The Family Dilemma by pdocker5000

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The Family Dilemma



Denise Parkin was busy in the kitchen as usual preparing everybody’s breakfast.

She now had the breakfast ready and she was now calling her family and telling them.

“That it was getting cold and for them all to get a move on.”

James her husband was the first to walk into the kitchen, he was trying to tie his tie as he walked in to the kitchen.

Denise just smiled at him.

She now wiped her hands on a towel and she then walked over to him.

Denise now smiled at him.

He returned her smile.

Denise now took hold of his tie and tied it for him.

James now placed his big hands on her ass cheeks and he squeezed them tightly.

Causing Denise to moan out in a little pain.

Denise now whispered into his ear.

“For him to be a little more gentle with her, he was a little rough with her last night and her ass was still a little sore.”

James now smiled warmly at his wife then he said to her.

“You didn’t complain last night in fact I am sure you begged me to be rougher if I remember correctly.”

Just then Alison their daughter walked into the kitchen and she asked them both.

“Who was begging for more?”

Denise smiled at her daughter and said to her.

“Nothing sweetheart your father was just being stupid as usual.”

But she gave her husband a wicked smile as she finished tieing his tie for him.

James and Alison both sat down at the kitchen table and started to eat their breakfasts.

Denise now Asked Alison.

“If she had seen her brother on her way down to the kitchen?”

Alison now smiled at her mother then said to her.

“I heard a lot of moans and groans as I passed his bedroom door. He was probably knocking one out as I passed.

James now nearly choked on the coffee he had been drinking and he now spat it everywhere.

He couldn’t help but to giggle at his daughter’s last remark.

Denise now gave both her daughter and husband a disapproving look.

She now picked up a tea towel and she started to wipe up the coffee which had gone everywhere.

However James and Alison both exchanged knowing looks with each other when she was not looking.

Denise then put down the tea towel and said to them both.

“He was probably doing his morning exercises.

That’s what you probably heard.”

Her husband just smirked at her but he knew better than to say anything to her.

Alison just smiled at her mom then she said to her.

“Whatever you say mom, you know best.”

David was now laid on his bed a big smile of relief on his face.

His hands were covered with his cum as he had just knocked out a really big load of spunk.

He now got the wet-wipes out of his draw and he now started to clean himself up.

After he was clean he sprayed deodorant all over his body.

He now slipped on a pair of shorts and a baggy T shirt and went down to breakfast.

Everybody just smiled at him as he walked into the kitchen.

David just stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and wondered why everybody was looking at him so strangely.

Denise quickly broke the tension in the kitchen.

She smiled at her son and told him.

“To sit down at the table.”

She then placed his breakfast in front of him.

However his father could not resist asking him.

“How his morning exercises had gone?”

Alison now burst out laughing and his father also started to grin at him

David now realized that his sister must have heard him pleasuring himself as she passed his room.

He now flushed bright red in his face and in a mumbled voice he said to them.

“Ok thank you.”

Denise now gave her husband and daughter another one of her looks and they both instantly fell silent.

She told them all.

“To get on with their breakfasts before it got cold.”

Just then Denise heard the morning post being pushed through the letterbox and she went to get it.

Denise now started to look through the post as she walked back into the kitchen.

Three of the letters were for her.

And one of the letters was for her husband and one was for her daughter.

She now gave everybody their post.

Denise now sat back down at the kitchen table and she started to read her letters.

They were nothing out of the ordinary one advertising letter and two bills.

Denise now glanced up to ask her husband who was his letter from.

She could see he was reading it very carefully and he had a very intense look on his face as he read it.

Finally he looked up at his wife.

He then just handed the letter over to her.

Denise took the letter from her husband and she now started to read it.

Alison and David were oblivious to all of this as they both were still eating their breakfast.

Denise now looked up at her husband and she then asked him.

“Who is this Uncle Albert?”

Now both Alison and David were paying attention.

James now explained to his family.

That Uncle Albert was the black sheep of his family.

He was the younger brother of his father.

He went off to Australia under a cloud after getting into some trouble with the police.

