Cruel Intentions 2 Pt 1 by SXE_Girl

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Fiction | Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant

Cruel Intentions 2 Pt 1

Jade opened her eyes and looked over at her alarm clock it was 8:00am

Time to get up. She got out of bed, had a shower then went down stairs; her mom and dad were having breakfast.

“Hi honey,” said her mother smiling

Jade returned the smile and grabbed a bowl from the cupboard, after breakfast Jade got ready for school, today was starting her final year of high school Jade was really excited about it.

Jade was in the bathroom getting dressed and doing her hair, she looked in the mirror and admired the face staring back at her.

A nice face with aqua coloured eyes a small pert nose with pretty pink lips. Jade looked further down the mirror a slim body’ firm breasts’ flat stomach and leading to her shaven pussy, which she kept that way all in all Jade was one pretty girl.

Her short brown hair brought out her complexion nicely; she was still in her bra and panties so she continued to dress. She soon packed her things kissed her dad goodbye then joined her mom in the car.

“So how are you feeling’ asked her mother

“Fine mom not much has changed most of my friends will be there anyway’

Her mom smiled and they soon arrived, Jade got out and waved goodbye, as her mother left she turned around and entered the school.

There was one big building in front of her with a large walkway in the middle. Jade made her way through the arch inside there was the grounds and an oval at the far end of the school.

She entered a door that led inside to a hallway some classrooms on either side she pulled out a piece of paper that had the class she was meant to go. She soon found it and entered the room; there were about 6 people in their 4 guys and 2 girls as well as the teacher

“Hello who might you be” asked the teacher sitting at her desk

“I’m Jade Anderson’ she replied

“Oh yes we were expecting you take a seat”

Jade walked to the back of the room and sat down at a desk

She looked around the room; the boys were sitting together in a group one of them waved to her she waved back. Jade had waved out of politeness she had no interest in getting to know any of these guys she already had a boyfriend who she loved dearly and when he came back from England next year they could take their relationship further.

Jade had been going out with Ryan for 1 years he asked when they would have sex she wanted to wait until marriage. Her parents were strict Christian’s and she had grown up one too but Ryan was very understanding, a year later they were engaged. But soon after Ryan was offered a part time job that forced him to travel to England, both loved each other dearly and had not had a single argument since they met and jade told him that when he got back she would marry him.

Jade was now 21 and it had been a about 8 months since Ryan left and Jade had been faithful and stayed a virgin she sometimes wondered if Ryan would as well but he rang every weekend to see how she was. She felt safe and couldn’t wait until he came home.

The morning class went fast and soon it was time for a break Jade made her way outside and soon found her friends from high school. They got reacquainted; there was Sally a fun loving bubbly girl who loved life, Sky a tall brunette who Jade had met 3 years ago.

And finally Natalie (Jade always called her Nat) Jade’s best friend in the world, they had known each other since they were in kindergarten and were like sisters,

They all hugged and caught up.

“Great to see you guy’s again” said jade

“Yeah” replied Natalie “I think most of our classes are together as well”

The bell soon sounded and the Girls went back to their classes

Meanwhile down in the oval toilets a moaning could be heard

Inside one of the cubicles, a female student was sitting on the toilet seat with her head forced underneath the skirt of another female student With 2 other girls watching on and also watching the door.

The girl’s hands were forced behind her back and she was being forced to lick out the black haired girl’s pussy, who moaned in pleasure grasping the girl’s head through her skirt grinding her pussy on the girls face and gripping the girls hair tight, she soon came on the girl spraying a stream of cunt juice all over the girls face.

She smiled satisfied then got off the girl

“Thanks I really needed that, by the way you say anything about this to anyone I show that great picture of you all over the school and net so I would keep my mouth shut if I were you” “See ya”

The girl on the toilet fell onto the floor as the 2 other girls let her go then she was left alone on the wet toilet floor.

Jade was in her second class of the day she was sitting with her friends, she looked over and noticed another group of girls about 3 of them then they were joined by another. She knew who one of them was Sarah a young girl; she had once been a nice girl fun loving and carefree but one day she changed completely. She became one of the sleaziest girls in the school, there was no male student who hadn’t got laid by her and her grades went down as a result, how she got here was a wonder.

