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Ed: Don’t ask where she lives, it’s kind of a mix of places that I’ve been to, and enjoyed.

Sue leaned back in her chair relaxing, after yet another grueling day of school.

Sue was a very pretty girl, but she had never made a real effort to get to know other girls, or get a boy friend, much to her parent’s "not-really-caring-ness". She lived her life mostly on the internet, and made a healthy living of it doing surveys for big companies, and playing games. She stayed in shape by exercising every few hours or so, or playing with her friends, and every week, she would go and swim the at the local beach, sometimes even on her own if no-one else wanted to.

Over all Sue was a good innocent little girl who never caused anyone much harm. No one ever gave her any credit that she could be good on a computer, and athletic. They would all think; “Come on, she’s only twelve, really fit and drop dead gorgeous? She can’t have the time to be good at anything but brushing her hair!”

But how wrong they where.

When Sue got a bank account for her 12th birthday she transferred all the money that she had saved up in her parents account and went on a shopping spree. And not just any shopping spree, where you where confined to the pale walls of the local mall. She bought all kinds of thing over the web. From snakes to firecrackers to swords and lots more.

It had been four weeks since her birthday, and the school holidays had begun. She only got

two weeks every holidays and six weeks at christmas because she lived in Australia, where the system was different to the American system. All of her friends had gone on holidays, even the 14 year old twin boys from acoss the road had gone to the Alps for skiing. And her parents were working untill their relatives came down for her great-aunts re-marriage.

She was very bored and had exhausted most of the things that she wanted to buy. As she browsed she came across a pop-up of a mysterious wrapped oblong box, while she was going through her Youth-Cen mail. Slowly she dragged the arrow over to the close button. She would have closed it but something caught her eye.

Poking out of the wrapping was a patch of pale-blue rubber material, but more solid and round. Sue had never seen a dildo before so she was oblivious as to what she was looking at. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she clicked the little bow and in second another page came up.

On it there where pictures of beautiful men with these giant pieces of flesh coming out of their crotches. Sue's parents were very strict with them selves, and as such, had always been sure that they where never seen naked by her so she had never seen a soft penis or even her mothers nipples.

When Sue found her slowly expelling breath beginning to puff steam a little and tingles began to wriggle down her spine she wiggled her toes in a tingle of pleasure. She logged into one of her messenger clients and began asking her friends what it was. Most of them just replied with silly little emotes and "lol"s. But one, a female friend who had the net alias "Juicepopcat", linked her to a wiki detailing what it was she had seen.

It wasn't a wiki with lots of "Oh My God this is bad" on it. It told the browser about the joys of stimulation and the means to reach something called an "orgasm". Sue didn't know what that meant but as she continued reading, it slowly became apparent.

After thanking her friend Juicepopcat and ctrl+D'ing the wiki, sue slowly pulled her tracksuit pants down to her knees while she was still on the chair. She fingered the cotton of her blue panties. She was really nervous about what she was about to do... so she was darn sure that she was going to get it right.

Hooking a finger under the elastic she brought the panties around her thighs, leaving her sweet little mound exposed to cold winter air. The wiki had told her that a girls first time almost always hurt. For some girls it hurt a lot, and for others it hurt less, and unfortunately "most" men didn't ever seem to care about that. Sue hoped that she would find a nice guy.

"Ok," she muttered to herself, "time to, uh... what did it say? Loose my virg... virginity."

She closed her eyes and rubbed a finger along her slit, making tingles shoot up her back. She began to push the finger slightly deeper, until she came against some resistance, She thought to herself, "This must be my "barrier". She pushed and tore softly through the "barrier" and suddenly the tingles came shooting back down, through her tiny pre-pubescent breasts and through her flat little stomach.

She, amazingly, found her clitoris and began rubbing her slit, every now and again, her finger, brushing against "it". After about 2 minutes she came, her small amount of pre-teen juice making her inner-thighs wet. She moaned small tears of happiness coming to her eyes, blurring the desktop in front of her.


Her relatives came and went, her aunt went of on her honeymoon, and Sue's parents got back to their busy desk jobs. Naturally, Sue became bored again. She hadn't masturbated since the time when she though she had taken her virginity, (She hadn't) because she just hadn't felt the, well... she didn't know what else to say other than the "urge".

Thankfully, the twins from across the road had gotten back.

The twins were named Lars and Pat. They weren’t hulking guys, but they were well muscled, from being the ones who went with Susan to the beach the most, and they were the stars of their high school tennis club. Girls would sigh over them, but the twins always said no, because (and they did not tell anyone else this) they were afraid that their mother would mess us any relationship they got into, being the concerned mother she was. Sue envied them for that, but they didn't know what she meant. They told her that they would love to be able to do anything they wanted like her.

Lars was the taller of the two, about 3 inches more than pats 5'9". Lars dyed his hair dark-blue and Pat kept his raven-black. There eyes were both an dreamy green. and their faces were almost always with-out blemish.

