Appalachian Trail Hike by Chapter24

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Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination, Female, First Time, Fisting, Humiliation, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, Submission, Violence, Virginity, Voyeurism

Kyle and Claudia grew up together and to others they might seem like good friends. But sometimes friendship only goes one way. He was very tall and muscular, the better to bully other guys and his numerous girlfriends too. He was very good looking and charming when meeting a new potential conquest.

This helped him get into a new girlfriend’s pants quickly, so he could quickly dump her after he grew bored of her, moving onto the next girl. He was actually fairly smart, but he was lazy with his schoolwork and spent most of his time on sports teams, chasing girls and hanging out with his equally obnoxious friends.

Claudia was a very petite and shy girl, who was very smart and very kind, but she had one fault. She was totally enamored of Kyle and dreamed of him being her boyfriend, and hopefully someday her husband. Claudia was a good friend to Kyle, helping him with his homework and anything else he asked her to do, like drive him in her car, since he was too lazy to get a driver’s license.

She tried to do anything to please him and get him to notice her, but he would just treat her like one of the guys. She would even try to hint around that she wanted to be more than just a friend to him, but he never picked up on it, since he was oblivious to subtlety. She even listened to him talk about his girlfriends and every time he broke up with one he would describe to Claudia why it was the girl’s fault, and expect her sympathy.

Kyle was from a wealthy local family who owned a small manufacturing company. Kyle’s parents, George and Melinda really liked Claudia and wished Kyle would take a romantic interest in her but were concerned about his track record of manipulating women to just get what he wanted, then break their heart. Many women were attracted to his “bad boy” reputation and thought they could change him, but they were all unsuccessful.

Kyle and Claudia were graduating college that spring, and George and Melinda were going to have Kyle join the company, but they also wanted Claudia to join, as they knew she was very smart and ambitious. Claudia was not into team sports, as she preferred more solitary sports such as running, weightlifting and other sports that challenged not just the body, but also the mind. They met with Kyle and Claudia in February to discuss their future plans.

“We are so happy you are going to both be joining our company,” George said cheerfully. “We know that you and Claudia will be a great asset to the company. What is your schedule for graduating and when can you start?”

Kyle replied, “we are completing the semester in May, but I want to spend the summer with my friends, so I don’t want to start until September.”

Claudia answered, “I have always loved hiking and it is my dream to hike the Appalachian Trail by myself, so it is more of a challenge. I know I probably can’t complete the whole trail but would like to try to complete as much as I can between May and Labor Day, but I can start work right after that.”

George looked at her with concern. “I think that is an admirable goal, but it might be dangerous for you to hike alone.”

Claudia was only 5’-1” tall and barely weighed 100 pounds, but her body was solid muscle from her exercise program, not that Kyle even noticed her body and how buff she was. She had somewhat small but actual real breasts, so she was automatically disqualified to be one of Kyle’s bimbo girlfriends, who usually had fake boobs and would never stay in less than a five-star hotel, forget about hiking or any type of sports.

“Kyle, you should be Claudia’s ‘trail buddy,’ so you can help her with the gear and provide her protection.” Kyle looked at his parents with a pout on his face.

“But I am planning to spend the summer with my buddies. Claudia can do this alone. She doesn’t need any help.”

Melinda looked at Kyle with consternation. “Claudia has always helped you and how would you know if she ever needed help? You’ve never once asked her. This is not a request, this is a requirement for employment here, as it will build your character, and heaven knows you need some character building.”

Claudia looked down and her face turned bright red. Kyle looked at her with disgust, blaming her for wanting to spend the summer hiking, and giving his parents the idea that he should accompany her on her quest.

“Okay, I guess I don’t have a choice. Maybe I’ll meet some hot girls on the trail or some guys I can hang around with and drink.”

George looked at Kyle with a quizzical look and realized how clueless he was. “Kyle, I don’t think the cheerleader types you date go hiking and guys who hike the AT aren’t usually the partying type. Alcohol also adds unnecessary weight to your backpack.”

Kyle looked for another way out. “Claudia doesn’t have any money. How is she going to pay for her half of the expenses? We will need to get food along the way, and sometimes hotel rooms to shower.”

Melinda grinned at him. “We will pay all of the costs. It will be like a signing bonus for Claudia. There will be no more discussion about this.”

