Family video CH 4 - 6 by mr.sooner

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Fantasy | Incest

Chapter Four (Val’s story)

I quickly walked back to my room. My heart was pounding in my chest. Had I just really jacked off my brother? I looked down at my cum soaked hand and panties. The evidence was there and it excited my! I hadn’t planned on doing that, but after getting caught up in the moment it seemed like such a thrilling thing to do. I was sure that Ben didn’t mind it either. What was he thinking right now? Should I talk to him? Probably, but I needed to release my own pent up urges first.

Not even brother to disrobe, I stuck my hand down my shorts and inside my panties. As soon as my fingers touched the delicate flesh I was burning with desire. My shaved pussy was electrified with the skin on skin contact and a vision of my brother licking my cunt flashed through my mind. My slim finger ran down the length of my slit and bumped into my enflamed clit. I immediately felt my pussy tighten and an orgasm rack my thin frame. My legs were jelly as a massive wave of pleasure coursed through my. I had never cum to so quickly before.

Looking down at my hands no covered with mine and my brothers cum, I headed to the bathroom to wash up. I also decided to change because I didn’t want the smell of my own sex to be hanging around when I talked with Ben.

Interestingly, I chose a pair of green bikini panties which had been featured in several videos and a new pair of shorts.

I walked down the few steps to my brothers door and knocked gently. It swung open and I looked inside. Ben was still at the computer completely naked. I should have looked away, but my eyes were glued to his erect cock only partially hidden by the desk. I could feel my own loins start to become excited. I eventually cleared my throat which startled Ben. He quickly covered himself up, but not before showing his entire length to his sister. Ben wrapped himself in a towel, but the bulge was still rather obvious. I pretended to ignore it and sat down on the bed, across from Ben at his desk.

“I guess we should talk,” I said softly.

“Umm..yeah, I guess.”

“Okay, listen, I know we didn’t talk about that, but I got caught up in the moment and all. I’m sorry,” I said matter of factly to lessen the awkwardness.

“Its okay. I really didn’t mind, I’m not mad or anything,” Ben answered quickly.

“I can see that,” I said with a giggle.

Ben blushed with some embarrassment, but his hard on wouldn’t go away just like that. There grew a long silence between the two of us. Seeing that my little brothers cock wasn’t going to be relaxing soon, I decided to talk some more about the incident.

“ enjoyed it then?”

“Hell yeah…I mean, it was fine,” he stammered trying to correct his outburst.

“It’s okay, I kinda really enjoyed it too.”

The silence returned for another minute

“Want me to help again?” I ventured.

Ben looked up at me to see if I was serious. I was serious. He let me slowly pull the towel apart revealing his rock hard stiff cock sticking straight up from between his legs. There wasn’t anything to be said. At first I was only planning on stroking it again, but I was soon intoxicated by the sight and musky smell of my brother’s manhood. I got down on my knees in front of him, not wanting to look at him and certainly not wanting to look away from his thick meat. Ben spread his legs a little wider as I sat in front of him.

My heart was pounding, and so was my pussy aching for a release. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at giving head, but I’d done my share of blowjobs. I teased my brother my running the tip of my tongue up the veins on his shaft and circling the head of his cock before using my whole tongue to go back down. Ben’s breathing was heavy and deep which I took as a good sign. When his cock was slick with saliva I raised my head up slightly, opened my mouth and let his cock slide into my throat. I immediately tried to take his entire length just to see if I could. His shaft quivered in my mouth and I was surprised and pleased to find that I could just barely deep throat him, his balls resting on my chin. Ben groaned loudly. I released his dick and finally looked up at him and smiled.

“Hmm…you like that little brother?” I purred.

