Dirty Little Boys, Filthy Big Girls by CoolNix

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"This is pointless," grumbled Aaron as he stood with his twin brother, Mark, outside the newsagents.

"We should keep trying," Mark insisted.

"Yeah, but we've asked three people already. It 'aint gonna work," insisted Aaron.

"It will. Eventually."

"I dunno. Maybe we're wasting our time."

Aaron and Mark were both eleven-years-old. They were identical twins, both charming little boys, barely five-foot tall in height, slender and with cute freckled faces and bright, attentative blue eyes that sparkled with promises of childish mischief. They had short blonde hair, but Mark's was spikey whilst Aaron's was combed neatly with a side-parting. That was pretty much the only way the could be told apart, physically. They differed in personality a little though. Mark was the slightly more dominant one and Aaron was content to be lead.

Right now they stood outside the general store. To try and avoid anyone they knew they had come all the way here, half-way across town. It was mid-morning at the start of the summer holidays, a dazzlingly bright July day.

"Shall we ask him?" Aaron whispered to Mark a moment later, referring to a middle-aged man who was approaching the shop.

"Shit, no, don't," Mark whispered back, urgently, "That's our old Geography teacher."

"Is it? Oh yeah."

The man strolled up and saw the boys. He recognized them from school.

"Hi Aaron, hi Mark," he said, "Staying out of mischief?"

"Yes sir," the twins replied, wide-eyed with innocence.

Their teacher smiled and stepped into the shop.

"No-one will buy us a porn mag, face it," grumbled Aaron.

"I suppose so," Mark sighed, defeated.

They had been eager to buy a porno magazine for a few weeks and had finally summoned up the courage to put Mark's plan into operation, which involved offering a five-pound note to adults at random and asking them buy them a porn mag on their behalf. They had asked three people so far and but had been refused by all of them. The last person they had asked, a middle-aged woman, had even threatened to bop them on the head with a rolled-up newspaper whilst denouncing them as "dirty little boys."

"I know who we can ask," Mark suddenly said, "Karen!"

"Oh yeah," Aaron grinned.

"Karen's pretty cool," Mark continued, "for an adult anyway. Let's go ask her. Our sis will be at work today."

"Okay, let's go!"


Aaron and Mark's big sister, Judith, was a law student who attended the local University, and she lived just down the road from the campus. Judith was a headstrong woman, very forthright and career orientated, her sights set firmly on her ambition to become a solicitor.

Judith's housemate, Karen, was laid-back and relaxed, her behaviour often just as silly as her big frizzy blonde hairstyle. Karen was studying Sociology, having recently completed a degree in Philosophy. She accepted that neither degree was all that useful but she didn't care, she just wanted to be a lay-about student with no responsibilities for a few more years before she bothered to get out into the real world. In fact, unlike Judith, Karen did not even plan on having a career; motherhood was the only occupation she wanted. Ignoring the rants of the annoying feminists she met on campus, who whined that marriage and motherhood were the equivalent to enslavement, Karen was looking forward to finding and marrying Mr Right and then producing a nice brood of children to pamper and fuss over. Right now, though, her primary occupation was laying about, smoking pot and having a laugh, with the occasional lecture attended to keep herself from being booted off the course.

Despite the contrasts in their attitudes, the headstrong, career orientated Judith and the lazy, care-free Karen both got on perfectly and were best friends as well as housemates.


That Saturday morning, Karen was lazing around the house, slumped on the sofa and flicking through a woman's magazine whilst smoking a cigarette and idly blowing smoke-rings.

Twenty-three-year-old Karen was average in height and build, with her most notable assets being the 38DD breasts that currently sat snugly in a tight, low-cut white top. Karen had long since accepted that the heavy jugs she lugged around in her bra would be a magnet to any man with the power of sight. Not just men either, but some boys too! Last month, on a holiday to Wales, Karen had been strolling topless along a beach when she had noticed a boy - no older than ten - gazing at her big wobbly tits with big beautiful blue eyes. Karen had flashed a grin at the child, who had blushed and waved at her. The boy's mother spotted her son, and more specifically the two big jiggling things to which his eyes were fixed upon, and had clipped him round the ear. "Stop looking at that lady's boobs,"

"But dad is," the boy had grumbled.

Karen never understood those women who bitched about men ogling them. Each pair of eyes that focused upon a woman's body, Karen thought, was a stamp of approval.

Karen had a pleasing face, with narrow, enigmatic dark eyes and a ready smile. Her hair was blonde, so bright it almost shone, and it was very frizzy and was splayed out all over the place, refusing to be controlled.

Meanwhile, Judith was working on her suntan outside, lying on a towel in the middle of the small neat garden behind the terraced house. Judith was twenty-one, very tall at five-foot-nine and slender with long brown hair. She had a classically pretty face whose sharp cheekbones and narrow nose emphasised her slender build. She had average sized breasts, a nice handful each but obviously paling in comparison next to Karen's impressive assets. Judith was wearing a skimpy, two-piece yellow bikini and a pair of sunglasses as she lightly dozed in the sun.

The doorbell rang just before eleven.

"I'll get it," Karen called as she got of the sofa, stubbing her cigarette out in the ashtray on the coffee-table.

"Okay," replied Judith from outside. The doors leading from the living room to the garden were wide open, letting a gentle breeze circulate through the house. Overall the little home was very tidy, bearing in mind it was occupied by two students, although that was only becasue Judith tended to stalk through it with a duster and polish, cleaning up after Karen. In fact, Karen sometimes worried that Judith would try to polish her if she sat still for long enough.

Karen opened the door and saw Judith's two little brothers standing there, side-by-side, both in identical jeans and a T-shirt.

"Hi Karen," Aaron and Mark said, simultaneously.

"Hi boys, come in," Karen said. The two youngsters entered the house. Karen closed the door and lead the boys into the living room. The top Karen wore was low-cut and showed off plenty of her cleavage, and she also had on a pair of low-slung jeans, the sort that exposed her mid-rift at the front and, at the back, revealed the base of her spine and just a slight glimpse of the top of her creamy-white bum-cheeks. The top of her pink thong peeked over the hem of her jeans at the back and just bending over would reveal a good few inches of her arse-crack. In terms of ogling material, Aaron and Mark couldn't lose with Karen; from the front they had tit-cleavage, from the back they had arse-cleavage.

Karen enjoyed her housemate's little brothers coming over. Karen had been a tomboy when she was little, always happiest running around with her older brothers and joining in their adventures and mishief, and Mark and Aaron and their adorable pre-pubescent boyish charm reminded her of those times. She also had a less innocent reason for enjoying the twin's company. Although Karen didn't mind men ogling her impressive tits, she didn't like the way most tried to do it sneakily, stealing glances at her cleavage through the corners of their eyes. She much preferred the way Aaron and Mark unashamedly gazed at her boobs, not even embarrassed when they were caught doing so.

Mark and Aaron sat down on the sofa.

"What can I do for you two scamps then?" Karen asked, squeezing herself between the boys so that Mark sat to her left, Aaron to her right. Her heavy tits wobbled in her tight top, as they did with virtually every slight movement she made.

"Just a favour," Mark began.

"Yeah, a favour," Aaron confirmed.

"Ooh, sounds interesting," Karen grinned.

"We need you to buy something for us," Mark began.

"Hey, I'm a student," Karen declared, "I'm not made of money."

"No, no, we'll give you the money," Aaron said, "You use our money but just have to buy it for us."

"Sounds...suspicious," Karen mused.

"Hey boys," Judith greeted her kid brothers as she strolled into the living room. The skimpy bikini meant a lot of the slender brunette's lightly bronzed flesh was on display, shiny and glistening with sun-tan lotion.

"I thought you were at your Saturday job today," Mark said. That was what he had hoped anyway, given that he did not want his sister to know what they were up to.

"I pulled a sickie," Judith shrugged, "It was too nice to be working behind a bar all day."

Judith took off her sunglasses and put them on the mantlepiece. As she did so she faced away from her brothers. The bottom piece of her bikini was a thong, the bright yellow material at the back not much thicker than dental-floss. It ran right up the crack of her shapely arse, her whole sparkling, mouthwatering buttocks on display. Mark and Aaron's eyes flicked down, instinctively, to that portion of Judith's body. Big sister or not, the eleven-year-old boys could not resist a glance at Judith's pert tanned cheeks.

Judith turned round and sat on the armchair. She enjoyed having her brothers over to visit. Growing up, she had not always got on well with the pair. Aaron and Mark were not bad kids, but they were cheeky, energetic and often naughty, like any normal healthy boys. Being ten-years their senior meant Judith was often a back-up-mum to her brothers, and to her annoyance, when she was a teenager, she had frequently been obliged to cancel a night out to babysit for them. When she had moved out last year, Judith had thought it would be nice to be away from her pesky little brothers, but she quickly found that she missed the two little rascals.

Judith did not plan on having kids until she was well into her thirties, if at all, but the way Mark and Aaron - beneath their cheeky attitudes - looked up to their dear big sister bought out her latent maternal instincts. Judith was grateful that she lived within walking distance of the family home and therefore the two boys were able to visit quite often, even if it was invariably for nefarious purposes, such as asking her to write them notes to excuse them for Physical Education. Last week the twins had come round to ask Judith to "help" them with their homework, which eventually involved Judith doing their entire homework assignment for them whilst they busied themselves playing with Karen's X-Box.

"So," Judith began, "what brings you two here?"

Aaron and Mark glanced at each other, then at their sister.

"Nothing," they replied, in unison.

"You were after something, weren't you?" Karen insisted, clapping her hands to each boy's thigh and giving them a playful squeeze.

"We weren't," declared Mark.

"What are you up to?" asked Judith.

"They wanted me to by them something," Karen told her housemate, "Your little brothers wanted me to go and purchase something that they're too young to buy. Tut tut. Such naughty little scamps!"

"Shut up," whined Aaron, giving Karen a gentle punch on the shoulder.

"What did you want Karen to buy?" Judith asked her brothers, "Seriously, tell me."

"Nothing," both boys replied in stereo.

"Tell us," Karen insisted, "or you will never leave this house...alive."

"Shut up, silly woman," Aaron tutted, receiving a playful punch on the shoulder from Karen in response.

"What is it, tell me," Judith insisted, her voice full of authority, "It's not cigarettes is it? Don't tell me you've started smoking."

"No, it's not that," Aaron tutted.

"Booze?" asked Karen.

"No," Mark replied.

"Well, what did you want Karen to buy then?" Judith asked her brothers, successfully injecting into her voice the same authority that her mother used to wring information from these two rascals.

"A porn mag," Aaron responded, blushing.

"Yeah, a porn mag," Mark admitted, "We're too young to buy them y'see."

"Yes, that's because you're eleven-years-old," Judith pointed out, "and eleven is too young to be buying magazines with pictures of naked women in them."

Judith's attempt at sounding stern and authorative to her brothers was slightly undermined when Karen suddenly started giggling.

"What?" Judith asked her whacky housemate.

"Sorry," snorted Karen, sniggering, "it's just...the idea of these two horny little brats being so desperate to buy a porn magazine...it's just funny." She also found it amusing that Judith was trying to inform Mark and Aaron about the sinfulness of wanting to look at naked women when she, Judith, was wearing a two-piece bikini so skimpy that you could swallow the whole garmant without needing so much as a glass of water to wash it down with. Judith's firm, pert tits were all but on display with just a triangle of yellow material covering the nipples. The crotch of Judith's thong was so narrow that her pubes would have peeked out from the sides, were it not for the fact that Judith shaved herself completely down there.

Mark and Aaron giggled too. They liked Karen. She was funny, at least for an adult.

Judith was a little puzzled. She still thought of Mark and Aaron as her baby brothers, eternally pre-pubescent. It was hard for her to imagine them being interested in girls (and their associated 'bits'), especially at the tender age of eleven-and-a-half.

She was about to ask her brothers why they wanted a porn magazine, before realising that it was obviously so they could jack off over it.

Karen had come to the same conclusion, but she had the wicked idea that it would be fun to cajole the two rascals into admitting they masturbated.

"So, what porn magazine would you like?" Karen asked the boys. She squeezed their thighs again, neither the boys or Judith noting the less-than-innocent undertones to the gesture.

"Karen!" tutted Judith, "You're not going to buy my brothers a porno mag."

"I didn't say I would," insisted Karen, "I'm just curious what literature they're, ahem, interested in reading."

"Any magazine would do," Mark said, taking the lead as usual, "Just as long as it's got naked birds in it."

"Mark, don't be so sexist," sighed Judith.

"Sorry," Mark said, "I meant, so long as it's got naked chicks in it."

Judith rolled her eyes.

"What would you do with such a magazine then?" Karen interrogated the boys, "Sit and read it, quietly? Take in the thought-provoking articles? Muse on the existential implications of the text that accompanies the close-up beaver shots?"

"Eh?" frowned Mark.

"Huh?" frowned Aaron.

Judith's serious look broke for a moment as she sniggered slightly.

"Or," Karen continued, "did you want to wank off over the mag?"

"Karen!" Judith gasped, before giggling.

"We don't wank," Aaron insisted, "Well I don't anyway."

"Me neither," Mark added.

"I bet you do," Karen said.

Judith covered her mouth with her hand and she tried not to laugh, despite her objection to Karen uttering such lewdness.

"We don't," Mark and Aaron responded in unison.

"Then why would you want to see naked ladies?" asked Karen, "I mean, if you don't masturbate, you would, I presume, have no interest in seeing my boobs."

Karen then hooked her fingers into the hem of her tight white top and proceeded to pull it up. The soft white flesh of her belly was revealed, and then her cute naval. Mark and Aaron's eyes widened with awe as the top was rapidly pulled up and up, revealing Karen's upper belly. Her enormous tits - albeit still held in a bra - were only seconds away from being revealed.

"Karen!" Judith gasped, yet again, "Don't!"

"I was joking!" Karen lied. She dropped her top down again.

"Aw," moaned Mark and Aaron, their chance at seeing Karen's boobs snatched so unfairly from them by their prudish big sister.