Sarah had started hanging out with a strange group of girls who seemed to hate every other girl in the school especially the best looking one’s and it looked like things weren’t going to change. Jade went back to talking with her friends the rest of the day went quickly and before long it was time to go home.

Jade was waiting at the front of the collage for her mom when a girl came over to her

“Hi” said the girl cheerfully

“Hi” replied Jade

“Your name’s Jade right” asked the girl “that’s right”

“Nice to meet you I’m Stacy

“Hi nice to meet you” replied jade

Jade chatted with Stacy until her mom came to pick her up

“Well got to go see you tomorrow” said jade getting into the car

“Bye” said Stacy smiling

“How was your day honey asked her mom “Not bad” replied Jade “most of my friends are here”

Sarah got home it was about 4:00pm she went to her room and flopped onto her bed she was tired and was almost asleep when her mobile rang. It was Jessica

“Hey girl how ya goin” “not bad” replied Sarah “what do you need”

“Just wanted to let you know I have a new project for us Ms Jade Anderson I think it’s time to ruin her”

“You mean that new chick who was in our class today” “you got it’ replied Stacy “sounds like a challenge” said Sarah smiling

Stacy said goodbye then hung up. Sarah was ready to rest again when her sister came into her room “Hey big sis” said Christy, Christy was Sarah’s younger sister about 15 she had called her big sis since she could talk Sarah didn’t mind.

“Hey there come sit on my bed, Christy did so “is it time to play our game” asked Christy “sure is” replied Sarah getting up closing and locking the bedroom door.

Sarah had loved being a single child but when her sister was born things changed but she soon learned she could make Christy do what ever she wanted. Sarah had been with many boyfriends over the years but every now and the she needed someone to control and manipulate so she let out her sexual frustration on her sister who had been told these things were natural for sisters to do but she could never tell mom or dad.

Sarah laid her sister on the bed flat on her back then undressed slowly removing her jeans and blouse. Sarah got on the bed nearing her little sister then straddled her face her Pussy inches from her sisters face, using her fingers Sarah Spread her pussy lips wide.

Christy began to lick her and suck on her pussy; Sarah moaned in pleasure and started rocking her hips back and fourth then gasping as her sister’s tongue found her clit. Christy had become very good at this over the years as her tongue went even deeper into her big sisters wet sticky cunt.

Soon after Sarah’s hot cunt juice came cascading down on her sister’s face flooding her mouth, which Christy swallowed with ease and begged for more and Sarah was happy to oblige as she came again and again. After Sarah had all she needed she slumped off her sister and lay on the bed next to her. The pillow and some of the bed was wet with her juices, Sarah lay there in a wet sweaty heap then finally fell asleep in her sister’s arms.

Jade arrived at high school about 9:00am the next morning meeting her friends out the front; they greeted her and went inside to the rooms. When they got to class Jade sore Stacy who smiled at her, Jade returned the smile. Midway through the class Sally went to the bathroom’ as she went to enter the girl’s bathrooms two guys approached her, “What do you want?” asked Sally

“Not much” said one of them “just wanted to show you something” “what?” said Sally slightly confused

With that they grabbed her by the arms and dragged her into the male’s bathrooms, inside there were about 4 other guy’s all waiting there they all looked at her with hungry looks on their face.

Sally tried to struggle and get out of their grip but was easily over powered.

“Wait, please’ shrieked sally feeling very scared “please let me go ill do anything just let me go”

The boys just laughed one placing his hand on her jaw and stroked it.

