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Gina 2

In the first part Gina was introduced as the wife across the street. Her husband Dan Gilbert was a small man that left his wife for a ‘Boys Only’ weekend in Las Vegas. Gina called me after I offered to help her while her husband was gone. I learned she gets off on dirty degrading talk and later her chest size (which she was ashamed of and hid all she could) was 36E. She invited me over and I ended up tying her up, spanking her and fucking her everywhere like a dirty little whore; which she loved. OH, I also took pictures of her doing those tricks. I told her she could call me the next day to come back over and went home.

Gina called at 09:30 and asked if I wanted to come over again. “Hi, Gina. Want me to bring anything over? Some soft ropes or maybe some lotion to ease any sore muscles?” I asked. “Bring anything you want. I THINK I’m ready for more. Dan gets home at 6 so we need to have our fun and I’ll need time to shower before he gets home.” Gina said. I said “I’ll come over for a little bit, before my Tee time for golf.” “Oh, …I thought we were going to hang out all day.” Gina said with an obvious disappointed tone. “Let me come over and explain.”

I walked across the street and opened the door without knocking. I walked in leaving the door open all the way and saw Gina standing bare foot in her living room. She had fresh makeup on, with eye shadow and pink lipstick. She was wearing long eyelashes and large gold hoop earrings which made her look very slutty. She had painted her finger and toe nails pink to match her lips. Gina was wearing a red knee length terry cloth robe that had a belt tied in the front. Her small waist was accentuated by the tied belt. Her large full and round ass, small waist then the huge boobs gave her a super Barbie Doll hourglass figure.

I strode over to her and could see she was happy to see me but still disappointed that I was going to leave. Gina asked “What time is your tee time?” I reached out to her, casually untied her robe and opened it to reveal her naked body. I noticed her large brown areolas and nipples were hard with very slight evidence of the bruising from the slapping I gave them yesterday. I used both of my hands on her left breast picking it up. I rolled her nipple with my fingers as a replied “LORD! You look very sexy and slutty I love the way you dress down for me. My Tee Time is at 11. The golf is with a very good friend and I hate to disappoint him as I’m the only guy he plays golf with. I’m sorry you are disappointed. We can play after I return.” “It’s just that I was excited all night and got up early for nails and makeup. I’m not really a slut you know! I just felt you would like it if I dressed this way. Yesterday you did some stuff that was different for me and I wanted to try it some more.”

I leaned over and took her left nipple and most of her areola into my mouth and sucked it hard. “OH GOD! I love that! Fuck!” Gina said. I took my left hand off her huge breast and dragged it down toward her pussy. Gina sidestepped her left foot about two feet, opening her legs and thighs for me. Her legs trembled and her breathing was fast and I knew her pussy would be drenched. Gina flexed her knees humping the air in search of my hand. I dropped her nipple from my mouth and put my right hand on the left side of her waist. I found her wet clitoris immediately. It is large and protrudes out of her labia at least ½ inch. “OH, OH YES!.” Gina squealed.

“Tell you what, since I know you are disappointed. I’ll give you a quick orgasm and then this afternoon I’ll fuck you proper. Sound good?” I said. Gina did not reply she let her robe slide off her shoulders and onto the floor around her feet. Gina bent forward in her living room naked with her thighs obscenely spread apart. As she bent forward she could now see past me to the open doorway. An elderly woman with white hair was walking a small white haired dog past her house. “The door is open!” she cried but did not stop humping my fingers.

I moved my right hand behind her ass and zeroed in on her labia. I now had two hands on her pussy massaging it rigorously. I pushed two fingers from my right hand into her vagina and all my fingers of my left rubbed her huge clitoris. Gina’s gigantic tits hung straight down from her chest, narrow at the top next to her chest and ballooning out to their small watermelon sized glory. Her areolas were not positioned at the very end but rather up slightly so both were pointing at me when she stood up, not pointing down. They swayed slowly as she fidgeted on my fingers.

