My Sister Ashley chapter 7 by Von+Armand

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Group Sex, Incest, School, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male

My jaw cracked as it dropped, never before had I been this shocked and horrified. Natalia remained by my side as Sasha walked across the room to stand behind the form hanging from the ceiling.

“Ashley.” I whispered. My sister hung from the ceiling by a pair of silver handcuffs strung over a large hook screwed into the concrete. A thin streak of dried blood ran from the corner of her mouth. Her toes were about an inch from the ground and she seemed either asleep or unconscious, her naked body hanging limply.

Sasha reached out and ran a hand up my sister’s hard stomach, between her large breasts and caressed her face. She said something in what I was now assuming was Russian in my direction and Natalia translated.

“She says your sister is very beautiful, you are a lucky boy.” I continued to gaze at Ashley; my chest felt like it was trying to explode from the inside out. What had I gotten her into? This was college for crying out loud, these were supposed to be some of our best years, this shit wasn’t supposed to happen! I could feel hot tears running down my face as I struggled to break whatever restrained my hands. Sasha spoke again, her hands sliding back down and squeezing Ashley’s large breasts, hard.

“Do not worry boy. I will not hurt your precious sister, only make her feel good.” Natalia translated, looking down at me in surprise that I was crying. She touched my face and maneuvered to sit on my lap, I was grateful they had not taken my boxers. Natalia sat down and gently wiped away my tears, looking into my eyes, her red eyes softening slightly. She leaned against me, her skin despite having probably a solid pound of ink in it, was soft and warm. Why was she trying to comfort me?

Sasha stood behind Ashley and pressed in close to her, running her hands over the front of my sister’s limp body. Her hands traveled down Ashley’s stomach to her inner things where they proceeded to inch farther in, inch by slow inch. Her fingers barely touching skin. I looked closer and I could just make out movement under her eyelids, the corner of her mouth quirked fractionally. Sasha’s hands stopped, the fingers of one spread Ashley’s pussy open so the fingers of the other could push inside her. Sasha peeked her head around Ashley’s side to look at Natalia, she said something.

“Really?” Natalia asked excitedly, springing up from my lap and bouncing over to Sasha. I felt her absence on my lap keenly as the cold seeped back into me. Natalia leaned down and mimicked Sasha by sliding a finger into my sister as well. They looked back at me, jealous looks on their faces.

“It is times like this we wish we were men.” Natalia said longingly.

“Why we have these.” Sasha grinned, jerking her thumb to one side of the room. I turned my head, my neck was stiff. There was a table against one wall, covered in all kinds of sexual paraphernalia, toys, bondage equipment, objects I couldn’t begin to identify. My eyes flicked back to Ashley and I could see that one eye was open peering at the table. Her nervous smile broadened enough for me to see teeth. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that Ashley was aware of what was going on, hell she probably could have gotten out of this if she really wanted to. Her eye swiveled to me and she winked. I felt immediately better, my chest eased and I sighed, smiling back at her.

Sasha had moved to the table and was mindlessly picking through the stuff. She held up a roll of duct tape and asked Natalia something.

“Yes that is possible.” She responded. She was on her knees in front of Ashley looking at her pussy, her finger still probing my sister’s depths. Sasha ripped off a piece of tape and came back to Ashley, laying it tightly over her mouth. Ashley didn’t move. I was being more and more impressed with her. She was barely moving although these two were doing all kinds of things that would drive a normal person crazy. Sasha went back to the table and continued to play around with the stuff there. Natalia had moved closer to Ashley and was laying her head against my sister’s thigh, playing with her cunt in an almost loving kind of way.

Ashley was squeezing her eyes shut; I could see her jaw working, grinding her teeth.

“What does she taste like Tim? I know you know.” She purred looking back at me. My response was to glare at her in silence. That was the first time she had addressed me by name and it made my skin tingle.

“Well I shall find out.” She said before turning back to Ashley. She pushed her face into my sister and I knew that from a girl like Natalia, even Ashley couldn’t keep her composure. My eyes were locked on the back of Natalia’s head and throat, so I didn’t hear Sasha come up to my side.

“Her record thirty seconds.” She whispered in my ear, a tangy chemical scent wafted from her.


“Thirty seconds make girl cum from naught.” She said, “Best of red roses.”

“Red roses?”

She blinked, I think she had said something she shouldn’t have, “Nothing.” She stood up straight and I saw that she had something in her hands.

When I had first seen my sister’s strap-on I was impressed, but this, this was truly massive. One end had to have been ten or eleven inches long and pretty thick, the other end must have been a solid seven. She saw that I was looking and grinned, her lifeless white eyes regarding me with something akin to amusement.

Suddenly I heard loud moaning and jerked my head back to Ashley and Natalia. My sister’s eyes were wide open, screaming at the ceiling where her mouth could not. Her body was trembling, sweat making her skin shine as Natalia remained planted between her legs. Ashley squeezed her legs together, forcing Natalia back, gasping for air.

“At least full minute.” Sasha chuckled, “You can not handle her.” Natalia stood up and turned to face us, glaring at Sasha. Her face was drenched in my sister’s juices and absentmindedly she wiped her face with a hand, licking it clean.

“You need a huge fake cock to please her, I have done it with nothing!” she said holding her tattooed arms out and twirling around. I was looking at Ashley as they continued bickering in Russian, she was trembling badly. Her eyes fluttering as she tried to calm down, shifting her legs uncomfortably. She saw me looking at her and I gestured to my left, at Sasha, or more specifically what she was holding. Her eyes went wide and flicked back to me, she was scared now, ‘help me’! This wasn’t a game anymore.

“I invited you as a courtesy Sasha, do not forget that.” Natalia hissed. Well there was one way to get Ashley out of this. Sasha stamped her booted foot in a surprisingly girly act of frustration, stormed over to Ashley and stood in front of her. She slid the large end between her legs, back and forth under her pelvis.

“Where do you want, Ms. Donovan?” she whispered. Ashley’s eyes were frantic as she looked from me to Sasha to me again. ‘Help me Tim, brother!’ Shit! I was sweating and I felt sick, what had I done?

