My Younger Brother's Friend Part 3: Artie by thedude1718

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At this point, me and Phil have been fucking whenever we got the chance. However, summer was ending and I was about to start my first year of college away from home. I was going to miss our hookups, and I knew at college I would stay in the closet and get with girls (I am bi though). Even though it wouldnt last forever, I had to enjoy the time we had left, and hopefully the times we would have when I came home.

I was texting Phil working on a day that we could meet up. Both my parents had full time jobs in the city, and if my brother was not going to be home I knew he could come over. Luckily, my brother went to work with my father sometimes, and this week he was going. Phil's parents also worked, so I told Phil I would pick him up at his house at 10am since we would have to leave my house by 5. He agreed, then shocked me with some great news. He asked if his friend Artie could join us. He said that he told him what we've been doing and he wants to try it out. I couldn't deny and told him to tell Artie I'd pick him up at 10 also.

I've met Artie many times because he was my brothers friend as well. I couldn't say no to this opportuniy because he was one sexy kid. He was a little taller than Phil, standing at about 5'6'' with short dirty blonde hair and even more of a baby face and some freckles. He had sexy blue eyes that pierced my soul when he looked at me and I always got vibes from him. Whenever he was at my house, I would catch him staring at me or my dick. I would just smile and he would look away. He was kind of quiet, but that was soon to change. Artie had a small frame, like Phil, but was almost entirely hairless on his legs and body, mainly because the hair was blonde. His six pack was almost fully developed, and his ass just begged to be fucked.

I couldnt believe I was getting this lucky with my brothers friends. I knew my brother was completely straight, because he hated anything gay and Phil would always have to hide any gay emotions in front of him. Later on I get with more of his friends. I don't know if they were all gay, as much as they were curious teens.

Anyway, I picked up Phil first, and he got into my car greeting me with a "Hey," and a quick makeout and dick grab. He was wearing a wife beater, sneakers, and pajama pants. Next I went and got Artie who lived only two blocks from me. He came out wearing a black V-neck, sneakers, and baby blue basketball shorts that really showed off his eyes.

When we got to my house, everybody took off their shoes, and we went straight to my bedroom. I shared a room with my brother, so we had two beds for action. Before we did anything I turn to Artie and ask him

"So, you're into my cock now too?"

"I guess so," he nervously laughed and shot me his sexy smile.

"Have you ever done anything with a guy before?" I asked him

"No, or girls either, but I've been watching a lot of gay porn and really want to try so much."

"Good to know" I smiled back

I've never had a threesome so this was new to me. I had only a twin bed, but I made Artie and Phil take off their shirts and lye down next to eachother. I climbed in between them and started to make out with Phil, then I switched and started kissing Artie. Artie was a good kisser and I loved licking his tongue. I reached down and grabbed his cock, which was about 6 inches and rock hard. He let out a soft moan of pleasure. Next, I moved lower on the bed and started playing with both of their cocks through their pants. I took of their pants, and switched off sucking their cocks. I knew that Artie would cum fairly quick so I focused on him.

He was moaning like crazy as I slobbered on his cock and fondled his long, smooth balls. While I did this Artie and Phil were heavily making out. Artie let out his wild side, because he and Phil were going at it. At some points they werent even kissing as much as they were licking eachothers faces and tongues. He let out a soft cry, and exploded his sweet boy cum in my mouth. Instead of sucking Phil's cock, I jerked him off while I licked and fingered his ass. I went to get vasaline and I had him moaning in no time, and Artie was in shock at what I was doing.

"Artie, shift positions and let Phil finger you, it feels great." I told him. He moved and let Phil glob vasaline on his ass and finger him, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body.

When Phil finally came, I got off of them and sat on my bed, beckoning them to suck me. Phil took me in his mouth quickly, while Artie played with my balls. It was like a scene from a porno and the greatest feeling ever. Two teen boys were licking my cock like it was ice cream and doing everything they could to please me. The hottest thing would be when their tongues touched eachothers on my dick, causing them to makeout while sucking me. Artie was following Phil's lead, but catching on quick. When Artie got tired of sucking my big cock, he moved upward and started to lick my nipples, and then he played with them while he kissed me hard.

I told Artie to sit on my face, and I started to lick and finger his asshole while Phil worked on my cock. Finally I exploded all over Phils cheek and ear, but we were far from done. After a 20 minute break I wanted to fuck. As I layed down on the bed, Phil jumped on me and shoved my cock in his asshole.

The wetness of the vasaline made his ass even better. I switched positions soon and had him standing over my brothers bed. For about 7 minutes I was pounding his ass hard while he sucked Arties cock. He was moaning extremely loud as usual "O joeyy yes, yess, fuck me. Your the fucking best! O god!" Phil came shortly, and I was ready to fuck Artie now.

"Do you want this in you," I smiled to Artie as I grabbed my wet 7.5 inch cock. He stared at my dick and nodded. Phil just watched satisfyed from my brothers bed as I was about to take Arties anal virginity. I picked him up and threw him on my bed, kissing him furiously. I was biting his neck and actually left a hickey (whoops) he was purring and grabbing my ass. I put more vasaline on my cock and fingered his ass with it, making him moan.

My dick slid in, followed by moans of pain, which quickly turned to ecstasy. Artie was so cute and good looking, and breathing so hard. I could tell that he has never felt something like this. His head was tilted back while eyes were closed and his back was arched up. He was breathing very heavy and letting out soft moans. Unlike Phil, he didn't talk dirty, but it was obvious he was lost in a state of immense pleasure. After only 2 minutes his moans got louder and louder. I was pounding him so hard, my bed was squeaking like it was going to collapse. I knew he would cum soon, and his dick exploded all over his stomach chest, and his face, without me even touching it. He clenched his ass cheeks which sent me over the edge and I exploded in his ass.

I gave Artie a wet sloppy kiss and got off of him. Phil was now asleep, naked except for socks in my brothers bed and me and Artie knew we were about to be asleep soon. I checked my clock and saw that it said 11:45, and I knew we had the rest of the day. Me and Artie made out for a little while and played some socked footsie before dozing off in eachothers arms.

We all woke up around 1 o'clock and showered together to clean up. Phil told me he had basketball practice at 3:30 and his moms friend was driving him. After we cleaned up, I drove him back to his house, but me and Artie had the rest of the day to ourselves for new explorations.


Rating: 93%, Read 68940 times, Posted Dec 29, 2011

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Boy, Consensual Sex, First Time, Gay, Teen, Teen Male, Threesome


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