Watching and Waiting by Pulm-on+mery

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Submission, Violence

Watching and Waiting

My name is Pup.

I knew they were near. I could sense them, smell them. I knew they would get me and kill me if I refused them. I was scared, frightened, petrified.

How did I find myself here, what had I done to merit this much loathing? Why me? I was only a youngster.

I crawled under the bush and crouched down as low as I could get. I wished I lived underground.

A snap of a twig, rustling of leaves. There was no wind. They were close, getting ever closer. I decided to run. I was up and sprinting as fast as my legs would carry me. Fear made me twice as fast as I usually was. I had to get away. If they caught me they would do things to me again and again. Taking it turns, until they were sated. If they weren’t happy, then death awaited me, if they were, then I could only expect more in the future.

I knew there were seven for sure, possibly eight. The two younger ones I could deal with, if they were alone, but they had asked for and gotten help from the older more powerful ones. I also knew that Sabre was with them. He was an evil cruel sadistic bastard. He had wanted me from my early years. My mother had warned me many times about him, but I had acted all brave, and as it has turned out, stupidly.

I suddenly saw them, spread out on both sides of me closing in. Then I saw him, Sabre and his sidekick, Jackal. They were past me and in front cutting off my escape route. I looked to my left and then my right. I saw the two younger ones Ben and Shade, off to my right. I turned quickly and caught the pair unawares. I headed for Shade and knocked her over. Ben tried to turn but I hit him square on and sent him rolling down a small incline. They both howled in pain and anger. Sabre was quicker than I had given him credit for, he was instantly on my trail and gaining at a furious pace. If I could get to the river I would have a chance, albeit a slim one, of making my escape.

Then from no where something or someone hit me with tremendous force, sending me reeling, knocking all the wind out of me. I lay there trying to think what had happened. A shadow fell across me, I got on to all fours, I looked up and standing above and over me were my father and mother.

“Why!” was all I asked?

My mother looked at me with great sorrow in her eyes.

“We have no choice my son”

Within seconds Sabre and Jackal were with them.

“Well done Shera, Shadow, now this arrogant pup is ours.” I knew they had me, I could imagine what they were going to do. I just hoped it would be over quickly.

I cowered before them, shivering uncontrollably, my head lowered to the ground, a low whimper escaping from my throat. I felt warm urine seep from my member.

“Make certain he does not move” Sabre said, issuing orders to the others. “He’s mine first.”

Jackal stood with his legs firmly planted either side of my head, his penis erect and huge. Deacon, the third in line, stood to his right and my father, who was fourth in line, to his left. The two younger ones came limping slowly up the incline, down which they had rolled.

“You two get nothing this night” Sabre sneered. “You almost let him get away. I’ll deal with you later”. They both turned and slinked into the trees.

Sabre walked around behind me. I could see his penis growing bigger and bigger at the thought of what he was going to do. He licked my anus and I felt his tongue rasp across it. He mounted me, stabbing at me until I felt a great pain as he found and pushed his massive penis deep inside my anus.

“You may not enjoy this Pup, but I most certainly will” He rammed in and out of me at a speed that I didn’t think possible. The pain at first was excruciating, but lessened as his precum started to lubricate the inner walls of my tight young rectum. I felt his penis grow larger inside me as his orgasm grew closer.

“You are a good boy, a very good boy” he grunted. Then his penis exploded deep in my anus. I felt his semen spurt and spurt into me, filling me. He fell on top of me and we lay there, panting for about ten minutes, until he was able to withdraw.

He stood up and nodded to Jackal, letting him know that it was his turn. Jackal mounted me and again I felt a penis being pushed cruelly into me. I tried to run but my father and Deacon were blocking my way. Jackal was heaving and panting as he rammed his penis, which felt bigger and fatter than Sabre’s, into my swollen and bruised anus. He didn’t take as long as Sabre to reach his orgasm. But his ejaculation was longer and harder. My rectum was filling to over flowing. The pain had gone and I now didn’t care, I just wanted this over.

When Jackal had finished and had withdrawn from me, his place was taken by Deacon. I didn’t even feel him enter me. What I did feel to my great surprise, was my own penis growing and precum oozing from my slit. Deacon took his time. I felt him penetrate further than the first two and we became locked together. As he came closer to his orgasm, I felt my own starting to get close. Deacon growled as he shot his cum deep, deep inside me. I was exhausted and near to collapse. Deacon pulled himself out.

“Now it’s your turn Shadow” said Sabre.

“But he’s my son” replied my father.

“Do it. NOW” hissed Sabre.

My father went behind me. I looked into his face but he couldn’t look back. He mounted me and rammed his long fat penis deep inside me. He pumped in and out at such a fast pace that I felt my self become so aroused that my orgasm overcame me and semen shot out of my fully engorged penis. I was panting and whimpering; my father came and shot his cum into me. Spurting deep inside of me several times. When he had finished, he collapsed on top of me. It took him a long time before he was able to withdraw his still half erect penis out of my rectum.

“Well” asked Sabre? “Do we spare him or kill him”?

Deacon was the first to speak. “I wouldn’t mind having him again, so I say let him live”

The next was Jackal. “Yes he was a good ride and he has a warm tight anus. Let him live”

Sabre came and stood over my bruised and aching body. “OK Pup you live, this time. Next time you may not be so lucky. Just be as good the next time we want you and don’t run”

I assured him that I wouldn’t run the next time. They all walked off into the night except my mother. “Now you understand about the importance of obeying what we tell you. Don’t you my son”?

“Yes” I replied “But Mother, will I always be the lowest ranked dog in this pack”?


Rating: 37%, Read 13782 times, Posted May 28, 2005

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Submission, Violence


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