Lars played on the Xbox 360 with Susan most of the time, and Pat played online RPGames with her, although he played a lot more hours than her.

On their first Saturday back they realized how sad and lonely Sue looked so they decided to go to Luna park with her, to try and cheer her up. They had a great time with Pat and Sue spinning for hours on the rides at the St Kilda Beach "Luna Park" rides. Lars spent most of the time sick in a bin.

On the trip home on the train, Pat and Lars sat on either side of Sue. This was probably the thing that made her the happiest she thought to her self. Lars looked a little green again, so sue told him that he could lean against her.

He did and was soon feeling better from her warmth, then he drifted of into sleep. Mean-while poor Susan was feeling scared as she realized that this really pretty boy was falling asleep on her. But she didn't know what to do. Slowly Lars' head slipped down onto her lap, with his face away from her stomach.

This contact made Sue remember her previous fun... she blushed but that was it. When they got to their station pat put Lars on his back piggy-back style and they walked home, with nothing else happening.

When Sue went to bed that night, she masturbated, and thought of Lars' face on her lap and Pats warmth by her side.


The next morning Sue mumbled her way through breakfast, and then headed back to bed for another hour. After that she put on her blue bathing suit on, which helped make her budding breasts look a little bigger, and wrapped a towel around herself while she walked to the beach.

When she got there she saw Lars and Pat already out bodysurfing, and catching the first few waves of the day. Not many people where here yet, although the beach was popular with the tourists who wanted to get a beach that was not to close to the city.

As Pat came in Lars pulled himself back out, trying to catch a few more waves before he got too cold. Pat came and sat next to Sue, who he had noticed from a few waves back.

“How are you today? You were pretty down yesterday, and we were really concerned.” Pat said gently patting her on the back. “Oh, I’m ok… I think I was just getting boredom sickness, but you guys really help me out. Thanks Pat.”

“You don’t need to thank me. Lars was the one most concerned about you, in fact he was the one who suggested we go to the theme-park in the first place.” Pat wasn’t lying, Lars had been really concerned about her, although he hadn’t wanted to show it.

They watched Lars catch a few more waves until Pat told her he had to get up and take care of some business. “What kind of business?” Susan asked, but then blushed realizing what he had meant. Pat walked off with a laugh his glossy hair gathering and dispersing the morning sun with a subtle grace.

Susan sighed after him, but shook her head, knowing that a guy like him would never want to be with her. So she lay her towel on some sand grass and ran into the surf to burn some energy.

After a few waves she met up with Lars, who had his hair plastered wetly around his head. She ruffled it, making him give chase in a mock game of tag, until he caught up with her and put his hands under her feet, in their well practiced game of “make Susan fly”.

She flew out of the water head first, giving Lars a startling look between her legs. He kicked himself mentally for even looking at his friend like that. “Hey Lars, I’m going out back to get some good waves, you want to come?” She said, knocking him out of his self-chastising.

“Nah, I’ll be fine, you on ahead. I’ve had my limit for the day.”

“Hah, well that’s a first!” She said jokingly, both of them knowing he could do more.

Out the back she caught a really good wave that almost carried her back to Lars, but then she paddled back out. She saw a really big wave, and knew it wasn’t for her, so she took and breath and dove through, trying to get through before it broke on top of her.

Lars had been watching her, and when he saw the wave he got worried, but then he saw her lean forward and dive through the wave. “Heh, silly me, thinking that she’s that slow.” He thought to him self.

He looked back to see if she was going to get a good wave on her next try, but all he saw was her lying prone in the water.

“Shit,” he muttered, before yelling out. “Patty, come quick!” Pat jumped up of the sand and ran in, wondering what his brother was calling him for.

Lars swan out as fast as he could to Susan, and began to pull her back into the shore. Pat hurried when he saw Lars was carrying Susan. Together they got her back onto the beach quickly.

She was unconscious, and had a graze on her right cheek. “She must have hit some driftwood out there.” Pat commented. “Yeah, I think it happened when she dove through a big wave.” Lars said, irritated at his brother for only thinking of how it had happened, when Sue could very well be horribly injured.

Lars felt her pulse. It wasn’t weak, but it wasn’t as strong as it should have been after the exercise she had been doing. He pumped her chest a bit, but got no reaction, so he bent down and pushed his lips to hers, gently hold her nose so it worked right.

One puff.

Two puffs, and Pat saw a little bit of a flush got back into her cheeks.

Three puffs, and she coughed up some of the water that had almost killed her.

Four puffs, and she began to breathe a bit better, although she was still slightly unconscious.

On the fifth puff she reached her arms up and pulled Lars closer, kissing him back. Pat looked at them stunned, while they kissed each other, the threat of a lost life beyond them, but something more remaining.

