My old friend needs me to be her husband for the weekend by bob144333

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I received a phone call this morning , having caller ID I knew it was Tammy. An old friend from high school to which I have hooked up with every time when she is in town. “Hey sweetie” I said, sounding happy to hear from her again. “Will you marry me”she said then laughed “or at least be my husband for a couple of days “? I reminded her I was already married but my wife would have no problem loaning me out to her.”What is going on that you need me to be your husband” I asked thinking about the honeymoon.

Tammy then started explaining about being in an old friend's wedding and not wanting to go alone.”You remember Marleen B****** don't you, well she is getting remarried and I am in the bridal party. But that isn’t the problem “she said” her younger brother is in the wedding too, I will explain more to you when I pick you up friday” she said.

I couldn’t wait to see Tammy again and spend the weekend with her. I loved her personality and how she made me feel young again. I also loved her slim body ,small breasts, and how she always seemed eager to suck and fuck. Finally Friday came and she arrived to pick me up telling my wife thanks for letting her borrow me. On the drive to the hotel she began telling me more about Marleens younger brother,and just what the problem was.

“Back when I was in high school I would spend a lot of time at Mar’s house. One night when I slept over I was woken up seeing her brother standing by my bed. He had his little cock out and was jerking off looking over me. I pretended to be asleep and watched him until he came shooting his cum onto my pajamas then left.I was 16 and that was the first cock I had ever seen but it did leave me wanting to see it again.

I didn’t say anything to Mar or Dan, (her brother) but all week long I thought about it wondering if he would do it again. The next weekend when I stayed over he did, but this time I was ready and left a night light on. I also had my pajama top open so he could see my little tits while he jerked off.His cum felt so warm when it splashed down on my chest ,I was also surprised how much came out of his little cock too. When he left the room I rubbed it around on my nipples which caused them to harden.

All week long all I could think about was Dan jerking off on me when I masturbated. I had found some of my dads magazines and began reading stories about cocks, and cum.I started spending more time at Mar’s house during the week and noticed how Dan would look at me.I would see him having to adjust himself sometimes and then leave the room.I would feel myself getting wet knowing he was probably in his room jerking off.Well damn girl I still jerk off thinking about you” I said as we arrived at the hotel. Tammy laughed “and I still think about you we may just have to masturbate together”she said .

After getting to our room and putting our belongings away I grabbed Tammy and kissed her.”Thank you for being my wife this weekend” I said then began making out. “It has been a long winter and I have thought about you quite often,”she said holding on to me.”So you jerk off thinking about me”she said as she sat down on the bed. I laughed “yes there is even times when I am fucking my wife I think that she is you”I said giving her a deeper kiss.

We fell down on the bed kissing each other passionately while our hands began caressing one another's body. It wasn’t long until we both were naked and rolling around on the bed “your beautiful “I said looking into her blue eyes. My hand moved down the side of her face placing a finger to her lips to where she quickly sucked on it.I replaced my finger with my tongue as again we kissed deeper .

“So these nipples get harder with cum on them” I said as my fingers ran over them. “They seem to like my fingers too, what about when I kiss them “I said, hearing her take a deep breath and moan.Her hands were on my head as I kissed her neck moving slowly down her chest.Her breasts have lost some of their firmness throughout the years but her nipples did not. I began sucking from one to the other knowing it will start her juices flowing from her pussy.

From all of the past experiences with Tammy I have learned what gets her hot.I knew her signals when she had enough with what I was doing and it was time to move on to other areas.When I felt her hips press up against my belly and her hands move to my shoulders it was time to go lower.I heard her moan yes as I began my trip down to her honey hole I knew was going to be dripping wet.

When I kissed her navel my fingers slipped through the damp lips of her pussy.Tammy’s protruding lips of her pussy were wet with her juices just waiting for my tongue to suck them clean.So I moved down between her spread thighs and began sucking them into my mouth.The sudden jab of her hips sent my tongue deep into her loose hole causing her to grab my head and hold tight.Her thighs squeezed tighter against my head as she moaned even louder.

