One Ring to Rule Them All by Shrike_dx

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Fantasy | Masturbation, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism

One Ring to Rule Them All

2001--A blistering summer day

Lan was fucking balls deep, literally. His massive twelve inch cock was rippled with enormous blue veins, but the best part was that he was on top of a pile of butt-ass naked, moaning girls. Bzzt. They were all crying out (a midst sloppy wet kisses between one another) that they would be the one to father Lan's children. Bzzzt. Intuitively knowing he needed to take control, Lan ordered all the ladies to line up, puckered ass facing sky blue. Lan hadn't anticipated this kind of beauty before. He had conquered strongholds, and scaled misty peaks, but this, this was different. Bzzt. It was all to much for him. "Sorry ladies, but the rocket is flying solo today. There just ain't enough of me to go around".

Lan knew he couldn't last, but damned if he couldn't feel the sweet inside of at least one of those girls. Not wanting to be partial he closed his eyes and thrust with all his might. The feeling was, not unlike a cold sheet. But hell, Lan was doing it. Bzzt. Lan felt something like electricity and adrenaline boiling up from the base of his shaft. He was going to seal the deal!


Lan woke up startled, his fourteen year old sister sitting on his stomach. "LAN!!! CAN YOU HEAR YOUR FUCKING ALARM CLOCK? IT'S BEEN RINGING FOR THE PAST GODDAMN HOUR SHITHEAD!"

Lan, a mere eleven years old was a shrimp compared with his giant, six foot tall sister. After she had hit her growth spurt, Lan had noticed that she had started cussing, she was more controlling, and that her popularity among the 8th graders was near the top. "Can't I get a lil privacy in my own room Liz? It's summer, so it doesn't even matter when I get up." "That's true, but then why the hell did you even set your alarm to go off?" said Liz. "WELL, ahh uhh, shut up!" Lan said in a sarcastic tone.

As they both started laughing, Lan started coming to the realization of the unfortunate situation that he was in. His sister had inadvertently pinned his penis flat against his stomach. Luckily for him, his penis was so small that he correctly assumed she wouldn't notice the bulge under her giant muscular ass. Worse yet, Lan felt something warm and wet inside his whitey-tighties. He had stopped wetting the bed years ago, but now that old nightmare was coming back. "Well, later bro" said Liz as she jumped off his bed and scurried through the door.

Sighing a huge breath of relief, Lan quickly surveyed the damage done in his trousers. Instead of the tell-tale smell of piss, he was reminded of the smell of the pear trees in his back yard. At that moment, all the memories of last night's dreams came flooding into him. That's when Lan became a man, and though the thought it gave him great embarrassment, the thought that his sister had just been sitting on his member made it feel like a lightning bolt had hit the tip of his penis.

But all that could wait. You see, Lan had just remembered that he had set his alarm clock for a reason. "Lord of the the Rings Fellowship of the Rings Special Black Box Celebrity Edition, HERE I COME!" If there was one passion that Lan had, it would have been a love for all things Middle Earth. After having first seen the movie, and then rushing to read all the books to impress his best buds, Lan had become somewhat of a LotR fanatic to put it lightly. He would run around in his hand-made cloak and dagger and play like he was a hobbit. His friends had a blast with these mock battles, but his sister would always say he was being immature and childish. "Well, Liz with her huge tits and freakish biceps can go screw herself, for all I care" though Lan. Today, Lan was going to go buy a limited pre-release edition of LotR at a gaming shop where he and his friends had Smash Bros tournaments at.

Quickly jumping on his scooter, Lan raced four blocks away to the store. Breathing a sigh of relief, he saw that the shop hadn't opened yet. Thinking to be first in line when it did, Lan turned around and leaned on the shop door, and was surprised when it started moving and he fell into the shop. "ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MY SHOP!" came a booming voice from behind him. Turning around, Lan saw that it was just Percival, the shop owner standing behind him. "Pretty cool, isn't it?" said Percival, as he showed Lan his limited edition LotR voice changer.

After checking it out for a few minutes, Percival came back to reality and said "so seriously I'm not open yet, why are you here?" Lan explained that he had heard the limited edition LotR box set was coming to his shop and that he had saved up a years worth of allowance to get one. "Well, there's some good news and some bad news" said Percival. "The good news is that there is one box set left, but the bad news is that someone else already reserved that copy." At that moment, the blood drained from Lan's face, it looked as if his soul had left his body.

