FEELING BODYS by blueheatt

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Fiction | Boy, Teen Female

….I’m Ann. My best friend Cindy’s mom Tami, liked to put her hands around me from behind me. Just a show of affection I thought…. the first time. I noticed her hands trembled slightly as she left them there for a long time. I loved the feeling and it started making me horny. I’m only bi with her daughter Cindy and Tami was firing up my bi desires but good. I leaned my head back an whispered: (“…I love your warm hands around me.”) I put my hands on hers and started moving them around. I heard her breathing in my ear. She gasp and a little moan. I was turning her on, and I liked doing it. I whispered:

(“…you can feel my body anywhere you want and anytime you want, Tami.”) I guided her hands over my tits for a while and then down over my pussy. I took my hands away and reached back and felt her waist and hips. We both had on shorts. I let my hand drift down to her pussy. I felt it all warm and damp. I let my finger crease her slit. She jumped and moaned. We now put our hands inside our shorts. I felt her full hot bush. She felt my pussy and pushed her finger inside me. Our fingers went inside us and we began to masturbate us. I loved the feeling of her wet pussy as she thrusted it on my fingers.

.....She had a gentle touch and I spread my legs to let her feel more of me. I wanted dual orgasms so bad I matched her speed masturbating us. I loved the feeling of her full wet bush on my hand. Now we were both breathing hard and turned on big time. Her shaky voice whispered: (“…thank you Ann, (gasp) I love doing this….. more than you know. Cindy is…. the only other one who knows about…. my love of fondling. I’ll masturbate you anytime you want. Your fingers in me are so hot, may I continue?”) I said: (“ Oh god yes!

…I love to be fondled. Why don’t you reach under my top and fondle my bare tits, I’d like that.”) She gently went under my blouse and bra and began to feel my now very warm tits. Her fingers felt my nipples real gently. She got me real worked up and I began to buck back my hips on her. We began to moan together as we moved together. She began to rub my G spot and I couldn’t hold off my orgasm anymore. Her fingers went fast as I moaned out in euphoria. I moved my fingers in her pussy fast as she too fucked my fingers and she had a big orgasm with me. We panted out of breath and just enjoyed our orgasms.

…..That was our first time for her to fondle me. She made me hot, my pussy wet, and made me orgasm….. I loved it.


….I’m Tami, and I’m finally telling my story. My daughter Cindy is helping me fill in with what her friends think about all this. Writing this down is making me very horny, and I like that.


….I have always hid my urge to fondle teen boys and girls. Except for my daughter Cindy, nobody knew. When Cindy’s new boyfriend came along is when my urges came out and I was going to get what I wanted. To watch, fondle and then masturbate me and them. My mom loved doing it and so do I. Cindy was providing the teens for me. First, let’s let Barry tell his beginning……..


…..I’m Barry, and I met Tami’s daughter Cindy in high school. She was an ordinary appearing girl, nice bod and tits. She was full of energy and life. Once we had hooked up, she started in with a lot of questions, feeling me out about sex. A little unusual but of course I wanted a girl who liked sex. My replies must have excited her, and she took me to her house after school.

…..In her room, the kissing began and we slowing began undressing each other. Her mom Tami was home, but she said her mom didn’t care what she did in her room. She even left her bedroom door ‘open‘. Now we were naked and she dropped to her knees and began to play with my cock. She was hyper and sucked me good and then into her bed…..but…. she would stop, take a picture with her camera, no faces, and continue. Picture after picture as she sucked me and then we went 69. The more pictures, the hotter she got. We turned and she was now on her back with her legs wide open. She took a picture of my cock and her pussy together as I started to put my cock in her.

…..She was very hyper now, and started fucking me like no other girl I had ever been with. She moaned loud and was a hot and wild little animal under me. She sure didn’t hold back on her moaning and I wondered what her mom thought about her sounds. She started to climax good as I was about to cum. She really had me excited too and I shot a big cum in her as she yelled and squirmed. She continued to fuck and squirm.

….. When I finally rolled off her, here was the camera again. She took pictures of her pussy full of my cum and my wet cock. No more pictures after that as we lay there catching our breath.

….I figured she wanted to put the pictures in her computer to relive our wonderful time later. I figured right…but….there was a lot more to it than that….

…..She talked about her best girlfriend Ann and how cool she was. Slowly she talked about times when she had sex and Ann was in the room also.

