I finally had my way... by Beckie

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female, Rape, Submission, Virginity

I had seen her grow up, from ten till this beautiful little hardcore metal girl. I’m not talking about the kind with piercing hanging all over the place, I’m talking about the ones that wear huge boots with tiny skirts and tank tops. She was unnaturally beautiful., stunning even. She wore this thick eyeliner and heavy mascara all the top, and she had that, scene (I think that’s what its called) scene hair. It was all different colours of the rainbow against her natural black hair. I need to say this but she made me feel aroused just by watching her, I was the same at her age, a rocker. Not quite the same style but still a rocker. Her legs were gorgeous and she could wear skirts and those boots and pull it off very well.

I grew up myself with a hard childhood and I knew I’d made hers harder as well but I always tried to make up for it. I gave her money for clothes and I let her have friends over for drinks. Her friends were all knock outs too. God, they were all such cock teasers!

One day she came home, crying, saying one of her friends had slept with her current boyfriend. I knew she was upset, and lord knows I shouldn’t have done what I did but I couldn’t help it. She was dressed so fucking sexy, her black studded wrist bands and that eyeliner just made me hard. I got a couple cones in to her and settled her down. She had passed out eventually and as I sat across from her I realised she wore the kind of stockings that ended at the top of her legs. She was spread out on a recliner and I could see straight up her skirt to that glorious pussy I longed for. I felt myself growing hard and all I could think was how much I wanted to touch it. I moved over to her and spread her legs a little further, to get a better look. She didn’t stir. She had had a lot of pot and I knew she wouldn’t be awake for a couple hours, or so I thought.

I ran my fingers along her panties and I felt my cock throbbing. I sat up on my knees and pulled down my pants, letting my eight inch member spring out. I slipped my finger through the side of her panties and felt the warmth of her pussy and it just made me throb more. I grabbed my hard cock with my other hand and stroked it as I rubbed her pussy. Soon I became irritated.

I slipped my hands up her skirt and pulled down her panties so I had a better view. Good god! It was so tiny and clean shaven. I sucked my finger for a second then slid it carefully in to her pussy. Oh god, so warm. I continued to stroke myself with my other hand and began to finger her furiously. She slowly became wet and I felt a need for so much more. I pulled off her shoes and then picked her up and laid her on the floor, legs spread wide. She stirred slightly and mumbled.

I had had a few drinks and it had escalated my horniness. I hitched up her skirt and continued to finger her, trying to make her more wet, trying to get a better response. Then I heard it.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” She shouted as she suddenly tried to move away.

I grabbed her and pulled her back, no way was she getting away.

“I’m doing what you’ve deserved for a while. A good fuck!”

I grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head with one hand. She began to struggle but the pot had made her weak. I kept myself above her and continued to rub and finger her, continually spitting on my hand to get her more lubed up. She continued her struggle, crying and pleading with me to stop. There was no fucking way I was letting her go.

“You’re getting this no matter what… and you’ll fucking enjoy it you whore.!” I hissed at her, I didn’t want to hurt her but my need was greater then hers at that point in time and I pressed the head of my cock against her lips and gave a little shudder.

She was so warm and I couldn’t help it. I tried to push myself in but for the life of me she was too small. She continued to struggle, trying to twist away. Anger flared in me and I backhanded her, hard, across the face.

“Co-operate or its going in your ass you filthy whore!” Then I slapped her again.

She continued to cry and laid there, her small struggles in vain. God, I was ready to explode. I tried to push in again only to have more trouble. I spat on my free hand and wiped it on my cock and laid down on her. She began to cry harder, pleading with me not to. I told her to shut up but she continued to whimper. I began to force my way in to her then realised something that made this all the sweeter. This tiny, petite, cockteasing girl was a virgin!

I groaned and then pushed myself in. For a moment her muscles tightened hard and it made me wild. I began to move slowly, trying to get a little more lube out of her. After a few moments I began pounding my way and she gasped in continuous pain. She suddenly began to struggle and shout. I shoved my hand over her mouth and continued to pound her. Her pussy was so wonderfully tight around my cock, trying to push me out. She kicked and wriggled but of course it did nothing, I was twice her size. Her mascara and eyeliner had run as she had been crying and I realised, she was a hot fucking mess. I continued to ram her now now deflowered pussy and felt my climax slowly building. I pounded her harder, moaning in my ecstasy. She felt amazingly good, wonderful, and I have never felt anything so good. I continued to have my way with her as she sobbed in to my hand and continued to struggle. Her pussy clamped on my cock so hard and I felt myself becoming close. I gave a soft moan as I became close and then suddenly it hit me so hard I gave a shout.

My climax burst forth and filled her young pussy with hot shots of cum. I panted and continued for a couple moments, then stopped, my dick throbbing with pleasure. I sat up and she rolled over and stumbled down the hall in to her room. I heard the door slam and looked down at my cock which was covered in her virginal blood, her juices and my juices. I heard her crying and I gave a shrug. Heartless, I know, but we had a whole week alone. She hadn’t seen the last of me, or my cock…[b]


Rating: 72%, Read 35017 times, Posted Jun 09, 2010

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female, Rape, Submission, Virginity


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