The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter Chapter 11: The Prayer of Shalak by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter

by mypenname3000

Copyright 2015

Chapter Eleven: The Prayer of Shalak

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta readings this!

Friday, June 17th, 2072 – Queenie Glassner – Ashland, OR

I kissed my new wife. I had no idea what her name was, but she was gorgeous. Flaming-red hair spilled around our faces as we kissed, and I stared into her green eyes. Her kiss was hot and beautiful, stirring passions through my healed body.

I felt amazing. The fever was gone, the throbbing ache in my leg had vanished. I was healed by my wife. Reina sobbed in the background while Rex comforted her and Sarah's hand found my breasts as the redhead cupped my face. A hot tongue licked at my nipple.

Sarah was so delightful.

“What's your name?” I gasped.

“Aoifa,” the redhead purred before our lips met again.

I hadn't had sex since I'd been shot. None of us had. Our passions must all be built up. I squirmed as Sarah's mouth sucked harder, her teeth lightly grazing my nipples, adding a bit of pain to the pleasure. I gasped and moaned, squeezing my thighs together.

Strong hands pushed my legs apart. Rex's whiskered cheeks kissed up my thighs. I shuddered in delight as he neared my pussy. I moaned into my new wife's kiss, thrusting my tongue deep into her sweet mouth as my husband grew nearer and nearer to the furnace between my thighs.

“Yes!” I moaned into my redheaded wife's mouth as Rex's lips brushed my vulva. His whiskers scratched at my sensitive lips. I shuddered as his fingers pried me open, exposing my pink folds to his hungry mouth. “Oh, yes!”

Aoifa broke the kiss. “Is our Lord Husband pleasing you, my wife?”

“Lord husband?” I groaned.

“He is a demigod,” Aoifa smiled. “Us mortal women are honored to be taken as his bride.”

“I took you as my brides because I love you,” Rex growled. “Aoifa, I'm no different than you or Queenie.”

“But you are,” Aoifa insisted. “Along with Reina and Sarah.”

Reina pulled Aoifa from me, pushing the redhead's thighs apart. “Mmm, you're already shaved,” Reina purred, rubbing at her pussy. “And Rex is right. You're our wife. That makes you just as special as us.” Reina's eyes widened. “Rex has fucked you already, I see. So that's why he snuck off.”

“He had to wake me from my slumber,” Aoifa explained as Reina dove into her pussy. I lifted up, watching my wife lick through Aoifa's messy slit, scooping up our husband's cum.

“So hot,” I grinned and shuddered as Rex attacked my pussy again. His lips were hungry, and I bucked into his whiskered cheeks. “Oh, yes, husband of mine, keep licking me. I love it.”

Sarah smiled at me, her blue eyes twinkling. All of Mark's children seemed to have inherited the same, blue, playful eyes. She proffered up a round breast, her dusky nipple beading with her milk. “Thirsty?”

“So much,” I moaned and opened my lips.

Sarah brought her milk-laden breast to my lips. I wrapped them around her nipple and suckled like a hungry babe. Her mother's milk flooded into my mouth. I drank her treat down with hungry gulps. I shuddered in delight as Sarah cradled my head. The milk poured down my throat as I savored every sweet, creamy treat.

Rex ate me harder, his blue eyes flashing up. I could tell he was excited by the display. I bucked into his hungry mouth. His tongue swirled through all my holes as his fingers caressed my lips. I sucked hard on Sarah's teat when Rex thrust a pair of fingers into my depths. I clenched down on him, my hips bucking in delight.

The pleasure swelled inside me. My mouth popped off Sarah's nipple. “So good!” I gasped before Sarah sealed her mouth on mine, her tongue gathering up the traces of her milk from my lips. I shuddered into her kiss as Rex fucked his fingers faster and faster in and out of me. His lips sucked on my clit while his tongue batted it.

My hips bucked. My pleasure swelled. I came hard, gasping in delight.

Aoifa's hand gripped mine as she screamed her pleasure out. “I'm cumming, sweet wife!”

I broke the kiss with Sarah, turned my head, and kissed Aoifa as my body was racked with bliss. My orgasm burned through me, my pussy clenching down on Rex's fingers as my juices gushed into his hungry mouth. Aoifa squeezed my hand hard, moaning loud into our kiss as she creamed Reina's mouth.

“Oh, my,” Aoifa smiled. “Is that breast milk I tasted on your lips.”

“Uh-huh,” Sarah grinned, hefting her other tit. “And I have more right here. Want a taste.”