A figure emerged from the back it was Mel another female student

She walked over to Sally and looked at her “nice body” she exclaimed placing a hand on sally’s right breast

“Now I hear you have a very bright future ahead of you Sally, you have a degree your family plan on sending you to the greatest university and your already the school’s most favourite student,

You must be very pleased with yourself”

“But what would happen to all that, what if they discovered something about you something dark and wild, “would your parents look at you the same way again, would you still be excepted into that very private university you plan on going to,

“Let’s find out shall we” “boys go ahead,” said Mel snivelling

The male students Ascended on Sally immediately, Sally backing into a corner but before she knew it she was spun around and slammed face first into a locker. Sally’s face stung as the strong male held her to the locker her skirt was lifted up’ her panties pulled down to her ankles and her legs forced apart she tried to stop them but was outnumbered and easily over powered.

Hands were now rubbing and pinching her ass and pussy there was nothing she could do to stop them. Fingers now fingered her pussy and ass hole, hands were forcing their way up her shirt stroking her tummy and unbuttoning her shirt. It wasn’t long before they had removed her bra and stripped her completely now all the boys were unzipping their flies and began wanking.

One boy then placed his left hand on her hip while stroking his cock in his other hand getting it harder than it already was. While the other boys forced her to bend over. Sally turned her head back pleading with the boy “just let me go please” tears started welling in her eyes. The boy just laughed and lined up the head of his penis at the entrance of her already abused pussy, then with one almighty stab be buried his hard throbbing cock in Sally’s cunt.

Sally grunted as the pain shot up her stomach the boy pumped into her harder and harder his hips smashing into her ass then withdrew for a second only to drive it in harder and faster slapping her ass hard over and over but making sure to keep rhythm. Sally was now crying as this total stranger had his way with her.

The boy soon started groaning as his thrusts became more rough and hard. Then moments later he pulled her to him as tight as he could then blew his load deep inside her he continued to hump her for a while then let her go.

Sally cried out as the student withdrew from her she almost collapsed to the floor but not before another student caught her and stood her back on her feet. More boys began to approach her sally stood there helpless.

The boys started pinching her nipples and pulling at her breasts

Now the whole group were upon her, a boy stood before her and another behind they both had their erect cocks out sally could do nothing.

She then felt the boy behind her pull her ass cheeks apart and then felt the head of his cock at the entrance of her asshole, she moaned as she felt the other boy’s hard dick slide into her soft slick pussy, then as if in unison the boy behind drove his cock hard up her ass now two were fucking her.

Sally was rocked back and fourth by the thrusts she could feel both cocks inside her she simply leaned over the boy’s shoulders limply. As she was fucked back and fourth. Sally could feel both cocks inside her swell and grow as the boys fucked her hard she cried out for them to stop.

This simply encouraged the 2 boys who were fucking her then she felt it inside her a blast of warmth as more sperm was shot inside her she cried in frustration, the boy withdrew then the one fucking her ass withdrew quickly rushed over to her front and shoved deep into her pussy “no not again please!!” but it was too in vein as more sperm erupted inside her coating the walls of her vagina.

The boy then withdrew from her and was replaced by another and then another at her ass, all the surrounding areas of her ass and cunt were wet and sticky. Now there were 2 more mounting her these 2 really fucked her vigorously, but now her clit was reacting as pleasure sparked thru her body and as the boy blew his load into her.

Sally began to feel slight pleasure build inside her and she realised she was beginning to hump against him as the pleasure was building in her then the boy fucking her ass blew his load up her asshole. Sally liked the feeling it gave her and was turning her on. All the boys took there turns on her and some even fucked her twice as well as forcing her to suck their dicks clean.

Sally was no longer crying but moaning pushing down on one of the boy’s cocks really grinding down on it. The last two took their places inside her and humped her wildly Sally meanwhile continued to fuck them hard as well. Now letting out loud moans of pleasure then she screamed out as she had her first orgasm it rushed through her body and she felt amazing but was now very dazed as the 2 boys exploded into her flooding her once again with their sperm sending it right up her womb. Then they released her and left the toilets. In the way was Mel

“Well did we have fun?” she asked standing before sally.

Sally realised what she had just done she had fucked a dozen guys unprotected and enjoyed it

“NO!!” she replied “those boy’s raped me and you were responsible I’m going to get you busted”

“I don’t think so, you see I recorded every minute of this and as you can see here you were loving it so it was consensual therefore not rape”

Sally began to cry again “why would you do this?’

