An afternoon on Daddy's boat by PO469

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Daddy loves his boat. Sometimes we thought he loved it more than Mommy and me. It is a 34 foot Chris Craft. He bought it new about three years ago and keeps it in a slip in Mission Bay. He named it 'Hubby's Hideaway'. He tells everyone about it. He tells them that it is a twin screw and that always makes me giggle. It is an real nice boat. It has a v-shaped bed up in the bow - that's the pointy end. Then there is another cabin in the middle with two single bunks above each other. Finally there is another room under the back deck with a queen size bed. It has a kitchen - Dad calls it a galley and a bathroom with a shower. We all enjoy going out on it. Sometimes we go over night.

One Saturday Dad said he was going out on the boat for a little while. He asked if anyone wanted to go. Mom said that she had a hair appointment so she couldn't go. My friend Judy was over so I looked at her then told Dad that we would like to go. We changed into our bathing suits. Mine was a two pink piece and Judy's was a bright yellow one. When we got to the boat, Dad warmed up the engines and then told me to untie the lines. That was always my job on the boat. We eased out of the slip. Dad put one engine in forward and the other in reverse and the boat turned in its own length. We slowly exited the marina and then picked up a little speed, went out between the jetties and headed out off Point Loma. Dad wanted to catch some calico bass for supper the next night.

It was a super pretty day, sunny and in the mid 70's. The wind was calm and there were hardly any waves. We had been out for a little over an hour and dad had caught four fish. Judy and I just goofed around, enjoying being out on the ocean. Dad said that he was going to move down near the Hotel Del Coronado where he wanted to try to catch a halibut. He fired up the engines and headed south, being careful to watch for other boats as we crossed the way in and out of San Diego Harbor. You always want to especially watch for the big navy ships.

Judy and I were on the back deck. She leaned over and whispered to me. I guess whispered is the wrong word, as you had to talk kinda loud to be heard over the noise of the engines. I nodded my head yes. We went up to Daddy and I asked, "Daddy, can we go topless?" He turned to say no, but we already were getting out of them. Daddy looked at us and smiled. "I guess it's too late to say no." "Thank you Daddy." He tried not to look at us but we ran around the boat with our boobies bouncing. We made sure we got to where he couldn't help but see us.

I am 5'4" and slim. It wasn't long ago that I started getting my tits and had my first period. Judy, on the other hand is 5'5", cute but a little chubby. She was the first in our class to start getting her tits. Now they are a tight fit in a C-cup bra. She was the first to get pubic hair. We saw it in the shower room of gym class. As far as I know, she was also the first in our class to lose her virginity, at least she was the first one to admit it.

Again she put her hand to me ear and said to me, "I bet I can get your dad to fuck me. Tell him that you are going down stairs for some reason and let's see if I can do it." I was a little shocked but also very intrigued. "Daddy, I'm not feeling very good. I'm going to go lay down for a little while." I went past him at the steering seat and down into the cabin.

After a few minutes, Judy stepped behind my father. "Will you teach me how to drive?". She reached around him and put her hands on the steering wheel. When she did this she pressed her naked C-cups against his bare back. "Judy, you shouldn't do that. You're too young to be acting like this. Your my daughter's friend and I'm old enough to be your father." "It feels nice and I like you and I'm not a virgin." "But" was all he got out of his mouth before she reached down and took hold of his rapidly growing prick in his shorts. She rubbed her tits against his back and massaged his cock and balls as he was stopping the boat and pushing the button that lowered the anchor.

As the anchor set and the boat swung around, Nick turned toward Judy. She stood on her tiptoes in order to get her breasts up to his mouth. Nick reached out, taking her slightly sagging tits in his unsure hands, lifted them up and put his lips around Judy's enlarged right nipple. Judy let out a delighted moan when he first sucked and licked where she would someday feed a baby. Nick spent several minutes switching back and forth between Judy's full melons. While he did this, she reached down and untied the bows on the sides of her swimsuit bottoms letting them drop off her hips. She unzipped his shorts and worked his cock out into the air. It wasn't easy to get out, as it was already fully erect and rock hard.

