Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 03 by dank

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Science-Fiction | Body modification, Cannibalism, Extreme, Female, Lesbian, Torture

When Béla woke up, she was back in her quarters with her sister lying next to her. Feeling her sister stir, Beth sat up.

‘I thought you might like a more comfortable place to sleep,’ Beth chuckled into her sister’s mind. ‘Burnt out flares are so uncomfortable to lie on…’

Béla looked down between her legs. They were still healing. She realized she must have passed out and sat down directly onto the incendiary device while it burned itself out. She hoped she healed quickly because all that fresh, new flesh was already tingling and begging for attention.

Deep burns were the hardest wounds to heal because it was so hard for fresh blood to get into the cooked tissue; spraying a burn with sperm was the quickest way, but there wasn’t any sperm around for millions of miles in any direction. The next best way was simply to drink lots of liquids, so that her body would have enough moisture available to regenerate supple, fresh, new flesh and muscle.

‘Which reminds me,’ Béla realized. ‘I’m starving!’

“In a minute,” Beth replied. She suddenly appeared with two meat packs and several oranges.

“Where did you get oranges?” Béla asked, totally delighted to see them.

“In a place called Florida,” Beth replied. “I got them after I ‘ported you and the cooler back here. There’s bananas and pineapples, too.”

Béla happily grabbed her sister and hugged her. They both squealed as they lost their balance and fell back on the bed. Fruit bounced everywhere.

“You’re the best,” Béla told her, glowing contentment.

“Let’s hurry up and eat,” Beth suggested. “I want to get back down to the arborium and use up some more ammo…”

After they ate, Beth teleported them both dizzyingly down into the arborium deep in the bowels of the great ship. Their little stack of military toys was still there, waiting for them. She turned to her sister and began caressing her, biting and licking Béla’s neck, and squeezing her breasts.

“My new breasts grew back nicely, don’t you think?” Beth asked, thrusting her chest forward to display her fresh tingly new flesh. “They’re really sensitive right now, too.”

Béla walked over and picked up one of the wicked steel knives that Beth had found and brought back with her.

“Those are nice, huh?” Beth asked, gazing raptly at the shiny sharp blades.

Béla ran her thumb along the sharp edge, delicately slicing a thin groove in her skin. They were much sharper than the wooden toys Béla had formed with her mind out of the sticks available here in the arborium.

‘Are you ready to play, Darling?’ Béla excitedly asked her sister in her mind.

Beth radiated excitement and anxious desire. Béla handed her one of the knives, keeping one for herself. They were both good fighters. One would not easily defeat the other. They crouched into a fighting stance, grinning at each other.

After twenty minutes of intense knife-play, they were both covered with sweat and several bloody cuts. Béla’s pussy was dripping with sexual need. She could feel Beth’s desire, too. She closed with her sister again, digging into her side with the wicked blade and allowing her sister to do the same to her.

One of Beth’s pretty, new breasts was carved open, trickling blood down her abdomen. There were several puncture wounds in the other one. The girls separated, fresh new wounds bleeding profusely for a few seconds until they began to heal. Béla’s belly was slashed in two places and one of her breasts was carved completely in half, crosswise. It wasn’t going to begin healing until she could hold it in position long enough for the gory wound to close.

The two sisters circled each other, breathing heavily from exertion and incredible sexual arousal. Béla went in low, connecting hard with her sister, ramming the wicked blade into Beth’s pelvic bone. She felt Beth’s blade sink deep into her chest, puncturing her lung this time. They separated again. Beth shook as she came, radiating pain and ecstasy.

Taking advantage of Beth’s momentary lack of mobility, Béla closed, scoring on her sister several times, stabbing home the sharp blade into her pelvis and between her legs, finally wounding Beth beyond her ability to fight back. Beth sank to her knees, radiating intense agony and orgasmic overload.

As Beth recovered, down on her knees but still holding her knife, Béla dropped down beside her. She threw back her arms, exposing her breasts and belly to her sister’s blade. The fight was over. Béla desperately needed to come, too, and expected Beth and her knife to help her.

Grinning and gasping for breath, Beth shoved her knife into Béla’s belly and carved upward underneath her rib cage, efficiently gutting her older sister. Béla cried out as she came from the sudden, white-hot pain. Beth pulled the knife back out as her sister fell backward, losing her balance in her orgasm. Then Beth shoved the knife deep between her sister’s legs and twisted it, slicing her pussy walls open and causing her to come again, even harder.