"Judith," whined Mark, "Why did you have to tell Karen off?"

"Yeah, she was gonna show her boobs," Aaron added.

Judith was about to try and articulate why she didn't think her housemate should be showing her eleven-year-old brother's her tits, but she didn't think there would be much point. It was hard enough to stay serious and commanding with her cheeky little brothers, but it was virtually impossible when Karen was encouraging them. Karen may have been twenty-three, but she had the same irresponsible, care-free and wholly silly attitude as eleven-year-olds Mark and Aaron did. In some ways, Judith was jealous. She wished she could act that immature. However, she felt somehow obliged to cast her net of authority across the trio sitting on the sofa opposite her.

"We want to see boobs," Mark declared.

"Boobs, boobs, boobs," Aaron sang, tapping his thigh in tune with his spontatanous song dedicated to boobs and his ambition to view such parts of lady's bodies."

"You're too young," Judith insisted, "You can't go getting porno mags, no matter who you get to buy them. And Karen can't show you her boobs either. You're too young."

"Well, when I was eleven," Karen said, her attitude making it quite clear she was taking the side of the two boys flanking her on the sofa, "I saw a pair of tits."

"Wow, whose?" Aaron asked her.

"Mine," giggled Karen, "They started growing when I was only nine. I was wearing a bra by ten."

"Have they stopped growing?" Mark asked.

"I think so," Karen replied, "I hope so anyway." She squeezed her tits through her cotton T-shirt a couple of times. "If they got any bigger I'd need planning permission for them."

Mark and Aaron giggled. Karen squeezed her boobs once more then took her hands from her tits. The boys were fascinated at the way those big globes in Karen's top continue to wobble for a few seconds after being squeezed.

"If your boobs were any bigger Karen, they'd block out the sun," sniggered Mark.

"If your boobs were any bigger," added Aaron, "then...er..." He struggled for an amusing quip. Then he found one. "If they were any bigger, your landlord would charge them their own rent."

Karen giggled along with the boys. Despite herself, Judith sniggered as well.

"Let us see 'em," implored Mark, to Judith rather than to Karen, "Go on Judith, let us see Karen's boobs."

"Please!" whined Aaron.

Before Judith could respond, Karen chipped in.

"Tell you what," that frizzy-haired blonde lady began, "if you both admit to spanking your monkeys then I shall reveal my breasts."

"I wank off," Aaron quickly admitted.

"Me too," Mark added, "All the time. More than Aaron. Ten times more in fact. Show us your boobs now Karen."

"Show us," Aaron insisted.

"Before Judith beats you up for being naughty!" added Mark.

Judith giggled before she could even bring herself to object to both her little brother's demands on Karen and their implication that she, Judith, was some sort of scary authority figure.

"Show us," Mark and Aaron begged of Karen.

"Two boobs," grinned Karen, grabbing the bottom of her top, "comin' up!"

She whipped off her top, swiftly and completely, and flung it to the floor. She leaned forwards, reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. That soon was flung to the floor.

Proud of her sun-eclipsing assets, Karen sat back, grinning. Her 38DD breasts hung, heavy and firm and demanding to be looked at. Mark and Aaron both knelt up, either side of Karen, their eyes fixed on Karen's breasts.

There was a moment of silence in the room. Karen enjoyed the boy's attention. The boys enjoyed Karen's tits. And Judith enjoyed the curious feeling of excitement that she got from witnessing the whole event. Her firm tanned thighs quivered. She rubbed them together a little and licked her lips.

Judith had seen Karen's tits before. Whilst men rarely exposed much of themselves to each other, women were different. Female friends and housemates like Judith and Karen thought little of strolling naked and dripping wet from the bathroom to the bedroom despite another woman possibly seeing them, and happily barged into each other's rooms to exhange some fantastic gossip just heard over the phone, oblivious to the fact that either one of them may have been stark naked throughout the entire conversation. Judith and Karen were pretty familiar with one another's bodies.

However, it was not so much the sight of Karen's big juicy tits that made Judith's shaved cunt begin to moisten in her bikini bottoms, it was the eager look of pre-teen lust in her brother's eyes that turned her on.

"Wow, cool," was Aaron's summary of what he was seeing.

"Those are so...cool," Mark added.

"Your boobs," Aaron told Karen, "Are...cool."

Judith made a mental note to buy her brothers a thesaurus.

"You don't have implants do you?" Mark asked Karen, showing the complete lack of tact one would expect from an eleven-year-old boy.

"No, they're all natural," Karen replied, "Feel 'em."

Mark reached out and placed his small hand over Karen's left breast. Aaron, who sat to Karen's right, glanced at his big sister, but seeing no objection in Judith's slightly shocked face, he turned back to Karen and clamped his hand to her right tit. Both boys squeezed and groped at Karen's breasts.

"These are great," Mark declared, "Wow!"

The boys continued to gently kneed, mash, grope and fondle Karen's breasts. Then they kneeded, mashed, groped and fondled them some more. Then, just for variety, they began to squeeze them.

Remembering how Karen's tits had jiggled after she'd squeezed them earlier, Mark tried to clench the whole of Karen's left tit - his hand barely able to half of it - and squeezed it, then let go. The boob wobbled for a few seconds. The boy giggled then did it again. Aaron giggled then did the same to Karen's right tit.

"These are dead wobbly," Mark concluded. He then took Karen's stiff, stubby nipple in between his little forefinger and thumb. "Wow, this nipple is well stiff." He pinched the nipple. Karen stifled a groan of pleasure.

"This one too," said Aaron, pinching Karen's other nipple, "How come they're stiff Karen?"

"Yeah, why are your nipple stiff," asked Mark, "Are you cold?"

"No," Karen replied. She was about to tell the boys why her nipples were erect but first she glanced at Judith to see if she would object. However, Mark and Aaron's big sister just sat their, watching intently. Karen could tell, with her female intutition, that Judith was horny. That made Karen horny. Even hornier than she was already.

"I'm not cold," Karen told the twins as they merrily twiddled her nipples as if they were trying to tune a radio, "my nipples are stiff 'cos I'm horny."

Aaron giggled.

"Horny?" asked Mark, "You mean, like, aroused and stuff?"

"Mmmm," nodded Karen, "Girl's nipples get stiff when they're aroused, just like boy's willies get stiff."

Mark and Aaron did not giggle at what was normally a giggle-provoking word, willie. They were both conscious that their own willies were getting very, very stiff in their jeans.

"And," Karen added, glancing at Judith, whose nipples were stiff under her bikini top, "our cunts get wet too." She cast a glance at Judith's crotch. Her bikini thong was damp with snatch-sauce. Judith blushed and crossed her legs. Karen smiled at her housemate then looked at Mark and Aaron, who were still playing with her nipples with such enthusiasm that they'd not even batted an eyelid at Karen's lewd use of the word 'cunt', let alone the curious exchange of glances between Karen and their sister.

"You must be dead horny and stuff," Aaron told Karen as he pinched her stiff nipple. Neither he nor his twin brother had fully taken into account what Karen was admitting. The innocent darlings still thought Karen was letting them play with her tits for their pleasure. They'd not detected, by her deep breathing and flushed face, that Karen was getting off on their attentions too.

Judith felt a sudden pang of jealousy. She was not a virgin, but she'd had only a couple of serious boyfriends. Since starting University last year she had been pretty much celibate. She'd sworn off men on the basis that relationships were a distraction to her studies. Karen was the opposite. Karen would always have a boyfriend, and when one relationship ended - the average length of them being about two-months - she would start another one. Right now Karen was seeing a guy who lived across the road, who often popped over to fuck Karen's brains out, their orgasmic yelping all but shaking the house. It didn't bother Karen one bit that the guy had just gotten married. She knew it wouldn't last. Karen, at least for the time being, didn't want relationships. She just wanted fucking. Judith really envied her. Judith's sexual desires were as high as Karen's, but she didn't quite have the knack of flinging herself into casual relationships. With the exception of a one-night-stand a few months ago, Judith's outlet for her sky-high sexual drive since beginning University had been the well-used vibrator she kept tucked under her mattress.

Right now, Judith's hot pussy was slick with juices. Her nipples were stiff under her red bikini top. Her face was flushed and she had to keep swallowing as her mouth watered. All thanks to the curious sight of her eleven-year-old brothers merrily fondling Karen's tits. It was the juxtaposition of her sweet little baby brothers and the slutty fuck-happy tit-displaying Karen that turned Judith on.

"I bet you've got nice stiffies," Karen said to Aaron and Mark as the continued to twiddle with her nipples.

"I haven't," Aaron replied.

"I have," Mark boasted.

"Me too," Aaron corrected himself, following his twin.

"My willie is well hard," Mark declared.

"My cock is about to fall off it's so hard," Aaron bragged.

"Show me," Karen said, her voice quivering with lust, "Show me those hard willies."

Judith was about to protest, but easily decided that not only would it be futile, but it would be against her own desires. She suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine at the idea of her beautiful little brothers showing their erections off to Karen. Judith wasn't even sure that the boy's could have hard-ons!

"Show me your hard-ons," Karen told the twins.

Mark and Aaron glanced at each other, not sure what to do.

"Show me your hard-ons," Karen repeated, "and if you do I'll show you my cunt."

That was all the incentive the little rascals required. Mark and Aaron let go of Karen's tits and hopped off the sofa. They swiftly removed their jeans, socks and underpants. Karen gave a sly wink at Judith, the latter responding with a wonky grin that wasn't sure whether to express amusument or despair at Karen's activities.

Mark and Aaron soon stood in just their T-shirts, naked from the waist down. Their pricks stuck up straight. Judith was mesmirised at the sight. Her little brothers were indeed little boys - small, slender, no pubic hair whatsoever, tight little nutsacs - but their pricks were clearly capable of more than just pissing. Though no longer or thicker than an adult's forefinger, Mark and Aaron's cocks stuck upright and visibly pulsed.

"You boys," Karen smiled, eyes flicking back and forth from each of the identical twin's beautiful pre-teen cocks, "have very nice erections."


Mark and Aaron weren't sure what to do next.

The eleven-year-old twins were standing there in just their T-shirts with their erections jutting from their hairless groins, and before them sat Karen, the topless blonde who had made it gradually clear that she was enjoying showing off her tits as much as Mark and Aaron enjoyed seeing them. Karen's dark eyes smouldered with hunger as she eyed up the pre-teen erections that saluted the beauty of her mammoth melons.

Across the room, Mark and Aaron's big sister Judith sat in curious silence, dressed in just her skimpy yellow two-piece bikini, her skin glistening with sun-tan lotion, idly rubbing her toned thighs together as she struggled to figure out why, exactly, she was so fucking horny at seeing her two little brother's erections.

"Aren't our hard-ons cool?" smirked Mark to Karen.

"They are very cool," breathed Karen, "Can I touch them?"

Mark and Aaron glanced at each other. They were hardly likely to turn down an offer of a lady touching their cocks, but this was still a little unusual. They needed each other for guidence.

"Sure," Mark said, taking the plunge.

"Touch mine first," Aaron butted in.

Karen smiled and reached out with both her hands. She encircled Mark's cock with her left forefinger and thumb, and Aaron's in her right forefinger and thumb.

The eleven-year-old twins let out a gasp. They had touched one another's dicks before and even jacked each other off during some mutual masturbation session, but it was a whole new experience to have a woman touching their willies.

"Uuh," gasped Mark.

"Oh wow," Aaron spluttered.

Sitting on the sofa, her huge tits still hanging on display, Karen smiled cheekily as she gently masturbated the boy's pricks. She pumped them in her hands.

"Is that good?" she asked them.

Mark and Aaron nodded, dumbly.

"Uuuuh," Mark stammered.

"Do you wank like this?" Karen asked the boys. She increased her pace, masturbating the twins with her forefingers and thumbs wrapped around their slender yet iron-hard rods.

The boys looked as if they were high. Their eyes rolled up a little, their eyelids flickered. Their bright young cheeks flushed.

"Uuh, mmm," Judith stammered from across the room. The slender brunette rubbed her thighs together again. Her nipples were visibly sticking out under the material of her bikini top. Her flesh glistened, not just with sun-tan lotion, but with sweat. Her mouth and her cunt were practically drooling.

"Your brothers appreciate a lady's touch," Karen told Judith as she wanked Mark and Aaron's cocks. The boys were seemingly under her control. They each stood their, in just their T-shirts, whilst Karen's pumped their pricks.

"Mmmm, yeah," Mark whispered. His pale little bottom-cheeks quivered. Judith looked at the cheeks in question and licked her lips.

"I wanna...see your cunt...Karen," stammered Aaron. He was normally the quiet one of the twins, but he felt confident in the current circumstances. Also, he didn't want to blow his nuts before Karen fulfilled the promise earlier, that if she got see the boy's cocks she'd show them her cunt. Aaron, and Mark for that matter, were eager to see a cunt. Tits were fantastic, especially Karen's massive ones, that currently jiggled sexily as she wanked off her two pre-teen admirers, but the twins wanted to see a cunt.

"Show us your cunt Karen," Mark asked, "Please."

"You boys wanna see my cunt?" Karen asked with a smirk, letting go of the boy's erections and sitting back.

The twins nodded.

"Okay," Karen said, slyly, "but first you have to prove you're ready. You see boys, you can only see a cunt if you're old enough to kiss."

Mark and Aaron glanced at each other, unaware of this rule, and unware that Karen had obviously just made it up on the spot. Judith watched intently, merely a spectator to all of this, albeit one whose snatch was leaking cunt-sauce at an increasing rate.

"If you can show me you can kiss a girl properly," Karen told the twins, "then I shall show you my cunt." She was getting off on saying the word 'cunt' to the two little boys.

"I can kiss," Mark boasted.

"Me too," Aaron added.

The boys were not actually lying because they had 'snogged' girls at school in the playground, although it was not much more than just childish games. However, with their willies standing upright, they felt confident enough to proclaim their kissing abilities to be unparalleled. Furthermore, they wanted the reward for being a good kisser; sight of a cunt. A real life cunt.

