The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 30) - Her Brother, Part Two_(0) by All+These+Roadworks

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports

Chapter 30

She woke up in the morning with a dripping wet cunt and something poking into her groin from behind. Instinctively she bucked against it a few times before waking up fully and realising it was her brother's erect cock.

He was still asleep, but at some point they had both rolled over during the night. Now Laura was facing away from Daniel, but Daniel was facing her and hugging her. One of his arms had gathered her up into a hug and his hand was resting on her naked boob, lightly squeezing it. Her back was pressed against his chest, and his boxer-short covered groin was hard against her buttocks. Only a thin layer of boxer short fabric separated his dick from her holes.

She wanted to keep bucking, to force his cock into her vagina, to bring herself to release on her brother's erect tool. But that was the slut in her talking. Quite apart from the degradation of fucking her brother, if Daniel ejaculated inside her she would lose her bet with her abuser, miss her chance to be released from blackmail, and quite likely fall pregnant as well.

Instead of fucking her brother, she lowered a hand to her pussy to play with it while she thought.

Yesterday had not gone as planned. She had been a bigger trollop in front of her brother than she had planned, and instead of reacting with love and gentlemanly forebearance he had agreed she was a slut, beaten her, and then ejaculated in his pants. Clearly he found her sexually arousing. That idea alone almost drove her to tears, but she needed to stay focused, and have a plan to get through this weekedn.

She wasn't going to be less of a slut today, she suspected. She was already horny, she would have to dress like a whore all day, and she would probably need to arrange for Daniel to watch her fuck Erica at some point during the day. If he went the whole day without release he would probably end up raping her at this rate. She would need to give him some satisfaction that didn't involve fucking her.

What she *wanted* was to give him a blowjob, but any ejaculation inside her would lose the bet, even if it didn't risk her pregnancy. But there were other ways she could please him. Gingerly, she slipped free of his hug, and then wiggled down the bed and rolled over so that she was face to face with his dick.

Carefully she extracted it from his boxer shorts. It was thick and hard and already dripping with precum. Unable to help herself, she extended her tongue and licked the tip of his cock. It tasted amazing. It took all her will not to just start suckling on the nectar-delivering rod. Instead, she began to slowly pump her brother's dick with her hand, giving him a leisurely early-morning handjob.

It took Daniel a while to wake up, but when he did he jerked suddenly and Laura had to keep a firm grip on his cock. "Laura, what are you doing?" he gasped, making no move to stop her.

"Being a good little fucktoy," replied Laura. "Do you think I'm a good little fucktoy?"

"I..." gasped Daniel, and then moaned at a particularly pleasurable pumping of his dick by Laura's hands. "Yes," he said.

"Do you want to cum on my face or tits?" Laura asked. Her brother groaned, so she had to repeat herself. "Daniel, do you want to cum on my face or tits?"

"Your tits," Daniel said, and Laura wiggled obediently up the bed a little so his cock was pointed at her big soft udders. On each pump the tip of his dick bounced against her smooth, naked tit-meat, leaving a smear of pre-cum. She expertly worked his dick - marvelling at how accomplished a whore she had become in such a short period of time - until finally she was rewarded as it started to twitch, and then spray sperm all over her fuckbags. She felt the hot spunk bathe her breasts until finally her brother's cock stopped twitching. She wiped his dick clean on her otherwise-unspermed underboobs, then licked the sperm from her hands and fingers as he watched. Her tits felt incredible with the warm sticky sperm dripping from them and she decided not to take any steps to clean them yet.

As Daniel watched his naked sister licking his cum off her hands while his cock softened, his arousal slowly changed to disgust. "I can't believe you gave your own brother a handjob, Laura," he said. "Is this even the most disgusting thing you've done?"

"No," Laura said. "I lick cum out of my girlfriend's pussy, I've raped other girls while they cried, and my boss at work pisses in my mouth."

"Do you *want* to do these things?" he asked.