“Natalia.” I called quietly. She was standing close to Sasha, hands on hips watching what she was doing with her back to me. When she heard me call her name so quietly, she obviously knew something was up and sharply turned around. I lowered my eyes and said nothing. She gave a little squeak and rushed over to me, practically jumping onto my lap, legs on either side of the chair facing me. I cringed as she ground her hips into me.

“What can I do for you my love?” she cooed. I swallowed hard and looked over her shoulder at Ashley who was trying to squirm away from Sasha’s more probing touches.

“What will it take for you to make Sasha leave and let my sister go, so we can be alone?”

“Well, it took you long enough to ask.” What!? This was what all this shit was for, I wanted to scream. Natalia said something without turning around and I watched as Sasha whirled around, rage contorting her face. She protested, looking from Ashley to Natalia’s back, jabbing the dildo into Ashley’s hard abs. Natalia rolled her eyes and injected more force into her voice. Sasha shouted back and stormed to the table, picking up a cell phone and rapidly dialing a number. She walked back over to Ashley and stood in front of her staring up into her eyes as she waited for the other end to pick up.

“Lucky girl.” Her voice was full of menace. The other person finally answered and she started speaking rapidly as she waved the strap-on in Ashley’s face.

“She is calling her husband.” Natalia explained with a giggle, “She wants him to be home in less than an hour and to be ready for her.”

“Someone would marry her?” I asked incredulously.

She snorted and called out across the room, before falling into a giggling fit. Sasha slowly turned and glared at me, a vicious smile tearing at her lips.

“Funny.” She snarled turning around and lining up the large end of the strap-on with Ashley’s pussy, she tossed a look over her shoulder before shoving hard. Ashley screamed into the tape and tried to jerk away but Sasha put her other arm around her waist and held her still as she pushed it all the way in. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her chin sagged into her chest. Sasha gave it a twist and frowned after getting no response. She reached up and gently held my sister’s face in her hands as her muffled screams died down to a pathetic whimper, tears streamed from her eyes.

“You have been deprived of a thousand pleasures and pains; you will never be satisfied until you see me again.” She intoned quietly, her English suddenly flawless and her voice deepening. Ashley’s eyes glazed over and her body relaxed.

“Sasha that does not work on females, just leave.” Natalia said tiredly, still not turning around.

“So you say. I will see you both,” she said looking from Ashley to me, “again.”

“Go Sasha, I will see you at the club.” Natalia said a little more calmly. Sasha pulled on a black hoodie and skirt, before calmly flipping us the bird and slamming open a door directly behind Ashley. It was dark outside the door and as soon as she passed through, disappeared.

“Let me get my sister down and then we can do what you want okay.” I said calmly. She grinned and ran a hand through my short hair, reluctantly getting off of me. Sashaying over to the table she picked up a set of keys. She brought them over and unlocked the handcuffs around my wrists and ankles.

I tried to stand but my legs felt like rubber and I half staggered half crawled across the room. I reached up and pulled the tape off Ashley's mouth, her eyes snapped back into focus.

“Ouch! Take it out Tim, Take it out!” she cried. I reached down and grabbed hold of the end, slowly pulling the large device out of her with a wet sucking sound.

“Ohh god.” She moaned as a trickle of clear liquid followed it out.

“Keys Natalia!” I demanded, holding out my hand. They were slapped into my palm and I quickly reached up and unlocked one of the cuffs. Ashley dropped to the ground in a heap; I followed her down and cradled her head in my arms as she tried in vain to move her extremities. Natalia took the keys and unlocked the other cuff before bouncing over to the table and putting on her own clothes.

“Are you okay Ashley?” I asked, brushing the hair out of her face.

“No! What the hell is this? Why in the fuck was I chained to the fucking ceiling? And who was that?” she demanded, frustrated. “One minute I’m asleep the next, that white eyed freak punches me in the face, shoots me full of something and then I’m here!”

“Sshh Ashley, I’ll tell you later okay.”

“Whatever, I just want to go home. Aren’t we supposed to go home tomorrow?” she asked shakily. Her skin was cold and I turned to Natalia, now fully dressed and standing beside me looking on with amused red eyes.

“Where are her clothes?”

“She had none but these.” She said, holding out a pair of flowered panties, grinning. I snatched them from her hand and attempted to put them on her myself. Ashley angrily slapped away my hands and pulled them the rest of the way up as I stood and helped her to her feet. We were both unsteady and Natalia was having a hard time keeping a straight face. She handed me my clothes and I only put on my shorts, handing my large shirt to Ashley.

“Where are we Natalia?”

“The basement of our dorm building.” She responded flatly. I put an arm around Ashley’s waist and took some of her weight as we staggered towards the door. We made it out and were confronted by a long hallway and a staircase at our end. The whole hall was poorly lit and after a good deal of tripping we made it up the stairs which ended just a few rooms from Natalia’s.

“We’re going home for the break.” I said letting go off Ashley and moving closer to Natalia, “Then whatever happens, happens.” I said. She grinned and bit her lip excitedly, handing me a slip of paper with what looked like her cell number on it.

“Yes, gather your strength.” She giggled, breaking off into her room after giving me a broad smile. Ashley had kept going down the hall to her room. I walked to her as she reached her door. When I stopped by her side she leaned her head against the door, I could hear her sniffling.

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

“I told you no!” She sobbed.

I put an arm around her shoulder, “I’m so sorry I got you into this Ashley. Is there anything I can do?”

“We’re going home tomorrow right?” I nodded, “Then you can keep me company tonight, I don’t want to be alone.” She said looking at me as tears rolled down her cheeks. I would do whatever she wanted right now.

“Sure Ashley.” She gently took my arm and guided me through the door. The room was empty and I assumed Catherine had already left. The clock by Ashley’s bed read two o’clock. To my immense relief she kept my shirt on as she climbed onto her bed, though she still managed to practically rip her panties in two bending over. This was going to be difficult.

She flopped down and sighed dejectedly, giving me a gut wrenching look. I felt so bad, as I walked over and sat down next to her. She was practically falling asleep before my eyes, her eyelids drooped and that’s why I didn’t expect her to grab me around the waist and roll over, dragging me over her to almost slam against the wall. Her arms moved higher and she pulled herself closer, her body pleasantly warm against my back. She pressed her face into my bare shoulder and wiggled herself closer still.

