Wife Trained Abused and Bought Back by AsDiane

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My name is Sanya. At least that is my name today. I do not know what it will be tomorrow or six months from now, but that matters little. It shouldn't matter at all. Not to you. I will try to tell you everything you need to make you cum. Knowing that while I'm writing this, I have a vibrator strapped between my legs and I have to stop every few minutes while I cum. It turns me on to describe to you that I am not good for anything but abuse and humiliation. It turns me on, it makes me hot. It makes my pussy wet and my ass twitch, wishing you were here to deep fuck my ass with a dildo or your hard cock. Or to let me lick your ass with my soft, wet tongue.

Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, I am completely yours. My only wish is to make you cum while you read this. If I was with you, I would be yours to do with as you wish. Indulge your slightest whim on my body. Give me the most trivial or the most disgusting command and I would perform for you. Stroke me gently or beat me harshly. Tie me immobile for hours until my muscles scream from the pain or parade me in front of your friends in the skimpiest whore outfit we can find.

I would love to wear the outfit for you, I haven't work anything that was not made of leather or latex in over a year. Except for the occasional photo or video session. If a man asks for me to dress special while he's jacking off on my live-sex channel, I will find the outfit, wear it, then throw it away when the session is over. The only clothing I have of my own is a blue satin corset. Sam used to ask me to wear it when we made love. It reminds me of our years together as husband and wife and my humiliation is so much deeper when he makes me wear it. I cry from the moment I put it on until he cums deep inside my ass and lets me crawl back to the basement.

Sam and The Doctor own me now. I clean the house for them, do their cooking and laundry and entertain their friends. All of their friends and all of their needs, The Doctor is still very hard on me, but I can't blame her. A few weeks ago, she came across a photo of Sam and me back when we were married and flew into a rage. She screamed and screamed at me and sent me to my room. I tried pleading, begging, reminding her that we'd been divorced for two years and that she was his whole world how, but she kept yelling and pushing me, finally locking me in the metal cell in the basement that they call my home.

A few hours later, she came with three of her women friends and calmly - oh, so calmly and cooly - opened the door and took me to the Punishment Room. Her words were ice cutting through me, I'd never seen her so worked up. As she tied me in position - arms wide and stretched to the rafters, legs stretched and secured at the breaking point, I looked at the other women's faces. None of them would look at me. They were terrified at what The Doctor might do but also excited to watch. That was obvious too, their wet mouths and stiff nipples told that - even though they didn't want to be part of it - they didn't want to miss a second.

She opened one of the panels in the wall and brought out the wooden X. The women held it in place behind me and she secured me to it. Ropes around my wrists, elbows, upper arms, knees, belly, neck, every part of my body that could possibly move was tied tightly. I couldn't move an inch in any direction, had a hard time breathing. The Doctor watched me for a few minutes, wondering where to begin.

The Doctor worked in silence as she sometimes did. She went to one of the glass cabinets and took out a green bottle, unscrewed the cap. I recognized it immediately and started begging. I beg more easily now. For a long time, I fought it and tried to demonstrate some measure of self control. But I always broke. I break more easily now. My pleas never had any effect on her so I didn't deny myself anymore.

"Oh, God, Doctor, please. I want the whip, Doctor, please, use the whip on me. Cut my breasts, my titties, my cunt, Doctor...please...oh...oh..." My words faded into blubbering sounds as she dipped her gloved hand into the goo. I felt the cool glob smacked against my cunt, then her hand rubbing up and down, smearing it all over my mons. Then, she rubbed it a few inches down the insides of my thighs. I focused on my breath, trying to keep it steady, knowing it would only buy me a little time. She pressed her face close to mine and smiled as her fingers slid between my lips, rubbing the cream along every part of my open cunt, from my clit to my hole. Then, her mouth opened and she showed her teeth in an evil grin as she pushed her fingers deep inside my cunt. I heard myself moaning and blubbering from a long way away, saw the faces of the women in the room cringe. She slid her fingers deep into my ass, back into my cunt, back up and down the inside of my vagina. She dipped her hand in for more cream and applied another layer everywhere while I shook and cried. Then, she stepped back and calmly screwed the lid back on the jar. She walked slowly to the cabinet and peeled off the gloves, threw them on the table and waited.

It didn't take long.

