Oh Fuck! by fbailey

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Oh Fuck!

When I was in high school an older friend of mine invited me to a fraternity party. At sixteen years old and with the chance to drink and maybe get some pussy, I was all for it. I didn’t have to lie to my mother about where I was going because she told me that she was going out and not to wait up for her.

Mom was a really hot mother at thirty-eight years old. She was definitely one of those MILF. She was about five eight, a hundred and twenty pounds, and she had a great pair of 36-B tits. Her tummy was flat and her ass was firm. She turned heads wherever we went.

I could not believe that she didn’t go out every weekend or have a regular boyfriend. She was just too good not to have a man in her life.

Anyway that Saturday evening I waited for Mom to leave. She was dressed to kill, her makeup was great, and so was her hair. That pale blue dress was form fitting, very short, and cut so low that she couldn’t possibly wear a bra. When she leaned over to kiss me goodbye I got to see one of her nipples and it made my cock stiffen.

I finished watching the movie that I had started and went to get ready myself. I showered, combed my hair, and got dressed.

When I got to the fraternity house I had trouble finding my friend. Eventually I found him, but by then I already had a glass of beer and I was checking out the college girls that were standing around. He told me that I was wasting my time with those girls and sent me upstairs to the last door on the left.

There were two guys waiting in line so I was really happy that I had a fresh glass of beer. I had timed it perfectly, when it was my turn to go in I had emptied my beer and I had a full fledged piss hard-on that was not about to go down on its own.

The room was pretty dark with just two candles lit on either side of the headboard. All I saw was a naked woman and her well used pussy looking right at me. I was naked and between her legs, in no times at all. I thrust my cock into her and lost my virginity to this unknown woman. I was rock hard and fucked her like a madman. This pussy was a gift from God. When I just about had my fill, I heard the next guy pounding on the door and telling me to hurry up, then the door opened up and the lights came on. Lying under me was my own mother.

She shouted out, “Get to fuck out of this room you asshole.” Then she told me to lock the door and come right back. When I returned she wrapped her arms around me and said, “I could see you in the candle light but I knew that you couldn’t see me. You were terrific but you didn’t cum. Please put it back in me honey and finish what you started. I’m sure that things are going to be a lot different around the house from now on. Sleeping with you will keep me from going looking for sex with young men like these.”

I said, “So that’s what you have been doing all along.”

Mom replied, “Yes honey. I have wanted to fuck you silly ever since your father walked out on us. In fact that was why he walked out on me. He knew about my obsession with young boys and was very concerned about it. Not little boys and I never molested anyone either. It was you that I have always wanted and when you hit puberty and started growing pubic hair and getting hard-ons all the time I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I either had to find it elsewhere or rape you.”

I replied, “You wouldn’t have raped me Mom, I’ve always wanted you too.”

She smiled and said, “Prove it.” Then Mom opened her legs and patted her pussy. I got back in place and was astounded that I was still rock hard. I just slipped it back into Mom’s pussy and started fucking her. That time was even better than the first time when I didn’t know who I was fucking. Mom and I melted together as one. We were made for one another. When I started cumming in her she started having her orgasms, yes she had several. Then as I relaxed I told her that I had to pee real badly. Mom told me to pee inside her and told me that she had to pee too. She even laughed about it not being our bed. So I peed inside my mother’s pussy and washed all of my cum out of her. I even felt her pee flowing around my cock and down my balls. We both agreed that that was almost as exciting as fucking.

Mom and I took a shower, got dressed, unlocked the door, and were walking out of that fraternity house arm in arm. I didn’t see my friend but a few of the college girls sure gave Mom and I the once over. Mom asked me, “Would you like to take one of them home with us?”

I replied, “Maybe some other time but right now all I want is you.”

Mom said, “That’s sweet honey but believe me I’m all yours anytime that you want me even if it’s ten times a day. Now lets take home one of these little tarts before they sober up.”

I looked at all of the pretty girls and said, “How about the one with the really big tits?”

Mom smiled and said, “Good choice. Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Mom walked over to the girl that I had selected, said a few words to her, and then she escorted her back to me. She introduced me to Amanda and then she took us both out to her car and drove us home.

Along the way Mom told me that one of the fraternity guys had put something into Amanda’s drink that would make her horny and easy, so that he and the whole fraternity could gangbang her. At our house we would let her sleep it off. Then in the morning if she still felt like having sex with us in a threesome, she could.

At home Mom led Amanda up to the guestroom and helped her get undressed and into bed. Apparently enough time had passed for the drug to become effective because Amanda was all over Mom. When I looked in on them they were going at it hot and heavy. I only watched them for less than a minute before I was naked and joined in with them. Mom pulled Amanda’s face to her pussy and told me to fuck Amanda from behind. A few minutes later Mom told me to butt fuck Amanda because she would love it in her drug induced state of sexual bliss. She did too, and then she begged for more. I could hardly believe how much she loved my cock up her butt. Amanda had so many orgasms that I couldn’t keep count. Mom just kept egging me on. The drug sure had Amanda excited. Every time that her face came away from my mother’s pussy, Amanda begged me to stick it in further, fuck her harder, and to make her feel it three days later. That girl was insane with desire.

Mom finally said, “Just cum in her. I can make her feel it three days later if that’s what she really wants.”

Amanda shouted out, “Fuck me little boy and then let your mother in there. Apparently she knows what she’s doing.”

Mom didn’t seem to like the way that Amanda had spoken to me. She told me to get it over with so I just started cumming in her asshole.

Mom spun Amanda around and made her suck my dirty cock while sticking her ass up in the air. She told me to molest Amanda’s big tits and to make them as sore as I could. Meanwhile mom went to her bedroom and came back with the nastiest dildo that I had ever seen, as if I had ever seen one before that is. It was long, it was thick, and it had warts all over it that looked disgusting. Mom eased it into Amanda’s rectum inch by incredible inch. Amanda cried out but Mom just pushed her back down onto my cock again. It became increasingly more uncomfortable for Amanda. I just started grabbing big handfuls of her enormous tits and squeezing them trying to imbed my fingertips into them. I was hoping to leave some bruises on them. Finally I just grabbed onto her nipples and twisted the shit out of them. When she opened her mouth to scream I shoved my cock down her throat. That certainly shut her up.

I watched as Mom fucked Amanda with that ugly monstrosity. The bumps sticking out of the big rubber cock looked like hard nipples and there were hundreds of them on that eighteen-inch thing. Mom was getting almost all of it in her ass. I was sure that it was tearing her up inside. Mom fucked Amanda into unconsciousness, then she fucked her some more with it.

Mom saw that I was hard again so she flipped Amanda over, leaving that anal intruder in her, and then she told me to fuck Amanda’s pussy.

When my cock slipped in I could feel myself rubbing along that monster. I could feel the bumps rubbing along my cock as I went in. The fit was incredibly tight and I liked it. I fucked into Amanda with a new desire to cum in her. It took a few minutes but I left a goodly amount of my cum in her.

When I was finished Mom had me help her get Amanda back in the car but without any clothes. She drove back to the party and gave her back to the fraternity to gangbang. Mom was laughing all the way home.

When I asked what was so funny she said, “When Amanda wakes up she won’t remember us but she might remember them.”

I thought about my friend that had invited me to the frat party and said, “Oh fuck!”

Mom misunderstood me and said, “Okay if you’re up to it.”

The End

Oh Fuck!


Rating: 90%, Read 94686 times, Posted Sep 12, 2009

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Consensual Sex, Drug, Female, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male


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