They knew that Karen had a cunt, no doubt a nice hairy one. Karen had revealed her beautiful tits so she would no doubt reveal her beautiful cunt.

"We can snog girls, easily," boasted Aaron.

"So, natural born kissers are we?" Karen giggled, "Come here my little darlings." She patted the sofa either side of her. "Get up here and show me how good you are at kissing, and then I shall take off the rest of my clothes."

Mark and Aaron hopped onto the sofa, kneeling either side of Karen. Their pricks were pulsing, erectly, and the nipples atop Karen's enormous breasts stuck out, stiffly.

Judith sucked her tongue, stifling a moan. She didn't know why she found it so arousing to think of the prospect of her little brothers kissing a woman, but she did nonetheless. Judith's hand crept towards her crotch, eager to slip into her bikini bottoms and frig her slit, but she stopped herself. Instead she gripped her knees in her hands as she perched on the edge of the armchair.

"You want to see my cunt, don't you?" Karen asked the sweet blonde eleven-year-old twins that knelt either side of her with their slender, hairless pricks erect.

"Yes," Mark panted.

"I wanna see it," Aaron pleaded, gripping his prick in his fist and lightly pumping it, "Let us see your cunt Karen. Please."

"My cunt is beautiful," Karen boasted, her voice taking on an almost dreamy tone, "You boys will love my cunt. You want to see it, don't you my darlings?"

The twin's heads nodded up and down.

"I'll show you my hot fucking cunt," grinned Karen, "just as soon as you've proved you're good kissers. What do you think Judith? Should I let your darling brothers see my cunt?"

Karen, Mark and Aaron's eyes turned to Judith as the quiet brunette sat on the armchair across the room. Judith wasn't sure what to say after being so abruptly dragged into this lewdness.

"Show...my little baby brothers...your cunt," Judith stammered, finding her body shivering with sexual desire as she uttered those obscene intructions, "Show them." Judith cleared her throat then felt herself imbibed with her usual confidence. "Let my naughty little brothers kiss you then show them your juicy wet cunt Karen."

"You heard your big sister," Karen told the twins, "you gotta know how to kiss a girl before she'll get her knickers off. Kiss me you horny scamps! Who's first?"

"Me," Mark declared, but in doing so, he lost valuable nanoseconds. Aaron quickly plunged on in, clamping his little lips to Karen's. His efforts were amateurish but delightful to Karen. The boy mashed his lips to her's. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, causing him to retreat.

"What was that?" Aaron asked.

"My tongue, silly," Karen replied.

"That's weird," Aaron concluded.

"You whuss," tutted Mark. He then leaned down and sealed his lips to Karen's. The boy merrily pushed his tongue into Karen's mouth. They moaned together with lust, eleven-year-old Mark eagerly pushing his tongue into the mouth of twenty-three-year-old Karen. The big-titted blonde slut reached down and gently masturbated Mark's erection, drinking in his subsequent sighs of pleasure.

Aaron instantly regretted his earlier retreat. His held his cock in his hand and stifled a moan of envy as he saw how his twin-brother was enthusastically swapping spit with Karen.

"Cool," Mark grinned when he came up for breath a moment later, "I could feel your tongue in my gob Karen. Shall we do it again?"

"No, my turn," whined Aaron.

"Yes, it's your turn Aaron," Karen confirmed to the boy, "C'mere. Give me a kiss honey."

Aaron leaned in and snogged Karen. This time, when he felt Karen's tongue slip into his mouth he did not retreat. He soon found it felt great. Karen's tongue probed around his mouth and he soon responded by slipping his tongue into Karen's mouth.

After thirty-seconds, Aaron detached himself from Karen's mouth, grinning and panting.

"That's well cool," he said.

Mark swiftly took his twin's place and snogged Karen with great enthusiasm. Karen broke off after a moment.

"Stick your tongue out my sweet," she told the horny young boy.

Mark did so, sticking his tongue right out. Karen slipped her lips over the boy's tongue and began to suck on it, like it was a cock, sliding her lips up and down. It felt nice for Mark, but he also found it inexplicably funny and he started giggling a moment later, breaking the activity.

"Suck my tongue now," Karen ordered him, and she stuck her tongue out at Mark. The boy did so, sliding his lips down Karen's tongue and sucking on it.

"Mmmmm, yeah," Judith whispered to herself from across the room. She was urgently trying to find a way to insert herself into this sordid fun.

"Cool," Mark grinned after he had spent a minute sucking Karen's tongue.

"My turn," Aaron quickly said, and he leaned down and slid his lips down Karen's still-outstretched tongue. He began to suck on it, placing his left hand over one of her mammoth tits as he did so and gently groping it. Then Karen put her hand on the back of the boy's head and sealed her lips to his and slid her tongue far into his throat. Aaron let out a muffled moan of surprise, followed by a long moan of delight.

Mark got off the sofa, idly stroking his erection as he watched Aaron and Karen snog.

Judith could take it no more. She was fucking horny and was damned if she was just going to be merely a spectator.

"Mark," Judith said to her brother, "Come over here sweetie."

Mark turned and smiled. His prick was sticking up straight. He obediently strolled up to the armchair on which his sister sat.

"Sit on my lap," Judith said, patting her slender thighs as she sat up straight in the armchair.

Mark obediently did so, sitting sideways on his sister's lap. His pale little bum-cheeks felt cool against the hot flesh of her legs. Mark twisted round slightly to face his sister, placing one of his hands on her shoulder, detecting that his lovely big sister wanted to get in on the fun too.

Judith placed one of her hands on Mark's right thigh and slid her other hand up the back of his T-shirt, gently massaging the boy's lower back.

"Give us a nice kiss," she instructed him.

Mark giggled. He thought his sister was joking, but she wasn't.

"Kiss me Mark," she urged the blonde pre-teen boy, "Come on, give your big sister a nice big kiss. Then I'll show you my cunt as well."

Mark swallowed, a little nervously. Then he leaned in, slowly, and his lips soon touched his sister's. Judith reacted quickly, moaning inwardly with lust as she slid her tongue into Mark's mouth. The boy squirmed a little in Judith's lap, a little taken aback by this expression of wanton desire from Judith, but he did not try to escape. After a few seconds he got used to Judith's tongue in his mouth and let it wander around, exploring his gums and teeth and tickling the roof of his mouth.

Judith pulled back a moment later.

"Stick your tongue in my mouth too," she instructed Mark.

The boy nodded and grinned. Then he and his sister sealed their lips to one another once again, and this time Mark pushed his tongue into Judith's mouth.

Over on the sofa, Aaron briefly parted from Karen to get his breath back. He glanced over and saw his twin brother sitting in Judith's lap and the pair kissing deeply. It didn't occur to him it was in anyway strange. In fact, Aaron was glad he now had Karen all to himself.

He licked his lips as Karen extended her wriggling red tongue at him and then he opened his mouth and sucked on Karen's tongue, his head bobbing back and forth. Karen gripped Aaron's cock lightly in her first and masturbated the horny boy as he sucked on her tongue.

"Shall we do that tongue thing?" Mark asked his sister a moment later.

Judith nodded then stuck her tongue out. Mark greedily sucked on it. Whilst her brother fellated her tongue, the hand that Judith was resting on her little brother's thigh crept up and up, approaching his groin. Gently, she slipped her thumb and forefinger around the child's cock, almost as if she were hoping he wouldn't notice. Mark did notice of course, but he just leaned back and grinned.

"My turn," Judith told the boy as she began to masturbated him, "I'll suck yours now."

Mark stuck his little tongue out at his sister and Judith soon began to suck on it, wanking Mark off a little faster. She couldn't believe how hard his cock was. It may have been only about three-inches in length but it felt as stiff as iron.

"These boys sure are good kissers," concluded Karen a moment later with a grin.

"They certainly are," Judith agreed, her voice shaky with lust.

"Can we swap?" Aaron asked, "You're a cool kisser Karen but I wanna try snogging my sister."

"Sure honey," Karen told him, "Let's switch partners."

Mark and Aaron got up and swapped places. Mark went over to the sofa and knelt next to Karen, who he immediately began to french-kiss.

Judith sat back on the armchair.

"Kneel over my lap honey," she urged Aaron, "Facing me. Oh, and take your T-shirt off darling."

Aaron did so, removing his top so that he was stark naked. He had a pale and slender torso. The boy then got astride his sister, kneeling up on the armchair, his knees placed on the seat between his sister's thighs and the armrests. He was facing his sister, his bum-cheeks on her thighs, his erection wobbling just inches over the crotch of her red bikini-bottoms, the fiery purple tip pointing at her naval. He placed his small hands on her shoulders.

"Give your big sister a big kiss sweetie," Judith purred.

She tilted her head up, parting her lips and flicking her tongue out seductively. Aaron leaned in and placed his lips to her's and their tongues were soon squirming into one another's mouths.

"Mmmmph, mmph," Judith moaned, pleasurably, snogging her little brother and feeling his hard little cock poke her in the belly.

Over on the sofa, Mark was kneeling up next to Karen, who was slumped back, enjoying having her pre-teen toyboy tongue her mouth. When Mark moved back a moment later, Karen had an idea.

"Spit in my mouth darling," she told him.

"Ew, isn't that a bit gross?" asked Mark, although he was more amused than anything.

"We've swallowed one another's spit whilst snogging," explained Karen, "It's no different. Come on, hawk and dribble some nice boy-spit onto my tongue."

She stuck her tongue out and, despite his initial concerns, Mark did not hesitate to summon up a nice glob of phlegm which he obscenely dribbled onto it. Karen slipped her tongue into her mouth and swallowed.

"Now sit back," she told the boy, "It's your turn."

Mark did so, sitting back on the sofa. Without needing to be instructed, he opened his mouth. Karen knelt next to him and leaned over, hawking up some saliva and swishing it around in her mouth before she let it dribble from her wide wet lips onto Mark's tongue. Grinning, the child gulped it down.

"More," he begged.

Karen smiled and soon enough oozed some more saliva into Mark's mouth. They then giggled and resumed the more traditional activity of french-kissing.

On the armchair, Aaron had come up for breath, leaning back as he knelt astride his sister. He glanced over at the sofa. Karen was kneeling up and leaning over Mark as she snogged him, and Aaron was able to see how the topless Karen's jeans were slipping low down her arse, revealing a good few inches of arse-cleavage and her sexy pink thong. Aaron turned back to his sister. He was loving all this snogging business but he was eager to see some female flesh.

Judith, at that moment, reached down and gently grasped Aaron's cock, wrapping her forefinger and tumbg around that little three-inch shaft of steel-hard boy-flesh. Aaron gasped a little, then grinned as Judith began to gently masturbated him.

"Do you like that?" Judith asked.

Aaron just nodded, dumbly. His prick felt like it was buzzing as his sister frigged it expertly.

"Do you want to see your big sister's tits?" Judith enquired.

Again, Aaron just nodded, speechless at the sensations and thrills he was being subjected to.

"Lift up my bikini," his sister told him.

Aaron did so, hooking his hands under the cups of her skimpy red bikini-top. He easily slipped it up and over her breasts, revealing those firm tanned tits to his wide-eyes.

"They're beautiful," he gasped, admiring them. They were nowhere near as big as Karen's, but Judith's breasts were still nice, round and firm and topped with dark red nipples that were quite visibly erect.

Judith continued to jack off Aaron's cock in her right hand whilst she reached round and clapped her left hand to the boy's tight little boy-bum.

"Uuh, mmmm," stammered Aaron. His pretty face was flushed and Judith could tell the little darling was going to cum soon. She was well aware that the boy's cock was all but stabbing her in the stomach and that his eventual climax would send his sperm squirting over her belly. That was assuming he could cum of course! Judith wasn't sure. She was going to find out though.

"Feel my tits," breathed Judith, voice heavy with urgent lust.

Aaron licked his lips then gently cupped his sister's firm young breasts in his small hands. He squeezed and groped them, gently, whilst Judith continued to pump his prick in her firm grip.

Over on the sofa, Karen got Mark to get up for a moment. She then lay down lengthways along the sofa. Mark watched her with keen interest, knowing that she was obviously coming up with something new and exciting to do.

"Kneel astride me sweetie," Karen urged the eleven-year-old boy, "and put your dick between by tits."

Mark did so, but first he took off his T-shirt so that he was nude. He then knelt astride Karen's belly, his bum-cheeks and tight hairless nutsac just over her belly. His erect little pecker wobbled stiffly over her mammoth tits. Karen grabbed her boobs and parted them, eliminating her cleavage.

"Do I put it between them?" Mark asked.

Karen nodded.

Mark lowered himself and guided his cock into the deep valley between Karen's massive melons. Karen let go of her tits and ran her hands gently up and down Mark's thighs.

"Squeeze my tits together darling, and fuck my tits like you would fuck your fist when wanking."

Mark nodded and placed his hands over Karen's big tits. His fingers looked so small compared to those enormous globes. He pushed those heavy boobs together so that they clamped his prick firmly, his erection completely vanishing, hidden in Karen's immense cleavage. Mark began to gently thrust back and forth, fucking Karen's cleavage. He exhanged a grin with the woman, making it clear that he was enjoying this.

"That's it," Karen urged the boy, "that's it you horny little stud, fuck my tits. Fuck my tits sweetie."

Mark felt his erection grow hotter as he pumped it to and fro between Karen's tits, which he kept pushed together. His prick pulsed and throbbed. He thought the head of his dick might appear at the top of Karen's cleavage on the upthrust, but Karen's tits were so big that he had no sign of his cock, his little boyhood was entirely lost in the valley between Karen's big fleshy pillow-like boobs. Mark thrust and thrust, going faster, breathing quicker. He moaned a little as he felt his orgasm begin to rise. He and his twin brother had only been jacking-off for about six-months but they were already very familiar with the sensations that heralded the onset of a spurting climax.

"Fuck my tits, fuck them," Karen urged Mark.

"Uh, uuuh," Mark gasped, his tight nutsac suddenly constricting, his cum beginning to boil up, "I'm gonna...shoot...uuh...any second now."

"Quick, pull your cock out," Karen urged him, "Pull it from my tits."

