Incestuous Harem 8: Mom's Soapy Tits by mypenname3000

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Incestuous Harem

Chapter Eight: Mom's Soapy Tits

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2016

Clint Elliston

The hot water poured over my body, splashing on my back as the four women of my harem—two half-sisters, a full sister, and my mom—all grabbed the body wash and lathered up each other's bodies. I was in heaven. I was nineteen and showering with my sexy Mom and her huge tits, her bleached-blonde hair darkening as it grew wet. She stared at me with dark, hungry eyes. My little sister Alicia, eighteen, the hair ties holding her pigtails together gone, her hair loose and brown, stared up at me with such delicious love in her eyes. She was my princess, her body petite and budding, so girlish and innocent. Pressing into my side was my half-sister Melody, blonde and nineteen. She grew up my best friend. We were so close.

I loved her and Alicia so much. They were my submissive queen and princess.

Lee was the newest member of my harem, rubbing soap on her small breasts—though compared to Alicia's budding mounds, Lee's were ripe and inviting. She ducked her short, black hair beneath the spray, washing out some of the piss soaked into her strands. She was a brat, acting like a girl half her age—seven instead of eighteen. And that all ended today. She understood now that our dad was dead, I was the man of the house.

And I wouldn't put up with her behavior any longer.

She turned as she washed, her red ass, spots of purple bruising already appearing, glistening as the water sheeted down her back to her rear. I had spanked her so hard for making a huge mess in the kitchen. A mess she hadn't actually cleaned up after I spanked her. We were distracted. Lee, it turned out, was a humiliation and pain slut, a masochist, and she got off on being degraded.

It was why she was washing all our piss off her body. She had drunk it, let it flowed over her body, and all while it was being filmed. Even now, the camera recorded, though with the glass shower door closed and foggy with steam, I doubt it could capture much now.

“Damn, I bet you and Dad had a lot of fun in here, Aunt Cheryl,” groaned Lee, looking up at my mom soaping those huge, lush tits. Mom had the biggest tits in the family, with my older sister Zoey and Aunt Vicky—Lee and Melody's mother—tied for second place. Melody's round breasts put her in a distant fourth, though they were still nice as they rubbed against me. “This bathtub is huge.”

“We did,” my mom smiled. “We pissed in your mom's mouth enough times in here.”

“Tonight, she's watching your tape,” I told Lee, staring at her well-spanked ass. “Won't your mom be proud of you for being such a filthy slut?”

Lee shivered. “And then you'll show everyone at school, right?”

I wouldn't. It was pretty clear evidence of incest and could get us all in trouble. “That's right. I bet you can't wait for that bitch friend of yours to see who you truly are.”

“That meanie will tease you and bully you,” Alicia nodded. As a nerdy, book-reading girl, she had been picked on by Lee and her friends, Carmelita at the center.

“Oh, god,” Lee moaned, shuddering. The lust in her voice made my cock hard.

“Mmm, I think the little slut wants it played across the school's AV system. Every class seeing it, watching you piss into her mouth.” My half-sister—though until this morning I thought she was my cousin. It turned out my dad had dominated my mom and her sister, hiding it from the world. It explained a lot about our family.

“I think so,” I groaned, Melody's soapy hands washing across my stomach as she pressed tighter into my side. Her body was so slippery.

I soaped up my hands and slid them behind her back and then down to her ass. I washed her. She winced. Like Lee, I had spanked Melody, too, but not because she was bad, though I owed her a spanking for that. I did it because I could and because she would let me. She was submissive with me.

But loved dominating Lee.

Alicia giggled. “You're getting hard, big brother.”

“I have four sexy women in the shower with me, Princess,” I grinned at her.

Alicia, soap suds clinging to her small mounds and half-obscuring her small nipples, reached out and joined Melody's hands. Her touch was delicate compared to Melody's rougher wash. She was aggressive where Alicia was gentle. My dick throbbed. I had loved Melody for years, but I had never really noticed Alicia. She was so quiet, spending most of her time reading in her room. But today, since I took her cherry, I was finding her presence delightful. Her girlish, innocent personality made me want to take care of her like I was her daddy. I wanted to spoil her like my little girl princess, give her what she needed, and discipline her when she acted out.

I think I loved her, too. Different from Melody.

“Mmm, we are sexy,” Melody moaned, her hips grinding on me. I felt her landing strip on my hip, her hot pussy right below it. Despite cumming on her sister's mouth, Melody was horny for more. With her naturally blonde locks plastered about her shoulders and tits glistening with water, she looked like a playboy model.

“Yes,” I groaned, my skin burning where my two sister-lovers washed my flesh.

Alicia pressed up to my right side, rubbing her hot pussy on my thigh, her hard nipples brushing my skin. She stared up at me with such adoration, worshiping her big brother with those soft, brown eyes. She looked even more vulnerable without her glasses on.

Damn, she was cute.

Their hands swept about my body, washing my chest and back. Alicia giggled as her small hand rubbed at my ass. She gave me a squeeze and giggled louder, her eyes flashing with obvious delight, her hot pussy throbbing harder and harder.

