The Badendorf Family History -- Part Four by EmeraldGreen

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Fiction | Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male

The Badendorf Family History

By Emerald Green

Warning: The following history contains adult material. If you are not an adult or if adult themes offed you, you should read no further.


• Down the Rhine River to Rotterdam

The first thing the next morning after Otto went to the shop he counted out an amount of money he was sure would be enough to pay for three passages on a barge that would float them down river to Rotterdam. Leaving a sign in the window that stated he would be back before midday, he locked up and set off for the shipping dock on the river. He only hoped that there would be a barge before his father’s return. If not they might have to start their trip on foot. As it was, it was a good walk to the dock. This walk he supposed would probably take him and the girls more than an hour. When he arrived there he found a barge being unloaded. He approached the man that appeared to be supervising the operation and inquired about when the barge would depart down river.

“If these louts do not work harder, maybe never. We are scheduled to leave early tomorrow,” the man stated.

“Thank you and who do I see to book passage?” Otto inquired.

The man took a moment to look at Otto. “The master is in Das Porterhaus right over there,” he said indicating a building with that sign a short distance down the dock. “Ask for Herr Richter.”

Upon entering Das Porterhaus, an eating establishment, with boarding rooms above, he saw a group of four men seated at one of the several tables in the main room. One of the men was a distinguished looking man dressed in what appeared to be a naval uniform. The others appeared to be local businessmen. Otto approached that table and stated, “I was told to ask for Herr Richter.”

“I am Herr Richter,” the uniformed man stated.

“I would like to book passage on your barge,” Otto said.

“Let us be clear, we are headed down river before dawn tomorrow,” Herr Richter said.

“That suits my need perfectly,” Otto stated.

“And how far are you going?” the master asked.

“All the way to Rotterdam.”

Her Richter cleared his throat and said, “You will have to pay 21 tolls and have the proper papers.”

“I know sir.”

“If you are taken off at any of the toll stations I cannot refund your passage so what I do is charge a half mark for each toll stop at the time we stop. You be here an hour before dawn with about 25 or 30 marks, that will more than cover your passage and tolls. You will be in Rotterdam in eight days or less.”

“There are three of us,” Otto informed the master.

“Excellent. Are all of you young men like yourself?” Herr Richter asked.

“No sir, one is my wife and the other is her sister,” Otto stated.

“Ho, ho, a young man like you is married. Very good. I will not wait for you so do not be late.”

“Yes sir, we will see you in the morning,” Otto assured him but before he turned to leave he asked, “If I may sir, I would also inquire if by chance you would know what they are charging for passage to the English American colonies?”

The master appeared amused, “I do not know for sure but I would bring at least a couple hundred marks for each of you. Maybe at that price you will leave behind the sister.”

Otto smiled and thanked him.

On his way home Otto thought about the cost of the trip. He had to bring enough to pay for food on the journey. He had in his money pouch right now 500 marks and he had hardly made a dent in his father’s money stash. He decided to take less than half of his father’s money to lesson his father’s anger as much as anything else. As it turned out he brought along a little less than 2000 marks in gold and silver.

They were on the barge before sunrise expecting to depart at first sunlight but they were the only ones in sight. They were all tired from carrying their heavy packs and Lisbeth was complaining about the weight of her pack. They had decided to go by their new names right from the start so John Henry told Mary and Bea to wait with their packs while he checked around. He knocked on the door to the barge’s cabin but there was no response. He could see lights on at Das Porterhaus so, leaving the girls on deck with their baggage, he walked over to the guesthouse and entered through the main door. There seated at the same table where he had found him the day before was the barge master in his uniform with four other men whom John Henry assumed were his crew.

As he approached the table the master said, “Ah here is our young passenger. Where are your wife and sister?”

“They are aboard the barge, sir,” John Henry stated in answer.

“Well then gentlemen, we must not make the ladies wait,” the master said. The men, without a word, stood and headed toward the entryway. John Henry turned to follow but the master said, “Wait young man.” John Henry’s heart raced as he turned back, worried that something might prevent them from leaving as they planned. “What may I call you?” Herr Richter asked.

“Johan Badendorf.”

“Herr Badendorf…interesting name, it means place of baths” the master said as he stood. “It makes no difference to me but are you a ran-away?”

“No sir,” John Henry insisted.

“Let me see your papers.” John Henry pulled his and his sisters’ papers from his pouch and handed them to the master who looked them over. Handing them back he said, “Good. Those look like the real thing. If you and the ladies are run-aways, I will not betray you and neither will those papers. Let’s get your journey started.”

True to his word, the master had them in Rotterdam in eight days. The trip down river had been routine for the barge master but he entertained himself by being a tour guide for the two young ladies. He either knew or made up the history of each of the principalities along the way. He knew the names of the landgraves (princes) who ruled over these and told of their improprieties and indiscretions. It seemed that all landgraves were adulterers and fathers of bastards. To hear him tell it all of Germany must be fathered by the landgraves.