Mel smiled “because now you won’t be able to stop trust me, oh and by the way I have told those boy’s that you are willing to do this anytime they want”

“And if you don’t the whole world will see this and you can say goodbye to your perfect life”

Mel sniggered then left the girl slumped in the corner of the room her thighs ass and pussy coated with the boys jism.

It was the end of class and the other girls were worried wondering where Sally was, but she appeared right at the end of class she looked tired like she was drained of energy the class ended and they walked outside.

“What happened?” asked Jade, Sally thought of telling them about what happened but then she thought about what Mel had said

“Nothing I uh just fainted in the bathrooms” “fainted” said Jade “yeah nothing to serious, but I gotta go home I’m not very feeling well” Sally was almost in tears as she began walking toward the school exit. Jade tried calling out too her but Sally ignored her.

Sally never came back and two weeks later Jade found out that Sally had fallen pregnant a video was found on the internet of her having sex with a huge group of guys, her family had forcing her to have an abortion and then sent her to an all girl’s boarding school.

Jade arrived that morning very cautious she was sure that someone had forced Sally to do those things. She ignored the thoughts for most of the day until lunchtime,

Jade was waiting for the others in the cafeteria when Sarah approached her.

“Hey there” “hi’ replied Jade

“Sorry to hear about your friend, you know I never picked her as that type” “what type” said Jade slightly irritated.

“Didn’t you see the video of her?” “She was wild” Jade had seen it but she couldn’t believe Sally would do that sure she was a fun loving girl but Jade knew she would never do that it wasn’t like her

“So what you up to tonight” asked Sarah

“Nothing much” replied Jade “wanna come to the party tonight”

“No thanks’ said jade “I wouldn’t feel very comfortable there”

Sarah smiled then left, soon after Nat and Melissa came up to her and they went to the oval to eat, they sat down on the grass, they began chatting but were interrupted by a young girl.

“Uh hi is one of you Natalie Simmons, Nat put her hand up

“What is it’ she asked, “One of the teachers wants to see you”

Replied the girl, Nat stood up and left, jade and Melissa continued talking.

When Nat arrived at the office the head teacher greeted her.

“Ms Simmons how is everything going for you” “fine’ replied Nat

“No problems at all” “good to hear I hope the trouble with your

Friend wasn’t too troubling for you, nothing like this has ever happened at this school before”

The two continued talking for a while until the bell went then Nat left.

On the way back the girl from before stood in her way, Nat went to move past her but the girl blocked her off “your in my way” said Nat. the girl moved closer toward her .Nat felt something behind her it was Sarah, who pushed Nat into the other girl who grabbed her by the arms then the two girls dragged Nat down a path way and out of the college grounds.

Natalie struggled and tried to push them off her but they would always get a tight grip on her. They arrived at a house close to the collage; Sarah opened the front door then helped Cindy drag Nat inside and closed the door. Once inside the two girls thru Nat onto a couch, Nat tried to get up but Sarah just lay on top of her keeping her pinned to the couch.

“What the hell are you doing, yelled Nat “you can’t do this to me”

“Of course we can’ said the girl from before “my name is Cindy”

“Now hear us out” said Sarah “your friend Jade has been chosen by us for a bit of a wake up call” “and you are going to help us right”

“Your crazy if you think ill help you to hurt my friend in anyway”

The girls laughed then picked her up again dragging her to what looked like a bedroom, the two girls threw Nat on a bed overpowered her and fastened her wrists and ankles to the bed posts so her arms and legs were stretched apart, she was stuck.

“We’re having a bit of a party later tonight and you are going to be the entertainment, but first we have to get back don’t worry we’ll be back. Then they left Nat tied down and gagged.

Jade was worried she hadn’t seen Nat since she went to see the head teacher, the last time one of her friends disappeared she never sore her again. She checked with the head teacher who hadn’t seen her since she left her office earlier that day. Jade wondered if she hadn’t got bad news and went home, when the day finished and she got home she rang Nat’s mobile but there was no answer Jade wondered where she could be.

