Great Mom Pt. 12 by frodo123456

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Great Mom Pt. 12

The other stories by NKL13 are available on this site. Just search for the author's name and you will find them. I have posted them here because he has gone inactive on the site and many people want to read the sequels too...

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I went out to get the mail and my copy of the magazine I was in had finally arrived. I was very excited so I ran upstairs to show my mom. "Mom, the issue of the magazine I posed for came today! Do you wanna see it?" "Sure Tiffany, I would love to see it.” I went through it with my mom; she thought the pictures of me were very good. “Wow Tiffany, guys will be jacking off right and left when they see these. You better hide this from your brothers or if you want I will place it somewhere until you can show it to your father.” I never did find out until much later that my mom left the magazine out for my brothers to find!

When I got home my mom was out but I knew my brother Ryan was home. I didn't see him anywhere down stairs so I assumed he was up in his room. I went upstairs and his door was shut, so I went into my bedroom. I closed my door, turned around and noticed that my copy of the magazine I was in was lying on my bed! I quickly grabbed it and noticed there was some piece of paper sticking out of it, marking a page or something. I thought that maybe my mom had left it there, so I opened it up, the note was right in the middle of my photo spread. The note said, 'Tiffany, these are the hottest fucking pictures I have ever seen or jacked off too! Ryan.' My jaw dropped, I couldn't believe what I just read! I couldn't believe what my brother wrote either! He saw my pictures and did he really jack off to me, his sister. I got angry, I grabbed my note and the magazine and stormed out of my room down to my brothers’ room. I didn't bother to knock, I just flung open my brothers' bedroom door and stormed in. "Ryan what the fuck..." I was stopped cold and right in mid sentence by what I saw.

My brother had the magazine of me lying on his bed. He was kneeling over it, naked, stroking his cock with one hand as he turned the pages with his other. My brother looked up at me, smiled then went back to looking at my pictures as he kept jacking himself off! "Oh my god, Ryan stop! I can't believe you are jacking off to my pictures! I'm your fucking sister!" I just stood there, not able to move, this was not what I was expecting. "You are so fucking hot sis. I never knew your tits are so fucking huge!" I could have rushed to the bed and grabbed the magazine away from him but what difference would it make at this point, besides, it was turning me on watching my brother pleasuring himself. His cock was bigger than our father's. I saw that his fingers had a nice coating of pre cum all over them, his cock looked so good, hard and bright red. "Ryan, stop! Please stop...this is wrong. You shouldn't be jacking off to my pictures."

My brother looked up at me with incestuous lust pouring out of his eyes; "I will stop soon as I cum all over your picture!" I just stood there watching my brother and I loved it! My nipples were getting hard and my pussy was tingling as well as becoming wet. I watched and listened to my brother enjoying his incestuous fantasy. "Ryan stop...what if mom came home?" "She is gone for the afternoon and Hunter is over a friends house. Oh yeah...fuck you are so hot...fuck I'm gonna cum so good." I moved closer to the bed; I wanted to get a good look at my brothers' cock erupting with his incestuous load. I made a slight grab for the magazine; my brother just moved it away a bit. "You’re my shouldn't do should stop." "I'm gonna a moment...sis. Oh fuck yeah Tiffany...I'm gonna stop...fuck I'm cumming!"

I watched my brother's hand moving up and down his cock at almost a blur. I watched his cock swell a bit more, I could tell it became even more rigid and then my brothers cock exploded with cum. "Watch me Tiffany...look...look I'm cumming all over you...look at my cum on your tits....fuck lets get some on your face!" My brother milked spurt after spurt of his thick, white cum out of his cock and all over my centerfold picture. He purposely spurted cum all over it, doing just as he moaned out. He sent cum splattering on my tits and my face in the picture. I couldn't believe the volume of cum that my brothers’ cock was spewing out! It was more than what my father did, part of me wanted to rush his cock and take that load in my mouth but I just stood there, frozen in incestuous lust watching my brother blowing his load all over my centerfold picture.