“Fuck yes!” he whispered hoarsely

I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy at pleasing my brother so thoroughly. My attentions went back to blowing him. While letting just my fingernails play over his balls I went to town on his lovely cock deep throating him and loudly slurping. His cock was covered with my saliva and the salty tang of his precum. I loved it! I continued to bob my head as quickly as I could encouraging my brother to fuck my mouth. After a few minutes of my mouth sucking on his cock Ben started to say something which I figured was him telling me he was going to cum. To his, and my own surprise, I didn’t let up. I usually didn’t swallow but I was too caught up in the moment. I could actually feel my brother’s balls tighten and his cock swell as his hot seed suddenly exploded in my mouth. I was taken aback by the sheer amount of semen flowing down my throat. I wish I could have taken it all, but some leaked out the sides of my mouth as I struggled to swallow as much as I could. His cum was thick, salty and warm which drove me into my own mini-orgasm. My pussy muscles contracting and I had to use my hand to just put some pressure over my pussy which was on fire. I had never orgasm from giving a blowjob before. With my brothers cock growing limp in my mouth I cleaned up what cum I could and sat back, the taste of my brother still on my lips.

“Wow…” Ben whispered looking at me with a mix of amazement and lust.

I could only smile and blush at the scene that had just unfolded. I don’t know where it might have gone we not heard a car pull into the drive. I got up from my knees and peeked out the window. Mom was home.

“Get cleaned up perv,” I teased and headed to my own room to clean up.

Chapter Five

I once again had to change panties since my second pair was also soaked in my own sex. Instead of putting them in the laundry I set them aside for my brother for later. I figured he would enjoy the treat. I don’t know what had gotten into me lately, but everything I did seemed so naughty. I put on a new set of panties, yellow with black polka dots, and a casual summer dress before going downstairs.

“Hey mom,” I called, “how did the showing go?”

“It went well, I think they’ll put an offer in soon. I’m surprised you’re still here.

“Not for long, going to the mall,” I said grabbing my purse and keys.

I headed out to my car, a pink mustang. The engine purred to life and I was soon rocketing across town the imagines of this morning filling my mind and getting my pussy excited yet again. What kind of slut was I turning into? I smiled and decided that I liked it for now. I drove across town to the mall where I usually made fun of my girlfriends who had to work on the weekends.

I made my way to the food court and hollered at Stephanie who was wiping down tables. She rolled her eyes at me and continued to work while I sat down and chatted with her. We decided to meet in the next few days for a girls night out and I let her vent about her boyfriend Brad who was ignoring her again. Her boss finally shooed me away and I headed into the crowds to do some shopping. I was looking for some new shorts, but I also wanted to find something special for a future video. I hadn’t asked Ben if he wanted to make another one, but I figured he would be okay with it. Along the way I got my share of looks from guys. I especially liked it when the guys with obvious girlfriends on their arms would check me out. I let my ass shake for a few of the cuter ones.

Although Victoria Secrets was the most popular store for lingerie, it is also expensive. I browsed through the selection and found some nice things, but way too much for me. I knew that one of the department stores would have something just as fun for a lot less money. I headed to the lingerie section of my favorite one. The items were a little more conservative toward the aisles, but along the back is where they kept the risqué stuff that I was looking for. It took me about half an hour to gather up five new pairs of panties and a black lace teddy which I thought would be so fun and sexy.

“Hi gorgeous, can I help you get anything else?”

I turned to see a petite brunette behind me. She was definitely a salesperson. She just had that put together professional look to her. I told her no, and she commented on the array of items I had already picked up.

“Do you need to try anything on?”

“I don’t think so…” I said wondering if the teddy would fit the way I thought.

“Are you sure? Come on, why don’t you try it on, you don’t want to disappoint your man….or girl” she added with a coy smile.

I followed the woman, Amber by her nametag, to the dressing room area. She pointed out a room with a half door. There was no one else around which I was relieved about. I stepped into the stall and quickly stepped out of my dress. I shimmied out of my panties and into the black teddy. It fit perfectly. The satin and lace fabric hugged my skin and contrasted fiercely with my blonde hair and pale skin. I loved it and I knew Ben would too.

“Is everything alright?” Amber called.


“Well, why don’t we check it out here. The lighting is much better,” she suggested.

I didn’t think I wanted to do that, but then again no one else was around except Amber and she seemed nice enough. I debated for a few seconds and then decided what the hell. I opened the door and stepped into the small fitting room common area. There was a raised stage like area with mirrors on three sides. I did a double check to make sure no one else was around and strode quickly to the stage.

“Wow, that does fit perfect,” Amber purred walking up.

