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Fantasm | BDSM, Black, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Pissing, Slavery, Teen Female, Teen Male, Violence, Water Sports

Anisha was a pretty little slave girl. She had been born and was being raised on the plantation of James Brandywine. It was a large cotton plantation with many slaves to work the fields and serve James and his family of four in the big manor house. The Brandywine plantation was one of the largest in the state and James was a very influential farmer and merchant. The family consisted of James, his wife Mary, his eighteen year old son Jonathan and his daughter Bessie.

Anisha's mother tried to keep her out of sight as much as possible. When she got old enough to start to be of sexual interest to both black and white men and boys, she was dressed in baggy loose clothes and her hair was never combed. Her mother did not want her to bring anyone's attention. She was trying to protect her only daughter.

One day James was riding around the plantation looking for any repairs that needed to be done and seeing how the crops were growing. When he rode past one of the ponds on the property he spotted many nigger young ones swimming. They were all naked. It looked like their ages started at about four and went up to maybe eighteen or so. Twelve was just about the age that they would have to start working on the crops or at the house or other chores. He told the ones in the water to come out and for all of them to come and stand before him. James looked down from his horse at the children.

Two of the boys looked old enough to work. He told them to report to the slave master. One girl stood out. She looked older and more developed than the rest of the children. It was Anisha. She was older. She said was 18. She was watching after her little brother who was only four. Anisha stood naked in front of her owner. She was trying to hide her body with her arms. She could not hide the fact that she was a pretty girl. "What is your name girl?" "Anisha, Sir." "What nigger is your mother, girl?" "My Momma be Bertha, Massa." "Tell your mother to come to the main house after the work day and to bring you with her." "Yes Massa." James rode off thinking about the pretty, naked little slave girl. He stopped after just a couple strides and turned his head back. "Have you been fucked yet, girl?" "No Massa, I not be sexed yet." How could she have not been seen by him till she was this old? He figured that it was because he owned so many slaves that he could not get to know every one of them.

Anisha put on her dress and went home and told her mother about meeting James and that he wanted her mother to bring her to the main house that evening. Bertha knew just what would happen if she did it. Her little girl was going to be raped by the master, probably right in front of her. She might even be kept at the main house as a house whore and fucked by him, his friends and his son. She might even have to sexually satisfy the mother and daughter. This had happened to many attractive and / or well built young slave girls in the past, soon after they started to develop.

Bertha quickly packed the girls few things into a cloth bag. "Anisha, I loves you. If you go to the main house, bad things will happen to you. I want you to run off. She told Anisha where to go to find someone who would help her got away and get to a place up North where she would not be a slave any longer. They hugged and cried, then Anisha did as her mother said, thinking that she would never see her mother or her friends again.

When Bertha did not come to the house, someone was sent to bring her and her little girl to the master. Bertha was brought to the house but she did not have Anisha with her. "Where is your daughter?" James asked sharply. Bertha just stood there. "I asked you, where is your daughter?" James slapped her face bringing a trickle of blood to the corner of her mouth. Bertha stood there defiantly, "I not know what you were told Massa but I do not have a daughter." James hit her again and had her taken away.

James had several men, both black and white, start looking for the young runaway slave girl and before dawn she was found hiding in some brush on her way to town. She was dragged back to the plantation and locked in a room in one of the barns. After breakfast she was brought to the main house. Her mother came with her. They were held in front of James by two white men that worked for the plantation owned. Bertha cried and begged for her daughter to be let go.

"Strip her!" The man holding her ripped the clothing off of the young black slave girl and pushed her on her knees in front of James while the other held her mother. James unbuttoned his fly and took out his erection. He grabbed one of her small pointed breasts and squeezed it hard and with his other hand he pinched Anisha's jaw on both sides causing her to open her mouth.

As soon as her mouth opened he shoved his cock in. "Tighten your big black nigger lips on my cock and suck like you did when you were being fed by your mother's big tits. If you bite me, you and your mother will both be beaten till you can't stand. Do you understand me?" Anisha nodded her head. Her tears dripped down onto James's shaft. Her mother was released and she just dropped to her knees weeping as she watched what was happening to her only daughter.