Without a word, Lan slowly turned around and started sulking towards the exit, his life ruined. "Wait Lan!" said Percival as he came trotting over. "Here, go and and take it. I was going to keep this one for myself, but I know you deserve it more." Astonished, Lan exclaimed "hhhow mmuch?". "Heh, don't worry about it, just promise me you'll keep bringing your friends back for our Smash Bros ladders". "Can do!" said Lan, his sorrow quickly turning to elation as he raced back home to open his prize.

Lan put the box on his computer desk. Yes, this was limited edition magic here. Looking for the number, he was dumbfounding to find that it said "First of 200". He had gotten the first of the first edition set! Opening the giant box, he started pulling out the contents. First there was a giant poster with all of the fellowship looking gravely at Mordor. Next, there was the extended director's cut dvd, followed by a detailed and autographed map of Middle Earth. The last item in the box was an unsealed envelope with postage and an address already labeled on it. Opening it, Lan found instructions saying that one the perks of this box set was that the owner could send in the letter to any cast member and get whatever prop they wanted from them.

Lan couldn't believe it, this was beyond his wildest expectations. After hours of deliberation, Lan he only had one clear choice. His letter read as follows:

"Dear Mr Wood,

It's such an honour to write to you. I'll keep this short. My prop that I request is none other than the Ring of Power! Thanks so much


The next few weeks were agony for Lan as he waited for a reply. Finally, Liz chucked a letter into his room, saying "Seriously Lan? This Lord of the Rings or whatever thing is getting old." Chuckling to himself, Lan honestly thought everyone would be so impressed if they saw him wearing the actual Ring of Power from the movie around his neck. The letter said the following:

Dear insert name here,

insert name here, I'm so glad you wrote me. I, Elijah Wood, know that you, insert name here, are certainly the greatest fan alive. Enclosed is the Ring of Power used from the LotR movie, just for you, insert name here.


-Elijah Wood

"Okay", thought Lan. "It's just a simple mistake that they forgot to type in my name, but what's really important is that I got the best movie prop ever!". Quickly opening the package, a ring fell out onto his hands. It was...purple, and...plastic, and the writing on the ring was in...cursive. Worst day ever. The whole movie prop thing, just a sham. Lan was crushed.

6 months later...

After receiving his fake movie prop, Lan had decided to take his sister's advice and try to grow up. He lost his interest in fantasy, and school and studies became his no. 1 priorities. He made plenty of new friends in seventh grade, but inside felt extremely lonely compared to when he was just friends with his gaming buddies in earlier years. Lan was slowly becoming one of the popular kids that he had oh so hated through the years, and he felt like he couldn't stop this spiral. After doing his homework at his desk on another boring Monday, his sister came through the front door after coming home from high school.

This year, Liz had undergone another change. She no longer cussed or was super energetic, but acted super nice and dated all the popular boys on the football team. Her reputation was that she crushed any man who became her boyfriend. Some took on the challenge, but without fail every boyfriend would have an emotional breakdown and leave school for a few days. Lan had heard that the highschoolers called her "the succubus", but that they also couldn't stay away from her gravity.

Bringing the mail in, Liz said "Lan you have a letter" . Hurriedly rushing past her in an awkward fright, Lan grabbed his mail and started to his room. "I'm going to go shower, soccer practice was so hot, Lan" said Liz. Lan thought she winked at him as she headed towards the bathroom. "No, it must have just been her eye twitching", thought Lan. Opening the letter, all that was inside was a white silky piece of unknown material with waver lettering on it. It read:

"Lan, time is short. The powers that be in my world are changing, and I need someone to take up some of my duties. I saw that you were ripped off by the makers of the LotR box set, and knew this would make amends.



p.s. Don't wear it for too long or the consequences could be dire."