Before me, Mom's breasts still glistened with soap suds as she washed her sleek thighs. At thirty-six, she was still gorgeous. The mature beauty of my sisters, face hungry, eyes delicious. She was a submissive, living as my father's slave since she was nineteen. She was so dedicated she brought her sister, my Aunt Vicky, to his bed and he claimed her, too.

“Oh, I can't wait for your mom to get home,” I groaned to Lee. “She's going to ride my cock while watching us piss on you.”

“Oh, god,” Lee moaned, leaning back against the wall. Her small breasts jiggled as her hands shoved between her thighs, rubbing at her pussy, her black curls matted by soap and water. She undulated her hips. “Yes, yes, she'll cum so hard watching it. Oh, please say she will, Clint. Please say I can watch her cum on your dick.”

“If you stay good,” I told her. “You be a brat, and you'll be punished.”

Her eyes gleamed and she let out a shuddering moan. “Yes, Clint.”

Watching her made my cock ache. Over the water spraying down on us, I could hear her fingers slide in and out of her wet cunt. The feel of Alicia's and Melody's hands washing across my body didn't help either. They were teasing me. They made me tremble and groan. My dick throbbed and ached. I had to cum again. My women were too damned sexy.

I had to fuck one of them.

But which one? I had four to chose from. They were all so willing. I could break in Alicia's ass. I could plow my mom hard. I could make love to Melody. Or I could fuck Lee's bratty face, ramming my cock down her throat while she gagged on it and loved every moment of being used.

“Mmm, Mommy needs to wash her big son's cock.” She cupped her large, soapy breasts, a twinkle in her eye.

“A titty fuck?” I groaned.

She nodded her head, hips undulating. “Just sit down on the tub's edge and let Mommy wash her big son's cock, Sir.”

“I think he wants that, Aunt Cheryl,” laughed Melody. Her hand grasped my dick. “What do you think, Cupcake?”

Alicia's hand joined Melody's on my cock. “I think big brother wants our mom's big tits washing his dick.”

“Holy shit, people do that?” Lee groaned.

“Yes,” Mom and Melody said at the same time.

I glanced at my blonde half-sister. “More porn you've been watching?”

“I was researching for when we finally went all the way,” Melody answered with an arched smile.

“Like watersports?”

“Perv,” she said and playfully punched my shoulder. “Stop being an asshole, Clint. I didn't even know the term before you told me this morning.”

“I am a perv,” I grinned at her. “And so are you.” I smacked her wet ass.

She moaned, “Oh, yes, I am. You lead, I follow, Clint. Now sit your butt down and let your sexy mom wash your cock.”

I arched an eyebrow at her.

She winked at me and said, “My loving master, I just want you to be pleasured by your sexy mom.” Then she kissed me.

If she thought kissing me would make me forget her sass, she was mistaken. I was going to enjoy disciplining her tonight. As much as she would. It was why she played the game. When Melody was a smart ass, I found it endearing. When Lee did it, I found her to be an annoying brat.

Must be the difference between loving and just lusting after someone.

I squeezed Melody's ass hard as we kissed, savoring her breasts pressed against me. She was a little breathless when we broke it, her hazel eyes unfocused. She took a step back from me and almost tripped over the tub's edge, falling into the side of the shower. But I caught her.

She laughed. “Thanks.”

I winked at her, then I sat down on the tub's edge. There was enough room between the tub and the shower wall to sit comfortably. The tub was deep, too. My parents had bought it large for play. The entire master suite was enhanced by my dad so he could enjoy his two sex slaves and any other women they brought to his bed.

Like Asian women. Damn, it would be hot for one of the ladies to bring a sexy Asian girl for me to enjoy. Pam Hiragawa from school popped into my head.

“Mmm, Mommy's going to enjoy this.” She knelt before me. The spray of the shower hissed over our heads. She looked so sexy dripping in water, her breasts held out before her, glistening with soap suds, her nipples fat and hard.

“Big sis,” Alicia said, her voice soft. “Could you...shave me?”

I groaned as Mom's tits wrapped about my throbbing cock. My eyes flicked past her to my three sisters crowding the other end of the tub, Lee still masturbating and lost to her own world. Alicia looked so coquettish as she stood before Melody.

And then my mom slid her tits up and down my cock. Pleasure from the wet glide of her pillowy mounds sent shivers through me. My head leaned back against the wet, vinyl-smooth wall. My hands clenched as she pressed her tits tighter, forming a hot, soapy embrace. She pumped her tits up and down, the tip of my dick popping in and out of the valley of her tits.

“You want me to shave your pussy?” Melody asked, glancing at me, her eyes questioning.

I nodded once.

“I want to look...more girlish,” Alicia whispered. “More like his little sister.” She bit her lip and looked at me. Without her glasses, I probably was a fuzzy blob to her. “Would that...make you happy, big brother?”

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. Right now she had wispy, blonde pubic hair, hardly hiding her tight slit. But without it... “Do it, Melody. Shave our little princess.”

“I will,” she said, subservient and excited, a naughty smile on her lips.