I felt my body shaking before the pain registered in my brain. My thighs were trembling and my belly moved up and down as my breathing got faster and faster. The cream was a mixture of jalapeno, Serrano, and chili pepper oil in a menthol base that must have been one of the cool-heat sports creams, She'd used it on me before but only once. I'd passed out and Sam had actually been scared. The Doctor laughed at him and promised me she knew what she was doing. My cunt was sore for a full week after that, a fact she used to her advantage, pimping me out what unusual enthusiasm.

The pain was incredible, I thought I would go insane. I was sweating and shaking my head from side to side. I felt a cool flow across my cunt and realized I'd pissed myself. I cried and moaned from the pain, the humiliation didn't even register.

I squeezed my eyes shut and hear myself scream. The world was pain and there was nothing I could do about. Maybe worse, I knew there was nothing she could do about it, I had to live with it until my body flushed it or it lost potency. I felt something cool on my left breast and opened my eyes. Through my tears, I saw that The Doctor was holding it in her left hand. There was a syringe in her right.

My titties were huge - when Sam named me Sanya for the new website, he told me that a woman named Sanya would have huge titties. The Doctor had spent a week injecting my 36C tits with various toxins and venoms that swelled them into something past double-Gs. She'd also used some kind of steel device to stretch my nipples. I wore it all day and slept with it every night, it was on every minute we weren't filming. She adjusted it regularly and my nipples now hang limp a full two inches long when they're not erect.

The Doctor pushed the tip of the needle into my left nipple and I jerked, my body not moving because of the rope. My tit did shake a little and she 'tsk'ed me as the needle went in. She sank it a full two inches into my tit before pushing the plunger. I don't know what was in it but the effect was immediate, my entire tit was on fire, nothing like my cunt but horrible. She watched my face as she picked up another syringe and held my right tit up.

"You would love me to say something to you, wouldn't you?" she sneered. "You love the abuse. You want me to call you..." then she shut up. I felt more insulted that she wouldn't finish. I was too low a thing to even be humiliated.

For a long time, she left me there like that. I struggled against the ropes completely helpless. I tried banging my head backward against the wood but there was a tight strap around my forehead and I could only move a quarter of an inch.

She sat the syringe down on the metal tray and pushed it away against the wall. Through my pain haze, I saw her opening another drawer and felt any strength left in me drain away. I stopped struggling and just fell back into the intense burning pain coursing through my body. She took a simple pair of clover clamps out of the drawer and attached them to the very tips of my nipples. I screamed again, shocked that she could bring me more pain than I was already in. She tied a long piece of twine to each of the clamps and went across the room to her girlfriends.

"Here. Let's have a tug of war."

"What about me?" the third woman asked.

"Oh." The Doctor said with obvious glee. "Sorry."

She took another clamp out of the drawer and walked toward me. I shook my head and begged her not to but she just stroked my cheek and gave me a kiss on the lips. "I wonder if Sam would have married you if he saw you like this. You wanted this all along, didn't you?"

The Doctor held the clamp in front of my face, squeezed it open and shut. She lowered it, pushed it up into my nose, letting it clamp down on the septum. When she pulled it down hard, I felt the pain shoot through me and screamed. She shook her head and lowered it to my mouth. She pulled out my tongue and clamped it there, yanked it off again. This time, I didn't scream and she shook her head. For drama, she stood back and crossed her arms, looking up and down my body for a new location. We both knew where she would put it and that made her playing even worse.

"Just do it," I begged, a docile painslut resigned to her fate.

The Doctor touched my cunt and I screamed. I must have hit some plateau that she upset because the pain in my entire body shot to new heights. I hardly noticed when she connected the clamp to my clitoris and tied a third string to it. She walked to the third woman and handed her the other end.

"You're just evil," the woman laughed. The Doctor didn't respond.

"Well, ladies. tug of war? Or will we rip them all at once?" the tallest of the three asked.

I muttered "at once, at once, please, at once..." and felt the pain as the strings tightened. The three of them pulled the strings taut as bowstrings, held them in place watching me squirm. In rotation, the lessened the tension, then pulled back even harder than before. I felt my cunt slipper and slimy and knew the one at my clit was going to come off first. As each of them pulled harder, the clamps bit into tinier and tinier amounts of flesh and the pain increased exponentially. When the clamp on my clitoris finally slipped off, I passed out.

