A Matter of Control by Ashleigh+Mikals

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Fantasm | BDSM, Coercion, Female, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Violence

Leigh stood in her small kitchen cooking dinner over the stove. It was a warm evening in June, and there was a nice breeze blowing through the house. The patio door and all the windows were open to maximize the breeze. This was her favorite time of year. Her son was gone for the summer seeing his father, and she had some blessed freedom and time to herself.

After a long day at work dressed in her conservative business attire, she'd come home, let her long auburn hair down, allowing it to cascade over her shoulders and well down her back. All she'd put on was a thin tank top and a sarong tied around her hips.

She would pause just for a moment ,the breeze coming through the kitchen easily blowing through her clothes caressing her body. The breeze felt like gentle fingers as it briefly, and ever so lightly, teased her nipples making them hard points pressing against her thin tank top. It would blow her sarong out of the way and brush ever so lightly between her legs making her shudder. And as quickly as it came... it was gone, and she would sigh and return her focus back to what she was cooking on the stove.

The quietness of the house was deafening. She reached over and turned on the stereo next to the stove. Music filled the room. Soon she was lost in her own world, one filled with the wonderful aromas of what she was cooking, and her body moving to the beat of the music. Her hips swayed in time with the music. She was bumping, grinding, and gyrating letting the music flow through her and control her body. The music was loud, and she was so swept away riding the beat of the music that she didn't hear the door open.

He opened the door quietly and crept into the house. Between the music and her cooking she was totally distracted and unaware. He was counting on that. He needed the element of surprise for this to work. His dick was already getting hard with anticipation. He wore loosefitting drawstring pants that could easily be removed with just a quick tug. As he moved through the living room toward the back of the house to the kitchen he let his mind wander.

Would she put up a fight, or just give in? He hoped she'd fight, at least a little bit. His dick was throbbing in his pants. He imagined her writhing uselessly under him, helpless, powerless with him in total control. His breathing quickened just at the thought.

He reached the doorway of the kitchen. The music was loud, thumping and pouring out the open windows. That was good because it would help cover any noise that was made. He stood there for a moment watching her, admiring his conquest and drank her in with his senses. His eyes looked her over from head to toe and followed her every curve, caressing them with his gaze. He could smell her. Even mixed in with the aroma of her cooking, he picked out her scent. She smelled like sandalwood. Musky and sweet. Her skin glowed a soft healthy glow. He imagined running his hands over her skin feeling its silky, satiny smoothness. He watched as she opened the fridge and bent over to get something off the bottom shelf. Her beautiful round ass stuck out, so teasing and tantalizing. Her sarong fell open, and he saw her long shapely leg, totally bare from toes to waist and he could take it no longer.

In two steps he was across the kitchen and behind her. He thrust his hips against her ass. With one powerful hand grabbed her waist, pulling her even tighter toward him so she could feel his hard cock pressing between her round full ass cheeks. Her scream was drowned out by the music. Her breath was wrenched from her throat as her head was yanked back by sharply her hair. A deep threatening voice said, "Fight me and you won't get hurt...too badly. Resist and the pain will be unbearable. Do you understand me?" he asked.

She nodded in agreement her long hair still wound tightly in his large hand.

"Now slowly close the fridge and put your hands on the counter in from of you," he demanded. His grip was like steel. It allowed her to move where she was told, but no where else. His hand was like a vice on her hip, digging in and giving her no place to go but to stay pressed against his rock hard cock. He used her hair like a steering wheel to move her in the right direction.

Her breathing was quick and shallow. Her mind racing. Who was he? What was he going to do? Was he going to hurt her? The possibilities tumbled through her mind each one worse than the last. He was so hard. His dick was pressing against her ass burrowing between her cheeks. It felt hard as steel and huge, very huge, even painfully huge, making his intention very very clear.

And yet somewhere underneath all the panic, fear and confusion, there was another feeling which frightened her even more. She was getting excited. The more frightened she became, the more excitement started to build. She fought this feeling inside her. It turned her stomach. But while he was controlling her every move and whispering obscenities to her, she couldn't help but realize how alive her body was. It was tingling with new amazing sensations as adrenaline coursed through her body.

Her skin burned where he touched her. He shoved her sarong out of the way exposing her bare ass to him. "Yeah bitch, show me that ass," he growled. He tugged on her hair again causing her breath to catch in her throat, cutting off the scream that was building again.

