Wife lets loose as husband gets caught being sucked by kennyjf

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I woke up horny…. Is there a day that doesn’t occur?

As I’ve gotten older in life, I don’t start my day too often with a hard-on, just usually with sexual thoughts. While my wife and I still occasionally have wonderful intimate moments she has some challenges where the frequency of these moments disappears for periods of time. While very compatible from a vanilla sex standpoint she also has never been very adventurous in bed. This isn’t an excuse for my infrequent sexual activities outside our home rather some background.

As for me, I’m a healthy and decently in shape mature man of 51. The epitome of a man starting to lose his muscularity due to age and a slightly less active life but still fits comfortably in his clothes from 20 years ago….if I still had them. I work a white collar job so supplement activities to stay in stable shape to enjoy a long and healthy life as well as probably unhealthy habit of masturbation and fantasies….often which blur into real life. This morning was one of those days.

Today was a bit different than most as I had a comp day from the office after working some insane amount of hours the preview week. Home, but not completely alone, I gently rubbed my smallish cock under the covers enough to feel good but not pumping it with any urgency to get off. My mind wandered… Instead of searching porn or any particular sex story to fan some fantasy, I decided (or was it my penis) to search Craigslist for anything intriguing.

My first search was the MW4M but most of them were looking for someone hung and my 4+ inches just couldn’t fit that description. My usual foray here was to find anything out of the ordinary, which were few and far between. Today was no different as I knew I’d have the same amount of luck in the W4M with more effort. There would be a few intriguing ads except they were searching for e-mail addresses for spam or providing links to real (paid) web sites or worse, some sort of virus. I knew the drill but often looked anyway. Today wasn’t a day for that.

But I did take a quick browse in the M4M section. Most ads aren’t for me. This is an area more known for bottom, sub, or slave types than the alternatives and I mostly was in that majority. Still, my fantasies and realities here were minimal. I’d suck the occasional cock when I traveled and very infrequently found someone who seemed compatible and could host for activities at home. Mostly these occurrences involved me just wanting to watch a guy get off on me, more specifically a facial. While it seems exciting in the XXX movies, the actual act of sucking is rather dull to me and there is no taste unless the guy is leaking pre-cum or worse (i.e. unclean) and even the facial itself has minimal direct excitement as it just feels like warm water – I don’t get orgasmic from the act as you see the folks do in a movie. It’s more towards the submissive, degrading side that just being there to do and get this reward turns me on.

This also feeds more of my cuckold or group (bi or otherwise) fantasies where this is where I get closest to it in real life. Or so I thought…

Anyway, expecting the usual, that I’d find nothing quick or real and then turn to the normal story and pictures I browsed the first page of ads. None of the descriptions really caught my eye although there were a few guys looking for a quick blow. But my eye did catch a street name. Actually it was two main streets with an intersection about a mile away. Oddly, it was a mature guy looking for another mature guy. The catch was the he wanted a swallower. I’d done that a few times in my earlier days but usually it was as a when with a couple and his wife wanted to see it (or was sucking me off at the same time) or the first few times when I hadn’t developed my current fondness for watching and getting a facial. Horny, I opened up the ad to read further. It was a simple ad that this older guy just wanted a quick blow between 9 am and noon at his place. It was recently posted and as I hadn’t sucked a guy in quite some time decided to respond quickly. If he didn’t mind someone who couldn’t deep throat (I have done this enough to know I haven’t gotten past a bad gag reflex) and just wanted to get off once, fairly quickly, that I’d be okay with it.

I sent a quick note saying I was about 20 min away (more like 5 but needed some anonymity), my brief description (5’10”, 180, balding, 51) I’d be happy to service him. I got a quick response back saying he was 58, graying with a 6 inch cock and he would e-mail me back if still interested as soon as his wife left for work with an address. I knew if I waited or stroked my cock anymore I’d just get off in front of my computer and lose interest so I wrote back, sure, I’ll be around and will write back as soon as I see the e-mail to say I am on my way – but if I somehow miss the e-mail and 15 minutes has gone by I won’t leave without reconfirming. Two minutes later I got an okay message back and quickly jumped up to shower and get dressed.

When I got back to the computer the message was sitting there that she was already away and it had been just a couple minutes. I pinged him back saying I’m looking up the directions and will leave shortly. I got a response that said OK but didn’t answer so I could be traveling….

Directions were easy enough and he noted to just park in front of the house and his garage door would be open and he’d be inside. As I pulled up I saw what appeared to be a man in his 60’s but decent enough. I only noticed that he was a little shorter than me and somewhat thick but not really heavy but not much else since guys themselves don’t turn me on. I greeted him with a quick hi and he waved me into the garage and led me through a door into his kitchen. He stopped about mid-room, turned around and asked, “Is in here okay?”

