Galactic Vendetta Chapter 04 the twin's story by Hellcat41979

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Science-Fiction | Bi-sexual, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Death, Exhibitionism, Female, First Time, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Rape, Slavery, Virginity

Warning this other chapters of this story contains edge themes like murder, rape, and slavery. This chapter features scenes of incest as well. If you don't like, stories with these leave now.

All sexually active, characters are over 18.

Galactic Vendetta part 04.

Part A, The Twins' story

This story takes place six years before the first chapter.

Princesses Melissa and Michelle had just been summoned, by their father for a meeting on a security issue. This was strange, as this was usually Steven's area. They usually handled state functions, with their sister and Lady Marie.

They were figuring, this was about some annoying new security rule Steven had thought up. God they loved, their brother but he was a pain in the ass when it came to security.

They thought their suspensions were confirmed, when they got to their father's office and saw Steven with his new second in command. God what had he, dreamed up this time they thought.

They could see their brother, was upset about something and that wasn't a common occurrence. When they realized, that non of the rest of the family were there they began to wonder what was going on.

The look on their father's face, when he came in was enough to tell them something was happening.

" Girls there is a very important, matter that I need your help with. But before I tell you what I need, you need to know some information. " The king told them.

This is where, Steven's second took over and gave a briefing on the current political situation Within the Neos Confederation. It seemed the Chancellor had concerns, his son in law Alexander was working to overthrow the government.

He had already placed, several dubious people on the Council. There were also concerns, that the son in law may have designs on several natural resource colonies within Heliopolis territory. The fear was he may send, raiders against these colonies.

The princesses asked wouldn't the fleet, be able to protect the colonies? To this the young Lieutenant Commander, named Morgan told them yes if they knew what colonies, were going to be targeted. However to try and cover, them all would weaken the kingdom's defenses.

It was at this point, the king took over the briefing. He told the girls, that the chancellor had a list of colonies that his son in law was showing interest in. The problem was, someone had to secretly meet with the Chancellor's envoy.

They were then told, the two of them were going to be the ones to meet this envoy. This was a shock, why them this was more Steven's area then theirs.

Steven saw the looks, on their faces and entered the discussion. He said he had to stay and handle, preparations if attacks were imminent and it was to dangerous to send Daniel so that left them. This made, them ask the biggest question.

"Why both of them?"

Their father said they always worked best together, and this situation would require them at their best. It still seemed strange, to them. But they figured, their father had his reasons so they let it be for now.

They were told that no one, outside of the room could know even their other siblings. They would have four, bodyguards with them. They were also given all the information, on the chancellor and his family.

They both thought, the chancellor's grandson was cute when they saw his picture. This provoked, a I told you so from their father to Steven. They would have, several other meetings before they were sent on their assignment.

Lieutenant Commander Morgan and Steven, handled all of these. They found Morgan to be a smart, good natured man that was easy to get along with. He also made sure, they understood everything that was discussed at the meetings.

The specifics, of the mission were. They would, be traveling as first class passengers on a starliner. They would meet, the chancellor's envoy and get the information. They then would, continue on to the next port and travel home on a waiting military vessel.

The only thing that worried them, was the route of the starliner took them near the Charybdis. These were put to rest, by Lieutenant Commander Morgan. When he told them the Charybdis, was only dangerous if you entered it. There was no danger from passing near, it in fact it was quite beautiful to see. That was why the ship's course, took it by the anomaly.

With their fears calmed, about that they went to pack. They really, looked forward to this trip. Despite the diplomatic part, they were to be playing the part of tourists enjoying their vacation. That part, they were going to enjoy.

Robert bourgeois was, sitting by the starliner's pool reading. Well he was trying to read, his attention was currently on two blondes in tiny bikinis. They arrived, at the pool a little while ago.

From the moment they stripped out, of their cover ups they had the complete attention of every male and most of the females. Now they weren't just, beautiful but they were beautiful identical twin sisters.

They seemed, to enjoy showing off their perfect bodies as they frolicked in and out of the water. The show, they were putting on got more then one husband slapped. He figured they were way, out of his League but he had to meet these two.

There was just something, about them that he couldn't place. As he walked around the pool to talk to them, he was trying to figure out what that was. These thoughts were put aside, as he greeted the two visions a beauty before him.