"They make me wet," Laura replied. "I deserve to have them happen to me." She wasn't even sure if this was something she was just saying because she had to answer degradingly or whether she believed it.

He looked down at her longer, and then his hands moved to behind her head. Before she knew what was happening, he was forcing her mouth down on his cock. She panicked and started to struggle - he couldn't cum in her mouth! - but then remembered she wasn't even allowed to struggle if she showed interest, and went limp. She accepted his cock into her mouth, and at least enjoyed the taste of residual cum on it.

"Sshh," Daniel was saying. "Ssh, you little slut. This is what you deserve." And then he started to piss.

Laura was delighted and relieved. She had been worried he wanted to cum in her mouth. Drinking her brother's urine wouldn't make her lose the bet. It tasted gross and it was degrading but it was better than the alternative. She suckled on his cock while he pissed, swallowing his urine.

"You deserve this," he told her as he pissed. "You slutty little lesbian whore." And she knew it was true. She knew the way she had cockteased, and licked cunt behind closed doors where men couldn't see her, and concealed her whorish tits from the world, had inescapably led to this moment, and having to drink her brother's piss was exactly the right thing for her.

By the time he was done pissing, his dick was stiffening again, and Laura quickly took her mouth off him before he just started fucking her face. She once again gave him a slow handjob, his cock pointing at her sticky breasts. It took a lot longer this time, he having just orgasmed, and so he talked to her as she masturbated him.

"You really work as a prostitute now?" he asked her.

"As a whore," she corrected him, giving him the degrading answer. "At the Pretty Titty. My name there is Kitten Tits."

Daniel laughed. "Can I call you Kitten Tits?"

"Of course," said Laura. "I used to wait tables but then I was too much of a dumb slut to do it right so now I just let men fuck me for money. I get my cunt fucked several times a night and then I drink the sperm from their condoms. If no one wants to use me I lick the cunts of other whores on stage.' She pumped his dick a little more then stopped and looked up at him. "Do you think I'm a dumb bitch, Daniel?"

He stared at her. "You want me to say yes, don't you?"

She gave his dick a little pump of encouragement.

"Yes, Laura, you're a dumb bitch," he said. She smiled, and went back to energetically working his cock. He groaned, and said, "God, you're such a dumb, slutty bitch..." and then moments later he ejaculated all over his sister's face.

Laura shut her mouth as he spurted his spunk onto her - he wasn't allowed to cum inside her, and she wasn't sure if sperming her mouth from a distance counted. She let him bathe her cheeks, eyes, lips and hair in his sperm. When he was done, and he looked down to see his sister's face and tits dripping with his semen, she saw the last resistance in him to the taboo go out - he now saw her as a valid target for sexual interest. She wasn't just his sister - she was a fuckable, breedable bitch just like any woman.

She cleaned him off with her mouth, enjoying the taste of her brother's cum, and then they both climbed out of bed.

Seeing her, naked, cum dripping from her face, he had a moment of guilt. "I'm sorry," he muttered. "I shouldn't have cum on you..."

Degrading answers "It's okay," Laura lied. "I like it like this. Please don't make me clean it off." She didn't know why she said the last bit - or why she pouted and made puppy dog eyes as she said it. Her head was all over the place now - she was covered with her brother's sperm, she should be screaming, except she couldn't, so she didn't know what to do.

"Do you really want to leave it on your face and... uh... breasts like that? Don't you at least want to rub it in or something?" he asked.

Laura did want to rub it in. And lick it up. And she supposed that would have been a degrading answer but instead she said, "No, let me just leave it like this."

And he did. He left her covered in his cum while he showered. Laura just sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread, idly fingering her cunt, and trying not to think about what was happening to her. What her blackmailer had done to her - how he had forced her, a lesbian, to be here, naked, covered in her brother's sperm.

