Anastasia finally does it... by happyman111

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Well my fianc?and I have been together for five and a half years.. Her name is Anastasia and mine is Jacob.. We are both 22 and I consider ourselves good looking... She is 5'6, She has Brown hair and big doe brown eyes, Very sexy petite body with perfect pierced b cup boobs. And a sexy smooth pierced pussy.. I am 6'0 sort of muscular no 6 pac lol... I have blonde hair blue eyes and a shaved cut 8 in penis...

For a long time we always talked about bringing someone new into the bedroom but we haven’t acted on it for so long...

Finally I convinced for a birthday present I wanted her to strip for me on stage at a real club.. She finally agreed to that..So she started taking exotic dancing lessons and she picked it up after the second class and she signed up for 10 so I knew it would be great... She would come home week after week and show me her new moves on the bed post and tell me how she cant wait to get up on stage for me. We would have some great sex every time she came back from the classes she said it made her so horny getting naked with the others student around and she also thought about the night she would be and stage dancing.. She started to plan out her performance. She picked her music and started to plan a routine (of course she wouldn’t let me see it ever)So for the 10 weeks of teasing and torture I was just imaging the whole thing and how the night would hopefully go..

So finally the night was approaching quickly she was going to pick out her outfit for the night..She told me that she had already picked out the place where she was dancing and told me that she has to go early to meet her there at 10:00 pm... The day dragged on and finally around 7:00 she said she had to go to get ready and gave me directions to the place and kissed me goodbye and left.. So I had 3 hours to kill what was I to do.. I sat there picturing the whole night as she dances and strips up on stage for everyone too see...9:30 approaches and I leave to go to the club.. I arrive at 5 to 10:00 and she greets me with my favorite drink escorts me to a special table and said sit and relax ill be on in 15 min.. I sipped my drink and the music changed to "Closer" and there she was she came right out on stage with confidence. She was wearing a sexy red mini with a tight red lace tank top. As she started dancing and striping she was really getting into and there was a lot of money being thrown at her. When her top came off I noticed a group of 4 business and a lady walked up to the stage and were really into her. I WENT TO THE BAR GOT A PICTURE OF BEER AND WALKED TO THEM AND OFFERED THEM DRINKS. We sat down and I told them that was my girl and we were interested in having some fun that night. The guys were all decent looking, Mike 5'11 built , Steven 5'9 a little chubby but not bad , Joe was 6' skinny and Andrew 6'2 average build . And Stevens wife Jessica was there with them she’s 5'4 115 lbs brown hair blue eyes sexy flat stomach and perfect b cup boobs. I was talking to them for a while and told them my plans for the night. Gave them the key to my hotel room and told the wed be there soon.

I talked to Anastasia and she was into to it all she was so horny from dancing on stage. We got to the hotel room opened the door and there was Jessica fully nude pierced nipples and a small patch over her pierced pussy. Right away Anastasia being bisexual started stripping off her clothe and the two girls were kissing and touching each other all over the place.. After a few minuets they brought each other to an orgasm. After that I had Anastasia suck me till I was hard then bent her over and told her to suck off Andrew he was the best looking. Meanwhile Jessica took care of the other three. Andrew pulls his shirt off and he has his nipples pierced. He drops his pants and boxers to reveal his average size pierced cock. She started sucking his cock hungrily while I fucked her hard from behind. Eventually the two of us blow inside her me in her pussy and Andrew down her throat.

The other three guys said they wanted a shot she looked at me and I said go for they each took there turns fucking her hard in many different positions Cumming all over her tits and ass. the last guy to fuck her was huge. It was Mike and man he had the fattest cock vie ever seen and at least 8 inches in length. He had to take him time getting in her cos she’s so tight but once her pussy adjusted he started pounding her. Meanwhile I started to fuck Jessica up the ass and from the excitement of watching each other I blow my load all over Jessica fat ass just ass Mike Pulled out of Anastasia and blew on her ass..

The two girls got up ran off to the shower cleaned up and got each other off in the shower again. As everyone left Anastasia said "Please come to club every Friday I’m gonna dance and I want this after each time it was great" " oh and she said bring more next time it always better that way. Finally my girl is the SLUT I wanted...I cant wait till next time and trust me soon there will be a next time.

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Rating: 50%, Read 20479 times, Posted Aug 17, 2008

Fantasy | Anal, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Wife


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