I curled the fingers inside her pussy downward and rubbed her G-Spot. “OH Shit! Right there! OH…My…GOD…You…Know…how…to work…A…Girl’s…Pussy!” Gina said and then tensed very tight. “THUMB USE YOUR THUMB!” I pushed my slippery right thumb into the tight opening of her anus and then slid in to the second knuckle. I began thrusting two fingers into her vagina and my thumb into her anus and the same time. Gina’s big bubble butt was shaking and rolling as I finger fucked her vagina. She flooded my right hand with her squirting pussy. Gina’s eyes were closed tight; her mouth was wide open and baring her teeth as she gulped for air. Her right hand grabbed her hanging right breast around the nipple area and squeezed it so tight her knuckles were white. Her left hand grabbed my left arm and pushed it toward her crotch.

She slowly stopped her tense thrusting and her juicing slowed then stopped. “My God Mrs. Gilbert! You came like a teen aged nymphomaniac. Have you always known you were a slut like this?” I asked. Gina was still zoning out from her orgasm. “I’ve always wanted to be but was never around a guy that liked me to be like this. If sluts get to cum like that all the time then I want to be a slut.”

I opened my pants and let my erect 8 inch cock out. I moved behind Gina and spun her to her left so we could look out the open doorway as I fucked her. I pulled her ass cheeks open with both thumbs and put the head of my cock inside her labia lips. “Hmmm Don’t cum in me.” Gina stated but it was more of a beg. Since her vagina was totally wet I drove up into her to the balls with the first stroke. After that I started a fast long drive motion. I knew I needed to get going but I wanted to dump another load inside this housewife’s baby maker.

I stood behind Gina with both hands on her waist. I moved her torso onto and off of my cock. Gina stood in her living room naked bent over with her neighbor’s cock touching her cervix. Her large breasts were swinging with the thrusts. She looked out her doorway and hoped the mailman didn’t deliver while she was being used this way. I put my right thumb at her sphincter opening and pushed the tip inside. “Oh yeah. Do that.” Gina said.

I fucked her for another 10 minutes when she started to cum again. I said “God if Dan could only see his wife really enjoying sex for a change.” This sent Gina over the edge “Fuck me! Fuck my slutty pussy! I love your cock! You’re making me cum again! Your married slut is going to cum on your big hard cock!” Gina babbled. I moved my other hand to her ass and pushed my thumb in next to the other one. I then hooked my thumbs and started pulling her asshole open wide. I felt her uterus tilt as her orgasm seized her and I shot my cum deep inside her throbbing vagina. As the waves of ecstasy crashed on me I saw my hands had pulled her anus open around three inches and that made me wish I could stay and use it next. After several minutes enjoying the post ejaculation high I saw a boy ride his bicycle on the sidewalk in front of the Gilbert’s house. Gina saw him too and jumped upright. My cock flopped out of her well used vagina and she spun around to look at it.

“I said not to cum inside my pussy!” Gina yelled at my flaccid penis. “I know. You were so into it I hated to deny you the money shot.” I said smiling. Gina tried to look mad but after a few seconds she said “I do like the throb of your cock and then the way your whole body gets rigid when you come. It’s not that I’m opposed to having a baby but how can I explain it? Dan is fixed and I think I’ll get my ass kicked out to the street. He will know that I’m cheating on him. He’ll tell everybody I’m a whore.” “Gina you would look so hot pregnant! Those tits of yours already look like they can feed a nursery. I’ll think of a lie for you to tell Dip-Stick Dan.” I said.

“Really? OK only if you knock me up. And it’s better if you didn’t. You will give me some way out of trouble? OK then.” Gina said relieved. After a few minutes Gina said “I wonder how big they would get? I’m a Double D now.” “Gina your tits are an E cup. I would expect them to grow to at least an F cup. Bras are going to be pretty hard to find. After you finish breast feeding they deflate and get really saggy unless you keep milking them. That is if you get pregnant.” I said thinking ‘not if- when.’