Except he hadn't done that at all. Laura had agreed to this bet. In fact, Laura had agreed to all the bets, including the ones that had gotten her in this debt in the first place. Laura was the one who couldn't control her cunt at work, or in public, and kept humiliating herself. Laura had chosen to rape her girlfriend all by herself, and Laura may have been required to give demeaning answers but no one had made her give her brother a handjob or beg to leave his cum on her tits. This was all her. She was the disgusting slut. She was the cockteasing dyke who deserved to be raped.

These were thought Laura knew to be true. But they were distressing thoughts. So she tried to turn her brain off and just focus on the feeling of her fingers on her cunt.

She was still masturbating blankly when Daniel came out of the shower, dressed in boxer shorts. He watched his sister playing with her cunt for a while, until she realised he was there.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "I'm such a dumb slut."

"You certainly seem to be," he said. "Did you have plans for what to do today?"

Laura didn't want to go out - she'd be required to dress inappropriately for public. "Can we hang around the apartment this morning?" Laura asked. "And then in the afternoon I'll ask Erica over and you can watch me fuck her, if you like." Her rules required her to demonstrate sex with her gilfriend at some point during the weekend.

Daniel thought about it. Laura could see he was thinking about making her dress properly and go out somewhere. But what he said was, "Okay. Let's do that."

Laura called Erica on her mobile while Daniel watched, and told her to come around in the afternoon. "My brother is going to rape you, so dress pretty," she said, loud enough for Daniel to hear.

"How about you? Are you going to dress?" Daniel asked.

Laura said she was, and the demonstrated her outfit - nothing but four fresh pieces of sticky tape splaying her cunt-lips open for inspection. Daniel stared at her twat as she spread it wide for him, and Laura felt herself blushing. She didn't know why this should be more embarrassing than being naked and covered in his cum, but it was always that much more humiliating to deliberately display her inner cuntflesh.

When she was done, Daniel held up the bulldog clip. "Aren't you missing something?" he asked. Without waiting for an answer, he stepped forward and moved his hand between her legs. She felt him release the clip onto her clitoris, and she squealed.

He laughed. "That's fun," he said. "I should try that with more girls."

"Thank you for hurting my clit," Laura heard herself saying. "Thank you for treating me like the slut I am."

"That's okay," said Daniel.

Daniel called room service for breakfast. This time he made Laura answer the door naked and blushing to receive the meal. They ate in silence, Daniel staring at Laura's tits the whole time.

Afterwards, Daniel went to the couch, and called Laura over. Laura followed, nervously - even more nervous once Daniel started to extract his cock from his pants. It was semi-rigid, but it turned out he just wanted to urinate in her mouth. Without speaking, he put his hands in her hair and guided her mouth down to his dick, and then relaxed his bladder and began to fill her mouth with piss. Laura was disturbed by how quickly he had learned to use her as his toilet but was just glad he still wasn't cumming inside her. She obediently drank his urine, and when he was done she let his cock slip out of her mouth - now rock-hard - and began to pump it with her hand, intended to help him spurt another load onto her face and tits.

Instead he stood up, and pulled her up too. He looked at her, then leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She moaned - not just because she was required too, but because it felt so good - and moaned again when he wrapped an arm around her pulling her tight against him. His exposed cock was poking against her pussy but she didn't care. She hoped he *did* fuck her. She would cum so hard.... She kept moaning sluttily into his mouth as he explored her with his tongue. She felt his hand move between their groins and she parted her legs a little more, assuming he wanted to guide his cock into her.

Instead, he found her clit, and removed the bulldog clip from it. The blood rushed back into her abused clitoris and she screamed and bucked, filled with agonising pain and then a moment rocked by the orgasm it brought. She moaned her orgasm into her brother's mouth, and then went limp in his arms.

He guided her limp body to the couch and laid her down, legs still splayed wide. Then he took off her belt. She was far too overcome by the orgasm - still shuddering in pleasure - to understand what was happening, and so it was a shock when he whipped the belt down hard across her tits.

