Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine 3: Daddy Girl's Naughty Quarantine Research by mypenname3000

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Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story Three: Daddy Girl's Naughty Quarantine Research

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

It was a good thing our family had a big home, or we'd go insane in quarantine.

There were Mom and Dad, Nancy and Clancy (they were twins), Renee, and then me. I was the youngest at eighteen. If we didn't have this big house, I'd think it would have started getting bad during quarantine.

We all had to find things to do. Things that let us stay out of each other's hair. My twenty-year-old brother, Clancy, was spending his time rebuilding an old car in the garage, a project he'd been working on forever. If he finished, Dad said he could keep the car. He had all the parts, but I don't think he was all that good at it. Mom was doing a lot of canning in her workshop. When she's not doing that, she was sewing a lot. Nancy was helping her. They always enjoyed cooking and crafting together. Renee just spent her time around the pool. At nineteen, she was the middle child and often did what she wanted. The twins were all responsible and did stuff while I was the baby of the family. So Renee was just working on her tan, swimming, and looking at her phone.

I guessed she was the most normal of us.

Me, I had always been a daddy's girl, so I was hanging out in his office with him. I had set up my own desk and computer to do things in there and just be around him. He didn't seem to mind.

“So long as you're quiet, Linda, when I'm doing a meeting, you can stay,” he had said.

I just enjoyed the time with him. He was such a handsome man. I would sit at my computer and stare at him when I wasn't writing. He was tall and had black hair, the opposite of my blonde mom. I was the only kid in the family to also have black hair. Maybe that was why I felt so close to daddy. He had these warm, brown eyes and a goatee that always made me giggle when he kissed me on the cheek.

As the weeks dragged on, and I was separated from school, things started to feel... weird. I started looking at Daddy in a new way. I read that many girls had crushes on their daddies and ended up dating guys like their father. But what guy could I meet that was like my dad when I was stuck in the house?

I would sit in his office watching him work in shorts and a t-shirt. For important video conferences, he would pull on a dress shirt he had hanging up on the wall and put on a tie, but he still had on the shorts.

I thought that was funny.

It must have been three weeks into the quarantine (and boy did the days start to blur together) when I was typing at my computer working on a story. I liked to write. They were dumb stuff. Things that I could never show anyone.

And sometimes they got a little naughty. Well, a lot naughty. Like the man and the girl would start kissing. It would be so hot and heavy and make me all tingly. And then they would start groping. I would be writing my story with Daddy oblivious to just how steamy it was getting.

“And then he put his penis in her and started pumping away,” I typed, my cheeks on fire, my pussy clenching. I rubbed my thighs together, glancing over at Daddy. “And she moaned out, 'Oh, Daddy!' as he thrust his penis in and out of her nethers. And it felt so good to say that. It made her feel all tingly to pretend her older boyfriend was—”

A knock at the door made me jump. My cheeks burned. My pussy was getting all juicy and wet. I was still too embarrassed to type that word. Pussy. It was such a naughty word. I looked at the door in time to see Mom opening it.

She was wearing a tight tank top and a pair of shorts, her blonde hair spilling down her shoulders. She was such a beautiful woman. She had big breasts that my sisters and I were inheriting. I mean, I was the youngest of the family and still had tits as big as my older sisters. Mom had this weird look on her face. She sauntered over to daddy.

“You busy, Michael,” she asked. There was something... coquettish about her. I had never seen her like this before. She felt... young and playful. She hardly glanced at me on the other side of the room squirming.

My story had just been getting to the good part. This development of Lisa calling her older boyfriend Mitch “daddy” during their sexy times was a startling one. It needed to be explored. I was all wet and juicy. It wouldn't be long before I would take a “break” and go to my room to think about these sexy things more.

I would hump against my body pillow, pretending it was Mitch or Matthew or Mark or Mike. Whichever hero I had in my story. I would grind against the pillow. This daddy development would be such fun. I could moan it out. See how it felt.

Then write about it better.

Mom reached Dad and rubbed at his shoulders. I frowned as she leaned over. She wore a pair of shorts that fit her rump rather snugly. There was something... sexual about her position as she whispered something in his ear.

“What, really?” Dad said, sounding shocked. “Now?”

Mom purred something, her voice sounding throaty. She wiggled her hips as she did. It was like she was getting itchy for sexy times. That was weird. I mean, I knew my parents had sex, but it was something we heard at night when they would go to bed early.

Renee would always find an excuse not to go upstairs during those times. Her bedroom shared a wall with our parents. You could hear them in her room. She found it gross. We all did. Even the twins.

But now, with my thoughts of Lisa and her sexy times with Mitch, I was feeling so aroused. Mom massaged Dad's shoulders. He groaned and then glanced at his computer. He stood up and glanced over at me.