“Does it hurt?” Alicia asked, trembling as Melody pushed her down on the opposite side of the tub.

“Like shaving your legs or pits, but you have to be more careful. Don't want to get a nick down there, Cupcake.”

Alicia's eyes widened. Damn, she was cute.

“Melody will be careful. Your big sis would never hurt you,” I groaned, savoring the wet glide of my mom's tits up and down my cock.

“Never,” Melody promised.

“Fuck,” Lee moaned. “Shave her pussy. Oh, yes. She'll have such a cute, bald cunny. Oh, god.”

Lee thrashed as she came, her back sliding down the shower wall until she was sitting next to Alicia on the wide rim, her legs spread wide, her bush trimmed, black, thick. Though only a year older than Alicia, puberty developed her a lot more. Lee groaned, her legs spasming, her toes curling.

There was another cunt in need of shaving. An idea popped into my head. Lee had to do it somewhere more...public.

Melody slipped naked out of the shower to get supplies while Alicia trembled, the spray falling on her and Lee's legs. Mom's tits slid faster and faster on my dick, the friction sending wonderful shudders through my body. My balls boiled, a load of spunk preparing to unleash across Mom's face.

I would give her a pearl necklace. Every son should give his mom gifts.

“What are you grinning about, Sir?” Mom asked as she stared up at me with submissive adoration. It made her happy to serve.

“Just the gift I'm going to give you.”

“Mmm, your Mommy-slut loves gifts.” She licked her lips, glancing down at my cock. “Is it thick and creamy?”


Her tongue flicked at the crown of my dick when her tits slid down. She swirled her tongue around it before her tits slid up and engulfed my shaft, making me shudder and groan. When she slid her tits down, she licked again.

Damn, it was better than I imagined. I had seen it so many time in pornos, but having my own mother do it... Nothing was better. I loved being the man of the house. I groaned, just sitting there and letting my woman please me. My mom was my slave.

Melody slipped back in with a pink razor and a bottle of pink shaving cream. She slid the shower door shut and flashed me a smile. “How's your titty fuck going, perv?”

“Wonderful,” I grinned at her. “Now get on your knees and shave our princess.”

She obeyed with a moan of, “Yes!”

My dick ached and throbbed as the shaving cream whooshed, a mound of pink appearing in her left hand. She rubbed it against Alicia's pussy, coating all her blonde hairs. I could just see thanks to the angle Alicia sat at. Her small breasts rose and fell faster and faster, her breath quickening as Alicia raised the razor.

My balls convulsed. I was coming closer and closer to cumming, but not yet. I wanted to savor the titty fuck and watch my little sister being shaved by my queen. Melody looked so beautiful as she knelt, her blonde hair matted down her supple back, water running down to her ass, spilling across it. She still had red markings from her spanking.

“It'll be fine,” Lee said and took Alicia's hand. “Melody won't hurt you.”

“Thanks,” Alicia said, giving Lee a smile.

Mom sucked on the tip of my cock when it emerged from her dick this time. I groaned, a spasm shooting from my body. I missed the first swipe of the razor across Alicia's pudenda as my head tossed back. The pleasure was so sudden.

I grit my teeth, fighting the urge to cum. Mom's eyes stared up at me, burning with delight at my reaction. She popped her lips off, rubbing her tits faster and faster. My cock throbbed in her depths, her hard nipples rubbing on my stomach.

“Do you like Mommy's big tits sliding on your dick?” she moaned. “Does my big, strong son love it?”

“God, yes,” I groaned, the razor sliding through the pink foam, scraping across Alicia's skin. My little sister bit her lip, staring down as her pale flesh was exposed, no blonde hair to be seen. “So good, Mom. You're such a slut to give your own son a titty fuck.”

“Such a slut,” she moaned in agreement and sucked on the tip of my cock again. Not long, just a quick jolt, but enough to make my balls almost erupt.

“Work those titties, Aunt Cheryl,” Lee cheered, hot eyes watching, her free hand, the one not holding Alicia's, rubbed at her black-furred cunt. “Make him cum. He deserves it for being the man of the house.”

Damn, when Lee wasn't a brat, she was amazing.

The razor kept shaving, making that delicious, scraping slide as it made my little sister bare. Melody moved lower and lower, reaching Alicia's pudenda. She shaved slowly, pulling the razor from Alicia's slit to her thighs. More and more of my little sister's bare pudenda was revealed to my sight. She looked more and more girlish, younger and younger than her eighteen years.

And the entire time, my dick was in heaven. Mom sucked every time it appeared, brief jolts of rapture that had my entire body twitching. The wet slide of her tits built the pressure in my balls. I fought against it, coming closer and closer to erupting.

“Cum all over Mommy's big tits,” she moaned, making it even harder. “Mmm, yes. You need to cum. My big, strong son has so much jizz trapped in his balls. It's not healthy to keep it bottled up. He needs to let it out.”

“Yes,” Lee moaned. “Mmm, cum all over her tits, Clint.”