Her pussy was uncontrollably wet and ready for the coming invasion, wether she was or not. She started bucking wildly, thrashing and moving about uselessly as she realized that here, now, in this horrifying situation, she was hotter, hornier and more excited than she'd been in a long time.

Her ass was still pressed tight against the soft fabric of his pants as she thrashed about uselessly trying to fight him. The more she fought the more his prick was shoved between her legs and the harder and longer he seemed to become. He started laughing as she fought uselessly against him. "You must like pain don't you?" he asked as he put one foot in-between hers and kicked her legs apart fully exposing her ass and sopping wet pussy.

With her hair still wrapped around his hand he forced her head down between her arms. He let go of her hips just long enough to tug on the drawstring of his pants. But half a breath later his steel grip was back on her hip. He separated their hips just long enough for his pants to fall down to his ankles. His huge cock sprang free finding its place between her legs throbbing against her exposed pussy, just grazing her clit as it pulsated anxiously.

"Please NO!!! STOP!!" She pleaded loudly. Knowing it was falling on deaf ears. But somewhere deep inside, she was silently screaming FUCK ME, fuck me... PLEASE...fuck me!

It was this silent cry deep inside her that he heard and answered. He grabbed her hip and pulled her head back again. This time so hard she yelped and didn't fight it for fear of her hair ripping out of her head. Her back sank as her head came up and back. It threw her ass up just a bit more forcing her clit down on the head of his dick just a bit harder. Her body shuddered involuntarily with pleasure.

He growled and said, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard your mother will cum too and you'll both love it and want more." And with one movement he pulled back and slammed his hips into her. All 10" of his rock hard cock violently violating her tight, but very wet pussy.

She screamed, "AAAGGGGHHH" half in pleasure and half in pain, the music drowning out her cries before they even made it to the window. He fucked her with long full hard strokes, each one in time with the pounding music. Each time he seemed to drive into her a bit farther, but as he pulled back to drive into her again, his dick never left her pussy completely. His large bulbous purple head of his cock stayed just inside her pussy teasing her opening before he drove it into her again. He was fucking her with such force that her feet would leave the floor as he bottomed out in her pussy. He let go of her hair, her head falling onto the counter top. He then used both hands to pull her hips toward him, which increased the sensations as he continued to pound her pussy mercilessly.

She screamed with each intrusion of his huge cock into her tight pussy. She'd never had someone this huge before and her pussy was stretched wider than it ever had been. As he continued mindlessly to fuck her the sensation of his huge, swollen cock stretching, stroking, and touching every millimeter of the inside of her pussy got to be too much. The pain turned to pleasure as he reached depths that had never been reached before. Now her screams were not of pain and fear, but of pleasure as her body tightened signaling the coming climax of her first orgasm.

He felt her pussy clamp down on his dick, and he grinned. " You love this don't you?" He growled. "You're such a bitch and a dirty little slut. This will teach you to be such a tease." He picked up his pace, furiously fucking her pussy as he continued to yell obscenities at her.

She couldn't fight it anymore as her first orgasm exploded throughout her body. Her legs gave out from under her. He easily held her up by her hips and continued to thrust deeper at a frantic pace, as her body shook violently with her first orgasm. "Oh yeah baby, come on, you know you love this. Yeah bitch you feel so good on my cock," he growled.

She did love it. It felt so good her pussy clamped down on his cock like a vice. He could no longer stroke in and out just drive into her thrusting with all his lower body weight. Her pussy refused to let go of his cock, for one brief moment claiming control. "You're like a bitch in heat!" he cried, "You just can't stop cumming."

She was growling and grunting, gripping the counter top so hard her knuckles were white. She was pushed back against him, her arms fully extended wanting every possible bit of him driven as deep as possible inside her. Her head hung between her arms as a second orgasm, stronger than the first, took control of her body. She was thrusting and driving with him their hips connected and never leaving each other. Growling and groaning, screaming, through the second orgasm which shook, bent and used her more violently than the first. It seemed to go on forever. She just kept cuming. As each wave of pleasure washed over her, he smiled ruthlessly and continued driving into her with his entire lower body. Her pussy still hadn't released its vice grip hold of his dick yet.

Finally the last waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Her pussy released his dick, and she slumped forward onto the counter, his hips bearing all her weight. Cum was flowing from her pussy and streamed down her legs. Now his cock was free to stroke in and out of her, raging, longer and harder than before. He had yet to come and the pussy vice grip only served to increase his pleasure and push him closer to his edge.