I blushed and stared intently at my screen like there was something important on there.

“I'm glad you have time,” Mom said, her voice so throaty.

“Your mother, uh, needs some help with something,” he said as Mom led him out. She had this naughty smile on her face. I had never seen her look that way. She looked... gorgeous. Sensual. They were going to have sexy times.

My pussy clenched as I watched them leave. I bit my lip, my panties all wet. My pussy was feeling all itchy for my own sexy times. But I didn't have anyone to share that with. I just had my stories and humping my body pillow.

I stood up and padded to his office door. I peered out into the hallway. The office was on the second floor. My room was next door then came the bathroom. Their room was at the far end. Renee's was across the hallway with Nancy's next to hers. Clancy had his room down in the basement. They'd built it for him when the twin started getting too old for a boy and a girl, even twins, to share the same room.

I wanted to hump my pillow. I darted into my room and grabbed my body pillow. I was about to start stripping naked and pretend that I was Lisa and was with my handsome and amazing boyfriend Mitch when something really wicked washed through me.

I should listen in on them.

I don't know why that idea popped into my head. I licked my lips and glanced out the window. I spotted Renee sunning as usual. She was talking to Clancy. He must have been on a break. He wore a t-shirt that had grease stains on it. She laughed at something he said before he went back into the garage.

I darted out of my room and went to Renee's. I knew this was a risk, but I wanted to hear. I crawled onto her bed. Her headboard was against the wall that she shared with our parents. I peeled off my shorts and panties but kept on my tank top in case I had to flee quickly. I threw my body pillow on the bed and then mounted it, pressing my pussy right on it, my legs holding it tight.

“This is like doing the cowgirl position,” I whispered and then giggled.

I had to write about Lisa doing sexy times with Mitch, riding him like a cowgirl. I bet they would both like that. After they dealt with the problem of the mummies coming to life at the museum. Then they could have their fun.

I pressed my ear against the wall and her muffled sounds. Where the kissing. The bed creaked. And then I heard sucking. Daddy groaned. I gasped and realized Mom must be sucking on his cock or something.

That was so naughty.

Of course, I'd written about cock-sucking in my story. Lisa had put her mouth on Mitch's cock and pleasured him. It was so hot and so naughty to write even if I wasn't sure if I was writing about it correctly. I thrust two of my fingers into my mouth, sucking on them, and started grinding.

I rubbed my pussy up and down my body pillow, humping on it. The fabric caressed me even through my black bush. I shuddered, my breasts jiggling in my bra and tank top. My black hair spilled around my face while I kept nursing on my fingers.

I “blew” my digits. My tongue danced around them. I felt so wicked. My pussy grew hotter.

The sucking sound was so naughty. I pressed my ear against the wall, my body on fire as I listened to it. Daddy kept groaning. Kept growling. Mommy was making him feel so good. A shudder ran through me.

Then a wet plop. “Don't want you to pop off early,” Mom purred. “I want you in me. Dripping out of me.”

“Ashley,” Daddy groaned. “What has gotten into you?”

“Quarantine!” Then I heard what might have been kissing. The bed creaked again. Mom gasped.

I shuddered, struggling to picture what could be going on. I humped my naughty cunny against my pillow. All these sexy and good feelings rippled through me. They felt so amazing. I shuddered, the heat rushing through me.

My cunt clenched. The naughty heat was rippling through my body. I shuddered, loving how sexy I felt listening to them. Mom moaned and groaned. The smooching stopped. Had Daddy been kissing her tits.

I groped my boobs now, squeezing them while I listened. Mom gasped. Daddy let out a groan, but it sounded muffled. He said something, but I couldn't understand it. Mom moaned. Her bed creaked even more.

Were they fucking?

“Yes, yes, I love your goatee on my pussy,” groaned Mommy. “That's so different. Mmm, yes, yes, just eat me.”

I gasped. Pussy licking. Why had I never wrote that in my sexy stories?

I squeezed my tits and humped against my body pillow. I groaned my juicy, naughty twat on it. What must it be like to be licked down there? To have Linda get her pussy eaten out by Mitch. She would shudder and moan as she did.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, imagining I was Lisa. “Oh, Daddy, lick my pussy.”

And Mitch would have that facial hair. I bet that would feel extra naughty down there. When Dad kissed me, his goatee always tickled my cheeks. It must be even more intense down there. Mommy loved it. I could hear her moans of delight.

“Yes, yes,” Mommy panted. “Michael. Oh, Michael.”