Judy pulled away and lowered herself to Nick's crotch. Her mouth was wide open when she got there and half of Nick's seven inches slid between her lips. This was far from Judy's first time to have a cock in her mouth. For several months before she let the first boy fuck her, she had been giving blowjobs to keep the guys interested without allowing a cock to get between her legs. The first time she did it, neither she nor the boy knew what to do so she never thought of stopping and soon she felt her mouth being filled with warm, thick sperm as the boy twitched and moaned in pleasure.

Judy was surprised and found the baby fluid to taste a little sharp and salty but she swallowed his load. Like most boys, he couldn't keep from telling his friends about what he had just done. Soon many boys, even older ones, were asking her out. Judy liked the attention and therefore went out with most of them, and yes, she gave many blowjobs and got very good at it. She even got to where she could do deepthroat. She became well known around school as a slut that would give a blowjob, and swallow, to almost any boy that asked her.

This was the first time she had been with an adult man and his equipment was both longer and thicker than that of any of the boys she had been with. Judy stretched her lips around his manhood. After about a minute of bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, Judy felt her nose buried in his pubic hair and his prick head sliding inside her throat. Nick put his hands gently behind her head and helped control her speed and depth, letting her pull out far enough to breath and then back in to his full depth. "Oh fuck yes, that's so good. Do it fast and deep. Judy, how did you ever learn how to suck cock so good?" Judy looked into his eyes and tried to smile around his cock.

After several minutes, Nick told her to stop because he was getting very close to cumming and he didn't want to yet. Judy pulled off of him. "It's ok if you want to cum in my mouth. I'll swallow it all, but I would really like it if you fucked me now." Actually, Judy was happy he had stopped. Her jaw was starting to ache from being stretched so wide and for so long. Judy walked to the back of the cockpit and flopped down on the padded cushion that was there. She spread her legs wide, showing her thick patch of dark pubic hair and the already dripping wet opening to her love tunnel that it surrounded. She held her arms out to encourage him to come to her.

Nick stood there with his prick sticking out of his shorts, pointing at the sky. "I really really want to bury myself in your beautiful cunt, Judy but I don't have any condoms on the boat." " That's OK Mr. Bowen. I'm not on the pill but I just finished my period a couple days ago so I'm safe and I really want to feel your big cock in me and feel your hot cum filling my pussy. I've never been fucked by anyone with a cock as big as yours. Please fuck me."

Nick unbuckled his belt and dropped his shorts and under shorts to the deck. He stepped out of them as he approached Judy and knelt between her open legs. She reached out and guided his pole to her opening. His first push got him half way into Judy's tight cunt. The second one got him balls deep in her. "Oh my God you're so big. It feels wonderful. Fuck me hard and fill me full of your wonderful cum, Mr. Bowen."

Nick was happy to do just as she asked. He pounded her hard. His eyes went back and forth between her large tits that bounced back and forth each time he slammed deep into her and seeing his rod slide in and out of her fuck hole. Judy moaned, rolled her head back and forth and dug her fingers into the cushion as he made her orgasm. "Oh yes, do it. Fuck me. Don't ever stop." But after about five minutes of hard pounding, Nick said, "I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?" "In my cunt, deep in my cunt. I want to feel your big cock filling me with your hot seed."

Nick pushed deep into her one last time and held himself there. He almost screamed, as he pumped shot after shot into her womb. Judy came again as she felt him pumping into her. Nick held still in her till they both settled down. "That was wonderful Judy. Thank you." "Thank you Mr. Bowen. That was the best fuck I have ever had. I felt so full. I love your big cock and it felt just great as I felt it pumping your cum in me."

As Nick pulled out he looked around and saw me sitting on the deck, naked, just a few feet away from them. I had my legs crossed and my knees spread as my fingers parted my few golden pubic hairs and rubbed my swollen little clit. "Daddy, do me too, please !" After recovering from the shock of seeing his daughter watching him fuck her friend, Nick looked down at his soaking wet and limp manhood. "Honey, I can't do it again right now but if you come over here and suck it I'll get ready again faster. Actually, I'll lay down and you get on top facing the other way. Then I can lick your pussy while you suck me."

I stood up and walked over to my Dad. I wasn't going to tell him that I was still a virgin. I straddled his head and lowered my pussy to his face, leaned forward so my face approached his soft but still big cock, the cock that had made me. ......... To be continued? ..................


Rating: 94%, Read 348010 times, Posted Nov 06, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Young


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