Joanna's First Exam by Horny+Fucker

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Dr. Michael readied the new exam room for its first patient of the day. He’d had the room specially equipped to take advantage of the females he specifically chose from the young, inexperienced students who received medical examinations at no charge. In exchange for this free service they would allow medical students to be present during the exams. Or these females would think the men present at their exams were medical students. Dr. Michael never let actual medical students take part; instead he usually invited some of his friends. It was an exceptional chance to abuse a young girl at whim and get away with it.

He checked the chart of the next patient, Joanna, a nineteen-year-old university student from Stratford, Ontario. Many university students visited his clinic, which was exactly why he located it close to campus. He didn’t practice medicine for the money; he had more then he could ever spend. He simply enjoyed female flesh. And, the younger, the better. He preferred young, inexperienced girls who could be easily controlled by an authoritative person, such as a doctor.

He had never met Joanna, but there was a picture of her in the chart. She appeared to be tall, about five feet ten with obviously long legs. Blonde hair covered her breasts, which is what initially peaked his interested in her. He loved the sight of a girl naked from the waist up, hair concealing her naked breasts; but just the possibility of a hard nipple peeking out from between the blonde strands would make his cock so hard. He looked at her breasts, guessing them to be about 36C’s, but he would soon find out for himself. He enjoyed inspecting breasts very intimately. The picture did not show her ass, but soon she would be stripped naked on his cold metal table, her legs spread high and wide in the metal stirrups. He even had large leather straps for the ankles, to “protect her from hurting herself”—or so he would tell her. He and his “interns” would have her spread open, with hands and fingers in all of her orifices.

Even though she was nineteen, Joanna had never had a gynecological exam before. Unwittingly, she was a perfect candidate for Dr. Michael, not knowing what was expected, gullible enough to accept almost anything that would be done to her innocent body. She had been told that it would be a very extensive exam done under a research grant and would require a minimum of four hours. Since it was free, she would be required to give them her full cooperation in whatever they asked and she accepted this condition.

Dr. Michael knew Joanna was sitting just outside in the lobby filling out the spurious forms. There were so many of them, over 30 pages of “legalese” that his receptionist told her was necessary. She had started reading them but became bored after two pages and finally went directly to the last page and simply signed it. Had she read it, she would have seen some rather important clauses. The section where it described the research project for the study of the Masturbatory Practices of the Female College Student and that the volunteers would be required to masturbate during the exam or allow one of his medical staff to masturbate her “as many times as necessary.” Or the stipulation that should the volunteer decide not to complete the extensive exam, she would be liable for all costs incurred, which could reach as high as several thousands of dollars. Or that the volunteer will be photographed and/or videotaped during the exam, while nude and engaged in or being masturbated, for teaching purposes. She would soon find out the sad truth of what she had signed.

The receptionist smiled at Joanna, “you may go in now, Joanna. The doctor will be with you in a few minutes. Just have a seat. The beginning of the exam will be getting your history. Relax,” she added when she noticed how nervous Joanna was. She won’t be nervous by time she is finished, the knowing receptionist thought. Dr. Michael would make her cum so many times before he was done, she would be barely able to walk. As Joanna disappeared into the office, the receptionist picked up her purse, left the office and locked the door, putting up the “Closed” sign. Dr. Michael did not like to be disturbed during testing. His friends had already arrived and were dressed in their “doctor” coats, with stethoscopes around their necks, waiting for their chance at the fresh meat.

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Joanna looked around the large, sterile room with some fear. She had heard about gynecological exams and dreaded the thought of being trussed up naked and spread like a plucked chicken, but the school required a yearly physical and a bi-yearly gynecological exam in order to participate in sports. Her budget was severely limited and she jumped at the opportunity for the free exam when recommended by a girl at school. What Joanna did not know was that the girl was paid by Dr. Michael to recruit others for his exams, but only after he had done an extensive background check on them, something he could easily afford. The pictures and videos that were produced from the exams made him thousands of dollars in the overseas markets, especially Japan. They could never get enough videos of naked, blonde teens being examined by doctors. His videos showing their forced orgasms were the best in the market.

Joanna looked at the metal table with dread, imagining what would happen on it. She shivered at the sight of the evil looking stirrups, made worse by the leather straps around them. Would her legs be bound to them while spread? She had not thought of that, assuming that she would merely place her feet in them.

She noticed another table near the wall, with a drain near the center, two-inch walls up the side and a large spray nozzle hanging down from the ceiling. Across the center was a raised portion about five inches wide and padded with heavy rubber. In each of the four corners were the evil leather straps again, no doubt to fully restrain the patient. It was definitely big enough to hold the spread body of an individual.

She could not tell what was underneath the white towels on the smaller, movable tables, but she presumed that they were instruments used for the examination, including the dreaded speculum. She had seen pictures of them and she cringed at the thought of something that big going inside her let alone spreading her open from within.

Dr. Michael entered the room, his eyes immediately drawn to Joanna. She was as beautiful as her picture, long blonde hair flowing down in front, covering her breasts exactly as he’d imagined. She wore a button-down blouse and jeans so low on her hips it left her stomach naked. He could tell she was tall even as she sat and couldn’t wait to see her long legs naked. She had such lovely lips, the type that looked so nice wrapped around your cock, sweet eyes looking up at you as you fed more cock deep into her mouth. “Good morning, Joanna, I’m Dr. Michael. I want to thank you for volunteering for our study. It is so important that we get people who will take the time to help in our important research.”

“Thank you Dr. Michael. I hope I will do well. I’m really nervous about it. I’ve never had a gynecological exam before and I’m not sure what to expect.” Joanna shifted nervously in her chair, the doctor’s eyes looking her body up and down as she talked. Damn Joanna, he’s a doctor. He is supposed to be doing that. Relax, it will be OK, she thought, trying to calm herself.

“I will guide you through the whole thing, Joanna; explain it as we go. I have three colleagues who will join us after we go through your medical history. This is a teaching clinic as well as a research clinic. I know it will be a little uncomfortable for you with so many people in the room, but we will keep you as relaxed as possible. If you would like, we could give you a mild tranquilizer to calm your nerves. All you have to do is ask.”

Rating: 55%, Read 29733 times, Posted Oct 03, 2005

Fiction | At work, Masturbation


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