“Remember when I used to do this when we were little, like when I had a nightmare or there was a thunderstorm or something?” she whispered, her breath tickling the skin of my neck.

“Yes, though I wish it was just a nightmare that put us in this situation.”

“Hmm, yeah. Just think, at least we get to go home tomorrow.” She said yawning. Oh I was already thinking about it, all I wanted was to be near Oriana, just to hold her in my arms, to kiss her. I was gone.

I could feel her arm over me, her gentle breathing on my neck, the fragrance of her hair. She was all I had ever wanted, and I had her, she was mine and I was hers.

“Are you awake?” I whispered. She was not. Why not wake her up, the pleasant way, muhahaha. I rolled on to my side, her arm still over my shoulder and gazed at her in the dark, she was so beautiful. I slid a stray lock of hair out of the way so I could see her closed eyes, they were rapidly moving under her eyelids, she was dreaming. I gently ran my hand over her face, her skin was flawless. I kept going up over her shoulder and down the graceful swoop of her side to her hip. I let my thumb slide my hand down the inside of her hip over her flat stomach. She moaned in her sleep and rolled over, presenting her back to me. Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be eh?

I caressed her supple rear, encountering the frustrating barrier of her panties. I moved my hand farther down and flattened it, slowly slipping it between her soft thighs. I’m sure my tongue was peeking out of the corner of my mouth as I felt around in the dark. I continued on, my fingers walking up her leg and over her buried treasure; damn panties! Hmm she must be having a damn good dream considering the dampness I was feeling. Slowly I let my fingers trace her slit, if this didn’t wake her up nothing would. I began adding pressure, sinking my fingers into the soft skin and fabric, she moaned, shifting her legs around my forearm. I split my fingers one running to where I approximated her clit should be and the others remaining as they were, slowly massaging her from behind her panty shield.

“Harder.” She breathed, finally awake. She was worming her whole body in concert with my finger’s movements trying to work every sensation to the max. I pushed with that finger on her clit; she inhaled sharply and let out a low deep moan. She pushed my hand out of the way and quickly pulled down her panties, I had to readjust but my fingers were quickly back to work. I could hear her breathing start to get heavy; I pushed my fingers deep into her and began the complicated little dance I had created. She instantly reacted, arching her back into me and mashing her hand into mine, trying to push me deeper.

“Uuuhh sooner or later you’re gonna have to…uhn…fuck me for real.” She groaned. What!? I paused, why did she say that?

“Noo, don’t stop! Or I swear to god I’ll rape you right now.” Shit! Now I was awake.

“God damn it Ashley!” I cursed, this was the second time I had dreamt about Oriana and it hadn’t been true. I tried to pull my hand away but she clamped her thighs down, trapping me.

“Please,” she whispered, “please I’m so close. Make me feel better Tim.” I sighed, moving my fingers again. She was bucking her hips while pushing my hand with her own, fucking herself on my fingers.

“Oh god. Oh god, yes UUHHH!” she cried, her voice muffled as she buried her face in a pillow. This had to have been her weakest orgasm to date but you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the way she moved. She thrashed around, tossing bed sheets every which way. I yanked my arm free and licked my fingers, she tasted different, must have been that dildo. I quickly rolled over, my back to her, just in case.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Um four o’clock.” She responded, I felt her moving around before an arm snaked over my side and down into my boxers. “We still have time to play. And if you think that was all I needed you’re wrong, I need more.”

I pulled her hand out and shoved her; she let out a squeak as she rolled off the bed with a satisfying thump. “Uhn I’m Ashley. I want sex! Fuck me, fuck me hard. Put it in my big ass. I’m Ashley. I want sex!” I teased in a whining, snide sort of way.

“You’re so mean to me!” responded her tiny voice from the floor.

I laughed, “Mean? How am I mean to you? If I recall correctly you’ve done all the mean things to me.”

“Well I’m allowed to, I’m the girl.” She said pointedly, still not rising from the floor which I saw as troubling.

“Bullshit! You’re no girl!” I giggled. I turned my head just in time to see her slowly standing up, and wouldn’t you know it, she had taken off her shirt and completely removed her panties.

“See this is what I was talking about, you are sooo mean to me.” I snorted, rolling my eyes, though I doubt she could see them in the dark. “You won’t even have sex with your hot, horny, loving, caring, oh-so-willing sister.” As she huskily said those last words she crawled on the bed and got down on top of me, leaning closer and closer with each word until our faces were inches apart.

“I think most normal people don’t do that.” I said drawing away from her as much as I could. I made a promise; I couldn’t do this, not when I was so close. She laid flat on top of me her big beautiful tits squashing against my chest, one hand petting my face while the other snuck down along my side.

“Why won’t you fuck me Tim? Don’t you want me anymore?” Not this again! “Am I not attractive to you anymore? I try to be appealing; I’ve tried time and again to put myself in that position. But no! Timothy gets so much pussy he doesn’t need his first anymore, his easiest. What about me?” She whined. This was where I appreciated having Ashley as my sister, I could be rough with her and she wasn’t likely to get hurt. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed, however she grabbed me at the last second and we tumbled to the floor with a loud bang. I landed on top but bounced off of her onto my back. She recovered and made to grab my wrists but I reached out and caught her hands, making a feeble attempt at holding her off.

Grinning sadistically she pushed my hands painfully to the floor, this was turning out to be a mistake. She leaned down and kissed me deeply while she started moving her hips, mimicking fucking me. Damn her! Despite myself I was already painfully hard and her grinding into me wasn’t helping in the least. Wrestling with a naked goddess such as Ashley wasn’t exactly conducive to staying calm. I couldn’t tell her about the promise I had made to Oriana, she would just try all the harder to spite her. And so I decided to keep trying to get on top, I thought only then would she become placid enough to reason with. I took a deep nose full of air and mustered my strength before slowly, shakily, pushing her arms up. Her eyes opened and looked left then right as her hands slowly started to rise from the ground as she was pushed away from me.