As he talked with the sisters, who's names he learned were Melissa or Mel for short and Michelle, he found he liked them immediately. As he had thought they were twins that were on vacation.

He had noticed certain traits of theirs, from the minute the conversation started. Mel being the oldest, tended to take the lead in everything they did. The sexiest thing though, was the way they would finish each others sentences.

He asked them to join him, for a cup of coffee sometime figuring they would say no. He was shocked when they not only said yes but dragged him over to the near by coffee shop. What he didn't know yet,was these girls were the ones he was sent to meet.

The twins were, in the same boat as the nice guy they had just met. Even though they had seen his picture they didn't recognize him at the moment. As far as they knew, he was just a cute boy who's grandfather had sent on this trip, to get him away from his overbearing father.

What they all didn't know, was this trip had an ulterior motive involved with getting the three of them together.

After the coffee the twins, asked him to have dinner with them that night. Robert quickly, accepted the invitation from the two beauties. Getting to go on a date, with two girls like this was a dream come true for any young man like him.

As he told them yes, they simultaneously laid a kiss on each cheek. He was in a daze, as he watched them walk away. As he got up himself, he didn't notice the man following him.

As the sisters got back to their suite, they were beaming about their antics that day. It felt so good, to forget about protocol and be two regular girls for once in their lives. They were also excited about, actually getting to go on a real date with a regular boy and not one of those, uptight nobles their father was always trying to set them up with.

Then there, was the effect their actions around the pool had on them. It felt so naughty, to be running around in such skimpy bathing suits. It was a total turn on, to tease all of the guys around the pool.

As soon as they got into their room, they stripped naked and jumped into bed together. They had worked, themselves up quite a bit today. As soon as they hit the bed, Mel grabbed, hold of Michelle and started kissing her.

As Mel held her sister, in the tight embrace Michelle's hands explored her body. Soon, they started fondling each other's breasts as they kissed. They could, feel how wet they were getting as the fondling intensified.

Moans started escaping, their lips as their hips started to grind together. The grinding, soon intensified as well as their moaning. Michelle, let out a gasp as Mel grasped her mound.

She quickly returned the favor, as she got a hold of her sister's pussy. Soon their lips were locked together again. As their tongues, explored each other's mouths, their fingers were hard at work rubbing their pussies.

They both, were on the edge as they found each other's clits. Michelle, couldn't hold off her climax any longer. She screamed, into her sister's mouth as her juices sprayed over Mel's hand.

As her body tensed up, Michelle grabbed hold of her sister pressing herself against her. As her climax abated, Michelle collapsed onto her sibling nearly unconscious. Mel held her sister, while she fought to catch her breath as she came down from her orgasm.

Michelle, was still light headed as she watched her sister licking her juices from her fingers. She was still weak, as she grasped her sister's hand an pulled it to her lips. While her strength, returned she helped lick her vaginal fluids off of her sister's hand.

As Mel pulled, her hand away they began kissing again. Only now, it was gentle more passionate as they kissed. Mel broke, the embrace and moved so her pussy was over her sister's face.

Michelle wasted, no time and began devouring the pussy presented to her. As Mel felt her sister's tongue, at work she lowered her face to Michelle's pussy. Once in position, she began eating out her twin.

For the next half hour, the two gave each other multiple orgasms ending in an half hour cuddling session. They were tempted, to go at it again but they realized the needed to get ready for their date.

As they got out of bed, they walked hand in hand to take a shower.

Part B

Robert's jaw dropped, when he saw the twins enter the restaurant. He hadn't thought anything, could of topped the bikinis they had on earlier but thankfully they had managed to do it. But here they stood, in short black dresses that had the attention of every male in the restaurant.

The dresses hugged, their perfect bodies showing off every curve. They showed off a fair amount, of cleavage and the backs plunged to almost the small of their backs. Each one wore, a matching diamond pendant that hung perfectly in the valley between their breasts.

The twins watched, as Robert rose from his place at the table to greet them. He even helped, them take their seats like a true gentleman. As he was doing his, gentlemanly duties they had to admire how handsome he looked.

It was at that moment, that Mel recognized him from the pictures they had been shown before they left. He was, the chancellor's grandson. She began to wonder, if he was treating them like this because he wanted to or because it was expected of him.

She didn't know, if her sister had had the same realization she had but she needed answers to her questions. However, how would she go about it? She asked herself.