When he finally finished, Ryan turned the magazine around to face me. "There you go sis, I stopped!" I looked down at my cum covered picture, speechless. "I can't believe you just fucking did that Ryan! You fucking jacked off in front of me and all over my picture! You are a fucking pervert!" "Look who's talking Tiffany! You stood there watching me!" "Well maybe I should tell mom and dad! Let's see what they think about you jacking off in front of me." "Oh really sis? Do they know you posed for these pictures? I wonder what they would think if I showed them this magazine?" I didn't say anything for a moment, I thought to myself my brother doesn't know that our parents OK’d me doing it. The more I thought about it I suddenly realized that my brother was trying to blackmail me. I kinda liked the idea and I was very curious to see where my brother was going to take this. So I figured I would have some fun and play along with him.

"Oh no Ryan, please don't tell mom and dad! They will freak out if they see these pictures!" My brother got an incestuous look on his face, then smiled wickedly at me. "Why shouldn't I? What's in it for me?" "What do you mean Ryan? Do you know what they would do to me if they saw those pictures?" I thought to myself, our father would fuck me and even our mom would too. "Well Tiffany, if you are going to tell them I jacked off in front of you, I should show them these pictures. I know Hunter would love to see these pictures too. So if you don't want me to, then I guess you better come up with some reason why I shouldn't or something else." "Oh god Ryan...don't show the magazine to our brother. Please Ryan don't do it. I promise I won't tell them you jacked off in front of me." "Sorry sis, not good enough, you will have to do better." I noticed my brother's cock getting hard again, I had a good idea what he had in mind, probably the same thing I had in my mind. "Ryan please...I will do anything, just don't show anyone that magazine." I knew at that point that I had my brother hooked. "Anything Tiffany?" "Yes Ryan...anything." My brother got a very lustful, wicked smile on his face and he got back up on his bed.

He laid down and grabbed his hard cock. "Since you stood there watching me I think you should give me a handjob Tiffany." "What! Oh my god Ryan how could you ask me that! I'm your sister!" "Ok fine Tiffany, I guess I will show the magazine to mom, dad and Hunter. It's not like I am asking you to suck my cock or to fuck me." I thought to myself not yet but I bet you will. Then I remembered what my mom told me, that if you give a guy a blowjob and swallow his load, you will have him wrapped around your finger. I smiled wickedly to myself and thought sure Ryan I will give you a hand job you will never forget. I sat down on the bed next to my brother. My brother waved his steel hard prick at me. "Come on sis grab my cock and make me cum." I slowly reached my hand out and took hold of my brothers' cock. Wow, it felt so good in my hand, hard, warm and throbbing. I slowly began to move my hand up and down it, Ryan moaned 'Mmm that’s it sis, stroke my cock." I squeezed it hard once in a while, milking out some of my brothers’ pre cum. I looked down at his cock head, watching my brothers’ pre cum oozing out of his piss slit. I glanced up at my brother; his eyes were closed as he enjoyed his incestuous, lustful thoughts. I liked my lips, I wanted to taste my brothers’ cock and I knew my brother wouldn't mind either.

"Ryan...we shouldn't be doing this. It is wrong, we are brother and sister." Ryan opened his eyes and looked at me, "That's what makes it so dirty and good. Now start stroking faster, I wanna watch you make my cock spew my cum load, sis." "Can I get a better position Ryan?" "Sure Tiffany, whatever makes it easier for you to jack me off." "Ok, well lay back Ryan and close your eyes. Please, be a good brother and do what I ask." My brother looked confused, he laid back but kept his eyes open. "Don't worry Ryan, I...I promise I will make you cum." My brother closed his eyes; I gently eased myself over my brother, slipping into a 69 position. I glanced back at my brother; he still had his eyes closed. I began to stroke his cock faster, much faster. My brother let out a loud moan of incestuous pleasure. "Oh yeah...that’s the way sis. Oh fuck you know how to stroke a cock!" I looked down at my brothers’ cock; pre cum was really beginning to flow out of his piss slit. I wanted my taste of my brother and I was not going to be denied.

