The Black Lady by maxmad1900

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Fiction | Drug, Incest, Necrophilia, Teen

My old, rich husband dead when I was 55, a middle aged pervert busty brunette still very attractive, soft lips, beautiful legs. I was very happy to be suddenly rich and free at last… as a first step, the day of the funeral was epic.

I paid a private investigator to know the sexual habits of the cemetery personnel, then I gave them a generous amount of money. The day of the funeral, going to the Church I talked to my younger sister, crying.

“Isabella let me have with me your sons until tomorrow, I feel so depressed and lonely, my wonderful nephews will help me very much, I’m sure, I love them”

“Ok sister, they haven’t the school tomorrow, and they love you too”

“Thank you dear, thank you, it’s a difficult moment, you can imagine”

Actually the two young boys loved to stay with me, I often stimulate their little dicks, sometimes until they had a pee-cum, moreover I let them watch porn videos very perverted, and so on...

In our catholic Church I seated on the first row having my kids near to me, both sides: “Boys please put your raincoats on your legs”. “Yes auntie”.

The coffin was between us and the altar, closed, the Priest entered saying a few words introducting the function. I knew Father Mariano very well, he sometimes had sex with his devoted women, me also, but he prefers young boys and his altar boys are well trained to satisfy him.

As soon as Father Mariano directed his glance to me I quickly put my hands under the boy’s raincoats, their groins were warm, hot in few seconds, the little dicks were hardening.

The Priest stopped the speech, I was wery excited so he hid behind the altar to mask his huge hard-on. I continued to massage my nephew’s young cocks until I felt the moist.

When the function ended I gave thanks to everybody, my nephews by me. “I prefer to follow my husband alone, it’s a private moment, I will reach the cemetery alone”. The friends and relatives slowly left the Church. “Boys, let’s go to met Father Mariano” I said to my little gentlemen.

Entering the sacristy I heard Father Mariano moaning, we entered his bedroom: his fatty cock was cumming on the altar boy’s buttocks while another boy was still licking the priest’s asshole. He was so sweaty. “Too late for us kids, let’s go to the limousine waiting for us. I have better ideas for your new sexual experiences, you will join some unusual situations today”. I smiled sighing.

Walking away I unzipped my coat, under I weared a slinky black dress walking on black high heels shoes. My limousine was very close to the Church, the chauffeur waiting for us. “We go to the cemetery Bruno, slowly, please follow the hearse”.

“Boys, this evening we will have an adventure, I will help you in discovering new bad things. Be open-minded and you will feel very horny and perverted. Nobody will know about our experience, you will never tell anyone our big secret, Ok?”

“Ok Auntie” they answered, they appeared very curious and excited…

“Two weeks ago, when your uncle Alberto worsened (and I said to doctors not to assist him any more) I paid three cemetery workers a large amount of money, they will give us help, privacy, and… fun”

“Well Auntie”.

The car entered the cemetery following the hearse, then stopped near two men wearing a black coverall: “Hi Madame, Anthony, Tony is in the depository, now follow us to the crypt, we will leave the coffin there”.

“Ok, but tell Tony to reach us, he’s requested also in the crypt. Got the money?”.

“Sure Madame, you are fantastic, we will do everything you need”

“Yes, listen to me and be careful with my boys”

“Sure Madame”.

The crypt was quite far from the entrance, in an isolated area under construction, Tony was waiting near the family chapel, large, brand new and entitled to the widow’s husband.

“Tony, you are the specialist, you will receive extra money for your work”

“Thank you so much Madame, I’m ready”

“Show me your blood exams, all of you”

“Yes Madame, all results are negative, we are healthy at least regarding sex”

The widow checked accurately all the exams, the lab was property of her husband. “Hmmm, ok, we can begin, the coffin is in?”

“Yes Madame, and the hearsen is gone. The cemetery is closed and the chapel has been furnished, two large sofas as you requested”.

The widow and her nephews entered the chapel followed by the employees. At six pm the krypt was cold and dark, Tony closed the door then switched on the lights and a stove.

