Seducing recently Divorced Friend by graylover

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I was in New York on business for the week, when I recieved a call from Heidi. We had talked on the phone several times after her divorce. She asked me to come and stay with her in the Hamptons. As we slowly moved together dancing the music pulsed around us. It was a sensual Latin tune that had us moving our hips in rhythm practically gyrating against each other. There was an air of sensuality around us. We were both thinking about a more intimate kind of dance. I rubbed my hands down the small of her back and whispered into her ear " I'm so into you."

Heidi understood because she was feeling exactly the same way. She knew how the night was going to turn out and the anticipation was half the fun. Instead of answering with words, she brought her fingers to the base of my head and gently combed through my thick silver gray hair as she pressed even closer against me. She was heating up and feeling bolder by the second. She tossed her head back and swayed her beautiful long blond hair.

I pulled her up and trailed kisses on her neck back up to her ear. My raspy voice, thick with passion rumbled in her ear and gave her chills. " The things I am thinking right now about doing to you is not G rated....mmm. I love the way you taste. I want to taste more."

She responded by pressing her hips even closer into me, feeling how hard I was already. Our body language clearly sending the same signals to each other. Her divorce has made her bold to pursue her interests . She was free to do whatever she wanted and not worry about her reputation.

Knowing I had told her I was here for the week made this the perfect opportunity for Heidi to have the kind of wild carefree one night stand with me. All those lemon drop vodka shots we had together certainly didn't hurt to loosen her up. She was in the arms of a long time admirer. This was the sexiest she felt in a while. She couldn't believe she had learned that I was in New York. She had come in a couple days early to shop before the meetings started on Monday.

She was brought back to the moment at hand when she feels me lean in to kiss her on the mouth. She wraps her arms around my neck. At first I lightly licked her lips. My teasing kiss was not what she needed. She pressed her lips against mine and darted her tongue into my mouth. I held her tighter and we French kissed for so long the music's rhythm had changed. It was a dark sultry room that lent an air to the sensual feeling around us. We were both breathing heavy. When the kiss broke neither of us spoke.

We both stood with no air between us, just communicating with soft smiles staring into each others eyes showing desire for each other. She looked me in the eyes .." I am so turned on by you John." My smile deepened as I replied..." Let's go upstairs to the bedroom. It's time to take this to the next level." She nodded. We walked together towards the stairs, both knowing a night of passion lay before us.

We entered the bedroom, it was a gorgeous room. I turned on the music, soft romantic sounds. I dimmed the lights and closed the blinds. She watched my moves, even the look of my arms reaching up to pull the curtains showed turned her on. I turned to her and outstretched my arms " Come here Baby." Heidi walked directly into my arms. I moved her to the music against my hips. I rubbed my hands down her spine. I cupped her ass, pressing her against my erection. She wrapped her arms around my neck, rubbing her hands through my hair, then down to my arms. This was one of those moments Heidi was 100 % confident in herself and the world around her. We were in perfect harmony with each other. She stepped back from me and pulled her shirt off over her arms. She was glad she had decided to wear her sexiest bra and panty set.

I stood back for a moment and watched as she removed her pants. She knew from the way I devoured her with my eyes that her black lace bra and panties were having an effect on me. I stripped off my clothes. I looked over as I removed my underwear " Laughing huh?" and slowly straightened up with an impressive erection. She stopped laughing. We got serious real fast.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her towards the glass picture window that overlooked the beach and ocean. The black ocean was hard to see except for the moon's reflection. She feels my hands span her waist below her breasts. " mmmmm that feels good." she said. " Shhhh, no talking sexy, just feel my hands on you, caressing you." I leaned in to whisper into her ear, giving her shivers. her nipples got hard. As my tongue darted out to lick her ear, each hand lifted her breasts. I cupped them, and gently put my thumb and forfingers on her hardened nipples. My head fell back. " These are beautiful." I whispered, making her shiver.

" Ooooh, please kiss me." she asked desperately. I turned her in my arms. We embraced and kissed passionately. I took her bottom lip between my teeth and nibbled and sucked gently. She moaned " mmmmmm " as we pressed our lips together. I wrapped my arms around her pressing her close to me with my hands on her back. Heidi slipped her hands up around my neck caressing my nape. Our bodies pressed together, heated. A few minutes later when we broke apart , we were both panting.

I had my hands in her hair. I moved her head back and traced kisses down her neck. She stood there feeling my hot lips on her skin. " I feel your need Heidi, you are racing as am I." I said as I raised her hand to my chest and put it over my heart. She felt me beating hard. With that I took both of her hands in mine and put them gently behind her back. I held them there with my left hand. This arched her back towards me. " I need to taste these beautiful nipples." I lowered my head to her left breast. With my right hand I unsnapped the bra clasp. Her breasts sprung free. " mmmmm, good enough to eat."