I loved eating her pussy , the taste and the aroma of her juices has always turned me on.Hearing her soft cries gives me the incentive to continue until I feel her muscles virtually sucking my tongue deeper inside .The fresh taste of her cum soon tells me she has now orgasm ed .When her hands release the grip on my head I knew she was then wanting my cock.

I moved back up and kissed her then rolled onto my back while her hand squeezed my cock.”This cock is the one I dream about and I sometimes wish I lived closer to you”she said moving down and giving it a kiss. Tammy started licking up and down my shaft stopping at times to suck my balls one by one into her mouth.Since the first time in a while that we have had sex her blow jobs have improved she now is able to deep throat me with out gauging.

“So tell me more about Dan” I finally said knowing that if I didn't get her to stop sucking me I would soon cum. “Well” she said propping herself up on one arm, her other hand still holding onto my cock. “As the summer went on so did Dan’s late night deposits on my body. When Mar and I would talk in the morning I would tell her I sleep sound. I would be sure to say nothing can wake me up once I was asleep,louder if Dan was listening. I then started sleeping completely naked so when he came in he could see everything.Each time he became more confident that I wasn't going to wake up and soon was rubbing his cock all over me.

“Damn “I said that had to be hard for you just to lay there and not touch yourself,It sure was” she said.” I was amazed that he would shoot his load and keep jerking it until he would cum again.When he would finally leave I would rub it all over my body then finger myself. I couldn’t believe how wet I would get and how the feelings became more intense”. Tammy was still stroking my cock rubbing the pre-cum around the head with her thumb.Again she started licking and sucking on my cock as I laid there enjoying the great job she was doing.

Finally again I had to divert her attention from making me cum and asked her for more details. “So did you ever end up having sex with him” I asked she then started telling me more.”Well “she said “one night when he was rubbing his cock around on my face he started rubbing it along my lips.He came and spewed cum all over my cheeks even ran down onto my neck. It felt so hot and made me cum I wanted to taste it, and soon I did. When I moaned it scared him and he quickly left the room. I wiped his cum into my mouth and was surprised it didn’t taste bad at all.

After reading more of my dads magazines I knew I had to devise a plan to feel him cum in my mouth.One day I caught him alone in the park and confronted him telling him I had been awake all the times he had jerked off on me.He started apologizing begging me not to tell anyone he was almost in tears until I stopped him. Come with me” I said leading him to a secluded place in the park where I sat down on the grass. I grabbed him by his belt and told him I wanted to suck his cum out of his cock.I wanted to feel his cock shooting his cum down my throat like the magazines said. I loved how warm it felt and feeling his cock swell and pulsate when it came”.

“I was hooked” she said then went back to sucking my cock again this time not stopping when I said I was going to cum.”I am cumming” I said placing both hands on her head as I filled her mouth. I could feel her tongue circling my shaft as she moaned and swallowed.When I released the grip on her head she began bobbing her head up and down sucking out what may have been left .

“Wow “ I said “that was the best so far ,thank you”.Tammy moved up closer to me smiling “no thank you “ she said before kissing me.”Well Dan is the reason I wanted you to come to the wedding with me.After I gave him the first blow job he continued pestering me for more, he became more persistent. As he got older he started blackmailing me saying he was going to tell everyone . Even when I had a boyfriend he made me give him blow jobs every time he saw me out somewhere. He was the main reason I moved out of state every time I would come to visit Mar he would show up. I expect he will want one this weekend too ,this is where you're going to help me”.

I gave Tammy a big kiss “should I beat him up” I asked “no I have a plan how I am going to black mail him. He is married now and I am going to make him come to the room when he wants his blowjob. I have brought this trail cam which will video him making me suck his cock as I protest against giving him one.Through out the years he would get really aggressive and force my head onto his cock.I am going to be begging him not to make me suck any more telling him that I am married. He won't care and and like before he will grab me by my hair and start face fucking me. This is when you walk into the room and make him stop ,can I beat him up then”I asked .Tammy laughed “no we will just threaten him that we have it all on tape and will show his wife”.