I had to run to my golf game and left Mrs. Gilbert standing naked in her living room, our cum streaming down her legs with instructions that she could come over to my house at 2 pm. That she is to wear black 3 inch high heels, 4 inch preferred, that buckle around her ankle. I want her to dress super slutty. A tight black micro mini skirt that just barely covered her lips. A tight thin form fitting black sweater that hugs her waist and huge tits. No underwear. More makeup and keep the gold hoops in her ears. If she does all this she will have more orgasms than she can count. She said she didn’t have those type clothes and I told her to get Dan’s credit card out and go to Fredricks. “That’s what I want to see you cross the street wearing. If you don’t dress the part then I won’t open my door and you can either go back and get it right or just sit at home and wait for your sexy husband.” “See you at 2. And just so you know I can count really high.” Gina smiled accepting the challenge.

I was right on time at the country club. My golf partner is an old college roommate and very close friend Dr. Billy Harold. Billy now goes by Bill and I call him Billy. I told him about a new woman in my life but no names. Billy is a psychiatrist and laughed at me with my married friend. “So you are going to be the dark rebellious chapter in her safe peacefully boring life? Be careful her husband doesn’t shoot you.” “Billy the guy is a little potbellied punk kind of like that guy, the one who accused you of stealing- Dan Gilbert. Just like him. Half afraid of women half in love with cock.” I said. “Gilbert! That asshole. I’d fuck his wife in the ass and send him the pictures. That guy caused me so much trouble until they found the real thief.” Billy channeled his anger into his golf clubs and beat me like I’d never played before. We had a great time. We talked about big tits and mother’s milk. Billy told me that women can produce milk for many years after child birth all the way to menopause. Human milk is high in fat content. We wondered if it would make good butter or cheese.

I got home at a little after 1 pm. I showered and got everything into place. I saw Gina’s old black Prius pull into the driveway and Gina carry bags into her house. The bags said ‘Fredrick’s of Hollywood’ on them. At 2 PM I looked over to the Gilbert’s house and saw the door open. Gina peeked her head out and looked every direction. Our street is a slow residential street and at 2 PM the street is deserted.

I did notice that Gina was wearing her long eye lashes, gold hoop ear rings and had applied blush to her cheeks. Her lips were still pink but freshly applied. She stepped out and shut her front door. She had on black patent leather 4 inch stilettos that had a strap around her tanned ankle. She was wearing a tight black micro mini skirt that hugged her ass very nicely. The hem ended maybe just a quarter of an inch above the bottom of her ass cheeks. Her sweater was form fitting to her waist but stretched very tight across her tits. She had three buttons opened or she couldn’t have squeezed into it. I could see the outline and protrusions of her nipples through the sweater. Gina kept both hands at her hem holding it down as she walked toward my house.

Gina’s E cup milk makers swayed and bounced as she walked; making a lot of movement. Gina still looked about quickly and was smiling about her wicked display. I videoed her crossing the street and coming to my door. She knocked and waited. I took a few seconds and then opened the door only wide enough the peek the camera lens out at her. “Raise your skirt let me see if you followed instructions.” Gina replied “oh god. I’m going to get caught I just know.” She looked around and pulled the front of her skirt up to show her bare vulva. “Higher and turn around show me your ass.” Gina raised her skirt hem to her waist and then turned around dropping the skirt. She faced her house and raised the rear of her skirt exposing both round ass cheeks. This caused her entire skirt to roll up to her waist and Gina squealed “Oh shit! Let me in.” Anyone looking at my house would have easily seen and recognized Gina pulling up her skirt and showing her pussy and ass to me.

I pushed open the door and stepped back. Gina ran in with both tits bouncing everywhere. She slammed the door and turned around laughing. “Wow, that was fun.” I grabbed Gina’s arm and walked her over to my overstuffed leather chair in my living room. I have a large picture window 5’ by 15’ along the front of my house to look out onto the street. I had Gina climb into the leather chair, which faces away from the window. She positioned herself with her knees at either side of the cushion as I flipped her skirt up to her waist. I grabbed the sex lube from the end table and started to slather Gina’s anus with it. “Jesus, you don’t give a girl a chance to relax do you?” Gina said as my oily fingers started pushing up into her asshole.