I bent my head down, opening my mouth and slid my brother's cock all the way into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his hard, throbbing shaft as I snaked my tongue all over his cock, licking up his pre cum. My brother let out a scream of delight, "Oh shit! Tiffany...what the fuck!" I slowly slid my brothers’ cock out of my mouth and I looked back at my brother. "Don't you want me to suck your cock? I will stop if you want me to." I said it my sweet, innocent girl/sister voice. "Hell no Tiffany! Don't stop! I would love to get a blow job from my sister!" I sucked his cock a bit more, I was hoping my brother would get the picture that I was wearing a short skirt and he would eat me out. I stopped sucking his cock and looked back at my brother, "Ryan, would you lick my pussy? Please? Or don't you want to lick your sisters pussy?" Ryan didn't say anything; he smiled, reached up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side, exposing my very wet pussy. He pulled my ass and pussy right down on to his face and drove his tongue deep into my pussy. Now I let out a loud moan of pleasure, my brother really licked at my pussy with all of his incestuous lust. I quickly went back to sucking my brothers' nice hard cock. My brother was very good at licking my pussy and working me up into a frenzy. I sucked Ryan’s cock as fast as I could. My brothers' pre cum tasted so good; I couldn't wait to have him blowing his load into my mouth.

My brother moved his face off of my pussy for a few moments. "Fuck you taste so good Tiffany! Oh shit can you suck a cock too! That's it sis, keep sucking my cock. I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cum." Then he went back to licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. My brother ran his tongue up and down my wet pussy lips; he then thrust his tongue deep into my hot, wet pussy. I could feel my brothers’ tongue circling around in me, then he pulled it out and ran his tongue around and around my clit. He ran his hands all over my ass, grabbing and squeezing my cheeks. Then he slid his hands up my shirt, up under my sport bra and began to play with my large 36D tits. I took his cock head into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down his shaft. A couple of times I couldn't hold in my pleasure, so I took his cock out of my mouth and let out a large moan of lustful, incestuous pleasure. "Oh yeah...oh god Ryan...oh yeah lick my pussy." I turned my head around to look at my brother when he started to play with my tits; pre cum was dripping off of my lower lip. "Don't stop...oh yes I want your cum in my mouth. Please Ryan...make me cum... and I will swallow all of your cum....I promise." My brother let go of my tits, took his mouth off of my pussy, "Oh I am gonna make you cum all over my tongue. You damn well better swallow all of my cum. Now get my cock back in your mouth, where it belongs."

I went back to sucking on my brothers cock, I took half of his cock in my mouth then with my right hand I stroked his cock as fast as I could. I wanted to make my brother cum before he got me off. Ryan moved his hands back down to my pussy, pulling my pussy lips apart. He began to fuck my pussy with his tongue, thrusting it in and out again and again. I was salivating like crazy; the more I sucked on my brothers’ cock, the more pre cum oozed out. He tasted so good I wanted him to cum now. Our incestuous lust was at a point only a brother and sister could experience, it was so wrong, so dirty what we were doing but we both wanted it so badly. I could feel my brothers' cock becoming harder and his thrusting into my pussy quickened so I knew he was about to cum. Wow did my brother cum! His cock exploded with hot, sticky, salty cum like I had never experienced before. My brothers’ cock pumped cum into my mouth faster than I could swallow. All I felt was spurt after spurt his incestuous cum load exploding into my mouth, coating my tongue and surging deep down my throat. I couldn't hold back anymore and I let go my incredible orgasm all over my brothers’ lips and tongue. My orgasm was so intense I let my brothers cock slid out of my mouth as it was still erupting with cum. I opened my mouth to let out a scream of pleasure.

Gobs of my brother cum dripped out of my mouth, down my lips and chin and fell onto his cock and around it. His prick pumped out another gob of cum which ran down his shaft. I tried to swallow his cum as he moaned, groaned and ground my pussy on to his tongue. After my orgasm subsided I collapsed onto my brother, my face only inches away from his cum covered cock. I licked Ryan's cum off of my lips and chin. I slowly climbed off of my brother and stood up next to the bed. My brother had such a look of total lustful, incestuous happiness. We just looked at each other for a few moments; his chin was wet, covered with my pussy juice. Ryan looked down at his cock covered with cum. He stood up; his cock was becoming a bit flaccid. He got a pissy look on his face as he stood up in front of me. "Hey sis, look at my cock! You didn't swallow all of my cum like you promised you would!" "I'm sorry Ryan...I wasn't thinking. Do you want me to clean it off?" "Fuck yes sis. Get the fuck down on your knees and I wanna see you lick all that cum off." I hesitated for a moment, just to work up my brother, and then I spoke up. "But I'm...I'm your sister." "Do it Tiffany! You promised to swallow all of your brother's cum!" I dropped to my knees and grabbed my brothers’ cock at the base of his partially erect shaft. I opened my mouth, ready to take his cock into my mouth. "I said lick it sis! I wanna see every drop on your tongue!" I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked up every drop of cum off my brothers’ cock. I would take a big lick on one side of his cock, leaving my tongue stuck out with his cum on it. My brother looked down at me, smiled with a wicked, lustful, incestuous look and then told me to swallow it. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and swallowed his tasty cum. "Now stick you tongue back out Tiffany." When my brother saw my cum clean tongue he smiled and said, "That’s a good sister, now do it again." It took about five or six licks to clean up my brothers’ cock. Each lick my brother would make me do the same thing, stick out my tongue, watch me swallow then have me stick my tongue out again so he could make sure I was swallowing all of his cum.