Melody slid the razor a final time and then smiled. “Done.” She leaned aside, letting the shower's spray wash across Alicia's pussy, clearing off the remains of pink foam. “No hair left.”

Then Melody leaned in and licked Alicia's bare twat.

“Fuck,” I grunted, my cock unloading. It was too hot to watch. My woman licking our little sister's pussy made my balls erupted.

Cum spurted from between my mom's tits. My hot spunk splashed across her neck and chin then rained across her heaving mounds as Melody took another long, slow lick up Alicia's pussy. She shivered, toes curling.

I grunted through each blast of jizz. I shuddered, my eyes flicking from my mom's pearl necklace to my sisters' lesbian incest. Lee groaned beside Alicia, masturbating her pussy faster and faster. The final shudder raced through my body.

“Goddamn, that is hot,” I groaned.

“Mmm, it is,” moaned Mom, my cum dripping down her neck and across her round breasts. She lifted her tits to her lips and licked up lines of my cum. “Delicious. What a yummy gift my big, strong son gave me. Thank you, Sir.”

“You're welcome,” I panted as Alicia squirmed on Melody's mouth.

“Big sis,” Alicia gasped, humping her pussy against Melody's licking tongue. “Oh, yes. Thank you for shaving me.”


Melody Samuels

“You're welcome, Cupcake,” I moaned between licks. She tasted so fresh, with just a hint of the shaving cream remaining. I tongued her again, loving the way she shivered. Her bare pussy lips felt so wicked against my cheeks.

I felt Clint's eyes on me, watching as I tongued our princess. I wiggled my hips, hoping he enjoyed the view as I flicked my tongue over and over through Alicia's pussy. I savored her hot flesh rubbing on my mouth. Loved the way she shuddered and moaned.

I gasped as strong hands grabbed my ass, lifting me up so I knelt in the middle of the tub. Clint squeezed my sore rear as my tongue probed Alicia's cunt. His fingers parted my butt-cheeks, the shower spray falling on my asshole.

“Clint,” I moaned between licks. What was he up to? He surely couldn't have another fuck in him so soon. He just came all over Aunt Cheryl's tits. “What are you doing back there, perv?”

“You're the one licking your little sister's cunt,” he laughed.

“God, I am. We're both such pervs. I love it.”

“Mmm, love you,” he said and then his tongue licked at my pussy.

I groaned, my ass lifting as the man I loved slid his tongue through my folds. I nuzzled into Alicia's freshly-shaved snatch, knowing Clint had the same bare delight rubbing on his face. His tongue licked hard, his hands clenching on my sore ass, memory of my spanking flashing through my thoughts.

Alicia shuddered, humping against me. Her eyes were closed, her small breasts heaving. Lee groaned beside me, shuddering as she masturbated. I couldn't see, but I could hear her fingers sluicing through her deflowered pussy.

Clint had taken all three cherries in the family. There was no way Zoey was still a virgin. My twenty-year-old half-sister dressed like a slut, showing off her huge tits and wearing the tightest jeans, pants, or shorts that always left her with a cameltoe Clint drooled after.

Part of me was afraid when Clint added her to the harem he would forget about the rest of us. He lusted after Zoey.

But I knew he loved me and Alicia. And he got off dominating his mom and bratty Lee. He wouldn't abandon us. Not when he was licking my pussy, giving me pleasure, making sure I had my orgasms.

“Oh, big sis,” Alicia moaned. “Oh, yes, you're making me so hot. I'm all tingly down there. It feels so wonderful.”

Her girlish voice excited me more. I wiggled my hips back into Clint's licking tongue and devoured Alicia. My pussy clenched, pleasure rippling through me. His finger found my clit, rubbing it, making me squirm and spasm while his tongue dug into my hole. He swirled through the sheath. My eyes rolled back in my head. My hips wiggled back against him.

Damn, he was such a good pussy eater. I quivered, moaning and sighing into Alicia's snatch. I stared up at her, watching her budding breasts quiver and her soft moans escape her lips. Her wet hair clung to her shoulders. She looked so scrumptious.

“Mmm, Sir, you really love eating pussy,” Aunt Cheryl purred. “I bet Melody is feeling amazing.”

“I am,” I answered. “Thank you, Clint.”

He just squeezed my ass in answer with one hand, the fingers from the other dancing on my clit. I shuddered, my pussy clenching along his probing tongue. He dug it in so deep, churning such hot pleasure through me.

And then his tongue lapped upward, sliding through my taint. He shoved fingers into my cunt, massaging my clit with his thumb as he dived his face into my crack. I groaned as he tongued my sphincter, swirling around the dirty opening.

“Clint, you are a perv! Lick my ass! I love it!”

My pussy clenched on his fingers as my tongue flailed through Alicia's folds. Her eyes fluttered. Her spine arched. She let out soft, cute sighs of delight. Her body quivered. A flood of fresh juices poured into my mouth.

I made her cum.

“Big sis!” she squeaked as her orgasm flooded through her.

“Mmm, you look so cute, baby,” Aunt Cheryl moaned. “So cute when you cum.”