James held her head in both hands and rapidly forced Anisha's her back and forth, fucking his prick with her mouth. He showed no mercy. He pulled her so far onto his manhood that she gagged. The men laughed. "She will learn to take all of a man's hard cock and tell them how much she loves doing it."

James pushed her on the floor, dropped his pants and got between her legs. He looked at Bertha, "Now I am going to fuck your little girls cunt and she had better be a virgin." With that he put his cock to Anisha's opening and slowly worked between her pussy lips and deep enough into her to feel that indeed, she was still virgin. He pulled back out and with a hard shove. He split her hymen and buried his hard white six inches balls deep in Anisha's small, tight virgin black cunt. Anisha screamed out in pain as she was defiled. Her mother cried out in anguish.

James fucked her like a bull fucking a cow. Hard and fast and deep. He pounded the little girl's cunt while she cried. After several minutes she stopped crying and just lay there. Her body shuddered as she felt the first load of a man's cum flood into her womb. James pulled out and looked at her pussy and his cock. His cock was covered with his cum and her blood. He walked over to Bertha. "Suck my cock clean." Bertha knew better that to refuse. She had been fucked and beaten by Massa James' father when she was young and pretty and he was the master. She saw the cum and her daughter's virgin blood on the cock as it entered her mouth. "Now get down there and lick your daughter clean." With his foot, the man behind her pushed her to the floor between her daughter's legs. After a couple of minutes, no sign of cum or blood remained on the young girl's pussy or thighs.

The men lifted Bertha. "Take her to the barn and lock her in the box for two days with no food or water." One man took her away. It was a very bad thing for you to try to run away and you will need to be punished so that you will never try it again and others will not get the idea that they can try it. Bill, take her to the public punishment area in town."

Anisha was taken, naked to a small public but out of the way square in town where nigger slave punishments of all kinds where held. Punishments all the way up to hanging were done there. There was not much reason to come to this place except to watch slave punishments. She was placed in stocks that were there. The board was dropped over her neck and wrists and her legs were spread and shackled to the base to hold her in place. She was on her knees on a raised base that was about a foot off the ground.

First, while a crowd of maybe thirty man and women watched, James walked up behind her and with a leather belt he gave her ten hard lashes on her ass causing her to cry out in pain. Then he told the crowd that she would be left in the stocks until sunset and that she would be available to all. As James was walking away, the first man walked up behind her and roughly shoved his cock into her cunt.

Over the next seven hours, Anisha had her cunt, ass hole and mouth fucked or she was pissed on by about fifteen different men. After they fucked her they usually brought their cocks to her mouth to be cleaned. Her ass and cunt were dripping streams of cum. Her face and hair were covered with cum and all of her holes ached from the treatment she was getting. Many white men and some women and a few Blacks came thru the day to watch her being ravaged. As the sun set, two men came with buckets and threw cold water on her to wash her body clean. Then she was taken back to the plantation and put in the same locked room with her mother for the remaining portion of the two days.

At the end of the two days, her mother was let loose and she was taken back to the main house. James stood in front of her. "I hope you have learned your lesson. From now on you will live here in the house. There is a bunk room in the back where you will have a bed with the other house slaves. You are the house whore. You will willingly fuck any man or eat any woman that I tell you to. If you don't do just as you are told, I will have you chained out in the yard for the dogs to fuck and then you will be sold to a whore house. When you are not servicing someone sexually, you will assist the other house servants. Do you understand?" "Yes Massa, I understand."

Jonathan, James's eighteen year old son walked into the room. "Jonathan, this is Anisha. She is our new house whore. Why don't you take her to your room and get to know her? Anisha, take off your clothes. You will not wear anything unless I tell you to." Anisha pulled her dress over her head and said, "Yes Massa. Massa Jonathan, I be happy if you would fuck my little black nigger pussy and do anything else that pleases you." James's wife Mary smiled as she watched Jonathan walk down the hall being followed by the new young house whore. It had been many weeks since she had her pussy eaten to a hard orgasm and this new young nigger slave girl looked just delightful. She also looked forward to having her come to her bath and wash her and then having her take her place in the tub while she pissed on her and in her young nigger mouth.


Rating: 82%, Read 78675 times, Posted Dec 11, 2015

Fantasm | BDSM, Black, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Pissing, Slavery, Teen Female, Teen Male, Violence, Water Sports


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