Claudia was beaming inside. Maybe she could get close to Kyle and he would become attracted to her on the long hike. She was a beautiful girl, but wore very plain clothes, with no makeup; a ‘girl next door’ type. She was the type of girl you would see on the cover of a hiking magazine, standing next to a practical car that could carry a lot of outdoor gear. Claudia was a virgin but hoped by the end of the trip Kyle would change that. She planned to get on birth control before they left for the trip.

Kyle was steaming inside. He couldn’t believe he was stuck with Claudia all summer, doing an activity that he thought was only for nerdy ‘save the environment’ types. He begrudgingly started planning the trip with Claudia.

Right after college ended, they started their hike on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, heading North. On the first day Claudia giggled, “Kyle it is a tradition for hikers to have trail names.”

“Why do they do that?”

“The tradition actually started on the Appalachian Trail. So many people were hiking it and it was easier to keep people straight if they were called by a nickname specific to them. Most hikers feel that their trail name says something about their personality or history that their given name doesn’t describe. What do you think our trail names should be?”

Kyle looked at her for brief moment and slyly answered, “well you are kind of small and mousy looking, so maybe you should be called Mouse.”

Claudia found the name kind of insulting but didn’t care. She had Kyle with her and was happy, so it didn’t matter to her what he called her. “Okay, but what trail name do you think you should use?”

“Well people think I am a pretty cool cat. Maybe I should call myself Cat. You better be careful, maybe the Cat will eat the Mouse on this trip.”

She found this comment kind of odd. Maybe there would be romance on this trip or maybe he was just trying to funny?

“Claudia, how many miles per day do we need to hike?”

“Most hikers hike 8 - 10 miles each day at the beginning of their hike, then slowly work up to 12 - 16 miles per day. Most hikers will eventually do 20 - 25 miles on some days.”

Kyle looked at her with a smugness and undeserved self-confidence. “That sounds pretty easy. I do a lot running and weightlifting like you, but I am much bigger than you, so I will help push you along so we can get this stupid trip done more quickly.”

Kyle had no idea what he was talking about. Running or walking on flat ground is not the same as hiking up and down steep and rocky mountain trails. Also, big guys like Kyle need more calories every day and often have short term strength and speed, but not long-term endurance. Kyle lifted heavy weights with few repetitions per set and did short interval runs at high speed. Claudia lifted light weights, but with many repetitions per set, and she did long slow runs to build great endurance.

When they started their journey, Kyle saw how Claudia’s backpack was almost as large as her and her body was dwarfed by it.

“Claudia how are you going to carry that backpack on such a long hike every day? I might have to help you keep up the pace and even carry your pack sometimes.”

“I will be fine Kyle. I joined a hiking club and have been doing some day hikes to get ready.”

He shook his head in disbelief, but with her lightweight shorts and sleeveless top he noticed for the first time how lean she was, with muscular calves and thighs and sinewy arms and shoulders. She actually looked kind of cute to him in a little sister kind of way because she wasn’t really her type. He still looked at her as a convenient friend he could dominate, and he had no ability to appreciate her for her kindness.

They started their hike and had brought small one person tents. Kyle was exhausted by the end of each day and constantly complained of muscle cramps and that he didn’t have enough food to eat to avoid being ravenously hungry. Claudia had no problems hiking many miles per day and actually took the lead. He had trouble keeping up with her pace and the total miles of hiking per day. She was so considerate that she even gave him some of her food rations so he wouldn’t be hungry, while she was willing to be a little hungry every day in order to help Kyle.

He started feeling a little guilty about it, but never refused her help. He was also clumsy trying to handle the gear and setting up and breaking camp, so she did the bulk of that work too. Sometimes they were able to use one of the shelters that had been built along the trail for hikers. The shelters only had wooden bunk beds. He always whined about how uncomfortable the beds were with just sleeping bags to cushion them.

Other hikers they encountered were puzzled by this couple who looked like such a mismatch. A hiker they met at one of the shelters remarked to Kyle, “hey what’s your names? Is this your girlfriend or wife?”

Kyle was embarrassed that someone thought that he had anything more than a platonic relationship with Claudia. “I am called Cat and she is Mouse. She is just a girl I know from school. I am here to protect her because she is so small and weak, and to help her since she is not that experienced as a hiker.”