"Now you can take my cock into your mouth and suck it dry! Go on tiffany, suck my cock dry!" I held my brothers’ cock in my hand and slid it back into my mouth. "Slowly sis! Do it slowly, I wanna watch my cock sliding in and out of your mouth!" Of course as I did this, my brother started to get hard again. I never really felt a guys cock getting hard in my mouth, they were always already hard by the time my lips got around them. After a few minutes my brother looks at me, smiling away wickedly. "Look at what you did Tiffany. You made me hard again. I guess you will have to give me another blowjob." I let his cock out of my mouth, I wanted to suck him off again but it was turning me on being difficult with my brother. "No Ryan, you didn't say I had to give you more than one blowjob." "What the fuck did you think sis. I would have you suck my cock once! Oh no sis, if you don't want me to tell anyone about those pictures then you are going to have suck my cock anytime I want it! Now be a good fucking older sister and suck my cock!" My brother put his hands on my shoulders pushing me back down onto my knees. He grabbed his cock with one hand and put his other hand on my head. He pulled my hair, tilting my head back a bit. "Now open wide for your brothers cock." I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in. "Now suck it Tiffany! Suck my cock and I will let you watch me jack off again, right into your sweet mouth!"

I grabbed Ryan’s hard prick and slid it into my mouth. I licked his entire shaft as I sucked on his thick cock. My brother put both of his hands on my head as he slowly began to fuck my mouth with his prick. He kept looking right down at me, overwhelmed with incestuous lust, watching his sister on her knees sucking his cock. "Oh fuck yeah Tiffany! Suck it! Suck it good! Oh fuck...yeah fuck sis. I'm gonna love cumming in your mouth every fucking day!" I slid his cock out of my mouth, "now wait Ryan...I didn't say I would suck your cock every day." "Shut up tiffany! You know you are enjoying sucking my cock. I can tell you like having your brothers’ cock in your mouth. I can tell by how you swallowed my cum, you enjoy giving me an incestuous blowjob. Now open your mouth so I can put my cock back in there, right where it belongs." I smiled at my brother, and then I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue and let my brother slide his cock back into my mouth. He ran his cock head all over my tongue, rubbing his pre cum all over my tongue. I savored every bit of it, moaning with approval. "Yeah that’s it sis, you like my pre cum all over your wet tongue. Mmm, now suck my cock. I wanna blow my load all over your tongue and in your mouth. I wanna see my cum all over your beautiful face."

As I bobbed my head up and down on my brother's prick, he stood there, moaning and groaning. Every now and then saying the most lustful, incestuous, dirty things I have ever heard a guy say to me while I was sucking on their cock; he was really turning me on too. "Oh yeah Tiffany...yeah suck it! Look up at me when you suck my cock! That's it, yeah sis, you should see the look in your eyes. You love sucking your brothers cock, I can tell you love the taste of my pre cum in your mouth." My brother was so right, part of me was wishing I had been sucking his cock long ago. I kept working my lips up and down Ryan's cock, looking up into his eyes, watching the incestuous lust building as quickly as his cum load was. "Tiffany, you are every fucking guys jack off dream! Especially every brothers incestuous fantasy. You have fucking big tits! A great fucking ass! You pussy looked so good in those pictures, I would love to bury my tongue in your pussy and lick you dry! Best of all, you suck cock like a pro and you swallow. Fuck, I'm glad you are my sister!" I couldn't believe the things my brother was saying to me. His lust was just over whelming and I noticed the more incestuous, dirty thoughts he had, the more pre cum oozed out of his piss slit, on to my tongue and down my throat. I knew my brother wanted a lot more from me and every day was going to be a cum fest with him. Part of me couldn't wait, another part wonder if I should let him or not, how we could do this without our mom or my other brother finding out. But I didn't care at this point; I just wanted to make my brother cum at this point. It didn't take too long before my brother's cock was loading up on his cum load. I felt his cock suddenly swell, his balls tightened up, I knew he was just about ready to erupt.