She was still panting and breathing heavy as she finally got the strength back in her legs and could stand on her own. She'd never cum like that before, let alone twice in a row. She was snapped back to reality when his harsh voice reminded her, "This is just the beginning. I've only just started. It may have been good for you, but it wasn't for me and your mama isn't even wet yet."

She whimpered and cried, "No, please, I can't take anymore, please stop no more."

He pulled his dick out and cum puddled on the floor beneath her. He let go of her hips, and she fell forward into the counter top. He grabbed her wrists and brought them back behind her roughly bending her arms so her hands touched her elbows. She cried out in pain her face, shoved sideways into the counter top, bore the brunt of her upper body weight. With one hand he held her arms firmly behind her. With the other hand he spread her ass checks and pressed his dick, still slick with her cum against her puckered ass hole.

"No,"she screamed,"Not that. Anything but that," she pleaded.

He ignored her cries. In one firm continuous motion, he violated her ass, stuffing his still hard swollen cock deep in her depths. She screamed as her ass was stretched beyond her imagination. He groaned in satisfaction as he finally buried himself completely in her. His hips pressed firmly against her full round ass. He stopped and savored the feeling of her tight hole and felt it slowly stretching to accommodate him.

Her screams died down as she felt the muscles of her ass relax to accommodate him. She'd never felt this fullness inside of her before. Then he started stroking, long stokes, slowly at first. She tried to struggle, but he held her arms firm, and smacked her ass hard, leaving a red hand print on her behind. She yelled in pain.

"Are you gonna try that again?" he growled.

She nodded no as best she could with her face pressed into the counter top. He quickened his pace pumping her ass for all he was worth.

"Oh baby you're so tight. This feels so good. You enjoy it don't you? You're such a dirty slut, getting fucked up the ass and loving it."

She didn't even realize she moaned in agreement. Every time he slammed into her ass his balls slapped against her pussy and grazed her clit.

"Fuck me harder...fuck me like the slut that I am," she screamed, as her body tightened as another orgasm started to build.

He felt it building in her, and that's all he needed. He drove into her using her arms to pull her onto him as he buried himself into her and exploded. He thrust so hard he shoved her against the counter top trapping her between him and the cupboards. He kept slamming into her as each shot of cum was timed with a fierce thrust and a growl. He collapsed onto her, his weight pressing her onto the counter top.

She screamed in frustration, "NNNOOO!"

She was so close. One more thrust and she would have exploded with another orgasm. He stepped back a bit, letting her up. She inhaled sharply as he pulled his quickly fading cock from her battered ass. It was like pulling a cork from a bottle as his cum poured from her ass.

He stood up and stepped back. drawer handles were impressed upon her thighs and deep dark red indentations from the edged of the counter top ran across her hips. He spun her around so fast she was now pinned against the fridge. Seeing her attacker for the first time. His body hard and chiseled his face angular and hard with ferociousness still burning in his eyes.

"On your knees cock whore. I'm not done fucking you yet," he commanded.

She obediently dropped to her knees, and he pushed her back so she was sitting on her heels. Her face inches from his cock. Her arms were still pinned behind her against the fridge. He grabbed the back of her head and when she opened her mouth to protest, he stuffed his cock into it. He grabbed her ears, firmly in control and growled, "Suck it! Use your teeth and you'll regret it."

She started sucking tentatively at first, tasting herself and him all mixed together on his cock.

"Harder," he demanded.

Again she obeyed. He pulled her face toward him till her chin was resting on his balls. She gagged instinctively as he pulled her back and pumped into her mouth again. She was sucking hard. Her tongue rolled up, over and around the head of his dick. She felt him grow in her mouth getting longer and firmer with each thrust. Her small mouth couldn't handle much more.

She started licking his long shaft, running it along the underside of his cock as he fucked her face. The faster he fucked her the more she moaned in pleasure. He was hard and swollen, larger than before. With each thrust into her face, her sweet red lips stayed locked around his cock. His dick touched the back of her throat. "Suck it baby, yeah bitch take it all. You love having my cock stuffed down your throat don't you. Who's the cock tease now?" He asked.

She couldn't respond because he was fucking her face with the same ferociousness he fucked all her other holes. She was moaning now, the vibrations rumbled in her throat and sent shock waves through his cock. His balls started swelling, filling as his orgasm started to build. "Yeah bitch, suck it slut, oh YEAAAHHH!!!" he screamed, as his orgasm could be held back no more and his thrusts slammed her head against the fridge, her face buried in his crotch.