…. I figured…hmmm…maybe a 3some in the works here. I was all for that and let her know it.

….. This delighted her and she explained carefully that her and Ann were the only ones that they were bi with each other. I reacted like that was cool.

…..I felt like I was being manipulated but in a sexy and exciting way. Something was going on and I was learning it piece by piece. I kept remembering also, she never closed her bedroom door when we fucked and she moaned so loud. Her mom had to hear her. Her mom and girlfriend Ann were definitely included in all this somehow. I looked forward to finding out the full story.

…..I had to go home, but we planned another fuck session for tomorrow after school. I left, but I noticed her mom standing in the kitchen door way. She was very sexy looking, and smiled at me big as she gave a little wave goodbye.

Cindy thought….

….he’s just right, now we can really have some fun with sex. I can’t wait to tell Ann and plan a secret play time.

…..I love to see Ann get all excited. She’s very sexy when she’s turned on real good, and that in turn… turns me on. I plan to turn her on real good with Barry as my fuck buddy.

“MOM“…I called out, “Come and see.” I heard her running up the stairs. I sat at my computer to show her the pictures I just downloaded from my camera. She pulled up a chair and sat by me. “Wait”.. she said. She pulled up her dress, pulled down her panties, opened her legs some and put her finger on her clit. “Ok, go” she said. I loved the way she giggled quietly as I started the slide show.

…..I loved doing this and watching her get turned on watching the real live action. Freshly taken pictures, from just an hour ago. As the pictures click by from the automatic slide show, I watched her get hot. First one finger in her pussy, then two, then three moved in and out as I could see her wetness on them. She moaned: “Is he gonna come back?”…I said ’yes’, tomorrow. I watched her moan herself into a hip jumping orgasm. This was not the first time I’d watched her do this. She always got hyper when she arranged for me to watch her masturbate. That started a long time ago.

…..I was young when my mom showed me the ‘girl’ parts between our legs. She had me sit between her legs and she showed me on herself our clits, lips and hole where sex all took place. She said: “Watch.” She had me watch as she first rubbed her pussy until it got a little wet. With one hand she started rubbing her clit with two fingers. I watched it move up and down as she rubbed it. She had her head on pillows so she could watch it too. She started breathing hard and with her other hand started running a finger inside her pussy.

..... It made a clicking sound as her finger went inside deeper. She added another finger and another. She started moaning softly as she breathed harder. Watching all this was making me itch in my own pussy and I rubbed mine too. She moaned out: “Yes, you can do it too.” I scooted my pussy up to hers with my legs wide apart. I felt my clit and rubbed it. Now the itch felt so good I continued. I too put a finger inside me and moved it in and out.

…..This was our first time for masturbating together. I started breathing faster as the feeling got so good. It built up and up as I watched her moan and lift her hips up and down. I started doing the same and little moans started coming out of my mouth too. I was not a virgin but now I could control the feelings in my pussy. I could feel a good spot up inside my pussy and rubbed it over and over. Now we both moaned as a super good feeling peaked and our pussy’s got real wet. She gave out a big moan and I did too as it peaked. I had rubbed my clit before but not to orgasm.

.....The two boys I’d had sex with never got me this excited to the point of orgasm. We both orgasmed and moaned as we rubbed ourselves. We never told anybody we did this whenever we got horny. Mom and I both had boyfriends, but this was our ‘secret sex’ we called it.

….Slowly we wanted more things to turn us on. I had a girlfriend named Ann, who like to masturbate with me. We snuck in a hot rub whenever we could. One night on a sleepover, I told Ann a little about my mom and our little secret. She got excited and said how hot it would be to do a three-way masturbation. I brought it up to mom and she got excited too.

…..Next sleepover we all got in mom’s bed and had a three-way orgasm watching each other. It was the best masturbating orgasm we had ever had. Squirming, moaning, watching the other do the same was a mega turn on for us all.

….We all pooled our fantasy of wanting to watch one of us have sex with a guy while the others masturbated while watching ‘in person live’ as one of us had sex the guy. So far we had not found the right guy to do this with. Berry was now our target guy.


…..Cindy had put a grin in my face that wouldn’t leave. I walked in the door and my mom and older sister were there.

…. Girls somehow know when you’ve gotten some pussy. They looked at my grin, looked at each other and asked: “Where have you been Barry?…. A new girlfriend?….Oh my Berry, you look funny.” they said and giggled.….If…they only knew.

