Cumming For Dinner by Nemasis+Enforcer

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Fiction | Erotica, Female, Male

There were 2 things that Rhonda La Beck couldn't live without.

One was food. She loved it and ate just about all the time, but was one of those lucky people who never put on an ounce; she always stayed at the same 130 pounds.

The other thing she craved... men's sperm. She had been addicted to it since she was 18 years old, that’s when she had given her first blowjob and the taste was just exquisite. Ever since then she couldn't get enough of that salty liquid.

It had been several months since Rhonda had last had her fix of cum. Back then it had been her short term boyfriend Neil who had supplied it for her, but since they had broken up she had to go without and it was getting desperate for Rhonda now, she had to have some cum.

"Hello who's this?" Rhonda looked over the names of people on her favourite chat room and caught the sight of one that sounded promising "Gusher Gavin".

'Hi, my name is Rhonda' she wrote to her potential new friend. There was no reply for a while. Rhonda was just about to give up when she received her reply.

'Hi Back, Rhonda' she was thrilled. It had been along time since she had written to anyone online.

Rhonda introduced herself fully, as did Gavin.

'So why are you here?' Gavin asked.

'This is my fave site' Rhonda had picked up all her boyfriends from this website chat room. It was a site designed for women who liked lots cum and guys who produced big loads when they did cum.

'Mine too' Gavin admitted.

'I pick all my boyfriends from here' Rhonda told him.

'Oh really you like big loads then?' That was an easy one to answer.

'Of cause I do, I'd just die if I couldn't have a big load of cum down my throat or over my face!' she wrote eagerly, she was always happy to tell people her preference. It was like a pride thing with Rhonda, she loved to prove that she was the best at everything she did and taking cum baths was just one of them.

Rhonda and Gavin talked in the chat room for along time, using it to get to know each other better. It turned out that Gavin was not very far away from Rhonda, just a short drive away. Rhonda not being the most reserved person in the world told him to come over at the weekend if he was interested. He was.

All the rest of the week Rhonda sat at her computer after work waiting for Gavin to enter the chat room again. It wasn't until Thursday night that he did.

'Where have you been for the past 3 days?' Rhonda asked a little upset with Gavin for not writing to her.

'I've been thinking about you'

'What have you been thinking about me?'

There was a short pause in the writing from Gavin. 'I was thinking about this weekend' he finally wrote.

'The offer still stands'

'I was thinking why don't you come over to my place?' Gavin asked.

'You sure you want me over?'


'Ok then, see you Saturday' Rhonda was really excited about finally finding some one else to replace Neil and give her what she needed.

The rest of the night she got to know Gavin better. He was 25 and worked as a personal trainer. He said he was 6 feet tall, slim and slightly muscular with blue eyes and brown hair. Rhonda really liked the sound of this guy and if he could produce the sort of loads her ex could, then she would be more then happy to meet with him.

The day finally came. Rhonda got ready to spend the weekend with her new man. Finally after months of going without she would get the cum she wanted so badly.

Gavin's house was quite small, but he'd told her not to expect much from his place. She pulled up and knocked on his door.

"Hello" It had to be Gavin. He was just like the description that he had given. Rhonda was amazed at how good-looking this guy was; he may have been 25 but didn't look a day over 18.

"H-Hello its Rhonda" she was taken in by his eyes, they were steel blue and so inviting.

"Come in, sorry about the mess" Rhonda went past him into the living room.

"It’s not so bad" she said looking around.

"Thanks but I know I should keep it less messy". Rhonda smiled as Gavin came into the living room and sat in the chair opposite her.

"You look great" he suddenly said.

"Thanks so do you" Rhonda's eyes were all over this handsome guy she was sitting with.

"Oh I try my best" he said with a smile to Rhonda. She sent one back.

Rhonda and Gavin made small talk for some time; both seemed to be unsure what to say. They knew what Rhonda had come round for but neither seemed to know how to bring up the subject.