Claudia was fuming inside at his lies, and that he didn’t even refer to her as his friend. She let it go though. This was just the way Kyle was and she was still hoping she could change him. At night she would often masturbate in her tent or a shelter, fantasizing that Kyle was making sweet love to her. She sometimes heard Kyle also masturbating, and she hoped he was thinking about her, but he actually was fantasizing about one of his floozy girlfriends.

As their hike continued, each day Kyle gained more respect for Claudia’s strength, endurance and perseverance. He thought to himself that maybe he had underestimated her abilities and had overestimated his abilities.

One day they were close to running out of food, Kyle was exhausted and they both needed to get clean. They walked to a town that had a small motel and Kyle rented two adjoining rooms that had an interconnecting door so they could visit each other’s rooms. They both took a well needed shower, and when Claudia visited Kyle’s room just wearing a towel, he started feeling sexually attracted to her.

They both went to bed exhausted, in their respective rooms, just wearing underwear. Claudia had a sex dream about Kyle and her pussy got extremely wet. But Kyle laid in bed awake and horny, thinking about his many girlfriends back home, but then realized that he had a girl in the next room that he may be able to convince with his charm to have sex with him, in order to relieve his sexual frustration.

He got up and slowly went through the connecting door so he wouldn’t walk up Claudia. His penis was rock hard, and he was determined to get Claudia to have sex with him.

He pulled back the covers on Claudia’s bed as she slept with a smile on her face, dreaming of him making love to her. She was only wearing panties and a summer weight bra. As he got in bed next to her, she woke up startled that he was there in bed with her.

“Kyle, what are you doing in my bed?”

“I’m horny and need you to help me get relief.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I want to fuck.”

“But we are not even going out. Besides, I’m a virgin and want to save myself for someone who loves me.”

“Claudia, I’ve come to love the way your body looks when you hike, and it even looks better when you are just wearing a towel.”

“But do you love me?”

“I like you as a friend. Isn’t that enough? Besides, you should be honored to be able to give your virginity to me.”

Claudia felt her warm sex getting even wetter, even though Kyle was speaking to her so disrespectfully. “Please no, Kyle. I don’t want to lose my virginity like this. I want to be your one and only girlfriend before I would consider making love with you.”

“But I just want a hookup. “I agreed to come with you on this awful trip and have been protecting you from other guys who could rape or kill you. You owe this to me.”

“How do you know I couldn’t defend myself against someone trying to hurt me?”

“That’s’ ridiculous, you’re so small and timid. This isn’t a request Claudia. I never noticed before that you are kind of cute. I will lower my standards to put my cock into your virgin cunt.”

He quickly got on top of her and forced her legs open with his body. He didn’t even pull his boxer shorts down. He just pulled his dick out through the opening. “Get your panties down Claudia. I said we’re going to fuck, and you don’t have a choice.”

When she felt his cock against her, she realized how large it was. “Please don’t do this. Not like this. Maybe I would if I could become your only girlfriend.”

“So, you do want to have sex with me?”

“I am afraid it is going to hurt.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt my cock going into such a tight pussy. I have deflowered many girls before.” He started pulling her panties down as she struggled to pull them back up again. “Get your panties down Claudia. You know you want this.”

She did kind of want to have sex with him, as he was very attractive and she was in love with him. Maybe after they had sex, he would realize that she should be his girlfriend. She relented and let him pull her panties down.

He didn’t want to bother taking the time for any foreplay or tenderness. There was not going to be any kissing, touching her breasts or fingering her. He didn’t even know where a clitoris was located anyway.

He stopped for a moment, which gave her relief that maybe he would change his mind. “I’m worried that you might get pregnant since you aren’t on any birth control. I don’t want to be stuck with paying child support for a baby.”

“I’m on the pill, just so you know.”

“So, you were hoping for me to fuck that little virgin cunt of yours?”

“I was hoping you would fall in love with me on this trip and I would give you my virginity.”

“Well that was a foolish idea. I don’t do relationships. Just hookups. Besides, girls don’t give me their virginity, I just take it, like a real man should.”

“Please don’t hurt me. I’m very small down there.”

“So, you do want it.”

“I’m not sure. I am just afraid.”

He cluelessly thought that she was just afraid of making too much noise. “You’re right. If it hurts, we might get noise complaints from the people in the room next door. Don’t worry I’ll keep you quiet.” He balled up her panties and forced them into her mouth. He put his large hand over her mouth and lined up his penis with his other hand at the entrance to her virgin slit.