“Mmm, Daddy,” I moaned, my eyes squeezed shut, trying to imagine what Mom felt. That tongue. Those whiskers. He would lick her pussy folds. Her clitoris (though the sexy stories on always called it a clit) would burst with pleasure.

Just like mine was as I ground on the pillow.

The pleasure rippled through me as I listened to Mom moaning louder and louder. The bed creaked. My hands squeezed my tits. Renee's bed creaked beneath me as I ground my pussy on the naughty body pillow.

I pinched my nipples through bra and blouse, twisting them. I shuddered at the heat rushing through me. I trembled and whimpered, grinding my pussy harder on the pillow. Faster. My clit burst with sparks as Mom moaned. Daddy feasted on her.

“Eat my pussy, Daddy,” I moaned. “Make me cum.”

“Michael!” Mom gasped. “Oh, fuck, Michael. Yes!”

I had never heard Mom use the F word. It sounded so naughty.

“Fuck, yes, Daddy!” I moaned, this wicked shiver running through me. I trembled, my orgasm building in me. The bed really creaked. Was Mom cumming on Dad's mouth?

“Now take me!” Mom moaned. “Fuck me hard, Michael.”

“Damn,” Dad groaned. “We should put you under quarantine more often.”

“Mmm, just ram that cock in my pussy. I need it!”

I shuddered at hearing Mom talk. She used those naughty words: cock and pussy. She said those words I was too scared to type. I shuddered as the bed creaked. Then both my parents groaned. Mattress springs squeaked now. A rhythmic pounding.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” I moaned, picturing Lisa on her back getting fucked hard. Mitch pounded her like Dad pounded Mom. “Yes, yes, fuck my... my pussy!”

I shuddered at those words, my pussy getting wetter. My body pillow felt all nice and sticky beneath me. The sweet aroma of my twat filled my nose. I ground harder and harder on the pillow, the sounds of my parents' gasps and moans growing louder and louder.

I felt it building in me. That amazing orgasm. That sexy time explosion. I twisted my nipples through my bra and blouse. My clit throbbed on my pillow. I whimpered. My head threw back. I could hear them moaning now without pressing my ear to the wall.

“Yes!” Mom shouted. “Going to cum.”

“Yes, yes,” I groaned. “I'm going to cum on your cock, Daddy!”

My pussy clenched hard as I said those words. I wiggled my hips in circles, sliding my clit around the fabric. My cuntlips burst with pleasure. And then the rapture washed out of my cunt. Wave after wave of ecstasy spilled over my mind.

Stars burst. I groaned and gasped as I came.

“Daddy! I'm cumming!”

All those delicious and sexy delights washed out of my cunt. They spilled into my mind. Swept over my thoughts. I groaned, drowning in them. My hips wiggled. My thighs gripped the pillow as my mind blazed.

“Cum in me!” Mom moaned. “Cum in me, Michael. I want it!”

“Shit, Ashley!” Daddy growled, sounding so manly.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, Daddy!” I whimpered, my head throwing back.

I hit the peak of my rapture. Daddy growled in the other room, pumping Mommy's pussy full of cum. I imagined feeling those hot squirts going into my naughty twat. I was Lisa, trembling on Mitch getting off on calling him Daddy.

I hovered there for a few seconds, floating on ecstasy. Then I fell back on the bed, my thighs holding my body pillow tight. I breathed in and out, feeling so good. I could just lie here forever. I heard my parents murmuring.

Then the door opened. Mom, humming happily, walked down the hallway past Renee's door, oblivious that I was in here. I shuddered, not wanting to move. I lay on Renee's bed, breathing in the sweet musk that permeated the air.

Then I realized Daddy hadn't left. I put my ear against the wall.

He was snoring.

He had fallen asleep.

I bit my lip. Did that mean he was asleep and naked?

A shudder ran through me. I had seen pictures of guys dicks before, but those were in health class. I had never looked up more. Nor had a guy every sent me a dick pic. Renee got them all the time. She would complain about it and yet acted like they were trophies.

Points she had scored by taking pics of her sunbathing in her bikini and posting them on Instagram.

I shuddered. Then I slid off the bed and pulled on my shorts and panties. Daddy was such a heavy sleeper. I bet I could peak in. Mommy had gone back downstairs. Probably back to canning or sewing or working on some craft requiring copious uses of hot glue. Nancy was probably making some tacky decoration—she loved that—and Renee was sunbathing. Clancy had his car to work on.

Daddy and I were the only ones upstairs.

Gripping my damp body pillow, I hurried out of the bedroom. In moments, I was at the door to my parents' room, feeling so wicked and naughty. I just had to go in there and see Dad's cock. It would be perfect for the story with Lisa and Mitch.

