Will's new home: Part 9_(1) by thelittletown

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“Will, I really, really don’t want to!”

“I know. But we don’t have any real reason not to”

“Uh...yes we do! Think about all the things she’s made us do!”

“So what? She’s a human being like everyone else, we should just talk to her.”

“Fine..”Pierce regrettably said as he and Will opened the door to Amy Lewis’s office and walked in.

The teacher sat at her desk weeping bitterly, and didn’t even look up or respond to the sudden light that was penetrating the dark room from the hall.

“Ms. Lewis?” Will asked softly, shaking her shoulder.

“Wi-Will? Why are you two in here?”

“We thought we should see how you’re doing”

“Oh, Will...” Amy replied as she was now completely overwhelmed with guilt, “How can you care about me after all the things I’ve made you do?”

“Well, you were crying and we thought that you may be in some kind of distress?” Will said, unsure of what exactly to say to his former persecutor.

“Will...Pierce...I am so sorry. It’s my fault for what I did, I won’t blame anyone else. I can’t believe what I’ve done! Please forgive me, I know you don’t have any reason to, and I know that I shouldn’t be forgiven for such horrible thing, but please! I want to help you two, your in danger, and I can’t bear to think about what might happen if anyone got hurt because of my STUPID STUPID addiction! Please, Will, Pierce...please forgive me...”

“I do”, Will said confidently as Amy wiped tears from her red eyes.

“I do too”, Pierce spoke up.

Amy whimpered, and covering her mouth, she began to weep once more.

Rachel could hear the conversation from the other room. using a stethoscope she had acquired from the nurses office, she could hear the conversation, maybe not 100% clearly, but with enough accuracy to know what was happening to the three people in the adjacent office.

“Dammit”, she thought to herself, “I think I’m losing control of Amy.”

Brook stood outside the corner of the office door. She had entered the building early to drop the forged note off on Amy’s desk, but had happened to overhear everything they were saying. She smiled as she heard the words of apology come from Amy’s office, yet she wanted someone in the room to punch the teacher or yell at her or punish her in some way. Sighing, Brook stood silently by the door and waited for the teacher to quit crying.

When Amy’s crying had resided momentarily she suddenly grabbed the two boys by the shirt and pulled them towards her.

“You are both, in danger. Especially you, Will. You both need to find help”

“What!” Pierce yelped, now scared out of his mind.

“Listen to me. That Rachel girl, she’s after you, Will. And, Pierce, she’s not afraid to take you down either”, Amy warned as Pierce gulped, “She found this guy, his name in Rev. Lloyd Greene, he knows you and Brook and he-”

“What!” Will shouted. He pulled away form Amy and put his hands on his head, he felt sick now. His stomach began to churn and his eyes widened with fear.

Brook, overhearing everything from her place form outside, burst into the office and grabbed Amy by the arms.

“What did you say? Where is he? How did he know where we are?”

“I-I don’t know!” Amy yelled back in surprise as Brook had appeared to have jumped out of no were, “He-he’s teamed up with Hayden! And Rachel! And that one kid Mark, he had him have that affair with Brook so that Will would get mad at her and when he called to straighten out the situation he lied to Will!”

“That bastard...” Brook said between her teeth. She let go of Amy and clenched her fists tight with rage, “That fucking bastard! Tell me, Lewis, what else did grandpa-I mean-Greene do to us?”

“Blane...”, Amy said softly and sadly, “He had this girl named Hayden poison him some how. I know he’s in the hospital, but if you want to blame anyone, it’s her fault. She even arranged to have someone give Lynn those specific shrooms for the party.”

“Oh my god...” Brook said to herself. In complete shock she let the note in her hand slip from it’s place and drift to the floor.

Seeing her name printed on it, Amy picked up the note and read it.

“Oh my god!” She said to herself, “You were planning to catch me!”

“Yes we were, Ms. Lewis”, Brook spoke up, “We were going to, but now-”

“And you need to.”

“What?” Will and Brook said simultaneously.

“I need to go to prison. I can learn self-control there. And besides, they’ll find out I told you guys about the plan and whose involved, so chances are the safest place to be is in prison.”

“Ms. Lewis...”, Will began, “You want to go to prison?”