He pushed forward in one swift motion, tearing through Claudia’s hymen and bottoming out in her warm tunnel. She screamed into the panties in her mouth, but his hand muffled the sound and clueless Kyle thought she was loving it. Her eyes were wide open with fear and pain, but he thought it was a look of joy for him taking her virginity.

He jackhammered her pussy relentlessly. “Claudia, you’re so tight. I like when a girl has a really small cunt, so I don’t have to go too long before I cum. It’s less work for me.”

Claudia couldn’t believe it, but her body was starting to react to her dream man Kyle fucking her hard and fast. She thought she would need clitoral stimulation to get an orgasm, but she felt an orgasm coming on and she began to shudder with pleasure, and Kyle noticed it.

“I told you girls love when I fuck them when they have no choice,” he said as he continued to pound her into the mattress. “When she comes first it also makes it tighter, so I have a better orgasm.” He soon felt the cum boiling in his balls and he released his sperm into her tight cavern.

He pulled out and took the panties out of her mouth and wiped his cock on it and left it on the bed. He got up and walked toward his room. “I’ll let you sleep in tomorrow morning. I have to get something at the store.”

Claudia woke up the next morning, sore but in a strange way happy that Kyle had finally noticed her as a girl, even if it wasn’t the way she wanted it to be. He soon came back in with a bag in his hand, as he saw something that he liked for her in the store selling outdoor clothes.

“Claudia, I got a surprise for you.”

“What is it?” she answered excitedly.

He pulled out of the bag a onesie pair of pajamas with a flap at the rear end. “The store sells these as a joke for couples who were hiking together so it would be easier for them to have sex in a tent. Aren’t they great? Now that we are fucking, it will give me easy access to you without having to take your clothes off.”

She couldn’t believe what an asshole Kyle still was even after she gave him her virginity. “And you better not resist me if you know what’s good for you.”

She lowered her head and replied, “okay Kyle, you win. I will do whatever you say. Hopefully you’ll change your mind and love me someday.”

“That isn’t going to happen. But I will certainly keep protecting you on this stupid hiking trip.”

They continued on their trip. Sometimes they slept in a shelter, but sometimes they slept in their small tents. One night, Claudia was sleeping in her tent on her stomach, when Kyle came in.

“Kyle, what do you want?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“You know what I want. I want to fuck you.”

“Please don’t make me do it again. I felt so cheap the last time.”

“Don’t be silly Claudia. It is a woman’s place to let her man fuck her whenever he wants it.”

She got a little excited. “So, does this mean I am your woman now?”

He only said that because he felt possessive of her and didn’t want any other man to have sex with her going forward. “No, it just means you are my personal fuck toy until I get tired of you, and no one else is ever going to fuck you while I still own that body of yours.”

“Can you at least do a little foreplay with me?”

“Sluts like you don’t need foreplay. I know that after that first time you must dream every day of my cock being in your cunt every night. But when you are on your period like today, I don’t want to get my dick messy. So, tonight I am going to take your anal virginity.”

Claudia looked at him with panic in her face. “But I’m too small back there. It will hurt.”

“You’re right, I am going to have to gag you so if anyone is nearby, they don’t hear you carrying on like a little baby.”

He pinned her to the floor of the tent and opened the flap, then he found one of her hiking socks nearby and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Kyle, please at least use some lube.”

“I’m going to, so I don’t hurt my cock.”

He pulled some lube he had in his pocket and pulled his hiking shorts down. “Spread your ass cheeks Claudia. You’re in for a real treat. Girls love it when I spear their tight little assholes.”

Claudia felt humiliated and ashamed, but excited at the same time, because she still loved Kyle and wanted him to love her too. Maybe letting him ass fuck her would do the trick. Other girls told her it didn’t hurt too bad and that sometimes they even had an anal orgasm from it.

She reached back and spread her ass cheeks and he applied a little lube to his cock. Without even opening up her ass with his fingers, he plunged his cock into her virgin back passage. He covered her sock stuffed mouth as she screamed into the sock in pain. Just like last time though, she felt good at least having Kyle want her. Luckily, her ass slowly opened up. She wished he would at least caress her breasts, but that wasn’t going to happen.