We then got dressed and went out and had a nice dinner then to a bar where Tammy was going to meet up with Mar. She said on the way that Dan would probably be there and described to me what he looked like. The plan was for her to enter first and me to follow a few minutes later. I gave her a kiss and waited a while before going in where I then found a seat where I could watch.At first I hadn't seen any one that looked like Dan but to my surprise Bernie walked up and hugged her.

Now Bernie and Tammy had been friends since high school and Tammy had even set me up with her many times. She still looks good for her age and has always been on the prowl for younger men,and large cocks. She is also married to a much older man who likes to watch her have sex with others. Just last summer she had me over to where her husband videoed us together ,it actually was a lot of fun. As I sat in the shadows I saw Tammy whisper to her then pointed my way .Damn I thought, wondering what this night was going to be like and watched her start walking my way.

Bernie had a big smile on her face as she proceeded to walk up to me,and as usual gave me a long kiss before setting down beside me. “Hey sexy , I am so glad to see you here tonight”she said with her hand squeezing my leg.She then started asking me questions if I was with Tammy or not , when I said yes she asked why I am not up there with her. I sat thinking how i was going to answer this then just said she was waiting to talk to Mar’s brother. That really wasn’t a good answer because her response was “lucky you ,gonna have a three some tonight” and smiled.

I tried to change the subject asking where she was staying and where was hubby.I don't know if it was fate or just luck but it just so happened that she was in the same hotel as us. Even more of a coincidence was that her room was next to ours and was adjoined to ours.When I told her that she moved her hand up farther on my thigh”great then maybe I can play too”she said.

This has changed the plan that Tammy had devised but to the good because I didn’t have to wait in some closet . “Are you alone here “I asked where she answered that she was “my night has just gotten better”she said with her hand now on my cock.I moved my hand up her leg where she let out a moan”do you want to go and play while Tammy waits for Dan “I said. I was thinking I could unlock our door to her room and just listen when they came in.”Why don’t you tell Tammy about our rooms being together and I would be there waiting “I told Bernie. I figured that Dan hasn't arrived yet so I might as well wait there instead of here then left when Bernie returned.

When we got to our rooms I told Bernie to go in and unlock her adjoining door and I will come into her room. I unlocked ours and waited smiling and giving a thumb’s up looking at the trail cam on the side table.Bernie must have started stripping from the time she entered the room because when she opened the adjoining door she was bare ass naked. She quickly had her arms around me and began kissing me passionately. Now Bernie is no knock out beauty but she is the aggressive one,she has always been the one to get the cum flowing. Her eagerness to take cock makes up for her chubby body , sagging big tits and sloppy loose pussy.

“Lets go to your room” I said, moving her in and shutting my door ,checking that it was still unlocked before closing it.”I have missed this big cock”she said as her hands were undoing my pants. Her mouth sucked on my tongue while pulling me back to her bed and sat down as her hands dropped my pants to the floor. She quickly sucked my cock deep in her mouth and started giving me one of her fantastic blow jobs.

Bernie had always been the one to make me cum before she would have me eat her pussy .She knew after I cum once I lasted a lot longer making her cum much more when the fucking started.I stood there watching her head bob up and down on my cock “damn your good “I said running my hands through her long hair.I collected her hair into a ponytail to where I could also see her big tits jiggling “you still know what gets me hard “I said. She took her mouth off and looked up with a smile “and you know what I want so give it to me “. She began stroking me faster with the head of my cock just in her mouth.

I was listening for any sounds of Tammy in the next room but there was still none yet so why not cum now I thought.”Oh Bernie I am going to cum soon , I love the way you suck me dry.You have always been the best (I moaned) I love to feel you sucking and swallowing my cum” I said.She now had her hands on my ass as she slammed her mouth back and forth on my cock.She sucked me deep then stopped when she felt the first stream of cum hit the back of her throat.I could feel her throat muscles on my cock as she swallowed my cum and continued moaning. My legs began to tremble and shake as she continued to suck until she had all of my cum in her belly. “Your turn”she said when she finally released my cock moving up on the bed spreading her thick thighs.