“Yes. I-I need to go, Will”, said proudly, trying to make herself as mature as possible in front of the students.

“Well then heres the plan. You go to the boy’s locker room tomorrow at four. Once you get there, there’s a whole drilled in the corner of the showers that you’ll position yourself at. During this time, Will or Pierce, it doesn’t matter, will freak out and run from the showers, pointing and yelling at the peephole. The coach will call campus security, and you’ll be taken in to the office and an officer will come and take you to jail.”

“That’s-that’s a great plan, Brook”, Amy said, surprised at how thought out the 9th grader’s plan was.

“Alright then. See you at four tomorrow”, Brook said enthusiastically, and she, Will and Pierce walked out of the office.

Rachel punched the wall of the classroom. She pulled the stethoscope form her ears and threw it on the ground. She paced back and forth in the classroom, her arms crossed, she bit her bottom lip.

“GODDAMMIT!” She yelled, “That bitch is a traitor!”

Rachel felt blood trickle form her lip as her tooth penetrated the soft skin on her lips. She reached into her backpack and withdrew her phone. She dialed Hayden’s number and waited. After about three rings, Hayden picked up the phone.


“What is it, Rachel?”

“Amy betrayed us! She told them everything!”

“Well that could be a problem.”

“Yeah! It is!”

“Calm down, Rachel. I will talk to Rev. Greene. Meet us at the coffee shop tonight at six. We will have a plan by then.”

“Fine! But it’s worse than that!”

“What is it?”

“They know about what you did to Blane. It might be time to take ‘drastic’ measures”

“I understand. I will consult Rev. Greene.”

“Fine! I’ll call later, and I guess I’ll see you at the office at six”

“Good”, Hayden responded as she hung up her phone.

The day preceded as any school day would go for an average 9th grader. Will and Brook, however, were paralyzed with fear and foreboding at the thought of Greene returning for revenge. Pierce was very anxious about who Greene was and feared the worst, yet the two told Pierce they would tell him when they visited Blane in the hospital.

The day wasn’t only uneasy for Brook and Will, but Lynn was still emotionally dissident from the group. She was still recovery from the words her father had said to her. She felt like crap, like trash, like an abandoned dog on the highway.

During free time, all the other kids laughed and talked with each other in the courtyard behind the school, yet the usual flamboyant Lynn was silent and still. Haley and Brook caught this odd behavior and both sat next to Lynn who sat on a bench of her own in the corner of the courtyard.

“Are you okay, Lynn?” Brook asked, putting her hand on Lynn’s shoulders.

Lynn sighed. She looked up at Brook and hugged her friend, as she let the held in sorrow of the day escape her.

Everyone in the courtyard stopped talking and turned to watch as Lynn sobbed. She couldn’t control herself, and she continued to weep and cry on Brook’s shoulder.

Haley quickly helped Lynn up, and she and Brook escorted the crying girl to the bathroom inside the building.

“What was that all about?” Tanner, a fellow freshman asked Will.

“I don’t know? She just started crying”

In the bathroom Brook grabbed Lynn by the shoulders and shook her gently.

“Lynn! Lynn! Stop crying! Your making a scene!”

“Lynn? Are you okay?” Haley asked calmly.

“Haley, Brook...I-I...I’m a-a-a...lesbian...I’m gay...”

“It’s okay, Lynn”, Haley responded softly to Lynn, “Why are crying? Is it because of Brad-”

“NO! My dad! He told me tha-that I couldn’t come home!” Lynn burst out, she began crying bitterly as she did.

“That’s awful”, Brook said as she and Haley hugged Lynn, as she wept.

“Look, Lynn. You’re dad’s wrong. You should accept people for who they are no matter what they are. And you should not be ashamed or disgraced that you’re a lesbian.”

“But, Haley, my dad even said-”

“Ignore him. If anything, I’d be disappointed in him, he let YOU down, he should accept you, and if he can’t, then that’s his loss.”

“Th-thanks, Haley”, Lynn sniveled, hugging her best friend as she began to cry softly.

Brook, though she was an open minded person, didn’t quite know what to think about Lynn being a lesbian. She had considered the idea that her new friend wasn’t attracted to men, but she never thought Lynn would be openly gay. Brook herself was uneasy with the concept. She was raised in an ultra-conservative community, and homosexuality was not greeted with acceptance. Though Brook had denied that certain teaching personally, and believed that all people were equal, she had never met a lesbian before.