I separately took each knee and placed it onto the top of the leather arm of the chair. Gina looked absolutely obscene. This large busted married woman was offering her wet pussy and greased anal opening to me for my use. She looked better than any porn star. I had her hold her ass cheeks open making sure to capture her wedding ring in the picture. I also had her look back and “Smile for the camera!”

After several shots I dropped my shorts and handed the camera to Gina. “Here Sugarpussy. Take some pictures of us having sex. Just hold it out and point it back at us. Push this button here.” I told her. She took a few shots and then the head of my hard cock touched her asshole. “God you going straight up my bottom. I’m inside your house 5 minutes and I’m bent over with a cock pushed up my butt” Gina said. “Yes I know how much married sluts like ass fucking so if you want it lets start now.” The head of my cock forced her sphincter muscles to loosen and move around it. “Gina your ass is so tight. No guy has ever been here before?” I asked. “No. None of my boyfriends ever tried. God that dick is hard. You should be feeling me swallow any second.” Gina was enjoying it as we began our sodomy.

I stopped when my balls mashed into her wet labia lips. After a minute to adjust I then started to slow fuck her ass. Gina began to push back after only one or two thrusts. She took more pictures, some with her eyes shut, some smiling and some with her mouth open in a silent scream. I stepped up the pounding and she started to get vocal. “Yes…yes…oh no…I can’t… I can’t… fuck my little butthole…Bad girls… get their asses… spanked …and fucked… I’m gunna cum! MY ASSHOLE… CUUMMMINGGG!” Gina orgasmed from the pounding I gave to her ass. Her juice rolled down both legs. I felt ready to ejaculate and really fucked her hard now. She started to whale “Fuck me up the ass! Fuck it….fuck…it…cumming!”

I held on to her waist as I shot my cum up into her bowels. After several minutes I let my cock slip out of her anus and saw my cum oozing out of her ass. I spread her ass cheeks and saw her asshole was gapping open a couple of inches. I took the camera back and had her spread them so I could capture her gapping cum filled rectum forever. Gina stayed on the chair for several minutes and then stepped down. I handed her a towel. Gina said “Dan on his best day could have never got me to cum like that. You know what you are doing.” After a few more minutes recovery she said “That was 2. I’m still able to count them.”

I got Gina some water and showed her the house. We didn’t stay in the bedroom but ended the tour in a hidden room I call the game room. It actually was a half assed basement / bomb shelter put in by the previous owner in the 60’s. It had concrete walls and ceiling. But a wooden door; guess the guy never thought about securing his refuge. A small bathroom also but nothing else. Not even electricity down there when I moved in. I put in electricity and cabled it for the projection TV. I have rows of padded chairs like a theatre and even a popcorn machine in the corner. I also have a large wooden box full of toys that I keep locked for my straight friends and open when a wife wants to play.

My biggest and most expensive toy is my Sybian System I purchased for $2000. The standard unit is only $1300ish but I wanted all the extras. The Sybian is a saddle type vibrator that a woman can sit on and learn to orgasm and or how to have multiple orgasms. I had it set up, plugged in, a medium dildo and a smaller anal dildo attached with the other attachments at the ready. I also had three discrete cameras set up and ready for a single button activation. One covered the low to high side video and one covered the front of the unit including the woman that would be using it and the last was a wide angle to cover the entire staged area. In my planning I included tie down straps, handcuffs, rope, 3 inch wide electrical tape, a ball gag and blind fold.

“Is this your dungeon? Do you put on sex shows here?” Gina asked. I was walking next to her cupping an ass cheek when I replied “Dungeon- no. Play room- yes. I have this room for a media room with the projection TV. But for you it is a play room. Ever played with a Sybian?” Gina said “No. Is that it over there? I guess it is to sit on.” I pushed the camera button and said “This is the Sybian riding vibrator. The machine is supposed to be the best sex machine for women ever devised. Want to try it?” I started cupping her huge tits as I talked to her. I was lifting her breasts and massaging them.