He rocked in and out of her ass, as she involuntarily started to feel an anal orgasm building, even though he wasn’t even fingering her. She soon felt her ass pulsing around his meaty dick as she came, then he exploded into her ass shortly afterwards.

As he pulled out, he said softly, “thanks Claudia, you are a good girl for letting me have what I want.”

She couldn’t believe that he said something nice. “Does that mean you want to date me?”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but I might consider you to be included in my regular rotation of girlfriends. I don’t want to limit myself to just one woman.” Claudia felt a glimmer of hope that maybe he was having some feelings for her, or even just having some feelings about anything at all.

He continued to visit her tent on nights when they weren’t staying in a shelter that also had other hikers staying for the night. He would unfasten her flap and decide whether he wanted to fuck her pussy or her tight little ass. She often cried afterwards, even though she had great orgasms, because she wanted more from him than just sex. On nights when he was tired or disinterested in visiting her, she kind of felt sad and unwanted.

One night they were sitting by the campfire when Kyle suddenly blurted out, “Claudia, I’ve been so focused on your pussy and ass that I just realized you’ve never sucked my cock.”

“That sounds gross. You’re all dirty from being on the trail.”

“You’ll love it. All my girls love it when I jam it down their throat.”

“Kyle, please don’t make me gag and choke on it.”

“Why not? That’s half the fun for me. Now get on your knees like a good girl before I fuck your ass hard with no lube.”

“But what if someone comes by and sees us?”

“Then they’ll be jealous that I am with a pretty girl on this trail.”

“You really think I’m pretty?”

“I used to think you’re a little plain looking, but I am starting to appreciate how you are not the typical cookie cutter looking type of girl I usually date.”

“So, Kyle are we dating now?”

“We kind of are, but it is just a probationary period.”

She smiled ear to ear and enthusiastically got on her knees and unfastened his shorts, pulling them down to free his erect penis. She greedily put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. She had no idea what she was doing, she just wanted to please him.

“That’s great, my new girlfriend. Keep sucking it hard.” As she bobbed up and down on his cock, he grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock deeper down his throat. She started gagging and choking on it and tried to pull her head off if it.

He got annoyed and raised his voice, “Claudia, we’ve had this conversation, if you want to be my girlfriend, you have to stop complaining about little things.”

She was almost passing out from not being able to breathe, but he didn’t care. She just wanted it to end. Luckily, he soon came with a roar in her mouth. She held his cum in her mouth, not knowing what to do.

“You need to swallow it. Girls I’m with don’t spit out my scum.” She swallowed it with a pained look on her face. She got up and sat next to him and leaned over to try to give him a kiss.

“Claudia, I would kiss you, but you have the taste of my cum in your mouth. Maybe next time we have sex.”

Claudia was elated that maybe she could eventually kiss him, and maybe she was even getting through his rough exterior. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. She did wonder sometimes though whether she was crazy putting up with his abuse and wasn’t sure if she could change him to be more of a caring person and not a total prick to everyone.

Kyle was also getting worried about himself. He started realizing that Claudia was so different from other girls. He was also getting turned on by how tough she was with the physical and mental stress of the long daily hiking. He admired her discipline and even started feeling some remorse that he was treating her so badly.

One day they were hiking along a path and Claudia was in front of him. He started getting horny looking at this tiny mousy girl with her tight ass and muscular shoulders and calves.

He stopped her and whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck.”

“But we are on the trail. Someone might see us!”

“Well that will be half the fun. Get your backpack off now.”

“But Kyle, I don’t want to do this.”

“Yes, you do.”

Part of her actually did want to do it to please him. She felt warm and safe when Kyle was in her, even if he was forcing her. She took off her pack and he unceremoniously unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her knees. He did the same with his shorts and bent her over in front of him.

Claudia’s snatch was dripping with anticipation as he gently inserted his dick into her from behind. She was so turned on that he was being gentle. He actually reached his hand up under her shirt and started gentle caressing her breasts. He started moaning and breathing hard. As his excitement built to a crescendo and he started to explode into her pussy, he cried out “I really like you Claudia!”

Claudia was shocked and started crying. “You really like me?”

He was ashamed of being nice. It made him feel weak and out of control. “I just said it to make you feel better about yourself.” He was lying to her, but she did not feel sad though because she hoped that maybe he just didn’t want to admit his feelings, and maybe he was changing.