Mark felt some disappointment at this order, but he obeyed it, judging by the urgency in Karen's voice and also the way he trusted that she would bring him this close to orgasm then cast him aside.

As she lay there, her head propped up against the armrest and looking intently at Mark's cock as it jutted from his hairless groin and over her boobs, Karen quickly grabbed his cock in her fist and vigorously pumped it. Her fist was soon a blur as she wanked the horny little boy, who yelped with delight as his climax finally rose.

"UUUUUUUH, YEAH!" Mark gasped, and in Karen's pumping fist his cock spurted a long wad of pure white sperm which splashed down over Karen's upper-chest. She continued jerking the boy off and a second spurt shot forth and splattered against her neck.

"Shoot it all out, cum all over my tits," begged Karen, still wanking Mark's throbbing pecker.

"Uuuuh, nnng," spluttered Mark, a third wad of sperm spurting forth and landing across Karen's left tit. Karen manouvered the boy's dick to the other side so that his next cum-spurt hit her right tit, as did the next one. Finally, Mark's little balls were pretty much drained.

The boy grabbed the back of the sofa with one hand to keep him upright as he hunched over Karen, who continued to pump his prick, summoning up a final oozing dribble of sperm that ran from his piss-hole and onto her right nipple. She then ran the spermy cock-head over the nipple, rubbing in the the lovely salty boy-cum into her big, wobbly, sperm-splattered tits.

"Uh, Judith, I'm gonna cum!" wailed Aaron from across the room, still astride his sister and playing with her tits whilst she wanked him off, her forefinger and thumb wrapped round his dick and furiously pumping up and down.

Aaron let go of Judith's tits and grabbed her shoulders to keep himself upright.

"AAAAH, fuck!" he stammered, and in his sister's firm grip his pecker spurted forth a slimy wad of cum that splattered over Judith's belly.

"Oh yeah," Judith moaned, ecstatically, getting off one watching her little eleven-year-old brother prove his evident virility in the form of a second and third spurt of cum.

"Oh Judith, Judith," panted Aaron, "Yeah...oh...mmmm."

His cock shot a fourth wad of jism that joined the previous three in splattering over Judith's flat toned belly.

His orgasm over, Aaron all but collapsed onto his big sister, placing his chin onto her shoulder, the siblings cheek-to-cheek. Judith lightly nibbled her sweet little brother's earlobe affectionately whilst still squeezing and rubbing his prick, rolling the sperm-leaking head over her cum-slick belly. Aaron softly giggled in his sister's ear and sucked gently on her ear-lobe. He'd never loved his beautiful big sister so much as he did right then.


A moment later, the boys got their breath back.

Mark got off of Karen and hopped off the sofa. Aaron pulled back from Judith and got off of the armchair. The twins had been so caught up in their respective fun that they had not paid much attention to each other's antics.

Mark looked over at their sister and admired the way she was sitting there with her bikini-top up and over her tits and with Aaron's cum smeared across her belly.

Aaron watched as Karen - grinning proudly - got up, her enormous tits, upper-chest and even her neck dotted and slashed with Mark's sperm. As she swung her legs round and sat up straight on the sofa, the sperm began to run down her tits, a couple of drips falling to her denim-clad thighs.

"That was cool," Karen smiled, idly rubbing her hands over her big wobbly jugs and rubbing in the sperm.

Mark and Aaron giggled and nodded in agreement.

"It sure was," added Judith, who was rubbing Aaron's cum into her belly.

"Can we see your cunt?" Mark asked Karen, with typical forthrightness, "You said we could see your cunt if we showed you our dicks. Can we see it Karen? Puleeease!"

"Judith said she would show us her cunt too," Aaron informed his twin.

"Yeah?" Mark asked.

Aaron nodded. Both boys looked at their big sister.

"That's what I said," Judith confirmed as she stood up, "and I keep my promises."

She undid her bikini-top and swiftly flung it the floor. Then she hooked her hands into the waistband of her tiny bikini-bottoms and slid them down her long, long legs and stepped out of them.

Finally, Judith stood there, stark naked, grinning proudly as her two little brothers drank in her charms with their big blue eyes.

"Wow," both boys said together.

"Cool," they added, once again in stereo.

They glanced at Judith's crotch and saw that she was utterly hairless there, just as they were. Judith's pubic area was completely bald and smooth.

"How come you've not grown any hair down there?" asked Mark.

"I have," replied Judith, "It's just that I shave it off."

"Why?" asked Aaron.

Judith just shrugged.

"It's neater," she replied.

"Do you shave yours?" Aaron asked Karen.

"No," the busty blonde replied, "I've got a nice furry muff! I'll show you."

Karen slid her socks off then stood up, undoing her jeans and pulling them down. She stepped out of them, casually kicking them aside. With Mark and Aaron and watching with hungry little eyes, Karen then slid her pink thong down and flung it aside so that, like her three companions, she was stark naked.

"Wow, it's really nice 'n furry," gasped Mark. He and his brother bent over a little and peered intently at the neat triangle of thick golden pubic hair at Karen's crotch.

They had a good look then stood up straight, glancing back at Judith, then at Karen.

Judith and Karen contrasted with each other in personality as well as facially, with Judith's sharp classic features framed with her straight brown hair, and Karen's softer, rounder face framed with her bright frizzy blonde hair. Similarly, apart from both being incredibly sexy, the two lady's bodies contrasted too.

Twenty-one-year-old Judith - who at five-foot-nine was ten-inches taller than her little brothers - had a slender and toned body, with pert round tits, slim luscious legs and a firm tight arse. Karen, on the other hand, was a bit shorter at five-foot-four, and the twenty-three-year-old was more voluptuous, with her massive wobbly tits, her nice firm thighs and slightly plump bottom. On top of that, Judith's body was lightly bronzed through plenty of sunbathing whilst Karen's flesh was a pale creamy white.

"You two are hot!" concluded Aaron after a moment of gazing at these two gorgeous ladies.

Mark just nodded in agreement and licked his lips. Both eleven-year-olds idly played with their semi-hard willies.

"Wanna see our cunts close-up?" Karen asked the two boys, who eagerly nodded. "Sit next to me Judith."

Judith walked over and joined Karen in sitting on the sofa, side-by-side, slumped back with their legs parted. Karen's glistening pink slit peeked from it's frame of furry golden pubes whilst Judith's lips were fully displayed from her shaved crotch.

Aaron knelt between Karen's spread legs and Mark knelt down before Judith. Their eyes were wide with awe.

"Wow", "Cor," Neat," and "That's so cool!" were amongst the high-praise those pre-teen darlings heaped upon the tasty vaginas they examined.

"It looks wet," Aaron commented to Karen, seeing how the busty blonde's cunt lips glistened.

"That's because I'm turned on," Karen explained, "Girl's nipples go hard and their cunts go wet when they're horny, just like little boy's willies go all hard."

"Yours is wet too," Mark observed, still examining every pink sparkling millimetre of his sister's twat.

"I'm horny," Judith panted, suddenly feeling an immesurable urge to frig herself. She reached down and slid two fingers into her cunt to the second joint. "Uuuuuh," she moaned, feeling some semblance of relief from the build up of horniness in her slender body.

"Wow!" gasped Mark, "How deep does it go? Can you get your fingers right up there Judith?"

"Mmmmm," confirmed Judith, and pushed her two fingers right in to the knuckle up her cunt. She gently pumped them back and forth. Her body quivered a little and her dark nipples grew stiffer atop her firm tits.

Karen emulated her friend and reached down and pushed not one but three fingers into her sopping hairy cunt. She let out a soft groan of pleasure.

The boys knelt there, fascinated, as they watched the two young women masturbate themselves.

"What's that you're doing?" Aaron asked the ladies.

"They're frigging," Mark replied, relying on some basic sex-knowledge he'd picked up in the playground, "It's how women wank off."

"Yes, we're frigging our cunts," Karen purred, "Mmmmm. It's nice. It feels so good to frig and wank!"

"Do you want to frig me Aaron?" Judith asked her little brother who was kneeling before her like her cunt was an altar.

Aaron nodded. Judith slid her slick fingers from her twat and Aaron took over, pushing two of his slender digits into his sister's vagina.

Karen took her fingers from her cunt and Mark, without needing an invitation, replaced them with his. The two boys finger-fucked their respective ladies.

"Cool, it feels dead wet and stuff," Aaron commented, pumping his digits in his sister's cunt.

"And hot," Mark added, doing likewise with Karen, "Really hot!"

Karen and Judith lay slumped back on the sofa, enjoying the twin's attentions.

"Try another finger," Judith instructed Aaron a moment later. The boy did so, pushing three of his digits into her hot twat.

"Mmmmm, uuuuh," Judith groaned.

"Finger my cunt," Karen urged Mark, "Finger it. Oh yes...oh yes Mark...you're doing a good job. Mmmmm. Finger-fuck my fucking cunt. Uuuh."

The boys merrily fingered the ladies for a few more minutes before Karen's eyes lit up with a naughty idea.

"Does my cunt look tasty?" she asked Mark.

"Mmm, yeah," grinned the blonde eleven-year-old, "It looks delicious!"

"Do you want to eat it?" Karen asked.


"Well, not literally eat it," smiled Karen, "but lick it out. Slurp on it."

Mark quickly warmed to this idea. He grinned, wickedly, then slid his fingers out of Karen's hairy cunt. He then leaned down and tentatively flicked his tongue over Karen's slick lips. He savoured the taste, found he enjoyed it, then licked some more.

"That's it, lick me out," Karen urged him, running her hands through the boy's hair, "Mmmm...lick it. Lick my pussy."

"Can I do that to you?" Aaron asked his sister.

"Of course honey, of course," Judith replied, "Slurp away!"

Aaron removed his fingers from his big sister's juicy shaved cunt and leaned down. Like Mark did with Karen, Aaron was a little tentative at first, prodding the glistening fleshy lips of his sister's cunt before he threw caution to the wind and swept his tongue up and down them. He really liked it. He played with his cock with his right hand, placed his left hand on Judith's thigh, and then really got into eating out his sister, lapping thirstily at her cunt.

"Push your tongues up our cunts," a rather heated Karen urged the boys a moment later, "Get right up there."

The boys did so, wriggling their hot little tongues into the woman's wombs as far as they would go. Karen and Judith moaned and panted, loving the attention of these pre-pubescent admirers.

The twins had their faces pushed right into the steamy crotches of the ladies, their tongues squirming and sliding around in their twats.

Mark raised his head a moment later.

"Your cunt-hair tickles," he giggled, scratching his nose. Nonetheless, he eagerly resumed eating out Karen, tonguing her twat, Karen's golden pubic hair bristling his nose slightly. Aaron had no such problems, his sister's vagina was perfectly smooth and hairless. The cunt-lapping boys were making obscene sucking and slurping noises, over which could be heard Judith and Karen's moans of pleasure, which steadily grew louder and more urgent.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Judith gasped shortly, barely able to believe that one of her kid brothers could bring her to orgasm, "Uh...oh fuck...uuuh! Keep tonguing my cunt Aaron...keep...licking me...GOD! Oh yes!"

She climaxed, hard, her slender naked body writhing on the sofa as Aaron obeyed his lustful sister's instructions to keep up his tongue-fucking.

"Christ, me too," Karen stammered a moment later, "Holy fucking...fuck...UUUUH! Oh MARK! You're making me CUM!"

Like his twin, Mark was proud of his actions, as he shoved his tongue to the root in Karen's hot cunt, his mouth-lips sealed to her cunt-lips.

"Fucking hell, uuuh," Judith spluttered, her orgasm finally ebbing away.

Karen breathed deeply as her climax also began to fade.

Finally, the boys raised their heads, their lips and chins slick and shiny with vaginal juices, their grins wide and proud.

"Did we do a good job?" Mark asked.

Karen and Judith replied by sitting up and kissing Mark and Aaron respectively, sliding their tongues into the youngster's mouths, tasting their own snatch sauce on the boy's lips.

"Mmmm, you did beautifully," Karen told Mark, giving him another kiss on the forehead.

"That was truly great," Judith concluded, ruffling Aaron's hair, "You made your big sis feel very good sweetheart." She kissed the adorable child once more, tongueing his mouth like he had just done so with her twat.

"I'm hard again," Mark then declared, standing up and proudly pumping his slender tool which was, indeed, freshly erect.

"Me too," added Aaron.

"Judith," Mark asked his sister, saying her name in a hopeful tone that made it clear he was about to ask a favour, "Can me and Aaron, like, fuck you? And Karen?"

"Yeah, can we?" Aaron quickly added.

"Can we," repeated Mark, "Please!"

"Go on, please," his brother begged, "Let us fuck you two."

"Well," Karen began, with a grin, "I think we..."

"No, I'm afraid not," Judith interrupted, aware she was raining on everyone's parade here. Karen, Mark and Aaron looked at her.

"Why not?" whined the boys in unison.

"It's...going a bit too far," Judith explained, "Besides, I don't want to get pregnant. I've got condoms upstairs but they're designed for adults. They might not er...work for undeveloped boys like you. There'd be hell to pay from mum and dad if one of you got me preggers!"

"Yeah, but I'm on the pill," explained Karen, "I can't get pregnant."

"Yes, I know," Judith sighed, "I still think that it's going a bit too far. We're just having fun here, y'know? At first we were just showing my brothers the sights, as it were. Oral stuff and wanking each other off is okay, I guess, but nothing more. They're too young."

"We're not," declared Mark and Aaron.

"I lost my cherry at thirteen," Karen bragged.

"Yes, but my brothers are only eleven," Judith pointed out, "Seriously, it's going a bit too far for them to fuck us." She sensed the displeasure in her brothers, as well as Karen. Using a trick more common to mothers than sisters, Judith opted to raise their spirits by keeping hope alive; "Maybe some other time," she said, "When you boys are a bit older. Then you can fuck us. Maybe."