I reached my parents' door. I swallowed. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I listened. I heard the door to Mom's canning room and workshop closing. This was it. I grabbed the doorknob and opened it slowly. A creak.

I had my lie ready in case Daddy woke up.

A musky smell filled my nose. Like my pussy but somehow naughtier. The scent of my parents' love-making. I peered into the room. There was Daddy snoring softly on the bed. He was naked, the sheets rumpled.

His cock was half-hard and arching over his stomach. A wicked shiver ran through me. I stared at it, my heart pounding. I bit my lip and dropped my pillow. I knew this was wrong, but I just had to get a closer look.

For my story.

That was it.

I wasn't into my daddy or anything. It was Mitch. A tall and handsome older guy that Lisa just went wild for. He had black hair and a goatee, but he wasn't my dad. It was just a coincidence that handsome Mitch looked similar.

Lisa certainly wasn't me. I mean, she had smaller boobs than me and was nineteen. Totally not me.

I reached the bed and stared down at my sleeping dad. His chest rose and fell. His cock twitched. It had a wet gleam to it. A fleshy shaft with a pink crown. His balls were so hairy. His thick, black bush covered everything.

I squirmed there, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I wanted to do more sexy things. I licked my lips. What was it like to suck a cock? I had always tried to imagine it. I would use my fingers and suck on them. Or sometimes a banana.

But this cock was different. It had a spongy crown. The shaft was thicker and longer than I thought, and Daddy wasn't even erect. I shivered as I looked around the room. My pussy itched so naughtily. Daddy was a heavy sleeper.

And I needed it for my story.

It wasn't like I could go and get a boy to be my boyfriend and go on a date to the movies and then maybe, in the car, give him a handjob or a blowjob to find out how it worked. This was my only chance maybe for a while. They were talking about having us quarantined for months more. Longer even.

I slid onto the bed. I licked my lips. Daddy could sleep through a hurricane. That was the joke. He would fall asleep watching movies and miss all the loud action. I bet he would never know if I just gave his cock a quick suck.

A wild heat rippled through me. I licked my lips. This wasn't real sex. Wasn't incest. This was research. Authors had to do research. I wanted my sexy scenes to be as realistic as possible. It was all that dumb disease fault I had to suck my daddy's dick.

That was it.

I grabbed his cock and leaned in. He felt so warm in my hand. He was surprisingly spongy. I didn't squeeze him hard. He was also sticky. That was mommy's cream on him. No time to clean him off. I just had to suck on him.

I bet Mitch would like Lisa to suck on his cock after they had made love. I bet that would be so naughty to write about. So this was my cream. Only... It wasn't the sweet aroma I was used to. This was a spicy musk.

I shivered and lowered my lips. I was inches from Daddy's cock. I shuddered, my stomach brimming with fear. I drew in a deep breath, and then I just swallowed the tip. He slid into my mouth. I tasted the spicy flavor of Mom's cream. I sucked on him, my cheeks hollowing.

His cock throbbed in my hand. I stared up at him, making sure he was still asleep.

He was.

I sucked a second time. My hand slid up and down his wet shaft. I could feel his heartbeat pulsing up his dick. I wiggled my hips, my panties so soaked. I needed to change them. I shuddered, nursing on him with hunger.

This was what Lisa did to Mitch. She sucked on his cock after he fucked her while she called him Daddy.

I shuddered, nursing on my daddy's cock. I felt all hot and itchy. I tried to remember everything I was feeling for my story. My tongue swirled around his cock. I felt the texture. The taste. There was something salty.

His precum!

I groaned and nursed. Of course, I had to make Daddy cum. I had to know what jizz tasted like. His cock swelled harder. Grew longer. I was making him fully erect. This wild heat rushed through my body.

I felt so wicked. I knew this was so wrong, but I didn't care. My story needed accurate research. So I sucked and nursed. I caressed him with my tongue. My pussy clenched and taboo heat rippled out of my naughty nethers.

I wanted to hump on my body pillow again.

Daddy groaned as I sucked. I nursed hard, my hand pumping up and down his shaft. His face contorted. I made him feel good. This sent such a happy thrill through me. Blowjobs were a loving act. Something the girl did because she wanted to make her man happy.

Lisa blew Mitch to make him feel good.

I blew Daddy to make him...

I shuddered. It truly hit me what I was doing. I was sucking on my daddy's cock. This was so wrong, and yet it made me so wet. I groaned and increased the suction. The nursing slurps echoed around me. Drool dribbled down his shaft to my stroking hand.

I wanted to make Daddy cum.

To make him feel good like Mommy did.

My hair swayed. The bed creaked as I bobbed my head. His cock throbbed in my mouth. He would be shooting off soon. I groaned, loving the taste of cock in my mouth. He filled me up. I wiggled my hips from side to side, my cunt on fire.