Lynn went on to tell them the details of what her father had said to her. Lynn also told them about how she would be moving in with Maria. Despite her uneasiness towards homosexuality, Brook was happy that her friend was moving in, and the three once again began to laugh and gossip, and finally returned from the bathroom. Once back in the courtyard, Lynn excitingly ran to the group and waved her arms in the air to gather everyone’s attention.

“Everyone! I have to tell you something! I am a lesbian! And I have no shame in saying it! So tell a friend to tell a friend and spread it around! Cause Lynn Chang is a lesbian!”

Will and Lynn walked home from school together. The two now where essentially roommates, and the two also both played sports after school. Lynn and Will laughed and shoved each other playfully. Now, knowing that she was a lesbian, Will almost thought of Lynn as another guy, something that she was already somewhat considered.

“I wonder how Blane’s doing?” Will asked as the two waited for the cross walk to turn green.

“I don’t know. His mom said he either overdosed or took a cocktail of drugs, so he’ll be alright.”

“Are you sure? Has he come out of a coma yet?”

“I don’t think so, but any day now right? I mean, he’s only been in a coma for like two days”

“Yeah...he’ll be fine..”, Will suddenly felt the true impact of what losing Blane would mean, “What did you feel when you heard he was in the hospital?” He asked, his tone changing to a more somber one.

“I felt so scared! I mean, Blane is the toughest guy in our grade, and the fact that he was taken down made me feel so-so vulnerable”

“Yeah, I know what ya mean”, Will replied, “Lynn?”


“Can I tell you something?”


“You know about the whole Ms. Lewis thing, right?”

“Yeah, Brook and Haley told me. She’s one sick bitch, but Brook says she now wants to go to-”

“Lynn, anyone tell you what she made us do?”

“I know they were sexual things?”

“Well...she made Pierce suck my...my-”

“Oh!” Lynn gasped, covering her mouth in astonishment.

“I know! And-and, I’ve been having these weird thoughts. It’s like I-I want to see Pierce naked. And it’s jus-just so weird to me! I mean, I’ve never thought about another guy before, and maybe it’s just a way of coping with the experience, but-”

“Will”, Lynn said softly, putting her hand on his shoulder, “Don’t worry about it. Whatever it is, your still a human being, and no one can tell you otherwise”

“Thanks, Lynn..” Will said. Lynn’s few words calmed him down slightly.

“Besides, Brook knows how uneasy you are about the whole concept, and she said she won’t bring it up if you-”

“Haley told her!”

“Yeah. She seemed okay with it, if anything she seemed kinda-I’m not sure-but kinda-kinda turned on. Can you understand that?”

“Wha-wha-what?” Will stuttered to spit out.

The group was planning on visiting Blane at the hospital at around seven, but before that, they were all going to meet at the Reed’s house. And as Will and Lynn walked home, Pierce had just arrived home and quickly ran up to his room to change his sweaty cloths and shower.

“We need to leave in 20 minutes”, Antonia shouted form the downstairs.

“Ok, Antonia”, Pierce yelled back.

But showering off and changing cloths, were the last things on Pierce’s mind. Despite all of the ominous and impending news he had heard that day, Pierce was focussed on one thing, and one thing only, masturbating. Today had marked a week since he had last touched himself, and with the chastity device gone, he was finally free to do so.

Quickly dropping his basketball shorts, pulling off his sliders, and reaching for his already erect dick, Pierce quickly, and without a moment’s hesitation, jacked off at full force.

Pulling the foreskin of his uncut (learned that term today! What? I’m a girl!) dick up and over the rim of his head, he quietly moaned, as he felt the soft skin on his cock in his hand.

“Ahhh.....Ahhhh!” Pierce moaned even louder, he felt as though he was about to explode with cum.

The 14 year old wasn’t particularly thinking of anything erotic, but his mind did travel to a fond memory of Haley attempting to stroke his genitals during their most recent date. The thought of her doing anything remotely sexual to him instantly made his dick twitch and his hands tingle with pleasure.