His father gave him some money so he could start a new life in Australia.

Denise now looked back at the letter and said to her husband.

“So why does a solicitor want to see you in his office this afternoon, all he says in this letter is it’s about your uncle Albert?”

James just looked at her and he shrugged his shoulders.

David was just about to ask a question.

When his father notice the time on the clock on the wall.

He then said.

“Jesus I’m going to be late.”

He then got up went into the hallway and he got his coat.

He then called back to Alison telling.

“Her if she wanted a lift into town, she had best hurry up?”

David helped his mother wash up the breakfast things. He then spent a few hours at home before he went to see some of his friends.

His mother told him.

“That he had better start looking for a job before his father started to get on his back.”

David still hasn’t decided whether he was going to go to university or try and get a job.

Denise was in the living room watching one of her soap operas on the TV when James came home that night.

He took off his coat then he walked into the living room.

James now kissed Denise on her cheek then he sat down in a chair opposite her.

Denise noticed that he had a very worried expression on his face.

Denise now asked him.

“Why was he so late home tonight?”

James now asked her.

“Where are the kids?”

Denise told him.

“That Alison was giving David a driving lesson.”

James just smiled to himself.

He remembered the last time he took David out for a driving lesson. He had decided never ever again.

The boy was hopeless behind the wheel and he wished Alison all the luck in the world with him. He now answered his wife’s question.

He told her.

“That he had gone to the doctors for a check-up on his way home.”

Denise now grew concerned she asked him.

“If everything was ok?”

James now gave his wife a reassuring smile and said to her.

“Yes he was in good health.

However there was a really big problem.”

Denise just looked at him with a very odd expression on her pretty concerned face.

James smiled once more at her and said to her.

“Did she remember that he was going to see that solicitor today?”

Denise told him.

“That she had totally forgotten about it.”

She now asked him.

“What did the solicitor have to say for himself?”

James now got up and he went over to the bar at the other end of the living room and he now made himself and her a very large and strong drink.

James now came back and he handed her the drink.

He now took a large drink of his own drink.

He then sat back down opposite her.

James now explained to her what the solicitor had told him.

“First he told her that his uncle Albert had died.”

Then he told her.

“That his uncle had left him £25,000,000 in his will.”

Now it was Denise’s turn to take a large drink.

In fact she downed it in one.

James also downed his drink.

He now got up and refilled them both once more.

When he was sat back down, he then said to her.

“But there is a catch that’s why I went to the doctors.”

Denise was so nervous now that her hand’s was shaking. She had to put her drink down before she spilt it.

She now nervously asked him.

“What was the catch and why did he have to go see his doctor?”

James told her.

“That he went to see his doctor to see if he could have his vasectomy reversed.

But the doctor had told him that it would not be successful as it had been done too long ago.”

Denise was now totally confused.

“Why would he want to have his vasectomy reversed.” she’d asked him.

James smiled at his wife and told her.

“That was the condition to getting the money. They must have a child of his blood and they must name it after his late uncle.

IF it was a boy they must name it Albert and if it was a girl they must name her Elisabeth. This was his favourite girl’s name.

They had a one year window as from today to have the child.

Otherwise the full amount of money would be split up and go to several charities.

Denise was silent for several minutes; she was letting everything he had explained to her sink into her brain.

When she did speak she sounded very sad.

She said to him all that money and we cannot have a child.

And there is no way you can give me a baby and it has to be of your blood so I can’t even get pregnant by some other man.

James now looked at her and smiled at her.

He had not considered that option.

She looked at him and told him.

“He could not be serious.

She was not going to let some stranger knock her up.”

James smiled at her and told her.

“It would not be a stranger.”

She now reminded him.

“That he had to be of his blood.”

He smiled once more at her and told her.

“It would be of his blood or as close to his blood as possible."

Denise now demanded to know.

“Whom he had in mind.”

James smiled at her and he just said to her.


And just to be on the safe side he could knock up Alison as well.”

Now James and Denise had one almighty row each trying to persuade the other that the idea was totally ridiculous.

