Diagnosis Nympho by Dragon_in_bed

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Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex

I can feel myself sweating a little as I maneuver my blood red Porsche Caymen S into the parking garage. I am nervous as hell - who would've thought Ms. Perfect would need to see a damn shrink? I mean, it's not like I'm crazy or - okay so maybe I have a couple of issues. I'm a workaholic, I'm disgustingly vain, and I may have a slight addiction to the idea of fantastic sex. So what?

Sighing, I leave my beautiful car, blowing it air kisses as I strut away. That's my one and only, my baby. Yeah, about that crazy part again.. um.. don't listen to the whole car thing and think, "Well.. duh!" because, well, there's more to it.

Anyway, I smooth down my light grey pinstripe pencil skirt and forest green button down shirt. In a hair brained effort to cool off, I unbutton the first few buttons on my shirt, allowing some of the breeze to play with my cleavage. I wait for the elevator, balancing on one of my black stiletto heels like a flamingo to keep my frantic mind from running me back to my car. All I can think as I enter the elevator: "I hope this guy's hot."

I exit on the 6th floor, and I head towards the suite number the secretary gave me over the phone. Entering the office, I see a blonde with short hair and huge breasts, and she's obviously quite proud of them judging from the low-cut blue shirt she's wearing. I raise an eyebrow, and speak, "I'm here to see Dr. Xavier. I have an appointment." "Yeah, just go on in. He'll be with you in a moment," she says, without even raising her eyes from her precious I-phone.

I sigh impatiently; apparently Blondie wasn't hired for her IQ score. I follow her offhand instructions and enter the office ahead of me. I'm greeted with floor to ceiling windows, allowing the sun to stream into his office of wall to wall bookshelves. A deep purple area rug covers dark wood floors on which sits a metal desk that almost resembles a morgue table in its simplistic style. There is a large, black leather chaise lounge, and two leather wing back chairs.

"Interesting style," I think to myself.

Perching myself on the chaise lounge, I gaze out behind the desk through the large windows. Lost in the beautiful view, I almost don't hear the doctor speaking to the secretary: "This is my last appointment for the day. You can go home, Jenny."

"Thanks, Doctor X!" I hear her voice answer.

I resist the temptation to allow my mind to wonder to sarcastic and sneering insults. Thankfully, the door closing behind me interrupts my high school antics. "Good afternoon, Ms. Regina, how can I be of service?"

Turning around, I lay eyes on the best and worst possible thing a crazy patient could ever hope and dread: he's gorgeous. Deep blue eyes, pale blond hair - he is wearing a pale green button down shirt and dark grey slacks. I become aware of the fact that I'm staring with my mouth open, so I try my best to recover, "Oh how cute, we match."

"That sounded more like a purr than necessary. Nice job, Regina," I sarcastically think to myself. Luckily, he chuckles and answers, "Well, I'm glad to see someone else has such lovely taste."

"Dear God, just take me now.. snap out of it!!!" My brain won't be quiet.

"So how can I help you?" he says.

"I've been dealing with a lot of stress lately, and apparently, the people around me think that rum and sex are not healthy ways of dealing with said stress-"

His eyebrows raise, and I see him smirk. He takes a seat in the black leather chair closest to the chaise lounge. Our knees nearly brush as he leans forward, "Rum and sex? Well that can't be the only reason that such an interesting woman such as yourself enters my office."

I try to smile as seductively as possible: "I have issues, but who doesn't, right, doctor?"

"Yes, and apparently one is the temperature in the room. Are you hot, Ms. Regina?" he says, gesturing to my open buttons. I blush, and begin to rebutton my shirt. He stops me, "Oh, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I doesn't bother me at all. In fact-" he stops, looking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, "I think it's very ... refreshing."

I suddenly can't seem to breathe. As if he can read my mind, he stands up and walks behind the chaise lounge. I can feel his breath on my neck, as he begins to massage my shoulders. "I think if you just relax, Ms. Regina, you'll find that I'm not as bad as you may think." His hands caress my shoulders through the fabric of my shirt, and I begin to melt under his touch. I then feel his fingertips graze my neck and my bare shoulders. I jolt and turn around. His face is very close to mine, and all I can see are his blue eyes.

"Uh, Doctor.. I.. um.." I stutter, clenching the couch fabric beneath me. He smiles, "You can call me Xavier, Ms. Regina." I laugh nervously, his lips suddenly dangerously close to the sensitive spot where my jaw meets my throat.

"You can call me Regina," I answer, leaning in towards his lips.

He pulls away suddenly, walking behind his desk. I'm stunned, and a little hurt, wondering why he would get so close and then just walk off. I see him shake his head, as if he's trying to throw a thought from his mind, and then look up at me and smile. "Are you ready to talk to me, Regina?"

Considering the amount of wetness gathering between my thighs, talking is the last thing on my mind. "Actually, Xavier, I have an idea for how I can loosen up and feel more comfortable with you." He raises his eyebrows quizzically at me. "Come here," I tease, "I won't bite unless you want me to."

He walks by the couch, and I throw caution to the winds. Grabbing his arms, I throw him onto the chaise lounge, pining him beneath me with my thighs. I hear his surprised gasp, and it's now his turn to stutter: "Ms.. Regina.. I.. You're a patient!! I can't! I shouldn't've-"

I cut him off, kissing his full lips hard. I hear him groan beneath me as our hips grind into each others. He pants against my mouth, moaning a little as I unbutton his shirt down to the waistband of his pants. I run my hands over his chest, nipping his neck before licking and sucking my way down his abs.

