Coming Home_(1) by kernowsteve

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Fantasy | BDSM

As I approach the front door I feel a rush of excitement as I know what is on the other side and the sight that will greet me when I open it. You will be kneeling naked apart from your collar, your hands clasped behind your head and your mouth wide open waiting for me. My hands tremble as I fumble with the key knowing what delight awaits just a few feet away. I open the door slowly with the knowledge that in a few seconds my now hard cock will be in your warm wet mouth. Imagine my horror and surprise to find you are not there. I kick off my shoes and walk barefoot into the kitchen knowing you must be somewhere in the house. You aren't in the kitchen or the dining room so I tiptoe to the sitting room and quietly glance through the half open door. I cannot believe the sight that meets my eyes. You are lying on the sofa totally naked with your eyes closed. You have one hand on your breast and your fingers are slowly squeezing and rubbing your hard erect nipple. Your legs are spread wide and your other hand is over your pussy, your index finger is buried deep in your cunt and your thumb is gently rubbing your swollen clit. You are moaning and groaning as your body starts to whrithe in ecstasy. I stand and watch you for a few minutes feeling myself harden more all the time. I am shocked but at the same time mesmerised while I'm watching you pleasure yourself. However I cannot allow this to continue, I gently cough but you're so engrossed in what you're doing you do not hear me. I cough again and this time it has the desired effect. Immediately you sit up like a startled rabbit and for a brief second look me straight in the eye. As your cheeks redden you avert your gaze as you do not know where to look and you put your hand across your mouth and give a half-hearted yawn.

' Would you care to explain yourself slut?' I shout at you ' just what on earth do you think you are doing.'

You pretend to yawn again and stretch as if you had just woken up.

' I am so sorry I must have fallen asleep and been dreaming of you fucking me' you replied with your eyes firmly fixed on the floor.

' The truth please' I said.

You waited for a moment while clearly trying to think of some excuse.

' I want the truth and now and don't lie to me slut or you will only make things worse for yourself. Now where you really asleep and dreaming?'

Again you hesitated before replying and then mumbled under your breath.

' Ummm no I wasn't asleep, I am so so so sorry. I don't know what came over me but it was the thought of you that made me do it.'

You could sense my anger and disappointment in you and to try and make amends you reached out and started to stroke my bulging cock through my trousers but I moved away.

' You don't deserve that, it has to be earned my little one. Now tell me what you are.'

' I am a slut.'

' What are you?'

' I am a filthy little cumslut who doesn't deserve to play with your cock.'

I reach for your lead and clip it onto your collar pulling you onto the floor. I lead you on all fours into the kitchen and tell you to make me a Coffee. You ask if you are allowed one also but your request is denied. I place the bowl on the floor and fill it with water, if you're going to behave like an animal you can drink like one. You crawl to the bowl and bend your head to start drinking having first make sure that your arse is facing me as I sit drinking my coffee. You hope that the sght of your firm arse and your wet cunt might persuade me to show a little leniency in what you know you have coming to you.

Although you feel a degree of safety in the kitchen knowing that whatever is going to happen will happen upstairs, the coldness of the stone is starting to hurt your bare knees and hands as you kneel there. You feel a slight sense of relief when I take hold of your lead again and head towards the stairs. You crawl slowly across the cold floor until you reach the stairs the one at a time still on all fours make your way up them. Once in the bedroom I instruct you to stand and place your cuffs around your wrists then clip them to the back of your collar. You're standing there with your hands secured behind your head and your legs slightly apart. I reach into the draw and produce your blindfold which I place across your eyes. You then hear the draw open again but do not know for what purpose I have opened it and you start to tremble in anticipation. You feel what you think is my finger running across your breasts but somehow it doesn't feel quite right. You feel my foot against yours pushing your legs wide apart then let out a slight gasp as my hand touches your pussy. You feel me push your wet lips together and let out a slight cry as you realise it was the clothes pegs that I was fetching from the draw. Squeezing your pussy lips together I place three pegs on them to hold them together. I place my hands on your shoulders and lead you across the room, then stop and telll you to stand still.

' Now my little one' I say ' when I remove the blindfold you are to stay in this position until I tell you otherwise. You are to look in the mirror and clear your mind of all thoughts apart from what you did earlier.'

