Elliots New Job by The+Buppy

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Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Cruelty, Discipline, First Time, Foot fetish, Gay, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance

Elliots New Job Part one

Authors notes:

This story is a work of fiction, any similarities to any actual person or situation is purely coincidental. Additionally this is a Furry story, so if your not into furries this story isn’t for you.

This story was written for a friend of mine and is based off of a character of his. Please rate and reply to this story, the more your reply the more he'll like it.

Thank you and let the fun begin...

Elliot was an 18 year old skunk/bunny hybrid who had just finished high school and was getting ready to start collage. He was short for his age only standing at 5 foot even, and had a somewhat girly frame. He had pitch black fur with pink stripes running down his body, his eyes were a soft pink only adding to his feminine features. He was mostly a skunk except for his long floppy ears

Elliot had recently moved to a new apartment a few blocks from his university and was excited to start. The only issue was that all the money he had saved up was slowly running out. Even with his scholarship and student grants, he needed to get a part time job and soon. Classes didn’t start for another 2 weeks so he figured he’d spend that time job searching, little did he know that this search would lead him to a whole new world for him.

The first few days were uneventful as he spent most of his time reading his course books or searching through the classified section of craigslist trying ot find a part time job. Sadly since he did not own a car most of the jobs he had found would be to difficult to get to so he had to ignore quite a few adds. He kept having to buy more supplies for school so he was slowly starting to get desperate for a job.

Then he found a post that seemed to fit his needs, “Cleaning boy needed $12/Hr 20-40+ hrs/week.” Elliot wasn’t above doing a bit of cleaning especially when it paid so well, so he opened the add and read through it. It seemed to be for a gym of some sort that was just down the street from him. It was called “Hot Steam GYM and Bathhouse.” he thought it was kind of odd that they made it very clear that they were looking for men only, but hey a job is a job.

Elliot replied to the add explaining he was interested in the job. To his surprise he got a response fairly quickly, his phone buzzing only 5 minutes later with the email. He quickly opened the email and read it; “Dear Elliot,

My Name is Alex, I own and run Hot Steam GYM and Bathhouse. We are looking for a young man who could start ASAP, as in we would be happy to have you start tomorrow if youd like...”

The email went on about telling him to wear comfortable clothing and be at the GYM by 12PM the next day. Elliot smiled, this had gone a lot easier then he had hoped. It seemed do that they didn’t do an interview with him first, but hey at least he had a job now. That night Elliot splurged a bit and ordered chinese food for dinner. He spent the rest of the night in front of the boob tube watching his favorite show.

The next morning he got up, showered, and got ready for his new job. He wore a comfortable pair of black jeans and a gray t-shirt. He felt a little bit nervous about starting his new job, but he figured it couldn’t be all to bad and the pay was really nice if it was. He left his house about half an hour early to make sure he got there on time. He ended up showing up 10 minutes early but waited outside the building.

The gym seemed to be fairly small, and was tucked away down a side street. Elliot wondered if they got much service here since the neighborhood seemed a bit run down and grimy. He looked at the open hours and the GYM was open from 1PM-2AM. That seemed like odd hours, but hey maybe it was for people that worked late.

Atnoon a big black SUV pulled into the parking lot, and a big white stallion stepped out. He was much taller then Elliot standing at 6”2' tall. He had long naturally blond hair and emerald green eyes. As the horse stepped closer to Elliot, The horse seemed to be sizing the small skunk up.

“you must be Elliot, my name is Alex.”he held out his hand ot shake the skunks, Elliot put his paw out meekly and shook the much larger horses hand. “you must be Elliot right?”

“Um... Y-yes I am. Thank you so much for the job, I really need it.” Elliot really was nervous, he was never really all tat great with people.

“I'll warn you, this is going to be a hard job. We rarely have a boy last more then a week, that’s why we pay so well hoping we can keep one around for a wile.” as Alex spoke he unlocked the door and beckoned for the skunk to follow him in. “Its not really the work that’s to hard, its the clientele. They can be a bit hard ot work with and clean up after.”

Elliot didn’t notice the smirk that ran across the stallions face as he was surveying his surroundings. The GYM looked really run down, there wasn’t that many workout equipment but all of it looked 10 years out of date. But even with the lack of Workout equipment there was the unmistakable smell of sweat and testosterone.