“I would be honored to drink from your breast, Holy Sarah.”

“Just Sarah,” she laughed. “You're my wife, Holy Aoifa. You've been chosen as the mighty Rex's fourth wife. Our own father groomed you for us.”

Rex rose from between my thighs, his cock rock hard. He gripped my hips, pulling me down a few inches so my pussy rubbed on his cock. “Yes. By my power as a demigod, I declare Queenie and Aoifa to be holy by marriage. You both are paragon of womanhood and elevated to our august position.”

“Where did you learn the word paragon?” Reina snorted, her lips smeared with juices.

Rex seized his twin's black hair. “I guess it was rattling around in my subconscious,” he answered before kissing her and thrusting his cock into my pussy.

I shuddered in delight as my husband entered me. I squeezed down on him, squirming and bucking into his thrusts. I locked my legs around his thrusting hips and savored every inch of his cock. I wanted to stay like this forever.

“Straddle Queenie's face, Holy Aoifa,” Sarah smiled. “And nurse from my divine breast.”

“Mmm, yes, wife of mine,” I smiled at Aoifa. “Let me taste your pussy. I love to eat pussy.”

“She's a pussy slut,” Rex laughed after breaking the kiss.

“Once she had a taste of my pussy, she couldn't get enough,” Reina agreed.

I smiled, remembering that day nearly a year ago when Reina seduced me by the Truckee River. “Oh, yes. Let me pleasure you, Aoifa.”

“Oh, yes,” Aoifa groaned, straddling my hips. “I'm so thankful you've made me holy, husband.

“Every woman my cock fucks is holy,” Rex laughed, slamming harder into my pussy.

As Aoifa settled her cunt down on my lips, Reina laughed, “Even that whore that you bought?”

“Even her,” grinned Rex, his cock slamming harder into me. “Mmm, she was a feisty vixen.”

“So feisty,” purred Reina.

Aoifa moaned as I licked through her hot cunt. She had a sweet pussy, fresh and pure. I thrust my tongue in deep as she squirmed on my lips. Greedy Reina left me no cum to enjoy, but I savored Aoifa's pussy anyways. I slurped and sucked, eager to give my new wife such pleasure. She was so wonderful. The moment I looked into her eyes I had fallen in love.

It was a magical moment.

“Drink deep,” Sarah purred.

I shuddered on my husband's cock as Aoifa suckled noisily at Sarah's teat. Aoifa squirmed and moaned her satisfaction as she drank the sweet milk. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, swirling it about as she ground on my face.

“Damn, that is hot,” groaned Rex, his strokes slamming into me and brushing my clit. Sparks burst through me every time.

“Uh-huh,” purred Reina. Her hands cupped my heavy breast and then her mouth suckled on my nipples.

I moaned into Sarah's pussy as the pleasure swelled through me. Reina suckled at one nipple, and Sarah's fingers found the other. My pussy screamed in delight as Rex stirred me up. I bucked and shuddered as the pleasure swelled through me.

My hands reached out. I found Sarah's wet pussy between her thighs, thrusting two fingers inside of her and Reina's small breasts. Reina moaned about my nipple as I pinched her nubs. She sucked harder, trying to devour my breast.

I had all four of my spouses pleasuring and being pleasured by me. I shuddered in delight. This is what I was born for. If Mark and Mary placed Aoifa into his children's path, did he place me, too? Maybe I was destined to be Rex and Reina's spouse.

I came hard. Rex groaned, and he flooded me. I screamed my bliss into Aoifa's pussy. This was where I always wanted to be, in the midst of my spouses. We would love and pleasure each other for the rest of our lives.


Chasity “Chase” Glassner

I wasn't surprised by the loud moans coming from the twins' tent. Queenie was definitely healed, and the celebratory orgy was going strong an hour later. They were a horny bunch. They would have fit right in at the mansion.

Sister Stella sat down beside me on the log. “Aoifa is a Warlock.”

I nodded, putting my arm around her shoulders.

“I need to exorcise her.”

“She can be useful,” I countered.

“We're marching to stop your parents.” Sister Stella's arm slipped around my waist and her head leaned on my shoulder. “Who knows what traps your parents left in her. They placed her in our path for a reason.”

“To heal Queenie,” I answered. “My father cares about his children.”

“You know that's not true. He fathered a thousand bastards. He never gave a fig about most of them.” Sister Stella turned her head. “Many of his children were sex slaves. Did you know that? Diane Harmon, the Bishopress of the Southeast Asia District, kept a stable of sex slaves, all daughters of Mark. She collected them and your father didn't care.”