Mark and Aaron were a little bit happier after this promise. Furthermore, they had to admit, they had done a lot more than they'd ever dreamed of already. That morning their mission was just to get their hands on a porn mag. Now they had seen two gorgeous ladies, naked, in the flesh, then been kissed, wanked off, allowed to play with titties and cunts and even licked some pussies. For eleven-year-olds, that was a fair accomplishment.

"Can you wank us off again though?" Aaron begged his sister.

"Sure," Judith smiled, "We can do that. In fact, how would you boys like a blow-job?"

Mark and Aaron were young, but not wholly innocent; they knew what a blow-job was!

"Yes please!" they both replied.

"Let's do you one at a time," Karen said, standing up, "Aaron? Sit on the armchair honey, and wait your turn. You can wank off but don't go shooting your load. Mark? You sit on the sofa. I'll suck your cock and your sister can offer you whatever part of her body you wish to lick. Okay?"

This plan was widely approved by all concerned. Aaron went over to sit on the armchair whilst Mark sat down on the sofa, naked and horny.

Karen knelt on the floor in front of the sofa, between Mark's parted slender legs. With her hands on Mark's skinny pale thighs, Karen leaned over and slipped her warm lips down the boy's stiff little shaft.

"Mmmm, uuuh," Mark gasped, the sensation of his prick in a warm wet mouth incredibly novel and fantastically pleasurable, "Oh yeah. That's cool!"

Karen was easily able to get all of Mark's prick in her mouth. She began to bob her head, sucking him off expertly, her frizzy blonde hair hanging over his pelvis.

Judith got onto the sofa and knelt next to Mark.

"Whaddya want to suck first sweetie?" she asked her brother whilst squeezing her firm ripe tits, "My boobs? My tongue? Maybe even my cunt?"

"Could I have a kiss?" Mark asked, sweetly, his voice shaky as Karen continued to suck his dick.

"Of course you can," Judith smiled, "If my little brother wants a kiss, then he shall have one."

"A nice, wet, sloppy one?" asked Mark, "With tongues?"

"Of course," Judith whispered, leaning down. She sealed her lips to Mark's and slid her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues writhed and slid across each other, dipping into each other's mouths. It was a long and lewd kiss and, as Judith had promised, a thoroughly wet and sloppy one. They swapped spit and moaned pleasurably into one another's mouths.

After a moment, Judith took her lips from Mark's and offered him her left tit. The boy clamped his mouth over his sister's nipple and eagerly sucked on it, just as Karen was doing to his cock.

"Could you spit in my mouth?" Mark then asked Judith, "Y'know, like Karen was doing earlier?"

"Sure sweetie."

Judith hawked and dribbled a long gob of saliva into Mark's wide open mouth, the boy smiling as he closed his mouth and swallowed. He opened up again and Judith obligingly dribbled phlegm obscenely into her little brother's mouth. They then resumed snogging one another.

"I love drinking your spit sis," Mark giggled with a curious mixture of lewdness and honesty.

"Want some more little brother?" Judith asked him.

Naturally, Mark nodded his head.

Judith hawked and summoned up lots of gooey saliva into her mouth. She swished it around in her mouth then parted her lips as she hovered over her horny baby brother. Her stringy phlegm oozed down from her pretty lips and into Mark's mouth, the boy gulping and swallowing the spit his sister fed to him, as if her were emulating a baby bird being fed by it's mother.

"More," he begged.

Judith smiled then made an obscene noise as she summoned up more saliva, which she merrily dribbled into her brother's mouth. Mark swallowed it then stuck his tongue out, and his naked big sister took up the unspoken invitation and sucked on her brother's tongue whilst running her hands through his blonde hair.

In the meantime Karen was deep-throating Mark with wild abandon, her head bobbing up and down faster as she slurped on the delicious little boy-cock. She could sense the child's climax was approaching.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum!" Mark gasped a moment later, "Uh...I'm gonna cum...in Karen's mouth...NNG!"

Karen sucked deeply on Mark's cock and soon got her reward as the throbbing erection pulsed and spat a nice wad of warm gooey cum into her welcoming mouth.

"Uuuuuh, fuck," Mark gasped, eyes rolling back in his head as his young pre-pubescent body was shaken by a powerful orgasm.

"That's it, cum in her mouth," Judith urged Mark, placing a hand to the back of the boy's head and pressing his lust-wracked little face into her tits, "Fill her belly with sperm."

With the side of his face mashed to his sister's tits, Mark groaned with pleasure as his prick spurted his pure white cum into Karen's mouth. Karen swallowed the warm jizz as fast as it was fired into her throat. A second spurt, a third, a fourth and finally a fifth, each tastier than the last. After Mark's climax had died down, the boy all but whimpering with joy into Judith's melons, Karen sucked and sucked on his softening cock, drawing out every last drop of sweet boy-juice.

"Wow, that looked fun," Aaron commented as he watched from the armchair, playing with his erection.

"It was," grinned Mark, recovering slightly. He looked dishevelled.

"You taste delicious," Karen told Mark as she raised her head, grinning. Mark's cock was flaccid and slick with cum and saliva.

Karen moved up and gave Mark a long and lustful kiss. Then she turned to Aaron.

"Your turn!"

Aaron leapt up from the armchair, eager to have his dick-sucked. Mark got up from the sofa and went over to the armchair, into which he slumped.

"Sit down and your sister will suck your cock," Karen told Aaron, "You can suck my titties and snog me in the meantime."

Aaron sat down on the sofa, thighs parted, ready to submit himself to these lovely ladies.

Judith got on all fours on the floor in front of the sofa and slipped her lips over Aaron's dick. The boy gasped, as his twin had done earlier; the sensation of a woman's lips gliding down boy's cock for the first time is as novel and as exciting as the first time a boy cums.

Although she may not have the experience of sucking cocks as Karen, Judith nonetheless was not a complete novice. She took all of her little brother's pecker into her mouth and began bobbing her head, sucking Aaron's lovely dick in her hot wet mouth, her long brown hair draped over the child's pale slender belly.

Karen got onto the sofa and knelt beside Aaron.

"Give us a kiss my likkle darling," she said in a silly, childish voice, leaning down towards Aaron. The boy giggled then was soon silenced when Karen mashed her lips to his and pushed her tongue into his throat. They both moaned with pleasure, snogging like the horny fuckers they were.

A moment or two later, Karen finally took her mouth from Aaron, the boy breathing deeply, in utter heaven as his sister fellated his juvinile pecker.

Karen then knelt up straight and offered her mammoth breasts to Aaron, the boy eagerly turning his head and sucking on those tasty assets. He slurped on each stiff nipple then proceeded to lick every square-inch of those heavy boobs, which naturally took some time!

As he sat on the armchair, Mark eagerly watched the proceedings. His cock was spent but he was not ready for retirement yet. He became fascinated by Judith's arse. His sister was on her hands and knees in front of the sofa as she sucked Aaron's cock, and Mark could spy his sister's anus in between her beautiful tanned cheeks. He had never thought of women's bums as particularly sexy before; nice to look at, sure, but not all that exciting because bums were the one rude bit that men and women both had. If he wanted to see a bottom he could, after all, just get a mirror and look at his own.

However, Mark found himself intruiged and aroused at the sight of his sister's anus. It was, like the cunt that hung below it, completely hairless and neat. It was a dark, puckered and tight-looking.

That's where Judith shits out of, Mark thought to himself, My big sister shits from that hole.

He found that he was not grossed out by such a thought. Instead he was aroused by the intimacy of this knowledge of the hole he was admiring. Displaying a mature outlook of the female form the belied his tender years, Mark realised that a woman's anus was in some ways even more intimate and private than her cunt.

Mark got up from the armchair and knelt behind his sister. He couldn't resist touching her arse. He placed his small hands to her buttocks and gently stroked them.

Judith obviously felt Mark's touch and she was pleased at the attention. She did not, however, take a break in sucking Aaron's dick.

"Do you like your sister's bottom?" Karen asked Mark whilst she was still having her tits licked by Aaron.

"It's beautiful," Mark grinned, eyes transfixed by his sister's shaved arsehole, "It's a beautiful bottom!"

"Can you see her anus," Karen's asked, her voice shaky with lust.

"I can," replied Mark, "I can see my sister's anus. It's where she poohs out of isn't it?"

"It is," Karen lustfully confirmed, "She defecates from there!"

"What's defecates?" Aaron enquired, taking his mouth from Karen's boobs.

"It's the technical term to say 'take a shit'," Karen replied.

Like any normal eleven-year-old boys, Mark and Aaron giggled at such toilet-related information. Then Aaron got back to sucking Karen's tits whilst Judith sucked his erection. Mark continued to stroke his big sister's bottom.

"Wow, it looks so cool!" Mark declared.

"Do you like your sister's anus," Karen asked the boy, "Do you like it? Do you like the look of your sister's arsehole?"

"Mmmm, yeah," replied Mark.

"Judith poohs from it," Karen breathed.

"She must do, I guess," Mark agreed, "She poohs from this hole." Like many little boys it was hard to imainge that anyone as beautiful as a woman - especially his own sister - did anything so base and so obscene as take a shit. But women did. Even his own sister. Even his own beautiful big sister, Judith, sat on a toilet once a day and pushed big brown smelly turds from the hole that Mark was currently admiring. He licked his lips.

"Lick it," Karen urged the pre-teen boy, "Lick your big sister's bum-hole!"

"Lick it?" gasped Mark, "Eww. But that's where she poohs from."

"So?" shrugged Karen, her nipple being sucked lovingly by Aaron, "Is it not clean?"

"Yeah, it's clean," replied Mark, "There's no pooh or nuthin' around it."

"So lick it," Karen demanded, "Lick it! Lick your big sister's anus. Go on. Go on you sexy little fuck! Lick your sister's anus."

Sensing both the urgency in Karen's voice, and his own lewd desires, Mark leaned down, his hands clapped to Judith's buttocks. He stuck out his tongue and flicked it over Judith's anus.

"Mmmmm, mmph," Judith moaned. She had never indulged in any form of anal sex; no man's cock, finger or tongue had penetrated her backdoor. Judith did finger her arsehole a lot when masturbating and often pushed her beloved vibrator up there to delicious effect. Once, during a prolonged masturbation session when she was a bit drunk and had the house to herself, Judith had greased up a foot-long can of hairspray and pushed over half of it up her rectum whilst using the vibrator on her cunt, bringing herself to an orgasm so strong she almost fainted. Yet she had never thought to offer her arsehole to the few boyfriends she'd had; it was if it was far too private an orifice to be employed outside of onanistic delights. She'd even been a bit embarrassed when Mark had started to fondle her bum and look at her anus. However, she had soon gotten an exhibitionistic thrill out of the compliments her little brother heaped upon her rear vent, and the sensation of his tongue flicking over her arsehole had sent a tingle of pleasure running up her spine.

Mark licked Judith's anus again and then exchanged a grin with Karen.

Judith shuddered with pleasure as she continued to suck on Aaron's hard boy-cock. She hoped Mark would lick her anus once more.

Mark did indeed lick her anus again. He ran his little red wet tongue up the crack of his big sister's bum. No longer was it just an amusing antic, a display of showing off to Karen, but instead something that was incredibly sexy.

"Judith's bum tastes nice," the eleven-year-old boy declared to the room, before proving his point by lapping Judith's anus once more.

"Stick your tongue up it," urged Karen, still feeding her stiff nipples to the blow-job-receiving Aaron, "Put your tongue up there, right up her bumhole."

"I might encounter some pooh," Mark declared, more an observation than a complaint.

"Just stick your tongue up my bum Mark!" Judith ordered the boy, before immediately resuming sucking on Aaron's cock.

Mark could not ignore his big sister's order! He stuck his tongue out, leaned down and began pushing the tip of his tongue to his sister's anus. He pushed and pushed. Judith relaxed her ecstasy-wracked sphincter and Mark soon found his tongue slipping up into Judith's rectum.

"Stick your tongue up your sister's arsehole!" Karen urged Mark, before she then turned to Aaron, "And you my darling," she said to him, "Have you had enough of my tits? Would you like my tongue? My spit? My bodily fluids are all yours you horny child!"

"Spit on me!" Aaron asked of Karen, forsaking his usual demeanour as the quiet one of the twins, "I want your...spit...on my face...Uuuuh!" he grunted as Judith continued to suck his cock. His orgasm had not risen yet, but it was close. "Spit on me!"

Karen hawked and spat over the boy's face. With saliva running down his face, Aaron grinned and licked his spit-flecked lips.

"Mmmm," he crooned, "More, more!"

Karen hawked and dribbled thick gooey spit onto Aaron's cute little nose and then she lapped it up, feeding her retrieved saliva to Aaron by dribbling it into his mouth. She licked his nose, his chin, his forehead and nibbled his earlobes. She wanted to devour the beautiful eleven-year-old sweetheart. Karen then hawked and dribbled yet more saliva onto Aaron's outstretched tongue. The boy gulped down all that he was fed. He then got back to sucking on Karen's stubby nipples.

Judith sucked deep down on Aaron's dick, taking the whole of his slender hairless pecker into her mouth. She sensed the boy's climax was approaching and she couldn't wait to taste his sperm!

"How's your big sister's arsehole?" Karen then asked the other twin.

"Delicious!" Mark replied with a grin, raising his head from his sister's bum-cheeks before plunging his head back between them and shoving his tongue as far up Judith's rectum as he could. Judith moaned inwardly with pleasure. Aaron's cock was tickling her tonsils and Mark's tongue was tickling her colon.

The four naked individuals formed a nice train; Mark was tongueing Judith's anus, Judith was sucking Aaron's cock and Aaron was sucking Karen's tits.

"Mmmmph," Judith groaned, in absolute ecstasy.

"Suck my tits," Karen urged Aaron as she fed him her boobs whilst she fingered her sopping hairy twat with two of her slick fingers, "Suck them! Suck my big fucking tits! Mmmm. Oh yes sweetie. Oh yes." She then turned to Mark and told him, "Lick your sister's arse! Lick it! Eat her arse out! Uuuuh, you horny boys... beautiful little boys...sucking tits....tongueing arseholes....drinking saliva....uuugh, yes, you're dirty little boys...fucking dirty bastards! UUUUH! Oh yes!"