At nearly every stop new passengers joined them. By the time they reached Rotterdam most of the deck space was occupied by passengers. Most of the passengers were men but when women accompanied the men there were often small children.

Accommodations aboard the barge had been deck space only but since the barge stopped and tied up at nightfall where there were always guesthouses, they found beds for each night. Most of the passengers slept on the barge deck but John Henry saw no reason why they should. John Henry, always worrying that their money would run out, however, agreed with the girls that only one room would be enough. At their first stop, right after they ate a hearty meal, they retired to their room and as soon as John Henry lay upon the bed he fell asleep without removing his clothes. The girls did the same. The night before their departure they each had been unable to sleep because of the anxiety over their trip. That and the excitement of the journey exhausted them.

The second day of the trip was more relaxing for all of them and when they retired for the night they were less tired. The girls had talked and knew of each other’s affairs with John Henry so as soon as they entered their room they began to undress him. “What are you doing?” he asked as he attempted to stop them.

“Getting my husband ready for bed,” Mary said.

“But we are not alone,” he said as he indicated the presence of Bea.

“Bea is my sister,” Mary said, as she put her arms around her sister, “And we intend to share our lives with each other.” The girl’s lips met in a kiss that seemed to be more than just a sisterly kiss. As John watched his sisters he wondered what relationship existed between the two. As the girls undressed one another John Henry finished undressing himself.

Soon they were all standing naked looking at each other. John Henry looked at his beautiful slender long legged sister Mary and could see the small tummy bump already showing she was pregnant. He looked at his far heavier sister Bea and thought that the extra weight made her look far more beautiful. He suddenly doubted his decision to run away with his sisters. He decided he had to find out their intentions. Before he could express his desire he found himself pushed back onto the bed. His sisters were ganging up on him like they had as small children. In those days when they tickled him unmercifully his father would laugh at him for not being able to overpower his sisters. The memory caused him to wonder why that was the only thing that he could remember his father laughing about.

Before John Henry realized what exactly was happening he found his shaft impaling Mary and Bea’s femininity was lowering over his face. He had heard of the French loving with their face but he had never thought of doing it himself. The aroma that wafted down to him was pleasant. His tongue flicked out to taste of his sister. It was unlike anything he had ever tasted. It was a pleasant taste so as she sat gently on him he entered her opening with his tongue. That opening which he had entered for the first time only three nights before was now a vessel offering him a tasty pleasure.

This scene was repeated night after night on their trip down river to Rotterdam. The last day before arriving at their destination they entered the tidewater so their trip slowed to the speed of the horses pulling on the tow ropes. They did not tie up that night. Instead they continued on by lantern and moon light.

Rotterdam, the busiest port in Europe was jammed with people but it was easy to locate the port. There were dozens of ships in the process of being loaded and unloaded. John Henry inquired about passage and was informed that ships that were being readied for departure already had their passenger lists filled. After being turned away from one ship after another they came to a ship that was being unloaded. Upon inquiring, John Henry was directed to a man who informed him that they would be ready to leave in less than a week. John Henry gave him their information and gave him a deposit. He was informed that the passage fee included 45 day’s supply of food but often the trip took longer. They should bring an additional 30 day’s supply Just in case the trip took longer than the expected 45 days. The man also directed him to where he could find accommodations until their departure.

This wait had not been expected. A week of waiting with nothing to do seemed impossible. It was important to find a place to stay but they were surprised and disappointed when they found that the only place to stay was a storage stall in a warehouse. The stall consisted of a floor and three walls with no window or furnishings except for a shelf along one wall and no ventilation. Once they had strung up a blanket they had a modicum of privacy. They had brought along a small oil lamp that gave them light. Their toilet was a communal outhouse that being over the tidal plane was flushed twice a day.

Another important thing for our Badendorf family was what was called the steam bath. It was not like the free hot springs baths in Baden but here in Rotterdam for a modest price they could rent a small booth for an hour where the three of them could pour warm water over each other. It had been their custom as children to bath in the baths of Baden once a week.

The first day, they went to the baths together. After pouring warm water over each other with the dippers provided, Mary had John Henry sit on the bench. She straddled him impaling her pregnant pussy with his shaft. Bea kept the water flowing over them while Mary pleasured herself on his well-used manhood. John Henry’s mind wandered to thoughts of his papa and momma fucking. He wondered how papa could be such a grouch if he was getting pleasured by momma. Maybe momma had had cut him off. Suddenly John Henry was brought away from his thoughts by Mary calling out her pleasure as she reached her wonderful euphoric orgasm. Bea who had begun to pleasure herself passionately kissed her sister. John Henry thought that if one of them cut him off, he would still have the other.

