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Erin gawped!

you couldn't describe it any other way! Like a cartoon character confronted by something they could comprehend, she stood in the doorway with her mouth open and her eyes wide, almost popping from her head.

Only a minute earlier she had arrived home from school, an afternoon of playing rounders on the field under the hottest sun of the summer had worn her out. Letting herself in without her usual burst of 11 year old energy, she had dropped her school bag in the hall and wearily climbed the stairs intending to shower and change (she avoided showers at school because unlike most of her school friends Erin had developed boobs when she was 10 and she felt embarressed by their prominence)

but now! .......

as she had passed the small "box" room, the door was half open and it was only then she realised she wasnt the only person home. Her mums boyfriend Mark was there, not only was he there but Erin realised with shock he was naked! For a reason unknown Erin involuntarily took a step forward into the doorway itself, thats when she began to gawp. Mark wasnt just naked Erin could now see he was holding someing in one hand , moving the hand up and down slowly but rythymically.

*oh my god* Erin suddenly realised *He's rubbing his cock!*

At the realisation Erin felt a shiver of fear run through her, and quickly stepped back into the relative safety of the darker hallway. She knew she should go to her room, or downstairs or somewhere and she knew what Mark was doing was something she wasnt meant to see but ........ she continued to stare. He had his headphones on so perhaps he wouldnt hear he if she kept really really quiet?


Mark heard the click of the key in the door and knew the moment to put his plan into operation had arrived. Operation Erin he called it, a plan to seduce Claire's 11 year old daughter., not that Claire had any idea about his plans, he had been very careful in choosing a woman with a girl the right age and Erin was ideal. They had been dating about 4 months before Marks overnight stays became weekends then a week here and there, withing 6 months he had moved his things in and began living with Claire and Erin , happy families! Claire was a good if fairly routine fuck. 33 years old and she had begun visiting the gym just before Mark met her so she was getting her body into a decent shape, She sucked and fucked whenever he moved on her and he had taught her that anal sex could be fun (she had never let a man do that before) it brought them closer.

Quickly he threw off his bathroobe so he was totally nude, placed a set of headphones over his ears (no sound coming from them but it was an idea he had that perhaps thinking he couldnt hear her Erin might not be too concerned.) He angled the chair so that his hard cock was clearly visible from the doorway, and almost hidden by the side of him was a small mirror directed towards the doorway so he could watch and see if Erin looked and how she reacted.

His cock was already hard, he had spent last several hours chatting with a group of friends he had on-line. All of them very much into young girls, they chatted and shared whatever images they had come across in there endless quest for kiddy porn. Now and then somebody would have a Eureka moment and discover a video clip. They were always the best and Mark masturbated often to the collection he had gathered, always dreaming of Erin and teaching her to do the things the girls in the videos did so willingly.

A sound made him flick his eyes to the mirror, was she out there? was that a movement? YES! The movement turned very suddenly into a clear image of Erin stood in the doorway staring at Marks cock as he slowly stroked himself. His heart suddenly began to pound in his chest, what would she do? Almost as suddenly as she had appeared she disappeared and Mark almost let out an audible groan of disappointment!

*Fuck* he thought *shes gone!*

wait! No .......... no... she wasnt gone! Mark looking at the small mirror (wishing it were bigger!) saw another movement and then realised Erin had backed into the hall but was still watching him!

his hand went to the base of his cock, exposing its full length to the little girls view. He knew his cock was just average sized. Even now when it felt as big and hard as he had ever know it, he was no longer than 6.5 inches it was however thick with a large bulbous head that his lack of foreskin allowed to show fully. The knowledge that 7 or 8 feet away a preteen girl was watching HIS cock made it throb and jump with excitement and as he he held the pose a large ooze of precum escaped the piss slit and slowly began to trickle down his glans. Without thinking Mark reached uo with a finger and thumb, capturing the precum and brought it to his mouth where he licked the sweet liquid with an audible slurp and moan! He knew if he just speeded up his stroking he would be quirting his cum in seconds, Mark knew after watching all his other pedo friends wanking on their webcams that he was what was known as a heavy cummer. It seemed he could produce perhaps twice as much cum as any of the others, and not just now and then but pretty much all the time (even Claire had commented on it when she sucked his cock and swallowed his spunk the first time "I thought I was going to drown"!)