"I'm cumming!" Aaron abruptly declared to the room, taking his mouth from Karen's tits, "Uuuuh, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck!"

Aaron spurted his pure white sperm into Judith's mouth and the slender brunette gulped down every drop. She sucked and gulped, sucked and gulped some more. Her baby brother's sperm tasted beautiful; warm, salty and pure. It slid down Judith's gulping throat.

Sensing his twin was cumming in Judith's mouth, Mark wriggled his tongue as far up Judith's rectum as he could. He pushed his tongue deep into his sister, past her rubbery sphincter and into her slick rectum.

"Give us a kiss darling," Karen said to Aaron as she sealed her lips to his.

"Mmmppph," Aaron moaned as Karen snogged him. He swapped spit and ecstatic moans with her. Aaron's slender, pale pre-teen body shuddered as her spurted his cum into his sister's mouth.

Judith gulped down everything her brother had to offer, slurping and slurping until there was no sperm left.

Finally, the fun was over. They were all out of breath.

"That was pretty cool," was Aaron's stoic evaluation of the pleasures he had indulged in once Judith had finally taken her lips from his cock and Karen had finally taken her tongue from out of his mouth.

"I love bums," Mark sighed to himself after he had finally taking his tongue from his sister's rectal passage.

"My bum loves your tongue," Judith told Mark as she turned round. She ruffled the boy's hair then gave him a thoroughly lewd kiss, rewarding the child for his sublime oral work on her anus.

In the meatime, Karen sucked Aaron's tongue before she slid down and sucked his cum and spit slick little penis.


"Did it feel nice when I licked your bum?" Mark asked Judith after she had finished tongueing his mouth.

"It did sweetie," Judith informed her little brother, "It was very nice. Do you want me to lick your anus?"

Mark giggled and nodded his head.

"Bend over darling," his big sister told him.

"You too," Karen said to Aaron, taking her mouth from his limp cock.

The naked identical twin boys both stood and bent over, hands resting on their knees, their pale little boy-bottoms bared and ready for attention.

Judith knelt behind Mark and parted his delicious round cheeks, exposing his hairless pink anus, below which hung his small, bald little nutsac. She merrily pushed her face between Mark's bum-cheeks and lapped at his anus, making the boy alternately sigh with pleasure and giggle with amusement.

Karen got behind Aaron, spread his cheeks and dished out the same tongue-lashing to the child's anus.

Mark and Aaron exchanged grins as their bum-holes were licked. It felt funny but it also felt pleasurable.

After a good few minutes of feasting on the little boy's arseholes, Karen and Judith retired and got to their feet. Mark and Aaron stood up straight and turned round.

"Can I licked your bumhole?" Aaron asked his sister.

"Of course you can," Judith replied, "Although I'm sure Karen would like a tongue up her arse as well."

"I'm going to have to pop out I'm afraid," Karen replied, reaching down and picking up her knickers. She began to put them on.

"Where are you going?" Aaron asked, suddenly feeling upset at the idea of Karen leaving them.

"To the shop," Karen replied, sliding on her thong before she reached for her bra, "I'm going to buy you a porn magazine."

"Cool!" grinned Mark and Aaron.

"Unless your sister has any objections," Karen said. All eyes turned to Judith.

"No, it's cool," Judith said, "However, the one condition is that you boys can't take the porn magazine home with you. You have to leave it here. If mum or dad find it they'll go mad and they might found out Karen and I let you have it. So you have to leave the magazine here, at our house." Judith actually knew that boys were pretty good at hiding things from parents, but she just liked the idea of having the magazine kept here, at her's and Karen's house, thus ensuring her brothers would have a reason to come round often. She intended on making the afternoon's fun a regular thing!

"Sounds fair enough," Mark agreed.

"What'll you buy us?" Aaron asked Karen.

"What would you like?" she asked him.

"Not sure," Aaron admitted, "Er...just one with nice women in it. With big boobs."

"Yeah, a big boobie mag," Mark enthusiastically added, "There's one called 'Big Jugs' or somethin' I think. Get us that. One with birds with massive knockers. Like yours."

"I'll see what there is," Karen smiled. She finished dressing and, after grabbing her car keys, left the house.

"Can I lick your bum whilst we're waiting for Karen?" Aaron asked Judith.

"Sure thing kid," Judith smiled. She was impressed by the way her two horny brothers, despite having shot their loads, were utterly relentless and tireless in their quest to explore the female body. "Mark? Would you like to lick my pussy in the meantime?"

Mark nodded and smiled.

"Okay," Judith said, "Let's do it!"

The leggy brunette stood in the centre of the living room floor with her feet slightly apart. Mark eagerly knelt in front of his sister and placed his hands on her thighs. He pushed his face up into her hot crotch and began to eat out her shaved snatch. Meanwhile, Aaron knelt behind Judith, parted her bum-cheeks and licked her delicious tight anus. He soon managed to push his little tongue up into her rectum whilst Mark was pushing his tongue up her cunt.

"Uuuh, yeah," moaned Judith, her body quivering with lust as she ran her hands through Mark's hair, "Uh, oh yeah. Lick me. Lick me boys. That's it! Yes! Come on, stick your tongues up me, as far as you can. Oh fuck, that's it, yes! Lick my cunt out Mark, eat my pussy. Eat your big sister's hot wet pussy. Uuuh. Fuck yeah! Oh Aaron, yes, baby, yes. I can feel your tongue right up my bum. Right up my shitter. Uuuuh. Tongue-fuck my fucking holes you fucking horny little bastards...big sister needs your tongues...right into me...OH FUCK! I'm gonna....fucking...cum!"

Her legs quivered and her tits jiggled as her body was shaken by a powerful climax brought on by her little brother's dual tongue work. The boys shoved their tongues as far into their big sister's body as possible.

"UUUUH, I'm fucking CUMMING!" wailed Judith, grabbing her tits and squeezing them whilst her brother's tongues snaked up into her womb and rectum.

"Was that cool?" Mark asked his big sister after finally sliding his tongue from her wet shaved pussy.

Judith smiled, bent down and gave the boy a lewd kiss.


Half-an-hour later, Karen arrived back home. The busty blonde strolled into the living room with a brown paper bag.

Mark and Aaron were both sitting on the sofa, flanking Judith, whose boobs they were idly playing with. The three siblings were all still naked.

"Hi everyone," Karen grinned to the room.

"Did ya get 'em?" Aaron asked as he got to his feet. Mark did likewise.

"I got the porno magazines, yes," confirmed Karen. She reached into the brown bag and pulled out two glossy magazines. "I got a couple in fact." She put them down on the coffee table and watched with amusement as the two horny twin boys grabbed on each.

"Whoa, this one's called 'Big Jugs', cool!" Mark said, flicking through the magazine in question.

"This one is called 'Escort'," Aaron said, looking at the one he had picked up.

"I'll put the kettle on," Judith said, standing up, "You boys sit and read your, ahem, literature. But don't go cumming all over the place you horny scamps! There's no point in you wanking off onto pictures of naked ladies when there's two real life ones willing to be targets for your little spunk cannons."

"Okay sis," the boys said. Whilst their sister went off to the kitchen, Mark and Aaron knelt naked in front of the coffee table and flicked through their magazines.

Karen casually undressed then sat naked on the sofa. Judith soon came in with a cup of tea for her and her housemate. They sat on the sofa, sipping their drinks whilst watching with some amusement as their two porn-loving little guests scanned through their magazines.

The boys played with their stiffening little cocks as they encountered a new and excitingly erotic picture with every turn of the page and in their excited little voices they gave a running commentry:

"Wow, look at this chick Aaron!"

"Cor, she's hot. Not as nice as this one though Mark."

"Nice arse!"

"Fuck me, look at the size of them!"

"They're huge!"

"This girl is hot! Wow!"

"Mmmm, nice nipples."

"Cor, you can see this one's bum-hole!"

"This has got two chicks getting it one. Look, they're snogging and everything."


"This chick's got a shaved pussy, like Judith. Cool!"

"Shit, this woman's tits are huge. Look at those nipples!"

And so on...

"Which picture do you like the best boys?" Karen asked the twins a moment later, after they had flicked through both magazines.

"I like this one," Aaron declared, flicking through his copy of Escort until he found the appropriate page. Karen knelt on the floor next to the boy, gently stroking his thigh as she peered at the object of his affection. It was a double-page spread of a big-breasted brunette on her hands and knees, her arse raised and spread towards the camera, her hairy cunt hanging beneath her shaved anus.

"Mmmm, nice," Karen said, "Would you like me to adopt that pose?"

Aaron smiled and nodded.

"Yes please," he said, sweetly.

Karen turned and, in the centre of the living room floor, got on her hands and knees, arching her back and wiggling her big bare arse in the air.

"Wow," Aaron gasped, shuffling on his knees until he was right behind Karen. He placed his small hands on her spread cheeks. "You have a beautiful arsehole," he said, admiring the orifice in question. He was light pink and puckered, hairless in contrast to her furry pussy. "It's beautiful. Just as nice as Judith's."

"Would you like to lick it?" Karen asked.

"Yeah! Can I?"

"Go for it! Lap away honey!"

Aaron leaned down and flicked his hot wet tongue over Karen's anus.

"Mmmm, nice," Karen purred, "Oh yeah. Lick me Aaron. Lick my arsehole. Uuh."

Aaron soon got into it, lapping thirstily at Karen's shitter.

"Can I lick your bum-hole again Judith?" Mark politely asked his big sister.

"Sure you can!" Judith replied. She stood up. "Lie on the floor darling. I shall sit on your face."

Mark lay down along the rug in front of the fireplace. Judith stood astride the boy, her feet either side of his head. She squatted down, slowly bending her long toned legs, her beautiful arse descending. Mark licked his lips.

"You're not gonna fart are you sis?" he asked when Judith's bottom was hovering just a few inches above his face.

"Not unless you want me too," giggled Judith.

"Go on then!"

Judith strained and then let out a brief ripper of a fart. Mark giggled like mad.

"Ew, it's smells poohey," he laughed.

"Well I don't vent Calvin Klein's Obsession out of my arse honey," Judith replied, "Now lick my arsehole little brother. Lick big sister's bum!"

She lowered herself a little more so that her anus touched Mark's lips. The horny youngster immediately began to lap and lick his sister's arsehole.

"Oh yeah, yeah, that's good," Judith moaned, squatting over Mark's face, her hands resting on the boy's tender belly to support herself, "Mmmm, lick it. Lick it you horny fucker. Stick your tongue up your big sister's rectum. Uuuuh! Yeah."

Meanwhile, nearby, Aaron was pushing his hard little tongue up into Karen's guts. Her sphincter was nicely loosened up and slick with saliva and the boy was able to wriggle his tongue a good couple of inches up into her shit-chute.

"Yes, uuuuuh, yeah!" Karen spluttered, in heaven at this anal-oral attention. Unlike Judith, Karen was no stranger to anal-sex. She'd lost her anal cherry at the age of fourteen when she had dated a sodomy-obsessed man in his thirties who had refused to fuck her anywhere except in the bum. Karen had loved it and since then, thirty more boyfriends and about a hundred one-night stands later, her bum had seen as much cock-traffic as her cunt and mouth.

"Tongue my arse, oh yeah Aaron, tongue it," she begged the horny eleven-year-old boy whose squirming, exploring tongue felt so far in her bowels she felt tbe boy would soon be able to lick her tonsils!

Judith was getting the same treatment from Aaron. She was sitting right on his face, her anus impaled on his wriggling tongue. As she had her colon licked out by her little brother, Judith reached down and played with his cock. Like Aaron, Mark sported a fresh erection, and Judith and Karen were both looking forwards to summoning more lovely little-boy sperm from their hairless nut-sacs.

"Stick your finger up my arse," Karen lewdly ordered Aaron, "Push it up there!"

Aaron knelt up and grinned. This sounded like a fun thing to do! He sucked on his left forefinger then placed the tip to Karen's tight hairless arsehole. He pushed, slowly applying pressure, and thanks to the saliva acting as lubrication, his digit soon popped up into Karen's anus.

"Wow," he gasped, admiring the way most of his finger was up inside Karen's bum.

"Oooh, that's good," sighed Karen, "Push it all the way in."

Whilst beating off his pecker in his right hand, Aaron slid his left forefinger up Karen's rectum to the knuckle. It felt nice and hot up there, even hotter and tighter than her anus. He could feel the way her tight sphincter clenched the base of his digit. He wiggled his forefinger around in Karen's rectum, making her purr with delight.

He could feel some soft, warm, fudgy substance up there and it didn't take him long to figure that it was pooh. He didn't mind. He didn't even comment on it. In fact it made his prick stiffen even further at the sensation of nudging the tip of his finger into Karen's shit.

"Cum on my arse soon honey," Karen urged the boy, "Finger my shit-hole and then, when you're about to cum, wank off all over by bottom."

"I will, I will," Aaron replied, jerking off furiously whilst he finger-fucked Karen's bum.

A moment later, Judith rose up, her anus well-licked and satisfied.

"Did you like the taste of my arse?" she asked her little brother.

"Yeah!" Mark replied, "It was ace. I need to cum now. Can I wank onto you Judith? Can I wank onto your boobs or somethin'?"

"Sure," Judith replied, as she sat down on the sofa, "Stand in front of me and give me your cock. I'm going to suck it, but before you cum I want you to pull out and shoot over my face. Okay?"

Mark eagerly nodded. He hopped up to his feet and stood in front of Judith as she sat on the sofa, his slender pecker level with her mouth.

Judith licked her lips then slid them down her little brother's shaft. Mark let out a moan of delight as his sister began to suck lovingly on his prick. He had gotten such a thrill out of tongueing Judith's bum that he knew his sperm would rise up very soon.

"Uh, uuuuuh," Aaron groaned from nearby, feeling his cum rise up, "Fuck, yeah...I'm gonna cum!"

"Shoot it over my arse!" begged Karen.

Aaron slipped his finger from Karen's arse and lay his left palm across the base of the busty blonde's spine to support himself whilst he furiously wanked off his cock in his right fist. He shuffled up closer to Karen's spread behind.

