Truth or Dare_(3) by adcplaya

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Cadets- is like scouts but more military oriented, used to teach kids discipline and respect.

People who were there

Me- 16 Normal height, slim build, about 6.3 inch dick cut

Chris - 14 Short, a little chubby, 4 inch dick cut

Kyle - 13 Short, skinny, 3.5 inch dick also cut

Mike-16 years old Tall , skinny and 7 inch dick uncut

So at a cadet sleep over I (Shawn) am supervising some of the cadets to make sure they go to sleep. I'm a SGT. I was lying beside this one cadet who is one of my friends and also turns out to be a horny bugger. We started talking bout normal things guys talk about, you know gaming, sex, girls , then we started playing truth or dare. The cadets name is Chris. He was 14 a little bit chubby but not fat, he was short. Any ways we started out with a few truths but mainly dares like "Jack off for 5 seconds" then we would. And me being 16 and super horny i surprised him with the next dare, " I dare you to touch my dick". His face droped and he looked at my cock ( which is now a semi boner). He looked a little nervous so i grabbed his hand and placed it on my dick.

He was totally surprised how big it was. Even though it was only about 6.5 inches long. So he asked me "Truth or Dare?". So I responded with Dare, he told me to jack off for 10 seconds. Me being fully hard now I slip my hand down my boxers and started stroking my throbbing cock. Then I got the surprise of my life, another cadet whose name is Kyle asked me what we were doing. So i responded We are playing truth or dare, and I asked if he wanted to join. He shook his head yes. At this point one of the higher ranks came and started playing with us. The oldest out of us was 16 and the youngest was 13.

So I started by asking Chris truth or dare. He reluctantly said dare, so I dared him to jerk off for 2 seconds. He did. Then he dared the whole group to do something including him. He dared all of us to show our dicks, didn't matter if we were hard or soft, just to show them. So me being comfortable with my body i whipped out my now soft dick and waved it around for 2 seconds then put it back. Next was Chris, the the higher rank Mike, and last but not least Kyle. Chris wanted his to look bigger so he jacked off before he showed us.

Then the fun started, Kyle, being only 14 was really curious so he dared Chris to touch my dick. But what he didn't know was he touched it earlier. So Chris put on the grossed out show for them, and he did. My dick jumped to the touch. Chris now dared Kyle to touch Mikes dick. Kyle sorta flicked his dick, and made Mike moan in pain. Kyle looked at me and asked me T or D so i answered D. He told me to stroke him for 5 seconds. I went right for it ( they know im bi) and i reached under his boxers and grabbed hold of his 13 year old member. I started to stroke it as it grew in my hand. As the 5 seconds finished I noticed everyone had a boner in our little circle.

So I decided to ask every one if they would be up for blowing each other. One by one they all answered a shy Yes. So we all pulled our dicks out and started sucking each other. I was blowing Kyle, while Kyle blew Mike. Mike blew Chris and Chris blew me. The moment his mouth touched my cock i jumped with pleasure. Since i was sucking the youngest he didn't really have any hair or did he have big balls. So it was a little boring but it tasted great. After about 5 minutes of sucking i felt Kyle's dick start to throb and I knew he wouldn't cum anything so i went faster and harder than before. Within seconds of that he started to tense up and he moaned really loud. Next thing i knew i was blowing a soft dick.

Another 10 minutes passed and Me Chris and Mike decided we were going to try to cum together so we all held our orgasms till we all reached the same point. And within seconds of each other we all blew huge loads. I know i shot 5 strings of cum down Chris's throat. He reluctantly swallowed every drop. Mike didnt have to swallow anything either. I felt bad for Kyle, he had to suck the biggest dick and swallow the biggest load. But he did it and he swallowed every drop.

So that ended it for the night. We decided that we would go to sleep after that, so we got into our sleeping bags and lay back down. Of course Chris however had a different idea. I rolled over to him waiting for my dick. As soon as i rolled over his hand cupped my dick. I was a little surprised. After all i mean we did just finish. But hey i welcomed his hand and allowed him access to my dick once again.

I lay back while he stroked my cock for a good while before i asked him if he could suck me again. He said he would on one condition. I warn him before i cum.

I agreed. He slowly lowered his head towards the tip of my cock and he parted his lips just enough for my cock to slip through. And since i had just came i was really sensitive so i twitched. After about another 5 min of him suckin i warned him that i was close so he sucked harder than he did the whole night. And right before i came he pulled my dick out of his mouth and let me cum all over my body

Rating: 55%, Read 20319 times, Posted Feb 21, 2014

True Story |


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