"Oh wait! Stop Tiffany! Shit I'm gonna cum!" My brother pulled my head off his cock, he quickly grabbed his bright red prick, held it tight at the base, I knew he was trying to keep himself from cumming. My lips were glistening wet with saliva and his pre cum. Ryan looked frantic as he took his free hand, placed it on my head and tilted my head back a bit with a fist full of hair. "Open your mouth sis! Stick you tongue out!" Just as I did that my brother let go of his cock and with only a partial stroke on his cock he exploded cum all over my face. His first wad exploded out of his piss slit and splattered across my nose and forehead. My brother let out a wild, excited moan of pure lustful pleasure, and then another spurt of thick, hot, white cum surged out of his cock, shooting right into my mouth and down my throat. Then he stroked himself a couple more times sending nice large wads of cum onto my tongue, onto my lips and chin. "Yeah sis...oh fuck...take it...take it all! Fuck...fuck...swallow...fuck you are making me cum more!" My brother looked so happy with how much cum he kept milking out his cock, into my mouth and on my face. I was surprised and turned on by how much I made my own brother cum; I never had any other guy cum as much. It made me feel so good that I could turn my brother on that much, turning him into a wild, incestuous, lust filled, cum machine. When my brother was done, finally, he slid his cock into my mouth, breathlessly he moaned for me to suck him dry. His hot cum felt so good going down my throat. I also loved the hot sticky cum that was on my chin, nose and forehead. I sucked my brothers cock dry before I cleaned off the rest of his cum load. Ryan loved watching me clean off the other spurts of his cum from my face. I licked off as much as I could off of my chin; I did it slowly so he could see his cum on my tongue before I slowly swallowed it. Then I took my fingers and wiped up his cum wads off of my face. I made sure I took my time, keeping my mouth open I slowly wiped my fingers with his cum on them, onto my tongue, then I would swallow it, moaning with delight as I did. I could tell my brother had never seen a woman do that before! I knew no other woman could match that since what would be better or as good as watching your sister swallow your cum, aside from your own mother. But I did not think or dream that my mom would ever do anything incestuous with my brothers, her and I well...that was kinda different I thought.

I stood up smiling at my brother after I had finished cleaning up his cum load. "Was that ok Ryan?" "That was incredible Tiffany, fucking incredible." "Well I guess then I am done." "I don't think so sis. I think you need to take your clothes off so I can play with your tits and that sweet pussy of yours." At first I just looked at my brother, I was very tempted to do what he said but then I thought I better keep playing my role as the sister who did not really want to do anything incestuous. "No Ryan! Fuck, I just sucked your cock twice! I am not going to get naked for you." I stormed out of his room, down the hall into my room. My brother of course followed me to my room, like I thought he would. I slammed the door in his face but he opened it right back up. "Ryan what the fuck..." My brother grabbed me, pulling me right up against his naked body. "No you don't sis. I wanna see your hot fucking body." I struggled a bit; Ryan turned me around so he was behind me, holding my arms behind my back. We were standing in front of my full-length mirror. My brother held my arms with one arm; he took his free hand and slid it right up my shirt. He was watching what he was doing over my shoulder; we both watched his hand move up shirt right to my large tits. He found that I was not wearing a bra, his hand started to squeeze my tits, his fingers danced over my nipples. "No Ryan. Come on stop." "Shut up sis. I know you fucking like this, I can feel your nipples getting hard." Which of course they were and yes I was enjoying it. My brother pulled my shirt up just over my tits; he let out a nice gasp of pleasure as he wildly fondled them. I stopped squirming around, letting him know he could keep doing what he was doing to me. "Look at your tits sis. Fuck they are better in person than in the picture’s!" My brother moved his other hand around from behind me to my other tit. He fondled them, played with nipples as he kissed the back of my neck. "Mmm, Ryan...don't...mmm...that does feel good. Do you really like my tits?" "Fuck yes! I love your tits, in fact I need to suck your nice fucking nipples." My brother turned me around slightly, and then he grabbed one of my tits, leaned around me and took my erect nipple right into his mouth. He wildly began to suck and on my nipple and areola. I could not hold in the moan of pleasure. "I knew you wanted this sis."