"UUUUUUH! FUCK!" the boy cried, and in his blurred fist his young prick spat forth a hot wad of slimy cum right over Karen's twitching arsehole. Aaron spurted a second load into Karen's arse-crack, and then, remembering his instructions to give Karen's bum a good coating, he aimed his third and forth spurts over her right buttock. He continued to jack off his throbbing rod and managed to shoot a fifth and final squirt of sperm over Karen's left cheek. Finally, he was spent. He sighed happily as he rubbed his sperm-leaking cock-head up and down Karen's spunky arse-crack.

"I'm gonna cum!" Mark then gasped, his sister's blow-job skills summoning up his jism, "FUCK! Uhh...Judith...I'm gonna shoot!"

Judith took her lips from her brother's cock, gripped the base of it in her right hand, and pumped it rapidly. Immediately, a steaming gout of boy-juice spurted from Mark's prick and splattered over Judith's face. She closed her eyes and sighed contendly as a second and third spurt of cum lashed her pretty visage. Then she opened her mouth and caught a fourth squirt on her tongue, and as she swallowed this beautiful salty offering, she felt Mark pump a final wad of his fuck-juice into her hair.

"Mmmm, beautiful," Judith sighed, and she took Mark's softening cock into her mouth and sucked it lovingly, draining it of the remaining drops of spunk.

Meanwhile, Aaron was happily admiring Karen's rump, which sparkled with his steaming cum. He then noticed his left forefinger was a little brown at the end, from it's journey into Karen's rectum. Out of curiosity he sucked on it. It did not taste nice - it was, after all, shit - but it didn't gross him out. He sucked his finger clean and grinned wickedly when Karen turned and caught him.

"Do you like sucking your finger after it's been up my bum?" Karen said, kneeling up and turning round.

Aaron just grinned and nodded.

"You horny little scat-freak!" Karen giggled.

"What's a 'scat-freak'?" Aaron asked.

"Don't worry sweetie," Karen said, and she gave him a kiss, "Now, I've got lots of sperm on my bum. And your big sister has a faceful of it! We can't let it go to waste." She turned back round and got onto her hands and knees once more. "Aaron? I want you to lick your sperm off of my bum, but don't swallow! I want you to feed it to your sister."

Judith stopped sucking on Mark's prick and the boy stepped aside to watch proceedings.

Without hesitation, Aaron submitted to Karen's lewd plan. With his little tongue, he lapped up all of his sperm from Karen's bottom and then went over to Judith. His big sister tilted her head back and opened her mouth, into which Aaron dribbled his oozing spunk. Judith gulped down the lot.

Then, Karen sat on the sofa next to Judith, and Mark licked his sperm from his sister's face and fed it to Karen.

These acts of sublime depravity were eventually bought to a close.

"I'm starving!" Aaron then declared, "Anything to eat in this house or what?"


Although Judith and Karen's fridge was reasonably well-stocked, Judith opted to go out for some lunch. She cleaned herself up, dressed and then grabbed the keys for the car she jointly-owned with Karen before heading off out to grab a pizza.

"Upstairs darlings," Karen meanwhile said to Mark and Aaron, patting their pale little boy-bums, "Time for a bath. We're all a little bit sweaty!"

The boys giggled and hurried up the stairs with Karen following behind them.

The bath was only a normal sized tub, so after half-filling it with hot water, Karen had the two twins hop in. The boys stood there in the bath whilst Karen stood just outside it, using a big spongue to soap up then rinse down their tender young bodies. Before long the youngsters were sparkling clean.

Karen then had the boys get out and took their place. The busty blonde enjoyed standing in the tub whilst Mark and Aaron eagerly spongued her body, naturally paying particular attention to her big breasts and creamy round bottom, which soon shone and sparkled wetly.

Eventually, the trio dried off and, without it even occuring to them to get dressed, they scampered downstairs just in time for Judith's return home.

Still in some sort of quasi-maternal role, Judith prepared their meal, or at least carve the twenty-inch pizza up into four pieces and put into plates then handed them out to her hungry housemate and brothers. Karen and the twins scoffed down their pizza whilst sitting on the floor in the living room, naked, and not to be outdone, Judith stripped naked once more and sat down with them. Normally Judith was quite neat and tidy, enjoying cooking up meals rather than getting take-away, and eating at the table in a civilized fashion, but the influence of the less-tidy Karen and the care-free Mark and Aaron was compelling Judith to go with the flow, to let her hair-down and slum it a bit.

They all scoffed down their pizza, Mark and Aaron idly flicking through a porn mag each as they did so, Judith and Karen watching them with some amusement.


"Got any dessert?" Mark asked Judith once they'd finished.

"I can russle something up," Karen replied as she gathered up everyone's plates, "Back in a moment!"

The busty blonde hurried off to the kitchen.

"I hope you two won't mention this to mum and dad," Judith said to her brothers.

"'Course not," the pair of them replied, together.

"Good," smiled Judith, "so long as they don't find out, we can do this again sometime."

"Cool," grinned Mark and Aaron.

Judith knew that if their mum and dad found about the afternoon's sordidness, they'd be just as mad with the twins as they were with her. However, she nonetheless had wanted some confirmation that her little brothers knew the secrecy required. Promising them future fun was a good way of ensuring the boys would keep quiet about it, not to mention the fact that Judith hoped to repeat the afternoon's antics again too.

Just then, Karen returned. She strolled naked into the centre of the room, holding a big can of whipped cream. With a wicked grin on her face, Karen knelt down, shook the can up, and then upended it and squeezed the nozzle. With Mark, Aaron and Judith watching intently, Karen merrily squirted a generous amount of pure white foaming cream over her right breast.

"Whoa," gasped Mark and Aaron, watching with wide eyes.

"Now the other one," Karen chirped, and she promptly coated her other tit with cream. Then she slung the can aside. She knelt there with her breasts topped with delicious cream, like she was wearing a strap-less frothy bra. Even her big red stubby nipples failed to poke through their dairy coating. "Dessert is served," Karen grinned.

Mark moved first, shuffling over and kneeling in front of Karen on the floor. He leaned down and quickly began lapping at the cream that coated her left tit, slurping it up and gulping it down.

Aaron wasn't far behind. He knelt next to his twin and took care of Karen's right tit.

As she sat there, having her cream-topped boobs lapped clean by two little tongues, Karen exchanged a naughty grin with Judith. It still impressed Judith just how wonderfully kinky and imaginative her housemate could be.

"More, more," Aaron giggled after he and his twin had lapped Karen's boobs clean.

"Here we go," Karen said, grabbing the can of cream, "Bend over Judith."

Judith obediently stood up and turned round, bending over with her long toned legs straight, her hands on her knees, her firm tanned bum facing her audience. Karen got up and walked over to Judith, whose bottom she promptly sprayed with the whipped cream. Judith giggled at how ticklish it felt to have the cold substance squirted over her cheeks.

As soon as Karen stepped back, Mark and Aaron hurried over and knelt behind their sister. Mark lapped her left cheek and Aaron took care of her right. Their wet little tongues made quick work of the delicious cream and when they moved back a moment later, Judith's buttocks - like Karen's tits - were totally devoid of cream, although they did sparkle with Mark and Aaron's gooey spit.

"Time for our dessert," Judith said, turning round, "I fancy some nice little boy cocks!"

"Me too," Karen grinned, licking her lips, "Some nice cocks and balls. Stand up you two."

Mark and Aaron stood, side-by-side, their tender penises semi-stiff and gradually growing harder.

Karen knelt down before Mark and clapped her hands to his pelvis. She immediately took his delicious young prick into her warm wet mouth and began sucking.

Judith did the same to Aaron.

The blonde eleven-year-old twins sighed happily as they stood there, nude, their kind ladyhosts sucking on their pricks.

Judith and Karen moaned lustfully as they sucked hard on the boy's little dicks, which were soon pumped up to full stiffness thanks to the oral attentions they received.

"What do you little dudes wants to do now?" Karen shortly asked the boys after she had taken Mark's cock from her mouth. Judith similarly disengaged from Aaron.

"I wanna lick your pooh-hole again," Aaron said to Karen, "It's neat! I wanna wank over your bum too."

"No problem sweetie," Karen smiled.

"Can I lick your bum sis?" Mark asked Judith.

"Sure," Judith said, shivering with delight at the way her little brother had made this lewd request in his sweet childish voice.

Karen and Judith got on their hands and knees alongside each other on the floor, practically shoulder-to-shoulder, their beautiful naked bottoms next to each other, raised and spread. Their arseholes winked out from their cheeks.

The boys did not waste any time. With their little hairless dicks erect and pulsing, they got down behind the women. Mark clapped his hands to Judith's cheeks and Aaron clapped his hands to Karen's. They exchanged grins before they plunged their heads down, their red tongues soon finding the arseholes they enjoyed tasting so much.

"Mmmmm," Karen sighed, happily, as she felt Aaron's tongue slide up and down her arse-crack.

"Uuuuh," Judith moaned, joyfully, as she felt Mark's tongue work in circles around her anus.

"It feels so good having a tongue working on your arsehole, doesn't it?" Karen sighed to Judith a moment later.

"Mmmm, yeah, it does," Judith replied. Her body quivered as she felt Mark's tongue push past her sphincter and into her rectum. "Nnnng. Oh fuck, yes!"

Aaron was also getting more intimate with Karen's arse, not just licking it but pushing his tongue up there.

"Yes, eat my arse out Aaron, lick it out!" Karen urged him.

Aaron squirmed his tongue into Karen's rectum, breathing through his nose as he pushed his face up between her spread fleshy bum-cheeks.

A moment later, he raised his head, licking his lips.

"Would you like a finger up your bum-hole?" he cheekily asked Karen.

"I'd like your cock up my bum-hole," Karen declared, her voice throaty with lust.

"Karen!" gasped Judith, looking aside at her friend.

Aaron's facial expression was one of surprise.

Mark pulled his tongue out of his big sister's rectum and looked up.

"Cool," he said, "Bum-fucking!"

"That's what fags do isn't it?" Aaron commented, "Bum-fucking I mean."

"Guys and girls can do it too!" Karen said.

"Yeah, let's do that," Aaron eagerly said, his little pecker throbbing stiffly. He looked down at Karen's well-licked anus and thought of how great it would be to push his erection into that tight hot hole.

"We can't do that," Judith insisted, "I told you, no...y'know...fucking. It's going a bit too far..."

"Don't worry," Karen sighed, "It's not proper fucking is it? Fucking is cocks-in-pussies. Up the arse isn't proper fucking. It's not really sex."

Judith wasn't entirely convinced of this arguement. She wished she was though. Her anus, well-heated from Mark's energetic tongue, yearned for penetration, either a finger, dildo or, ideally, a cock. She wanted it. She wanted an arse-fucking from Mark as much as Karen wanted one from Aaron.

"Let me fuck Karen's arse, please!" Aaron begged his sister.

"Go for it," Judith suddenly blurted out, deciding that perhaps Karen had a point; sodomy wasn't proper sex, so there wasn't too much to feel guilty about letting these horny eleven-year-old darlings perform it on Karen and Judith.

Aaron eagerly guided his cock-head to Karen's anus. He didn't need instructions, it was not the most difficult of tasks. He gripped the base of his pulsing erection and pushed the head against Karen's arsehole. Both the hole to be penetrated and the slender prick that was to do the penetrating were slicked up with saliva, and so it didn't take more than a few seconds for entry.

"Uuuuuuuh, yeah," groaned Karen, feeling her relaxed sphincter parted by the invading boy-cock.

"Fuck!" Aaron gasped, watching as half of his prick popped up into Karen's anus, vanishing into that lady's beautiful body via her back-door. It felt heavenly. Karen's sphincter gripped his cock like a tight, slick vice, and he could feel the hot and slippery rectal passage beyond closing round his prick.

"All the way up there, all the way up," Karen urged.

Aaron whooped with triumph as he gripped Karen's hips and slid the rest of his dick into her rectum, her sphincter clasping the very base of his hairless pre-teen prick.

"Wow, does it feel good?" Mark asked his twin.

Aaron just nodded and grinned. It was too fantastic for words.

"Fuck me Aaron," Karen begged the boy, "Pump back and forth. Come on, fuck my arse."

Aaron did so, gently sliding his prick to and fro in Karen's nipping tight anus. He soon picked up a good rhythm and grinned to himself as he sodomized this busty lady.

"Can I put my willie up your bum Judith?" Mark asked his sister, fondling his erection.

"Yes, shove it up there," Judith begged, still on her hands and knees alongside Karen, "Go gently though."

Mark knelt up and emulated his twin, gripped the base of his erection and placing the throbbing head to the hole he was about to penetrate. He applied pressure and soon his cock-tip began to part Judith's sphincter and enter her.

"Nnnngg, yeah," Judith gasped, her body almost frozen by the esquisite sensation of being anally penetrated so abruptly.

Mark continued to feed his little dick into Judith, his eagerness to get up his sister's bum making him forget her order to go gently. Not that it mattered. His prick was not thick enough to cause Judith too much discomfort. She may have never taken a cock in her arse, but during masturbation sessions she'd put her fingers, vibrator and even a can of hairspray up there. Not that these various impliments could match the sheer pleasure obtained from an actual cock. Mark's pecker was soon buried to the hilt in Judith's rectum and the feeling for both of them was so sublime that they remained locked together for a moment, savouring the sensations.

Next to them, Aaron was merrily humping Karen's arse.

"Uh, uh, uuuh, yeah," the boy grunted.

"Fuck my arse Aaron, fuck it," Karen ordered him, her voice quivering with lust.

Mark decided to copy his brother. He held Judith's hips and began to slide his prick back and forth in her shaved arsehole.

"Yeeeeah," sighed Judith, this pumping action of her brother's prick feeling even better than the initial penetration, "Oh yes. Yes. Oh Mark that's beautiful."

"Your arse is great sis," Mark commented, sincerely, as he began to pick up his pace, sodomizing his big sister and making her squirm with delight.