A few nights later they decide to sleep in a shelter, but the four bunks were filled with four kind of rough, sketchy looking guys, so they slept on the floor in between the bunk beds on either side of them. Kyle got horny in the middle of the night and woke Claudia up. “Claudia, get your pajamas off and get on your hand and knees, I want to ass fuck you from behind and I want to see those little titties of yours while I give it to you good.”

“But Kyle, these guys might wake up and see us. There’s a full moon shining light into the shelter.”

“Don’t worry, you should be proud that you’re my girl now.”

“You mean you aren’t going to see other girls when we get home?”

“Yes. None of them are as a good of a rape slut as you. They have too much fighting spirit and I want someone who is totally submissive like you.”

Claudia was crushed by this comment but felt happy that at least Kyle was willing to be committed to only her. It was a start. She did not have a submissive personality, but if that is what he wanted, she would go along with that for now.

She took off her onesie pajamas and got on her hands and knees while Kyle inserted himself into her now looser ass, which had been violated so many times on this trip that it almost would open in anticipation before he even touched it.

He forgot to gag her though and she started making noises that woke up the four fellow hikers. One of them saw Kyle roughly fucking Claudia and it looked like Kyle was forcing Claudia to have sex, which he kind of was.

“Hey, miss, are you okay? Is this guy your boyfriend or husband? Is he forcing you?”

She looked at him sheepishly. “Yes, he is my boyfriend. I am doing this to please him. It doesn’t matter to me if I want to or not. He loves me, he just doesn’t know how to show it.”

Kyle interjected, “Mouse is not my girlfriend, she is just some girl I know from college.” He was a little ashamed in front of others that he was with this girl who was not a supermodel type of woman.

The scruffy stranger looked at him with bewilderment. Her trail name is Mouse? What is your name, Cat?” he laughed.

“Actually, that is my trail name, and this Cat caught this little Mouse and is showing her who is in charge.” He continued to fuck Claudia while he spoke to the stranger.

“Wow, you are the biggest jerk I think I’ve ever met.”

“Oh, yeah, you want to take it outside?”

The hiker replied, “no there is only four of us against you. We’d be no match for your strength.” He was playing with Kyle, but Kyle was too arrogant to realize it.

Kyle looked at them smugly. “Well I suggest you move along before I show you what I do with guys who talk back to me.” The strangers got up and packed their stuff and left, while Kyle continued to sodomize Claudia.

After they were done having sex, she was a little upset. “Why did you say I was just some girl you knew from college?”

“I’m not ready for you to publicly be my girlfriend yet.” She felt dejected, but again hoped he would change.

The next morning, they started hiking again and decided to go off the trail to a nearby lake to take a swim to get clean. After they came out of the lake and got dressed, the four strangers appeared out of the woods. Kyle hadn’t realized in the dark how big these four guys actually were. They were all much bigger than him. They were all sporting menacing tattoos and looked like extras from a prison movie.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” one of the hikers, whose trail name was Spike, said sarcastically. “The douche named Cat and his little Mouse that he likes to abuse.”

“I don’t abuse her. She likes me to get rough with her.”

Spike looked at Claudia. “Does he make you do things you don’t want to do?”

“Well yes, but Kyle is a good guy deep inside. I am trying to get him to change.” Kyle looked at them with fear in his eyes. He knew that they would not like that answer.

“Well Mouse. It is better to leave situations like this up to Karma. Karma is a bitch though and she knows where you live,” he smirked. “Cat seems to like to spread bad Karma and it is going to come back to him right now.”

Two of the strangers grabbed Kyle by each arm and the other two grabbed Claudia. Kyle realized how strong they were, as he couldn’t move and was worried that they might kill him. He had started to care for Claudia but was still too self-centered to care too much about anyone but himself. He was a little ashamed of how he treated her on this trip, and during all the years he knew her. He was also afraid of what the strangers planned to do to her.

Kyle shouted out, “please don’t force her to have sex. She is my friend and doesn’t deserve that.”

Spike replied, “but you seemed to like to force her. She looked like she was terrified of you.”

“No, she liked it.”

Spike looked at Claudia and said, “you didn’t seem to like it very much. I know an abuser when I see one.”

Claudia put her head down and didn’t answer. She didn’t care what they did to her, she just wanted Kyle to not get hurt. “Do you want to me but leave Kyle alone! Please don’t hurt him. I love him!”