Gina put her right hand between her legs and rubbed her clitoris lightly as she said “YES I DO. I want to cum so many times I lose count. I’m only at two right now.” “You have got to be the hottest married woman I have ever met.” I complemented her. “Thank you.” Gina said smiling her perfect white smile.

I led her to the machine and said “since you aren’t wearing any underwear you don’t need to take anything off. Do you think you are wet enough to sit on those two dildoes?” “My puss is about to drip and my ass is still slick from you fucking it half an hour ago.” Gina stated. I told Gina to straddle the black machine and noticed that her heels were giving her a hard time. I went to the non camera side so I didn’t block that camera and started to guide her ass downward to the dildoes. Gina stood on her high heels and bent over slowly descending on her wide spread knees and onto the latex toys. Her skirt was rolled up again around her waist and I had opened her sweater as we toured my house. She put both of her hands on the forward edge of the Sybian and tried to look down at her pussy between her hanging E cups.

Just before the tip of the larger dildo touched her labia I asked “Are you sure you want to cheat on your loving husband and take this up your pussy and ass?” “YES put it in!” she retorted. I watched her soft tender labia spread around the tip of the dildo and then continue inside her vagina. The anal dildo was next. It touched the center of her brown hole and slipped inside without a struggle. Gina sat upright on the dildoes and I moved her ankles rearward to put her shins on the floor. Then I put the straps around her ankles and secured them so she could not get off the machine without my OK.

I started the machine on the smallest setting-10. They graduate to numbers of ten to 100. Gina said “Nice just a little wiggle not too much at all.” She even rocked a little to get more stimulation. I took out the black electrical tape and wound it around the base of her left breast. I wound it tighter and tighter. Her breast looked like a pink watermelon with blue veins on a black post. Her skin was very tight and her brown areola stretched to 3 and a half inches. Gina stared at my hands as they bound her breast. I repeated the procedure on the right breast.

I next grabbed Gina’s wrists and handcuffed them behind her back. Next I took the rope and tied her elbows together making her breasts appear so much bigger. As Gina moved on the Sybian her big bound tits rolled and shook. Next the paddle, the paddle is a simple table tennis paddle with the word BITCH in raised rubber letters. I call it Bitch Slap. Gina needed her ass bitch slapped. Gina looked wide eyed at the paddle and asked “You’re not going to really hurt me right? Just a little spanking?” “Not really hard unless you want it like that. I just want to get some color on that beautiful fat ass.” I told her. “Alright I liked that spanking yesterday.” Gina said smiling with excitement in her eyes.” Gina then blurted “You know I really like the confidence you have. You just grab me and do things to me like I’m your slave girl. It makes me wet the way you treat me.”

I didn’t immediately reply but did start to paddle her ass. Medium swats designed to increase the circulation but not cause extreme pain. I then replied “You like it because you want to submit to an Alfa male. You want to be used as an object and enjoyed like a woman should be. You know that I could be with other women but choose you because of your beauty and intelligence. Every time I reach out to fondle you it says that you excite me and I choose you over all the other possibilities. You get pleasure from pleasing the Alfa. I like to make you cum. You cum because it pleases us both. You are very special forbidden fruit.”

I then turned on the Sybian’s automatic cycle system (added feature) routine #1 and continued to spank her big round ass. Gina yelled “OH FUCK, umm…Damn…. This is good! Oh OH OOHHH…” a few minutes later she said “I’m going to cum … Its cumming … OHH FUCK … awweeiii” Gina threw her head back and rode the machine hard as she leaked juice onto the black plastic covering.

I stopped the paddle and admired the round red ass shaking with the woman having a crazy cum. I walked around to Gina’s tits rolling on her lower chest / upper abdomen. I kneeled down and took the left one in my hands. I started to lick her nipple then nip it. I started to suck hard on the nipple but a hickey never shows on a nipple. I moved 2 inches inside and sucked on her tit there. A large red spot appeared after a few seconds. Gina watched and moaned loudly. I gave Gina’s tits 10 hickeys around the nipple area. 5 on each. I then put three more on her lower abdomen and upper thighs.