Nat lay helpless on the bed, she had been there for about 4 hours, then she heard the front door open and the two girls entered the room

“So did miss us,” asked Cindy with a devilish smile on her face removing the gag.

“What do you think?’ Nat shot back

Cindy walked over to her and slapped Nat hard in the side of the head then leant over her placing a hand on Nat’s left breast twisting her nipple thru her clothes.

Nat let out a whimper of pain

Cindy unbuttoned Nat’s shirt while Sarah untied Nat’s arms so that she could remove the shirt. Nat tried to push the girls away but once again she was overpowered. Sarah tied her hands back to the bedposts. The girls did the same with the jeans Nat was wearing leaving Nat in her bra and panties.

Nat could do nothing but lie there as Cindy undid her bra revealing her breasts, which were something to behold, Sarah then approached Nat with a pair of scissors and cut her panties until they fell off leaving her shaven pussy totally naked for the girls to see. Both girls stood back admiring Nat’s body; both had smiles on their faces. Then to Nat’s surprise the two girls left her in silence, all she could do was lie there naked.

It was nightfall Nat was almost asleep when she heard noises at the front door. voices could be heard they were coming closer and soon a group of girls entered the room. At first they stood in a huddle staring at her and laughing as well. Then one of them a red haired girl produced a vibrator she got closer and closer then placed it in her own pussy. The girl continued to probe herself with it until it was wet with her pussy juices then she reached over and forced it right up Nat’s tight asshole.

It buzzed through her ass causing Nat to gasp; the girl pushed it as far as she could so it would stay there. The girl then began fingering herself in front of Nat then let out a slight moan soon after removing her fingers moved to the head of the bed and forced them into Nat’s mouth, Nat could taste the girls juices it wasn’t that bad, Soon the rest of the girls came toward Nat all slim girls with average body’s two of them started fondling Nat’s breasts.

Nat felt herself released from the ropes that held her to the bed and the group of about 5 girls all stood her on her feet and began exploring Nat’s body with their hands, Nat tried to resist and push them away but there were too many. Girls started fingering her pussy others just pinched and pulled at her nipples making them erect and hard Nat couldn’t help being slightly turned by this lust. She could feel multiple fingers sliding in and out of her Pussy, which was starting to become wet.

Hands were running thru Nat’s hair other’s were ravishing her body rubbing and stroking her thighs ass and back, then Nat felt the vibrator up her ass forced even further that it hurt she had forgotten about it she had gotten used to it being there.

One of the girls got down on her knees and began to lick Nat’s pussy using her fingers to pull its lips apart. Nat shuddered as the girls tongue explored her cunt her clit becoming hard, the girl sucking on Nat’s pussy and clit causing her to go weak at the knees but all the girls still mauling and feeling her body Nat couldn’t go anywhere.

Nat let out soft sighs of pleasure and moans but was silenced as one of the other girls placed their mouth over hers and kissed her. Nat was taken by surprise from the girls tongue in her mouth but soon used her own to welcome it. Her nipples were being pinched and pulled her pussy was now so warm and hot she could feel something building up inside of her she realised it was inevitable she was going to cum any minute.

Nat grabbed the girl by the hair and forced her head further into her pussy humping into the girls face like a dog, fucking the girls face wildly while still kissing the other passionately. Nat began bucking her hips her breath becoming deeper and soon came in waves sending streams of her cum gushing out onto the girl’s face. Each girl then took turns licking her out and pashing her. Nat came again and again experiencing her first orgasm.

Sarah and Cindy were watching from another room “okay’ said Cindy “Go get Rex”

Nat was now on her knees licking out one of the girls, who turned around and bent over Nat then probing the girls ass with her tongue as she was vodka was being doused all over her drenching her hair and upper body, all the girls were getting covered in it, but the girls made an effort to make sure a majority went down Nat’s throat, For the next two hours Nat was made to lick out every girl and make them cum at least twice and also down as much Vodka as possible.

Nat was becoming pretty intoxicated and was soon off her face doing pretty much anything the girls wanted her to do.

