My 3 Cousins_(1) by BigTitsStory

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True Story | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, First Time, Incest, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Submission, Teen, Virginity, Young

My Name Is Sam I have always been a horny bugger especially since I found out what porn was. I haven’t really had sex before but I have fantasied about it a lot over the years. I’m 18 years old 6ft 1 Caucasian with black spiky hair blue eyes and short ears. My 3 cousins are coming over tomorrow all the way from Manchester. I live in London I haven’t seen them in a very long time. The last time I saw them I was like 6 or 7 I think. Yes they are all girls nothing special I guess since I do not think of my cousins in that way. The oldest one is 19 her name is Lily then there is Alex she is 18 and the final one is Abby she is 18. I haven’t seen them in a very long time it’s strange because they haven’t seen me in ages too so I wonder how they will react to seeing me now. The difference is I used to be a lot more skinner it wasn’t healthy lol. So I decided at around 14 to hit the gym. 3 years of non-stop gym paid off. I have a 6 pack and I’m pretty muscly in certain places.

The Next Morning so I woke up tidied my room and sorted my bed and got in the shower. Gotta look fresh for my cousins. An hour later I heard the door bell rung so I decided to open the door knowing it would be them. I saw a woman in her teens around 18 standing there it was probably Lily but damn she had grown she had blonde hair blue eyes I had a nice view of the big peachy ass hanging out from her side and oh not to mention HER TITS!!!! She had a 36GG cup. Then Alex walked in she had grown fabulously too she had a 38EE cup and her ass was also big not as big as Lily but she had something which made up for it she had soft delicious big lips. They looked like the type of lips that could fit an entire 9 inch dick inside her mouth. She had black hair black eyes she had pretty big hands not in the bad way but like she could take an entire dick in her hands. Then walked in Abby HOLY SHIT!!! Abby had a 38DD cup she had a massive ass bigger than Lily and Alex combined together. She had red hair blue eyes she was very fit and toned and was pretty tall not as tall as me but taller than her sisters


Lily looked at me with a weird face like how she didn’t recognize me. She asked “who are you” I replied back saying it’s me Lil “Sammy” I call her Lil for short and a lot of people call me Sammy for short. “Holy Shit replied Lily look how much you have grown Oh my god the other girls were staring at me Alex came in and gave me a cheeky peck on the side of my face. I could feel her Titties against my chest the feeling almost me solid rock hard so I had to control it. Abby gave me a hug. Her hugs were always very tight and close. Then Ms. Abberton walked in she was basically my aunt. My mother’s big sis she wasn’t too bad looking either in her mid-30’s she had nice boobs and ass. But that aside I wasn’t really thinking of banging my aunt it’s disgusting lol.

so I locked the door and headed in to the living room. There they were my 3 cousins sitting down on the couch so I decided to sit down and have a catch-up chat with them so I asked what do you guys do now. “Lily said she does modelling atm”, I said “is it getting anywhere” she said its working out fine” Alex says “im doing boxing I quite enjoy it at the moment its very fun and I get to kick ass” Abby said “I do hair and beauty and I also go the gym to workout I’m thinking of becoming a gym instructor. I was thinking in my head Abby goes to the gym. No wonder why I mean look at that ass and that body she has. Alex does boxing she must really be good at it. Then my cousins said what I do in my spare time. So I said to them “I go the gym a lot and I play football in my spare time for a team” “oh really replied Alex what team do you play for” I replied saying “I play for my local college team I’m the captain and the main striker”.

After a while of chit chatting it was time for bed so it was time for me to go to sleep. But I couldn’t stop imagining about Lily Alex and Abby nice asses and titties combined with sexy looks I was tearing myself up inside I had to do something . But I couldn’t really since I would be creepy well all I can do is imagine. I woke up the next morning I woke up late so went down stairs and got into the shower and cleaned myself up so I decided to get out of the shower and not knowing how stupid I was I completely forget my cousins were in the living room and I had no towel on either so I was butt naked.and I walked in with my eyes closed and my 9 inch dick was hanging down and my cousins saw it all started giggling at me then i was like “oh shit” they said “don’t worry we won’t mind” so I hurried upstairs and didn’t show my face for a while. The rest of the day was boring as usual my cousins were giggling and staring at me for a while. So it was time to go to bed I thought it would be a boring night as usual. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

I was resting and I heard footsteps, Lily came into my room she had a night gown on she instantly went for my dick in my pants I tried to say something but she told me to “Shhh!! Little cousin she said” “if you told me you were packing this thing in your pants I would have come sooner” I asked “what are you doing” she said “what do you think im doing little cousin im here to fuck the shit outta you” I said “but im virgin Lil” “really but does it look like a give a fuck Im still going to fuck the shit outta you and take your virginity”

Lily took off my pyjamas and she started wanking me first slowly then she did it faster and faster made me close to Cumming but she knew exactly how to tease me she said “not yet little one” so then she decided to start sucking my dick first she just started to suck the tip of my dick slowly then she went faster. Then in one sudden thrust she took my entire dick in her mouth all of it. She stopped giving a damn and went faster and faster until I spunked inside her mouth. I felt relieved. I thought that would be it but then

She said “hold on little cousin we are not done yet we are just getting started”

Lily took off her gown underneath her gown she was wearing a big black bra that showed her tits were hanging loose. She was wearing black panties that showed her wet little pussy. So she decided to get on top of me with all her weight I could see her tits were dangling near my face. I went to touch them she slapped my hand saying “not yet you will get your turn” she started kissing me passionately then started licking me near my chest and neck. Then she took off her bra her tits were bigger than they looked she put them straight in my face I started licking them and sucking them. She started to moan “oh yeah baby come on Sammy you can do better” so I started sucking harder “oh yeah oh my god” then suddenly she grabbed my cock and said to me “get ready I’m gonna ride you now time for you to get fucked the shit out of you”. She started to put my big dick inside her slowly teasing me by taking out and putting it back in slowly. I felt my dick entering a wet but tight cave. It felt very good. As I was going in deeper I felt my dick getting a bit hotter with excitement. So it was fully in . Lily started bouncing up and down on top of me. It started to feel better and better by every bounce lily did I came closer and closer to cumming. So I decided to stop lily bouncing on top of me instead I started to ram her with my dick up and down faster and faster. “oh yeah lily I’m gonna cum” “oh yes I want you to cum inside me” so after each thrust got stronger I felt myself cumming inside Lily juicy twat and boy did it feel good. I was exhausted. Lily said with a wink face “Im gonna wake you up and give you another right good pounding little cousin.

Rating: 75%, Read 20546 times, Posted Dec 05, 2017

True Story | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, First Time, Incest, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Submission, Teen, Virginity, Young


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