"Oh jesus Regina!" he gasps, as I unbutton his pants, pulling his zipper down with my teeth. I tease him, licking and kissing his hardening dick through his pants. I feel his fingers tangle in my long hair, trying to encourage me to continue. I giggle and lick his happy trail, letting my tongue slide beneath his boxer's waistband. His grip tightens in my hair, so I finally pull down his pants and boxers.

I find the best thing any girl could ask for; thick, long, hard as hell, and begging for me to touch it, his dick looks so delicious that I can't help but take a quick lick of the head. His hips buck towards my face, as his hands pull me down. I close my lips and giggle. He groans in frustration. "Please, Regina. Don't tease me."

"Aw, but teasing is half the fun."

I begin to suck lightly on the head, enjoying his precum that oozes from the tip. He gasps at the feeling, still trying to push my mouth further. I slide my hands up his inner thighs, then swallow, taking most of his shaft into my mouth. He moans, and I feel his fingers curl in my hair, and I'm willing to bet his toes are curling too. I swallow again, letting the back of my throat tease his swollen tip.

"Ooohhh fuck."

I begin to bob on his cock, faster and faster, adding my right hand to massage his balls in rhythm. He's squirming on the couch, panting and groaning as I continue to blow his cock. "Oh god, Regina. Don't stop, please don't stop. Shitttt.. ohhhh sshiiittt.." I feel his balls contract, so I take one last long slurp, and pull off his throbbing dick.

His wide eyes say it all, but his mouth has no problem communicating: "What?? What the..? WHY?!"

I giggle, pushing him back to lay on the couch.

I pull off my shirt, revealing a blue silk bra. His eyes go wider, and then his mouth drops as I pull off my tight pencil skirt to reveal a matching silk g-string.

"I've died and gone to heaven," he sputters.

"Oh just you wait," I answer, undoing the clasps to my bra. His smile lights up his face as I show him my perky pink nipples on perfect teardrop breasts. He licks his lips, loving the sight before him. I wiggle my hips, pulling of the G-string and tossing it to him. He picks it up and smells it, even licking some of the juice that's gathered.

I saunter towards him, and he grabs my arm and tosses me in his place. He then puts my legs over his shoulders, licking and nipping my inner thighs as he gets closer to my wet pussy. He takes a long lick of my slit, and I moan, clutching at the leather beneath me. He then begins to suck on my clit, slowly fingering my juicy hole. I begin to pant and moan, arching my back in pleasure. Taking his left hand, I place it on my breasts, and he begins to kneed each one while tweaking my hard nipple. I feel my orgasm begin to build, and I begin to whimper as a result.

He stops, grinning from ear to ear. He begins to kiss up my stomach towards my breasts. I groan in frustration as he begins to suck on my nipples. Rubbing my cunt on his thigh, I begin whimper more, asking him to make me cum. "Aw, I don't think you want it badly enough yet," he says. "Oh god, please Xavier. Don't make me beg."

"You made me beg, you bad girl-" he slides his fingers up my slit "- fair is fair."

"XAVIER PLEASE!!!" I beg, "make me cum! I need.. I need it now!"

"Nope. Not quite good enough."

"FUCK! Pppplllleeeeaaassssseeee-" his fingers enter my cunt "- yes, YES!! OH GOD!"

He begins to finger fuck me fast, now adding his lips and tongue to my clit. I arch my back, wrapping my legs around his head. I scream loudly, gushing cum on his face as I orgasm. "XXXAAAVVVIIIERRR..."

I hear his laugh, but more importantly, I feel him licking up every drop of my cum. As I turn my head to look down at him, I realize he's already over me. He pushes his dick into my cunt, letting out a grunt at the tightness. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I begin to grind my hips into his, determined to milk his cock. He fucks me hard, bouncing my tits. He sucks each nipple, realizing the competition that's risen between us: he refuses to cum before I've reached exhaustion. He slows down, teasing me with light strokes before moving into hard, deep thrusts. I bite my lip and hang on as his cock drives me closer to orgasm. "OOhhhh shit!" I scream as I cum again, my juice coating his cock and the leather beneath us.

He doesn't skip a beat, grabbing me off of the chaise lounge and bending me over his desk. He begins to fuck me faster, grabbing onto my tits for support. I can only moan and scream, leaning forward on the cool metal as his dick dips deep into my juicy cunt. My sensitive clit can't handle his fucking, and I cum yet again, whimpering with pleasure. He laughs, feeling my cunt clench around his dick. He thrusts harder, getting closer to his own orgasm.

I push him away. Startled, he stares at me, making it easy for me to throw him onto the desk. I lean over him, taking his dick into my mouth. I suck down the shaft, fast and hard, just like he was fucking me. "OH GOD YES! REGINA!" he moans, pulling my head down onto his throbbing cock. He doesn't last long, shooting cum onto my waiting tongue. I swallow it and join him on the desk.

"I think.." he pants "that's enough for this session."

I lay there, trying to catch my breath as well, "Yeah..should save some issues for next time."

"Yeah but we're definitely.. making progress."

Laying there panting and sweating, neither of us worry about the open windows displaying us to whomever could possibly want to see.

But we do notice his secretary, Jenny, and her shocked face as she opens his office door to see us lying naked on his desk, the previous contents spread on the rug.

We both look at each other, and then at her, not quite sure what's going to happen next.

Rating: 89%, Read 34785 times, Posted Jul 24, 2008

Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex


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