“It feels so good in my cunny,” gasped Alicia. “Oh, big sis, you make me feel so well.”

“Yes,” Lee hissed. “Yes, yes, yes.”

She was clearly cumming, too, thrashing. I groaned, my pussy churned by Clint's fingers, his tongue probing at my asshole. The hot delight shot through me as his tongue forced past my sphincter and swirled through my bowels.

I bucked, my clit aching beneath his massaging thumb. Sparks shot through me. I groaned and shoved back into his licking mouth. My entire body quivered. I loved it. So much wonderful bliss burst through my body. It ached me. It made me howl and snarl.

“Clint!” I screamed as rapture shot to my mind. “Oh, my god, Clint!”

The water spray turned cold as Clint kept licking my asshole, fucking his fingers in and out of my pussy. I quivered and trembled. My eyes rolled back into my head as I rocked back into his fucking fingers. Pleasure rippled through me.

Alicia squealed. Aunt Cheryl acted. The water turned off as I kept moaning and gasping, wave after wave of pleasure washing through my body. My man kept loving my asshole and pussy. And I kept cumming.

“Clint! Love you!” I gasped. “Oh, my god!”

I was so glad he was the man of the house, and I was his queen.


Lee Samuels

As Aunt Cheryl made lunch for everyone but me—I had eaten before my spanking—I cleaned up my mess. Clint watched me, arms folded in the bathrobe he wore. We all wore terry-cloth bathrobes, our hair still wet from the hot shower. I came twice just masturbating and watching the fun.

As I worked, I loved Clint's strong eyes watching me, making sure I cleaned up my mess. There was a part of me that wanted to be a brat. To say fuck it and find out how he would punish me the next time I acted out. But my ass was so sore.

Maybe I should wait a few days before I was a brat again.

I would call him Lint and be a defiant, little shit. I would mess up the entire house, and then he would have to spank me so hard. He would beat me, hurt me, and make me cum and cum and cum, reminding me that I was his. He owned me.

I grew so wet just thinking about it.

I hoped he would film it, too. Show it off to all my friends at school. They all deserved to know just what a disobedient slut I was. How unruly I was. And how my big brother disciplined me. Everyone would tease me.

There's the pee-slut, Carmelita would hiss. Your mouth was made to drink piss, you little skank. I should take you into the bathroom and make you drink mine. But you would like it. God, I can't believe I was your friend. You're so fucking disgusting.

I needed to masturbate right away.

“Lunch is ready,” Aunt Cheryl pronounced, holding four plates, two balanced on her inner arms. Three had a single sandwich—turkey, lettuce, tomato, with pickles and chips on the side—and the fourth had two. Each sandwich somehow looked perfect, the way Martha Stewart might do it.

And she hadn't even made a mess.

I licked my lips. I was a little hungry. I was an active girl. I liked to run—I was on my high school track and field team. And then there was all the cumming I did. From being spanked, from being pissed on, from being fucked in the ass while being pissed on, and from masturbating.

Clint glanced at me as he sat down, a grin spreading across his lips. “If you're hungry, slut, crawl beneath the table and suck my cock. I got a load of protein you can swallow.”

Damn, damn, damn, why was he the sexiest man in the world?

I scampered to obey. I fell down on my hands and knees and crawled beneath the table. My tits swayed beneath the robe, juices trickling down my thighs. I passed beneath the long, blue tablecloth. It was dark beneath. Clint was at the head of the table, opposite from where I crawled under, Alicia on his left, Melody on his right. Aunt Cheryl sat beside Melody, her long legs brushing me as I crawled past. I skirted around the central column holding up the table, lifting my arms and knees over the support legs jutting out radially from it.

And then I was before Clint. I pushed his robe off his thighs, exposing his muscular legs. His cock was half-hard. I leaned my head forward. I had never sucked a dick before, but I was so wet to do it. And I was hoping his would fill my mouth with so much thick cream.

And then I would have to swallow it like a filthy whore.

Shame burned in my thoughts as my tongue licked up his thigh. He tasted of soap. I moved closer, nuzzling at his balls. A hint of salt covered his hairy nutsack. I licked at them, my pussy clenching. This was so humiliating, alone beneath the table while the rest of the family talked and ate. I was the cum-slut. The slave to please Clint.

I was like the family's dog, getting scraps instead of the full meal.

With a hungry moan, I engulfed the tip of Clint's thick dick. I had to open my mouth so wide to take his cock. I groaned as I sucked, tasting the salt of precum. It was as good as the cum I had eaten straight from my pussy, but fresher, not adorned with my tangy cunt.

And that made it better.


Clint Elliston

Lee's sweet mouth wrapped about my cock. I groaned in mid bite, loving the submissive heat wrapped about my shaft's crown. The slut sucked with a hungry intensity. I knew I wouldn't cum any time soon. My dick was actually sore, but it was a good pain, reminding me of all the sex I had today.

“So what's next, Sir?” Mom asked me as she daintily nibbled on a pickle.

“Homework,” I grunted. “All of us, you included, Lee.”

She sucked harder, bobbing her mouth.