I took the nipple into my hot wet mouth. Heidi stood there, arched back, hands held, feeling all of it. I removed my hand from her wrists and she moved to bring her arms forward. " No, leave them behind you." I said. Barely lifting my head from her nipple but none the less she did as I asked. I gave the other nipple the same treatment, sucking it into my mouth. My hand traveled to the breast my mouth had just finished with, putting the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As she closed her eyes she gave into the luxurious feelings of joy.

I did this to her long enough that she started asking for more. " Please John, I need you inside of me." " Oh you will have me there Baby, but first... " I need to taste more of you." As I said this, I knelt down in front of her. " Oh my." she whispered as she felt my lips and tongue through the lace. Heidi couldn't believe how excited she was at that moment. She was standing half naked in the bedroom with my head between her thighs. Her position was one she had missed...standing with her legs apart and her hands clasped behind her back.

Earlier I placed her in this position and told her to stay this way. She liked the feeling of me taking control of her passion. She had her head stretched back as she took in the feel of my mouth on her pussy. I was still teasing her through her lace panties and she was getting wetter by the second. I brought my hands around to cup the globes of her ass as I pressed my mouth into her mound. I took in the smell of her arousal and as I inhaled I grew an inch harder and thicker. I had this hot sexy vibrant woman who I was going to make love to all night. As I squeezed her cheeks I bit down gently through the fabric onto her clit and she jumped.

" Oh my God!" Heidi exclaimed, when she felt the intensity of my teeth nibbling on her. She tried to pull away but she was held in place by my hands on her ass. She was so turned on by my hands massaging her and pressing her close to my mouth that she moaned deep in the back of her throat. " ooooohhhhh..ooooohhhhh..aaaaaahhhhhh."

I lifted my mouth and looked up to her. What I saw took my breath away...a beautiful passionate woman with her breasts out, nipples hard and head thrown back. I took in her flushed cheeks and neck. She was panting slightly. I knew I had to have her soon.

Heidi felt my eyes on her. She opened hers and tilted her head down to look at me. Our eyes locked; hers were glazed over with passion, mine were hot with lust. I stood up slowly until we were face to face.

The kiss we shared at that moment was a marked progression from the one earlier. I wrapped my arms around her and gathered her hands in mine, bringing them down to her waist. Our fingers intertwined as the kiss deepened. She feels me holding her hands while rubbing my thumbs methodically into her palms. She melted against me, pressing her hard nipples into my chest. My hands left hers to move around to her back and embrace her fully.

I wrapped my hands once again around her waist and gathered her directly against my hard chest. She, in turn, brought her hands up around my neck, playing with my hair as my tongue danced with hers. Our hips were pressed tight now, Heidi feels the hard thick length of my cock pressing between her thighs. As my tongue moved in and around her mouth, I moved my hands up and down her back and ass.

We were slightly swaying to the sensual music playing in the bedroom. The sounds of the music coupled with the smell and sound of the waves from the beach below them were the perfect backdrop to their heightened senses. I broke apart our kiss and reached for her hand. I growled into her ear, "Baby, I want more of you...come." She gave me her hand and at that moment she would have let me lead her anywhere. We walked the 10 feet to the king sized four-poster bed. It had a fluffy white down comforter and pillows that felt like clouds. I sat on the edge of the bed and maneuvered her aching body until she was standing between my legs.

I hooked my fingers under the edge of her panties and slowly brought them down to her ankles to step out of, which she did. I then unclasped and removed her bra and as she stood there watching my eyes dilate, I brought my hands to her breasts and lifted them up and together to my mouth. She barely heard me whisper, " beautiful," as I fastened my lips over her left nipple. The pressure of my mouth sucking on her almost made her knees buckle. My hands gently squeezed both breasts as she feels my hot breath and wet mouth on her.

" Ooooh..Oooooohhhhhh," she moans as she put her hands in my hair. She feels me remove my mouth, only to reattach it to her right breast. The left was quickly replaced by my fingers, gently plucking her erect nipple like I was fine tuning an instrument.

" Please John, please, I really need you. I'm aching," she begged me. I released both her breasts and pressed her down onto the bed. Then I stood up and removed my own clothes swiftly, lifting myself above her after I did so.

" Is this what you need baby?" I said as I pressed 2 fat fingers quickly inside of her pussy. Her hips bucked into my fingers as she feels me spread her knees wide with my other hand. I lean over her, pressing my rock hard thick cock against her side as I licked her neck and moved my fingers in and out of her wet clutching pussy. I then whispered in her ear, " I know what you need. You need to be well fucked. You need me to take you to heights you have never been. Don't you?" I said, emphasizing my words with a hard thrust of both my hips against her side as well as moving my fingers deeper inside of her.

" Oooooh..Ooooooh" Her moan was involuntary, her muscles squeezing around my fingers. She didn't know if it was that or the hot feeling of my words and breath in her ear but she was close to climaxing already. " Please, please..." She was pleading with me for the ultimate pleasure. I shifted my body, removing my fingers. They were glistening wet from her juices. I placed them on her wet warm mouth and ran them over her sensual trembling lips. I then leaned in to kiss her and to taste them.