Béla lay with her back arched and her belly stretched tight, jerking spasmodically as Beth energetically carved her open between her legs. She screamed her agony into the air, forcing herself to maintain that position until her belly healed enough so she could move without her insides dropping out.

Then Beth’s face was pressing against Béla’s shredded, bleeding pussy, licking and sucking voraciously as the raw meat slowly regenerated into a living sexual organ again.

After a few minutes, Béla arose, forcing her body straight up from her arched back position.

“God, you look sexy!” Beth said hoarsely as she watched her sister’s stomach muscles work to pull her sister up.

Unable to resist mutilating such sweet, delightful meat, Beth plunged her dagger deep into Béla’s belly between her navel and her pelvic bone. Béla grunted as she found her stomach muscles once again unable to support her and dropped back onto the ground, her knees spread wide with her hips still between her feet, her back arched into that sexy, completely helpless pose, yet again.

This time, Beth slid up closer to her sister and twisted the knife cruelly deeper into Béla’s belly.

“Aaiiieeee!” Béla screamed as she orgasmed from the intense sensation.

Then Beth’s breastbone and belly were covered in urine and girl-cum as Béla cut loose, no longer able to control herself, and hosed her sister down.

Beth let Béla recover for a few minutes, then pulled her up on her knees again. The two sisters knelt on the ground, one in front of the other, their knees spread wide, but touching – their bodies open and exposed to each other.

Drying blood streaked their torsos from the many stab wounds they’d given each other. Rivulets of blood still trickled from the more recent wounds.

“God…” Béla gasped, “Remind me to… thank Elaine… for… inviting me.”

“Me, too,” Beth panted. “She's… a true… matchmaker!”

Béla leaned forward, pressing her half-healed breast into Beth’s hot knife so she could jab her knife into her sister’s belly again. They leaned into each other, both coming at the same time. Then they were leaning together, each one’s head on the other’s shoulder as they continually carved on each other with their blades, stopping only when their orgasms became too intense to do anything at all except come. Then they began again, each one slicing into the other.

Eventually, they both passed out from exhaustion and loss of blood.

Beth woke up first to find she was lying on Béla. They were both covered in drying and sticky blood. She was ravenous. She thought about the cooler in their quarters and reached inside it with her mind. She grabbed the entire contents of the cooler and pushed it all back out into normal space next to where they were lying in the blood-soaked grass.

Grabbing a pineapple, Beth looked around for her knife. It was still stuck in Béla’s gut. The wound around the blade was festering, unable to heal with that wicked blade stuck in her. Beth jerked the knife out of her sister and wiped it ineffectually on the sticky grass, then carved the pineapple in half down the middle. Still sitting on her sister, Beth carved pieces out of the fruit and began to eat; feeding every other bite into her sister’s blood-spattered face.

‘How interesting,’ Beth thought, amused. ‘With all the butchery we did to each other, neither of us carved on the other’s face.’ She shrugged. ‘True love knows its bounds, I guess…’

Beth chuckled to herself. She felt renewed. Her fresh new skin tingled with life. She knew her sister would feel the same when she woke up, which would be any second now as she was starting to choke on the pineapple stuck in her throat.

Béla woke up suddenly, choking on a chunk of raw fruit that burned her throat. She roughly shoved her sister off and sat up, her skin crinkling with all the dried blood covering her. There was still a sore spot in her belly, but it was starting to heal now that she was awake. Unable to cough it up, she forced herself to swallow the lump of fruit in her throat whole. Except for that one spot and the burning in her throat, Béla realized that she felt really good.

‘There’s nothing like a fresh rejuvenation after a grisly murder,’ Béla said in her sister’s mind.

“What do you want to do next?” Beth asked, now that her sister was awake again.

“Well, we still have lots of ammo…” Béla suggested, grinning at her sister. “Do you want to hunt, or just blow each other away?”

Beth looked at her sister, puzzled, ‘How can you blow something away?’ then realized that it was another of those ‘modern’ phrases that Béla often used to indicate overuse of destructive force.

“Okay, let’s do both!” Beth agreed. “We can use the big stuff to just ‘blow’ each other away, and the small stuff to hunt each other with.”

“Don’t you mean it the other way around?” Béla suggested.

‘Do you want to lug a big, heavy piece of junk around looking for me?’ Beth replied. It was, of course, too obvious. She shouldn’t have had to explain it.

Béla got up and walked unsteadily over the stockpile of munitions. She picked one up that was made out of plastic and didn’t seem to weigh anything. It actually felt like a toy.

“I wonder what this uses for ammunition,” Béla asked.