Alison and David were both now stood just outside the living room listening to their parents fighting. They had never heard their parents fight like this before. Yes they had disagreements but never a full on fight.

Denise was the first to see Alison and David watching them.

And she quickly drew James’s attention to it and they both stopped fighting instantly.

Alison now demanded to know.

“What the hell was going on?”

David just looked at his parents in shock.

Both Denise and James now sat down their children and explained everything to them. Alison and David just looked at each other then at their parents.

Alison then said to her father.

“Are you sure this is not some kind of scam?”

He shook his head and told her.

“That everything he had told her was the truth.

The money was there waiting for them if they could only have a baby or babies.

But we only have one year and the baby must be of his blood line.

Otherwise they would get nothing.”

Alison was silent for a few minutes she then said to her father.

“And what is in it for me?”

James smiled at his daughter and told her.

“He would give her £5,000,000 in cash.”

Alison was quiet once more she then asked him.

“And who would look after the child?”

Denise now said to her.

“That she would look after the baby.”

Alison now looked at her parents’ then at her brother then said to her father.

“Ok I am in but I think I would like to bring the child up myself.”

James just smiled at her.

David who had been listening to all of this in silence. Now got up and told them.

“That they were all crazy.”

And he quickly stormed out of the house before anybody could stop him.

Now everyone just watched him go with worried expressions on their faces.

James turned to Denise and Alison and he now said to them both.

“Everything depends on him.

His bloodline is the same as mine.

He is the one who needs to get you both pregnant otherwise we don’t get any money.

And I don’t really know how to persuade him to do it.”

James was now completely surprised by his wife telling him.

“Not to worry about it.

She and Alison would come up with something.”

Now the three of them talked about the best way of getting it done.

Denise said.

“Maybe we can use a syringe or something like that.”

However James told them.

“That it was to unreliable.”

He said to them both.

“That there was only one way to be truly certain of impregnation.”

Denise now truly realized what her husband was telling her.

She now said to him.

“You really want me to let my own son have sex with me. You want him to really put his cock into my pussy and get me pregnant as well as that you want him to do the same to his own sister.”

James now just smiled at them both and he just said.


The three of them talked for a few more hours. It was decided that it would best be done next week when James was away for the night on business.

But until next week all of them decided not to mention it to David.

They would tell him that they had forgotten about the idea and for him not to worry about it.

It was next week and it was the morning of James’s business trip and everyone was having breakfast as usual.

Nobody had mentioned about having a baby and David had now forgotten about it and was feeling more relaxed around his family.

However they had not forgotten about it they wanted the money very much.

Now the plan which they had come up with last week was now put into action.

James nervously went on his business trip and Denise and Alison both went on a shopping trip.

They had decided to go and buy some very sexy lingerie and they would then ask David’s opinion as they modelled it for him.

Then they both would seduce him.

So James did not feel completely left out while he was on his business trip.

Denise and Alison had promised that they would secretly video everything.

So he could watch it when he came home.

James before he got dressed this morning had positioned the video camera in his bedroom so it would record from the best angle possible.

James now left wishing them both good luck before he went.

Denise and Alison got a taxi into town about an hour later leaving David alone in the house.

David was still feeling a little uncomfortable around his parents and sister but now that his father had gone on his business trip and his mother and sister had gone off shopping.

He was starting to feel more relaxed around the house.

David was in his room listening to some music on his mp3 player.

So he did not hear his mother and sister returning home from their shopping trip.

In fact David had fallen asleep listening to his music.

Denise and Alison were giggling as they entered the house they had stopped off at a couple of bars and had several drinks and where both a little drunk now.

The girls went straight up to Denise’s bedroom and they placed their bags on her large bed then they both fell on the bed still giggling to each other like school girls.

Alison now got off her mother’s bed and crept to her brother’s bedroom she carefully opened the door to see if he was inside.

She saw him laid on his bed in just a T shirt and a pair of shorts. His headphones wear on his head and she knew he had fallen asleep listening to his music.

Alison now silently returned to her mother’s bedroom and told her.

“David was asleep on his bed.”

They now both decided to surprise him.

Both girls quickly stripped off all their clothes.