"So why do you like that website so much?" That question changed the course of the conversation.

"Well I just love the taste of cum!" Rhonda said unashamedly "And I just love guys who cum lots"

"Really" Gavin knew that’s the only reason anyone went to that sort of site and used the chat room but to here this beauty to say it was something else.

"Oh Yeah, ever since I was 18 I've loved the taste and feel of having my mouth full and dripping with cum is just such a turn on" Rhonda was getting into this conversation now, as was her pussy, it was soaking wet.

"It was when I was 18 that I found out I produced a lot of cum" Gavin admitted looking over the blond haired woman sat before him "I was with my first girlfriend and she was sucking me off when I just exploded in her mouth, she tried to swallow it all but she couldn't, then the rest just covered her face I thought it was so great to see".

Rhonda almost moaned as she thought about having her face covered in this guy hot spunk, it trailing down her soft cheeks and dripping onto her breasts.

"You ok?" Rhonda suddenly realised that that she was staring into space.

"Yeah, oh I just can’t take it anymore Gavin, I need to feel your cum on my skin" it was like Rhonda had suddenly been taken over by an alien.

"You... you do?" Gavin was shocked by the directness of Rhonda. They had only met face to face a few hours ago and now she was saying how much she needed to feel his cum on her skin.

"Yeah don't you want to do it?" Rhonda had a look of lust in her eyes that made Gavin nod "Well why wait"

Rhonda got on her knees and crawled over to the hunk of a guy sat across the room from her. Gavin watched her sleek body slide over the carpet to him. When she reached him, Rhonda knelt up and licked her lips.

Gavin couldn't believe what was happening but he liked it. Rhonda smiled and grabbed her t-shirt pulling it up and over her head all she had on now was her bra. It was a silky black low cut bra that showed off her cleavage wonderfully.

Gavin was super hard; looking down at this woman was such a turn on.

"Well are you just gonna sit there?" Rhonda said sexily "Or are you gonna give me what I want"

Gavin immediately pulled the zip on his jeans open and pulled his hard cock through the gap. Rhonda's eyes widened as the large head came into view. When it was fully out his cock was 7 inch's long and about 4.5 inch's around, the veins were sticking out and the head was coated in pre-cum.

Rhonda couldn't take her eyes off the throbbing cock in front of her eyes; it was such a nice sight after not having anything for months.

She snapped back to reality and reached out, taking the hard meat in her left hand before starting to rub it from base to head, applying light pressure as she stroked the hard cock.

"Ohhhhh" Gavin moaned as Rhonda continued to stroke him, faster now.

Rhonda suddenly let go of his cock, Gavin opened his eyes and looked down to see her opening her own jeans and shoving her left hand down inside her panties, massaging her clit and inserting a finger into her dripping wet pussy. Her right hand was on the floor holding her upright.

Gavin knew what he had to do; taking his cock in his right hand he began to jack his cock while watching Rhonda rub herself closer to orgasm.

"Oh... Ohh... Fuck... Ohhhh... Yes!" Rhonda moaned as she watched Gavin rub his cock, she herself fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

Gavin was really getting turned on by the noises that Rhonda was making, each moan and shout was bringing him closer to Cumming and the smell that was filling his nose from Rhonda's wet pussy was doing nothing to stop it.

"Oh Gavin, cum on me please!" Rhonda pleaded as she felt her orgasm nearing, all it would take was to feel a mans hot cum fall on her face to set her off.

Gavin didn't need any more encouragement his cock exploded with a torrent of cum. It flew though the air and landed in Rhonda's blonde hair; soon it was joined by a second splat closer to her forehead.

"Ohhhh Yessss!" Rhonda shouted as she felt the third hit her just next to her nose and begin to ooze down her face. Gavin didn't lie when he said he came lots, Rhonda was amazed when more cum shot out onto her face, landing on her closed eyes and in her hair, dripping off her chin onto her bra and pooling on her cleavage.