Erin held her breath, she couldnt bring herself to tear herself away from the scene in front of her. The shiver she of fear she felt had passed and she realised then combined with the fear was a sense of excitement, almost anticipation. If she could keep quiet perhaps Mark wouldn't know she was there and she could keep watching him? The very idea made her blush! She watched Mark hold his cock at the bottom so it stood up in the air, he moved a little and Erin saw it was almost as though it was pointing at her! Well at least in her direction. She thought Marks cock was huge, and as this was the first cock she had ever seen hard she had nothing to compare it to. It looked quite long but really fat and the big lump on the end was a kind of purple red colour and it was all shiny like it was wet or something. Erin became aware that her chest felt odd, almost tingly and almost instantly her tiny pink nipples were hard and ultra sensitive against the material of her trainer bra.

*Wow that only happens when its cold* Erin thought, but somehow it felt different, it felt, Erin hesitated ti admit it, it felt nice. The sight of Mark naked and his hard cock was opening up a new part of Erin although she didnt know or understand it. A sexual awakening. She was staring hard at Marks throbbing cock watching it jump a little when some kind of liquid appeared on the very tip, excitedly Erin now noticed for the first time there was a hole in the big fat part. She was curious as to what it was, it didnt look like pee? it trickled slowly like warm honey she thought and almost giggled at the idea honey could come out a mans cock! Wide eyed she watched Mark reach out and scoop up the liquid and then ...... he put it in his mouth! Erins eyes opened even wider at that! she heard him sucking his fingers and she thought she heard an appreciative mmmmmm to. Erin felt very warm all of a sudden, and a little light headed. The images and sensations she was experiencing where so new and different she felt a little overwhelmed. A sudden shocking idea came into her head, she had no idea why or where it came from but she had this urge to touch her own nipples! Briefly her head had an internal discussion about the wisdom of doing such a thing but in the end the impetuousity of youth won out and once decided Erin lifted the hem of her white polo shirt that she always wore for school and with her other hand sought her booby (its how she referred to hers!) initially outside the soft smooth cotton of the trainer bra and then with daring she pushed the material up and over her swollen throbbing buds. The sensation as her fingertips brush one hard little nipple was electric and despite herself Erin gasped!

Mrk almost turned his head to look as he heard an unmistakeable gasp from the hallway. He hadnt done anything himself to elicit the sound so Erin clearly was doing something to herself! He stared as hard as he dared into the surface of the tiny mirror desperate to see what she was doing .....

*If she is playing with her bald little cunt I will die!* he thought

As he tried to make out what was happening his hand began long slow strokes on his cock, his balls churned with a big load that he knew soon he would be shooting....where? in the air? in Erins mouth? It was Marks turn to groan out loud at the idea of her young mouth sucking eagerly on his cock, urging his sperm to flood out and into her mouth so she could hungrily gulp down every drop!

There was movement, his eyes suddenly began to make forms from the grey on grey shadows. It looked like? no? yes! Erin was rubbing her tits! He couldnt make out any detail but it was clear thats what she was doing. He grinned to himself

*so she likes what she sees does she?* Mark chuckled inside *lets see what she thinks about this"