Now mother and daughter were now looking at each other’s naked bodies.

Both of them just smiled at each other.

Both girls had also gone for a bikini wax.

Both of them now had nice clean shaven pussys.

This was the first time Denise had ever completely shaven her pussy.

Alison always shaved her pussy her girlfriend back at college liked it that way and so did the boys.

Denise now turned around and was surprised when Alison came up behind her and placed her hands on her large breasts and started to squeeze them.

Alison was also kissing her neck.

Denise couldn’t help moaning a little as her daughter kissed her neck tenderly and gently played with her breasts.

Denise now turned around and was looking directly into her daughter’s eyes.

Denise was just about to say something when Alison moved forward and kissed her very gently on her lips.

Denise just stood looking at her daughter.

But when Alison went to kiss her for the second time Denise responded and she let her daughters tongue into her mouth.

Alison now kissed Denise’s neck once more.

Denise tilted her head back and moaned again.

Alison now started to kiss her way down to her mother’s ample breasts.

She now took her left nipple into her mouth while she played with her right nipple with her fingers.

Denise now moaned out even more as her daughter sucked hard on her nipple.

She never would have dreamed she would have allowed her daughter to do this to her. Denise liked her daughter’s lips on her nipple and she was finding her touch very pleasurable.

Alison now pushed Denise back and both mother and daughter now fell down onto the bed.

Mother and daughter were now both kissing each other passionately.

Alison now started to kiss down to her mother’s pussy.

Alison now pushed her mother’s legs wide open.

Denise now willingly opened her legs for her daughter.

Denise now let out a loud moan of pleasure when Alison’s tongue touched her pussy.

Alison now started to tease her mother by running her tongue up and down her mother’s outer pussy lips.

Denise now moaned out with pleasure as her daughter’s tongue teased her pussy lips.

Denise now felt Alison parting her pussy lips.

She then felt her daughter’s tongue darting in and out of her pussy.

Her moans grew louder and louder as her daughter started to lick up her pussy juices.

Then Denise cried out in ecstasy as Alison’s tongue found her clit and she started to tease it.

Alison was now licking and biting on her mother’s clit.

After only a few minutes of this Denise screened out in pleasure and she now had her first orgasm with another woman.

David now woke up and stretched he then took off his headphones.

Just as he was taking off his headphones he heard a strange noise, which sounded like it was coming from his mother’s bedroom.

David now got up to investigate.

David didn’t think to knock on his mother’s door.

He was not aware that they were back from their shopping trip yet.

So he just opened the door and went inside.

David was now just stood frozen in his mother’s doorway.

There on his mother’s bed was his mother completely naked with her legs wide open and in between them also completely naked was his sister and she was licking out her own mother’s pussy.

Denise had her eyes closed and a look of pure pleasure on her face as she continued to moan and groan as her daughter continued to eat her pussy out.

Alison now gave her another wonderful orgasm.

David now made a coughing sound.

Denise now opened her eyes and looked towards were the sound had come from.

Alison also stopped licking out her mother’s pussy and she too turned to look.

Alison’s face was now covered with her mother’s pussy juices.

Now both women were giving David a hungry intend look.

He now started to get nervous.

David then glanced down and saw that he had a huge hardon in his shorts.

He was just about to turn to leave when Alison quickly grabbed him and pulled him into the room. Denise now helped her daughter and within a few seconds both women had stripped him naked.

David was now pinned down on the bed by both of them.

David was in complete shock, he had been taken completely by surprise.

They had moved so quickly.

Both women now used whatever they could find to tie him to the bed.

David was now securely tied to the bed.

His hands were tied to the headboard and his legs were tied and spread eagled to the bottom of the bed.

He was now completely helpless and at their mercy.

David now told them.

“That this was not funny and for them to free him at once.”

Both girls just giggled and his mother told him.

“Not to be so silly.”

David continued to demand to be freed.

Alison giggled and she now told her mother.

“That she knew how to keep him quiet.”

She now positioned her pussy directly over his face.

Alison then sat down on his face.

Denice could not help smiling as her daughter now wriggled her pussy all over his face.

