My GF's Sister's Road to Debauchery - Ch1 - The Arrival by NormanbyBayview

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Fiction | Asian, Exhibitionism, Female, Teen, Voyeurism

Sarah (my long term girlfriend) owes me big time for this. Here I am, in a crowded airport holding a sign that says: Lexa. Sarah's half sister is coming over to visit - and if her university application goes well, she'll be staying with us for a long time. I have not seen Lexa in 3 years, since Sarah and I moved in together - as Sarah's family lived in another state. Oh and to top it off, Lexa's friend is tagging along as well. So I'll be babysitting two 18 year olds.

My jaw dropped when I saw two girls, in their high school uniforms (which were obviously too small for them) walked out of the arrival gate. I vaguely recognised Lexa. She is half Anglo-Saxon and Asian, with long dark hair and a big brown eyes. What I didn't recognised about her was her long legs and breasts that were bursting out of her tight top. Her breasts are probably a solid C cup but her push up bra and slim waist makes them look very impressive. I can't believe she grew so much in 3 years.

And beside Lexa was her friend, Megan. Megan is a blonde with (I would guess) a B cup breast and a nice ass. I can tell she was loving all the attention she was getting. Her top is unbuttoned passed her red bra, her skirt is a lot shorter than Lexa's and she had a lot of bright coloured luggage for a 1 week visit.

Lexa saw me, pointed me out to Megan and they both made their way to me very quickly. Lexa gave me a tight hug - so tight I could feel the fullness of her breasts on my chest.

Lexa: Hi, Norman! Thanks so much for coming to fetch us. This is Megan.

Norman: Don't worry about it, Lexa. Hi, Megan, I'm Norman.

I reached out to shake Megan's hand but she moved passed it and gave me a hug too. While her breasts are not as full as Lexa's, I could still feel them under her bra.

Megan: Hi, Norman. Lexa told me all about you.

Norman: All good things, I hope. By the way, why are you girls dressed like this?

Lexa: Oh, we had a party last night, before our flight. It was with our high school gang and we all decided to wear our high school uniforms one last time.

Megan: Oh, based on the reception we got last night, this is definitely not the last time I'm wearing this.

All three of us jumped into my car and we drove towards our apartment. But half way there, Megan insisted we stop by the beach to grab some food and sun. After packing some fish and chips, we head towards the beach, sat on some beach towels I had in the boot and faced the ocean as we enjoyed our meal with some beer.

Megan looked around at all the girls in bikinis lying in the sun and said: It is such a beautiful day, lets stay a bit and catch up on our tans.

Lexa: But my bikini is buried deep in my luggage.

Megan started unbuttoning the rest of her top and said: Well you're wearing underwear, right? It is basically the same thing.

So here I was, looking up and this girl, whom I just met, strip off her school uniform and started to unzip her short skirt. When the skirt dropped, it revealed a matching red thong.

Wearing nothing but her red bra and thong, Megan pulled Lexa up and started to unbutton her top. Lexa was wearing a simple black bra, but her breasts were bulging out - as were one of my organs. Lexa then unzipped her skirt and revealed an innocent white panties.

I swear to God that I have never fantasized about Lexa before - until now. Now all I can think about is these two school girls stripping each other and playing with each other's body.

So there they stood, their high school uniform in a neat bundle to one side. They stretched their arms upwards, and I swear that Lexa's bra is going to bursts. They both lied on their backs and I tried not to stare at their young breasts, slim tummy and cameltoe.

I sat there silently, unsure of what to say, for about 2 minutes when Megan asked if I had any suntan lotion. I said I did and quickly made my way to the car, adjusting my pants a little to make my boner less obvious.

When I got back, both girls were lying on their tummy and I had a great view of their cleavage. For some reason, them being in their underwear as oppose to their bikinis made this all so much hotter, even thought both of them covers the same area. My reasoning was that bikinis are meant to be seen, while underwear are a lot more intimate.

I handed Megan the suntan lotion and she climbed on top of Lexa. Lexa yelp with the cold lotion hit her back. Megan started to massage the lotion into Lexa back, and a soft moan escaped Lexa's lips. Megan spread the lotion down Lexa's arms and then back up to her shoulders, while maintaining eye contact with me.

Then without warning, Megan unclasped Lexa's bra. Lexa let out another yelp as her bra fell opened. She pushed her chest towards the beach towel, but not before I caught a glimpse of her dark pink nipples.

Megan: Don't be a prude. Some of the girls here are suntanning topless with their breasts exposed to the world.

She was right, I did noticed some topless girls lying on their backs. But the show right beside me is a lot more captivating.

Megan pull Lexa's bra from under her and toss it to me. I caught it instinctively and immediately felt like a pervert holding my girlfriends' sister's bra. I can feel the sponge that was holding up her breasts - it was still warm.

Megan continued to spread the lotion to the side of Lexa's back. I can't help but stare at the amount of side boob right beside me. As I was about to burn that image into my memory, Megan started rubbing lotion on Lexa's breasts. Lexa started laughing and complained that it was ticklish.

Megan moved on to Lexa's ass, which was mostly covered by her panties. So she made Lexa's panties into a thong by moving the fabric into her ass crack - and proceeded to massage Lexa's ass for my viewing pleasure. Well, I say 'massage' but she was basically playing with Lexa's bubbly ass.

Megan then finished off by applying the lotion on Lexa's legs. She mush have been bored by then as she did it quickly with not much of a show. Then she lied on her tummy and asked Lexa to apply the lotion on her.

Lexa: I can't do that. I'm not wearing any bra. I'm not going to show strangers my breasts. Ask Norman.

Megan looked at my with her doe eyes, so I decided to be a gentlemen. I has beside Megan and started to squirt the lotion on Megan's back, which resulted in the same yelp. I proceeded to warm the lotion up by rubbing it on Megan's soft skin and I look passed her and directly at Lexa's side boob.

Megan absently said: Can you please unclip my bra? I don't want to get any lotion on my Victoria Secret.

Without a word, I undid her bra. It just occurred to me that this is the first time I undid a bra in public - and a stranger's one at that. So I carried on touching Megan all over - feeling how soft and smooth her skin is. When I was doing her sides, my fingers accidentally caressed the side of her breasts but she remained unfazed.

They were so soft (and forbidden) I wanted to do it again but I dared not. So I moved on. As I approached her ass, she pulled her already small thong deeper into her ass crack and told me not to forget to massage her cheeks.

Megan's ass was fuller than Lexa's and I must say that I really enjoyed squeezing them. Not too long after, I made my way to her legs. She spread her legs further apart and exposed a lot of her pussy, which was obviously wet.

When I was done with her legs, she turned around and said: Now do my front.

I just froze, staring at her 18 year old breasts. Definitely B cup, light pink nipples, not a hint of sag at all.

Lexa: Go on, you'll not be the first guy to spread thick white liquid on her breasts haha

I really wanted to, but then I thought of Sarah and said: I'm sorry but I don't think that is appropriate. And I handed the lotion to Megan.

Megan started rubbing the white liquid all over her breasts, which more focus on her pink nipples as she said: You're quite the loyal boyfriend, aren't you.

We stayed another hour with nothing much happening, except for Lexa wearing her bra again so that she can tan her front. Still, watching her wear her bra is not something I'll ever forget.

When we finally reached our apartment, both the girls fought to shower first and decided to shower together. I was left in alone, deciding if I should release all the built up sexual tension when I heard the door unlock.

I turn to see my beautiful girlfriend coming back from work.

To be continued...

Rating: 93%, Read 33680 times, Posted May 21, 2019

Fiction | Asian, Exhibitionism, Female, Teen, Voyeurism


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