“I bet my sisters were happy,” I smiled. “Some women enjoy being slaves, and Diane knows how to give that pleasure. Sarai always loved being her slave.”

Sister Stella shook her head. “You were raised in that disgusting environment.” She glanced at the tent. “Your siblings take after your father. How many women does Rex need in his harem?”

“As many as want to be in it,” I shrugged. “They're all consenting.”

“Are they? Aoifa seems to have bewitched them.”

“So she had a little love spell enchanted on her.” I gave a dismissive wave. “It's harmless. And she can heal. Isn't that worth having.”

“And what happens when we reach Paradise and try to stop your parent's rebirth?” Sister Stella's gray eyes were intense, reflecting back the silver moon. “She might reveal her true loyalties. She might stop us and allow your parents to be reborn.”

“If she loves Rex, she won't,” I told her. “I can tell that much. She's besotted with him.”

“And if your parents left some programming in her that will trigger? Something she can't control? She might not even be aware of it.”

A loud moan burst from the tent. Reina screamed, “Oh, Aoifa, yes!”

I bit my lip. “You might be right,” I sighed.

“Exorcism won't hurt her. She'll just lose her powers. She'll be safe. She can continue on with us or find her own path.”

“I doubt she'll leave us,” I smiled. “I don't think it's entirely magic that made them fall in love. My parents are not above finding soul mates and bringing them together.”

“You think they're soul mates? All five of them?” Sister Stella's eyebrows arched.

“My father's children take after him. He's a lusty man. How many different demonic powers did he have? How would that affect his sons and daughters? Particularly the last ones he had, like Rex, Reina, and Sarah. Loving more than one person may be imprinted on their souls. And my parents placed Aoifa in our path for a reason.”

“Which is why I need to exorcise her,” Sister Stella nodded. “It's completely safe. You know that.”

“Do it,” I agreed. “But in the morning. Let them celebrate.”

Sister Stella nodded. “They are passionate. Why don't we retire to our bed and see if we can't be louder?”

“What a naughty suggestion,” I smiled. “You are such a bad nun.”

“I'm wicked,” Sister Stella agreed and kissed me.


Aoifa Coughlan

I couldn't sleep. After seventeen years of slumber, I wasn't ready to fall back asleep just yet. My spouses were piled around me. We were in a crush of bodies. It was so wonderful. I felt so close. During our orgy, our flesh had become one, united together into one loving soul.

The Living Gods must be so happy. This is all they wanted for mankind. To love each other, not hate. A swell of anger surged through me, banishing my joy. The Christians didn't seem to understand that. They always talked about love, but it had to be their brand of love. They didn't leave room for alternative types.

They were hypocrites.

“Are you still awake?” Queenie whispered as she lay beside me.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

She pulled my head down to her pillowy breasts. They were a remarkable pair. I savored their softness as she stroked my red hair. “I bet you don't want to sleep. I know I don't. I spent the last few days in a fever dream.”

“Why are you traveling with a nun?” I asked. “They're evil.”

“Sister Stella is quite pleasant,” Queenie answered. “I was raised to think Warlocks were evil. I spent my whole life being preached that someone like you is a devil-spawn. But you're not. And neither is the nun.”

“And yet you married a man and his wives.”

“It was just Reina then. I grew up with the twins. And it was Chase that insured we were married. She intervened. People listen to her.”

“Because she's the Holy Daughter,” I smiled.

“Because she's Saint Chasity,” Queenie countered. “She killed the Tyrants.”

“She was tricked.” My good mood faded. “And they're not Tyrants. Never say that. You're married to His children. They're Gods.”

“They're not,” Queenie sighed. “Talk to Chase, she'll tell you all about the truth of her parents. It's not what the Christians say, and it's not what the Glassnerians claim. It's in the middle.”

“That's so blasphemous,” I gasped. “I summoned them down from Heaven. I made a Pact with them.”

“They are powerful. But they were just a man and a woman.”

I bit my lip. I didn't like hearing that one bit. “They were the Living Gods. People just thought they were humans because the Divine incarnated in the Flesh. 'In our lifetime, the World was blessed by the births of the Living Gods. They dwelt among us, living, growing, watching until the time was right to begin their great work and free mankind from the shackles of hate, prejudice, and intolerance.' That's from the First Book of Vivian, chapter one, verses one and two. I love that passage. That's who the Living Gods are.”