…..I grinned all the next day in school, waiting for last class, and go over to Cindy’s house. I saw Ann in the hall grinning at me so sexy like. She lived close to a buddy of mine. He didn’t care for her and said she was weird. He said she had been caught peeking in peoples windows at night several times. She had a slight slutty look but every guy in school liked her beautiful big tits. She was sexy looking to me and now she walked over to me and stood in front of me….real close.

..... I am tall and she is short. I looked down at those beautiful tits as she looked up. She held out her hand and said: “I’m Ann, Cindy’s best friend…well…more that best friend.” Her sexy eyes never stopped looking me over. “We’ll talk later, see ya.” she said. She had handed me a small note when we shook hands. She swung her sexy ass as she walked away, looking back and smiling at me.

….Now the thought of a threesome with her was sounding real good. I read her note…..

“See OO ya”, it said with eyes drawn in the two O’s.

…..Cindy came up to me while I was in my locker and put my hand on her tits secretly. Girls don’t have to worry about getting boners in the middle of the school day…..I did, as she rubbed it and smiled at me. She giggled as I held a notebook in front of me, walking with her.

….After school I was about to knock on Cindy’s door when it opened. Her mom Tami stood there looking very sexy as usual. “Come right in Berry” she said and as soon as I got in she hugged me tight, pushing her big tits into me. My dick was already half hard and it went to full hard in seconds. She whispered: (“I like you Berry, I want us ‘all’ to be good friends. Cindy really likes you and (gasp).” She stopped talking like she had lost her breath. Her hand started going up and down my back and she ran her fingers thru my hair. Damn, she was making me horny as hell. I found my hands returning the feeling as I felt her hot body. She whispered: (“…let’s step in the den.”)

.....In we went and it was one big feel fest with us. She was not shy and felt my boner up and down. She then held my hips and drove her pussy in tight to my boner. I let my hands come around and feel those big tits. Her breath was right in my ear as she was really excited. She said: (“…we’re going to all have a lot of fun Berry, can you handle that?”) I said: (“Oh hell yes.”) She gasp real big and took my hand and put it down her shorts to feel her hot bush and wet pussy.

…..Mom and daughter too?….the thought was awesome. We finally broke from our feel fest.

“She’s upstairs”….she whispered.

Tami thought…..

…..I like this Berry that Cindy picked out. Supplying me with young guys to watch fuck my daughter is really hot. I love to hear Cindy moan as she orgasms good with him. Those pictures were awesome. I got off so good looking at them.

…. Now a hands-on feel up!….he’s just right. I can’t wait to get my fingers in my pussy while I think about him and the feel of his boner, so warm and big.


…..I went up stairs a little dizzy as Cindy was smiling and said: “Do you like my Mom?” ….she felt my boner and said: “Oooooo I see you do!” We lay on her bed and I began my second feel fest now with Cindy. No pictures this time as Cindy talked with me quietly between gulps of air. “you didn’t mind me taking pictures, so now I have a ‘special request’. Let’s let mom take the pictures. She likes to watch anyway, it gives her a buzz and she likes to do it.”

….I’ll have to say this was strange but I saw visions of a threesome with mom and I wasn’t about to say no. I said: “Let’s go for it.” Cindy said: “…would you like her naked?… she will if I ask her….ok, silly question.” She jumped up and went downstairs. Soon she was back all smiles. She reached out and had me stand up. “..let’s give mom a hot show to remember.” she said.

…..Next I see a quiet mom with her camera in the doorway…..naked. Damn she had a hot body to look at.


…..I was shaking so much I could hardly take my pictures. I had fondled a few nephews and Cindy’s boyfriends but Berry was the hottest I’d ever been around. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. I had never fondled a teen guy naked before. Cindy’s dad was a quickie that I didn’t even know his name. I tried to get a boyfriend in school but I was a geek then and no luck. Not even nerds would date me. Now I had nice looks and big tits and I was on my way to get what I wanted….to fondle my way to a glorious climax. I wonder what Berry would do if I touched them while he had sex with Cindy. I knew Cindy would like it. Now I’m so excited and so close to doing it, I may just do it and see.

…..Oh…My…God….their going to do a strip for me. Pictures, I must take pictures of all this to enjoy forever. My pussy is so wet watching this. Cindy is so lucky to feel his body, all hot and excited. Damn look at that boner. Feel it for me Cindy and more. She undressed him so hot and he is kissing her as he takes off her panties and bra. Seeing two teens naked…I think I may pass out. I feel an orgasm coming in my pussy.

