Elly was looking around my living room at the art and music. Amy was back in her position with her mouth upon mine. We kissed and kissed. I felt Elly’s hands wrap around my torso and unfasten my shirt. She pulled at my arms and moved them so she could peel it off. Amy and I continued to kiss. Then Elly reached further down and undid my pants. It took some maneuvering but she was able to get my pants off. I don’t wear underwear. Still Amy and I kissed. We felt Elly worm her way between our legs and in short order her head was moving back and forth on my eager cock. Still Amy and I kissed. Amy pushed back from me and gasped for air. We were both panting. Elly continued to suck my cock.

“I’m naked and you two are still fully clothed. Let’s change that.”

Elly stood up and moved to her sister. She kissed her deeply and began to unbutton her blouse. Amy was doing the same to her. I watched in amazement. I’d seen it all the night before, but I still felt like I was dreaming. Amy was wearing a skirt and Elly was in pants. Amy removed Elly’s pants and Elly was about to unzip Amy’s skirt when Amy slapped her hands away.

“Get on your knees and eat my cunt,” she commanded as she lifted her skirt. No panties.

Elly sunk to her knees and began lapping away at her sister’s pussy. Amy motioned me over and we kissed as before. Soon she started moving her hips around and moaning. She was really getting hot.

“Let’s move upstairs,” I said panting.

Elly stood and Amy’s skirt flopped back into place. In no time at all we were upstairs in my bedroom. Amy pushed me onto the bed and hopped on top of me, still in her skirt. She hiked up her garment and mounted me. Her steamy pussy felt so good wrapped around me. Amy bounced up and down on me until she had her first orgasm. I absolutely love the way her pussy muscles spasm when she cums. It feels like her pussy is milking my cock. They all contract in a rhythmic order. She collapsed on my chest, motionless.

“Fuck, Will. It is so damn hot with you.”

“You’re telling me. I can’t even find words to describe how good you two are.”

“Elly. Get on me and lick my ass,” she ordered as she hiked her skirt a bit higher.

This I had to see. I lifted my head so I could watch Elly move up behind her sister and stick her tongue on her asshole. I slowly started sliding my cock in and out of Amy’s pussy as Elly licked her.

“Yes! That’s right! That’s exactly what I need, sissy! Just like I like it! Fuck yes!”

With me fucking her pussy and Elly with her tongue up her ass, Amy didn’t last too long and she soon had her second mind blowing orgasm of the evening. When she was done milking my cock I rolled her over and pulled out.

“Ooooh, Will. Keep it in me,” she wined.

“It’s Elly’s turn now. Move up here baby, open your legs wide and prepare to say ‘aaaaaaah’”

Elly scrambled up on the bed sporting a huge smile. She flopped down beside her sister and flung her legs out as far as she could. I lined my cock up with her shiny, wet pussy and eased it into her.

“Aaaaaaah,” she cooed.

“Good girl. Now fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a thrilling ride.”

I immediately moved to hard, fast strokes pounding my way in and out of her pussy the way they both liked it. Amy got up and went to sit on her sisters’ face, but I pushed her away.

“It’s just Elly and me for a while. You’ve already cum twice. She needs to catch up,” I said to Amy, noticing the pouty look of her face.

“Yes, Will. Fuck the hell out of me! Fuck me HARD!” Elly yelled.

“If you want to do something Amy, you can come and kiss us,” I said.

She moved over and stuck out her tongue. Elly did the same and their tongues battled while I hammered Elly pussy. Amy moved down and sucked her sisters’ pointy nipples. Elly moaned her approval.

“Uuugh! Uuugh! Uuugh!” Amy grunted as I fucked her.

Amy moved out of our way and I didn’t know where she’d gone until I felt her pushing me forward.

“Lay down on my sister. I’m going to try something.”

I obeyed and felt my ass cheeks being gripped and pulled apart slightly. Then Amy thrust forward and stuck her tongue up me ass. Amy tried to speak with my tongue still up my ass. This was another new thing to me. At first I was a little shocked, but enjoyed the feeling

“Ow, U eep ucking Elly ile I oo iss.”

I looked at Elly with a puzzled look

“Now, you keep fucking Elly while I do this,” she said.

I smiled and resumed fucking Elly while her sister tongue fucked my ass. This was incredible. It was an entirely different feeling. Soon I had to quicken my thrusts and Amy couldn’t keep her tongue in me. She replaced it with one of her fingers. The finger again felt somewhat different. I could feel that familiar feeling welling up inside me as I fucked Elly.

“It’s starting! I’m going to cum, girls!”

“Oh yes, Will! Cum inside me! Fuck me!”

“Fill my sister, Will! Shoot your load into her!”

“Oooooh! Ooooooh! Yes! Yes! YES!”

“I can feel it shooting inside me. You’re filling my pussy! YES!”

When my spasms had subsided I looking into Elly’s eyes. They still burned with desire.

“Now it’s YOUR turn, Ma’am. Get out your scuba gear, Amy. We’re going to make Elly cum.”

They both laughed and Amy and I got between Elly’s widespread legs. We both descended on her dripping pussy and our tongues met on her clit.

“Yes! Lick me! Lick me and make me cum! I’m soooo close!”

We lapped at her pussy alternating that with sucking her clit while she gently played with her own nipples. Every now and then Amy and I would kiss, but the attention was all focused on Elly. As we lapped away Elly began to lift her hips off the bed and thrust her pussy deeper into our faces. She began bucking away and moaning. Her moans soon turned to screams and then the floodgates opened. Old faithful let forth with a blast that soaked both our faces and hair. We kept lapping and sucking for a few more seconds. Elly let out a few very satisfied sighs and then we all laid together and drifted off to sleep.

Rating: 94%, Read 81971 times, Posted Aug 14, 2010

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Extreme, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome


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