“Anywhere you are comfortable should be good for me.” I responded, although I was immediately rethinking that as the laminated flooring wouldn’t be too kind on my knees. But he just wanted to get off so I didn’t think he’d be holding back and it shouldn’t be too bad.

He pulled out a chair that I figured might be uncomfortable for him, just your average wooden chair with no handles on the side and a small flowered pad to sit on. He said, “OK, let’s get started and dropped his jeans and plaid boxer briefs to reveal a soft, drooping cock with moderate hair surrounding two good sized balls. From the looks of it he had been stoking a bit beforehand and might be ready for a good nut soon. I was already kneeling down to get between his legs when he stepped up and put his bouncing cocks directly in front of me, bobbing up once and brushing my nose. Then he sat down on the chair he pulled up and spread his legs as far as they’d go still with his pants on but parting his knees much further as if offering himself to me.

I just leaned forward and took the head in and licked it with my tongue. Indeed, it was a clean cock but already starting to leak pre-cum. It was a different taste and since I don’t do this frequently couldn’t immediately recall if this was like anyone else or not. He started stiffening quickly and as he did I lowered my head further to take in more and start a long, firm but slow suck.

After a few minutes of this he was starting to moan and squirm in his seat. I took a brief break from sucking to just lick his cock all around as well as bounce his balls of my tongue. It gave my mouth a brief break but I could see that this wasn’t going to take too much longer. I reached up with my right hand and cupped his balls gently and massaged slowly while I resumed sucking the first third of his cock.

I couldn’t have been more than a minute or so before all hell broke loose. Unbeknownst to us his wife had returned home for some reason (which I never knew). Since the garage door was left open she just parked in the driveway and opened the door before either of us expected a thing. Certainly, she didn’t expect to see another grown man servicing her husband….possibly ever. I believe she just said “What the HELL!!??” with increasing volume on each word while her husband scrambled to pull up his pants. I’m sure I was just kneeling there with a dumbfounded look on my face.

I don’t really recall the first few minutes of what was said. He continued to scramble for an explanation and apology, she continued to be lost in what she saw and wrap her head around it and I continued to consider my options for a graceful exit, as she was still standing at the kitchen door.

At some point she took a couple steps towards me and brought me back to the present. Firmly, she asked me, “Are you gay or something?”

I responded, “No, I just like clean adult fun and giving orgasms, occasionally it’s head for guys but mostly I prefer women. There just aren’t opportunities like that for me that often.”

I guess she finally came around to asking her husband how we met, etc. and he explained. I guess he’d placed ads more often and they discussed, more heatedly from her end, the why, when and where. She was still a very unhappy camper.

She then turned to me again and asked me a few questions about how we met to confirm the information. I just said I was looking for something safe and fun and while not normally what I’m into that the combination of being horny and the relative closeness along with the timing is how we met. She inquired more asking about myself (relationship status, etc) and what was I looking for.

I told her that my situation wasn’t important and isn’t a discussion topic for me, just as it wasn’t for meeting her husband this morning. But I did note, “I usually look for a woman who wants oral and/or a massage. I sometimes place ads for things like this. I may meet someone 1-2 times a year if I am lucky.” I added, “as a side note, I get tested every year for STDs as part of my annual physical, whether or not I have had any casual fun or not.”

She asked, “How does one go from that to sucking my husband’s cock?”

“Well,” I started “Sexually I am somewhat a passive sexual partner when I try to play like this. I like to please my partners and their satisfaction is first and foremost. I like watching their orgasms and will tend to deal with my own later. Like when I have met a woman for a massage it’s usually a massage to orgasm, either through the use of fingers, oral or both. I often ask to get myself off in front of them afterwards. With a couple, which is a very rare event, I like pleasing both. Not necessarily having sex with the man, although I’d be open to it in some safe cases, but in helping them in areas they can’t themselves. One thing is I would enjoy, but never experienced, cleaning both a man and a woman orally after they climaxed. I rarely see that opportunity and most of those experiences they are also looking for guys who are well hung. I am not. Here, your husband was just being sucked and he would do nothing for me. He would cum and I would leave. The times I have met with just a guy I like to have him give me a facial… you know….cum on my face….which is part of the couple experience I sometimes look for. It’s a much longer story…”

She was a deer caught in the headlights with my story. I thought somewhat repelled but that was to be expected. After some awkward moments she ask somewhat rhetorically, “So it’s true, he (her husband) just wanted you to suck him off and this isn’t a relationship?” I think we both answered quickly that she was correct….although I think I added a HELL NO to that answer first.