…. Berry sneaks looks at me and smiles….I’ve never been this hot in my whole life. My nipples are burning their so hot. Put him in your bed Cindy, so I can get closer. I have to touch them now, I hope he doesn’t freak out, but I don’t think he will. There they go, laying down 69 and going at it. Now I’m moving in real close. Cindy’s got his boner all wet and licking it. I’ll just sit easy on the edge of the bed to get a close up of this. He’s got his face buried in her pussy making her jump as her licks her clit.

…Oh…, oh yes!…(gasp)…I just had an orgasm watching this, thinking about touching them. It took my breath away!….enough pictures, I’m going for it…..


…..At first I tried not to notice Tami, and play with Cindy…but having her watching us was such a turn on, it just added to my pleasure of eating Cindy’s pussy. My balls were going crazy with action as this was all new to me. Cindy’s pussy was so wet and hot…..wait….I feel something different on my boner. Three hands on it?….yes…I feel three…..wow….that feels hot.

.....The third hand is larger and trembling. It had a gentle touch and is touching all over my boner and balls. I didn’t have to look as I knew Tami was joining in. The sound of the two girls moaning was going to make me cum as we lay sideways. I stuffed two fingers in Cindy’s pussy and started finger fucking her fast. I licked her clit fast as her wet pussy clamped down on my fingers. With that I felt my first flood of cum shoot out and in her mouth. She gave out a long moan and mom too as her fingers felt the cum flowing out of Cindy’s lips. I was in cum heaven as my dick kept shooting.

.....They both moaned together as Tami’s fingers were in her own pussy going fast. I heard Tami gasp real loud as she must have climaxed. Her other hand was feeling my balls over and over. Those girls drained me of every drop of cum I had. Only jolts of pleasure were left. Tami’s fingers kept playing with the overflow of cum as Cindy never took her mouth off my dick. Cindy’s wet pussy kept squeezing my fingers as all our moaning began to fade.

….. Tami’s hands kept feeling all over me, my legs, back, tummy and next she started kissing my body all over. Cindy’s hands joined in too. Stroking me for every last of cum I had. I last remember the room spinning as I slowly blacked out or something.

….I woke up to Cindy asleep and Tami asleep on the floor. I slowly got up and found my clothes. I thought how I was going to explain why I was so late when I got home.

…..Mom just smiled but never said a word as I ate a cold dinner.


…..I love laying here in my bed and going over and over what happened this afternoon. My fingers are slowly feeling my clit as I bask in the memories. My fingers tingle remembering touching Berry and Cindy too. Berry has arranged to spend the night with us this Friday, Cindy tells me her friend Ann wants to come and watch. I love to see Ann masturbate as she watches. I’ve fondled her before and she is hot. I’m not bi, but I’ve watched Cindy and Ann go 69 a few times….I wonder…. Things are changing and I’m finding I first want to have oral sex with Berry…..then I wonder what it’s like to lick a pussy…..men love it, so why can’t……mmmm….maybe just once…


…. I arrived at Cindy’s door. The door opened just a crack. I couldn’t see who was looking out at me. An arm came out and pulled me in the house. It was Ann in a nightgown. She grabbed my hands and put them on her big tits and smiled. She whispered: (“…mind if I watch?”) She led me upstairs to Tami’s big bed. Tami and Cindy were waiting and they all started undressing me. Tami started in fondling me as Ann and Cindy started fondling each other. Tami led me to the bed as they all got naked. They must have had a meeting about who did what and when…..


…..I’m getting what I want. I want to fondle Berry all I want and then have oral sex with him. Cindy and Ann can do their ’bi’ thing as Berry and I watch.


….I’m getting what I want. I want to go 69 with Cindy while we watch Tami and Berry have oral sex laying right beside us.


…..I’m getting what I want. I’ll eat Ann’s pussy while mom and Berry have oral sex right beside us. Then I get Berry and we can fuck while watching mom and Ann have mom’s first oral sex with Ann. Then all us girls will attack Berry with fondling, sucking, licking, kissing and have him fuck mom and Ann for the first time while the others all watch.



…..Well that‘s my story…we all got what we wanted that wonderful night.

…..At 4 in the morning poor Berry finally got the final thing he wanted…..



Rating: 91%, Read 64819 times, Posted Oct 05, 2015

Fiction | Boy, Teen Female


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