Breaking away she hissed, “Stubborn bastard, let me fuck you.” And then after a pause, “You need to work out more.” She added more force and as she did I turned and her hand smashed into the floor, I used that to shove with my hip and flip her over. Finally! I quickly pinned her hands to the ground and, gasping for air, lay down on top of her.

Immediately she calmed down and closed her eyes. I don’t know if she respected the person on top or she was too ashamed of the fact that she had given it up, whatever the case she was done. She practically deflated under me and turned her head to the side, yup ashamed.

“Oh that’s right,” I chirped happily, “Ashley doesn’t like being on the bottom does she?”

“Fuck you!” she growled.

“Do you want me to use my magic fingers on you again, is that it?” I asked jokingly. She blew the hair out of her eyes and glared at me. There was a small noise and Ashley’s eyes flicked past my shoulder, she sighed and turned her head to the side again. I cranked my head around and lo and behold who should be standing there but the devil herself.

“If you two are going to fuck do it quietly, you are going to wake up half of my building.” Natalia said stepping into the room and closing the door behind her.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“For one I wish to have the two of you, but I understand you would like to go home first so I will settle for quiet. I have to be up early tomorrow and I can not do that with you two slamming around all night.” I nodded and she grinned, looking us over and sighing disappointedly before leaving.

“Do you want me to stay or can I go back to my room?” I asked looking back down at my sister.

“Please stay,” she said looking up at me with doe eyes. I swear she should be an actress.

“Fine but you have to put some clothes on. And no nonsense!” I said letting go of her and standing up. I got back onto her bed which was still warm and lay on my back watching as she stood up and went to her closet. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass, even after all this time it could still captivate me. She slipped into some sweatpants and a t-shirt before coming back over and laying down next to me.

Almost immediately I started to fall asleep and before the blackness took me to a better place, I felt Ashley wrap her arms around me and lay her head on my shoulder. This was better.

When I woke up the next morning it felt like my body was being squeezed in a soft vice. I cracked open my eyes and looked down my body. I was basically encased by my sister, her arms were tightly wrapped around my chest and her legs were linked around my own, there was nary a part of her that wasn’t in contact with me. I took a deep breath and felt her arms tighten, trying to kill me in her sleep no doubt. I turned, looking at the clock, Christ it was already nine o’clock! Our father was going to be here in less than an hour. I tried to spread my arms but she only squeezed tighter, tighter, okay painful.

“Ashley! Ashley wake…uhhh…wake up!”

“I am awake.” She purred, raising her head and smiling sweetly.

“You’re a bitch, ahhh!”

“That’s not very nice Timothy.” She was slowly crushing me, I grunted in pain. “Oh does this hurt Tim? Because this is what I feel like when you keep rejecting me, maybe now you understand why I am so damn persistent!”

“Okay! Okay!” I gasped. She let go and I sucked in a huge breath of air, my chest heaving.

“Oh why look Tim! Mom and Dad will be here anytime now! You best go get dressed unless you want people to get ideas.” She said as she got up and went back over to her closet. I got up holding my chest and left, heading for my own room. The building was a virtual ghost town; everybody had either gone home last night or early this morning. I knew JD was gone so I strolled into my room and changed, putting some clothes I hadn’t washed yet and a few other things into a duffle bag and left my room. I turned left, heading for the main door when something stopped me.

“Oh my, am I getting careless in my excitement?” a distinctively accented voice breezed past me from behind. I slowly turned and sighed, seeing Natalia leaning up against the wall next to my door.

“I guess so.” I shrugged turning to go.

“Try not to waste too much energy on your little girlfriend.” She chuckled, coming up alongside me. We stopped in front of the glass entrance doors. I could see Ashley already outside sitting on a wall that ran the length of the building, kicking her feet happily whilst looking from the front door to the parking lot. She saw where I was looking, “Or your sister for that matter.” I smirked, patting the top of her head, making sure to crush the well made spikes of orange hair she had going.

“Do not fear tiny terror, you’ll get your chance.” I said mimicking her accent, and walking through the door into the chilly air.

“I had better!” she called after me, trying in vain to resurrect her hair. I snuck up behind my sister and poked her in the side with a finger, making her jump.

“My chest still hurts.”

“So does mine.” She retorted acidly. I was saved from anymore icy comments by our father’s car pulling into the parking lot. Déjà vu! It was just Dad and already he had popped the trunk in anticipation. I threw my stuff in and got in the back, Ashley did the same. I noticed with a tiny smile that Ashley still wasn’t walking normally. He knew better than to ask us any questions that would undoubtedly be asked an hour later by our mother and so he spent most of the ride filling us in on what was going on with the two of them.

When we finally pulled into the driveway he told us to get in there quick and get it over with, while he got our stuff out of the car. After the customary hour or so interrogation from Mom we went our separate ways, Ashley to her room and me to my car. I was going to pick up Oriana from the train station as per our agreement, and I couldn’t be happier. Her college had a direct rail line to a station not ten minutes away. It took me five to get there.

The train wasn't due for another five minutes and I had all that time to figure out what I was going to do when she stepped off. I grinned, I wanted to play a little game, payback for that promise she had me make. I looked down the tracks and could just make out the headlight off in the distance.

Scanning the area I found a little corner where I could stand unnoticed but still observe the entire platform. As the train thundered in a crowd started to form, parents and siblings, business people, and your everyday traveler crowded onto the platform. I worried for a second that I would not be able to see her in the press of people; however my fears were alleviated when the doors opened and her black framed face peered out the door before she dropped to the platform. I quickly made my way close to the train, maneuvering behind her. She had a very large duffle bag clasped in both hands and was standing on the tips of her toes trying to see over the crowd, looking for me I suppose.

I deepened my voice, “Lookin’ for somebody miss?”

“Yeah, my boyfriend is supposed to be picking me up.” She responded without turning around.

“Shame he hasn’t shown up yet, sweet little thing like you shouldn’t be all by yourself around here.” That made her turn around right quick.