"Ow!" she squealed. She wanted to cover her tits but her well-conditioned body refused to obey. He hit her again, hard, across both boobs.

"This is for being a slut, Laura," Daniel said. "You wanted me to help you, remember?" HIs face was flushed and his dick was twitching. He obviously liked what he was doing. He hit her again.

"Am I a good little cunt?" Laura asked, not knowing what else to say.

"No, you're a bad little cunt," Daniel said. "You're a dumb bitch. You're a bimbo. You tease your own brother." He changed his angle and brought the belt down on her cunt. Laura jerked but her traitorous legs refused to close - her twat remained exposed and vulnerable even as the belt left red marks on it. He hit her cunt again, and again. With her cunt lips taped open, and Daniel swinging from a position near her head, almost every blow landed directly on her poor clit, the tongue of the belt curling around to lick at the entrance to her fuckhole. She moaned and squealed but her legs stayed stubbornly open, cooperating in Daniel's abuse of her pussy.

The pain was making her wetter of course, and on each blow the loud snap of the belt would produce a wet squelching sound as it impacted her drooling cunt. Daniel switched his focus back and forth between her cunt and her tits, delivering pain to each in equal member. He seemed to continue for ages, and Laura felt herself orgasm twice at different spots during the abuse.

Finally Daniel got tired of beating her. He moved over to where she was lying on the couch and climbed atop her, his head between her legs and his cock poking against her lips. She opened her mouth and took it inside, suckling on it energetically, not even caring if he came in her mouth. His dick tasted so good...

And then he started to lick her cunt and Laura orgasmed again. It felt so good! And at the same time she experience another wave of self-disgust. A boy was licking her pussy. She was such a bad lesbian - such a fake lesbian - no lesbian would let a boy lick her cunt. But she was such a good hetero slut, and that felt good. But this was her brother. Her brother's tongue was rubbing over her bruised clit, was poking into her fucktunnel. She was such a degraded dumb bitch.

She orgasmed again against her brother's face, and again. He didn't seem to care - he was frantically licking her twat while bucking his hips hard against her face. The banging of his groin against Laura's face was painful but she didn't care. She was being used just as she was meant to be used.

She should have lost the bet right there, with Daniel spewing his jism down her throat as he ejaculated, but something made him pull out at the last minute. She felt his cock slip from between her lips, and then moments later there was hot sperm spurting across her face and tits, joining the load already drying there. "Slut!" he grunted as he came. "Stupid dumb bitch slut!" And then he bit her clitoris - hard - and the pain made Laura simultaneously orgasm and almost black out.

She lay there, lost, as he climbed off her, not able to think straight. "Am I a good little cunt now?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, Laura, you're a good little cunt," Daniel replied.

"Do I deserve to be raped?" she asked, looking up at him, her face dripping with his cum.

'You absolutely deserve to be raped," Daniel said. "I've never seen such a fucking degraded slut. God, I can't even look at you as a person. You're just such a fuckdoll now...."

Laura was happy that he had agreed to all the things she needed him to agree to, and she focused on that and tried to not think about what her brother had said about not seeing her as a person.

It took Daniel a little while to recover, but when he did he came over to the couch again and grabbed Laura by her bright pink hair. Laura obediently allowed herself to be pulled from the couch, and then crawled on all fours across the carpet as Daniel dragged her to the bathroom. He pushed her into the shower and told her to kneel there, which she did, and waited as he aimed his cock at her face and began to piss again.

He pissed all over her face and hair and tits, washing some of the sperm away. Laura tried to be a good slut for her brother and kept her mouth and eyes open. Some of his piss got in her mouth and by now she quite liked the taste of it. Some of it got in her eyes, which was new - no one had ever pissed in her eyes before - but she refused to close them as she was supposed to encourage his sexual attention, and surely closing her eyes would be rejecting the gift he was offering them?

