Sex and the high school girl 2_(3) by craigtv284

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As I lay in my bed all I could think about was Ann and how she wanted to be fucked. She didn't just want to have sex, she wanted it done to her. She didn't seem to have any limits judging by her willingness to do any thing anyone wanted to do.

I desperately need to find a place close to her little town that I could hook up with her on weekends and any other free time we could have together. when I get home from Sunday lunch with my family tomorrow I will go on line and look for a cabin or house out in the country to rent.

Sunday morning I got my first text from Ann, She wanted to let me know that she would have Sunday evening free from 7 to 10 o'clock, can we meet at the fishermen's parking area. I text her back and said I could. After lunch I got on line and found three houses and one cabin for rent out side of her town. I called and made appointments to see one house and the cabin.

I drove out to look at the house first and then over to see the cabin, as soon as I saw the cabin and how far from the road it was I rented it right away. It had two bed rooms down stairs and a nice loft up stairs and a real nice open room with a free standing fireplace. The best part was it was all furnished except for bedding and towels but I would have time to buy most of what we would need for right now.

I meet Ann and told her about the cabin, I loved the excitement she in her voice as we hugged and kissed. She wanted to levee right away to go see it. I could have waited and have fucked her right there at the fishermen's parking area but I gave in to her excitement and we drove to the cabin.

At the cabin we put the bed sheets on the bed, and fell on the bed in each others arms and started kissing and pulling each others cloths of. Once again I was amazed at her eagerness to fuck I put my cock in her pussy and she was so wet I shoved it all the way in on the first push. Ann laid there and said she wanted me to ravage every inch of her body I sucked beautiful teats and her fantastic pink nipple's, my hands fillet ever inch of her awesome body I even pressed a finger hard against her butt hole and she screamed out loud as her orgasm swept over her body like a tidal wave of pleasure. As she laid there it was my turn to enjoy that beautiful sexy body of hers, I started at her toes licking and sucking and then moving up her shapely legs right to her tasty pussy so wet with juices from her orgasm, she tasted so good compared to any other women I ate. I worked her clit over with my toughen and when I pressed my finger against her ass hole she came again and filled my mouth with her tasty juices. After I cleaned her up with my tongue and moved to her belly button and then on to those fantastic breasts and supper pink nipple's. By now I was so turned on when I put my cock in her wet wonderful pussy it was like having it in hot apple pie, I came with massive amounts of come. She gave me head until I was hard again, then she cowgirl on me and once again I penetrated her cervix every time I thrust up at her as she came down. This is the fastest and easiest way to make her cum with multiple orgasms, after three orgasms I came in her again . After I just laid there holding Ann in my arms until I was ready to make slow gentle sweet love to her then we moved to the bathroom and showered we made love again.

She left to go home but not before asking for the spare key so she could use the cabin when ever I couldn't come down. I knew she would fuck the black boys and any one she could meet there. I had to get home myself and get some sleep before going to work in the morning.

The next evening I got a text and a picture from Ann telling me she was fucking the two black boys and the picture was of a cock in her cunt. This made me vary jealous, Because I wish I could be there also. The next text I got was Thursday night and she was getting fucked by one of her high school boy friends and that she was looking forward to Friday night and the whole weekend. She also said she hoped we could fit a real gang bang in, that one of the black boys had two cousins coming up on Saturday and the other one knew a guy or two that would come over and with me in, that would make seven., she hoped it would be ok with me. I text her back and said the more the merrier.

Friday night was fish night and she could get to the cabin until 10:30, that just gave me time for a shower and a nap before she arrived. When she walked through the door I picked her up and carried her to the bed and pulled her panties down and ate her out to a climax. With that done we got naked and I fucked her in her mouth until I had my first orgasm of the night, I knew where I wanted my second to be and that was up her sexy ass. I took her in to the bathroom and gave her a enema, and cleaned her up in the shower as I dried her of I lost control and ate her beautiful pussy out until she filled my mouth with wonderful orgasm juices.

Then back on the bed I lubed her ass and my cock and worked my big cock in her virgin ass, damn it was tight but it when in all the way finely, it was rewarding knowing I was the first. I also had planes for that ass on Saturday night. I wasn't sure how it was all going to play out.

Rating: 91%, Read 40898 times, Posted Jan 17, 2017

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Boy, Female, Gay, Girl, Interracial, Lesbian, Male, Teen Female


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