“Mainly you will be working in the baths cleaning up towels, toilets, and the baths themselves. Most of our business revolves around the baths.” again Elliot completely missed the Stallions devious smile as he listened and looked around. There were 15-20 private baths in the back of the GYM, they seemed ot be in a lot better condition then the GYM equipment out front. Elliot thought it was weird that people would mainly be coming in to use the baths, but hey it was popular in japan, so maybe a lot of Japanese people came here.

Finally the Stallion brought Elliot to the Changing room/shower section of the building. He notice immediately that there was only a section for men, and no woman’s changing room. It made sense to him now why they wanted men only to apply for the job. It was a men's only GYM.

As Elliot had been looking around it came as a complete and total shock to him that when he turned around he saw that Alex had stripped down and was completely nude. It didnt seem to bother Alex at all to be nude in front of the young skunk.

Elliot had always thought himself straight and was still a virgin. He hadn’t really felt to sexual growing up, but now he couldn’t help but stair at the stallions massive cock. It was about 10 inches long and as thick as a beer can, his balls hung low but were massive.

Alex noticed the skunk staring at him and smiled, “see something you like there?” he laughed as he slapped his massive flaccid cock, which seemed to twitch a little.

Elliot eeped and looked away blushing hard, and tried ot hide his face with his ears. “n-no sir... sorry.... I-im not gay or anything...” he was shaking in embarrassment at being caught staring at another guys junk. The thing was though he couldn’t get the thought of the stallions cock out of his mind, somehow it had seemed inviting and alluring. He shook his head trying to not think about it, he was straight after all.... right????

Alex laughed some as he started ot change into his work cloths, a pair of tight fitting GYM shorts and a tight t shirt. His shorts didnt hide his bulge at all. “well not that theres anything wrong with that right?”

“n-no sir... I didnt mean... I mean.... Hmfff...” he was just a blushing mess.

“your ok Elliot, I know what you mean. But you better get used to seeing guys naked if your going to work here, when you clean in here youll see a lot of them.” He laughed as he finished getting ready and lead the skunk to the office to get the paperwork side of things done.

By the time they were all done it was almost starting time. The job was pretty simple so Alex had Elliot start cleaning the place up, wile he went and opened the doors. Eliot worked hard by scrubbing all the tubs and mopping the floors. Thankfully the place seemed dead so he was able to get most of his work done by about 6 pm. The place looked at least a bit better then it had, but there was no amount of cleaning that would get rid of the sence that the place was run down.

So far there had been only been 2 clients, a big heavy set Pig and a younger looking wolf. They had paid for their bathing room, showered and entered the same bath. They were in there about 45 minuts before they both hit the shower. Elliot was baffled that they seemed to be out of breath after taking a relaxing bath.

When he stepped in there was water all over the floor and there was the smell of sweat and somthign he couldn’t recognize. He mopped up the floor and was shocked ot see there was a condom wrapper on the ground. When he went ot the bath he saw that the used condom was floating in the water and cum was leaking out of it into the water.

EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!! Elliot thought to himself, as he went out to go get Alex. “ummm... Alex... those 2 guys that came in.... I think they were having... um...” he blushed just as hard as he had before. He was nervously hugging his tail as he tried ot tell Alex what he had just found.

Alex had been serffing the net on his computer and looked up at the skunk. “what is it? Spit it out”

Elliot whined and bit his lip “t-there was a used... Condom....” his words trailed off as he ewas extremely embarrassed.

“Oh” Alex chuckled “yeah you’ll be seeing a lot of that and worse, didnt you realize? This is a gay bathhouse.” Alex smirked as he saw the skunks eyes bug open in shock.

“What... really... Um.....” Elliot blushed even harder. What had he gotten himself into.... “i-i guess I didnt notice....” what was he to do now? He needed the money.

“well if you have a problem with that, ill pay you for a full day and you may leave.” Elliot blushed hard as the Stallion had spoken sternly.

“N-No.. its fine... I need the money..” Elliot whimpered some as he now started ot realize how this place got by with almost no exercise equipment. “i-i just didn’t realized... th-theres nothing wrong with being gay...”