“Tim!” she shrieked, leaping into my arms, her duffle bag thudding to the ground forgotten. I put a hand on her lower back to hold her up, though I doubt she needed the help considering the death grip her arms had around my neck. I almost laughed as she drowned my face in kisses, only managing to kiss her back a few times out of a hundred.

“Legs.” I managed to say under the onslaught. She wrapped her legs around my hips and I leaned down to pick up her bag with one hand. It was heavy but manageable, and I started off towards my car.

“God I missed you so much!” she gasped breathlessly.

“Mmph, missed you…more.” I staggered the final few steps to my car and dropped her bag, leaning her up against the car.

“Did you keep your promise baby?” she purred, looking me square in the eye.

“Um yeah about that,” I said looking around nervously, she frowned, “of course I did! Do you think I would break a promise I made to you?” She beamed and I think, tried to speak but all that came out was a bunch of excited squeaks as tears welled up in her eyes.

“No, no crying Oriana.” I said, wiping away the tears with a gentle finger.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy! I have such good news to tell you!”

“Oh?” I asked, my mind not totally on what she was saying at this point. I pressed in closer to her if that was possible, pushing with my hips, I leaned in and kissed lightly up her neck.

“Oh god! Fuck! It can…ooh…wait!” She closed her eyes and tilted her head, exposing more of her neck.

“Is your mom working weird hours still?” I asked, hoping against hope.

“Uh she works the day shift now that I’m in college.” I was afraid her face would split she was grinning so broadly. “She won’t be back until nine.” Jesus eight hours! I pushed a little harder and she tilted her head back, moaning.

“A fucking month! Take me home right now before I explode!”

“You’ll just explode there wont you?” I asked letting her down and opening the car as quickly as I could after tossing her bag in the trunk.

“Well…” was all she said as she leapt into the passenger seat and I screeched out of the lot. I probably broke a suburban land speed record to her house. Pulling into her driveway we quickly got out, I held out my hand and she handed me the keys to her house before she climbed up on me again. She had this down to a science. As quick as I could I carried her to the door, I couldn’t do it fast enough, I couldn’t get the key in the lock, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! CLICK. Finally! We fell through the door and landed in a heap, barely slowing us down.

Before we got back to our feet both of our shirts and our shoes were gone. She fumbled with the clasp of her jeans as she raced for her bedroom, I followed right behind her, hurling my belt across the hall. I skidded into her room, almost falling on my face. I shifted my weight to the side at the last minute, landing heavily on her bed, she was sitting a little too close to where I hit and she was bounced onto her back with a squeak.

“Fuck I almost fell.” I didn’t get a chance to recover before she landed on top of me. She was backwards, her panty covered ass resting on my sternum as she struggled to get my shorts off. She was so fucking cute it was ridiculous. She was wearing these adorable little pink panties with little white flowers spread about it.

“These are cute!” I giggled, pulling at them.

“Shut up!” she said, her voice strained as she finally managed to push my shorts and boxers down. She flopped to the side and struggled out of her panties, watching my throbbing cock out of the corner of her eye, smiling wickedly.

“We’re not gonna last long are we?” I asked, pulling her back on top of me.

She sighed, “Yeah but it’s going to be huge!” She kept her eyes locked on mine as she shimmied her hips back until she bumped into my dick.

“Ready baby?” she asked, lifting herself up and grabbing my cock in a small hand, pulling it up and aiming it at her practically dripping pussy. Grinning like an idiot I nodded, reaching out and taking her hand. She smiled and slowly started to sit, I watched fascinated as my cock slowly pushed its way past her swollen, puffy outer lips and slip inside of her soaked, blazing confines. Both our mouths opened in silent screams of ecstasy and she squeezed my hand hard. She was going very slow, trying to squeeze the most of this as she could before we blew.

“Ohhh fuck! Oh fuck!” she cried as she hit bottom, sitting still for a while, adjusting, calming down.

After a minute she closed her eyes and smiled, “There we go.” More confident now she rose quickly and stopped when just the head of my cock remained in her. She descended much faster this time, her soft inner tissue rushing along my shaft. I grunted as her hips hit mine with a bit of force and air rushed from my lungs as she quickly ascended once more and slammed back down.

“NNOOOhhhh!” she screamed as she hit again. Her pussy convulsed around my cock as her cum poured out of her in a rush, flowing around my dick and splashing against my hips. She never ceased to impress me. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she crashed down on my chest with a thud, stunning me for a second, which spared me from exploding as well. She twitched and shuddered for a few minutes before she picked her head up and looked at me with narrowed eyes.

“You were supposed to cum with me!” she whined. I was right there as it was, her cunt still going crazy around my dick.

“We’ll just have to make you cum again.” I said quietly, kissing her forehead. She sighed, she was drained already. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over. I lay on top of her, supporting some of my weight and kissing her deeply as I slowly started to fuck her. I kept the pace slow, building it up for that epic climax. I let a hand sneak between us and brought it to her clit, teasing it with my fingers. She started making little noises through her nose, so I pushed a little harder, her eyes rolling with every thrust. She broke away gasping and wrapped her arms around my head, pulling me closer to her as she drew nearer and nearer.

“Ohhhh god Tim! I’m uuhhhnn gonna…gonna EEHHHYYYAAAA!” She screamed right as I pushed into her one final time. Her juices washed over my cock again as my own cum shot out of me in an almost painful release. She cried out again as the hot liquid poured into her, a month can produce a sizable buildup it seems. It felt like forever before my cock stopped thumping out cum and when it finally did stop, it was all I could do to keep myself propped up. Oriana however, still clung to me, squeezing me tightly every few seconds as she continued to convulse in orgasm.

After a few minutes she let go and fell back, her breathing ragged and her chest heaving, skin glistening with sweat. I grunted and rolled off of her, my own chest heaving as my heart tried to beat its way from behind my ribs.

“You fill me up so good baby.” She sighed contentedly, reaching out a shaky hand and touching my face.

I chuckled, “Do I?” and then after a pause, “Lets not do this kinda thing anymore.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. A month is way too long, I was going insane!” she agreed, still panting. We lay there for awhile catching our breath before she suggested we go take a shower. I was more than happy to agree. It was probably the longest shower I had ever taken, and after a few tender moments we had gone at it again. We came out quite some time later smelling sweet but even more exhausted. After she changed and I got back into my pants we shambled downstairs to the basement. The futon had been folded back up and we plopped down on it, she sitting at one end and me lying along its length with my head in her lap.