“And to free us from the shackles of hate, prejudice, and intolerance, they enslaved mankind with a different kind of shackles. That's why Chase killed them. To free us.”

“So we could kill each other.” My words were bitter. “So they could burn down and crucify everyone I loved.” Tears filled my eyes. “We...never did...anything...”

Queenie stroked my hair as I sobbed on her breast. “You were just a reminder of the old. They wanted to bury it and start over. But it wasn't right.”

“I want the Living Gods to come back.”

“Is that why you're with us?” Queenie whispered. “We're...traveling to paradise to stop them from reentering the world.”

I froze. “What? They're trying to come back?”

Queenie nodded. “But Chase wants to stop them. Sister Stella came for her help. We're traveling along because the twins just want to see their father.”

“But we can't let Sister Stella stop them,” I gasped.

Queenie gave a sad nod. “That's what I was afraid of. You'll need to choose, Aoifa. Between those you love and those you worship.”

“What does that mean?”

“She's a nun. She'll want to exorcise you.”

I froze. “Please, no,” I whispered.

“It'll be fine. Rex and Reina will be with you. We all will.”

I trembled in her arms.


Saturday, June 18th, 2072 – Rex Glassner

“She must be exorcised,” Sister Stella said as Aoifa trembled behind me.

“She's not a threat,” I insisted.

“Rex,” Chase sighed. “She might be. Our father can be a heartless man to get what he wants.”

“That's not true!” Aoifa screeched. “Your father loved mankind.”

“Then why did he unleash the demons upon the world?” Chase asked. “Did you know he freed Lucifer, Dagon, Astarte, Chemosh, and the rest.”

“Astarte...” Queenie whispered, frowning her head. “She's a deceiver.”

“What?” I asked, turning to look at Queenie.

“That's the lies the Christians claim!” Aoifa yelled. “The Living God would never do that.”

“Lilith stabbed my mother with the Mispach dagger. She was dying. They only way to save her was to kill Lilith over her body.”

“And she deserved to die. 'And thus did the foul Lilith open the Gates of Hell when she plunged the Mispach into the Living Goddess's side. A great darkness fell across the earth. The ground trembled in grief as the glorious Goddess lay dying. But the God would not let his beloved Goddess die. Even as Lilith's triumph seemed complete, the Living God ended her life and saved his Bride.' The Gospel of April, chapter fifty-two, verse forty-three through forty-five.”

“Lilith did open the gate,” Chase nodded. “But by dying. When my father killed her, he broke the final seal on the prison. And he knew it. But he couldn't let my mother die. He loved her too much. A billion people died before the Demon wars ended. Their corpses all lay at my father's feet.”

I couldn't comprehend how many people that was. Was my father really that much of a monster?

“That's a lie!” Aoifa sobbed. “They would never do that.”

“The only selfless thing my father ever did was spare my life,” Chase said, tears pouring down her cheeks. She strode forward to me and took Aoifa's hand. She stroked my wife's crying face. “When I stabbed him in the side with the Mispach he could have lived. All he had to do was have me killed. I love him so much for that. I watched my father die to free mankind from his tyranny. I won't let him return. Let Sister Stella exorcise you, and you can come with us. I can't trust you otherwise.”

She'll still love me, whispered my subconscious. And I will still love her.

“It's okay,” I told Aoifa, squeezing her hand. “We'll still love you.”

Chase nodded. “You're my sister-in-law, Aoifa. That won't change. You can still worship my parents. You can believe the sweet lies that are written about them. But you can't be a Warlock any longer.”

Aoifa looked at me. “I will submit, Holy Daughter.”

“Chase,” she corrected and then kissed Aoifa on the lips.

I let go of Aoifa as Chase took her hand and led her away. “It'll be fine,” Reina promised. “Sister Stella's a nice nun. She won't hurt you.”

Sister Stella stripped off her habit. She wore a thin, linen shirt and jeans beneath. I smiled; I had never seen Sister Stella naked before. The nun pulled off her shirt, baring her small breasts. They looked barely budding, her nipples a soft pink. She looked innocent and erotic all at the same time as her white-blonde hair fell loose about her shoulders. Her hips shifted as she worked her jeans off, revealing a tart pussy.

“Strip, child,” Sister Stella smiled. “I'll make it pleasant for you.”

Aoifa nodded, her freckled cheeks pale as she pulled off her diaphanous gown. Her ass was gorgeous, shaped like a heart, and had a plump roundness that made my cock hard. Sarah pressed up beside me, letting out a throaty moan.