Mark reached deliberately for the mouse and clicked a couple of times, the computer screen that he was sitting at came to life and there began a slideshow of images from his collection. He knew that from the door the screen was visible so he knew Erin could see what he was showing. Girls. Everyone approximately Erins age, perhaps give or take a year. Most of them where non-nude, girls wearing school uniforms dominated followed by girls in swimsuits or bikinis or other summery type clothes such as skinmy shorts and crop tops, mixed in with these Mark had placed pictures of Erin! Every now and then there was a naked girl! and even more rarely Mark knew, because he had put together the selection, there was a picture of a young girl engaging in sex! Mostly that involved girls giving blowjobs to big fat cocks some even showed the girls with cum on their faces or in their mouths, and a very few showed then legs spread with the cum from a mans cock splattered over their bellies and slits. The slideshow began, each picture stayed on screen for 5 seconds, long enough for Erin to clearly see what they showed. When the first picture of Erin appeared Mark made a low groan and deliberately wanked harder, the second time she came on this time in a picture he had found of her on holiday the previous year in a bikini he groaned quite clearly and whispered in a stage type whisper "oh god Erin!"

Erin was lost in a whirl of sensation, staring at Marks cock while her fingers played with first one then the other nippple, back and forth loving the feelings whilst not understanding them at all. She felt hot all over and her skin felt so sensitive. She saw Mark reach for the mouse and then a lot of pictures of girls appeared one after another on his screen. They seemed to be mostly girls like her, Erin watched the screen and was suddenly startled to see a picture of herself appear! She heard Mark groan and her eyes flicked to his hand rubbing his cock and saw it spped up while her picture showed. Then it was gone replaced by a pretty girl with read hair in a blue bikini at some beach. A naked girl was next! Erin was startled she didnt expect to see that! the girl was naked on a bed smiling up at the camera, she had almost no boobs Erin saw and she was holding her legs wide open so Erin could see her ........? For a second Erin was confused, initially the word twinkle had been in her mind for thats what she called her private place, her twinkle; but this wasnt a twinkle, she was showing it, herself, to the camera twinkle wouldnt do she understood, so vagina? Erin knew that was the proper name for that place but it seemed wrong. Very briefly the word cunt flitted into her mind to be instantly rejected

*ugh* Erin shuddered I hate that word, sometimes boys at her school said it and it was crude and disgusting *her friend Sara always called hers a kitty* Erin smiled and thought * I like that word* and decided there and then that she would call hers (and any others she saw) a kitty from now on.

Like suddenly discovering the key to a lock that she didnt have the means to open before Erin's thoughts about what to call her private parts had actually started to make her think of herself "down there", her kitty! The more she thought and focussed the more she beagn to feel a similar tingle and excitement, the same feeling her nipples had engendered a few moments ago.

*WOW* thought Erin * I wonder if it feels good to touch there to?*

This time the idea found no argument and without hesitation Erin let go of her boobies and her polo shirt and lifted up her navy school skirt so that she could run her hand down the front of her panties. Eager to discover IF there was also pleasure to be gained from doing this she ran her middle finger right along the groove of her bald slit. The length of her finger rubbing directly across the ultra-sensitive and only recently awakened little clitoris that hid there! The shock almost made Erin's legs give way and this time the sound that escaped her lips was not a gasp but a cry!

Mark watched the shapes shift and he knew before her heard Erin cry out that she had swapped her point of exploration down inside her panties, He was getting close to cumming at this wonderful semi-vision, so he let go of his cock.

*Time to move on*

He reached again for the mouse and swapped the folder for a new one, this time ALL the girls were naked and posed and exposed. He watched with half an eye the familiar images flicking by while at the same time looking to see Erins shadowy form. after 20 or so pictures of naked girls the pictures became more hard core, as before only not just the odd one but one after another. Mark didnt dare touch his cock for fear of releasing his cum, he felt if he just closed his eyes and pictured what Erin was doing he would shoot off without touching himself! He checked to see where the stream of picrues had got to so as to be ready to click the next link when a flash of white movent caught his eye. Erin had move back to her original position, only now she leaned against the door frame and Mark could clearly see her hand inside her panties, the movement of her fingers further under, her legs parted to give her access, the look on her face clearly one of pleasure and.............Mark recognized it as lust!

Quickly seizing the moment Mark changed the file, this one was a video. Watching Erin's face closely in the mirror .......