Juices soaked my panties. I nursed. I sucked. I slurped.

Daddy groaned. His face contorted. The flavor of his salty precum grew stronger and stronger. Then he groaned and erupted. His jizz pumped into my mouth. Hot blasts of cum that splashed against the back of my throat.

He tasted so salty. So rich and yummy.

“Ashley!” Daddy groaned, thinking I was Mom.

I gulped down his thick load. I loved the flavor of Daddy's cum. He didn't realize I had given him such pleasure, but I had. That was so naughty. I trembled as I sucked down the cum. I gulped down blast after blast of his jizz.

It was so yummy. So good. So amazing. I had all this wonderful research for my story. I shuddered, so thrilled to give Daddy such pleasure. His hand shot out, grabbing my head as I sucked out the last of his cum.

“Damn, Ashley, what has gotten...” His words trailed off. “Jesus, Linda!”

The shock on his face frightened me. I had just sucked off my daddy. I ripped my mouth off his cock. Such embarrassment crashed into me. I bolted from the bed and fled the room, horrified by what I had just done. I scooped up my body pillow and ran to my room.

I buried my face into it and cried, expecting to be in trouble. But it never came. The flavor of his cum lingered in my mouth. That thick and salty flavor. His seed was in my belly. I had blown my daddy and made him cum.

I found myself humping against my pillow.

* * *

I stayed in my room all day, only coming out to take my dinner up to my room. Daddy saw me but he didn't say anything. Mom just blinked as I scurried off. She must have thought I was going through a phase or something.

“Just don't leave your dish in your room!” she called. “And thank Nancy, she helped me make it.”

I muttered something and left. I was so horrified. I liked blowing daddy. I wanted to do it again.

I didn't come out of my bedroom for the next two days. I told my family that I was on super-duper quarantine. That I thought I had a fever. Mom checked on me a few times. My temperature was normal. She shook her head at me and then left.

Daddy seemed to be avoiding me.

I grew bored, though, and after a few days. I crept out of my room. It was clear no one else knew what I had done. Daddy hadn't told. He didn't want to look at me. I swallowed, feeling this stiffness in him. I went into his office to get my computer and take it back to my room.

“Linda,” he said as I started unplugging things. “Do you want to talk?”

I froze. I shook. Tears spilled in my eyes. “I-I... I'm sorry, D-daddy.” I couldn't help but sob. We were having so much fun working together. Spending time together. And now I had gone and ruined it. “I... I was just... just curious... There are no boys... and... there's just you... and... I heard you and mom... I just wanted to see...”

To my shock, Daddy hugged me to him. He stared down at me as I cried. “It's okay. It's natural to be curious, I guess.”

I nodded.

“And you don't have any real boys around, do you?”

I shook my head.

“I guess my baby girl's growing up, huh?” He smiled, his hand rubbing at my back. “I didn't mean to frighten you. It just... I was shocked when I saw you sucking my dick. It had felt incredible. I really thought you were your mother. So I just kept my eyes closed and enjoyed it.”

“I was as good as Mom?” I asked, something like pride entering my voice. My back straightened.

“Yeah,” he said. “Though she was never one for swallowing. I should have realized it then.” He smiled as he stared down at me. “You've always been a daddy's girl, huh?”

I nodded.

“Do you think about me a lot?”

I bit my lip. “Yes. I... I write stories about girls named Lisa or Lana or Lottie and they get with older guys named Mitch or Mark or Matthew.” I shivered. “They do sexy things together. I was just... curious. Research for my story.”

“Research, huh?” He licked his lips, glancing at the computer. “And you don't have any boys to research with. Not until this is over, do you?”

I shook my head. “There really wasn't any my age I'm interest—”

Daddy ducked his head down and kissed me.

I shuddered at the feel of his wiry whiskers rubbing across my face. I stiffened for a moment as he kissed me. Then my arms went around his neck. I hugged him twice. My lips melted to his. I groaned as his tongue thrust into my mouth.

I loved the feel of his whiskers rasping on my face. They rubbed against me. I shuddered, whimpering and groaning as his tongue thrust into my mouth. My cunt clenched now. We were French kissing. Daddy was kissing me.

I shuddered, realizing we were “researching.” That was it. This wasn't real incest. He was helping me out.

I whimpered into his lips. My tongue danced with his. I kissed him back with such hunger. I wanted to make him feel as good as he was making me feel. My pussy clenched. The heat rushed through me as his whiskers scratched at my lips and chin. So manly.

My brother, Clancy, didn't have a goatee. He was just a boy. Daddy was the man in the family.