“Thanks,” I said shyly, admiring my ass in the outfit.

“So, is it for your boyfriend? Or girlfriend?”

“Ummm…boyfriend” I lied since I was sure if I told the truth I would be kicked out of the store


Amber stepped closer to me and reached out to adjust the shoulder straps commenting on how special the occasion must be. I grew nervous as it dawned on me that she was hitting on me. I was facing the mirror with Amber behind me pretending to adjust straps here, smooth the fabric there all the while letter her fingers stray over my body. My immediate reaction was to tell her to stop, but my pussy was tingling with excitement about the encounter. I’d experimented a few times in high school so I wasn’t totally foreign to the lesbian scene.

“No one is going to bother us,” Amber whispered kissing my shoulder.

When I didn’t pull away, she continued to kiss up my neck to such on my ear lobe. Now that was a turn on. I’d already blown my brother this morning, why not make out with a saleswoman? I turned my head slightly and Amber’s lips met mine. Her mouth was firm and her hands surprisingly strong as they gripped my waist. We broke off the kiss and both smiled. Amber stepped back and began to undress. She was a little shorter than me with a thin, but filled out body with nice curves. I watched in fascination as her bra fell, revealing heavy tits with large areoles and erect nipples. Next she wiggled her cute hips and dropped her navy blue skirt and white lacy panties. She had thick pussy lips with only a small furry patch above her smooth slit. In turn I let the teddy fall to the floor.

We embraced in a tight hug letting our tits mash between us as Amber hungrily attacked my mouth with hers. Our hands were all over each other, and mine finally rested on her round ass. I could feel the heat emanate from her loins. I knew I was going to taste her pussy. I tried to pull away and move to my knees, but Amber had other plans.

“This is about you,”she purred.

I followed her down to the floor and she stretched me out by the mirrors. Straddling my thighs Amber started by kissing, licking and sucking on my nipples. Her hot breath was wonderful on my skin. Slowly she kissed her way down my stomach to my bald pussy. I spread my legs for her dying to have her taste my cunt. My brain exploded as her tongue traced an outer path around my pussy lips. She knew what she was doing. The broadness of her tongue licked up my pussy and contacted my engorged clit. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. In the mirror I could see Amber’s ass and knew I had to be part of this.

I demanded she turn around as her tongue plunged into my hole. Without missing a beat Amber spun her body and straddled my face, her pussy hovering above my head. I arched my back and lifted my head to meet her soaking wet cunt. I wasn’t as experienced as her, but I tried to please her. I attacked her thick labia with sucking, licking and kissing. I probed my tongue into her wet hole and found I enjoyed the taste of her pussy. It was tangy, but consider that she was wet because of me only fueled my desire. I circled my tongue inside her cunt sending spasms of pleasure through her body. Obviously I was on the right track. I focused on her clit, rubbing it with my nose and sucking on it gently. Her whole body began to shiver. Mine already was too. I felt Amber’s fingers circle my tight asshole and that is the last thing I remember for thirty seconds or so as I was completely lost to the most powerful orgasm of my life. Electricity shot through me stimulating every pleasure sensor in my young body. I drove my tongue into Ambers cunt and she ground her orgasming pussy into my face at the same time. Floods of her juices coated my face and chin. My own pussy spasmed with delight letting my own torrent flow.

Wisely Amber rolled to the side to let our bodies relax. After a minute of catching my breath I sat up and shyly smiled at her. She smiled and winked, giving me another kiss before directly me to get dressed. I met her outside the dressing room and followed her to the counter to pay for my items. She rang up the panties and slipped the teddy into the bag without scanning it. When I questioned her she simply stated that it had already been paid for in full. I paid for the panties and got Amber’s number in case I, “ever needed to try something else”. I wasn’t sure if she meant clothes or sexual orientation. I was game either way. I happily made my way out of the mall to get some food. All of the fucking made me hungry.

Chapter Six

I finally headed back to the house early evening time. I spent the rest of the afternoon after leaving Amber grabbing a bite and doing some more actual shopping. I needed a break from the hot and heavy sex pervert that I had so recently become and it was nice to spend some normal time by myself. Alas, all good things must come to an end and I headed home with some lingerie in my bag, a tingling in my pussy and a little bit of nervousness.