After another pause she asked me to leave then started on him about his wanting to cum on my face too! He said no and I stopped and said no as well. I added I was just horny enough to try to swallow someone again. I continued out the door and about halfway through the garage I heard a loud, “Wait!” from her. I turned around, half expecting to see no one and their door to just close behind me. But she poked her head out and asked, “Do you have a few more minutes?”

“Only if I’m not going to get a lecture or yelled at” I responded with a smile on my face. She fought but lost out and smiled back. “No,” she added, “I might yell at my husband though…”

I don’t know why but I started back towards her. She disappeared back into the kitchen and I sheepishly followed. After peaking in and seeing nothing bad I stepped through and closed the door. She turned to her husband and asked him firmly, “So, do you still want that blowjob??? It may be the last one you will ever get.” Truly a defeated man at the moment he continued to look down and muttered a no. She asked me, “How about you?”

“Do I still want to give him a blowjob or are you asking if I want one?”

You could see the wheels turning in her head. Before she could answer I added, “I am not a big fan of getting a blowjob but I would only take it from a lady. If you are asking me if I want to give your husband head now that could be fun but I’d rather do you…as I said, I do prefer women.”

She didn’t expect this. I know her husband didn’t as his head snapped up quickly. Truthfully, only since I came back into the kitchen did I even really give his wife a look. She was a short, pudgy lady with seemingly small breasts, which are a favorite of mine. I figured she might have a bit more weight than average, but she was well dressed and I might come to expect that she had a full bush. My cock was starting to think…

Here puzzlement didn’t last long and she asked if I was serious. I had already opened my mouth bravely so I continued, “The only think I’d like better is to lick you after you’ve cum.” She paused a second, a light bulb went off in her head and she reached into her purse for her cell phone and made a call to her office, informing them that there was a small house emergency and she will be in late today, maybe around lunchtime.

After she hung up the phone she looked at her husband and said, “Turnaround is fair play, just say one word and I’ll leave you. Both of you follow me.”

We did. Into a hallway and around a corner we wound up in their master bedroom. Nicely appointed the bedroom had a king sized bed with the sheets still ruffled from the night. I had watched her round behind in a long dress as we walked and wondered what might be in store for me. I didn’t have to wait long.

At the bed she threw her purse towards a dresser on the right side of the room and pulled up her skirt in two tugs and grabbed the band of her pantyhose and panties and pulled them down quickly, leaned on the bed and continued removing what remained attached to her shapely but thicker legs and tossed them aside. She then leaned back fully onto the bed and raised her skirt until it fully revealed her thick, uncut bush and said, “It’s only fair I get head too! Please get me off instead of him.”

I didn’t waste any time nor give anyone a chance to speak up. I practically dove into her pussy as she spread her legs wide. She wasn’t wet yet but I could smell her a bit over the light powder I assumed she dabbed on herself earlier. But it didn’t take long before she was leaking. She was getting into it quickly and with great enthusiasm. This only made me lick harder, faster, quicker. Normally I take my time initially but she was grinding and cooing, holding my head and basically starting to use it as her personal clit rubbing device.

I started long, hard licks starting just below her now wet hole and licked in and out and the length of her pussy until I flicked her clit and started all over again. After a minute of this I just reamed out her hole trying to bury my tongue inside her. Meanwhile she started shaking and decided to help me probe her pussy with my tongue by thrusting down on my head and mouth. I did one quick violent shake of my head back and forth with my tongue still lodged in her hole when she uttered “Fuck…..I’m cummmming” while humping my face. I tried to hold on and find breathing room as she clenched her legs around my head and road her orgasm.

Slowly she started to slow down and relax her grip. I gasped for more air and she flopped on the bed even more as I assume she tensed up during her orgasm. I just continued to stay there and lightly rubbed her legs but left her pussy and clit alone. I wanted the orgasm to just sit there undisturbed.

About a minute or so later she started coming to. “Thank you” she uttered. “Now how do you want the bastard?” I assume she meant her husband. I looked over at him. His pants were down and he was beating his meat almost unconsciously.

“Well, I could suck him and let him give me a facial…since he really prefers I swallow. But I’d rather see him get off in you and let me lick it out of you. I could lick him clean right before I lick you again.” I knew I was pressing my luck. I figured I probably pushed this too far.

Her response surprised me. “Fuck him, you’re kidding me. Let him jack off and I’ll let him stick it in me only to cum. But you’ll fuck me while he’s jacking off, if you don’t mind.”