Bea, always the one to instigate something new, decided that she and John Henry had to fuck every day in the steam bath. Since it was known that there would not be any chance to bathe aboard ship Bea wanted to get as clean as possible. Also she was sure there would be no fucking aboard ship. Mary however, was not interested in going every day to the baths so after the first day and for four days in a row John Henry and Bea would go to the baths in the early morning where he would sit on the bench while she would ride him as he poured warm water over them. Her ample breasts attracted his attention as they bounced in response to her rapid movements. Her juvenile pussy was still very tight as it seemed to milk him dry. Each time he was sure there would be nothing left but later, in the early afternoon, after they had eaten a sausage and drunk a mug of beer, Mary would lie upon their makeshift mattress and encourage him to pump her full of his newly restored juices while Bea hugged and kissed her sister and pleasured herself. Later in the evening this scene would be repeated with the girls changing places.

Each day, John Henry would check on the progress of their ship. It appeared to him that it would not be ready as quickly as he had been promised but suddenly on their fifth day since their arrival at the port he was informed to bring his baggage and be prepared to depart early the next morning and if he had purchased food supplies he should bring them aboard that day. Grateful that their wait was over, John Henry began immediately bringing their supplies aboard. He found that their accommodations aboard ship were similar to what they had in the warehouse only smaller. Half the space was occupied by the barrels of supplies. There were three barrels of beer, one barrel of seaman’s biscuits, one barrel of cured sausages, and one barrel of hard cheese. The stevedore who assisted him in loading his supplies assured him that he had brought more than enough which was good because if someone else did not bring enough he would be able to sell at a high price the supplies he did not need. Also if there was anything left when they arrived in Philadelphia he would be able to get more than he had paid for it here in Rotterdam.

John Henry asked the man about this city of Philadelphia. “New city, very modern, biggest city in all the English American Colonies, many German speakers.” The man’s German was not good enough to tell him much more.

John Henry reported back to the girls who became quite excited. Mary’s only thought was that she needed a final bath before their departure. Bea told John Henry that since she and he had bathed that morning he should take Mary to the bath right away and wash her up good.

Mary agreed and so she and John Henry went to the Bath. Because so many others were at the baths they had to wait in line. Another young couple in line from Heidelberg struck up a conversation. They also had floated down river on a barge and were scheduled to depart on the same ship. The conversation helped pass the time. John Henry was sure that conversations with this couple and others aboard ship would help to pass the time on the long voyage.

Once they were in the bath, Mary was more than eager to ride John Henry’s cock. It had been five days since she had ridden him last. He sat on the bench as before and she straddled him, guiding his shaft into her pregnant pussy as she lowered herself. She kissed him on the lips and their tongues swirled around each other as she bounced up and down. John Henry enjoyed the pleasures of her body and for the time in the bath his mind was relieved from the worry of the dangers of the trip.

That evening, before putting out the lamp, Bea had John Henry lay upon their bedding and she straddled him. She lowered herself onto his shaft and rode him in the way she had become accustomed to. Mary lowered her pregnant pussy to his lips and embraced her sister. Before John Henry got lost in what he was doing he thought that they would not have the chance of doing this aboard ship.

Later, after they had extinguished the lamp, John Henry lying between his sisters thought about the long voyage ahead. He like everyone hoped for an uneventful trip. He tried to not think about the many things that could go wrong. He heard Mary’s breathing change, indicating that she was asleep. Bea, however, by her restlessness indicated she was awake. After a few more minutes she turned toward him and put an arm over him, pulling cuddling closely to him.

She whispered, “I, like you, cannot sleep.”

“I know. The anticipation is more…” her lips silenced him.

After a long passionate kiss she whispered, “There is something I have heard about that I want to try.”

“What?” he asked.

She shushed him and moved under the blanket. She pulled up his nightshirt and kissed his belly. Her hand found his limp dick and he asked what she was doing. She again shushed him. As his dick grew in her hand her lips surrounded its head. He again asked what she was doing and she scooted back up so she could whisper in his ear, “I have heard of French courtesans who take a man in their mouth. It is supposed to be quite thrilling for the man.”

“But you are not a French courtesan,” he whispered.

“You be quiet and let me try,” she whispered before again diving under the blanket. As her lips enveloped his shaft and her tongue swirled around it he found it almost impossible to keep silent.

At last as the pressure was building within him he began repeating, “My god, my god …” When he knew he was about to release his load of semen, he attempted to pull her away but she would not be pulled away. “Lisbeth, no!” he exclaimed. With the first shot he called out, “Stop, Bea, stop!”

She did not stop. Instead she drank him down, every drop.

Next is: Crossing an Ocean

Rating: 86%, Read 17857 times, Posted Feb 03, 2011

Fiction | Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male


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