Are you enjoying this? My pain for your pleasure? Please say so. Please visit my sites, they exist for your pleasure. They are free and you can send in suggestions for how I should be used next.

I ended up here through a very long process. My blackmailer is not part of my life now, but that is only because Sam and The Doctor agreed to buy me from him. It started after a stupid one night stand. I was traveling for my job and had a few drinks and let a man pick me up in a bar in Toledo. In Toledo. Not New York or L. A.

I live in Minneapolis so I wasn't too concerned about seeing the man again. He wanted to take pictures of me and I let him. That was the mistake. He'd seen my license and realized we both lived in the same city. He was on the road as well, though he lied about it. I really let myself go that night. Things with Sam at home were in a slump and I really needed to get fucked. Rick gave me what I wanted.

It was less than a week after I got back home that Rick contacted me at work. He told me to meet him at a downtown hotel for a quick afternoon fuck. I told him no and he told me he wasn't asking, he was telling. I said no again and he told me to check my email. There were a dozen photos of me, shaking my ass, playing with myself, sucking on his cock, blindfolded and rubbing myself with a beer bottle. I really *had* gone crazy that weekend and he'd taken full advantage of me.

When I showed up, he had a friend in the room and made me fuck them both. He videotaped it and the downhill spiral began. He was a bondage freak and introduced me to that world. The problem for me was that I liked it. We went further and further for several months and then he dropped the other foot.

He said, "come her, Diane, I want to show you something."

My name was Diane at the time. It was my first name, the name changing didn't really start until The Doctor insisted. She wanted to destroy my identity and I'm glad she did. Diane would never let things like this be done to her body. But I would.

What he showed me was an online site called xhamster. It was a place for posting amateur videos and had a big variety of BDSM shots. Including dozens of me. Me being whipped, me blindfolded and sucking cock, me with nipples stretched and clamped.

There was no doubt he controlled me. He started pimping me out more often, I wasn't home more than two or three nights a week. Sam was upset, angry, but I wouldn't tell him, couldn't tell him what was going on.

Rick had the first tattoo put on me one afternoon in late winter. It was an ornate letter "R" tattooed on her inner wrist. Sam saw it and said it looked hot, asked her what it meant. Rich had suggested she just say "rich bitch". Sam grinned and laughed. "You're watching them 'Housewives of Wherever the Fuck' shows waaay too much." She laughed, relieved that he didn't push.

The next tattoo was on my mons, a rose with three thorns on the stalk. It was three inches long and the stalk ran along the outside of her left lip. It burned when he put it on but Rick was there and I knew not to complain. I managed to hide that from Sam, as well as the next ones - one on my left ass cheek the next day, then a third along the underside of my right breast.

Rick was ratcheting up my performances. He put ads in the local personals and made me buy memberships in all of the local fuck-sites. The description I wrote was always the same: "painslut? cumslut? humiliationslut? pissslut? Why choose!? Call Diane" then a phone number that took messages on an old landline in his basement.

I didn't learn until later that this was Rick's first time. He'd fantasized about it for a long time, read stories about it, always wondered what it would be like. It must have gone past his wildest imaginings. Thinking back, I might have been able to get out from under it if I'd played my cards right. But I didn't know.

Every man who came by now tried to outdo the last one. Rick would tell them what the last man had done to me and hand him a whip or a bigger dildo or a cane and ask him if he wasn't more of a man than the pussy who'd just left. He also spent a lot of his nights surfing the internet porn sites. When he found a video he liked, he'd call some of the more twisted of my recent customers and remake the video, pushing things further than he'd seen.

My body couldn't help but respond. Something in me was naturally wired to be abused. The humiliation turned me on. The pain turned me on. Having a dozen men spray their cum all over me, then watch me wipe it onto the floor with my fingers then lean down and slurp it up turned me on.

One of the men, someone he called Mack, was admiring my tattoos and suggested a new game. Rick liked it. They started a website called HelpSueTattoo.com. I guess that really was the first time someone gave me a new name, Rick just liked the rhythm. The game was that everyday, men would bid online to put a new tattoo on my body. The high bidder for the day came by the next morning for a whip, fuck and suck session, then we all drove to the tattoo parlor. The first few tattoos were subtle and I didn't have a hard time hiding them. Another one on the right mons. More on my ass. Some in my ass crack. On the soles of my feet. At the base of my neck just under the hairline. I worried a lot at home about Sam finding them but Sam was spending almost no time with me anymore anyway. He was always out doing something, coming home late and going straight to bed.