“I know, what a great ass,” I grinned.

“Are you getting off on watching our poor wife get molested by the nun?” Sarah asked, rubbing at my cock through my pants. I was rock hard.

“I'm afraid so.”

Aoifa sank down to the grass, turning to face us. She locked her eyes on me as she stretched out on her back, her round breasts jiggling. Her legs parted, revealing that tasty twat. My cock throbbed as Sarah squeezed it.

Sister Stella knelt between Aoifa's legs, leaning down to nuzzle her face between Aoifa's delicious tits. Aoifa moaned as Sister Stella licked at her nipple. I groaned, the blood roaring through my veins. Sarah knelt down, her fingers unfastening my pants. I shuddered as she gripped my cock in her gentle fingers, pulling me out.

“You're such a horndog,” giggled Reina as she stood a few feet away, her own jeans down around her ankles and Queenie nuzzling at her pussy.

“You're one to talk,” I grinned at my twin. “We're our father's children.”

“Uh-huh,” she purred in delight, her hands wrapped around Queenie's thick braid.

Aoifa's eyes were locked on mine as she let out a slight moan. I nodded at her. “Relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Yes, my husband,” she panted.

Sister Stella's ass was slim. My cock wanted to experience her just once. The nun shoved a pair of fingers between her pussy, soaking them in her juices before she reached up to draw on Aoifa's forehead.

“The Mark of Qayin,” gasped Aoifa.

“Yes. To anchor my prayer,” Sister Stella answered.

The nun moved down Aoifa's body, kissing at her stomach, that tight ass wiggling, her blonde-furred pussy beckoning me. I had been wanting to fuck her since I met her. This was my chance. Sarah sucked harder and I groaned as I pulled my cock from her delightful lips.

“What?” Sarah asked in surprise.

I glanced at Sister Stella. A wicked smile crossed Sarah's lips and she nodded before crawling over to Chase. My older sister smiled at me as I moved behind the nun. She undid her pants for Sarah, spreading her legs wide as she sat on the stump. Sarah dived right in, licking and sucking. It was her first time tasting Chase's pussy. From the sounds of it, she loved it.

“Oh, yes!” Aoifa gasped as Sister Stella reached her pussy. “Take her, my husband.”

“What?” Sister Stella asked as I grabbed her hips. “What are you doing?”

“Relax,” Chase moaned. “It's the least you can do. You are exorcising his woman.”

I rubbed my cock at her pussy. “Fine,” she moaned, pushing back so the tip of my cock slid into her hot depths.

I shuddered in delight as I entered the nun. I drew back and slammed into her, working my hips. Her cunt was tight and delicious. I pumped hard, my balls slapping into her clit. Aoifa smiled in delight, her hips undulating.

My cock screamed in joy as I fucked the nun faster and faster. It was so naughty. She was supposed to be so pure, but she was my whore. Every nun is a whore, my subconscious whispered.

I smacked Sister Stella's ass. “Take my cock, whore,” I growled.

She flashed me a look over her shoulder, her pussy-smeared lips tight with disapproval.

“You know your cunt loves my cock,” I growled. “You're so tight and juicy. I bet you'll cum first. I know how to fuck.”

I slammed my dick in and out as Sister Stella dived back into Aoifa's pussy. The nun worked her hips, pushing back into my thrusts. Her pussy squeezed down on my cock, milking me. She was hot and tight.

“Damn, that's it. Fuck me back. Show us all how much of a whore you are.”

“Rex!” groaned Chase. “That's my girlfriend you're talking to.”

“She's a whore,” Reina agreed. “Listen to her moan into Aoifa's pussy.”

“Yes, she is! Eat my cunt, whore!” gasped Aoifa. “Eat my naughty Warlock pussy. Oh, yes!”

I reached around Sister Stella's waist, my hand searching for her clit. Her pussy clamped down on me when I found it. I rubbed her clit hard as I slammed my cock into her pussy. She bucked harder, her hot flesh contracting about my dick.

“That's it, whore!” I growled. “Love my cock! Cum like the filthy slut you are!”

The nun's cunt writhed about my cock. She moaned her bliss into Aoifa's pussy. She bucked and growled, her hot hole eager for my cum. I savored her heavenly pussy. A shudder ran through my body as I slammed into her depths.

“I'm gonna cum, whore!” I growled. “Time for your hot pussy to get what it craves. Thick, hot jizz.”