One of the things I loved about Oriana was that I could talk to her; she could carry a conversation and always engaged me with questions. We talked for hours about our different college experiences and the similarities as well. However, I left out the whole Natalia business; I didn’t want her worrying about me or even Ashley for that matter.

“I can’t believe it’s barely been a month, can you?” I asked.

“Nope.” She responded but then after a moment she straightened up and slowly looked down at me, running a hand lovingly through my short hair, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot.”

“What?” I asked warily, the maniac gleam in her eye putting me on edge for a second.

“Guess.” She said smugly.

“I can’t, I don’t have anything to go on.”

“Oh come on!” she whined, smacking me. I sat up and held my arms out as she kept slapping at me.

“Guess! Guess Tim!” she giggled, getting on her knees and grabbing my hands, forcing me back.

“Just tell me Oriana!” I laughed.

“No I’m not gonna tell you if you’re not gonna guess!”

I groaned, rolling my eyes at her, “Um, are you getting a new car or something?”

She glared at me in annoyance, “Don’t be stupid Timmy! C’mon I’m serious.” I got up and walked around, stroking my chin in thought.

“Hmm what would a girl be excited about?” I thought out loud, walking around behind the futon. She sat up and put her chin on the back of the futon, still glaring at me.

“Not a girl! ME!” she cried, she was getting frustrated now.

“Aha I know!” I exclaimed, her eyes lit up, “You got a new dress!” Her expression did a complete 180, she gave me a ‘you’re dumber than a bag of rocks’ look and frowned.

“See, just tell me because I’m never going to guess.” I said coming back around and sitting next to her. Moving slowly, she reached out a hand and pushed me over before climbing on top of me and bringing her face close to mine.

“Let’s just say I talked to the admissions advisor at your school last weekend.” She said slowly, waiting for it to register with me. It hit me like…like…something really fucking big.

“What!?” I must have looked utterly dumbstruck because she giggled girlishly and closed my mouth with her hand.

“He said, because they’re still receiving other transfers and overseas applicants, it wouldn’t be too bad if I moved on in during the break. It’ll be a pain in the ass getting caught up but you’ll help me right?”

I nodded dumbly. “I thought you didn’t have the money to do that.” I asked totally confused, it wasn’t sinking in very quickly.

“I didn’t, until Gramma Sue died and left me with a shit load. I didn’t like her that much but I guess she liked me plenty.”

“Oh I’m sorry.” I said softly.

“Like I said…aren’t you excited?” she asked cocking her head to the side and looking at me curiously.

I expected this to happen but not this year not even until senior year or something. But my thoughts were elsewhere. Why this year? I was excited, hell yes but what about all this shit with Natalia? I couldn’t have her going after Oriana, like she had gone after my sister. She already showed an interest in Oriana, fuck!

“Um Oriana,” I said getting her attention, she had been looking off to one side, a dreamy look in her eyes; “Maybe…maybe that’s not such a good idea.” Her head snapped around and she narrowed her eyes at me once more.

“Why? Give me one good goddamned reason why I can’t be with you.” She growled angrily. So I gave it to her, there was no point in hiding it anymore. I told her everything including the fears that I had.

“You think that this bitch can hope to stand between us, to keep you from me?”

“It’s not that she would try to keep us apart, its what she would do to you when I’m not around.” I said fearfully, wrapping my arms around her protectively.

She barked out a cynical laugh, “You’re forgetting something.”


“I was best friends with your sister. And you know what that means.” That eased my worries nicely. I didn’t really think Natalia was capable of anything worse than what Ashley dished out in her prime. Sasha was a different story but we wouldn’t have to deal with her, hopefully. I heaved out a big sigh and smiled at her.

“Okay, you’re right. I was just worried is all.” I said, kissing her gently.

“Aw, I’m happy that you are looking out for me, but I’m a big girl now and I can take care of myself.” She said, sitting up straight on my stomach, looking down at me over her large breasts.

“Well, you're big in some ways.” I said, reaching out and poking her left tit with a finger.

She slapped my hand away and put her hands on her hips. “Really Tim? Are you seriously gonna go there?” she challenged, putting on her best angry face, a very rare face indeed. “I should make you suck ‘em just for saying that.”

“You should.” I retorted, staring her down, daring her. She grinned evilly and looked at the TV for a second.

“Shit!” I looked in that direction and cursed as well, it was almost nine.

“Oh my god, how did that happen?” I asked out loud. She sighed and got up, grabbing my hand and trying to pull me to my feet as well. I stood and followed her upstairs where I located my belt and shirt before heading to the door.

“So can you help me move my stuff in this week?” she asked, giving me a hug and kiss at the door.

“Of course, just call me when you need me.” I said kissing her back. She opened the door for me and I walked out to my car as she gave me a final wave from the doorway.

I drove home and sat in the driveway for a few minutes thinking about what this meant for me. I shrugged to myself and got out, I would overcome those obstacles as they presented themselves. I walked inside and greeted my parents and snagged a snack as I walked past to my room. I opened the door and closed it behind me; my life had just gotten a tad more interesting. I stripped to my boxers and climbed into my own bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

I spent the next few days helping Oriana move her stuff into her second floor room in my dorm building, when I had learned that little tidbit I had nearly had a heart attack. Thankfully Natalia had gone home or to whatever place she called home on this continent, though she took the keys to the building with her and we had to hunt down someone in administration to open it for us. Oriana was pleased to find that the building came equipped with a freight elevator and we only needed one trip from the car to get her stuff in her new room.

She had been put in touch with the current occupant of the room, a girl named Sophia, and they had gotten along fine over the phone, I wasn’t worried about her in that department. I also spent time showing her around the building, where my room was, Ashley’s, and Natalia’s which I told her to avoid at all costs. We toured the campus and I helped her find her classes, most of which we shared. After three days of hauling her stuff across the state we were done.