Her finger was motioning me to come down to lick her and spread her lips open for me. Two wet pussies already today I thought as I slid her legs over my shoulder. Bernie has a lot of black pubic hair but keeps it shaved from just above her clit down. She begins rubbing her clit as lick between her meaty lips collecting the tasty droplets into my mouth. As I lick up and down I push my nose against her growing nub which makes her react with a moan. After doing that several times her cum started flowing and she held tight to my head .

It was just about the time that I was moving up to slide my cock into Bernie I heard Tammy walk in next door.”Shh” I said to Bernie and crawled off the bed pulling my pants back up and moved to the door.Tammy must have stopped Dan right by the door to where I could hear what she was saying. “We are not going to do this anymore, I have had enough”she said “I am married again.You are married too ,you have bullied me for too many years and tonight it’s going to stop”I heard her say very defiantly .

“Fuck you, you have always been my fuck slut and you will always be mine” Dan replied .”Get over on the bed you slut ,dont push me”I heard Tammy reply “no not this time. I said I am done ,stop it, keep your hands off me “ she was saying as they moved away from the door. I could hear her telling him to stop and to put his cock back in his pants. “Take your hands off me”I heard her say as her words became muffled “that's it suck it”Dan said.

It was hard standing there ready to pounce on him hearing how he was verbally abusing Tammy. I knew that it was being videoed and we wanted to hear him doing so .”That's it bitch suck my cock ,yes I wish my wife would suck me like that”.I could hear Tammy spit and start calling him names telling him to stop. He was telling her she was going to give him more than a blow job this time and ordering her to strip. I finally had enough when I heard her cry “no,get your hands off of me” that was when I opened the door quietly and stepped in’

His back was to me and Tammy was kicking at him as he was pulling at her jeans . Before he knew what was happening to him I grabbed him by the neck and back of his pants . I pulled him off of her and onto the floor pushing my foot onto his groin holding him down. “Who the fuck do you think you are”I said stepping harder as he squermed in pain.” I caught you trying to rape my wife you asshole, call the police “I said to Tammy.”No,your slut wife brought me up here to have sex”he said but cried out in pain and I dropped down kneeing him in the balls.I had him by the neck ready to punch him in the face when Tammy said “stop. “

She had the camera in her hand when she then stood over him, “you have forced me to have sex with you for the last time”she said then spit in his face.”I told you this was never going to happen again , and what did you do, you forced me to suck on your cock. The same way you have forced me to do it for years now it is all on tape. I can have you put in jail now if I decide to ,let him up “she said to me”you do understand right”.

As he stood up I grabbed him again and had my fist to his face “I so want to fuck you up” I said then pushed him away. “If I ever find out that you ever say anything about my wife I will find you,better yet your wife will see this video now get out of here”.

I followed him to the door giving him a shove as he stepped out then returned to Tammy. Bernie was sitting beside her on the bed they both were chuckling “I never seen that side of you “she said.”That little fucker I so wanted to punch him “ I said then asked Tammy if she was okay. I gave her a kiss and moved her hair back over her shoulder. She was smiling “my knight in shining armor”she said .I looked at Bernie “he didn’t see you so there could be a dick for you tonight “then we laughed.”Does that mean I can't have you” she said looking at me and then Tammy . “Maybe if there is anything left of him later “ Tammy said with a smile. Bernie stood up and gave me a kiss “ well make sure you're loud so I can at least hear the fun” then walked to the door. She stopped there and looked back “I will leave the door unlocked” then walked out.

We went and showered together having had sex in the bathroom while she sat on the counter. Then played some more in bed until we both fell asleep from exhaustion. I was awakened by Bernie kissing my cheek then taking me back to her room for her turn.

It did turn out to be a great weekend

Rating: 95%, Read 20768 times, Posted Jun 11, 2020

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