When he was done, he stuck his cock in her mouth for her to suck the last few drops of piss from it, then backed away, turned on the shower, and told her to wash herself off. He left her to do it.

When she emerged, Daniel greeted her to towel her naked body dry. He helped her to "dress" again - this time he applied the tape to her cunt lips himself, and supplemented it with tape on her buttocks to part her ass-cheeks lewdly, and a tight wrapping of tape around the base of each tit which constricted the blood flow to them and made them bulge lewdly and painfully. He finished it by reapplying the clip to her clitoris, and again kissed her as she sobbed and orgasmed with pain.

It was not long afterwards that Erica arrived. When Laura opened the door to greet her, she saw to her amusement that Erica had taken Laura's instruction that she was going to be raped to heart, and was dressed like a complete rapedoll. She had her hair in school-girl pigtails and was wearing a tartan skirt that was little more than a belt, and certainly short enough to make it clear she was wearing no underwear. All she wore above the waist was a tight tit-hugging white shirt that stopped just below the nipples. It showed an indecent amount of underboob and was sheer enough that the nipples were viisble anyway. Laura was even more amused to see Erica was aroused - had she been masturbating on the way over in the hope of making her raping less traumatic?

Laura kissed Erica as Daniel watched - the slutty porn-style kisses she and Erica had been practicing, visibly entwining their tongues for the benefit of an audience - then followed it with a deeper, even more passionate kiss. She had been a slut for Daniel all night and all day and now she needed to hurt a lesbian to make her feel okay about it.

She pushed Erica to her knees without speaking to her, and then slapped her face, just for fun. Then she grabbed Erica's pigtails and pulled the bitch's face up against her cunt. Laura hadn't pissed yet today and her favourite toilet had just arrived. She released her bladder into Erica's mouth, making it clear to Daniel what she was doing.

Daniel watched Erica drink his sister's piss, fascinated, his cock hard again already. After a few moments he moved over and put one hand on Laura's ass and the other on the back of Erica's head, pushing the girl's face even harder against Laura's cunt. As he did, he leaned in and kissed his sister on the lips.

Laura couldn't believe how good it felt to kiss her brother while pissing into her gilfriend's mouth. It was so degraded but so... right. So appropriate for her. She moaned as she kissed him.

After the kiss, her bladder was empty, but Erica was still licking at her cunt. Her tongue was flicking distractingly against Laura's bulldog clipped-clitoris, painful and arousing.

"Her fantasy is rape," Laura explained to Daniel. "When you fuck her, she may struggle, or cry, or her cunt may even be dry, but she loves it. There will never be any consequence for you fucking Erica, no matter how much you hurt or degrade her."

Erica made no protest between Laura's legs. Laura smiled at how thoroughly her bitch girlfriend accepted her new role in life.

"What about you, Laura?" Daniel asked. "Is there any consequence if I rape you?"

Laura froze. Her answer had to be degrading. It had to be encouraging. "No," she said. "None at all. I like being raped too." She orgasmed against her girlfriend's mouth, then stepped back. "What do you think, are you ready to have some fun with her?"

His cock twitched visibly. "Absolutely."

"Good," Laura smiled. She knelt down beside Erica, then whispered in her girlfriend's ear, "I've been feeding you fertility drugs, Erica. If he fucks you, you'll get pregnant." She watched alarm race across Erica's face. Erica started to her feet, panicking, preparing to run to the door - but then Daniel grabbed her by the hair and pulled her hard. She fell to the ground, and a moment later Daniel was on top of her, pulling off her slutty clothes.

Laura watched wtih delight as Daniel got Erica naked, pried her legs apart, and then sank his cock into the struggling girl's wet vagina. She watched as he pumped his cock in and out of her cunt, squeezed her tits painfully, and forced her head in place so he could give her a long, slobbery kiss. She watched as Erica cried and sobbed, and she encouraged Daniel to slap her face to make her behave.