We took another day to relax and then we spent another day and a half spending quality time with each other. We cruised around town and got together with some of our friends, we probably had more fun in those few days than we had in quite some time.

Coming home from that I was totally and utterly exhausted. The first thing that should have put me on edge, but didn’t, was that my parent’s cars were not in the driveway. I shuffled into the house, dead on my feet. I stumbled and tripped, falling to my knees, I had to fight to keep my eyes open. I struggled to my feet and made it to my door, I crashed through it and managed to take my shirt off before collapsing on my bed and passing out.

“Tim, wake up.” A soothing voice eased into my heavy head. There was hefty weight on top of me and it was hard to breathe. I cracked an eye open and slowly focused on a set of glowing numbers, if I was correct I had only been asleep twenty minutes.

“What Ashley?” I groaned, closing my eyes and shifting my weight.

“Tim wake up, I need you!” she persisted.

“No leave me alone, I’m exhausted.” I croaked, rolling onto my side. The weight disappeared and I heard a thud. Smiling weakly I curled up under the sheets and clutched them tightly around me, a makeshift shield against what would be coming. I could feel sleep coming up on me again.

“Tim please, I need it bad. Oh god it hurts.” She moaned. Her hands fumbled around in the dark and found the edge of the covers, trying to pull them off of me. Christ she was waking me up!

“I gave your shit back to you, you have fingers, go fuck yourself.” I said, I wasn’t angry and my voice was even but I was so tired.

“Tim, please!” she cried.

“I’ll do you tomorrow.” I said with a cruel chuckle, pulling the covers tighter around me. She swore profusely and I felt her leave. Peace, I was out again.

I woke up the next morning in a cocoon of sheets and I had to work my way out of them. My clock read seven thirty; I hated when I went to bed semi early and woke up early as a result. I got up and changed, groaning like an old man the whole time. I shambled into the kitchen and got some Pop-tarts, I ate one there and was nibbling on the next as I made my way back down the hall. I stopped halfway between my room and Ashley’s, munching thoughtfully.

Dare I go in there? Why not, she was probably still asleep anyways.

I stuffed the rest of the Pop-tart in my mouth and slowly cracked the door open and peered inside. The lights were off but glaring slats of light streamed from the shuttered windows, falling like bright prison bars across her room. Her naked, light striped body lay spread eagled on her bed. Her sheets were strewn about in disarray, she was awake though, her eyes were wide open and starring at the ceiling. She was gleaming with sweat and her chest was heaving hard enough to make her tits jiggle gently. Strewn about the bed were just about all of her sex toys. I even saw some new ones, including a massive black bastard that had to be a solid eleven or twelve inches long and at least one to two inches in diameter which was in such a position that looked like she had just given birth to it. I stepped into her room and quietly closed the door behind me. She didn’t move except to clench her fists and flex her body.

“Rough night Ashley?” I asked. Her response was to relax slightly and blink a few times.

“It won’t…stop. I…I can’t stop.” She panted, and then after a pause for heavy breathing, “I’ve had so many orgasms…I can’t even uhn count.” She started moving, writhing as if in pain.

“Not again!” she wailed, tears rolling down her cheeks, her fingers clutched at the sheets as she arched her back. “It’s just getting worse!” My eyes were riveted on my sister’s body, she wasn’t lying and even she couldn’t fake this. I took a few tentative steps towards her and my nose confirmed that she wasn’t lying for two separate reasons. I could smell all those sex specific odors but something else caught my attention, something I had never smelled around my sister but had noticed around someone else. I grinned broadly and climbed up on her bed, grabbing her wrists and pinning them between her breasts and settled my weight on her stomach.

“Poor Ashley.” I smirked. She looked at me for the first time and grimaced.

“Fuck me or get off me?”

“Aw Sasha got you good.” I teased.

“What!?” She stopped moving and stared straight into my eyes.

“Natalia and Sasha must have cooked something up and put it on that little thing she put in you. I wouldn’t put it past them.”

“When the fuck did they become fucking chemists!” she screamed, trashing around again, she moaned loudly and tried to break her hands out of my grip. “Let me go! It’s so bad UUUHHN let me go!” I held her hands tightly; no doubt letting her fuck herself would only make things worse. I looked at the clock and decided there was enough time today to take care of this problem.

I let go of her hands, “Don’t touch yourself, you’ll only make it worse!”

“But it’s worse now!” she cried out. I got off of her and hurried to me room where I grabbed my cell and dug through the jar of pocket collections, finding Natalia’s number. I hurried back to Ashley room to find her trying to jam that black monster back into herself.

“Ashley no!” I strode over to her and grabbed the hand holding the dildo, wrenching it out of her.

“NNOOO! Why did you do that?” she yelled, sitting up and trying to grab it back from me. I smacked her across the face with it and tossed it across the room.

“Shut up if you want me to help you!” I growled as she held a hand to her cheek in astonishment. I pushed her back down and knelt on her hands while I dialed Natalia’s number.

She answered on the fourth ring, “Da, kто - это?”

“Natalia, it’s me Tim.”

“Tim!” she squeaked, “You sound different on telephone.”

“What did you do to my sister.” I sighed, cutting to the chase.

“I did nothing.”

“Then what did Sasha do?”

“I do not know. I am not her mother. But if she did, she is the only one who knows.”

“Where is she?” I sighed. Ashley was struggling again and I had to put the phone down for a second to grab her face in my hand. “Stop!” She did.

I could hear Natalia talking and I hurried to put it back to my ear, “What? Say that again.”

“I said she would be at the club today around lunch, if you would like me to take you to her.”

“That’s fine. Where is it from the college?”

She laughed softly, “Actually, if the information you submitted to me and the school is accurate the club is closer to you than it is to me.” I swore under my breath for what I was about to do.

“If you know where I live why don’t you just show up and we’ll go from there.”

“Excellent.” she said slowly and hung up.

“You fucking idiot.” Ashley piped in under me.

“Listen you, shut up and put your clothes on.” I said getting off of her and leaning back up against the wall. She stood up from the bed and walked over to her dresser. “Oh and I want you to put on two pairs of panties.” I said. She looked at me like I was crazy but did as I told her. She put on a pair of jeans, her bra, and a button up shirt. I came over to her and grabbed a belt from her closet.