David now couldn’t talk because his sister’s pussy was in his face.

Alison was deliberately pushing her pussy down onto his face so that her pussy nearly smothered him.

She could feel herself getting wet and she knew her juices were covering her brother’s face and he would have no choice but to swallow them.

David now had a mouthful of his sister’s pussy juices.

He was still struggling to try and free himself however the juices running into his mouth and the smell of her pussy were now really turning him on.

Alison now smiled to herself and she moaned out loud when she felt his tongue pushing up into her pussy hole.

Alison now said to her mother through her moans of pleasure.

“The little bastard is licking my cunt out now.”

Denise now smiled at her daughter who was now moaning softly and rubbing her pussy over her brother’s face.

Denise could see David’s tongue going in and out of her daughter’s pussy and it excited her.

She now took hold of her sons cock and she now lovingly started to run her hands up and down it. David now let out a little moan himself as his mother played with his hard cock.

But his moans were smothered by his sister’s pussy once more pushing down on his face.

Denise really wanted to suck on her son’s cock.

However she needed his sperm.

So she sat on it instead. As she needed his sweet sperm inside her pussy to make a baby.

Denise unknowingly had just taken her son’s virginity as she took his entire cock into her pussy. She now slowly started to work herself up and down on his shaft.

Her eyes were closed and she played with her own breasts as she rose and fell on his cock to her own speed.

Alison now moved off her brother’s face and got behind her mother and took over playing with her breasts and kissing her neck as Denise now more rapidly started to ride her own son’s cock.

David now had his eyes open and so did Denise.

Now mother and son were just smiling and looking at each other as they fucked each other. David if he was honest with himself.

Had always wanted to fuck his mother and sister.

All his friends told him all the time how lucky he was and if they were him they would try their best to get into their panties as often as possible.

Both Denise's and David’s bodies were now covered with sweat.

David now could feel himself about to cum.

Denise also could feel his cock twitching a about in her pussy and she knew that she was about to get rewarded with a pussy full of spunk.

David now started to grunt like a pig everytime he grunted he shot off into her pussy. Denise now had another orgasm as he shot his first load into her pussy.

Now she just smiled lovingly at her son everytime he filled her pussy with his cum.

Denise now took everything he had to give her.

When he finally stopped shooting off into her pussy.

Alison now helped her mother to get off his cock.

She then got several pillows and put them under her mother’s ass.

So her pussy was up in the air.

She wanted his spunk to have a better chance of getting her pregnant.

David couldn’t believe he had just fucked and lost his virginity to his own mother and he had also licked out his own sister’s pussy.

David was now expecting Alison to untie him now.

Alison was now looking at his cock with hungry eyes.

It was covered with his own cream and her mother’s juices.

Just the way she liked it.

When her friend fucked her boyfriend back at college.

She would offer her cleaning services to both of them after they had finished fucking each other. She loved the taste of combined cunt and cock cream.

It really excited her and turned her on.

David now looked at his sister and said to her.

“Ok mom has got what she wanted now please untie me.”

Alison gave her brother a really wicked smile which made him very uneasy and he tried to free himself once more without much success.

Denise just looked at him and smiled.

She then said to him.

“I don’t think your sister is going to let you off that lightly.”

Alison was now kneeling in front of her brother’s open legs.

She now licked from the base of his balls to the top of his cock-head and all the time she kept eye contact with her brother who was watching her.

He now moaned out when her tongue touched his cock.

Denise who was watching her daughter very closely just smiled at both of them.

Alison now winked at her brother before she took his full cock into her mouth all the way down to his balls.

Even Denise was quite impressed with how good she sucked a cock.

Alison had the reputation at her college for giving the best deep throat blowjobs and she had sucked off many a college lad and a couple of professors as well.

That’s why she always got great marks.

It was not her level of intelligence that got her good exam results. But how good she could suck and fuck that got her the good results.

But this was unknown to both her brother and mother.

Alison now continued to suck off her brother until she had licked up all the combined juices that were still on his cock.

However he was now rock hard once more from her good sucking.

Alison now said to her brother.