And finally, she watched as her brother orgasmed and ejaculated inside her girlfriend's cunt, firing the sperm into her womb that would, in all probabilty, impregnate Erica with Daniel's baby.

Laura orgasmed as she saw this, only realising at that point that she had been masturbating all through her girlfriend's rape. It was exactly what Erica deserved for being such a fake lesbian, for being a dumb slut who liked to fuck boys. Laura loved it.

Afterwards she crawled forward and licked Daniel's cock clean, and then lay atop Erica to lick the delicious sperm from Erica's twat. Erica was too traumatised to 69 Laura and Laura thought about hurting her clit until the bitch did her job, but in the end she decided the feeling of having a pretty girl crying into her cunt felt good enough even without the tongue.

The rest of the afternoon was lost in sexual play for Laura, her brother and her girlfriend. Daniel had another session of using his belt on Laura's tits and cunt. He really seemed to love beating his sister's genitals, but it was the blows to her breasts - bound in tape and super-sensitive - that hurt the most. He swung the belt at her boobs until she started to cry, then he mercifully removed the tape from the base of her breasts - Laura cried even harder as the blood rushed back to her nipples - and then had Laura lick and fondle his cock until he was ready to fuck again. Once he was hard, Laura guided him back to Erica, now lying spreadeagled on the bed.

As Daniel climbed on to the bed to fuck Laura's girlfriend again, Laura, on impulse, said, "You know, she doesn't really want to fuck boys at all. You're straight up raping her. She hates it. But seriously, she will never tell anyone, and it's okay with me." Daniel looked at Laura, his face still flushed with arousal, paused for a moment, and then pushed his cock into Erica's twat anyway. Laura smiled happily as he watched him beginning to pump in and out of Erica's pussy again, and masturbated as he watched. Once again she climaxed as her brother filled Erica with cum, and once again she cleaned Daniel's cock and Erica's pussy with her tongue afterwards.

They chatted for a bit afterwards. Laura learned that tomorrow was Daniel's last planned day in town - he would be flying out in the evening. Laura remembered she was supposed to bring Daniel to her house on the last day - her slutty, degrading house - and invited him to spend the day there tomorrow, which Daniel accepted, clearly with thought of further raping Erica in his mind.

Then Laura made Erica talk about her job being fucked and pissed in for a job, because she knew it degraded Erica and that made her feel good.

They had room service for dinner again. Daniel made Laura answer the door for it, because he said she needed to learn how people would see her when she behaved like this. Laura knew how they would see her - as a sex toy, as a slut. That was what she was now, though. Yet still she blushed when the delivery boy took in her bare tits, her taped-open cunt, and the cum on her face.

Daniel took the food from her once the door was closed. It was schitznel and vegetables. He put his own meal on the table, and then took the other two, sliced the schnitzel into small bite-sized chunks, and then the plates on the floor. "Sluts don't eat at the table," he said. Laura knew he was right - she and Erica didn't deserve to eat like people - and yet she still felt small inside as she heard her own brother say that.

But he wasn't done yet. Before he let the girls eat, he took out his cock and pissed a little on both plates - just enough to soak the meat with his urine. Then he allowed the two naked lesbians to have their meals on all fours at his feet. He took out his phone to film them as they ate.

The plates were close enough together the two girls were shoulder to shoulder. Their tits hung down beneath them. No cutlery had been given and both girls knew what Daniel intended. They lowered their faces to the bowls and ate like the animals they were. Both girls had swallowed enough piss by this stage that the meal didn't even taste too bad to them.

When they were done they looked up at Daniel for approval.

"Is there anything you won't do, Laura?" he asked.

Laura shook her head, no.

He sent both girls to brush their teeth, to get the taste of piss out of their mouths. When they came back, he kissed Laura while he removed the clip from her clitoris again, held her as she orgasmed, and this time blessed left the clip off.

