Daddy's reawakening - Chap 11 by 1handedtyper

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Fiction | At work, Foot fetish, Masturbation

Chapter 11 - Weekend at Shannon’s (Part 1)

It was Friday evening. I had left town on a business trip and had been here since yesterday morning. Shannon, a business partner and a woman I had had crazy sex with once before had made the special request that I come to town, and even asked if I could stay for the weekend - making sure to say that the weekend would not be business related. This had me very excited because she was the first woman since my ex that I really felt something for and connected with in that way. Well, aside from my daughter... or my daughter’s friend... or my sister… Oh, or that woman on the train a few months back... OK so she was the first woman close to my age that I thought I could have a serious relationship with possibly. There, that’s what I meant to say.

However, she was either playing the long game and trying to build up my anticipation, or maybe she took my playing hard to get from when we were talking on the phone as disinterest, because she had been nothing but plutonic the entire time. Last night after work I was expecting some wild love making, but we didn’t even meet up for dinner. She had made sure to mention to me that she was buried in work and that she’d see me tomorrow, but I thought that was a show for her coworkers. It wasn’t. I had spent the entire night checking my phone constantly. By the time 10:00 rolled around I had gotten pretty angry and said fuck it and went out for a drink or two. When it was 11:00 and I still hadn’t heard anything I thought, “Fuck it, I don’t need her to get laid.” so I tried to pick up this chick at the bar. I won’t bother to embarrass myself with the details, let’s just say I ended up going back to my hotel at 1am to jerk of to shitty hotel porn.

So today I made sure to steer clear of her until the end of the day, two could play that game I thought.

I went to her office around 4:40 to let her know how things were going with the project, and then I decided to steer the conversation to more personal matters.

“So, did you think you might want to grab dinner tonight?”

“I really want to-”

Her voice said it all.

“Hey I understand, you have a lot on your plate right now. I’m pretty busy with work too. In fact I should be heading home tonight…”

Her face dropped. Damn she was pretty; her thick red hair, her big green eyes, her full red lips. She looked genuinely sad. And surprised even. What gives?

She got up and walked over to me. She was wearing a pinstripe jacket and skirt, black heels and nylons, and a dark green button up blouse under the jacket., which matched the dark green belt she was wearing and her emerald earrings.

She took hold of my hand and gently swung it side to side.

“I’m so sorry. I thought we were on the same page, but I guess you might be feeling… ignored.” She said with a sweet sad smile. “The reason I asked you to stay the weekend was because I thought I would be too busy last night or tonight to get to have any fun with you. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, I’ve been up until 3 working and then I get up at 6:00 for work. I feel drained, but I have deadlines. Tonight I want to finish things up and get some rest so we can have fun tomorrow. But why don’t I give you a call when I’m done and if you’re interested you can come over and just sleep next to me. That way we can see each other when we first wake up. How’s that sound?”

I felt like such an immature fool.

“That sounds fantastic.” I said squeezing her hand and smiling. “I’m sorry, I just got really excited to see you and misunderstood what was going on here.”

She brought my arm around her shoulder, and threw her other arm around me so that we were in an embrace. I held her tight.

“I can’t wait to snuggle with you tonight. And I promise, tomorrow we will have lots of fun!”

“Tomorrow huh?” I brought a hand down to her round ass and squeezed. “Why not right now?’

Her eyes bugged out.

“No way.”

“C’mon just a quicky. How about right here on your desk. I swept her off her feet and plopped her butt down on her desk.” I gave a wicked grin.

She just laughed, realizing I was goofing with her. “You’re terrible. I thought you were serious at first.”

“So you don’t want to lose your job? I thought that’s why you invited me up here. To FUCK you in the board room as a giant middle finger to your bosses.” I slid my hand up her skirt, running it along her nylon covered legs.

She swatted my hand and made a face. “Not here. Not in the board room either.”

“”Lunchroom?” I teased, sliding my other hand up her skirt, on the inside of her legs.

“No!” She squeaked, closing her legs on my hand. She grabbed my tie and pulled me toward her.

“You’re even sexier when you’re playing mad.” We were practically nose to nose.

“You’ll get what’s coming to you, but only if you behave. You be a good boy and I’ll be your bad girl. Deal?”

“How bad? Naughty school girl bad or nun fucking in the confessional bad?” I asked, continuing to tease her.

Her jaw dropped.

I just chuckled. I could tell she was trying to come up with a response.

She ran one hand through my hair playfully. “How about… calling you daddy while you fuck me in the ass? You seemed to like that sort of thing last time.”

My hand was still caught between her legs, but only because I let her. I squirmed my hand up all the ways and started to rub her through her panties.

She let out a slight moan.

“How about” I started, “I won’t fuck you in the ass right here right now if…” I paused for dramatic effect, “we start role-playing right now, and we keep it going all weekend? Daddy’s little girl better do whatever daddy says, because if she doesn’t behave there will be consequences.”

Shannon stared at me for a second, trying to asses the situation, and trying to fight back the urges she must have been feeling with me rubbing her pussy. Then she said softly, “Ok daddy. But I'm really busy with school right now. After class gets out I need to go home and get my homework done before I can play. I wanna be a good girl for you daddy.”