She pointed it at her sister and pulled the trigger. There was a sizzle and a bright flash. Her sister disappeared completely. Along the line of fire, several plants were blazing brightly. Beth reappeared next to Béla. She was furious.

“That’s not a toy!” Beth yelled into her ear and her mind.

She yanked the plastic gun out of her sister’s hands. Béla looked at Beth, surprised. The entire front of her body was badly scorched. She would have been completely vaporized, but she was already teleporting out of the line of fire when her stupid sister pressed the trigger. She had almost completely removed herself from normal space when the destructive beam flashed through where she was.

“That’s the kind of stuff we’ll be dealing with if we get into a fight with the evil Earthers!” Beth lectured her sister. “I wanted to see what it was, but it’s too dangerous to use inside a spaceship. It could make a hole in the hull!”

Beth looked at the innocent-looking piece of plastic in her hands, deciding what to do with it, then teleported it outside the ship to drift in depths of space, forever.

‘When did you take over?’ Béla wanted to know, more annoyed at her error in judgement that she was at her sister, but lately, Beth did seem to be initiating a lot of the action.

“When I woke up on top of you and you were still gutted,” Beth replied, grinning evilly.

‘We can have a rematch,’ Béla suggested, pretending insult, ‘if you want to see who really won!’

Beth laughed and radiated eagerness to do it again. Her belly and breasts itched as her skin healed. She scratched absently at a scab as she looked around for the evil-looking knives from their earlier sex play. Béla produced them in her hands, apparently out of thin air. They were shiny clean and still razor sharp. Beth reached for one, ‘accidentally’ slicing it into her sister’s hand as she picked it up.

“You little witch!” Béla snarled cheerfully, and leaped on her sister, knocking her to the ground.

The two sisters wrestled around on the ground, Béla’s blade buried deep into her sister’s fresh, new, left breast. The fight was over in seconds. Both of Beth’s pretty breasts were shredded again and Beth’s knife was stuck in Béla’s soft belly. It was covered in blood and too slippery for Beth to pull out with the little strength she had left in her arms. They were both shaking with their orgasms, and radiating lust and sexual need through each other.

“How about guns?” Beth gasped, still held down by her older sister sitting on top of her.

“We did guns,” Béla replied.

“We did knives before, too,” Beth said, grinning and catching her breath. “And you’re still gutted…”

She gasped as Béla sat up and sank her knife deep into Beth’s pelvis, penetrating into her vagina from the front.

“So are you…” Béla informed her, grinning through gritted teeth.

Their bodies shook as they both came again from Beth’s radiated sensations. Beth pulled on the blood-soaked knife buried in her sister’s stomach, then finally just teleported it back into her hand, leaving the blood behind to flow out of the open wound. She raised it up and touched the point of the blade against the bottom of Béla’s right breast.

“We could do this all day…” Beth grinned, still panting from pain and her orgasmic exertion.

Béla grinned at her sister and leaned forward, forcing her breast down onto the deadly sharp point of the knife.

“Sounds good to me,” she gasped as the white-hot sensation of Beth’s knife penetrated into her breast, causing yet another orgasm.

Her forward movement caused the knife in Beth’s pelvis to shift, slicing across her vaginal walls and causing Beth to come again, too. The two sisters sat still for several minutes, radiating sexual satiation through each other.

“I have a neat idea,” Beth grunted, still held down by her sister.

She teleported a thin little blasting cap onto her stomach and pushed it down with her hand, positioning it between Béla’s bare legs still straddling her. It rested between Béla’s pussy lips and Beth’s pelvic bone.

“Ready for a little ride?”

Her body tensed in anticipation of the blast. Béla ground her cunt down against the foreign object, pressing it even harder against her sister’s pelvic bone. She tensed her body in anticipation, arching her back while she watched Beth’s mind create a juicy little spark inside the narrow cylinder.

The blast liquefied her labia and shattered Beth’s pelvic bone. They were both speckled with blood, mostly from Béla’s pussy, which had been half-surrounding the little blasting cap when it went off.

Then they were both crying out in agony and coming over and over. They radiated pain and orgasmic sensation through each other, barely able to stay conscious enough to enjoy it. Their bodies were glued together at the cunt with blood and burnt flesh.

As they regenerated, their bodies didn’t seem to care what was growing where, and they had to painfully cut themselves apart where their skin had grown together like Siamese twins during their regeneration.

Rating: 63%, Read 24012 times, Posted Nov 11, 2004

Science-Fiction | Body modification, Cannibalism, Extreme, Female, Lesbian, Torture


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