When he was finally done Gavin had nearly covered Rhonda's entire face with the hot, sticky semen. She smiled and licked it off her lips as a glob slid down her cheek.

Using her hands she cleaned off her eyes and opened them looking at Gavin's deflating cock.

"Oh God that was great!" Rhonda said licking the cum from her fingers and lips. She could still feel the cum dripping over her breasts. Rhonda looked down to see that her bra was covered in white drops of cum; she loved the smell and knew it would be a great reminder when she put it on again.


Rhonda woke up in Gavin's bed the next day. She was naked and still had the faint smell of cum on her face. Getting up she found she was alone in the room and as far as she knew the house.

"Hello" she called out but got no reply.

Rhonda began to wonder what had happened to her. Then she found a note. Her eyes scanned the words quickly.

Gavin had written it, explaining that he wouldn't be in until late as he had to work on Saturday but she should make herself at home, also dinner was on the table.

Rhonda smile. It had really happened with Gavin, it wasn't just a dream like she thought it would be, but dinner! What time was it?

"1 o'clock!" Rhonda couldn't believe she had slept in so late.

Entering the kitchen Rhonda looked at the table, it was indeed filled with food. Rhonda walked over and sat down looking at some of the food that was left for her.

"Hmmm" Rhonda couldn't decide what it was but something didn't seem right with the food, she could put her finger on it but there was something different about this food.

Picking up a slice of pizza from the plate in front of her, she brought it to her mouth and took a bite. The taste was amazing then it hit her what was different. That taste, she recognized it, she could anywhere, it was the taste of male sperm.

Rhonda took a close look at the topping of the pizza and saw it had a thin sheen of white/clear liquid on it, she took a sniff and the aroma of salty cum filled her nose. Rhonda took no time in biting another big chunk of the pizza slice, her mouth filling with the lush taste of cum again; she savoured every chew she made, licking the topping off just to get the taste onto her tongue.

When she finished the pizza she saw a note under where it was on the plate. Reading it she followed its instructions and went to the fridge, opening the door she saw a cup inside the door just like it said there would be. She took the cup back to the table and sat turning over the note to continue reading it.

"Now you've had your dinner its time for your after dinner drink" she said the words of the note aloud and looked into the cup. Rhonda smiled as she saw it half full of white liquid; it could be only one thing. Dipping a finger into the thick liquid Rhonda brought it back to her face, sniffing it deeply and moaned at the smell of the cum that was dripping off the bottom of her finger onto her the tops of her full breasts, she shuddered as it slowly slid onto her erect nipples.

"Oh hmmmmm" she moaned as the finger was insulted into her mouth, her tongue licking off the salty treat that she had coating her digit. When it was clean she picked up the cup swirling it the thick cum rocking slightly inside. Rhonda brought it to her nose and took a deep breath of the spunk; it made her pussy throb with pleasure as her own juice poured out onto the chair she was sat on. Slowly tilting the cup, the thick cum slide closer to her open mouth, the anticipation of it hitting her tongue and filling her mouth was extraordinary. It was that feeling that was making her so horny and wanton.

Finally after what seemed an eternity the first drop hit her tongue, her pussy exploded with juice as it did. Those drops were followed by a big glob that fell into her throat totally bypassing her mouth, this one made her gag and close her mouth meaning since she was only half way into the cup the rest fell onto her lip and chin. Rhonda couldn't believe what the feeling was like having the cum dripping in large quantities off her face and to her naked breasts then onto her thighs and even pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned as she moved the cup further up her face covering her eyes and forehead, before finally using the last globs to stick her hair together on her head.

Rhonda must have looked a real sight if some one had walked in now, here she was her blond hair sticking together in globs of cum, her face covered with a thick sheen of it and long strands connected from her chin to her breasts as gravity pulled it down.

Slowly Rhonda savoured the taste in her mouth swirling the cum around before swallowing it. Using her hands she rubbed the cum into her breasts and then repeated the process of licking it off them and swallowing the salty mixture.