“Ohhhh...Ahhh...OH!” Pierce felt an orgasm began to rise within his body. The intense feeling grew and grew, quickly traveling up his dick and exploding into a powerful orgasm which rocked his entire teenaged body as his face reddened, he began to sweat, and he panted heavily, letting glob after glob of cum slowly roll off of his dick and into the small nest of pubes that resided above his cock. He had shot a large load of cum, and the white goo shot onto his chest, and even on his chin. Pierce kept quickly stroking his dick, as his breathing began to return to normal and his face began to loose its redness.

Quickly standing from his bed, Pierce walked to his bathroom when he noticed the door to his room was wide open, and Paul, his little brother, was standing in the doorway.

Paul had a confused expression on his face, and was starring at Pierce with both curiosity and fright.

“Pa-Paul! How long were you standing there!”

“The whole time...What were you doing?”

“Nothing! Now go away!” Pierce shouted, covering his erect dick with both hands.

“Okay..”Paul said, “But what was that stuff-”

“We can talk about it later!” Pierce shouted as he slammed the door shut and locked it before Paul could attempt to open the door back up.

Pierce showered and changed quickly. He put on a padres t-shirt with gray basketball shorts and half-calves. He ran down stairs and he and Antonia quickly got into her white honda, and the two began to drive to the Reed household.

“Dammit...now I’m going to have to tell him, or he’ll frickin tell Antonia again!” Pierce thought to himself as his ego recovered from being caught in a very private activity.

The group stood around Blane’s bed. Though he was still unconscious, they felt as though they needed to be there for him. As he lay in the bed, Blane looked peaceful. His chest would rise every now and then to signal that he was alive, but for the most part, he looked as though he had fallen into a deep and impenetrable sleep.

“It’s all my fault!” Lynn cried out, suddenly breaking down as she saw Blane in the bed, wires and tubes attached to his arms and nose.

Haley hugged Lynn, and Maria whispered reassuring things into her ear.

Will felt even more sombre at the sight of Blane. He knew that deep down, it was his fault that Blane was hospitalized. he thought about what Amy had said to him and Pierce earlier that day, he knew that Blane’s situation was only part of an elaborate scheme to get even with him and Brook, and he knew that if anyone was to blame, it was him.

He looked up to see the weeping Lynn. He knew she had been through a lot today and looked sadly in her direction. She was small, but she had feminine curves. For a 14 year old, 5’ asian girl, she had big breasts, probably b’s, and a nice ass. She had short black hair that she had curled, so that the tips pointed up instead of being completely flat like the top of her hair. She was gorgeous, and Will couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor tortured girl.

The guilt building up within his mind, Will blurted out, “It’s not your fault, Lynn. It’s mine.”

“What?” Maria asked in an astonished way, “What do you mean by, ‘your fault’?” Maria asked, assuming Will had given Blane some sort of drug or alcohol.

“It’s Rev. Greene, Mom. He did this to Blane so he could get even with me. All this is because of me.”

Maria had a look of horror over come her, and she quickly grabbed Will and Brook, ordered the other kids to follow her, and she quickly walked back to the elevators and frantically pressed the down arrow as she impatiently waited for the elevator to arrive.

“That psychopath is still out their?” She yelled as the kids sat at the kitchen table.

Maria quickly ran around the house, stacking cloths, pulling out suitcases, and running back and forth frantically.

“Mom! Mom!” Will yelled. he got up from the table and ran over to his panicked mother, “Stop! We can’t leave town! He can find us again, and no matter were we go, he’ll track us down. We have no choice but to stay and fight!”

“I-I...it’s to dangerous! And besides! Maggie left this morning! I have to call her and Warn her about Greene, she’s probably back in Tucson now and I know he’ll want her-”

“Maria!” Brook interjected, “Relax! This time is different. This time we have to fight. We can go anywhere in the world and he’ll still find us, we don’t have anymore options, we have to stay here and finish this!”

“You’re just kids!” Maria shouted.

“We know that! But we can still take care of Greene! We have the advantage this time, we’re in San Diego not Brownsville, and he’s out numbered without all of his officers” Brook said.