Spike looked at her and replied, “so Cat has a name. What is your name?”


“Kyle seems to think we would abuse a small young sweet girl like you. We are not like that. We all have mothers and sisters and respect women. We just all had some problems with men and ended up going to prison for assault or sometimes murder. We just got out of prison and decided to do a weekend hike to clear our minds. We know guys like Kyle. Guys who like to abuse women. We know how to let them feel what it is like though. We aren’t going to rape you. We are going to make Kyle our bitch though.”

Kyle was horrified. “Hey guys, are you kidding? I don’t do guys. What are you all gay or something!”

Spike replied, “no we are not gay. But sometimes in prison you have sexual needs and you don’t care how you relieve those needs. Probably you have had the same attitude with poor little Mouse here. Putting your needs first without caring about her feelings.”

One of the strangers, whose trail name was Butch, let go of Claudia’s arm, and the other stranger held both of her arms behind her back. He walked over to where Spike and the 4th stranger was holding Kyle, and punched Kyle hard in the face. Then he punched him in the stomach, and then again on the other side of his face. Kyle started crying while Claudia shouted for them not to hurt him.

Spike whispered in his ear, “not so tough now, you little douche. We had plenty of young tough guys come into the joint, but they weren’t so tough after a night with one or more of our little gang here.”

“Please don’t do this. I didn’t mean to hurt Claudia. I just get excited bullying other people, especially women.”

Spike looked at him with contempt. “Kyle, you ever see that movie about the whitewater rafters who run into some backwoods people?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Do you remember that famous line when they tied the one guy to a tree and sodomized him?”

“What was the line?”

“We’re going to make you squeal like a pig.”

“No!” Kyle screamed.

Two of the strangers pushed Kyle up against a nearby tree, tied him to the tree and pulled his shorts down. Spike dropped his pants, exposing a huge thick cock.

Kyle was supposed to protect Claudia on this trip but did nothing but sexually and emotionally abuse her. But she was still in love with him and hoping she could change him. She was clearly experiencing Stockholm Syndrome, where a kidnapping victim ends up feeling sorry for her captor and falls in love with him.

She shouted to Spike, “please don’t do that to him, you can do it to me! It’s okay. Kyle did that dozens of times to me and I got used to it.”

Spike shook his head. “You are a pathetic human being Kyle. Now it is time for this big dog to teach this stupid Cat a lesson. “It is time for you to squeal like a little pig,” he laughed as he rammed his cock into Kyle’s virgin asshole.

“Take it out, take it out. It hurts!” Kyle cried loudly.

He took his cock out of Kyle’s ass and Kyle was relieved. “Thanks for taking it out, it hurt so bad. Claudia’s exaggerating. I didn’t rape her that many times.”

“So, you did force her, didn’t you?”

“I did. But she was willing to let me because I needed to get relief.”

“Kyle, I only took it out because it wasn’t hurting enough considering what you have done to her for the entire trip.” Spike balled up his fist and rammed it up Kyle’s ass. He screamed out in excruciating pain, but Spike just twisted his fist around in his ass until Kyle passed out from the pain.

He woke up and was on his knees being held by two of the strangers. Spike was standing in front of him naked from the waist down. “I didn’t get to come, so you need to suck me off.”

Kyle grimaced. “I’m not gay and your dick was in my ass.”

“I’m sure you never worried about anything gross you did to Claudia. I have a sister her age you know, and you really are a piece of shit, so you are going to taste what a piece of shit actually tastes like. Now clean off my cock you sick bastard.”

Kyle opened his mouth and Spike jammed his hard dick down his throat with no mercy, and started face fucking him. Kyle could not control the motions of Spike’s cock and started gasping for breath until Spike came in his mouth and was forced to swallow Spike’s load. Then he passed out again.

He woke up again on the ground and saw Claudia still being restrained by two of the strangers and Spike and Butch standing near him. Spike had a gun pointed at Kyle’s head, while Claudia cried for him not to kill him.

“Well the Cat is awake while the Mouse gets to laugh at his misfortune,” Spike laughed.

“Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me!” Kyle begged.

Spike looked at him with hatred and said, “do you know why I went to prison?”


“Because my dad abused my mom and sometimes even raped her. I came home one day while she was on her hands and knees ass fucking her, just like you were doing to Claudia in the shelter.”

“So, what did you do?”