“Of course sweetie pie.” I stopped playing with her and pulled my hand out from under her skirt. She let go of my tie and I gave her a small kiss on the nose. “Good luck and I’ll talk to you later ok baby girl?”

“Ok daddy.”

I walked out of the office thinking about what I wanted to do to her this weekend.


I was sitting at the bar near my hotel having a beer when my phone vibrated. It was a text message.

“I miss you daddy. Can’t wait to see you!”

I had to double check who it was from.

It was from my real daughter. I texted back. “I miss you too honey. Are you being good for your auntie?”

“Yes of course. :P She’s letting Jessica sleepover tonight…”

She was trying to both guilt trip me and tease me at the same time. It was working. Thinking back to last weekend, having my daughter and her friend Jessica double down on my cock and then getting to cum all over their faces was fucking unbelievable. I was actually considering heading back home tonight and then returning in the morning to be with Shannon. What was wrong with me. What would I tell Shannon? “Sorry but I won’t be able to sleep over your place tonight, I’m going to go fuck my teenage daughter and her little blonde friend. You know how it is? But I’ll be back tomorrow to get some of your pussy.” Yeah right!

“Well I hope you two have fun tonight. If you do anything exciting you’ll have to tell me all about it when I get back.” That was innocent enough to anyone who read it and didn’t understand the innuendo.

“Thanks daddy. I think we’d have more fun if you were here though. We could watch another movie?”

“Sorry babygirl, but you know I’m busy with work and won’t be back until Sunday night. =( You two have fun though ok?”

I hadn’t bothered to tell her WHY I was staying the weekend. I mean, after I saw how jealous she got of sharing my attention with her friend Jessica I couldn’t imagine her response to me telling her I was staying for a woman.

“OK daddy. Maybe Aunt Jackie will want to watch a movie with us. ;)”

Damn she was a dirty little flirt. Worst part was that she had no idea that I had fucked my sister just a couple days ago in the kitchen.

“I don’t know if you and your Auntie have the same taste…. She doesn’t like horror movies.” I said suggestively.

“I don’t know, Jessica and I can be pretty persuasive. I bet we could get her to watch a horror movie. And even scream at the good parts.”

She had a talent for this.

“Well whatever you do, don’t stay up all night, and don’t make too much of a mess.”

“Ok daddy. Love you. xoxoxoxoxox <3”

“Love you too.”

I put my phone down and finished my beer and headed back to the hotel to relax and watch some tv until Shannon texted me.


Hours later I was over Shannon’s place and she looked exhausted due to the dark circles under her eyes. I felt bad. No one deserved to be worked like this.

She was wearing sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. A big change from her earlier look, but she still looked stunning to me.

“Hi daddy!” She said mustering up a surprising amount of enthusiasm considering how she looked. Also, I smiled because she remembered.

“Hey baby doll, how are you feeling?”

I gave her a big hug and nestled her head onto my shoulder. For a moment I thought she was going to fall asleep standing up. I rubbed her back gently in big circles.

“I’m tired daddy.” She really sounded like an exhausted kid.

“It’s ok sweetheart. You are all done for the night and tomorrow we are going to have lots of fun, just the two of us.”

She mumbled something into my shoulder, or maybe made a sound of affirmation, I couldn’t tell. I kissed the top of her head and walked her to her bedroom.

“Now, why don’t you get into your PJ's and daddy will tuck you in and kiss you goodnight ok?”

“Kay daddy.”

“I’ll be back, how does a nice cup of relaxing hot tea sound?”

“Good daddy.”

Then I paused and remembered I wasn’t at my own home. “Do you have tea?”


I exited the room and went to the kitchen to make my girl some tea.

When I came back a little while later she was laying on top of the blankets, sideways, in a very sexy negligee. It was a solid purple satin, no designs, and a black lace trim on the top and bottom, with spaghetti straps. It didn’t so much as cover her as much as it just rested on top of her. It accented all of her curves, showcasing her best quality.

I placed her tea on the bedside table and sat down on the bed adjacent to her.

“You’ve been such a good girl today, doing all your homework. Daddy wants to reward you tonight. How about a nice massage?”

She reached over and took her cup off the table a took a small sip then placed it back down. Then she put her head back down on the pillow and said, “Rub my bum daddy.” She paused and then remembered, “Please.”

I just admired her for a moment, her beauty, her charm, her willingness to play along, her comfort in just asking for what she wanted. I was beginning to think that I was in love.

I proceeded to start rubbing her cheeks. I started with small back and forth motions with my hands while making circles with my thumbs. I think most guys don’t develop an appreciation for ass until they are older, when you are young it's all about boobs, but I had been an ass man for a long time. She had plenty there for me to massage, but I was starting real small and building up. I was hoping to get her excited enough to either get a quicky, or maybe I could eat her out and get her to suck me off before we went to sleep.

After a while I moved my hands up and down her behind, squeezing her cheeks between my thumb and fingers, really getting in deep. Her cushiony bum had much for me to manipulate in this regard. Every once in a while she would let out a soft high moan. Those really got me hard.

