My ex-wifes niece Pt 2. by riqortz

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Incest

After a few minutes of recovery time, smoking some cigarettes my dick starts to wake up again. Mostly because I have a pair of great tits I'm playing with and the fact that Kirsten is slowly stroking my cock.

She leans in and kisses me deeply. Her tongue swirling mine, our hands running over each other's body.

She works her way to my ears, which I really enjoy, and my neck. She spends some time sucking on my neck, making sure that I get good and turned on before working her way to my chest.

Kirsten stops to take a minute and suck on my nipples. This is a new experience for me as no woman has ever sucked on them before. I find that I really like it as my cock starts to twitch.

After spending a couple of minutes sucking, nibbling, pinching and biting my nipples she works her way down my stomach to my cock.

She takes a moment to look at it closely and stroke it slowly. Her face is below my cock. I look down and realize that the base of my cock goes from her chin to just below her hair line. She strokes it from the very bottom of the shaft to the absolute top of the head. Then starts to work her tongue along that same line. Making sure to take her time and enjoy the look of pleasure on my face.

As her tongue reaches the tip of my cock she looks me in the eyes and smiles as she quickly swallows the first five inches of my cock. WIth my cock head stuck at the back of her throat she slowly pulls up while sucking very hard. The tight seal that she made with her lips makes my cock even thicker.

Once her lips are wrapped around the head she starts to swirl her tongue around the sensitive part underneath my cock head where the shaft meets up. (She must have learned this trick from her aunt, my ex-wife). This is really getting me horny as I can feel the pre-cum starting to flow.

She pops my cock out of her mouth and looks me in the eye. She asks if I liked that? I replied with a hell yeah.

She strokes my cock some more before really going down on it. She gets it good and wet and starts to really deep throat me as I feel my cock head slip past her tonsils and down into her throat.

Kirsten is a talented cock sucker as she removes her hand from cock and grabs my ass. Her head works its way up and down the full length without slipping out.

I move her hair so that I can see her pretty face sucking my cock. She looks up at me and sees me watching her. She must enjoy being watched while giving head because she really assaults my cock with her vaccuum of a mouth.

I grab a handful of her hair and stop her head from coming up as she hit the bottom of my cock. I hold her there until she gags on my cock. I let her up and she looks into my eyes and tells me "That was so hot that my pussy is dripping". I tell her to prove it by sitting on my face.

Kirsten does as she is told and quickly brings her shaved pussy to my face. It is indeed very wet and smells amazing. I suck on her swollen pussy lips, one at a time. I am in heaven as she has a wonderful taste and the perfect fat lips that I love.

Moving to her clit I find it swollen and sticking out. I circle it with my tongue before I start to suck it. I trap her clit in my lips and flick it with my tongue while sucking on it. I look up and see Kirsten squeezing her gorgeous tits while pinching her nipples. She has thrown her head back and doesnt see me watching her.

I can her hear moaning and saying that it feels amazing.

I tease her slit with my tongue, I run it up and down a few times before diving into her sweet pussy. I lick as far inside her pussy as I can, trying to catch as much of her sweet juice in my mouth as possible. I work my way down to her taint and then to her ass. I give her a rim job, which she apparently has never had.

Kirsten is surprised to feel my tongue around an inside her ass. She quickly realizes that she likes this new feeling and begins to gring her ass onto my face. I lick, suck and tongue her ass as she ginds her pussy on my face.

Feeling her juice all over my face tells me that she is definately ready to be fucked.

Kirsten gets a condom out of my pants and puts it on me. She climbs on top and lowers her pussy onto my cock slowly. Feeling every thick inch slide inside and fill her up. Once she is all the way down she stops for a moment to let her pussy adjust to me before she slowly starts to work up and down my cock.

She picks up the pace and is starting to ride me harder and faster. I watch as my cock disappears and reappers inside her pussy. I see her wonderful tits swinging with her movements. THey are bouncing up and down, side to side. They are actually slapping against each other.

She leans forward and supports herself on her hands as she grinds her pussy onto my cock. I take her left tit and suck on her nipple while squezzing and pinching her other tit.

She rocks her hips up and down my cock. I take my left hand and grope her ass. Then I move my hand further down and tease her pussy while she rides my cock. I make sure that I get my fingers good and wet, then I slide the tip of one inside her asshole. I hear her gasp at the sudden feeling of intense pleasure. My face has moved to between her tits as I lick and suck each one in turn. She throws her head back and screams that she is cumming. I work my finger inside her ass to the second knuckle as she cums so hard that my cock is covered in a white foam of cum.

As her orgasm subsides she collapses on top of me and tells me that she has never cum that hard in her life. I tell that it isn't over and roll her over onto her back.

I start to move my hips in circles as I fuck her slowly. She matches my movements with downward thrusts of her own. I lean back and put her legs on my shoulders. I watch my cock as I pull it almost all the way out before driving it back deep inside her. Again I pull out slowly and drive fast and hard back inside her wonderful pussy.

Kirsten starts to moan again and begins to pinch her nipples while I pound her pussy slow and hard. There is something very exciting about watching her play with her tits while I fuck her. I remove her left leg from my shoulder so I can rub her clit while I fuck her. She really loves this feeling and her moaning gets louder. I rub her clit with my thumb as I start to really drive my cock into her, harder and faster.

In no time she is telling me that she about to cum. I too am at the very edge of losing control.

Kirsten screams that she is cumming and her pussy again seeps white foam onto my cock. My cock pulses and shoots jet after long sticky of my own cum into her pussy. She continues to orgasm as my cock fills the condom inside her pussy with my cum.

After what feels like an eternity of cumming I collapse on top of her. We are both panting, trying to catch our breath. I roll off to the side and spoon with her. My cock nestled between her ass cheeks, my hands on her tits and we drift off to a great deep sleep.

Let me know what you think. While technically not considered incest since we were only related by marriage, having know Kirsten since her early teens makes it seem like incest. I have more stories if you like this one, Kirsten was one wild girl that was into almost anything. Let me know if you would like more.

Rating: 95%, Read 81118 times, Posted Sep 20, 2011

True Story | Consensual Sex, Incest


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