“I’d love to but remember, I am not hung. I’m slightly smaller than your husband.” Her response was priceless and probably meant I’d be fucking her longer than I anticipated. “This may be the last time he puts his dick in me and I don’t care about that. If you fuck half as good as you lick pussy it’ll be the best lay I’ve ever had.”

“Do you have a condom?” I asked. “No, he’s been fixed and I hadn’t thought I’d be needing them again. I will have to go out and buy some. I’m okay with not using one if you are. I suspect I’d be at the same risk from what was happening earlier.” I disagreed with her reasoning about the risk but she didn’t seem to care and my cock was willing.

I started disrobing and she watched. I was already hard and knew she was wet. I was hoping she’d take off more clothes but she really didn’t move much. I climbed up on the edge of the bed and easily found her waiting pussy and sunk in slowly be deliberately. Once all the way in I let her adjust a bit as I am not long but I did have some thickness. Then I started a rhythmic sliding in and out of her and she tilted her head back and just started making sounds. Intermixed with those sounds were words such as oh, oh god and yeah.

I moved around more with my hips side to side now and again along to keep things interesting as I didn’t think she wanted to make love but really just fuck. She was really wet and getting into it again humping back at me. She looked over at her husband and I looked as well. He was just slowly stroking, still not quite sure of his feelings.

“You better start fucking your hand as I want you to be able to cum when we are done here. But you better not fucking cum before I say” she panted out. “Now fuck me hard, I’m getting close” she barked at me.

Needing no more encouragement I pulled all the way out and sunk my cock balls deep, banging into her. Fully out, pause and fully back in. I didn’t take her breath away but it was close. I did this for a short bit then picked up the pace, faster and faster and she started bucking back. I moved up on her a bit to let the space above my cock ride high on her and stimulate her clit. She was covered in sweat from the sex and still wearing the majority of her clothes.

I rooted around in her, grinding and fucking and then felt the stirring in my own balls as my cum began to boil up. Just as I started to feel my balls tighten she cried out, “Fuck….cum….cumming.” I firmly grabbed her shoulders with her legs over my arms and really started pouring on the pace of fucking. In a few short strokes I wailed as I came from deep in my nuts. I arched and buried my cocks it’s full length and just tried to push my cock through the other side of her while her cunt held me back and let my cum spurt out into her.

I hadn’t quite noticed she was in her own world with her orgasm for a few moments but as I came down off my high I could see she was still panting and squirming, trying to eke out small stirrings of dwindling orgasm, savoring it for all it was worth. Finally her panting and squirming slowed down noticeably and the only sound you could hear, besides our hearts pounding, was her husband furiously fapping away at his cock. Fap, fap fap fap.

I looked down and she was a mess of sweat over a glowing and satisfied face.

“Are you ready to cum yet you pervert?” she yelled.

“Yes” was all he could answer.

I pulled out, growing softer as I did. He stepped up to her wet, disturbed pussy and pointed his 6 inch cock to gain entrance. His wife stopped him. “Wait until you are just about to cum then push your cock inside me” she instructed.

Not a couple seconds and a few strong strokes of his cock later he fumbled to hold off shooting as he tried to enter her. He shot one giant wad on her pussy going up into her bush and on her belly before his cock found its mark. He struggled to get fully inside her while cumming but managed. He tried a few fucking strokes but didn’t manage much as his orgasm was already on the wane. He just sort of wound down and let his cock rest inside her.

“Are you done” she asked? He nodded. “Pull out and let him suck you clean. Then he can clean me if he still wants before he leaves.”

I couldn’t see his face but it must have been priceless. He pulled out and turned towards me. Having already came I wasn’t as excited for this as normal but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I sunk down to my knees and took his softening cock quickly in my mouth and just tried to enjoy their combined juices. It was an interesting taste but it got more salty towards the end. I realized I must be tasting all of our combined juices at first, melded together, then only his as some came out of his cock slit.

Then I crawled the few feet in front of her and without hesitation buried my tongue in her leaking pussy. Again, it was a different taste and I knew I had to throw myself into this rather than think it through. I wasn’t sure the taste was great, but it was interesting. And I was definitely happy I had a chance to do this. I lapped at her cunt for a good few minutes while she squirmed. I was more tickling her than exciting her due to her recent orgasm. But I wanted my fill feeling this may be the only time this ever happens.

Finally I stopped and looked up. Ignoring the rest of the cum trail that was left from her husband’s first spurt, I said thank you.

She smiled and said “You’re welcome. Can you please leave now so we can talk?”

I nodded, got dressed and headed out.

I still don’t know their names….

Rating: 92%, Read 24030 times, Posted Dec 05, 2014

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male


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