I knew it was working when she arched her bum into the air.

“Does that feel good honey bunny?”

“Ohhhh yes daddy.” She said in a sultry whisper.

Then I moved on to pressing down with the palm of one hand while turning my hand in a circular motion, using my other hand to help press down. She let out deeper moans this time, and more frequently.

The negligee was so soft and silky feeling it was almost as nice as massaging her bare ass. Almost.

“Do you have any oil babygirl?” I asked, knowing that you can’t put oil on a negligee.

“Ummmmm. Yeah daddy. Top drawer.” She raised her right hand and pointed to the dresser.

I opened her top drawer and there was handcuffs, a small vibrator, a very large dildo, and other assorted sex toys on one side and her sexy underwear on the other. I grabbed a bottle of baby oil and brought it over.

I slowly raised her negligee, letting her bum peek out at me gradually. Her ass was round and full. I poured a small amount of oil into one hand and then rolled it around between my hands, warming it up. Then I rubbed the oil all over her bum and kneaded her ass like it was dough.

“Mmmmm dadddyyyyy.”

She lay very still except for when she reacted to me rubbing her, sometimes she would arch her back, pushing out her butt more, or other times she would spread her legs wide and then close them again.

“Oh daddy that feels so gooooood.” she said into her pillow.

I took the chance and let my hand start to glide down toward her pussy. I was about ready to burst she had me so hot!

Once I got too close she jumped and pulled away. “No daddy. That’s not for tonight. I’m too tired.”


“I’m sorry baby girl, it's just you have me losing control over here.” I said like a kid who got his candy taken away.

“Daddy, would you massage my feet now? Please?”

Damn, I was being exiled from the area.

“Sure thing honey bunch.”

I slid down the bed a little so that I was by her feet.

I grabbed one foot, and she playfully pulled it away. So I grabbed the other and said, “Don’t make me tickle you!”

“Nuuuuuuuu daahh-deeee” She let out into her pillow.

With a strong hold of her ankle I reached down and kissed the bottom of her foot, like I would her forehead.

She let out a moan.

Never in my life had I played around with feet, but the way she moaned all of a sudden I had a laundry list of dirty thoughts running through my head of things I wanted to do to hers.

I brought her foot back to my face and this time I put her little toe in my mouth and sucked on it, without letting my tongue touch it- I was still testing the waters of my own comfort. She remained silent, but I could see her grinding into the bed slightly now. Next I took her big toe into my mouth and sucked it, caressing it with my tongue.

“Ooohhhh dadddyyy.” She moaned, grinding into the bed even more.

“One second baby girl I have an idea.” I said getting up and going back to her drawer. I came back a moment later and placed something in her hand. Then I went back to her foot, and started to suck more toes. She took the small vibrator and placed it under her and held it there with one hand.

I watched her, her body draped in the purple satin negligee, he ass exposed and her pussy lips peeking out, grind into her vibrator as I oiled up her feet, preparing them for what was going to be next. I firmly massaged the oil into her feet, and that brought up a series of intermittent moans.

When she was good and slippery I slipped my pants down and rubbed some oil into my cock. I brought her feet together and slipped my cock between them. Once she felt my hot solid meat between her toes she started to moan even louder. I began to fuck her feet. I had to start slow because there was too much oil, and it was hard for her to keep a good grip even though I was helping hold her feet together.

But after a bit it got easier and I was pumping my dick between her feet with a regular rhythm.

The fun part was knowing that she couldn’t see what I was doing, we were each pleasuring ourselves in some way, but our pleasure was also connected to each other. The hum of her vibrator and the frequency of my thrusts seemed to be in synch, as if we were two musicians playing our separate instruments, but making one song.

Her feet were much firmer than her fits, so in that way fucking them was different, but in another way it wasn’t that different either. I continued to pump my lubed cock between her feet and she squeezed me tight. Meanwhile I could see her hip motions getting more and more pronounced.

“Cum for me daddy. Please cum for me daddy. Your little girl is so close and is gonna cum for you but I want you to come with me. Please daddy cum with me. Cum all over your little girls feet.”

The dirty words did more than enough to encourage me. We both sped up, we were rounding the final bend of the race, so to speak.

“Yes daddy! Yes daddy! Yes daddy! Come for me daddy!”

Her toes began to curl, in the early stages of her organsm, but the feeling of her toes wrapping around my stiff member as I slid between her feet was all that I needed.

I kept thrusting right until the moment I was about to cum and then I pulled out from between her feet. Meanwhile she was now yelling at the top of her lung, “DADDDDDYYYYY!”

I spit semen all over the bottoms of her feet, strings of cum dripping from my cock to her feet, pooling up in the crevices between the wrinkles on the bottom of her foot. When I was all done ejaculating I took my rod and wiped all the excess cum off all over the rest of her foot, on the toes and on the topside.

A few minutes later we were both fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Rating: 92%, Read 42440 times, Posted May 27, 2015

Fiction | At work, Foot fetish, Masturbation


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