A guy and his....?(8)Return Home by pars001

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Fantasy | Cum Swallowing, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Slavery

A guy and his....(8)Return Home


Rosalinda was slightly confused, what were those old fucking bastards trying to do to her?

It was bad enough that they had hurt like they had in the first place, now they had somehow dredged

her old master's bottle out of that abyss. She had been peacefully living on an island, no cares no

reminders of her being a Jinn, no hurt or pain. Suddenly she is ripped from her peaceful exsistence

with another master forced upon her, though secretly she had to admit he was cute, strange in the

things he wanted from her but cute none the less.

She could feel the magic around him growing each day, she'd seen the bulge in his pants when

Gen mentioned that he was a good lover. Though it had been a few centuries, she still wasn't dead and

the bulging of a hard cock in a cute man's pants was not the best turn on in the world but as said

before she wasn't dead yet. Knowing that Gen was a sex Jinn, Rosalinda knew that Gen could't lie

(well not lie but maybe bend the truth a bit) and she also knew that Gen was made to become horny if

the fucking wind blew.

Stepping out of the, what did master Jake call it a... uh... oh yes! A shower! a most unusual

way to get clean almost like a mini water fall. She had just bent over to get a towel to dry off when

Jake walked in. Jake was hot and tired, god he needed a shower, opening the door his mouth dropped open

there bent over with her back to him was Rosalina, her legs slightly apart. Jake couldn't speak for a moment

as he stared at the roundness of her ass, the curve of her back, the deep cleft between her legs highly

visible to him, still wet from the shower though he could see a bit of moisture between her spread Labia.

Finally after a minute of taking in the view of her back side Jake spoke, " Oh! I am sorry Rosalina

I should have knocked" turning he started to go, when Rosalinda put her had on his shoulder to stop him.

"Master," she said unashamed of her nudity, "I am your Jinn, I will stay this way if you wish it."

Blushing Jake tried not to stare, "Rosalinda, as I told you before, I want you to be yourself more make

some decisions for your self. I also respect privacy you didn't want me in here with you or you would have

asked, that is why I apologised."

Her mouth dropping open, the towel forgotten dropped on the floor she stared at him, then lower at

the now growing bulge in his pants.

Looking lower also Jake blushed again, "I am sorry again I didn't comein here for sex. You should feel safe

not threatened every time I enter the room, I'll go." with that heturned and fled out the door.

Rosalinda could only stand there in shock, she knew she was beautiful but she had never had a man run from her!

Thinking harder she was starting to believe that this man really was the kind gentle man that gen had described.

Almost all masters would have had her over something or on the floor trying to screw her brains out, not

this man he cared about her. WHAT!? no one cared about a Jinn but another Jinn. Smiling she thought for once

just once in their miserable lifes, they might have actually got something right giving her to Jake as his


Walking out into the room she heard Gen talking to Jake, "Master, let me help you I have been waiting for

days I need it PLEASE!"

"I know that Gen but till she is more comfortable with this, I don't want to have sex near her. It might bring

painfull memories to the surface, she doesn't need pain I think she just needs love to help heal her and her

heart," Jake replied.

In the other room where they couldn't see or hear her, Rosalinda started to shed tears of gratitude no one

had cared about her in a long time, no one shown her anything but hatred and contemp in many centuries.

"Master, I'll be quiet so she won't hear, please master I need to touch you so badly," Gen was pleading.

Upon hearing Gen plead Rosalinda felt a deep pang in her heart, though she liked to cause pain

she only did it when it was deserved. So far these two had done nothing to deserve the pain she was causing.

Steeling her self for what she was about to do, she walked into the next room stark naked. Upon entering

she was not prepared for what she saw, Jake was standing there his cock hanging out of his pants. Gen was

kneeling down her mouth just a half foot from said cock. Looking at his member old feelings began to come

to the surface, feelings of lust she hadn't had in centuries.

Hungrily she licked her lips, "since I am the one that caused the problem, then I should be the one to fix

it," Gen smiled, looking past Jake at Rosalinda.

Embarrassed Jake tried to put his cock back in his pants but seeing Rosalinda naked again made that

impossible, now it was too long and hard to get back in his pants. Sighing he looked at Gen then Rosalinda

"Are you sure of this? I don't want you to think I am forcing you."

"Master, with all due respect, please shut up and let me have you in my mouth." Rosalinda said reaching

for his cock.

"Master may I get naked also?" Gen asked, Jake just nodded as Gen blinked and was naked beside Rosalinda.

Looking at each other the women started to take turns stuffing Jake's cock deeper and deeper down their

throats. Gen was good but the things Rosalinda did with her throat were about to drive Jake over the edge.

Jake was about to blow a load but he didn't want either woman to feel that he cared more for one

than the other. Looking at Rosalinda he could see the lust growing with each passng minute, oh god these

women were about to drive him nuts! "I'm about to come," he growled.

Gen stopped deep throating him, "this one is your first from master it is all yours."