“No one's grades are slipping just because you're all enjoying my dick.” I grinned at Melody. “Especially the perv.”

She smiled back at me. “Someone just needs a rest. We're wearing him out.”

Alicia giggled, her glasses slipping on her nose. With a practiced ease, she pushed them back up. “Big brother is a stud, but he's not superhuman.”

“I don't need a rest,” I scowled, and they only giggled louder.

But it wasn't mocking giggles, it was the shared mirth between people who knew each other, cared for each other. Melody's bare foot rubbed on mine beneath the table while her sister sucked and gobbled my cock, slurping loudly.

“And me, Sir?” Mom shoved the pickle into her mouth, lips pursed tight, sucking on it before she took her bite. It crunched loudly.

“You're cooking us a delicious dinner,” Clint said. “Something to give us the energy for Aunt Vicky's return. Tonight is movie night.”

Lee groaned about my cock. Her fingers found my balls, massaging them as she swirled her tongue, easing the sore ache at the tip of my dick. Pleasure shuddered through me. Oh, yes, she was eager for her mom to see her being a filthy pee slut.

“Your aunt will enjoy that,” Mom nodded. “She's a lot like Lee. She was even a brat until your father trained that out of her.”

“Aunt Cheryl,” Melody said after swallowing a bit of her sandwich. “Is it normal for a submissive girl to be dominant sometimes.”

“You mean like you were with Lee?”

Melody nodded her head.

“You're a switch.” Mom picked up her sandwich, taking a bite, lettuce crunching. She chewed while Lee bobbed her mouth on my dick. When she swallowed, she continued, “Some people can go back and forth. Sometimes there only submissive or dominant for certain people or other times it's just the mood they're in. You'll always bottom for Clint, but with others, you like to top. Especially while he watches.”

Melody nodded her head.

“Top?” Alicia asked.

“Person who is the dominant during the scene. The bottom is the person being played with. Vicky tried to top me a few times, but she's not good at it. Didn't give me what I needed.” Mom's smoky eyes fell on me. “Good thing I learned how strong my son is. Mmm, your father raised you right.

My dick throbbed in Lee's mouth. If I didn't have a dream of my dad kicking my ass in gear, I never would have ventured on this path. But he had been training me all my life, in little ways, teaching me how to be strong yet loving with my women, to give them what they wanted so they would give me what I needed.

“Yeah, he did,” I groaned. My balls churned, Lee's mouth so hot.

The front door opened. A moment later, Zoey walked into the kitchen and blinked at the sight of us. My older sister was a busty beauty, a belly shirt clinging to her breasts, outlining the lush pair. Her shorts were tight, her cameltoe on display. My dick throbbed at the sight of her leggy beauty, her brassy hair spilling about her face. She arched an eyebrow.

“What's going on here? You all were swimming or something?”

“Or something,” Melody said calmly. She took a bite of her sandwich as my twenty-year-old sister walked towards the dining room. Her hips swayed. She wore heeled, knee-high boots that clicked on the linoleum. The sound grew deeper as she entered the dining room, floored with dark hardwood.

“And Alicia's out of her cave.”

My dick ached as I ogled Zoey. She was so sexy, so playful. I wanted to grab her right now. I sat there, my second sandwich in hand—the first already devoured—struggling to find the words to say. I had to dominate her and add her sexy body to the harem.

“You shouldn't ogle your sister, Squirt,” Zoey said at me.

I closed my mouth. “I'll ogle who I want.”

Zoey glanced at mom who just took a bite of her sandwich, eating calmly, not saying a word. Zoey frowned at Mom's lack of response to my words. Zoey glanced back at me, studying me, then flicked to Melody.

She smirked at Zoey.

“Why don't you sit down, join us for lunch,” I said. “Mom can make you a sandwich. We haven't seen much of you.”

“Busy working,” she said. “You might like to try it, Squirt. Melody tells me you're the man of the house.”

The way she said it made me feel like such a small boy. My dick throbbed in Lee's mouth as embarrassment flushed through me. I stared at my sister, not flinching from the smirk on her lips. I had to dominate her. But how? She was so aloof. She was so strong, not like Mom or my other sisters.

She wasn't a submissive.

“I am the man of the house now,” I said. “So sit down and eat lunch with your family.”

“It would be nice,” Alicia said. “And you should listen to big brother.”

“” Zoey stared at her askance. “What the fuck is going on? Are you all messing with me?”

Lee sucked harder on my dick, slurping, making me shudder. “We're just enjoying quality family time,” I said, my voice throaty. My balls boiled. Zoey was so sexy. “So sit down.”

“Well, as much fun as that sounds,” she said, sarcasm dripping from her lips, “I'm just here to pick up my work clothes. Me and Stefani are heading shopping before our shift. Don't wait up for me, Squirt. I'll be home late. Since you're the man of the house and all, I know it's your business to know what I am up to.”

“Zoey,” I growled as she turned and walked away, laughing over her shoulder. If my dick wasn't in Lee's mouth, I would have bolted up after her. But, damn, the brat could suck cock. She was hungry for cum.

