Operation Market Garden: Part 3 by Diablo36

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica

He sat in the tub for a while. Watching her cum float around and form a ring around his skin. He played with it for a while with his fingers and then got out of the tub.

Dani walked in, a little frown on her face. “Bert heard everything and is very upset. He says we have to leave now or he will bring the Germans.”

“She told me he didn’t care” The trooper responded, drying himself off with a towel she had brought. First one leg, then the other. His cock hung loosely between his thighs, and she blushed a little as he stood there, naked in front of her.

She eyed him over again. He was definitely strong. His thick arms hung to his side. His hands were big and she knew they held a firm grip. His stomach rippled with muscles, taught from all the training and fighting he had obviously done. She noticed for the first time a series of scars on his lower back and she wondered how he got them. His legs were very strong and his calves were huge. They led to what seemed to be very dainty feet, but in retrospect she figured he was such a large man that his feet only looked small on him.

“Well, Bert did. Probably because she came so much. We could hear her screaming and we are surprised the Germans did hear her all the way up at the bridge! She could barely walk when she came out of the bathroom. I know how she feels” Dani said with a smile.

She walked over to him slowly and put her arms around his neck. “I don’t know what we are doing here, but I don’t want it to end. Make nice with Bert or we are in big trouble.” She kissed him softly on the neck and put her head into his chest. At the touch of her lips, he could feel himself rising again, and tried to fight it. She could feel his head poke her in the small of her stomach and she smiled to herself. She hadn’t lost him. Not yet anyway. She looked up in his eyes and reached for the towel. She pulled it off his hips and it dropped to the floor. His cock sprung out, rigid and full from behind the curtain.

She slowly bent down on her knees and looked at his magnificent cock. It was ready, the veins pulsing and his balls hung heavy below. She gently cupped them in her hands and started to suck on his left sack. Rolling her tongue around his balls, she could feel the testicle inside and sucked on it like it was the nectar from God. Rolling it around in her mouth, he leaned against the chair and moaned. A smile ran across her face as she looked up at him, his eyes closed and mouth open. She began to stroke his cock and continued to suck on his balls. He stood with his legs apart and she ran her fingers up and down his shaft, using her nails softly on his supple skin. His legs started to shake a little and she ran her fingers around his cock, gently sucking on his balls and stroking his cock. She licked his balls and rolled them in her mouth. She get getting farther and farther back until she found his ass hole and kissed around it. He spread his legs wide apart and she put her face between his legs. His balls sat in her face as she licked and kissed his ass. Licking it and gently putting her tongue in and out, his hands began to quiver as she stroked his cock and ate his ass. He moaned louder and louder and squinted his eyes closed. It felt so good.

His eyes popped open with a shock when he felt her finger inside of his ass. She gently pushed her finger in and rolled it around, similar to what he had done to her a few nights before. He was surprised at how good it felt and eagerly squatted down as she pushed her finger in deeper.

His cock stood straight out at her face and she eyed it and smiled. In one motion, she gobbled up his cock and deep throated it all the way to his balls. She rolled her finger in his ass and grabbed his balls, all the while sucking on his magnificent cock. She spread her legs and fingered herself, juices dripping to the floor. When she had her finger all the way down to the knuckle, she stroked it in and out, the rhythmic strokes building deep within his balls. He moaned and groaned as she continued to suck his cock. Her lips smacking against his body as she rode his shaft with her face.

Her fingers were soaked and she was three deep in her pussy. Sliding them in and out, using her thumb to rub her clit.

She was slurping up spit from his cock when he came. Torrents of cum streaming out like it had been shot from a cannon. She wasn’t expecting it and it shot all over her face. Dripping from her eyes and nose she pointed his cock to her mouth to try and catch the rest, but it was no use. His cum had sprayed over her face, her clothes and onto the floor. She fingered herself while she scooped up cum off of her face and lips and ate it off her finger. She licked it from her lips and stroked the last drops from him. Her orgasm came in a rush and she sprayed all over the floor. Liquid jets of her love fluid pulsated onto the floor, splattering in all directions as she sagged to the floor, still holding his limp cock.

The paratrooper opened his eyes and saw Bert standing there, his limp dick in his hand. He noticed a widening stain of cum on the back of her clothes and looked at Bert. Bert smiled and patted Dani on the head and walked out of the room.

Rating: 82%, Read 6506 times, Posted Oct 01, 2011

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica


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