“No, Brook. I know you want closure with your granddad, but I have to take care of him”, Will said, “He blames me-”

“Oh please, Will. I’m not some damsel in distress, if anything you fill that position. I can help, and we’ve already involved Pierce and Lynn in this fight, so we’re all in this fight, got it?”


“No! Brook’s right, Will”, Maria spoke up, closing her suitcase and turning to face the kids, “We have to take care of this now, and we’re all involved, and we’re all going to have to work together.”

“Question”, Pierce said, raising his hand, “How is Rev. Greene?”

“He’s a crazed cult leader from Nevada. He tries to catch boys-uh-‘sinning’- so he can put them in this concentration camp in the desert called The Farm. He has all these girls go out and seduce guys, while they plant cameras in the guys house to catch him, or the complementary security systems in the house take care of that. Also, he killed like two people that we knew...”, Will felt depressed when he thought about what had happened to Darby, “And I promiced I wouldn’t forget a friend he killed. So that’s who this asshole is”

“You mean Lloyd Greene?” Lynn said, “He was in the news, I can’t believe you guys are survivors from that place-”

“We are, and if anyone, we brought him down”, Brook spoke up, “My grandpa is a sick man. He killed...he killed my parents...and my-my sister...”, she said, looking down as she did.

Rachel sat in a navy office chair in the apartment Lloyd Greene had converted into an office. The small apartment had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a couch, a kitchen, and a desk that was covered with medium sized monitors that relayed video images from the Reed household back to the apartment via spy cam, or “Angels”. The office chair sat near the desk, and Rachel had chosen this particular place to sit for the sole purpose of stealing the photos of Pierce and Will, which remained tucked away in a manilla folder in the top drawer of the desk.

Mark Logan, the hot young black headed 16 year old who had kissed Brook, sat on the ratty old couch that faced an analog TV set. mark watched the TV without blinking, and every now and then would yawn for stretch as he laid sprawled out on the couch.

Greene was busy in his own room changing shirts, and Hayden had left to complete a mission Lloyd had assigned her. Rachel, seeing that her presence was unrecognized by the group, slowly turned to look at the monitors. She starred hungrily at Will, who had just waved good-bye to Pierce, and went back to the kitchen to talk to Brook Lynn and Maria.

Rachel shuttered with rage as she saw Brook squeeze Will’s hand as he sat next to her at the hard wood kitchen table. Then, remembering her reason for sitting by the desk, she quietly grabbed the handle to the top drawer of the desk, and slowly opened the drawer, making as little noise as she possibly could.

Seeing the folder, she quietly and quickly pulled it form the desk and put it sneakily into her purse. UNder the folder, she caught sight of the tape Hayden had taken of her and Will having sex in the bathroom. Knowing that this could be important for her plans, Rachel took the tape too, and, after shoving the video into her purse, quietly closed the drawer.

No sooner than she had closed the drawer, Lloyd Greene stepped into the living room.

“Rachel, I just got off the phone with Hayden. Tomorrow we’ll arrange plans to have Ms. Amy Lewis taken care of. Trust me, Rachel, she ain’t gonna be an obstacle o us”, The reverend said in a rather chipper manner.

“Wonderful”, Rachel said, standing form her chair to talk to the reverend.

“Great, now yall can leave whenever yall want to”

“Thank you, sir”, Rachel began, “With Amy gone we’ll be able to continue with our plans”

“Right you are, Rachel”, The reverend replied as he walked the girl the short distance form the desk to the front door, and politely opened the apartment’s front door, and let rachel walked out.

“Good night, sir”

“Good night, Rachel”

As Lloyd walked back into the living room, Mark lowered the volume on the TV.

“She took the tape and photos from the desk”, Mark said calmly before turning the volume back up again.

“Doesn’t matter. She’ll learn not to act as a rogue sooner or later, but I know her intentions and she’s doing something strategic with them”

“Yes, sir”, Mark said back to Lloyd.

“Alright then. Night, Mark. Don’t forget your pills, and pray before yah sleep”

“Yes, sir”, Mark replied, “I took them when I got back at five-thirty”

“Alright then”, Lloyd said as he walked to his room to sleep, “Then say your prayers”



Rating: 69%, Read 10973 times, Posted Apr 08, 2011

Fiction | Boy, Male, Masturbation, Romance, Solo, Written by women


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