Gina continued to orgasm about every 5 minutes. She had lost count after 30 minutes. My plan was progressing perfectly. Seeing my next door neighbor’s wife restrained and madly humping the masturbation machine with her big hot red freshly bitch slapped ass shaking as she had multiple orgasms and her tits tied into huge balls with love bruises on them got me rock hard again.

I stood in front of her as she continued to cream her pussy on the Sybian. I put the machine to 10 which made it slow to a very gentle hum. I then pushed my cock into Gina’s mouth. Gina opened wide and started to mouth fuck my cock like a professional. She looked like a total slut with her long fake eyelashes and her gold hoop earrings swing on the sides of her face and jaw and she tried to take all 8 inches in her mouth and throat. She was on sex overdrive and couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. I doubt she would have stopped even if her husband walked into the room. Her eyes watered and overflowed as she ignored her gag reflex. Her eye makeup now ran down her cheeks. She continued to drive her mouth down onto my hard cock. She was almost berserk.

I took hold of her breasts and used them to help pull her mouth onto my cock. After a few minutes of this type of fellatio, any man would give up his baby oil. I lasted a mere 5 minutes then jerked my cock back out of her throat spurting my cum on her face. Gina opened her mouth wide and tried to catch all she could but I really wanted to come on my neighbor’s wife’s face. Two globs landed on her forehead and a large one on the left side of her nostril. The rest she caught and kept in her mouth.

After I finished shooting cum, Gina kept the cum on her tongue and asked “Umm.. an..I.. wallow?” I stepped away and saw her tongue bathing in my cum. My camera should have recorded that. “Yes Gina swallow my sperm.” Gina swallowed and then stuck her tongue out to show me what a good job she had done. “Good girl. What a perfect slut you are. Dan has no idea how nasty you truly are.” I said. “I know.” Gina said proudly.

I took out the blind fold and slid it over her head; next I took the ball gag and forced it into her mouth buckling it tight around her head. “Gina I need to finish up something. You stay here and have a good time. I’ll be back in a few.” Gina was shaking her head but I turned the Sybian control to routine #2 which is a little stiffer of a cycle and left her. Gina was humming and humping the machine when I left.

I ran over to Dan’s house and opened the door. Gina had assumed she would be back in time to shower but that wasn’t my plan. I gathered her Fredrick’s bags up. I saw she had purchased a bottle of “Anal Ease” guess I called that one right. I ran the bags over to my house and threw them into my bedroom. I went back and went into Dan’s bedroom where I found Gina’s pink running suit. I flipped the pants upside down and pulled the legs apart hard. The crotch ripped wide open. I did the same thing to the zipper of the top. I typed ‘GONE TO GYM’ into notepad on their computer, printed it and taped it to the refrigerator. I took Gina’s house and car keys put her running suit into the passenger seat and drove her car to the next street behind my house. I returned to my house with her custom running suit and went to find Gina still riding the Sybian and moaning. It was now 5 PM; I was gone 20 minutes.

I slowed and turned off the machine. Released Gina, unbound her tits and had her sit in my back yard Jacuzzi with me. Gina was very quiet and docile. She sat in the water with her hands over the hickeys on her breasts. “So how many orgasms did you have?” I asked her. Gina shook her head and said “I don’t know; maybe a hundred.” “Did you have fun?” I asked. “A huh. But I can’t do this all the time. It’s too much. I think my pussy and ass are numb.” “Don’t worry. This was a special occasion. You don’t really have to do anything” I said. “But if I told you no, you would stop seeing me” Gina said wisely. “Well if you had a good enough reason I wouldn’t” I stated.