He broke the kiss and then groaned. “So you've never had a boy play with your tits.”

I shook my head.

“Go down on your pussy?”

I shuddered as he said the P word. “No, Daddy. I'm still a virgin.”

“That's a lot of research we need to do,” he said, grabbing my shirt. “I can't stop thinking about that blowjob, Linda. It was amazing. My own baby girl... Damn, you have a cute mouth. Your mother's mouth. And you're so young and beautiful.”

I beamed at Daddy. He pulled up my shirt. I thrust my arms up in the air, my breasts jiggling in my bra. I was so eager to do research with him. This would be so wild and naughty. He threw my shirt down and then cupped my breasts through my undergarment.

My nipples throbbed. I whimpered. He kissed me again. He thrust his tongue into my mouth. His whiskers rubbed at me. I trembled, loving the feeling. My pussy clenched. Heat rushed through my body. His tongue danced around in my mouth. I shuddered, kissing him with such passion.

His hands slid from my breasts. He followed my bra band around to my back. I quivered and moaned into his lips. His hands found my bra clasp. He twisted and freed it with skill. Then he pulled my bra off my arms.

My tits jiggled free. I felt the air around my nipples.

His warms hand cupped them.

I groaned in delight. My cunt clenched as Daddy played with my round and perky tits. He kneaded them as his tongue danced around in my mouth. I whimpered in delight. This was so amazing. I felt so delicious when he massaged his thumbs around my boobs.

He brushed my areolas. Then my nipples. His thumbs rubbed at my sensitive nubs in circles. Pleasure blazed straight to my pussy. They were connected. I moaned into his mouth. I gasped and shuddered, kissing him with hunger.

Then he broke the kiss and looked down. “Damn. Your mother's breasts were this size when we met. They got bigger having all you kids... Your tits are lovely, Linda.”

“Daddy,” I moaned, trembling as his thumbs played with them. I swayed there. I shuffled back and leaned my rump against the edge of my desk. “That feels so good. I didn't know nipples could feel this good.”

“Great research...” he panted, “for your story.”

I nodded.

“This will feel better.”

His head ducked down. Then his whiskers rubbed over my tits. I gasped at their wiry caress. My entire body shook. I groaned at the feel of him rubbing his whiskers across my body. I groaned, my face contorting. The pleasure felt incredible.

The whiskers were delicious. Amazing. They felt awesome on me. They were so rough on my sensitive boob. At the same time, his lips slid over my nipple. He latched on and sucked. My eyes bulged. My pussy clenched.

“Daddy!” I shouted. “Oh, Daddy, yes!”

I was so glad we had a big house. It was perfect for quarantine research.

My naughty pussy loved the feel of Daddy sucking at my nipple. The incestuous rush shot through me. This was so taboo. So wrong. I reveled in it. He sucked hard. His tongue danced around my nub. His whiskers tickled my silky flesh.

His cheeks hollowed. He suckled with passion. He nursed with such hunger on me. It was incredible. I groaned, my cunt clenching. I wiggled my hips from side to side, my panties getting so soaked.

He nibbled. Nipped. He did all these naughty things to my nipple that I struggled to catalog. But there were so many wicked things. It was hard to keep them all straight in my mind. It felt amazing. Made my pussy feel so juicy and loved.

His hands slid down to my shorts. He shoved them down, the waistband stretching over my hips. I shuddered as they dropped to the floor. He sucked hard on my nipple then broke away from me. I squirmed there, leaning back against my desk.

“Daddy?” I asked.

He peeled off his shirt, exposing his hairy chest. I bit my lip and groaned at how sexy he was. This was how Lisa felt with Mitch. So sexy and strong. Then Daddy fell down to his knees and grabbed my white panties. He drew them off of me.

“Are you really...?” I asked as this sweet aroma wafted into the air. My pussy juices.

“Yes, I am, Linda,” he growled. “A man eats out a girl before fucking her hard.”

I had to remember that line for a story.

I stepped out of my panties and parted my thighs, my black bush and virgin pussy on display. Daddy leaned in, his whiskers meeting my pubic hair. His goatee slid through my bush and then his wiry hairs rasped across my vulva. I gasped at that feeling. My back arched, boobs jiggling.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I gasped as he kissed at my pussy. Then he licked.

I shuddered as his tongue slid through my folds. He caressed me with this hungry tongue. I whimpered and squeezed shut my face. He felt incredible. I whimpered and moaned, my body trembling. This wonderful pleasure shot through my body. I trembled as he licked and lapped at me. His tongue slathered over my cunt in such a naughty and exciting way.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I moaned, my body trembling. “Daddy! That's so good, Daddy!”