Rick went through two weeks of pimping me out as an ass slut and during that time, he started getting more aggressive with the tattooing. He started encouraging the men to tattoo their names on me. One of them suggested a tattoo of a cock just at the very top of my left thigh, spraying cum onto my pussy. I panicked but that was a mistake. When Rick saw how I reacted, he insisted they do it right away. The next one was a "I'll fuck anyone" written in a flowing script across the underside of my left tit.

I thought that last tattoo had crossed a line until I got to Rick's the next morning. This one was a real thug. A well dressed man with a totally depraved mind. He had two friends with him, big sides of beef with low foreheads and massive chests. He took off his clothes and hung them on a hanger in the closet, told me to get on my hands and knees the bed. I did. He waved his hand and one of the monsters with him unzipped his pants and climbed on the bed behind me. He spit on his cock and shoved it deep up my ass. I relaxed, used to getting ass fucked by now and starting to like it. I moved with his rhythm and he came quickly. His friend replaced him and fucked me for a long, long time. I reached around and tried to fondle his balls to make him cum, circled my fingers around his cock, clenched my ass but nothing worked. He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me until my ass and my insides were sore. When he finally came, I collapsed on the bed.

"Get up," I heard the first man say. He was standing at the edge of the bed, his cock out and hard again. I raised my ass and he fucked me, lasting a full fifteen minutes this time. Fifteen minutes pounding my colon with his huge, swollen cock head. When I came, he din' seem to notice, didn't kept fucking in silence. He unloaded then pulled out me with a plop. I felt something pushed into my ass, a small rubber plug. The Suit said "we don't want to waste any of that, do we?" I cringed, wondering what he meant.

The Suit motioned and one of the men threw a rubber hose on the bed. It was a half-inch around, each end flared to a full inch, about four feet long, clear and flexible. There was a small rubber ring at each end.

"Get on your back," he said quietly. I rolled over and he opened my legs with his hands. His cock was already stiff, slim and angry looking, the head swollen and purple. He slid the plug out of my ass and shoved his cock in quickly, a loud "ahhh..." escaped his lips. He fucked me a long time, his cock was thin but long, very very long, it banged against my insides deeper than I'd felt in a long time.

As soon as he came, he reached for the hose. The men held my legs down and withdrew his cock until just the head was inside me. Then, he pulled it out and quickly replaced it with the end of the hose. He smiled and presented the other end to me, holding it inches from my mouth.


I froze, stared at him, turned to stare at Rick. Neither of them flinched. I pleaded with Rick but he stayed perfectly still, his face emotionless. This was going to happen. There was no choice. I knew it but didn't want to accept it.

"Enjoy," The Suit repeated.

I put the end of the tube to my lips and started sucking. There was a wet sound between my legs and the liquid slowly made its way through the tube and into my mouth. The taste was disgusting and I gagged. Rick leaned forward and pressed his hands around the base of the tube, clenching my lips tight to it. They made me suck long after the tube was empty, I heard them laughing at the gurgling sounds coming from my asshole. Tears were streaming down my face, burning my skin, my ears and hair damp.

Rick didn't let me wash up this time, we went to the tattoo parlor with me dressed only in a t-shirt, my coat and boots.

The Suit told Skull to tattoo a teardrop running down the side of my face. I turned to Rick shocked. "It'll be visible," I complained. He just stared. "Yeah, and?" I stepped back, bumped into one of The Suit's men. "Rick, you can't. You can't. I can hide everything so far, but..."

"But those days are over. Hell, honey, I'm running out of places to tattoo you. And besides," he stepped toward me, his nasty breath in my nose and ran his finger along the front of my left thigh, "it's about time to go public with you."

I started crying for real and Skull looked uncomfortable. Rick paid him and he took a breath, told them to hold me. I froze when they pressed my head against the cushion, afraid to move and have him mess up the design.

It was downhill from there. I lost my job when someone noticed the tattoo of a woman's stretched open and pierced vagina on the inside of my forearm. I'd let my sleeve slip up too far while I was washing my hands in the women's room. When I saw her staring, I tried to make her not turn me in, I offered her money, then my body but it had the wrong effect. She was very conservative and uptight and it pushed her straight to HR. I was gone within the hour. No severance package, no letter of recommendation, no goodbye party.