His dick was so far down her throat it give her no choice but to swallow. But the jets of cum were coming faster than she could swallow. She started to gag. Her nose was buried in his crotch making it hard for her to breathe. He pulled back just enough for her to catch a breath and swallow his cum, sucking his dick dry.

Damn she was horny. Her pussy was sopping wet. She was ashamed, and excited, hurting and sore but aching with pleasure. He pulled her up off her knees, roughly pulling on her hair as she stood. Her arms aching and sore had gone numb from being pinned behind her back for so long. She let them hang limply at her sides while the pins and needle sensations let her know feeling was returning to them.

They stood there face-to-face, both collecting themselves. She looked at his face again and was instantly drawn to his eyes. They were deep pools of darkness, stormy and still full of lustful desire. One look in his eyes and she knew it wasn't over yet. She was suddenly snapped back to reality as hand cuffs were snapped on her wrists.

"Don't want you getting any bright ideas and getting into trouble," he said. "Now that we're all warmed up I think it's time we have some real fun, yeah?"

Oh gods, she thought, he's worse than the energizer bunny.

"I'm done here. How 'bout we go somewhere a bit more comfortable?" he asked.

He led her by her handcuffed wrists into the dinning room. In the center of the dinning room was a big oak table, large enough to seat eight and solid three inches thick. The legs of the table weren't at the outside corners but inset from the edges, solid, sturdy and six inches thick each. He surveyed his surroundings and studied the table and said, "yup that'll do" as he picked her up and sat her down hard on the table.

He pulled a double ended spring clip from his pocket and clipped one end onto the small section of chain in-between the cuffs. He pulled her hands over her head and stretched them as far as he could, clipping the other end of the spring clip to the to the cast-iron chandelier that was hanging from the ceiling above her head. She suddenly began to question her decision of light fixtures. Nothing was budging as she writhed and tugged trying to get free of her bonds, the cuffs digging painfully into her delicate wrists. He let her squirm, enjoying the show reveling in her frustrations as she hung there flopping and twitching like a fish on a hook out of water.

He chuckled maniacally to himself and set to work. She saw him reach into a duffle bag, she hadn't noticed before and pull out a length of chain. She screamed as she saw it, her mind racing with possibilities. He leaned down under the table and wound the chain around one set of legs and padlocked the ends together. He then pulled the excess up from under the end of the table. He unhooked her from the light and pulled her back down on the table arms still over head and clipped the handcuffs to the chain.

She was now laid out on the table hands cuffed together and pulled above her head chained to the table. Her legs hung off the table. She was laid out before him like a banquet before a king. She started screaming in protest, but shut up quickly as the next thing he pulled out of the bag was a large hunting knife. It had a 12 inch blade curved slightly at the tip. She whimpered and cried. Tears rolled down her cheeks as fear and shock spread across her face.

He stood beside her at the table and looked down on her and said, "Lets see what we have here?" and cut the knot that was holding her sarong together. He pulled it off, exposing her to him. "Very nice," he said as his eyes looked down at her totally bare pussy. "And what about the rest," he sneered. He grabbed her tank top and cut it off her. In one clean and quick swipe, it fell off her exposing her full firm breasts. Instantly her nipples hardened as the cool air blew across them. She closed her eyes tight not wanting to see what was going to happen next.

She felt the cold steel of the tip of the knife as he drew it across her skin, using the back side of the blade to follow every curve of her body. He started at the base of her neck going from one side to the other. He came back to the hollow of her throat at the base of her neck and followed it downward between her breasts. Up and around one nipple it went, then over to the other. It continued to explore her breasts following the body's curves down to her waist.

He moved to the end of the table, knife in her belly button and forced his way between her legs, shoving them apart. The knife followed her hips down and danced between her thighs, never cutting but the cold steel was burning tracks on her skin. She whimpered as the flat tip of the knife found her clit. He pressed it against her swollen and throbbing button of love. It felt so good but she dare not move, or she'd get cut.

She arched suddenly as the cold steel of the blade was replaced by his hot breath, warm tongue, and nipping teeth. His tongue invaded her every fold, sucking, licking and fucking her slit. He reached up and grabbed her tits, one in each hand mauling them, pulling and twisting on her nipples. She screamed in pain. She screamed in pleasure. Her tits were being brutally punished. Her pussy was being sucked and fucked for all it was worth. He licked the length of her pussy from bottom to top and then licked her clit like a dog lapping up cool water on a hot summer day. Her hips were arching and rolling as she rode his face. Her screams were getting louder and faster.