That was it, just a plain letter from a weird stalker who only went by the name Tom. In anger, Lan wadded up his letter and threw it towards the trash can. Instead of the sound of paper hitting can, Lan heard a faint ping when it hit. Retrieving the letter, Lan un-crumpled the letter, and to his confusion, a metallic ring fell to the floor. Intrigued, he picked it up, and started to put it on his finger. However at that moment, he heard his sisters phone ringing. Knowing he'd never hear the end of it if Liz missed an important call from her boyfriend, Lan yelled "I'll get it" and dashed towards Liz's room. Her phone nowhere to be found, Lan started looking in the no-man's-land of Liz's purse for her phone.

Suddenly, he heard the slap of wet feet on the wood floor coming towards the room. Lan panicked, thinking that his sister wouldn't appreciate her purse being looked through, even if it was to get her phone. Knowing he had to hide, he quickly started backpedaling towards the closet. However, unbeknownst to him, Lan's foot landed on Liz's pair of drenched black panties. Friction doing what it does, Lan lost his footing and landed smack on his head. To make matters worse, the pair of sweat-soaked panties had somehow flung in the air and landed on Lan's face. Knowing he was a dead man, Lan reached his hands towards the heavens in his final respite of peace, and Liz entered her room, sopping wet and clad in a too-small towel that definitely defined her assets.

Lan was about to start begging for mercy, but funnily enough, Liz went straight to her bed, dug through her purse and started reading her apparent text message. Believing his luck to be untouchable, Lan thought his sister was so distracted by the phone that she hadn't noticed him. Lan decided to tip-toe his way out of her room, panties still clinging to his face. That's when he noticed it. Or for lack of a better word, that's when he did not notice it. As he turned around to the door, he went by Liz's mirror. The funny thing was, there was no reflection coming from him. Thinking he hit his head too hard, Lan moved directly in front of the mirror. Sure enough, the pasty white 5 foot 4 tall scrawny Lan was NOT looking back at him. There was simply nothing there.

In shock, Lan started to hurry back to his room again, but to his horror, discovered that his sister had closed her door as she came in. He was trapped, and the laws of the universe were spiraling out of control. At that moment, a tiny spark of curiosity awoke in him, and Lan decided to go over to Liz on her bed and see what these coveted texts were about. As he crept closer he could now see her phone, Liz was laying on her bed. He could only make out a little because her shoulder was in the way, but he immediately knew the content of her texts. She was sexting! and to make matters worse, the recipient of the text was not her current boyfriend, Joe Mogan. Instead, it was to the worst guy ever, Jake Mannaman, captain of the track and football team.

All the rumors were true about his sister, thought Lan. "She really is the ice queen", as he collapsed to the floor in shock of the entire situation. And that's when he became a believer. You see, children, Liz was laying on her stomach on her bed, with only her tiny towel on her. As Lan was collapsing to the floor, his eyes just happened to perfectly line up with her tough calloused feet, then her tight, athletic legs, and finally her glistening globes of ass and a bright pink slit underneath. "So this is the first pussy I see, and it's my sister's" though Lan, as unconsciousness really came to him. The stimulus was all just too much. Like a light switch, Lan simply turned out, invisible and asleep on his sisters floor.

Far off in the distance, a bone-shattering shriek can be heard for miles around.

Hours later that night, Lan awoke with a start. Perhaps the sleep had let his brain sort through all the confusion, because now Lan knew exactly what had just happened a few hours earlier. His childhood passion was not a waste! He had not gotten a prop ring, but the actual Ring of Power from Middle Earth. First things first, Lan took off the ring and retreated back to his room. That's when all his old energy and playfulness shot back into him. This was his chance, his chance to do anything he wanted, and it felt good. Putting his rational hat on, Lan decided that it would take a while to find out what he would do with his new ring, and also to find out what all the ring actually did. For the first time ever, Lan went to sleep and had no dreams to dream about.

A few hours later, and Lan awoke with gusto. Quickly donning the ring in front of his mirror, he re-confirmed that he did indeed have the power of invisibility. With a smile on his face he went to get a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. Passing by Liz, all he could think of was what had happened the night before. "What're you so excited about Lan? Aww I bet somebody has their first girlfriend!" said Liz. In reality Lan had actually gotten a girlfriend a few weeks before, her name Amber. Though Lan told himself he liked her, it was really a fake and social type of relationship, spurred on by friends on both sides who said that they should get together.