It was like nothing I had imagined. Far, far better than pillow humping. Daddy's tongue caressed my pussy folds. He parted them and slid over my hymen. My eighteen-year-old body trembled as he licked at me. Caressed me.

He feasted on me with hunger. I bit my lip and whimpered at how good this felt. Amazing rapture rushed through my body. I trembled, my twat aching deep inside as he lapped at me. His whiskers rubbed over my pussy lips. He brushed my clit.

Sparks burst.

“Daddy!” I squealed.

“My baby girl tastes so good,” growled Daddy.

His tongue licked and lapped at me. I gasped, loving to research incestuous pussy licking. My sexy stories would be so hot. I gripped the edge of the desk and trembled, my boobs swaying. My body felt so alive.

Every stroke of Daddy's tongue across my pussy folds sent delight rushing through my body. I groaned as he did it. My body trembled. My cunt clenched, the heat swelling and swelling in me. This would be incredible. Just a big, orgasmic burst of pleasure. It would consume me.

“Daddy!” I whimpered. “I think... I think I'm going to cum!”

“Good! I'd be a failure as your father if I didn't make you orgasm.”

Another great line. I loved it.

My pussy clenched as Daddy licked and lapped at me. His tongue brushed my clit. He swirled around my naughty bud again. I shuddered, my boobs jiggling. The pleasure swelled and swelled through me. I hurtled closer and closer to eruption. I whimpered and groaned.

Daddy loved me. He devoured me. I trembled as he worshiped my cunt. He ate Mommy like this. He loved me like her. I squeezed my eyes shut. I groaned, the heat swelling and swelling in my nethers. His tongue pressed on my hymen.

He would take my virginity. I wanted that so much. I loved my daddy.

Daddy's tongue licked up to my clit, his whiskers rubbing on my pussy lips. It was all too much. I gasped, and then I spasmed. I threw back my head and my orgasm burst inside of my cunt. This incestuous rush of bliss flowed through me.

“Daddy!” I squealed as my virgin pussy spasmed.

Daddy licked and lapped at the juices that gushed out of me. I gripped the edge of the desk, leaning against it. My boobs jiggled. Stars burst across my vision. It felt so good. The pleasure drowned my mind.

“Oh, Daddy!” I groaned as the pleasure smothered my thoughts.

I hit the tingling peak of delight. Daddy kept licking and lapping at me. His tongue felt so good on me. He made me tingle in all the naughty places on my body. I groaned, sucking in deep breaths as I squirmed there.

“Linda,” he groaned. “You taste delicious.”

I beamed.

Daddy lifted his face from between my thighs. My pussy juices soaked his goatee. His brown eyes stared at me with such hunger. He shoved down his shorts and boxers. His cock popped out. That big dick that I had sucked on.

My pussy clenched. “Take my cherry, Daddy! I have to know what it's like for a daddy to fuck his daughter! For my next story. It's about this girl Linda and her sexy daddy and the naughty things they do.”

“Yes!” he growled and then grabbed me. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me out of his office.

I shuddered as he carried me like his bride. My legs swung and kick. My pussy clenched. I felt all naughty from my orgasm. He opened my door and carried me to the bed, kicking the door shut. I shuddered, loving how strong he was.

He laid me out on it with care. Then he stretched over me. I felt so ready to lose my virginity to my daddy. To have his cock slide into my pussy. I had to capture this perfectly for my story. I had to write something so hot and naughty.

He kissed me. I shuddered, his whiskers all wet with my sweet pussy juices. It was such a delight to feel him on me. His cock nuzzled into my pussy as he did that. He guided it to me. He pressed on my virgin pussy lips. I shuddered as he found my hymen.

He broke the kiss. “Ready, Linda?”

“Yes!” I smiled at him. “I love you, Daddy. This is going to make a great story.”

He smiled at me and kissed me again, those wonderful, manly whiskers rubbing on my face. Boys my age didn't have such great goatees. Then he pushed on my hymen. I trembled as he pressed against my naughty cherry. My toes curled as I stretched and stretched.

I whimpered.

Then my cherry popped.

Daddy's cock slid into me. A few inches. I whimpered as he spread me open. It felt so right. Like my eighteen-year-old pussy was meant for his cock. Like Mommy had made me for him. I groaned, squeezing my snatch down on his dick as he slid inch after inch of his dick into me. He penetrated deeper and deeper.

He filled me up. It was amazing. My arms and legs wrapped around him. I held my daddy so tight. I reveled in being filled by him. Daddy was amazing. His cock felt perfect in me. I squeezed about him, getting so used to being filled.

He broke the kiss and gasped, “Linda!”

“I know, Daddy!” I cooed as I trembled beneath him. “I so know, Daddy. Doesn't this just feel perfect? Like we were meant to do this?”