“Cum in her, my husband!” panted Aoifa. “Bless her filthy cunt with your divine seed!”

I slammed into Sister Stella and came with a loud grunt. Every blast of cum sent a wave of bliss through my body. I drew back and slammed in, her tight pussy squeezing out every drop of my cum. I panted as I pulled out, my cum leaking out of her pussy.

“What a whore,” I grinned.

“Yes!” Aoifa screamed as she bucked and came.

“Shalak! Sister Stella screamed. White light flashed as Aoifa writhed in orgasm. My wife shuddered and gasped, then collapsed.

“It's gone,” Aoifa gasped as she stared up at the sky. “She stole it.”

Sister Stella licked her lips, pleased with herself. “The world has been righted,” she declared.

I went to Aoifa and helped her up. I kissed her mouth and held onto her. She felt the same to me.


Sarah Glassner

I drank down Chase's pussy juices as she came. She had a tart, sweet flavor that was just delicious. My older sister bucked against me as her pussy tried to drown me. I loved every moment of it. Chase gasped one last time then pushed my face away.

“Thanks, Sarah.”

“Glad I could help, sis,” I grinned.

She leaned down to kiss me when I heard footsteps thudding. “What's that?” I asked.

Chase froze, her eyes widening. She glanced over her shoulder at I-5. The freeway ran on an embankment a half-mile away. Men marched down it in dressed in military uniforms. A shudder ran through me. The Holy Liberation Army.

“Down the road,” Rex hissed. “There are men heading this way.

“Scouts,” Sister Stella groaned.

“Sister Stella, cast the Cathar prayer,” Chase hissed, pulling me closer to the nun. “Everyone huddle around her.

“What's that?” I asked.

“An invisibility prayer,” Sister Stella answered. She took in a deep breath. “Cathar! she prayed and silvery light flashed about us. The air warped and wavered for a moment, and then went clear as a pair of young men wearing blue coats stepped around the brush.

“It's them!” hissed Aoifa. “They're the bastards that killed my family.”

“Quiet,” Chase whispered. “They can still hear us.”

The men froze, aiming their rifles about as they scanned cautiously around, looking for the source of the outburst. After a minute, a men relaxed and continued their search.

The bulk of the Army marched past on the road, their thudding footsteps booming louder and louder. They had horses and oxen pulling wagons. They sang a song, but only small words drifted to us. “...we're marching to Zion...”

I hugged Aoifa as she trembled, and her face was twisted and red. I didn't blame the girl. If my whole family had been butchered, I would be just as angry. The scouts drifted nearer, peering about the ground as they followed the road up towards the destroyed bridge over the South Umpqua River we camped beside.

Aoifa's face was red, her eyes burning with hate. The men where young, practically boys, their faces sprouting downy whiskers. They reached the bridge's footing, their eyes examining the ground. Aoifa hissed.

“Relax,” I whispered to Aoifa. “Remember the Living Gods' commands. Love your neighbor. Not hate.”

Aoifa looked at me, her eyes wide. She squeezed her eyes shut, a tear running down her cheek. I gently kissed her, tasting the salt of the tear. My lips moved to her ear. “It'll be okay. Follow their teachings. Be better than the Christians.”

“Nothing here,” one of the young man said.

The other nodded. They backtracked to the crossroad and turned to the west, heading back to I-5. Aoifa relaxed in my arms.


Reina Glassner

The last of the passing army vanished out of sight and Sister Stella dropped the spell. I moved over to Aoifa and gave my new wife a hug. “Are you okay?” I whispered.

“I'm fine. Just seeing the soldiers...”

“No.” I took a deep breath. “Do you feel okay from the exorcism?”

Aoifa nodded. “Yes. It's fine. She had to do it. I guess I understand. Besides, I got what I wanted out of it.”

“You're not angry with us for making you?” I swallowed, studying her face.

“No, no. It makes sense. I don't like what Sister Stella plans, but I can see how she was threatened by me. It's better this way.” Aoifa kissed me. “Now I get to travel with you.”

“That was always happening,” I told her. “So you're fine?”

“Yep,” she nodded. “I'm ready to leave and start my new life.”

I sighed in relief. She seemed fine. But is she? my subconscious whispered.

“Let's pack up camp,” Chase called out. “We'll wait another hour, and then walk down the trail. Hopefully the army will stay in front of us.”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“Let's go,” Aoifa smiled, squeezing my hand. She was fine. My subconscious was worrying over nothing.

To be continued...

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