Frankly not caring anymore whether Liz knew, Lan confirmed that he indeed have his first girlfriend, even though that was definitely not why he was smiling. About to get on his tesla 4x road bike, he said a quick bye to Liz, but not before noticing two giant highbeams about to burst through her skanky tube top. Filled with new-found boldness (and an uncomfortable twitch in his pants), Lan said "is it cold in here?" as he walked out the front door. As he began his five mile trek to school, the ideas began flooding in at a faster and faster pace. Soon, his energy level was so high he started to get nauseous. "Gotta stay calm, Lan" he though to himself.

Coincidentally, Lan's parents had scheduled an orthodontist appointment for Lan at noon. Better yet, his parents couldn't get off work, so Lan was just going to bike to the ortho appointment. As he went through the day, all he could think of was getting to leave at noon, and NOT go to his appointment. He could just say he felt sick and went home as an excuse to his parents. As soon as noon hit, Lan slipped on the ring, and headed for the lunch room. Lan, planning out his day, realized that he would be needing food, and lots of it to keep him awake for however long he could go. Tuesday was cardboard pizza day and happened be Lan's favourite school lunch. Sneaking into the kitchen, Lan carboloaded on all the pizza he could eat, around thirteen slices total.

"Energy, check!" Lan knew next hour was p.e., his second favorite class of the day, aside from lunch. His mind working in devious ways, Lan headed straight for the girl's locker room. Though he had found the invisibility works on his clothes earlier that morning, Lan noticed he still made sounds, and thus, he decided no clothes were best, indoors at least. Lan decided his first order of business was to get to know his 'girlfriend' Amber a little better. She was such a cold and distant person, but also easily the hottest student in Lan's grade. Definitely not athletic, but Amber had a cold sort of beauty that hypnotized all the male students.

Arriving at the gym, Lan was dejected to see that everyone had already changed. Today was different, and the boys and girls had to separate to watch videos about puberty and STD's, which everyone already knew about. Having seen the boy's tape a million times, Lan decided to go with the females and see what their tape was all about. Not two minutes later, Lan had run to the girl's locker room and was upchucking the mountain of pizza he had just consumed. "That..was..the..most..disgusting..thing..ever..." Quickly sealing what he had just saw into the darkest recesses of his brain, Lan learned that some things about women were clearly not appealing. After the puking stopped, he heard a ruckus of giggling headed to the locker room, and Amber was among. If what Lan had just seen on tape was hell, what he was seeing now was certainly heaven. The girls started stripping down to their undies. Surprisingly, some of the popular girls were wearing granny-panties. There were also every size of tits, from trainer bra to the fat HH girls.

Lan walked up to Amber, and for the first time actually felt attracted to her. Unlike the other girls, she had on a pink lacy bra that Lan could barely make out the pattern of her nipples underneath. Also, instead of panties, she was wearing a black g-string that redefined Lan's concept of underwear. Squatting down, he had to get a better look. Immediately he smelled a sort of mustiness that he had only smelled the day before when Liz's panties had landed on his face. It wasn't a great smell, nor a bad smell, but Lan couldn't help but notice he was salivating uncontrollably and his tiny four inch cock was reaching for the stars. Only, his cock seemed much bigger today than in the past.

What Lan noticed next was astounding. Looking up and down Amber's perfect freckled ass cheeks, Lan noticed something bulging near between her cheeks. Curiosity stole Lan's reason, and Lan delicately grabbed her g-string and peeled it back. Underneath, was a finger sized glass butt plug slightly slipping in and out of her gaping asshole. The shock was just too much too soon. Lan accidentally pulled back the g-string and it snapped hard against Amber's ass crack. With a yelp, Amber looked around, and her sharp eyes focused on Lauren, one of her friends. "Why did you grab my ass, hissed Lauren? Do you want me or something?" "What?!" said Lauren. "I didn't do that! You're the one who wants me, telling a lie like that". The hissing went back and forth but by some black magic unknown to Lan, Amber and Lauren suddenly were friends again. No, more than friends. With a whisper that Lan could barely hear, Lauren said "let's go to that shower stall".