My mouth returned to hers tightly as I moved directly over her, guiding my cock to her entrance. Her legs widened immediately as she feels me positioning my hard thick penis. She was ready to receive me inside her. As I pressed forward, taking her inch by inch, we both moved in unison. Her tight warmth surrounded me. The feel of my hard thick cock penetrating her fully was taking us over the edge. " Yesssss, please John fuck me, ooooh..ooooh..mmmmmmm," she exclaimed.

I replied without words, pushing my hips full against her, our hips slamming together. I rested for a moment and let her adjust to me. I then slid my hands under her ass and start with a rhythm not unlike our earlier dancing downstairs.. We moved together and pulling apart, my cock removed except for the tip. As I then slammed in again driving fully

into her. Heidi pulled her knees up to her waist giving me deeper access. This spurred me on to fuck her hard and with abandonment. Our mating was primal and feeling like it went on forever but was more like minutes in reality. We moved faster and faster, both of them panting and moaning. I was holding back my own orgasm, wanting to bring her pleasure first. I feel her pussy tightening like a vise on my hard cock as her orgasm is approaching. I press deep and hard as I hold her ass in a vise grip, bringing her over the edge. I lifted my head from her mouth, wanting to watch her in the throws of her orgasm.

" Come for me Heidi...let go now," I said to her commandingly, knowing she was right there. She felt herself tipping over and couldn't have stopped for the world. My last rough hard push inside her made her see stars. She went hot and cold at the same time. It was so intense that no sound came out of her mouth. She came shuddering silently then was heaving and bucking as I watched her. That was all it took for me. I thrust one more time in and out of her pulsating pussy to let go of my powerful orgasm and I slammed hard all the way into her. Holding steady as jets of cum soot into her. My throbbing cock jerking wildly spraying cum filling her.

They lay together, bodies overlapping, not knowing where one began and the other ended. They were both tingling with the sensations of fulfillment. I rolled her onto her stomach spreading her legs open then crawling between them. Suddenly my cock was at the entrance to her ass and I started to push down. She lurched forward and tried to squirm away and told me " Hey! Stop!" " Not tonight." She said " I'm fucking you up your ass!" " No way." She said. Only then she realized that I was holding her down and that she couldn't get up! She started to panic and really started to struggle in earnest, but she couldn't get away! I was stronger and she was in trouble.

My cock now started to push hard against her asshole and it seemed as though there was no way it was going to go in. It was just too small of an opening for my big cock. It hurt and she started to groan and plead with me to let her go and told me how much it hurt. " AAAAHHHH..AAAAHHHH..Please Stop John..You are hurting me..You are to big..

AAAAAHHHH." I acted as if I hadn't heard a word she had said and continued to press and push till finally she could feel something give and the head of my cock was inside her, stretching her out and opening her up . That was the first time she screamed.


She was humiliated, as my cock slowly, painfully continued to push deeper and deeper into her ass as she begged me to stop and begins to whimper. " oh please no more john..

please..please..stop..stop..aaaahhhh..aaaaaahhhhhhh." Her ass was on fire and she was moaning and shaking my head as tears were running down her face. " aaaahhhh..aaaa

hhhhhh..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh." With a grunt from me " UH..UH..UH," I stopped pushing and she could tell my thick cock was finally buried to the hilt up her ass.

I started to roll my hips and gyrate in a circular motion and I started to bite and lick the back of her neck. I tried to snake my hand under her body to pinch her nipples but she closed her arms around her breasts. My right hand reached under her body and covered her pussy as my index finger slids in and starts to rub her clit. All of the sudden, everything changed in a heartbeat. Her clit hardened instantly, her nipples were erect and her hips were now gyrating. Her ass was still on fire, but something was hitting a nerve in there that was incredibly intense and next thing she knew, she was having one of the biggest orgasms of her life. She started to scream " OMG..YYYEEESSS..OOOO

HHHH..YYYYEEEESSSS " and shake as the waves crashed over her.

I started to moan " UUUUHHHH..UUUUUUHHHHH..UUUUUUHHHHH, " She could feel my cock swelling inside her and then a warm feeling washing through her ass and She screamed " OMG..OMG..OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH..OOOOHHHH," as she came over and over. She passed out awhile and when she woke up she was alone. She had cum dripping out of her sore ass, bites on her neck She was so relaxed, she was limp.

She got up and cleaned herself off and came down stairs to the media room where I was sitting watching T.V. She asked me " Why I had done it that way."

I said " You were so relaxed from the wine that I had to take a shot at it, and I figured that YOU would like it and forgive me." She told me I was right about the first part, but not the second. She guessed, after the pain of it, she did end up liking it, but she never did forgive me. She refused to see me or answer my calls, but she has learned to love anal sex, so for that she will always remember me.

Rating: 67%, Read 12682 times, Posted May 04, 2013

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