Lars pulled up and broke the kiss. Sue looked at him adoringly and whispered, “And that’s why I love you…” Before trailing off into an exhausted sleep.

The two boys both just sat there, looking at the girl they now knew they’d liked since they entered puberty. “Wow Lars… you sure are lucky. Getting a kiss from Susan, and it’s your first one too isn’t it?”

“I guess you’re right, heh. Who would have thought it. I always assumed I’d have you and her to turn to when I got into a bad moment with a future girl… guess I only have you now right, Pat?” he said looking like he’d had the something sucked out of him.

“You’ll always have me man. I’m your dependable brother, right?” He said to the light-headed Lars. “Yeah… thanks broth…” Lars trailed off, as he fainted from the shock of her sudden passion.

Damn, Pat thought to himself, now I’ve got two people to take care of. He dragged them behind a small dune, to a grassed over spot, and then he ran off too his house to get some headache and stress medicine for the two passed out teenagers.


Susan woke up first, and found herself next to the boy she now knew she loved. She ran a hand over his almost hairless chest, and just enjoyed doing that and looking at his beautiful caring face for a few minutes.

After a while of rubbing, Lars began to wake up, and feel Sue’s hand on his chest. He drew in a quick breath, making her remove her had quickly. Had she done something wrong?

“Ah, Sue, umm about what happened there…” He said, “I just, um, well it’s kind of…”

She silenced him with a kiss, lightly chewing on his lower lip, making him feel lightheaded again. She broke the kiss, and looked down and saw the growth in his swimming trunks.

She thought back to what the wiki had said about this. It had detailed what it was, and that if you and the guy really liked each other, then this was a message that he really liked you. It also told her how you could respond that you liked him.

She slung a hand around his shoulder and engaged in kissing him again, their lips feeling as if they were burning. Then she began to begin her “retaliation”.

She reached a hand down and rubbed his lower abdominals, making sure that he wouldn’t be startled as she progressed further. She thought about all the times he had been there when the other girls had picked on her, or when her parents had been away too long and she just wanted someone to talk to. This was the nice guy that she had been thinking of since the start of the holidays. Please let him be gentle, she thought over and over to herself.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she pulled a drawstring, loosening his trousers and giving her more room to access him. Her movements were clumsy with inexperience, but Lars knew that this was right, and so he let the girl he knew and loved continue. He thought about all of her pride and determination. Of all of her secrets he had been witness to, of all the trust she put in him, and he hoped he was adequate for this amazing girl.

After getting her hand in, she brushed her fingers against his erection. Oh, it was so soft she thought to herself. She went further and wrapped her hand around it. Wow, she wasn’t expecting it to be this hard as well. Slowly she began to stroke it, making him moan in pleasure. Suddenly he put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer, her arm stuck between both of their beating hearts.

Their breath began to steam a little in the chilly winter air, but their combined warmth was more than enough for the two of them, as he slowly, but tenderly massaged her shoulders. Slowly she pulled off him, and stared at his eyes, looking for some indefinable truth there, and she seemed to find it.

She pulled his loose trunks down giving her, her first view of his uncircumcised manhood. It wasn’t as big as the ones she had seen on the net, but she had quickly found out that they were not normal, and most women didn’t want a cock that big in her. She quickly pulled down the lower part of her swimsuit. She leant forward and pressed their bodies together, with him returning the grasp.

They lay together for a few moments, just enjoying the feelings of being so close. “Lars, I want to… I want to do “it”.” Susan finally confessed to him. “I want to do it now.”

Lars didn’t say anything, he just turned her over, and looked into her eyes, and lent down and kissed her. She grasped his manhood and pointed it at her pussy.

Slowly he lent forward, bringing his tip into her. She gasped when she realized she was still a virgin, and that she’d been mistaken, but it was ok, it was ok now.

Slowly he pushed in, until he met her hymen. “Honey, this will hurt, so I’m going to go slowly and gently with you. She just moaned a confirmation, the pleasure of just having him in this far, making her feel better than masturbating ever had.

He pushed through, and fortunately she didn’t bleed much, and they locked together perfectly, as though he had been made to fit her. After a few seconds he began to thrust in and out slowly, and then faster, and faster, until she began to move her pelvis in unison with his. “Oh, yeah… La..! This is wonderful, I really love you, your great!” “You are too honey, you’re amazing! You’re so nice to be with… I’m glad you’re my first…”

Suddenly she shuddered and let out a succession of moans and squeaks. Her pussy rippled around his cock bringing him to climax at the same time as her. “I love you!” they said at each other, as their climaxes came down.

They lay together, the smell of passion and sex, a sweet fragrance in the air, only to be whisked away but the sea air. Their love juices mingled between their legs, a collection of cum and a few traces of her lost virginity, slowly mingling to become nothing.

Then Pat came back over the dune.

Rating: 76%, Read 15326 times, Posted Jun 23, 2006

Fiction | First Time, Masturbation, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male


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