“God,” he groaned. “You're my little girl.”

“I know! That's what makes it so sexy!”

He drew back his hips, and I gasped. My cunt clenched about his dick. I held him in me. That big and amazing cock. He felt just perfect in me. Just amazing. I shuddered at how wonderful he filled me up. I groaned, my pussy squeezing about his dick. I loved how big and thick he was.

How amazing he felt in me.

Just so hard and wonderful. I would have such a huge orgasm. My biggest on his cock. He pumped away at me. He thrust his dick into my pussy and then he pulled back out. It was amazing to feel him moving in me. Awesome. It made me shudder and groan. My fingers clawed at his back. He thrust harder and faster into me.

“Linda!” he groaned. “My baby girl!”

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned, holding him so tight. His hairy chest rubbed against my nipples. They throbbed against his skin. “This is wonderful. I love it. I love it so much! Love you!”

“Love you, Linda!” He thrust into my depths. “Love you around me. You're so tight. Damn. Eighteen... When did you grow up?”

I beamed at him. “Because I wanted to be your naughty, little girl. I love you so much! I know it now. Daddy! Daddy!”

He pumped away at me. My pussy clung to his cock. The pleasure was almost indescribable. I shuddered and trembled beneath him. I loved the way his cock plowed into me. Hard and fast. His balls smacked into my taint.

They brimmed with his cum.

I wanted his cum in me. The way Mommy had been filled by him. I ached to have his seed filling me up as we worked in his office. I shuddered, knowing that I wasn't on birth control. I wanted to have Daddy's baby. I wanted it so much.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” I moaned. “I want your jizz in me.”

“God, you're like your mother!” he groaned, thrusting hard.

“Yes!” I moaned. “I love you just like she does!”

My pussy gripped him. That made this feel even better as he pumped into me. My orgasm swelled and swelled. The taboo delight fed my climax. My twat worshiped Daddy's dick. I savored every plunge. Every last thrust into me. It was amazing.

I gripped him with my thighs, too. I held him tight as his every thrust into me brought me closer and closer to that climax. I could feel it building and building. That amazing burst of pleasure that would drown me. I groaned, holding him so tight as he thrust into me.

“Daddy! Daddy! Cum in me!”

“Goddamn, Linda!” he panted. “Goddamn, you're delicious. Amazing! Love you!”

“Love you, Daddy!” I gasped, my nipples rubbing into his chest. Then I shuddered and I burst with rapture.

My cunt went wild around Daddy's cock. My pussy convulsed with wild passion. Incestuous bliss rushed through me. I knew this was wrong and loved it. Taboo ecstasy spilled over my thoughts. I drowned in rapture.

“Linda!” Daddy groaned, thrusting away at my spasming pussy. “Goddamn, yes, Linda!”

He slammed to the hilt in me. He buried every inch of his cock into my pussy. His balls smacked into my taint. Then his cum erupted into me. I gasped as I felt the hot seed splashing against my cervix. My pussy writhed and convulsed. My cunt went wild about his dick. The heat rushed through me. This wild passion swept through my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, Daddy's cock unloading all that cum into me. “I love you, Daddy!”

“I love you!” he panted, his face contorting in pleasure. “Damn, Linda.”

I grinned up at him as I squirmed beneath him on my bed. My orgasm hit that wonderful peak. I felt the last of his spunk fire into me. He brimmed in me. He nuzzled his lips down and kissed me with hunger.

I shuddered. My tongue danced with his. It was amazing to feel. To experience. I loved this bliss. It was incredible. I was so glad that I could enjoy Daddy. That I could love him and research my sexy stories with him.

I was so glad he woke up when I blew him. It was amazing.


It was a good thing our house was so big and everyone in the family was staying busy during quarantine.

Daddy and I certainly were.

I typed away at my new story about a girl named Linda and her Daddy. She was a naughty girl who had snuck into her daddy's room and blew him. That had led to so many naughty adventures like their sneaky sex in the tent while her mother slept beside them (in this story, there was no dumb quarantine).

“Daddy,” I said, pausing in my typing, my pussy feeling all sexy. “Want to do more research?”

Daddy pushed from his computer. He glanced at the clock. “I have an hour before my next meeting. I'd love to help you improve your story.”

“Good.” I bit my lip. “Can we research anal?”

Daddy laughed. I was so glad quarantine happened. Researching sexy fun with daddy was so much better than with some dumb boy. I was learning so many kinky things. I loved being a daddy's girl. It was better than suntanning all day like dumb Renee or doing stupid crafts like stupid Nancy.

I was having the real fun during quarantine.

To be continued in the next Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine...

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