“Hold out your arms.” She did as she was told again; she was obviously in a great deal of discomfort if she was doing what I told her this willingly. I put the belt on her and tightened it.

“You will leave yourself alone, do you understand me?”

“Yes Tim.” She responded demurely. I walked her back to her bed and pulled the top sheet off her bed, the thing was drenched. Whether it was from sweat or the endless number of orgasms she had no doubt given herself, I wasn’t sure. I scooped up her toys and put them on the sheet, rolling it up and putting it under her bed for now. She had a massive clean up job ahead of her.

She moaned softly and I shot out a hand, catching hers before it could start rubbing her pussy.

This continued for hours, I would stop her every few minutes from touching herself and it was starting to get on my last nerves when I heard the doorbell. I let out a huge sigh and grabbed my sister’s arm, dragging her to her feet and pulling her after me as I hurried to the door. I kept my grip on her as I opened the door to reveal Natalia standing on the steps, acting innocent as can be in case my parents were the ones who showed up first.

“Good afternoon my love.” She purred, making eye contact with me first and then Ashley before scanning the interior behind us. Her eyes were a sinister black now.

“Let’s go.” I growled, pushing past her and walking to my car. I noticed a brand new black Mercedes parked at the curb, figures.

She pouted, “What no time to play first?”

“No! Sit in the back with Ashley and make sure she doesn’t do anything.” I told her. She smiled and looked at Ashley who glared at the both of us.

“Do not fear Tim, I will take good care of Ms. Donovan.” She said getting in the back seat with Ashley. I shook my head and got behind the wheel and Natalia told me where to go. It turns out the club was located in the more urban part of town maybe fifteen minutes away.

They were quiet until I got on the main road which made me suspicious, but I was too focused on where I was going to look back. As we neared the business sector I finally looked in my rearview mirror.

“God damn it Natalia leave her alone!” Immediately in my view was Ashley’s face, her eyes were rolled back and Natalia’s hand covered her mouth.

“What? I do nothing.” She responded innocently, not taking her hand away. Ashley jerked back and let out a loud juddering moan and toppled over against the door.

“Did you have to do that?” I asked turning my attention back to the road.

“Yes. And that was the fourth time too.” She said proudly, leaning between the front two seats to look at me directly, “Take this left and you will be in the parking area.” I took the turn and ended up in a small parking lot behind a small strip mall. I shut off the car and we got out, Ashley had to stop and lean up against the car to get control of herself.

I grabbed Natalia’s arm tightly and pulled her closer to me, “Don’t test me Natalia, you’re the one who wants something from me remember.” I hissed menacingly.

“You are mistaken lover. It is you who wants something from me now.” She paused to let it sink in, “I received the papers for your girlfriends' transfer into my building. If you want me to leave her alone…” she trailed off, making her point. She smiled evilly, bringing her hand to her mouth and licking her fingers.

“Sasha has dissapointed me, this is a simple remedy.” She said thoughtfully, licking her lips.

“Can you fix it then?”

“Yes but with what Sasha said, I think she is waiting for her to show up here.” She said jerking her thumb at Ashley, who was only now breathing normally. “It would be easier to go in and have her fix it for us.”

“Can we do something please!?” Ashley put in, staggering up to us, putting her hands between her legs and bending over slightly as if she had to use the bathroom.

“Of course Ms. Donovan! Please, come with me.” She said heading for the low slung, bunker-like building at the other end of the parking lot. It was a dirty white and the only thing that could be seen was half a door down a few steps. The sign next to the door was a rose with a single blood drop falling from a single thorn, no words. We were ten yards from the door when it slammed open and a black clad female shambled out, immediately lighting a cigarette.

“I thought you were quitting Tish?” Natalia called, smiling sweetly. Tish was very tall, more so than Ashley and solid. Her straight, raven black hair hung around her shoulders and was treated with a no doubt expensive product that gave it an incredible shine. She was wearing a long black coat and when she turned to face us I was stunned by what she wore underneath it. I instantly had a bad feeling that we were heading into a very bad place.

She was wearing a black leather corset that was tightly laced up the front, just above her very large breasts to the curve of her shapely hips. The dress she wore was cut at an angle; one tanned leg was more exposed than the other and showed off their athletic definition. She wore heavy black leather boots, similar to Sasha’s, which probably explained why her legs were muscled so.

“You try not lightn’ one up after what I just did Nat!” she giggled, an unusual sound coming from someone looking like her. Instead of a Russian or at least eastern European accent she had a slight Boston one. As we came closer her eyes caught my attention, they were a startling emerald green. Her facial features looked like they belonged on someone half her age, small nose, small mouth, small pointy ears, cute little patches of freckles under her eyes and not a tattoo to be seen.

“You are too hard on your boy; you will dry him up if you are not careful.”

“Pfft, he is young, besides he loves it.” She smirked looking Ashley and I over, “You look familiar.” She said, looking at us curiously. “Do I know you?”

“This is Tim and Ashley Donovan. It is my last year of college, as you know.” Natalia said smugly, she was totally full of herself at the moment.

Tish's eyes shot open, “Donovan! Tim Donovan!” She was instantly in front of me, grabbing my head in her hands and scanning my face with her piercing green eyes.

“Oh God!” I moaned pitifully.

“Oh yes you know who I am now don’t you Timmy boy?” She let go and put her arm tightly around my neck, pulling me tightly to her, almost crushing me against her leather bodice as she strode towards to door of the club.

I looked back with a pleading look to Natalia and squeaked, “Help me!” I tried to get away but she was so much bigger than me that I didn’t stand a chance. Tish led me down the three or four steps and practically kicked the door open.

“Wait he is mine!” Natalia shrieked, running after us with Ashley in tow. Ashley was walking with a confident stride now, a huge shit-eating grin on her face, she new full well who it was that had me by the neck.

“We’re gonna have some fun you and I, Timmy boy. I want what my sister couldn’t handle!” and then she started to laugh, that sick demented laughter you hear from female villains in movies, and then darkness consumed us as we entered the second circle of hell.


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