That was when I found out Sam was sleeping with The Doctor. They'd met in a bar and had a guilty one night stand. She left her husband and Sam started spending all of his free time there. I finally understood the satisfied, smug look he'd had on his face whenever I sucked his cock. He was enjoying the thought of me slurping on The Doctor's pussy juice.

When Rick found out I lost my job, he went wild. The tattoos became more and more obscene. One of the men tattooed scars and barbed wire across the tops of my titties. Another tattooed a drawing of me riding a man's cock, milking two other with my hands and taking a fourth down my throat. It took up the entire lower half of my back. Rick had Skull do similar scenes up each of my sides. On the left, I was taking a huge football sized dildo up my cunt while licking someone's pussy and finger fucking two women in french maid outfits. My right side was a tattoo of me tied to a whipping post, my back criss-crossed with stripes, a huge dildo up my ass. A flowing ribbon of words wrapped around my calves. One read: "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, PLEASE ASK ME TO SUCK YOUR COCK OR TAKE IT UP MY ASS. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME. I LIVE FOR CUM AND PAIN" and another "YOU HAVE FOUND THE WOMAN WHO WILL GIVE YOU WHAT YOUR WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND WILL NOT. I HAVE NO LIMITS. PLEASE TRY TO FIND ONE." "WHORE" was tattooed up one side of my neck and "PAINSLUT" up the other.

Rick was nearly out of the picture now, the men were coming in a steady stream. All he did was arranged dates and places and take money. He kept me healthy with protein bars, lots of water, vitamin injections, and forced workouts every morning before my first cock showed up.

For a while, he passed me around to lesbians and had me work the glory hole at a gay bar but he didn't get turned on by any of it and quickly quit. Three different people I used to work with are regulars now. One found me watching one of the online pain videos - one where I had to squat naked over a huge dildo for as long as I could while I was being flogged from behind. I've watched the video myself and it turns me on. The look of concentration on my face is intense. My thighs start to quiver and then my calves and I slowly lose my strength and impale myself on the huge huge thing on the pole. It's too big and I push upward but I can't maintain that position for long and soon, I'm taking the cock into me again. About twenty minutes into it, the man stops whipping my back and comes around in front of me. The look of fear on my face is palpable. He rolls a device across the floor and pushes a huge vibrator against my pussy. When he turns it on you can see me erupt in a flood tears and pleasure. I know I'm going to cum and I know I'm going to need to fuck myself on that thing and I know it's going to split me open. Then, he picks up a slim single tail whip and starts flogging my belly and tits, working methodically from the base of my beck to just above my navel. I am shaking and swaying side to side now, cumming and blind with tears and lust. My arms are still straight above my head, wrapped in a finger-to-shoulder leather sleeve. I cum and cum and moan and become completely incoherent. I lasted nearly forty five minutes before I finally gave up and let the entire thing slide up into my body, sobbing and moaning at the pain and pleasure coursing through me. You can see Rick step into the picture and grab me under the arms just before the frame freezes and the video fades out.

When Bill from the office showed up and told me he'd seen that video, I felt myself destroyed again. Every time I thought I couldn't sink any lower, Rick found somewhere to push me. He was raking in money by writing more and more extreme ads and posting me at more and more extreme sites. Spring came and then the beginning of summer. He made me walk around downtown in short skirts and halter tops, proudly displaying my obscene tattoos to one and all. I had to fuck anyone with the balls to approach me, that was one of Rick's favorite kinks. He wanted to believe that the marks made me - and by extension him - part of a special club somehow. It gave him a real sense of ownership (as if he needed it) to put me on such public display and take away my choice of turning down any cock that came my way.

I will admit now that my writing may have misled you a little. Even though I cum, even though I know I will never leave this life, even thought I will open my legs to anyone who wants to fuck me, I will present my body to anyone who wants to abuse it, I do not enjoy it. Anyone who tells you that she got used to it is lying. The shame and humiliation never go away. Each time I see that simple "WHORE" tattoo on my neck I want to cry. I am a piece of meat but I will never accept that. With my tongue buried deep up the dirtiest ass, my cunt twitching and me moaning, I am still shaken inside, still know that I am not this thing that is doing this act. I can't resolve it for you. I feel both. I cum. I beg for the pain. And I hate myself for it. I am everything and nothing.