Then my brother surprised me by taking his other hand and sliding it down my skirt and quickly inserted a couple of fingers into my very wet pussy. Ryan began to thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy, his thumb running up and down my clit. "Oh Ryan...oh yesss!" My brother kept up his attack on my pussy and tits for what seemed like hours but it was only five minutes or so. Then he slid his fingers out of my pussy. I was so pissed; I wanted him to get me off. My brother took both of his hands and pushed my skirt and thong panties down to my ankles. Without saying a word I stepped out of them. He then pulled my shirt right off of me. We stood looking at my naked body in the mirror. "Oh yeah, look at that nice shaved pussy of yours. You are so fucking hot Tiffany. Man I got lucky having a such a fucking hot sister!"

My brother took one hand and began to massage one of my tits, and then he slid his other down my body and began to massage my pussy. I moaned with incestuous delight at the feeling of my brother's hands playing with my tits and pussy. Then my brother turned my body around just a bit as he moved his head around to my other tit. Ryan began to lick and suck on my erect nipple as he fondled my other tit. As I moaned louder and louder my brother took that as a signal and he slid several finger's into my very wet pussy. I let out a loud scream of pure incestuous pleasure as his fingers went into my pussy and hit my G-spot. My brother let all of his lust out as he wildly fingered my pussy, fondled my tit and sucked on my nipple. I squirmed as my brother drove me sexual wild and brought me closer and closer to getting off. I watched myself in the mirror through my half-closed eyes. It turned me on even more watching myself enjoying not only the touch but also the sight of my brother fondling me and seeing his head on my tit. It was like watching a porno movie of myself and being able to feel it at the same time. "Oh yeah...oh mark...don't stop...oh please don't stop. Make me cum mark! I wanna get my pussy juice all over your fingers!" My brother stopped sucking my tit, looked up a bit in the mirror and began to finger fuck me as fast as he could. "You like that sis? You like having your own brother finger fuck you, suck on your tits?" "OH god yes Ryan! Get me off...please...I gotta cum so badly mark. Suck my tit...please keep sucking on my big tits!"

Ryan kept right on sucking on my tit and fingering my pussy as brought me closer and closer to getting off. My brother sensed I was at my breaking point, he took his mouth off of my tit, he flicked my nipple with his tongue as he looked in the mirror and said, "Come on Tiffany, get off. I wanna hear you scream with pleasure!" Then he very rapidly moved his fingers in and out of my very wet and tightening pussy. I moaned and screamed even louder as he did this. "That's it sis! Come for me, for your brother!" I could not hold back any longer, my pussy tightened up around my brothers' fingers, then I let out a loud joyful, incestuous scream of delight as I let my pussy juice flow all over Ryan's fingers. My brother kept fucking me with his fingers and licking my nipple as I experienced several orgasms. I have no idea how long I kept cumming on my brothers’ fingers, I didn't care, it felt so good.

Ryan allowed me some time to recover, he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and I watched him in the mirror as he sucked my sweet pussy juice off of them. Then with one hand he slowly played with my tits, he took his very hard prick into his hand with the other one. I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my ass. My brother slowly ran his prick across my ass cheeks. I could feel his pre cum dripping out of his cock head, Ryan of course wiped it all over my ass. Then he moved his hand to my ass and began to rub it. "Tiffany you have a great ass, so fucking good." "Mmm Ryan, I love it when a guy rubs his hard cock across my ass. Your pre cum feels so sticky and hot." My brother pulled me closer to him, his cock pressed up against my ass, between my ass cheeks, I could feel how hard, hot it was. I could feel his cock throbbing as well. "Ryan, do you wanna take that nice hard cock and stick it my hot ass?" "Oh yes sis, I would love that!" "Well then come on Ryan, be a good brother and fuck my ass good!"