I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the mouth. “Get your hair wet. Go under.” Gina looked at me and then submerged. She went straight to my cock and started sucking it under water. She surfaced after 30 seconds of sucking and smiled again at me. Gina’s makeup was all gone; her eye lashes were floating toward the filter. I reached over grabbing her breasts by the nipple and pulled her to me. I kissed and rubbed her for another hour. Gina was back to being herself. “I brought over a change of clothes for you” I said. “Great, you stopped by my house. So what time is it?” she asked. It was starting to get dark.

“Let’s get changed and see.” I told her as we got out of the backyard whirlpool tub. We dried off and I took my big titted married girlfriend into my bedroom and slipped on my shorts and a shirt. I handed Gina her pink suit and she said “What happened here?” showing me the ripped open crotch. “Put them on” I said. She did and I had her take off her earrings and leave the heels, skirt, and sweater in my bedroom. I took her to the front room. It was dark outside and the street lights were on. Dan’s new red Corvette was in their driveway.

Gina’s running suit was open in the front and her huge melons were felt great as I mauled them. “He is home! what time is it?” Gina asked. “It’s 7:15” I told her. “OH SHIT! He will be asking a lot of questions. I can’t go home like this!” Gina said. “Don’t worry I have you covered. Bend over the chair I want one last fuck for the night.”

Gina smiled her white smile again and popped into the chair that I had sodomized her in earlier. I spread open her ripped crotch and found her clitoris. I rubbed it and she started to get wet again. My cock was hard and I spread open her labia and nuzzled the head inside. Gina said “Damn it; even now I want to fuck you. I don’t think I can cum again but I want you to come.”

I started to slip in and out more freely as her pussy juiced up for me. I reached forward and grabbed her hanging breasts pulling them rearward as I shoved forward. The porch light came on at the Gilbert’s house and Dan walked out onto the porch. “Dan is over there looking for his wife. Guess he doesn’t know she is over here with her butt in the air. Getting her pussy spread open and filled with hard cock. I’m almost done Dan. I’ll be done in a minute.”

Gina liked this talk and started to thrust back onto me harder. “I may have one more cum in me” She said. “Your wife will be home after she has a little more real sex. She needed one more hot nasty cum before going home. She has a sore set of tits and asshole. Her puss and ass have been stretched more than ever before and she loved every minute. Didn’t you Gina?”

“God yes Fuck me! I’m about to cum again. Number 101! Shoot your cum in me!” Girl squealed. I said “Dan is looking for his wife while she is getting pregnant by the guy next door. Our baby will look nothing like him.” I said pumping hard and about to cum. Gina yelled “I’m cumming…oh god cum in me. I’m cumming!!” With that I shot my load inside Gina’s fertile vagina and uterus. I kept her bent over with my seed working its magic again.

After a few more minutes I told her to listen carefully. Her car was parked behind my property on the next street. She was to go to it and drive home. Act embarrassed. Tell Dan you were at the gym and worked out. You left your water bottle while you went to pee. You returned and drank your water then went to the shower. You remember showering – wet hair – and woke up in your car. Somebody must have done something to you but you can’t remember anything. You absolutely refuse to have the police involved because you can’t remember and don’t want people to know what happened.

Gina thought for a few long minutes and then said. “How can I get to my car with him out there?” “No problem. I’ll go out front and your fag husband will skip over to me. I’ll invite him in for a beer and you walk out the side door onto the driveway. You walk to your car and he will see you drive up.” “OK thanks!” Gina smiled.

I walked out, he walked over, she walked out as we walked in, she drove home and walked into her house as I pointed out Dan’s wife is home. Over the next week she told me Dan had agreed about keeping the police out of it. Gina told him that she was too abused to have sex with him and would show the hickeys on her tits to prove how rough a time she had had.

A few weeks later Gina called me to say her pee test was on the plus side. She was so excited and happy. I told her she could come over and we would celebrate by watching a new movie I just finished cutting. It was about this woman and the kinky things she did while getting knocked up. Gina was sad when I told her she couldn’t ride the Sybian until after our baby was born; too rough.

Rating: 91%, Read 93544 times, Posted Jul 31, 2010

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Spanking, Submission, Wife


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