Alex gave Elliot a piercing stair as the skunk fiddled with his tail still blushing brightly. “well.... then you better go clean that tub out then.” Alex went back to browsing the web, leaving Elliot to go clean.

Elliot walked back into the room and blushed as he looked back into the bathtub, the Condom was floating around in the tub moving around and around as it was pushed by the water jets. The cum was no where to be seen, but Elliot just figured that it had just dissolved into the water. Elliot hit the empty button on the side of the tub and the water slowly emptied out.

When all of the water was gone Elliot garbed a scrub brush and started to scrub the inside of the tub, making sire to clean it thoroughly. The entire time he tried not ot think about the fact that 2 men had had sex in the tub. Oddly though, the more he tried not ot think about the men having sex, the more he thought about Alex's huge cock.

Elliot started to wonder how it would feel to touch the thick veiny member, all the time his own tiny member started to come to life and was slowly becoming erect. He blushed hard as he realized that his liitle 3 inch chubby was hard and whimpered. I-im staight.... why am I getting hard thinking about another guys thing....

He tried to focus on his cleaning but was still rather distracted. Once he had finished scrubbing the tub he got out the cleaning chemical and started pouring it in as the tub filled up to start its clean cycle. Hi mind kept going back to his bosses cock, and thoughts of what those 2 guys might have been doing. He didnt realize that he had poured far to much of the heavy duty cleaner into the tub.

As he was mopping with thoughts still running through his head he suddenly heard a grinding sound and suddenly the room was filled with smoke. Some of the cleaning powder hadn’t dissolved p[properly since he had poured so much in and had clogged the motor for the water jets. Elliot hopped from one foot to the other in fear as there ewas a final cracking sound and all of the water flooded out onto the floor and into the hallway.

“what the fuck was that?” Elliot eeped as Alex yelled. His footsteps were pounding towards the Bathing room. he frantically looked around trying ot find a means of escape but found none. It didnt matter anyways because Alex stormed into the room and looked at the mess and smoke.

“what happened in here?” Alex looked absolutely furious as he looked around at the mess,

“I-I was just cleaning up... and... and... there was a grinding sound... and well...” he whimpered and stammered as he backed into a corner trying as hard as he could to hide behind his tail.

Alex took 2 long steps twards the skink and bent down until they were face ot face. “this little mistake of yourse is going to cost me thousands of dollars,” the massive stallion grabbed the skunk by his hair and pulled the helpless skunk out of the room. He lead him to the changing room and pushed him ot the ground. “take off your cloths”

“w-what?” Elliot said as he shook in fear.

“I said take your fucking cloths off.” Alex shouted in a demanding voice.

The poor skunks eyes were full of tears and fear as he started to remove his clothing, showing off his feminine frame ot the Large and handsome Stallion. Finally the skunk sat there only in his undies.

“i didnt say stop at your undies did I?” alex said as he slapped the skunk across the face, it wasn’t a particularly hard slap but it was enough to let the skunk know who was in charge. Elliot whimpered and cried as he quickly reached down and removed his little briefs, showing off his pathetically small member. Alex laughed loudly as he looked down at the skunk, he looked like a young girl. “what the hell is that? An over sized clit?”

Elliot just sat there whimpering and shaking. he was so embarrassed... but... there was another feeling he hadn’t felt before... could he posibly be enjoying the abuse and humiliation. Alex let out another hearty laugh as he saw the skunk was starting ot get hard again.

“oh my god what a fucking joke. Your getting excited over this?” Alex laughed harder and slapped the skunk again, only harder this time. Elliot cried harder from the slap and the humiliation, which only seemed ot make things worse as he was now fully erect.

“I-I... You see...” he sniffled as he couldn’t find a way of denying what was completely obvious.

“i think you lied to me earlier.” Alex smiled as he pulled his shorts down and let his monster of a cock flop out. It was slowly getting hard as he felt total control over the little skunk. “well you wanted ot look at my cock earlier, now look at it.” he said in a demanding voice.

Elliot had lost control over himself and looked up at his bosses huge cock, being so meek and excited as he was, he couldn’t say no ot such a dominant male. Elliot’s eyes were fixed on the now erect horse cock as he shook and cried.

