Giving It To Gary by Chico

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I remember the first time that I met Gary "The Farm Boy" Fuller, as he was often called. He was 15-years old and the textbook definition of a redneck. I was 13-years old at the time and took a liking to Gary because he looked up to me as some sort of "tough & streetwise" L.A. kid. In his eyes, I was far superior then he or any other kid from the hick-town where he grew up. In reality, I wasn't even remotely tough or streetwise and Gary was the only one that had this perception of me.

I was actually in the process of better understanding why I seemed to enjoy creating situations where other boys would be able to see my dick. I'd lead them to some secluded location and then suddenly need to take a piss. I never knew what to expect by way of a reaction and that alone was equally as exciting to me. Would this guy be the type to look away, or would he be the type to scold me for not turning away to piss?

Would he give me that "are you gay or something" look, or would he be the type to just stand there with his eyes glued to my pissing dick? - They where few and far between, but there where some boys who suddenly needed to piss just as badly. Some would turn away to do it, but others would just whip out their dick and put it proudly on display like I was.

As if that wasn't strange enough, I always hoped that when some kid did whip out his dick to piss, that it would be bigger or more worthy of praise then mine. On those ocassions, I wouldn't hesitate to verbalize my observations with comments such as:

"Jeeze! - you've got a big one!" - or - "Dang! - don't tell anyone that I have a small one, okay?"

My heart would race as I stood there waiting for their reply to my comment. While some totally lacked imagination, others returned the praise in the same nervous tone as I gave it by saying things like:

"Yours is just as big as mine." - or - "Yours isn't small, and I wouldn't tell anyone if it was anyway."

I had developed the ability to do this without any hesitation. But when I thought about giving Gary a peek at my pecker, it scared the shit out of me because he wasn't just another 12 or 13 year old like the others. He was on the verge of turning 16 and had hair in places that was still months and years away for from growing on my body. He had hairy legs, underarm hair, and even a trail of hair that started at his belly button and ran downward into his pants. It was obvious that this trail of hair had to lead right down into the bush that was growing around his dick, but whatever images I did have where just that. Images created in my horny little mind and not based on any actual sightings.

My mom wasn't keen about me being friends with a 15-year old, and I even think that she was suspicious as to why a 15-year old wanted to be friends with her 13-year old son. But after meeting Gary and seeing that he was basically missing a chromizone, she backed off. Eventually the day arrived where I was invited to spend the night over at Gary's house. I had spent hours coming up with dozens of scenarios that would lead to the removal of my clothing, or at a minimum to expose my pecker to Gary.

My "Plan A" was to confide a secret only after he promised that he would never tell anyone about it. He

prommised and crossed his heart and all that shit, then I started telling him this completely fictitious, yet totally erotic story about spying on my sister and her boyfriend.

I told him that I was in her bedroom reading her diary when I heard her and he boyfriend coming up the stairs. It was too late for me to leave her bedroom without getting caught, so I was forced to hide inside of her closet. I described how they started making out on the bed while her boyfriend squeezed my sisters tits.

"No shit! - He was playing with her tit's?" Gary said.

"Yeah, but then he pulled up her shirt and started sucking on them."

"Shit fire! Then what happened?" Gary said as he placed his hand in his lap to hide the effect that my story was having on his dick.

I told him that I tried not to look since it was my sister and all, but for some reason I couldn't stop. Especially when she started rubbing the front of his pants. I described how the lump in his pants just kept getting bigger and bigger until he was begging her to undo his pants and take it out. I described how I tried to not to watch anymore, but I couldn't help it.

"Ain't nothing to be ashamed of. I would have looked to if I had a sister." Gary said.

"Yeah, but something really bad happened when she started unzipping his pants and stuff." I said.

"What happened?" gary asked.

"I started getting like her boyfriend was. You know? - Down there." I said shamfully.

"What - You mean you started getting a woody? - That's not bad man! Any guy would have popped a mean one watching that shit! - Fuck man! - I getting one just listening to you talk about it" Gary said.

"Boy! - Did I see plenty too. When my sister pulled his underware down. His big old boner flopped out and it was gigantic. It was this big, I sware!" I said holding my pointer fingers about 5 inches apart.

"Shit! That ain't big! - How old is this dude?" Gary asked.

"He's 18 and so is my sister." I said.

"That aint shit! - I'm 15 and mine is bigger then that. Mine is more like this." Gary said holding his pointer fingers about 7 inches apart.

"NO WAY!" I said emphatically.

"The fuck it ain't!" Gary said. "Check this out!" and he raised his butt up off the floor a few inches and slid his shorts down passed his knees.

I almost passed out when Gary's cock cleared the elastic band of his shorts. His boner snapped back up and made a loud slapping sound when it hit his belly. I was truely looking at the biggest cock that I had ever seen in my entire life. It was about 7 inces long and thick. He had a fluffy bush of dick hair twice as big as I had imagined it in my mind.

"So did your sister play with his cock. or something?" Gary asked.

"Yeah, like towards the top at first, but then she started rubbing it down by the hairy part" I said.

"Fuck man! - I've gotta jack-off now!" Gary said and started stroking his cock.