The one thing I can say in Rick's defense - and in Sam and The Doctor's defense - is that they have honored my request not to let the kids know. But that was it. Since buying me Sam and The Doctor have paraded me naked and dildoed in front of my parents. They took me to my brother home one night while the family was out and tied me standing, face to the wall, to their eight foot tall headboard. When Scott and his family came home from the movies, there I was, legs spread and impaled with a beer bottle, body dripping sweat and freshly striped from a beating, moaning from the vibrator that was duct taped to my cunt.

They made me show up at my sister's church group in a violet (the whore's color) string bikini, all of the filth on my body exposed, my four inch heels clicking as I walked down the hallway, hair long and black and shiny, big gold hoop earrings swinging, gold chain wrapped three times around my slim waist, gold bracelets clanking. They'd even pierced my nose for the occasion, a gold chain ran from my left earring to my left nostril. The Whore of Babylon. Sam sent me when he knew they were reading Chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation.

Sam and The Doctor have made me look up old boyfriends and show up at their homes. The married ones, I offered myself to. If they said yes, I had to service them, begging them for more and more abuse. If they said no, I would track down their wives and come on to them. None of them took me up on my offer. Which was too bad because my orders were then to break down and confess to having been fucking their husbands. Only three of them fucked me. The other four said no which was a huge mistake. I destroyed all four of their marriages. I think I know why Sam did that. We went to high school together and he was treated pretty badly. He was getting some payback.

They made me do the same with my girlfriends. I wasn't allowed to explain anything to them, just offer my body to them and deal with their acceptance of rejection. They all rejected and I seduced all of their husbands. I worked on them week after week, ass fucking them all, reminding them what they were missing at home, promising they could move in with me and have me all the time and doesn't that feel good honey when I take it deep in my ass like that? I'd fuck their friends and let them pass me around, show me off. All five of them eventually moved out and I dumped immediately. I sent photos home to their wives. Only one let him move back in.

Sam heard about me from one of the men he worked with. Sam isn't a professional, he works construction. Yes, he's a foreman but still, a working man is a working man. I'd loved that, I never held it against him when we were married and I don't now. The Doctor is a different story.

She grew up in California from Asian parents. Early on, she discovered Japanese porn. American torture video is child's play compared to Japanese porn. She spent a lot of time masturbating to it in her teens. In college and in medical school, she experimented with a lot of her girlfriends. She fucked boys for fun and to appear "normal" to her peers but her heart was with women. Women tied down. Women getting hot water enemas. Women being injected with psychedelics and pushed into a biker bar for a gang bang.

The women in college started backing off from her, she started hiring prostitutes and paying them huge sums of money for small abuses. She found her way into the BDSM underground and became a rising star on the Stanford campus. She took off a year before graduating medical school and travel led around the country. She made connections everywhere she went and soon ran one of the foremost sites for medical porn. And advice. "How long can I hold my girlfriend's nose before she passes out?" "How deep into my boyfriend's ass can I push my fist?" "If I put leeches on my husband's nipples will they get more sensitive?" She gravitated toward the stranger requests and soon only the real freaks came her way.

I found all of this out much later. And so did Sam. It seems like he honestly didn't know. I don't know if he would have let her buy me from Rick if he had. But all that's behind us.

When Sam's buddy told him about me, he was stunned. He confided in The Doctor and the wheels started turning. Right away, she started getting slightly kinky with him and in a few weeks she'd softened him up to the idea of a threesome. It wasn't hard for her to track me down, then Rick. She paid him for a night and said I was to be hooded and latexed head to toe. Rick was fine with that, we'd already collected quite a collection of fetish gear. She also insisted on headgear for me - I was to be completely deaf. "Not a problem," he said and procured a pair of white-nose earplugs.

The Doctor and Sam fucked me pretty gently that first night but, while Sam was getting dressed, The Doctor unzipped the left ear of my hood and removed the earplug. "Did you recognize his cock, Diane?" she whispered, quickly pushing the plug back into my ear. I stood frozen, my insides churning, knees weak. I ran into the bathroom, scrambling to unzip the mouth of the hood before I threw up. I couldn't get it to move. I felt the hot liquid splash against the inside of the hood and push its way along the sides of my face, up into my eyes and forehead, down my chin and neck, pooling around my chest. I felt the hot little chunks of food floating in it, mingling with what must have been Sam's cum. I gagged as I swallowed some of it, retched again. this time, the latex swelled and I felt it gushing between my tits and down the front of my body.