“Boys, sit down on this sofa!” The widow opened her top showing two amazing, saggy boobs without bra.

“You three, open the coffin and bring my husband’s corpse on the floor. I want him completely naked, Tony you will fuck his ass as hard you can, then you will cum in his mouth. You kids look and masturbate, enjoy the show of uncle Alby, ahahahah!”

The men opened the coffin, the smell was disgusting, the kids were vomiting on the sofa.

“What the fuck! What’s goin’ on?” the widow shouted out.

“Sorry Madame, some problem in the morgue, bad conservation” Tony said while closing the coffin and opening the door.

“I need to see my boys masturbating while you fuck a dead, then I want to see your guys making sex with them! I paid a lot of money for this! Fuck you!”

“No… no problem Madame, I prepared with sofa and carpets the cemetery’s DEPOSITORY…”

“Really? Well done Tony, you will have a great extra, you…” The kinky Widow said wearing the black top on her big tits.

“Madame, in the depository we have fresh corpses not buried yet, we have male and females, this morning arrived a wonderful fat busty mature woman that can be fucked in pussy, ass, and mouth. Moreover we can make everything to her, the body will be sealed by us in the coffin tonight, no inspections tomorrow, you know…”. The widow was masturbating one kid who was cumming on her black dress, his uncle’s smell was now bearable…

“Well, let’s go to this depository, is it far from here, it is safe? I am very horny”

“Madame, wait here, I’ll speak to the guardian, then I’ll pick you up by my truck” Tony said smiling very excited, an orgy with a woman, young boys, men and dead corpses was his dream since a long time. His cock was hardening.

Seven pm. The van stopped near the depository entrance, passengers left the vehicle and disappeared in the building. Kim, one of the Tony’s colleagues turned on the lights and a large room appeared with sofas, armchairs, soft carpets, tables with drinks and cocaine, towels and a wide television showing sex videos involving men and women with animals, guys with monster cocks, girls and grannies with huge tits and so on…

“The baths are there” Tony said. “Anthony, now I am the happiest woman on the world, you are a genius”.

The boys were looking the porn video, the Widow was wearing only her shoes and string panties, the three men weared their pants only.

The Widow sniffed some cocaine and keep a glass of whisky “So, Tony who will be your cold partner? We all wait for the show… boys, while watching that bitch sucking a dane’s dick undress and put the string pants I purchased for you, please! Naked! Both of you”.

Tony put on a sofa his preferred corpse, “Madame she’s Sally, sorry for not having some music but somebody could hear it”.

Sally was a kinky, busty, redhaired, mature woman about 50 years old. She was killed by a cerebral stroke. Tony’s dick seemed to explode and some precum dropped on the floor, the Widow ask the boys to sat on their sofa and masturbate each other. She started to touch her wet pussy while going back to the table to have more cocaine and whisky, then she joined her nephews sucking their dicks deeply. “Come on Tony, screw your woman”.

Tony pull out his penis from Sally’s asshole and went to the hardware cabin, suddenly the other men started to stroke their big, fatty cocks breathing loudly… Tony was coming back with a long knife. The man started to cut the neck, slowly while his friends were masturbating quickly as the Widow was. The boys were paralized, their dicks erected.

Tony put Sally’s head down on the carpet and started to fuck her body penetrating the neck by the esophagus. He quickly screamed cumming again.

“Come on guys, fuck my little boys” the Widow was pissing on them. The two men seated near the boys licking their assholes and stroking their dicks. Their cocks were huge and the aunt gave them some gel.

Tony was fucking Sally’s head by the open mouth, he lost the control and pushed her eyes so furiously that they collapsed. On the sofa the mens were assfucking the kids slowly, in the middle the Widow had the third orgasm.

Wildly excited Tony took the big knife again and started to cut Sally’s abdomen. “Stop Anthony!” said the black lady “We don’t need more disgusting smell”. “S… Sorry Madame, I’ll put Sally in the coffin”.

“Well, wash yourself and fuck me, I’m ready”.

Rating: 55%, Read 19236 times, Posted Dec 06, 2017

Fiction | Drug, Incest, Necrophilia, Teen


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