As I remove the blindfold it takes a moment for your eyes to focus. You find yourself in the corner of the room facing the mirror and you realise there is something written across your breasts. It takes you a moment to ascertain what is written as it is reversed in the mirror but then it becomes clear that the word is ' slut.' You hear the door close behind me but you do not move or turnaround to see if I actually have left the and room, besides you cannot take your eyes off the mirror or the word on your breasts that describes your behaviour so aptly. You start to lose track of time, it feels like hours although you realise it is probably only minutes before you hear the door handle turn again. Out of the corner of your eye you see me going to the bathroom and return with a small hand towel and immediately you know what this means. I place it on the floor and instruct you to stand on it. This isn't the first time I have used the towel so you know what to expect, you know you will be caned and if at any point during the caning you step off the towel I will start all over again. I only need to click my fingers and point at the towel and you know what is expected of you. You position yourself with your legs apart and your feet on the towel, you bend forwards with your hands on your knees presenting your bottom for me to chastise. In front of you on the dressing table are an array of whips and paddles and you wait nervously to see which one I will select. My hand hovers over the leather whip and your heart misses a beat as you know the sting this one can inflict. You breathe a slight sigh of relief when at the last moment I select the paddle.

' I think we need to make this a bit more interesting.' I say as I reach back into the draw and produce the metal nipple clamps joined by the metal chain. It doesn't take much time rubbing them with my fingers before your nipples are stiff and erect. I slowly tighten the clamps as your nipples flatten under the pressure and then I attach a medium-sized weight to the middle of the chain. You know that you will not be able to keep perfectly still while being caned and the swinging of the weights will stretch and pull on those poor little buds. You wonder how many strokes you are to receive & your question is soon answered as I inform you it will be 12 and you will thank me after each stroke. You brace yourself ready for the first stroke but instead of a sharp stinging you feel me gently stroking your arse with the leather paddle until the moment I pull it away and you clench yourself ready. You hear a swish as it cuts through the air and narrowly misses your bottom and you wonder if it was deliberate or a mistake. You feel sure the second time it will make contact but again you just feel a rush of air across your waiting cheeks. Foolishly you start to relax a little and just as you do the leather slaps hard across your arse. Try as you might you can't help but falter slightly though managing to say in position on the towel and you remember to count out loud ' one thank you.' Each time the paddle makes contact you feel the stinging increasing and are imagining how red your cheeks must be getting and deep down you hope it is having the desired effect on me. As you count out loud your body starts to shake causing the weight to pull on your poor little nipples as it swings backwards and forwards & also each time you clench it pulls the pegs that are holding your pussy lips together. After the 11th stroke, you think to yourself that there is only one to go and although painful they have so far been bearable. You brace yourself for the last one but it is not forthcoming, I am making you wait for what seems like ages. You wonder if I have miscounted as I go to the table and pick up one of the whips you then realise that I haven't as I tell you to open your mouth and place the whip handle in your mouth and tell you to bite on it. With my left hand I grab the back of your hair and hold your head tight at the same time pushing your shoulders down. You realise that this can only mean one thing and you hear me say ' are you ready my sweet one?' You ndt your head in acknowledgement and prepare yourself, you clench your muscles as tight as you can. You yelp in pain as the final blow is administered, your legs start to buckle but I hold you up and turn you around so that I'm facing you. I pull you towards me and hold you tight as you rest your head on my shoulder and I gently stroke your hair with my left hand while I massage cold cream into your burning bottom. I kiss you on the forehead and lead you over to the dressing table and slowly unscrew the clamps that are squeezing your poor sensitive nipples. Once off I place my mouth on one and gently suck and lick it while my hands squeeze your still burning arse. I then bend you over the dressing table and remove the pegs from your pussy and immediately rub it vigourously with the palm of my hand as you squirm and your juices start to flow out all over my fingers. I take the chastity belt and insert the first of its dildos into your soaking wet cunt and using your juices that have flowed onto my hand I slowly insert a finger into your arse and gradually stretch it before replacing it with the second dildo and then I lock you securely into the chastity belt. I tell you to put on a loose fitting lightweight dress and you select one and are soon wearing it. We then go downstairs and I hand you your shoes and inform you that I feel you need some exercise and that a walk would be a good idea.