The Doctor showed up herself several times after that. The first time, she injected me with a drug that made me sleepy and fucked me with a strapon for an hour. The second time, she tied my arms above my head and pushed a silvery speculum into my cunt and another into my ass. Then, she used the nozzle of a hose to shoot icy water up inside me while I squirmed and screamed.

She would show up with several women and have pain parties. They would take turns trying to get me to scream the loudest. A favorite game was to try and find tiny hairs between my legs to pull out with tweezers or needlenose pliers. Another was competing to see much enema water they could give me before I couldn't hold it.

All of her tortures were medically themed. I was most scared when she injected both of my breasts by pushing the needles straight through the areola and into the tissue. I'd never seen that done and it terrified me. Worse was the effect. She gave me some kind of drug that made my skin hypersensitive. The three women with her wrapped rubber bands up and down my arms and legs, around my tits, between my legs then started snapping them. It seemed to go on for days and days and weeks and weeks. I was in uncontrollable pain, I pissed the room, nearly yanked my shoulders out of their sockets struggling against the ropes, had to have a hood put on because they complained that their ears were getting sore from my screaming.

I only tell you this for two reasons. One is to let you understand exactly how sick The Doctors is. And the other is because I enjoy telling you about it. I have cum twice in just these last ten minutes.

The only thing left to tell you is how I was purchased. The Doctor brought Sam to me twice more before she revealed what it was he was fucking. She started removing the latex and he realized it was me. I was shocked at his reaction. He got a wide grin on his face, dropped his pants and ass fucked me again, yanking my hair hard, telling The Doctor to slap me hard across the face while he reamed me. The Doctor smiled sadistically and I knew my life was about to change again. Drastically. I realized much later that she's been slowly introducing him into her world those last few weeks and now there was nothing left of the old relationmship at all. For him, I was exactly what I'd become for the others - a hole to fuck.

The Doctor worked out an arrangement with Rick and purchased me for some amount of money I never found out. Rick still uses my body to produce his porn websites, he gets to pimp me out one night a week, usually Tuesday. I come home completely spent and exhausted and The Doctor lets me sleep until seven, when I have to get up and make their breakfast.

The Doctor immediately implemented the name changing. Her first name for me was O but that lasted only a few days. She told me I was too far down the scale of human refuse to deserve that title. She switched to zero but that didn't stick. She tried hole, then rectum, then smeg. They built the Punishment Room in the basement and the metal cell I live in. It has a hole in the floor for me to piss. I never have to shit. I give myself a deep-flush enema every day which keeps me clean. It is a three step process, implemented by The Doctor early on. I enjoy it and the enjoyment makes me feel sick, disgusted with myself even as I stroke my pussy and cum.

They've altered me several times. Hair dye, collagen in my lips, ass, cunt lips, clitoris, stretching and binding my nipples, hands, feet, colored contacts, piercings that come and go. The Doctor is talking with some friends about removing the tattoos. She says the process is incredibly painful and will make good internet viewing. Then, just as each section is healing, she will have it tattooed again. She is consulting with medical friends, she is concerned that the pain of getting the second tattoo so soon after the removal may be too much. "Too much" is not a phrase I hear often and it scare sme.

In the meantime, she continues her experiments. She's give me psychedelics and watched me freaking out in my cell. She's given me numbing medicine and made me hurt myself, knowing I wouldn't know when to stop. She tied me and invited friends to watch my response as the medication wore off and the true extent of the pain crept up on me. She's given me injections that constricted my breathing and sometimes bring on panic attacks, then tuned me over to groups of ten and twenty men, all of who were turned on my my deep-throat gagging vidoes. There is no end to her depravity and I don't think she will ever tire of pushing me to new limits.

Sam has come down and had me put on the satin corset a few times. He doenst' talk, just fucks me gently and sweetly, then goes upstairs while I curl up on the floor and cry. Every time so far, he's come down later and whipped me brutally, then he ass fucks me until I pass out.

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