Ryan bent me over; I placed my hands against the wall, one on each side of the mirror. My brother grabbed his cock and plowed it into my tight ass. "Oh shit sis! Your ass feels so fucking good with my cock in it! I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your ass." I looked over my shoulder at my brother and I said, "Talk is cheap Ryan. Come on fuck me! Fuck my ass; fuck it ‘til you cum!" My brother grabbed his cock and rammed it into my ass. I let out a loud scream of delight. “Yeah, I knew it Tiffany. You fucking love it up the ass!” “Shut up and fuck me before mom comes home.” I braced myself against the wall as my brother pounded his cock in and out of my tight asshole. He held onto my hair, pulling my head back as he wildly fucked me. I could tell he was fucking me with all of his incestuous lust. I was moaning softly at first but my brother kept telling me to moan louder; he wanted to hear his sister moaning with pleasure as he fucked her nice ass. I really loved being fucked by my brother, especially since he thought he was getting away with so much. Little did he know that it didn’t matter if he told mom or dad about the pictures, they already knew. I just hoped he didn’t tell them about fucking me…I didn’t know how mom or dad would react. Of course at that time, I had no idea that my brothers were fucking our mom.

“Oh yes Tiffany, your ass feels so fucking good with my cock in it! I’m gonna love fucking your hot ass!” I looked over my shoulder at my brother, pretending to be shy and shocked. “What do you mean Ryan…are you planning on fucking me more than once?” “What did you think Tiffany? Did you think you were going to get away with sucking my cock once or letting me fuck your nice hot ass only once? Oh fuck no sis! To keep me quiet, you are going to be doing a lot of cock sucking and I am going to fucking you quite often too! Now shut up and just enjoy your brother fucking your nice ass!” I just bent my head down; I smiled thinking about how much fun I was going to have with my brother. It really turned me on letting him think he had total control over me. My brother pounded my ass, faster and faster, he slammed his prick into my tight ass. Then we heard the garage door open. “Oh shit Ryan! Mom’s home! Are you ready to cum yet? Hurry up; we can’t let her catch us!” My brother grunted at me and said through his panting breath, “Oh yes sis…I gonna cum! I can’t last long in your fucking hot ass!” I could tell by my brothers’ quick pace he was going to cum. I thought Ryan was just going to cum in ass. I was wrong, but I should have known better. He grabbed my hips as fucked me hard. “Get ready Tiffany…I’m gonna cum! Oh yes, your hot fucking ass is going to make me cum!” The thrill of our mom coming upstairs and catching us was actually making our incestuous fucking even hotter! I tried to hold my moans of pleasure to a low moan. “Oh fuck yes sis! Here I fucking cum!” My brother pulled his prick out of my ass and then within a moment I felt his hot, sticky cum all over my ass! I glanced over my shoulder and watched my brother jacking off, blowing his load all over my ass and then he aimed several spurts of cum for my back. Hot cum landed on the small of my back and then I could feel another spurt of cum splatter across my back. “Oh yeah Tiffany! Look at how much you are making me cum! Oh fuck…oh fuck your ass looks great with my cum all over it!”

We heard our mom come in from the garage, “Tiffany! Ryan! Are you guys home?” “Yeah mom, we are upstairs.” My brother yelled back as he was wiping the rest of his cum load onto my ass. I quickly gathered up my clothes and dashed into the bathroom, I could feel my brothers cum running down my back, down my ass and down my legs. I shut the door as our mom started coming up the stairs. “Hey can you two help me unload the car?” I called back sure as did my brother. I cleaned up as much of my brothers cum off of my back as I could. Needless to say I did swallow some of it; I just couldn’t let it all go to waste. Then I put my clothes on and helped my brother unload the car. I felt so incredibly dirty as I looked at my brother in front of our mom. Ryan just gave me a very wicked smile. Our mom looked at us with a curious look; of course I did not know that she knew we must have done something. Deep down, I couldn’t wait for my brother to blackmail me again into sucking him off or fucking me. Then I started to think what it would be like to fuck my other brother. Hmmm, I would have to figure out a way for him and me to be alone. I actually didn’t even wonder if he would be into incest or not; I guess I just figured why wouldn’t he want to fuck his sister.

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