“I shot that motherfucker in the head. My mom was so beaten down and believed that my father’s behavior was normal, and she actually cried that I killed that piece of shit. The judge had to give me some time, but only gave me two years, and I only had to serve one year. At the sentencing he said about my father, “that was a man who deserved to be killed and the world can rotate quite nicely without him.”

“So, are you going to kill me?”

“Yes, but I don’t want poor Claudia to see this.”

“I don’t want to die!”

“Your soul died years ago, just like my daddy. I am just letting your body catch up to it.” Spike motioned for his two friends to lead Claudia away from the scene of Kyle’s upcoming execution, so she wouldn’t get upset watching her dream man get his brains splattered all over the floor of the forest.

What no one knew was that Claudia’s favorite sport was actually karate. She had been taking lessons for many years and even Kyle didn’t know it because she thought he would make fun of her. She had been waiting for her chance to overpower the four men and save Kyle’s life.

As the two men led her away from Kyle and Spike, she kicked one of the men in the leg with a back kick and then did a spinning back fist to the other man. She quickly unleashed a fury of punches and kicks to knock them out but not permanently injure them, since they were just trying to help them.

Spike was shocked and didn’t have time to react as she ran towards him and executed a flying side kick to his gut, and followed with punches and kicks that knocked the gun out Spike’s hand and knocked Spike and the other stranger unconscious.

Kyle was shocked at what Claudia had just done to save him. He slowly got up and lowered his head in shame. Claudia picked up the pistol and opened the chamber. The gun was empty. Spike just wanted to scare and humiliate Kyle to teach him a lesson.

“Kyle, we better get out of here quick before they wake up. Grab your pack and let’s find a motel to clean up and get some sleep. I’m exhausted. I’ll rent a car in the morning and drive us home. I think we got everything we needed out of this trip.”

As they walked to a motel they knew was in the distance, Kyle felt humiliated that he had abused Claudia and she could have killed him at any time with her karate skills.

“Claudia, I’m really sorry for the way I acted all these years. I always loved you but was very insecure and thought you would reject me if I asked you out. I bullied people because I felt inferior to everyone and worthless inside. Spike showed me what it is like to be bullied, abused and humiliated. I’ll never treat anyone that way again.”

They got to a motel and rented just one room with two double beds. Claudia was not concerned that Kyle would try anything with her anymore, since he was afraid of her now, and hopefully was starting to change into a better person. They both were dirty and bruised and took a shower to clean off. Kyle got into his bed and pulled the covers over his head.

Claudia came out of the bathroom and was puzzled. “Kyle, why do you have the covers over your head?”

“Because I am ashamed to even look at you. And now I am going to have to see you every day at work. My parents think the world of you and think I’m a screw up and a self-centered bully. Before we left my mom told me that there was a lot you could teach me on the job because you are so smart and disciplined and I’m not.”

“Kyle, I still want to work with you and think we can teach other a lot, like we did on this trip.”

He was still under the covers, to avoid looking at her. “Claudia, what do you mean?”

“I’ve learned to respect myself and not be submissive to a man, hoping he will love me. I’ve also learned that abusive men often feel guilty after they abuse a woman and try to make it up to them, so they won’t leave him, but end up doing it again and again.”

“I’ve learned my lesson Claudia and want to be a better person. It will take time though to prove to you that I have truly changed. What can I do before we go home to start proving it to you?”

“Pull the covers down so you can see me.”

He pulled down the covers and saw Claudia standing there naked. He was in shock. “Why are you naked?”

“Because I want to see if I can train you how to make love to woman without acting like a jerk.” She got under the covers with him and he became very shy.

“So, what do I do to start?”

“Well first you can kiss me like you love me. Then you can see if you can figure out what a clitoris is,” as she smiled at him.

They made love all night and Claudia showed him what she liked in bed and Kyle was very gentle and appreciated the lesson, and maybe a second chance to be with Claudia.

In the morning he rolled over with a smile and said shyly, “how did I do? Will you let me be your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know yet Kyle. I am not sure if you are really going to change. Let’s just say you are on a probationary period, like you told me when I asked to be your girlfriend earlier in the trip.”

Claudia rented a car and drove Kyle home. As they drove, she sarcastically said, “Kyle you really need to get a driver’s license so you can drive yourself. Your dad offered to buy you a car years ago.”

“You’re right. There are so many things I need to learn.”

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