As we set off I wondered to myself exactly what sensations you must be feeling with both your holes well and truly plugged and I can only imagine how desperate you must be and longing to have my cock in place of the dildos. As we walk through the woods we come across a fallen tree, I sit and give you the look that you instantly recognise and know what is required of you. You kneel slowly as the dildo stretches your tight arse and you position yourself in front of me. While undoing my zip you lower your head and start to run the tip of your tongue around the top of my hard cock and lick up the pre-cum that is starting to ooze from it. Then slowly you slide your lips down its full length as I place my hands behind your head and pull you towards me and hold you there and I feel the tip deep down the back of your throat. I slide my hands down in front of your dress and grab your breasts pulling and pushing you as I face fuck you, harder and faster until I can hold on no longer and I fill your mouth with my hot sticky cum. Just then we hear a dog bark not far away so I dress and you wipe your mouth and we continue walking hand in hand. As we round the corner we meet a couple coming the other way and as they make polite conversation as they pass you wonder if it is your imagination or not that you feel that the woman was giving you a strange look. You soon discover why as once they had passed I take a tissue and wipe away the cum that is dribbling down your chin. Meanwhile as we walk you feel your cunt getting wetter and wetter with every step and your arse stretching more and more as the dildos get to work.

On returning home as soon as we are in the door I give you that simple one word command ' strip' immediately you let the dress fall to the floor and stand in front of me naked apart from the chastity belt. I take your hand and lead you upstairs and while you are still standing undo the padlocks on the belt and ease the dildos out of your holes. I lie you on the bed and using your wrist and ankle cuffs I soon have you spreadeagled. I place a blindfold across your eyes and a set of headphones on your ears and turn on the music. You are now lying there not able to see or hear what is going on in the room. I leave you for a few minutes to allow the anticipation to build. Your mind starts to wander as you try to imagine what is going to happen. Suddenly something touches your ankle, you think it must be a finger and it slowly runs up the inside of your thigh gently stroking as it goes and then circling but not touching your pussy it runs back down your other leg. At the same time you feel hot breath on your breast and my tongue slowly starts to circle around your nipple without actually touching it. You try to move closer as you are desperate to feel my lips around it and my tongue flicking it in my mouth. Likewise you want the hand that is stroking your thigh and so close to touching your wet pussy to part your lips and rub your swollen clit and then to slide inside you. Just as suddenly as it began the touching stops and for a few minutes you feel nothing until something drips onto your breasts, for a moment you cannot tell whether it is hot or cold. Could it be freezing ice or hot wax, you take a deep breath to see if you can smell the burning candle. It is only when you realise whatever it is has set hard and not run off but you realise it is candle wax and immediately you feel the heat. You start to wriggle but are soon distracted by the touch of a finger working its way between your pussy lips and coming to rest on your clit. As I suck your nipples and my finger slides inside your warm wet cunt you start to arch your back and I sense you are close to orgasm. I want to taste you and feel my tongue sliding between your pussy lips and sucking your swollen clit into my mouth while flicking it with my tongue at the same time and teasing your arse with my finger. Tempted as I am to make you cum and have the pleasure of watching you I want to feel you as you orgasm , not only do I want to feel you tighten around my swollen cock but I want to see you properly as we cum together. I want to see the look in your eyes so I remove the blindfold and headphones and release the cuffs from your ankles so that you can wrap your legs around me. I kneel between your legs and stroke your clit with the tip of my cock before gently sliding just the first inch inside you. I hold it there as you try and push your cunt around it. You start to plead with me ' please please I want all of it inside me now, fuck me fuck me your dirty little slut wants your cock right inside her and wants you to fill her slutty cunt with your hot cum.'

With one hard push my cock is deep inside your cunt, my falls slapping against your arse as I fuck you deep and hard your wetness pouring out onto the sheets. Harder and harder and deeper and deeper my cock goes into your cunt until I can hold on no longer.

'cum with me sweetheart I'm want us to cum together.' No sooner are the words out of my mouth and I feel you tighten around my cock, your body starts to twitch and your back arches as I fuck you even harder until I can hold on no longer and with one final deep thrust I feel my cum shoot inside you as you cry out in ecstasy as we both orgasm together. We remain locked together for several minutes while kissing passionately and stroking each other's exhausted bodies. Finally I release your wrist cuffs and we can curl up together my arm around you and my hand clasping your breasts with your nipple squeeze between my fingers, my other hand gently stroking the back of your neck as we fall asleep. You wake several times during the night and each time you feel reassured to know that I'm still holding you tight my hand still holding your breasts and if you move you can feel my cock against your buttocks as you drift back to sleep hoping it will soon be morning and once again I'll be buried deep inside you. I

Rating: 78%, Read 5381 times, Posted Apr 26, 2018

Fantasy | BDSM


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