Erin had no idea what she was doing or how to do it but whatever she was doing with her fingers in her twinkle........kitty she reminded herself, felt amazing. At first she was shocked to discover her new place was wet, very wet but not like she had peed herself or anything. This wet was slippery and felt different. She concentrated on the little bum that she had encountered first. gently touching it and stroking it, the feelings making her breathing ragged and her legs tremble, she stepped forward, almost not caring if Mark saw her! but she needed the support of the doorframe or she felt she would fall down. The pictures showing had changed it was girl after girl naked with little boobies some with none at all and none of the girls had any hair on their kitty's just as she hadn't. The the pictures began to show the same girls or maybe different girls Erin couldnt tell, but same age girls she was sure, doing things with men! They were letting the men put their cocks in the girls mouths! Erin flicked a glance at Marks cock and suddenly had an image of herself letting him push his big cock in her mout..............she shook her head but the image wouldnt go away as she stared at more images on the screen of girls with men. They were mostly sucking and licking the mens cocks, but in a few the men seemed to be trying to put their cocks into the girls Kitty's. In one set of 3 pictures it was clear a man had put his into the girl as they showed its progression until it was almost all inside.

Mark moved and for a second Erin thought he had seen her but he merely used the mouse to open another file. This time Erin noticed that rather than a picture it was the start of a video. With a shock she realised it showed her bedroom! The picture panned around and then words appeared "Erin's Bedroom", after a few more seconds the camera faded and reopened again Erin saw it was her bedroom and the picture had changed it was slightly darker and the light was on and the camera seemed to be low down for some reason. Then Erin saw herself come into view, it was very odd to see herself on the camera. Erin watched fascinated. Words appeared again "Erin Gets ready for bed!" She stopped rubbing her kitty but didnt withdraw her hand as she watched herself undress! Im less than a minute she was standing naked, she saw herself pose a little in her full length mirror and was embarressed at being seen like that. It was then she realised Mark had spoken. She turned her attention from herself on screen to watch Mark. He was slowly stroking his cock and he spoke again in a kind of groan.

"oh god Erin!"

In a flash Erin knew Mark had set the camera to catch her undressing so that he could see her naked and do...well do what he was doing now with his cock! For her!

Mark knew she heard him, saw her reaction and smiled. The next hidden camera scene was in the bathroom, not altogether successful due to condensation but clear enough for Erin to see he had spied on her there to. The scene on the screen changed and this time it was Mark & Claires bedroom, Claire naked sat on the edge of the bed, mark walking back from setting the camera also naked, he stopped in front of Claire and turned sideways so the camera could see everything and the words "Wish this was Erin!" came onto the screen

Erin saw her mum sitting naked, then saw Mark appear, his big cock sticking out in front of him. He walked over to her mum and then the words popped up again "wish this was Erin". Erin held her breath and as the screen resolved back to the video she saw her mum reach out and hold Marks cock at the same time she bent forward and took it in her mouth! The words follwoed by that actions proved to much for Erin, before she knew what was happening a tidal wave of intense sensations rippled out from her kitty and the hard little bump that she had been rubbing. She felt her fingers getting wetter then ever and then the wave reached her head and it exploded into a firework lightning storm that dazzled and carried her into a dizzying whirlwind. as it passed so did her strength and her conciousness and she slumped to the floor in a dazed stupour.

Mark watched all this, as Erin closed her eyes just as her first orgasm hit her he turned and watch, no longer pretending to ignore her. He saw her head thrash uncontrollably and her breathing become ragged and interspersed with gasps and little yelps like new born puppies. He wasnt expecting her to fall in a dead faint and for an instant he was frightened and concerned for her. Moving rapidly he leapt from the chair and scooped her up, at 11 years of age she was a slim almost skinny girl he weighed almost nothing. Moving out into the hall he took her into her room and lay her on her own bed. Quickly he went into the bathroom and wet a flannel under the cold tap and came bak and began pressing the cold dampness to her temples and forehead. Erins eyes flickered and opened. For a moment Mark could still see the glaze of sexual lust and desire but it cleared and then she merely looked confused and a little scared

"w-w-what h-h-h-happened?" she stuttered

"I dont know chick" Mark said "I didn't even know you were there and the next thing I know you had fallen down on the floor. Did you trip or something and bang your head?"