Trying to smile around his cock Rosalinda started taking him balls deep, suddenly Jake couldn't hold back

anymore and sent blast after blast down her throat into her belly. Groaning with pleasure a dream like

look was on her face as another gong sounded, while Rosalinda with drew Jake's cock from deep in her throat.

As they both watched Rosalinda sat back, a light mist appearing around her, her hair started getting

lighter going from jet black to a reddish auburn color. Her breasts got slightly larger, the hair around her

vagina grew lighter to a dull red, her nose got a little smaller and perk.

Shocked Rosalinda looked up at Jake and Gen, "You have freed me form centuries of prison in that horrible

body," bowing low she would not lift her eyes,"for what you have done you are my true master now, I pledge

my self to you always, for anything you desire," this last was spoken in a whisper,

"please stand up, you are not my slave and you will never be" Jake said.

"Thank you master, I should have known it was you, you are everything that the ledgend said you are

and more. I know that by the law you do not have to keep me as your Jinn, it is your right, seeing as

how my bottle was put in your hand and not found. A Jinn's container can not be put in human's hands

by magic. It must be found lifted and opened, though not usually as hard as Gen's was. Under the law

you may keep me as I was placed there by the Jinn council." Rosalinda's eyes were filled with tears of joy.

"Master," Gen started, "she is even more beautiful now, may she stay with us?"

"I don't know Gen, let me think about it," walking out he met up with the large man from before.

"We heard the signal, you have changed her heart, master Jake what is wrong?" he asked

"She was thrust upon me, "Jake replied, "I do not want to force her, if she feels she has to stay with me

out of a sense of duty because I released her, it has to be because SHE wants to. As I said before about

Gen, I don't want a slave, she has to choose on her own no coercion, no threats, it has to be all her and

only her."

The large man smiled bigger than Jake had seen to date, "it will be so but in order to decide you should

inform her, that way she will have time to, not wondering why you haven't decided."

"Alright, but no one from the council is to try and change her mind, I mean NO ONE," Jake said as he walked

off he needed to clear his head.

Rosalinda was still crying, he didn't want her she'd have to endure centuries more of being

stuck in that bottle. Jake was so kind, a master any Jinn would be proud to call master. Burying her face

in her hands she didn't want to go, she had started feeling something for master Jake she just wasn't sure what.

Looking over at Gen she hugged her to her chest. "He rejected me Gen, oh! what am I to do? I don't want

to be a prisoner in that bottle again!" Rosalinda wailed

"You won't be, if I know my master, he will set you free before that happens, but I think he will keep

you," Gen replied.

Jake walked in the door, "Rosalinda, if you stay with me and Gen, it has to be your decision, no one will

tell you, you have to. I want you to stay with us only if YOU want to not a sense of duty, not as thanks

for being released but because you want to. Gen attune me to her, so I will know."

"Yes master," a grim faced Gen said.

"I want you to think long and hard on this it is your decision and yours alone. Come Gen, dress," Jake said.

Walking out of the room Gen looked back at Rosalinda, she had finally stopped crying and was deep in thought,

Gen hoped she would be ok. They went to visit Rasmir and Yasmen sitting down they talked for an hour about

Jake's world and the many things Jake liked to do. As they were finishing up Jake got a nudging feeling

looking over at Gen he thanked her parents and they went back to their room.

Rosalinda was sitting in the middle oif the room waiting for them.

"I did as you said master," she started, "I have decided that I want to stay with you, no one has ever been

as kind to me as you have. I look at Gen and see that you have never hurt her or asked much. I need you

in my life and I think you need me, just as much as you need Gen. I want to be with you master. When you

and Gen left I felt so alone, I have never felt that alone before. May I please stay with you and be your

Jinn also?"

Jake could feel the sincerity in her and something else it was just starting but he could feel it there.

"Alright, I will accept you as my Jinn but there a..." Jake started, there was a huge fanfare, another gong,

then several claps of thunder.

The entire council was suddenly at their door, they all bowwed down before Jake as did Gen and Rosalinda.

"All hail Jake Freemon saviour of the Jinn race!" the large man said as they all repeated. "We thank you

master Jake you have freed the council and broken the curse, you freed Rosalinda imprisoned in the body

she had trapped in for centuries. You have started the Jinn race back on the road to recovery." still

bowing the large man whispered, "thank you I finally get to see my daughter again,"

Rosalinda bent and kissed the man on the cheek, "Daddy it has been so long!" As an older version of

Rosalinda broke from the crowd and hugged her fiercely, then Jake kissing his cheeks as tears of joy

ran down hers.

"Jake Freemon you will always welcome here, if you need help just call we will be there."

the large man said.

Jake stood before the council an hour later, "We again are grateful, for what you have done for

us and the Jinn race. You have fulfilled everything the ledgend out lined and even a few that it

hinted at," again they all bowed low and just as suddenly they were all three back in his home.

Gen took Rosalinda to the bedroom to put her things away. Jake looked at the clock and saw that only

a few hours had passed. Shocked he went around the room trying to pick up a few things.

Gen appeared next to him with Rosalinda in tow, "What did the council do about the pictures that

were taken?" Jake asked.

"Oh! they created false images of a woman who looks a lot like me it will happen every time now," Gen

said mater of factly.