Thinking on his feet, Lan felt something great might be about to happen. He quickly ran in front of Amber and Lauren, scampered into the shower stall, and climbed up into the corner. Just then Amber and Lauren snuck in, some sort of mischievous look on both their faces. To back up, Lauren was the complete opposite to Amber in personality. Her parents were both hippie types, and it definitely showed with Lauren.

Amber and Lauren started to playfully poke each other in the boobs and proceed to quietly giggle. Then, realizing how to cover up their noise, they turned the shower on full blast cold. Immediately, Lan saw four sets of glass cutting tits poking through bras, only something seemed off with Lauren's nipples. Lan got closer and stared at the water running off Lauren's c cup tits, and then he realized, she had piercings in each nipple. Amber seemed to realized this at the same time and pointed it out to Lauren in a condescending way. Lauren said "you're one to talk, I just saw that butt plug coming out of your ass a minute ago." Amber first blushed bright red, ass cheeks and all, then she smiled and turned the water to hot.

"You can pull it out of me, if I can lick that piercing, just don't look." Amber said. As much fun as this was watching, Lan had a plan that in this chaotic situation, he could get in the fray. As Lauren agreed, she also said the same thing about Amber not looking, just to be fair. Slowly, Amber peeled down her g-string, once again revealing a shiny glass butt plug. At the same time, Lauren unhooked her now transparent and water soaked bra, revealing not only giant tits, but inch and a half long nipples, pierced with a giant stud in each nipple, standing fulling erect. "Okay, they whispered, one, two, three!!"

At that moment, Lan jumped into the fray. Ignoring that his previous 3 inch dick was now bulging and around 5 inches, somehow Lan did the impossible. First he grabbed Lauren's metal laced tits, eliciting a huge moan from her. Next, he bent down, grabbed a hold of Amber's plug, and pulled with all his might. The resulting juicy wet PLOP was louder even than Lauren's moaning, and surely was heard in the rest of the locker room.

What Lan saw after that in a split second brought him to a new tier of arousal. A once puckered asshole, was now wide open and twitching. A pink ribbed tube fading into darkness, Lan couldn't tear his eyes away from Amber's lewd and slutty glory hole. Barely having the mental capacity to stick to his plan, Lan quickly lunged his rock hard shaft into virgin territory, hoping Amber would mistake his cock with her butt plug. Apparently either Amber was feeling too good to care, or really couldn't tell the difference between the two, so Lan went forward to pierce the heavens. Careful not to let his hips ram into her ass, Lan began thrusting his dick in and out of this clenching meat hole. The thrusting got stronger and stronger, and Amber began bucking her hips up and down on Lan's now beet-red cock, her anus trying to suffocate his member in sloppy gushing motions.

The sensation was just too much. He hadn't planned to release inside of Amber, but Lan reasoned she wouldn't be getting pregnant from this method. Stifling a cry of ecstasy, Lan began to hear his heartbeat getting louder and louder. The spasm almost made Lan fall on his ass again, but he maintained his balance, as load after load of thick cum coated Amber's asshole. Lan wanted to relish that feeling for just a few more moments but he knew he had to go on cleanup mode. He quickly rammed the real butt plug back up Amber's now cum-dripping asshole, and retreated back to the corner.

Amber said, "that wasn't part of the plan, but it was amazing. I'm sorry I chickened out and didn't feel your boobs." Lauren said, "but you did feel my tits, and I didn't do anything either because I was scared." Both girls knew that the other girl was lying, and simultaneously gave each other a wide grin, put their now soaked underwear back on, and snuck back to their lockers.

That night, Amber sent Lan a text saying that they were finished, that she had found someone else. Amber said that "you are a terrible boyfriend, and I found someone who can please me in ways you never could. Maybe you'll find a loser girlfriend, but I'll make sure she's fugly as hell lol." What should have been crushing words from Amber, only made Lan smile. If only she knew that it was his cock that had made her happy, not Lauren, she'd be floored. Lan was almost roaring in laughter at it all now.

After all, he felt like he did pretty good on his first full day, and there would be plenty, plenty more in store for the days to come.

Later that night

The blood-curdling screeching is back, only there are more than one this time, and Lan hears them.

To be continued...? lemme know

Rating: 38%, Read 41968 times, Posted Aug 31, 2013

Fantasy | Masturbation, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism


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