“Later, Squirt. Have fun playing with Melody.”

I ground my teeth, anger flooding through me. She hadn't listened to me. She had laughed at me and called me Squirt. I hated being called Squirt. I wanted her busty, beautiful body serving me, obeying me. I needed her submission.

And I would fucking get it. She would learn I was the damned man of the house.

She moved around upstairs, her bedroom door creaking open. Lee kept sucking my cock, bobbing her mouth, hungry for my jizz. But I didn't want to give it to the slut any loner. I wanted it pumping into my older sister's snatch.

Zoey's footsteps echoed as she trooped down the hallway. Then the front door opened and closed. That bitch did not obey me. I felt Alicia, Melody, and my mom's eyes at me. They didn't say anything. Were they questioning my authority? My domination?

I couldn't have that bitch defying me. I needed everyone's submission.

And I needed to fuck her. I needed to see those huge tits of hers bouncing as I rammed my cock in and out of her cunt. I looked around the room, glancing at my women, settling on Mom, her robe half-open, her lush cleavage exposed to my gaze.

“Mom, take off that damn robe and stretch out on the table. Lee, stop sucking my fucking cock.”

Lee popped her mouth off. “But I'm hungry.”

“You'll get your cum out of my mom's cunt.” I clenched my fist. I had to keep my anger under control. A man is always in control around his women, my dad had told me. He doesn't lash out at them out of anger. He never disciplines them out of emotion. He rules his emotions. They do not rule him.

Mom was already moving. Her robe fell off her shoulders, exposing those lush breasts. She pushed her plate aside and stretched out across the table, legs spread, her black bush on display. She squeezed her tits, her dark-red nipples so hard.

My dick ached. I had to cum so badly.

“Princess, hop on Mom's mouth and go for a ride.”

Alicia's eyes widened and she let out girlish glee. Her robes slipped off as she scrambled onto the table. She plopped herself right on Mom's face without any hesitation, grinding that hot, tight, bare cunt on our mother's face.

“Oh, Mommy,” gasped Alicia. “Oh, this is so wicked.”

“Lee, since you're down there, lick Melody's cunt,” I said, standing up and slipping out of the bathrobe.

Melody mouthed, “I love you,” while Lee moved, banging the top of her head against the bottom of the table. A moment later, Melody shuddered, her hazel eyes rolling back into her head as her sister devoured her pussy. I loved it, all my women scrambling to obey me as I directed them.

“We're going to figure out how to dominate Zoey and get her into the harem,” I told them. “She's going to learn that she can only cocktease me so long before I have my dick rammed into her cunt.”

“Yes,” Melody moaned. “We'll figure it out. We're a family, Clint.”

“Yes, big brother,” moaned Alicia, grinding her tiny hips.

With Alicia on our mom's face, it was easy to picture Mom as Zoey. They had similar bodies, their tits wonderfully large, Mom leggy and beautiful. I rubbed my cock against Mom's pussy lips, imagining Zoey's begging moans.

Fuck me, little brother, she gasped. Yes, yes, yes, ram that dick in me. Squirt all your cum in me. That's why I call you Squirt. I want to feel that jizz squirting into me. Knock up your sister.

“I'm going to knock you all up,” I growled, slamming my dick into my mom's cunt.

“Yes,” Melody and Alicia both moaned together.

“No one's on birth control,” gasped Mom as I rammed my dick into her.

Her tits bounced just how I imagined Zoey's would, slapping back and forth. My cock ached and throbbed in her pussy. I pictured it was Zoey's cunt I fucked, imagining my older sister's gasps and moaned as I pounded her so hard, making her gasp and shudder.

Her pussy clenched on my dick. Soft and hot, hips writhing, increasing the friction. The pleasure rippled through my body. My balls ached as they slapped over and over into her taint. I stared at those big boobs jiggling and shaking with each thrusts.

You're cock's so huge, Clint, Zoey screamed in my imagination. So much bigger than any guy I've ever fucked before. Stretch your big sis's pussy out.

“Yes,” I growled. “You fucking love my cock fucking your cunt.”

“Mommy does.” Her moans were muffled by Alicia's pussy. “Mommy loves her big son's cock fucking her pussy.”

“Yes, yes, fuck Mommy's cunny,” Alicia moaned, squirming, grinding, her small tits jiggling.

“You love licking my princess's cunt,” I growled.

I do! imagined Zoey gasping. Our little sister is so hot. I'm such a slut, Clint. It's why I dress like a whore. I've always wanted you to fuck me. I was just too scared. I'm so glad you just threw me down and fucked me.

“Yes,” I growled, pounding my mom harder and harder, getting lost to the fantasy.

“Oh, god, you nasty brat, lick my cunt,” Melody moaned beside me.

Everyone was moaning and grunting. Our family writhed in incestuous passion. In my mind, Zoey gasped with us, her pussy so tight on my cock. Her thighs locked about my waist, hips humping. My dick rammed over and over into her hot, tight cunt.