One of the girls then produced a strap on dildo, which she swung in front of Nat’s face; the others picked her up off her knees and held her there. The girl with the strap on moved on Nat and plunged it deep into her pussy for the first time that night Nat became truly theirs unggghhh.. Oh god moaned Nat as the girl fucked her hard with the strap on Nat began humping it uncontrollably, the other girls found they didn’t even need to hold her there she was doing this freely Nat moaned again as she fucked the nine inch dildo vigorously.

She wrapped her arms around the girl fucking her and held her close then jumped up wrapping her legs around the girls waist getting as close to her as possible, the girl backing Nat against a wall really fucking her hard while also jamming her tongue down Nat’s throat. The two shared an embrace and humped in unison Nat really breathing heavily now

Nat came again and again then collapsing falling off the girl who withdrew, Nat was picked up and all the girls took turns fucking her with the strap on. Nat was fucked pretty much unconscious all-night and then for most of the early morning as well.

When the girls had finished they all kissed her deeply then left her on the ground next to the bed shivering and quivering in pleasure

Sarah and Cindy walked in to find her asleep on the floor both of them smiled then picked her up and carried her asleep to the back yard.

Nat awoke on a veranda there was a big pool about 50 meters, Nat had the worst hangover she could barely remember what had happened earlier, it was early morning she stood up and looked at her watch only to notice she was naked she started to panic She had to get out of here, but before she could move she was pushed from behind and fall into the pool.

When Nat came to the surface Sarah and Cindy stood above her both naked. Before Nat could say anything the two girls dived into the pool. The splash got Nat in the face hitting her in the eyes, when she got her vision back Sarah was right in front of her then she felt hands cup her ass cheeks she tried to turn but Sarah pulled Nat into her wrapping her arms around her neck and kissing her deeply. Nat could feel fingers enter her cunt and finger her slowly. Sarah’s tongue went deep into Nat’s mouth Nat couldn’t help let out a moan of pleasure.

The two girls had their way with her for most of the early morning finger fucking her and making her lick out their pussy’s until they came then both went down on Nat multiple times even having Nat lick out their ass holes. Sarah helped Nat out of the pool Nat was weak from the amount of orgasms she had. Sarah easily forced her on all fours, Cindy whistled and a huge golden retriever came bounding from around the corner. Nat yelped when she felt him sniffing at her pussy, at first he just licked it but even that caused Nat to sigh.

Cindy stood by recording the event with a video recorder laughing as Nat tried to crawl away from the dog only to have Sarah force her back. Nat felt the dog’s paws on her shoulders, he mounted her and slowly his hard dick found her pussy and quickly penetrated it roughly and began humping Nat.

Sarah Patted Nat on the head “there that’s a good slut”

Nat tried to ignore it but it was impossible each time the dogs thrusts would go just a bit deeper making her gasp and her breath would quicken.

The two girls were watching on in amazement both chuckling at the sight of the young girl being fucked by the pet dog. Natalie was now taking great pleasure in this and couldn’t help it, the dog began to pump deeper and deeper into her and soon enough Nat was getting off and loving every minute of it moaning deeply and biting her lower lip she felt him spray his doggy cum inside her then lost interest then left her.

The two girls approached her “so that’s it you can go’ but before you do you must help us get Jade.” “no way” said Nat ill never help you”

“Don’t you remember what happened to your friend Sally” “you wouldn’t want that to happen to you “ “you help us now and no one will have to see you fucking our dog and loving it, there is also that very nice lesbian act you did for us earlier." said sarah smiling evilly

“If you don’t the whole world will see this your friends, boyfriend and family pretty much the whole world” “all we want to know is when Jade’s boyfriend is back and what she’s doing in the break coming up that’s all.

Natalie nodded sadly, crying as she did, she was about to betray her best friend. The two girls laughed and left her there “oh by the way, said Cindy "the girls said you were the worst they’ve ever had bye” The two girls left Natalie alone, cold and shivering with doggy cum all over her legs.

Rating: 74%, Read 52282 times, Posted Aug 07, 2006

Fiction | Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant


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