Mark for now wanted to maintain the idea that he hadn't been aware of her presence.

As he looked at her he saw that she had remembered exactly why she had fallen and everything else that had happened in the last 20 minutes. She blushed and turned her head away. Mark smiled to himself, because in turning her head to avoid his eyes she couldnt help but notice that Mark was still naked and even his hard-on was still fully on!

"oh its real!" squeaked Erin, staring once again at her mothers boyfriends cock only this time much MUCH closer!

"Real? whats real Erin? what do you mean?" Mark was enjoying himself now, he was determined to get Erin to confess to what she had seen and done.

"everything" Erin still couldnt look him in the eye, "I seen you, and the pictures and then I seen me on them videos and then you and mum ........."

Erin trailed off, not sure what to say now, a little scared that Mark would be angry with her, or worse still tell her mum she had been spying!

"So you have been spying on me have you?" Mark pretended to be annoyed, "perhaps your mum ought to know about her daughters bad habits? what do you think Erin?" Mark took her chin in his hands and turned her face to look at him but instead of looking angry he was grinning. At first Erin didnt understand, but realisation dawned that he was teasing her, and she couldnt help smiling back at him.

"perhaps" said Mark" we both have something to hide? secrets we wouldnt want Claire, your mum, to know about, eh?"

Erin nodded, happy in the knowledge that Mark understood and her mum wouldnt find out.

"how long where you there for?" said Mark

Erin blurted out "oh for ages!"

"Ah! so you saw some of the pictures?

"oh yes! I saw them all" Erin couldnt lie to Mark

"did you like them?" asked Mark "and IF you did which ones did you like the most?"

Erin blushed even redder than before, "the ones with the girls with nohting on and them other ones, " she hesitated, gulped a big breath and "and them other with them men in to"

Mark laughed, "In that case I am glad you saw them, its nice to find things you enjoy, isn't it Erin? I mean you love watching Glee don't you? Well this is just something else you like!" he grinned at her, "Only this has to be secret because if anyone knows we like to look at this we could be in huge trouble! do you understand Erin?"

Erin nodded solemly

"No sweetie you have to say it so I know you understand, OK?"

Erin nodded again only this time she repeated what he had said to her, "I promise I wont ever tell anyone about them things I saw or nothing so we dont get into trouble I promise cross my heart!" she said, and she made a large X shaped movement across her left breast as her oath.

"Thats great" Mark almost shouted, "look at the time its hardly even 4, we have loads of time until your mum gets home, what shall we do?" Mark looked at her quizically

"I don't know," Erin began, then suddenly remembered, "Oh I was going to have a shower, I been playing rounders and I got all sweaty!"

"Hey what a coincidence, I was planning on a shower to! I have a great idea.....why don't we share one together? I mean now we have some secret things just for us it will be OK won't it?" Mark asked

Erin couldn't help herself she looked over at Marks still hard cock, she remembered when she was little she sometimes used to get in the bath with her dad, "OK," she nodded

Mark stood up and his cock bobbed in front of her face, immediately Erin saw the scene of her mum putting her mouth on Marks cock and for a second she was so tempted to do the same but lost her nerve. He reached out his hand to pull her up, "you get the towles and I will go put the catch on the door just in case," Mark winked at her and Erin felt a warm feeling in her chest, she was glad it was going to be OK. Then she thought of being in the shower actually with Mark! and instantly her nipples became hard and there was a tingle from her kitty.

my first try at writing, if you like it and want it to continue please mail me at [email protected]

Rating: 77%, Read 9665 times, Posted Jun 16, 2011

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