I wasn’t sure what I would find when I got home, but things seemed to be pretty normal. Mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner and talking on the phone with her boss it sounded like. Ben was in the living room watching TV. We exchanged hello’s. If he noticed the shopping bags, he didn’t say anything and I headed upstairs to unpack. I was worried he would follow me right away but glad to see he stayed downstairs, at least for the time being.

The evening went surprisingly normal, which kind of freaked me out a little bit. We all sat at the table and ate dinner with the conversation going at a normal pace. Ben didn’t pay me any more or less attention than usual. After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and made Ben take out the trash. Mom went to her office to go over some paperwork and I went up to my room.

“Hey sis,” Ben said poking his head in my door. “ I hope that after this morning everything is cool between us…I mean I tried to give you space and everything.”

“I noticed. Thanks. So, um, you wanna see what I bought today and maybe make another video? Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. What are the comments like on the other one?”

I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about the comments section! Ben used my computer to bring up the website. There were over 200 comments on the video, each one nastier than the last. It was such a turn on reading about what some of them would do to me or us. It was pretty impressive. There were a lot of demands for more videos. I figured we should appease our fan base.

“Lets make another one,” I said hoping Ben would approve.

My brother just nodded his head and asked about panties, but I was too horny for any of that. I told him I had a different idea and give him instructions to go to his room, get the camera ready and strip naked. He agreed and was off. I debated putting something on but decided against it, I was feeling very frisky today. I gave Ben a few minutes to get ready before I joined him. He was shocked to see me walk in completely naked as well. His cock stiffened even more if that were possible.

“Wha…”, was all he got out before I shushed him.

I let his eyes wander my body for a brief second before I demanded he turn the camera on for the show. Ben didn’t really know what to do since he usually had my panties to mess with. So I improvised. With my back to the camera so no one could see my face I squatted down in front of Ben’s raging cock and for the second time that day began to give him a blowjob. At the same time I reached between my legs and played with my pussy. I wasn’t sure if the camera would actually catch that part, but I wanted to do it anyway. I paid a lot of attention to my brothers cock and balls. Licking his shaft, deep throating and generally teasing him. He moaned with pleasure and frustration, but I had better plans than another blast to the face.

I let his cock pop out of my mouth one last time and stood up, stretching my legs which were beginning to cramp. He gave me a questioning look and I winked. I grabbed his office chair and rolled it beside me with the back towards me. Leaning over, I wiggled my ass in the air and spread my legs apart giving Ben access to my pussy from behind.

“Are you gonna fuck your sister or what?” I hissed in mock anger, “And you’d better not cum inside me pervert.”

Ben couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. It took him another five or six seconds before he moved toward me. I could feel the tip of his hot prick as it slid between my ass cheeks. His breathing was hoarse and heavy. My own was quick and ragged with anticipation. Finally he rubbed against my outer pussy, drenched with my excited juices. I let him rub a few passes before arched my hips and lining up my cunt for him to enter. He eased in slowly, an inch at a time until I had seven inches buried inside me. It was a wonderfully full feeling to have him seated in me. He pulled out a little and rammed it in harder this time. I moaned in pleasure as his prick stretched my pussy. The slap of his balls was the perfect sound to our session.

I encouraged him to fuck me hard and he gradually picked up the pace. I rocked my hips back to meet his oncoming thrusts. We were probably making too much noise now, but we were both lost in the lust of the moment. I could feel my brothers cock grow as he neared the point of cumming. He pulled out suddenly and my pussy felt empty. I half turned to see him stroking his shaft a few times before his hot seed was blasted onto my lower back. My hand went between my legs and vigorously rubbed my clit bringing about my own orgasm. Not as powerful as the one from earlier, but still satisfying.

I played out the bitchy sister part and slapped him lightly on the cheek and calling him a pervert. I disappeared down the hall to the bathroom and got into the shower completely satisfied with the experience. We had just crossed a boundary, a terrible taboo and I didn’t care.

Rating: 91%, Read 30653 times, Posted Jun 26, 2015

Fantasy | Incest


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