"So they didn't erase any memories? Delete anything, I would hate to lose the 150 thousand that Juno just

paid me last night," Jake said

"Not to worry master, I could have gotten you more, he was willing to pay you twice that, your plans were

really that good," Gen said a huge smile on her face.

Jake stood there a moment almost in shock, when the phone rang. Picking it up Jake was surprised, "Hello?

Yes this is he, Tonight? uh huh, where? Ok but it's not just me and Gen, my other girlfriend is here now,

I'm not sure I'll have to ask her, it's mary from last night. She's having a party tonight, she invited

me and Gen, but she said that you can come also, I can refuse if you don't feel like going out in public


"It's alright master, though I am not sure about sex right now, I can feel that's why she wants you

two there, she's hoping for a repeat of last night. I am feeling that she is the type that hasn't been

satisfied in a long time, last night was a first for her. She enjoyed it more than you think and wants

to repeat it, My, my, she is a frustrated young lady." Rosalinda smirked, "I well know the feeling."

"Ok," Jake told Mary, "we'll all three be there, though my other girlfriend may not do anything, she's

having a hard time right now."

"It's alright Jake," Mary said, "I won't force anything on her or you." Hanging up Mary orgasmed as she

rubbed her clit, damn the video of what happened last night was turning her on again, sweet Jesus that man

could fuck. She'd had to watch it twice damn! He came four times! She'd have to make sure Jake's old foreman

got a hefty bonus for sending Jake's plans to the office. Shit she hadn't enjoyed sex like this in years.

Jake sat at his desk, an idea had formed while he had been where the council lived. It was obvious

that they'd need a bigger place so Jake started the design. He wanted a pool, screened in, he wanted extra

rooms so that Gen and Rosalinda's parents could visit. The thing was this place would be expensive he'd

have to work up the other plans to submit to Juno. He was shocked in less than an hour he had not only

designed but also drawn his house plans and had started another building for Juno. With in two hours he was

done. Surprised Jake wondered where that had come from. He heard a giggling and looked at Gen and Rosalindawatching him.

"Did you forget master? It was a part of the wish you not only have the knowledge but the ability also,

you just think it and you can." Gen said a huge proud smile on her face.

Printing up the plans Jake called Juno, "I have plans for another building if you want to see them."

Juno thought a minute, "Sure son can you bring them by the house?" giving Jake directions, he hung up and got

dressed. Hell if these were as good as the last, he might just go solo with Jake god knows those other

bastards were cutting costs and costing him more to repair than the initial cost of building any of his places.

As he waited he hoped to hell he could do just that the firm he had now he felt was going to bleed him dry.

Jake and his Jinn's piled into his truck and left. Driving out of the city Jake's mouth hung open when he was

buzzed in. the house wasn't visible for a few minutes, house! this was a mansion! Shit this place was huge!

At the front door they were met by Juno standing behind his butler.

They all went into Juno's study, all the while Juno looking at Jake with admiration.

"You mean to tell me that both these beautiful women are your girlfriends?" Juno said in shock, a new respect

for Jake was quickly growing, this wasn't a playboy, just a simple honest man. He sure as hell turned his

daughter on and that was a test that Jake had passed with flying colors.

"Here are the plans sir," Jake started, "I made them after I over heard that you were wanting something

to this effect."

Juno unrolled the plans and his eyes grew large, holy shit! this was what he had in

"Actually sir I am trying to get enough build my own place," Jake said unrolling the plans.

"shit son, if these plans are as good as I think they are, I'll build it for you, no extra charge!" Juno

cried excited more than he had been in years.

Jake looked at Gen as she giggled, then at Rosalinda who only smiled and slightly shook her head yes.

<Ok> thought Jake, <was this both of your doing?>

<No master, we only opened your mind up and supplied the knowledge you did the rest, we are both proud of you,>

looking at Rosalinda she smiled bigger and again slightly shook her head. Juno was still carrying on about

the plans, Jake thank him and said they had to go home and get ready.

"Ah! my daughter's party tonight she's very excited, more than I have seen her in years. You my boy were a

god send you save me money, bring me plans that I have wanted for years, and as a plus you have brought

my daughter back to life. Like my daughter told you before you are going to fit in here very well."

Juno was beaming from ear to ear, finally things were going his way.

Leaving they were almost home when Jake asked, "Gen, what will we do if she decides to record again?"

"The council has taken care of the, they made sure that any pictures or videos of me or Rosalinda, would have

a real woman's images in place of us, a kind of thank you. There shouldn't be any more problems there." Gen

answered. Jake walked to his wardrobe to try and find something to wear for tonight. Upon opening it he was

shocked to see many new cloths filling it. A soft giggle behind him caused him to turn and see both of his

Jinns smiling at him. Damn he had a feeling this was going to be a long night.

<We hope so master,> both of them laughing at the look on his face, shit I forgot about the thought talk.

Yep at this rate a long night indeed.


Rating: 94%, Read 65197 times, Posted Oct 21, 2014

Fantasy | Cum Swallowing, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Slavery


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