Soon, both eleven-year-old boys were matching each other thrust-for-thrust, kneeling alongside each other and energetically arse-fucking the two women on their hands and knees before them.

"Come on, harder, faster, fuck our arses," Karen was soon panting at the boys, her massive tits swinging back and forth underneath her, "Yeah, that's it. Uuuuh!"

"Oh Mark, yes," spluttered Judith, "Yes, fuck me! Fuck my arse. Ooooh! Oh yeah!"

Mark humped Judith harder, delighting in the way his own modest little cock was reducing his normally aloof and bossy big sister to a spluttering, squirming anal-whore. He fucked her anus even harder, building up a sweat and making his sister squeal with pleasure.

"Oh yes, yes, fuck our arses," Karen urged the twins, "Fuck us hard!!"

"UUUH, yeah, yeah," Judith stammered, any pretense of prudish indifference tossed out the window, "Fuck me Mark, fuck me hard in the arse, oh GOD YEAH!"

"Oh Judith, yeah," grunted Mark, humping his big sister's tight bum with his pulsing pre-teen erection, "This feels so good!"

"Uh, uh, uh, uuuuuh," groaned Aaron, fucking Karen up the arse with lustful thrusts of his pelvis, "Wow, this is so cool! Oh yeah! Yeah. UUUUH!"

The two boys enthusiastically buggered the two ladies, their pale boy-bums clenching and unclenching as they rammed their iron-hard little pricks into the bowels of the two women on all fours before them. Karen and Judith's pretty faces were contorted with pleasure. Karen had undergone the ecstasy of taking a cock in the arse before, but it was supremely delicious to have the cock of a young boy-virgin in her bowels. Judith had never had a cock in her rectum before, and she wasn't sure what was more enjoyable; being bum-fucked for the first time, being bum-fucked by an innocent, virginal eleven-year-old boy, or being bum-fucked by an innocent, virginal eleven-year-old boy who happened to be her own brother!

She decided to go with the flow and just enjoy it. She bucked her bum up against Mark's thrusting prick.

"Fuck me Mark, fuck me in the arse, fuck me," Judith lewdly spat, her eyes sparkling with rampant lust, "Fuck me harder! UUUH! NNNNG! YEAH!"

"Harder Aaron, harder," demanded Karen, her buxom body quivering as Aaron's cock sawed away in her sphincter, "Fuck my arse harder you horny little cunt! YES! UUUUUUH! FUCK!"

Mark and Aaron's slender, pale, pre-adolescent bodies were slick with sweat as they vigorously buggered Judith and Karen respectively. Only their previous three ejaculations that afternoon prevented them from blowing their small balls too soon.

"This...is...cool," stuttered Aaron to his twin as he buggered Karen.

"It sure...is...dude," agreed Mark, repeatedly ramming his pulsing pre-teen prick into his big sister's rectum.

Karen and Judith were pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip, as they remained on all fours taking little boy dicks in their bums, yet they might as well have been a million miles apart. They were in a world of their own, lost on an etheral plane of sheer pleasure as their arses were vigorously fucked by the little boys. Mark and Aaron regarded the lovely bare bums of these two ladies as altars to womenkind, and very appropriately they were kneeling before those bottoms and honouring them with the enthusiastic thrusts of their boy-pricks.

"Fuck me, fuck meeeee!" Judith wailed, her mind swirling in a shuddering world of incestuous, paedophiliac pleasure, "Fuck me Mark, fuck my arse little brother, UUUH!"

"OH GOD YEAH," Karen yelped, abruptly, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming with your dick up my arse, FUCK! UUUH!"

Aaron sodomized Karen even harder, the eleven-year-old boy finding a great thrill in giving this busty slut - who was twelve-years his senior - an orgasm with nothing more than the wonderful little toy that stuck out from his hairless groin.

"I'm cumming too, I'm cumming too!" Judith gasped, "UUUUH! Uh...uuuh...Mark, fuck me, fuck my arse little brother, fuck my fucking arse you horny motherfucker!!"

"Sisterfucker!" corrected Mark, slamming his erection repeatedly into his sister's shit-chute.

Judith tried to respond with a witty reply but she was too wracked with pleasure for anything other than "Nyeeeaahh!" to emerge from her quivering lips. She buckered her arse up against Mark's pelvis, wanting - needing - his cock as far into her rectal passage as possible.

"I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" Aaron announced a moment later in a strangled voice, holding Karen's hips in his small hands as he thrust his dick to and fro in her clutching anus, "I'm gonna...cum...in your...arse!"

"Fill me with cum YEAAH!" Karen wailed. She tightened her sphincter round the thrusting boy-prick that was rammed in her arse. "Oh yeah, fuck! FUCK!"

"UUUUH!" Aaron cried, hunching over Karen, his prick all but exploding. His pre-teen sperm rushed up from his hairless scrotum and blasted out from his tender prick, which was, of course, buried to the root in Karen's rectum.

Aaron's eyes rolled up as he felt himself wracked with pleasure, his cock throbbing as it fired out thick wads of sperm into Karen's body.

"Yuuuueaaah," groaned Karen, feeling Aaron's sperm fill her intestines.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Mark suddenly declared, "FUCK! UUUUH! Judith, I'm cumming up your arse!"

"Fuck meeee!" begged Judith.

"OH YEAH!" Mark victoriously wailed, ramming his pecker to the hilt into Judith's rectum. His dick exploded, spurting hot bursts of spunk into Judith's bowels.

"Mmmm, your cumming in me Mark," sighed Judith. She could actually feel her little brother's prick throb in the clutches of her anus, could sense the wetness in her bowels as his boy-juice filled her turd-tunnel.

"Phew," gasped Aaron, hanging in Karen's rectum whilst his prick leaked the last of his cum.

"Exhausting work, this," Mark smirked, breathing hard, his flat tender belly rising and falling as he remained kneeling behind his big sister, his dick softening in her cum-filled guts.

Aaron slipped his flaccid dick from Karen's bowels, her anus snapping shut, but not soon enough to prevent a dribble of brownish sperm from running out and sliding down the inside of her right thigh.

Mark tugged his dick from Judith's arsehole. His sister slumped forwards, onto her belly, exhausted and satisfied. Karen joined her on the carpet. The two ladies gulped for breath and swapped lewd grins.

"I need a piss," Mark unceremoniously declared, standing up.

"Me too," Aaron added. He also stood up. Both boy's bladder suddenly felt very full. Their limp willies were eager to spurt something other than sperm.

"Do it on us," sighed Karen, almost dreamily, rolling onto her back. He big boobs jiggled atop her chest.

"Mmmm, yeah," Judith smiled, turning over. She and Karen lay on their backs on the floor. "Do it on us," Judith giggled, suddenly feeling very naughty at this request.

Aaron wasn't sure whether he was hearing this correct. Did thse two ladies want him to wee on them?

Mark, however, was more sure of himself, and furthermore was too desperate for a piss to hesitate. He held his dick between his forefinger and thumb and relaxed his bladder.

"Aaaaaaaah," he sighed, his cock sending an arc of golden urine that splashed down over Judith's sweaty, shiny tits. He turned a little and pissed over Karen's face. He giggled at the sight of her opening her mouth and gulping down his pee. Mark then saw that Judith was missing out on his piss, so he aimed his stream of urine into his sister's mouth. Judith lapped it up.

"Uuuuuuh," Aaron groaned, relaxing his bladder and following his twin brother's lead. His sparkling piss splashed across Judith and Karen's faces. Those two beautiful ladies lapped up as much of the boy's pee as possible. Neither had indulged in watersports before...but this was a day for indulging in new things.

Karen and Judith knocked heads as they competed for the twin streams of piss that ran from Mark and Aaron's cocks. The two women giggled.

The boy's bladders were soon empty. They shook their little willies, a few last drips of piss splashing down onto Karen and Judith's nude, sweat-and-piss drenched bodies.

Both ladies slowly sat up.

"Lovely," Karen smiled, turning her head to face Judith. She flicked out her tongue and cheekily licked some of the steaming piss that ran down Judith's cheek.

Judith giggled and responded by flicking her own tongue out, slurping up a heavy drop of pee than was hanging from the tip of Karen's nose.

"Pee on us now!" Mark begged, laying down on his back.

"Yeah, pee on us," Aaron added, lying down next to his twin. The two eleven-year-old boys lay sprawled on the floor, desperate for a warm golden shower.

Luckily, both ladies were desperate to relive themselves. They got up. Karen squatted over Aaron's chest and Judith squatted over Mark's.

Both women sighed with relief as they let their piss flow. An arc of shimmering yellow piss sprayed from Karen's blonde-furred twat and splashed across Aaron's smiling face. He gulped down all that he caught in his mouth.

Judith, meanwhile, sent a stream of urine from her own shaved cunt, which struck Mark in the face. He drank it up, his eyes closed and his mouth open as his sister's urine ran over his cute visage.

"Aaah, I needed that," Judith sighed, clenching her cunt-muscles and sending a last little spray of urine splishing over Mark's face.

"Me too," Karen commented, her own flow of urine finally ending. The boys laying beneath them were grinning through piss-sodden faces.

"You two," Judith addressed her little brothers as she stood up, straightening her long tanned legs in an elegant motion and towering over Mark as he lay between her parted feet, "are very dirty little boys!" A stray drip of piss fell from her shaved vulva and landed on Mark's limp little dick. "You need another bath."

"Can I bathe with you sis?" Mark asked, getting up.

"Sure," Judith told him.

"We'll have a bath together afterwards," Karen told Aaron, stroking the piss-soaked child with her fluttering fingers. Aaron smiled, raised himself a little and gave her a kiss.


As promised, Judith took Mark to the bath where they washed each other thoroughly. Afterwards, Karen and Aaron hopped into the soapy water and scrubbed each other down.

The boy's balls were far too drained to allow any further fucking, but that didn't stop them from enjoying having a nice hot soapy bath with their kind lady hosts.

Finally, the long, tiring - yet very enjoyable - afternoon came to an end.

"You'd better go home," Judith said to her little brothers when they were all back in the living room. She was nude, as was Karen, but Mark and Aaron were dressed in their jeans and T-shirts. "Hurry along you two rascals." She ruffled their hair. As they always did when subjected to such unsolicited hair-ruffling, the twins squirmed away whilst moaning "Gerroff!"

"Go home," Judith giggled, "Go on, mum and dad will think you've been kidnapped or something. Go home and do...boy's things."

"Can we come round tomorrow?" Mark asked.

"I'd be upset if you didn't," Judith smiled.

"Our door is always open," Karen added, sitting on the sofa and idly fingering her wet hairy snatch, "our backdoors are always open too."

"Can we fuck you again?" Aaron asked Judith, managing to sound wholly innocent despite the lewdness of the enquiry.

"Sure," Judith smiled, "As long as it doesn't involve your willies going up our pussies, you can do whatever you want with Karen and me. Suck our boobs and cunts...wank over our bodies...pee on us...fuck our mouths...our arseholes."

"Sounds cool," Mark sniffed, adopting a cool, stoic tone.

"Yeah, bum-fucking is ace enough, we don't need pussies," Aaron added.

"Can you pee on us again?" Mark giggled, "You and Karen? That was cool when you peed on us."

"Sure," Judith shrugged, before grinning, wickedly, "Although, when you're not expecting it, I might pooh on you."

Her little brothers both sniggered. They didn't detect the sincerity in their big sister's voice. Judith shivered at the thought of honestly defecating on her two baby brothers, of seeing one of her own steaming turds laying on their tender bodies.

"Come round tomorrow," Karen said, getting up and ushering the two little boys into the hallway and out the front door, "Your big sister and me are tired, we need our rest. Come round tomorrow, and bring those lovely hard willies with you."

"Bye," Mark and Aaron shouted as they scampered out the front door. They hurried home, tired and were eager to get a good night's sleep before whatever fun lay ahead tomorrow.

Back in Karen and Judith's home, the two ladies slumped onto the sofa. They were naked and tired.

"That was fun," Karen sighed, "Your little brothers are great."

"Yeah," agreed Judith, "I think I've found the solution."

"Solution to what?" Karen asked.

"I decided to avoid relationships with guys whilst at Univerisity," Judith explained, "because of the problems associated with relationships. Being dumped, doing the dumping, emotional entanglements...and all that. But my sex-drive is as high as anything. I frig myself every night. If I let my little brothers fuck me - orally and anally at least - then I'll avoid the entanglements of relationships whilst getting all the pleasure cocks can give. I think it makes sense, y'know? No-strings attached sex is cool. Why should just men aim to indulge in sex without love? Plus it's kinda nice to be in control. The guys I've slept with, they like to take command, fling me into whatever position they want, not like Mark and Aaron, who are pretty much in our control, who..."

"You philosophise too much," Karen smiled, leaning across and giving Judith a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a lewd snog, but it wasn't a peck either, but an intimate kiss between friends. She took her lips from Judith's. Judith smiled, suitably admonished for her excessive chatter regarding the day's events. She understood that she should be more like Karen and just go with things without pausing to thing about events and justify them all the time. She gave Karen a kiss in return. Again, it was not a lewd kiss, just a loving one. The antics of the day had obviously made Judith feel much closer to her little brothers, but they had also made her feel even more closer to Karen.

The two women kissed again. Someone's tongue slipped into the other's mouth.

They then parted. Karen did something Judith had never seen her do before; blush.

Karen and Judith sank back into the sofa, naked and relaxed and horny. The doors leading out to the garden were still open to the English summertime. The sounds of birds singing drifted through to the living room, along with the comforting, warm smell of grass and pollen.

"Mmmm," Judith smiled, "What a lovely day."

"What was the best bit, d'you think?" Karen asked her friend whilst her fingers crept towards her furry cunt.

Judith smiled and thought for a moment. She ran her hand down her flat, toned belly until she found her own cunt. She popped two fingers into that slick, shaved slit.

The two horny ladies frigged their cunts at the world whilst they exchanged thoughts and opinions on what was the highlight of the afternoon's fun, and discussed what antics they would get up to the following day with their pre-teen toyboys.

To be continued...

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