After the kiss he looked at her for a while, then quite deliberately slapped her hard in the face. It came as a shock to Laura but she did nothing to defend herself or back away. "Thank you," she said reflexively, without even thinking.

He looked at the red rising in her cheek. "Say you love me," he told her.

"I love you, Daniel," she said obediently.

"Good girl," he said, and slapped her again.

"Thank you," she said. "I love you."

He undressed the rest of the way until he was naked, then motioned Erica to come kneel between them as they stood. He pushed his cock into Erica's mouth, then pulled Laura close, so that she was bent slightly, her groin pushing against the back of Erica's head, her naked tits rest against her brother's chest.

He started to kiss Laura deeply on the lips. As he did so he caressed her back and stroked her hair, while his hips bucked against Erica's face. Each buck bumped Erica's head against Laura's cunt. It felt a little like her brother was fucking her by proxy. She felt herself get wetter with each bump.

He was a good kisser, too. She moaned sluttily into his mouth, and kissed back eagerly.

As they kissed, he would stop occasionally, to pull away and say, "Slut" or "Whore", and then slap her face. She would thank him and tell him she loved him, and then he would kiss her again, and face-fuck Erica even harder.

She came before he did, of course, being such a huge slut. Bumping against the back of her girlfriend's head was enough to make her cum, and she orgasmed sluttily as she kissed her brother.

When she did, Daniel said to Erica, "When I cum, hold it in your mouth. I want you to share it with Laura." And soon afterwards he ejaculated into Erica's mouth. He pushed Laura away and got Erica to show what he had given her - a mouthful of milky cum - then made Laura drop to her knees and kiss Erica. He watched the girls share the cum back and forth in their mouths for a while before finally allowing them to swallow.

That night they slept together in bed - or at least Daniel slept. Daniel slept with his cock stuffed into Erica's cunt from behind, spooning her. He made Laura lie further down the bed, her face buried in Erica's pussy She was to keep licking Erica's cunt all night. Daniel awoke several times to fuck his cock happily in and out of the lesbian's cunt, and when he orgasmed Laura would lick away his cum as it seeped out of Erica's cunt. He pissed once in the middle of the night too, slowly, into Erica's pussy, with deliberate intent to degrade the two girls, and Laura had to lick that up as it flowed out too, being careful to stop it reaching the bedsheets.

Neither of the two lesbians could sleep under those conditions and so they reached the next day tired and horny and confused.

He dressed both of the girls the way Laura had been dressing herself - cunts taped open, otherwise nude - and wouldn't let either of them have the clothes they had arrived in. Laura was getting used to this outfit. Her cunt taped open reminded her that even nude, she wasn't a nice girl with no clothes on, she was a slut.

Daniel dressed himself, then gave Erica's car keys to Laura and told the girls to go down to where Erica had parked and wait for him. Both girls understood the message - they didn't deserve to wear clothes on their way to the car, but Daniel didn't deserve the embarassment of being seen with such dirty lesbian sluts.

He pushed the girls out of his room, naked, and they scurried nude through the hotel, heading for the basement car park. About a dozen guests saw them, including two men and a woman they ended up sharing an elevator with. Laura saw the erections that both men sported as they stared at Laura's taped-open cunt and naked tits, and she heard the woman whisper "Filthy sluts", not-so-quietly.

Having men stare at her body, and being degraded, made Laura wet. She was so tired and confused and horny. After she exited the elevator, on the last dash across the basement, she lowered her hand to her pussy and unashamedly masturbated as she ran. Both girls reached the car and Laura sat in the passenger seat, fingerfucking her pussy. Masturbating helped her tune out the world. Masturbating made the shame and horror go away. It made her feel good.

Erica took the driver's seat, and sat in silence, until Daniel arrived, when she flashed the lights to let him know which car to head for. Daniel got in the back, and together the two nude sluts and the boy drove out of the hotel and off to Laura's house.

(To be continued...)

Rating: 90%, Read 25694 times, Posted Aug 04, 2016

Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports


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