"Yes, YES, YYEESSSS, Fuck me, just like that, OH GOD...PLEASE let me cum. I NEED to cum and cum NOW!" she screamed.

She was riding the edge, surfing the crest of her orgasm, waiting for it to come crashing down. But seconds before it would take control of her, he backed off, refusing to give her release. He was inflicting a new form of torture, and she rode that torturous edge for what seemed like hours. Never before had her pussy been played like this. He continued to deny her pleasure as his tongue seemed to instinctively know exactly were to go. He didn't just push her boundaries of pleasure and pain, but totally shredded them. Her body ached from the constant tension of riding that edge. She was like a cheetah crouched stalking it's prey. Her body tensed, coiled and waiting patiently for that one moment when all its energy would be released in one powerful moment of triumph.

She was begging, pleading, crying and screaming, anything so she could cum. His focus shifted from her entire pussy to her engorged and ultra sensitive clit. He started lapping and sucking furiously and got what he wanted. He felt her body tense up that little bit more than it already was, signally that she was ready to cum. As she crested one last time, he took three fingers and rammed them into her cunt pushing her over the edge. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body her orgasms so powerful she couldn't breathe let alone scream. Cum squirted all over his face. He lapped her juices up hungrily knowing that doing so was torture once more on her overly sensitive clit. She lay there gasping for breath as the after shocks of her orgasm were almost as powerful as the orgasm itself. He removed his fingers and stood up her cum smeared all over his face.

"You're such a nasty dirty bitch aren't you? You love being fucked and like it rough don't you? You just can't get enough of me can you?" he asked.

"No," she cried, "I can't get enough. I'm your dirty whore and I want more!"

"Is this what you want?" he asked, as he pressed the head of his cock against the opening of her pussy.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Are you sure?" he asked again, as he pressed a bit further into her opening.

"Yes," she whispered again.

"Then I'll be happy to give a bitch what she wants," he said, driving the rest of his rock hard dick deep into her.

"Yes!" she howled

He grabbed her legs, lifting them up and throwing them over his shoulders, grabbing her hips and yanking her down even further onto him as he fucked her for all he was worth. You could hear their bodies slapping together. He was using such force she grunted "UUHHNN" with each thrust. Faster and harder he fucked her, her hips completely off the edge of the table, her knees pressed down toward her ears. She was folded in half and being fucked like it was the last day of her life.

With one hand he still on her legs, he reached down with the other one, while his cock was still in her, and shoved something long, hard, and large in her unsuspecting asshole. It felt as big as his dick and just as hard, then it started to vibrate. She growled in pleasure as the vibrations penetrated not only her ass but her pussy as well. He growled as her tight pussy vibrated around his cock. Animal noises were coming form her as an orgasm hit again, more violent than before.

Her pussy clamped down on his dick and combined with her vibrating ass he exploded into her forcing her to have still another orgasm. They came together, forcefully, violently, screaming and howling in pleasure as the shock waves of pleasure exploded through both their bodies. He continued thrusting deep inside her, emptying himself deep into her, staying till every last drop was gone.

She was exhausted, beaten, battered and sore but had never felt better in her life. The cuffs were digging into her wrists. The chain left grooves in the table from the force of their fucking and the strain put on them as he was slamming his cock into her. As he withdrew his cock from her, he shoved her back onto the table relieving the tension in the chain and the strain on her wrists and arms.

"Now that was a good fucking if I do say so myself," he said, putting his pants back on and straightening his shirt.

"I think I'm through with you for tonight. Hope it was as good for you as it was me," he said.

He turned, picked up his duffle bag, and walked away leaving her chained to the table. She was too weak and exhausted to protest.

He walked out the way he came in, stopping at the table by the door to pick up an envelope with his alias hand written on the front. He opened it and glanced at its contents flipping through to ensure it was all there. He smiled. Everything was in order. He looked back over his shoulder and said, "Thank you. Let me know when you want to do it again. Because, honey you were so great, I'd do you again for free!"

Her eyes popped open wide with surprise. The door clicked shut softly behind him before he could hear her whisper, "You're welcome. And anytime you want to. You know how to reach me."

Rating: 90%, Read 45642 times, Posted Oct 18, 2008

Fantasm | BDSM, Coercion, Female, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Violence


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