He asked me not to tell anyone that he jacked off in front of me and I promised not to. But when he saw me rubbing my 5 inch hotdog through my shorts, he decided that I needed to join the jack-off party. But what surprised me more then that was that Gary didn't ask me to jack-off with him, or even suggest that I could if I wanted to. He reached over and tugged at my shorts until he had pulled then completely off. Then he took his all the way off too.

"Fuck man! this is a nice looking cock you've got here!" He said as he stroked my dick with his left hand, while stroking his with his right hand.

"Whoa! you're playing with my dick Gary."

"Feels fuckin' great, don't it?" He said.

"Mmmm" was all I could manage to utter.

"You squirting cum out of this little beauty yet?" He asked.

"Yeah, not as much as my sisters boyfriend does though. He shot his stuff all over the place and some of it even hit squirted on his face." I said.

"Fuck man! - do you have any idea how fuckin' horny you're making me." Gary said through clinched teeth.

"How horny?" I whispered.

"Well.............have you ever had your dick sucked on." Gary said.

"No, why?" I asked.

"Cuz I'm fixin to suck you off right now!" Gary said as his head fell into my lap and his mouth covered all 5 inches of my boner.

"Oh shit! - Oh fuck! - You're really sucking on my dick! - On man! I'm really gettin sucked!" I said.

Gary reached up and put my hands ontop of his head and then took my bone out of his mouth just long enough to bark out an order. "Come on! make me suck it you little fucker!" Gary said. Once he put my dick back in his mouth, I shoved his had down until his nose was burried in my little patch of curly cock hairs.

"Oh shit yeah! - Suck it! - Oh fuck that feels so good! - Yeah, suck it!" I moaned.

In one quick move, Gary rolled over and pulled me ontop of him with my dick still burried inside of his mouth. On shear instinct, I stared fucking his face and the movement of my thrusting hips brought me to that tingly sensation in just a matter of seconds. I looked down and saw that my balls had all but disappeared and I knew that I only had a few seconds left before I'd squirt.

"Oh yeah! - gonna cum Gary! - Watch out! - It's gonna squirt!" I said.

"Okay! move down a shoot it all over my cock! - Yeah dude! That's so hot. Jack that cock and cum all over my dick." Gary hissed.

"Now! - I'm cumming! - I'm cumming!" I said as 3 small spurts of milky cum squirted along the length of Gary's fat 7 inch slab of dick meat. I was still jerking and convulsing and Gary started going to town on his throbbing cock, and using my cum as lube.

"But ya nobody's ever jacked off with your cum before? - Look at you! - You're still as hard as a rock man!

Get up here and put that tastey pecker of your back in my mouth." Gary ordered.

I obeyed like a good little soldier and straddled over him and started fucking his face while he jerked his cock furiously. I could hear his nuts slapping faster and faster until it was almost a constant sound. And I was even more suprised when Gary sucked me right back to that tingly place again so quickly.

"Fuck Gary! - I'm gonna cum again!" I said and started to slide my dick out of his mouth, but he stopped me by grasping both of my tiny butt cheeks in one hand and shoving my crotch back into his face. I was worried that he hadn't heard me and my cum was so close to squirting.

"GARY! - I'm gonna squirt in your mouth, stop!" I said but it was too late. I grabbed the back of his neck with both hands and fucked his face through an even more powerful orgasm. Just as I stared to jerk out those last electric pulses, I felt Gary's cum squirting all over my butt and the back of my legs. It just kept squirting and felt really warm. I collapsed downward and felt Garys last pulses of cum splatter around the center of my back. When he was done, he started slapping his chubby cock on my butt cheeks so hard that it made a little sting.

It was quiet until we both caught our breath. Gary said that he's never had a better fag-off session then the one that we just had. I didn't know what to say other then to ask how come I didn't get to suck on his dick. Gary got a huge laugh out of that and said that the next time we fag-off, I don't have to ask to do anything. I could just do what ever I wanted.

"Really? - Like what kind of stuff?" I asked.

"You ever heard of pussy-practice?" Gary said.

"No, what's that?" I asked.

"I'll show you tomorrow" He said.

And that's basically how I ended up fucking everyday from that day forward. It took nearly a month to get used to having Gary's fat cock rammed up my tiny ass, but once his cock fit me like a glove, I became an insatiable little cock whore. But once Leonard started fagging off with us, things really got interesting.

Gary was as white as paste, I was a darker skinned Hispanic, and Leonard was a 14-year old kid who was as black as the ace of spades. God! how I came to love to suck on that chocolate covered banana while Gary punished my ass. I remember the night that Both Leonard and I stayed the night at Gary's house. He was totally freaked out when Gary and I stared jacking each other off.

He even said that if we didn't stop, he was gonna go home. We didn't stop, and Leonard didn't go home. He caved in under the pressure of shear horniness and within a week he was sucking cock like a champ. But that's a whole other story. Especially when Leonards cousin Leon caught us in a 3-way suck-off. Gary lost his title as having the biggest cock that I'd ever seen to Leon. And he lost by a mile. On a globe of the world. Leons cock could stretch from San Diego, Ca. to Halifax, Nova Scotia. How I ever got that big black fucker up my ass is beyond me.

Rating: 88%, Read 62057 times, Posted May 03, 2006

Fiction | Boy, Gay, Teen Male


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