“That if she untied him would he give her a good fucking?”

David just nodded his head to her.

He wanted to fuck her now.

He wanted to teach her a lesson.

He wanted her to scream as he pounded in and out of her cunt.

Alison now giggled to herself as she freed her brother.

Now it was his turn to take her by surprise.

David now brutally and passionately kissed her.

He now tossed her down onto her back on the bed.

He now dived on top of her and he then buried his cock balls deep in her now wet pussy.

Denise just giggled and said to Alison.

“I think he’s going to teach you a lesson.”

Alison just smiled at her mother and said to her.

“I really hope so.”

She now just smiled lovingly at her brother.

David now really started to pound in and out of her.

He would pull back until just the tip of his cock was still inside of her pussy. Then he would power back into her.

She was screaming out very loudly as his cock pounded in and out of her pussy.

Alison had never been fucked this hard and brutally before.

And she was now very surprised to find out that she liked it.

All her other lovers had always treated her with respect.

But her brother was just using her pussy for his own pleasure and it felt wonderful to her as he just rammed his cock in and out of her.

He was touching places no other cock had touched before.

It only took David to his own surprise a couple of minutes of this hard fucking.

Before she started to scream out and he could feel her coming all over his cock.

He now told her.

“That he was going to cum all over her pretty face.”

Alison was now begging him.

“To cum all over her face.”

Denise quickly told him.

“To come in her pussy.

It would be better if he could get her pregnant as well, just in case.

This pleased him and he grunted once more then thrust forward and he now emptied his full load of cum into her pussy.

David left his cock in his sister’s cunt until he was sure he had stopped cuming.

He then pulled out of her and he went quickly to his own bedroom.

He now returned to his mother’s room carrying a couple of pillows which he now put under his sisters ass.

Now mother and daughter both had their cunts up in the air and both of their cunt’s were now filled with is cum.

In fact his cum was now leaking out of both their cunts

David had also picked up his phone when he went for the pillows.

David now started to take some pictures of both of them with their cunts up in the air filled with his cum leaking from them.

Both girls just smiled at him as he took pictures after picture.

He even sent a picture to his dad.

David’s dad was just finishing off a meeting when his phone beeped.

He opened the picture message that he had just received and smiled to himself when he saw what it was of.

He now texted back a reply telling.

David to keep up the good work.

For the next few days David was kept busy fucking his mother and sister.

And when his dad got home.

His dad insisted that he fuck both of them again while he watched and filmed it.

A week later both girls came home from different doctors both of them had very pleased expressions on their faces.

And both of them now told James and David that they were both pregnant.

James now opened a bottle of champagne he had purchased just in case.

This would be the last alcoholic drink the girls would have until they had their babies.

James now asked the girls.

“How they wanted to celebrate the good news.”

Both girls just started to giggle at each other.

Then both of them just completely stripped off in front of both David and James.

They then ran up to Denise’s bedroom.

David and James didn’t want to hurt the girls so they ass fucked them all night which the girls loved.

David and his father continued to have sex with both girls right up to the day both of them delivered. Denise had a baby Boy which they named Albert so they would get the money.

Four days later Alison had twin girls.

The girls were called Rose and Elizabeth.

It was now a couple of weeks after both James and Denise had taken their babies for the blood tests to prove that they were of James bloodline.

David, James, Denise and Alison now waited nervously for the results.

Would they get away with it or not.

James received a telephone call from his solicitor a couple of days later and he went off to have a meeting with him.

The three of them waited nervously for him to return.

When he did returned.

James had a big smile on his face.

They had been granted the inheritance.

Denise smiled at her husband and said to him.

“That was absolutely great but she had something to tell him.”

Alison also said.

“She had something to tell everyone.”

Now Denise and Alison both said simultaneously.

“That they were both pregnant again and David was the father.”

James now looked at his son who was trying to look as innocent as possible and just laughed and he then said to them all.

“It’s a good job we can afford a big house now.”

All of them now burst out laughing.

The End

Rating: 86%, Read 43785 times, Posted Mar 28, 2017

Fiction | Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian


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