My balls boiled with each thrust. I growled, the table rocking as I pounded my older sister. Her tits bounced and slapped together from the force of my thrusts. She groaned and gasped into Alicia's pussy, licking my princess, making her squirm and gasp.

I was the man of the house. Zoey would learn that. “You're mine!” I snarled at my fantasy. “You are fucking mine!”

“We are,” Melody moaned. “We're all yours, Clint. Even Zoey. She'll be yours. We'll make sure of it.”

“We will, big brother.”

“Fuck yes,” Lee moaned from beneath the table then made Melody squeal in delight.

“Mommy will make sure all her daughters are yours, Sir.”

“Yes,” I snarled, fucking harder, my dick slamming deep into hot, incestuous cunt. My balls ached. “Yes, yes, yes! You are all mine!”

“Big brother!” squeaked Alicia. “Mommy's making me cum! I love it.”

Her pigtails danced as she shuddered before me. I reached out, squeezing my mom's big tits, pretending they were Zoey's, as I drove my dick into her depths. The friction shot through me as I latched my mouth onto Alicia's small nipple.

I sucked hard on her nub as my cum exploded. Take that, you fucking cocktease, I howled in my fantasy. That's your brother's cum fertilizing your cunt.

So much jizz! You bred me, little brother! You squirted so much into me!

The pleasure boiled through my mind. Mom's pussy spasmed on my cock. She milked my dick, massaging out every last drop of pleasure. I groaned, sucking so hard on Alicia's nipple. She gripped my short, dark hair, shuddering as she came, too.

“Lee! You bratty slut!” howled Melody as she came. We were all cumming except the slut beneath the table.

I shuddered, thrusting a final time into my mom, groaning as my pleasure rippled through me. I popped my mouth off Alicia's nipple. I pulled her pigtails down, kissing my little sister on the mouth. Soon, it would be my big sister.

Zoey would be my slut.


Zoey Elliston

Stefani opened her door. My girlfriend flashed me a huge grin, her fiery hair tumbling about her dimpled cheeks. She had such a radiant smile. I shuddered as she pulled me close and planted a hot kiss on my lips. I pressed my body against hers. My brother was an idiot for thinking that banging Melody meant he had a shot with me.

Our tongues danced as I savored Stefani's tight body pressed against mine. My hands found her ass covered in a short skirt. I squeezed, my heart racing. Ever since I tried to seduce Dad at eighteen, I had been Stefani's lover. When Dad rejected me, I cried on her shoulders.

And she showed me there was a different delight to be found in the world.

No one in the family knew I was gay. They all thought Stefani was just my best friend. After all, we had been so close since we were in the first grade. I loved this sexy girl. I shuddered as we broke the kiss, my body flushed.

“Mmm, ready to go shopping, Dandi?” It was my nickname for her.

“Sure, Yunie.” Her nickname for me. They were short for dandelion and unicorn. She rubbed her nose against mine. Then paused. “What's wrong?”

“My family was acting real weird,” I said. I swallowed, remembering Clint sitting so strong, so much like Dad, at the head of the table. They were all in bathrobes like they had just come from an orgy, and not swimming in Aunt Vicky's pool. Which is what they had to have done.

“Weird, how?”

“I can't quite put my finger on it, other than my brother was trying to boss me around like he was Dad.”

Stefani grinned at me. “Mmm, maybe you want him to throw you down and fuck you like you did with your dad.”

“Eww, gross. With Squirt?” I shuddered. “He's my little brother. Melody might be putting out for him, but I wouldn't touch him.”

“He's cute,” Stefani giggled.

“I'd rather you throw me down and fuck me with a strap-on.” I licked my lips. “Let's swing by Lover's Delight and buy a new dildo.”

“Sure. Let me just grab my work clothes.”

“Good,” I purred, my pussy so juicy. I loved being fucked hard.

“And then we're going to have a blast at work.” Stefani shuddered. She was such an exhibitionist.

So was I.

“It's Saturday night,” I grinned. “And I am ready to make some money.”

Stefani winked at me. Everyone in the family thought we worked at Dairy Queen. They would shit bricks if they knew the truth. It was all Stefani's idea, and I loved it. Men were so dumb. They thought they had a chance with us and showered us in money.

My girlfriend reappeared with her gym bag. “Let's go!”


Vicky Samuels

Pam Hiragawa trembled as she moved towards me. The debate match was over. The team I coached had squeaked out a victory. If Pam was more confident in her presentation, we would have won by a larger margin.

But I didn't hold that against the cute, Japanese girl. Nineteen and with a doll's face. I burned to take her home with me and gift her to Clint. I wanted to make sure he didn't forget about me with both my daughters, my niece Alicia, and my sister all fawning over him. I would be the coolest aunt ever.

How many aunts brought home a sexy, Japanese girl for their nephews to fuck?

Pam's pale, olive cheeks were flushed and her slanted eyes glossy. She stopped before me. “So... I'm ready to learn more.” She licked her lips. It had been so sweet to kiss her lips after I smeared my pussy juices on them.

“Let's go to my classroom where we can have some privacy,” I husked. “And we'll talk about how you can improve.”

To be continued...

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