All this had made Rhonda super horny and when she was out of cum on her body she needed to satisfy that lust that was building in her pussy. She looked around for something that she could use. Then she saw it what she wanted, a long green cucumber, taking it in her hands she caressed its smooth green skin, her hands leaving a thin gleam of left over cum on it.

Grinning Rhonda lowered the vegetable to her open legs and ran it up her left inner thigh teasing herself before bringing the tip of the green object to her open and ready lips. Rhonda place her head back and grit her teeth as she pushed her new found pleasure giving tool into her dripping pussy.

"Oh Fuck!" she shouted as it stretched her lips open and began its journey to her core, the smooth skin gliding past her tight gripping walls with ease "Ohhhh" she let out another moan as she felt it go deeper then any cock ever had inside her.

Rhonda began to pull it back out and started a steady rhythm of thrusts, the green cucumber glistening with both her juice and the left over cum from her hands.

"Oh fuck! ohhhh!" she cried out as the penetration got too much and her orgasm started, it ripped through her body, making her nearly fall off the chair as she thrashed with the cucumber still deep in her pussy, her juice leaking out around it.

When she had finished with her orgasm she pulled the vegetable from her pussy and looked down at it. Its green skin was almost dripping her cum, it was so erotic, and she got a sudden urge to do something weird. Grabbing the cup that had held the cum, she scooped every last drop she could and dripped it over the already wet cucumber. When it was totally coated in both her and Gavin's cum Rhonda brought it to her mouth and took a big bite out of the hard flesh. The taste was unreal, a mixture of her own cum, Gavin's and the natural taste of cucumber, it may not have been very nice but that didn't matter to Rhonda she just closed her eyes and felt it slip down her throat as she swallowed. It didn't take long before Rhonda was finished eating, her stomach full with cum and food she was done, for now.

Gavin got home late that night and found Rhonda in bed, deciding not to wake her he climbed in next to her and cuddled up to the beautiful woman who was there with him. Rhonda moaned and cuddled up to him, her arms wrapping around his body as they snuggled, naked together.

Sunday was spent with the two new lovers getting to know one another better. Rhonda told Gavin all about past relationships she had and how her preferences had started. Gavin told her about himself too, how he loved to know women had his cum on their bodies where ever they where and things like that.

This would be the last day that they could spend together fully. Rhonda was back at work the next day and that would mean they couldn't see each other much. They agreed to meet next weekend and after Rhonda got her face covered again they went to bed and fucked for the first time.

The next morning Rhonda woke up alone again, it was 7: 30 AM she had to be at work in an hour. Getting up she went straight for the bathroom to take a shower, no matter how much she wanted to she just couldn't go to work with dried cum still on her face. After her shower she went down stairs expecting to find Gavin but once again just a note.

"Hi Rhonda, I’ve put some clothes out for you to wear to work. Please wear them. Gavin." she read the note aloud again then looked at the table. There was a back bra and panties sat there on the light wood.

Rhonda walked over and picked up the bra, it was the wrong way around but that’s not all, she looked into the cups and saw a pool of thick white cum in each. Rhonda was shocked at first that Gavin wanted her to wear a cum filled bra to work but that soon past and as though she wasn't in control she lifted the bra to her breasts. Pulling it on she felt her nipples press into the thick creamy liquid, it squelched and began to seep through the thin black material as she hooked it up at the back and adjusted it to fit perfect. It felt so dirty to have her breasts swimming in guys cum but yet it felt so right.

Rhonda picked up the panties and found that the gusset was coated in cum too, she didn't hesitate this time, she quickly put her legs through each hole and pulled them up her thighs until her pussy lips were resting in the cum filled silk material. She sighed as she felt it wet her, the smell wasn't too strong so she hoped that no one else at the office would smell it on her, but is they did, then she'd just have to explain she's a cum loving slut.

Rating: 70%, Read 22116 times, Posted Dec 26, 2004

Fiction | Erotica, Female, Male


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