“That it, you did lie ot me you little fag. I could tell it the moment you laid eyed on me, you wanted to be on your knees in front of me.” He slapped his cock as he had before making it wobble back and forth as a drip of precum leaked from his tip. “go on you little fagot, touch it.”

Elliot shook his head and tried ot look away, only to receive a hard slap across the face and a strong glair from the stallion. “I fucking said touch it you god damn fagot.”

Elliot sniffled and looked away as he reached out and grabbed the stallions massive dick. His own tiny prick was throbbing and leaking pre. As the skunk touched the stallions member he heard Alex moan out. Without being told Elliot slowly started ot stroke the horses cock, he was rewarded by the horse rubbing his head.

“that’s it slut you know what ot do.” Alex’s cock felt amazing in the skunks paw, though he tried ot lie to himself and say he didn’t like it. But obviously the stallion was pleased as he stroked the cock faster, “now open that fag mouth of yours.”

Elliot was terrified as he had never thought about sucking another guys dick. But not wanting another slap he opened his mouth and closed his eyes. Elliot felt the horse guide his head to the massive dick. He let out a whimper as suddenly the massive tip slipped into his mouth, his nose was filled with the scent of the horses musk a smell that was nearly intoxicating. He couldn’t help but open his eyes as he saw the stallion start to push his cock in and out of the skunks mouth.

Alex moaned loudly and leaked a huge drop of precum onto the skunks tongue, the skunk was surprised ot find that it wasn’t to bad, and was in fact kind of sweet. Mixed with the smell of the musk Elliott seemed ot be relaxing some as he was able to take more and more of the massive member into this mouth.

He gaged a little as the massive tip prodded his throat, “relax bitch, im getting in there weather you like it or not. So you had better relax and take it or you’ll wish you had.”

Elliot did his best ot obey as he tried ot relax his throat as he felt the massive tip starting ot push its way down his throat. The smell of the horses musk grew heavier and heavier the deeper the hores went. Likewise he wasn’t able ot breath as well the farther it went in. finally the horse gripped the back of the skunks head and pushed back on it forcing himself to be hilted by the skunks mouth and throat.

Elliot was choking fully now and couldn’t breath, he started to squirm to get away but the stallion was far to powerful for him and was able to keep him there with just one hand. “you like daddies cock don’t you?” Alex said with a laugh as he pushed the skunk off of his cock. The skunk coughed and gasped for air as he blushed hard. Oddly he had actually enjoyed everything the dominant horse had done to him.

“p-please no... i-im not gay...” Elliot tried to explain.

“then why are you leaking huh? Is that hard on just a figment of my imagination?” Alex laughed hard as he rubbed his shiny leather boot ot the skunks wet tip. Some of the skunks pre leaked onto the boot and the stallion scowled. “lick it up bitch”

Elliot needed no further coaxing as he leaned down and started leaking his own precum from the black shiny boot. “that it slut, just like a good boy, now get back on your knees and open wide.”

Elliot did as he was told, his cock throbbing even harder now. Why was it he was so turned on by such things, he was being raped for gods sakes and he loved it, Elliot thought to himself. He had expected the horse to rape his face again but was surprised as he got a face full of piss as the stallion sighed out. “drink it up slut”

Elliot tried to move out of the way of the stream only the received the hardest slap he had gotten yet. He let out a loud whimper as he got back into place and let the horse piss right into his open muzzle. He tried to drink as much as he could but he coughed and gagged a lot as he wasn’t yet used to the taste of piss. “you better get used to this, because until I fell that you have worked enough ot pay off that tub, you’ll be drinking a lot of piss and seeing a lot of my cock.”

Elliot started to cry again but was still extremely excited by this entire ordeal. He felt guilty to be aroused by such terrible things, but he couldn’t help himself. The horses piss was thick and harsh tasting, but elliot suffered through it and drank quite a bit before the stallion sighed out and his stream slowly slowed.

“fuck your such a good slut, now finish sucking me off and the real fun will begin.....”

End part One

Rating: 82%, Read 22982 times, Posted Feb 24, 2015

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Cruelty, Discipline, First Time, Foot fetish, Gay, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance


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