The answer, came to her while he poured their glasses of wine. She would, use they phrase they were told would identify their contact. If he was surprised, his feelings were genuine but if not then this had just been an ruse for the sake of protocol.

Michelle was shocked, when her sister used the ID phrase but as she stared at her she realized Mel's attention was focused solely on Robert.

Robert couldn't hide, the surprise as he heard Mel say the greeting he had been expecting from someone else during this trip. He was so shocked, that he could barely give the appropriate response. As Robert stuttered, out the answer Michelle was stunned into silence.

Mel on the other hand, had the answers to some of her questions but she also had even more new ones to replace them. Given the looks, on both Robert's and her sister's faces she also knew so did they.

Robert was in the middle, of a crisis at this point what was he supposed to do? Who, were these girls? Why, wasn't he told to be on the look out for them? What, the hell was going on? These were, among the many questions going through his head.

It was Mel that finally, asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"What, do we do now?"

" Perhaps, we should introduce ourselves again. Only, this time not hold anything back. Then maybe, there wouldn't be more surprises."

Michelle said, in response to her sister's question. The others had to admit, that was the simplest solution to their problem. It was Robert, that got things moving again.

"I'm, Robert Bourgeois. "

"We're Princesses,Melissa Dominique Stafford Visser and Michelle, Janelle Visser. "

Mel said as she, introduced herself and her sister. Robert, didn't think he could've been more surprised but this had proven him wrong. These girls, were the twin princesses of Heliopolis.

He had heard stories, about their beauty and grace. They were also, said to act as proper ladies at all times. The main thing he had heard, about them was they were extremely frigid towards male suitors.

The two girls, in front of him were cheerful and outgoing towards him. Then there was the way, they acted earlier at the pool. These weren't, the actions of a proper lady.

Mel seemed to understand, his look of confusion as he looked the sisters over again. When he finished his inspection, he had a look of skepticism on his face.

"The stories about us, are not completely true. In public,we're expected to act one way but here we get to be regular girls. "

Robert understood, Mel's position all too well as he flashed an knowing look to the sisters. He to was always, expected to act in accordance to his position. However, here he was free to be himself.

"What happens now" he asked the girls.

"Well let's start with ordering dinner, then we can have the needed discussion while we eat. I don't know about you but I'm famished."

Michelle said as she hoped, to get the date back on track. Before this was just supposed, to be a dinner with a nice boy but now there was the possibility of a relationship with him. The memory, of her father telling Steven, I told you so had just came back to her.

As they ordered, she understood the real reason they had been sent. They were being, introduced to a new suitor. Only this one, had done something the others hadn't. He had seen them, as real girls instead of an chance to elevate their social status.

Mel was still more skeptical, of him then her sister but decided that she could let things play out and see what happens. She was also, concerned about how Michelle was looking at him. They had vowed, never to accept any suitor if it meant they had to separate.

Their whole lives, they had never been apart and now she was afraid that her sister might have feelings for him. Sadly she had felt attracted, to him earlier herself but had written those feelings off as unrealistic.

As they eat they passed questions back and fourth about their homes, families, and their interests. They also shared many of their dislikes about their lives. This mostly was about, what was always expected of them.

They told him, about their father, brothers, sister, and about Lady Marie. He told them, about his grandfather, father, and sister. All three talked about, how they felt about the loss of their mothers.

As they conversed, an connection begin to form between them. This served to strengthen, the feelings that Michelle had about Robert and strangely Mel found herself developing feelings for him to. Robert was also, developing strong feelings for both of them.

During the conversation, Mel realized that his earlier behavior wasn't an act. She was actually, thankful for this realization. She liked, the boy they met by the pool.

That is something, they had insisted on when the conversation started no titles and no formalities. They got enough, of them in their regular lives they didn't need them here. The twins even went, as far to threaten to slap him if he called either of them princess.

Michelle deciding, she needed to talk privately with her sister excused themselves to powder their noses. As soon as they, were in the restroom the two had a quick discussion about what was said at the table and what their feelings were about Robert. Mel expressed, her concerns about either of them falling for him.

It was Michelle, that pointed out people in their social position are allowed to have more then one "wife at the same time. After all their father was married, to their mother and Lady Marie at the same time. Mel didn't think, their father would like that idea.

They both admitted, they liked him but Mel said he could only marry one of them. Michelle told her if he, was going to try and marry them off then they should be able to set that condition. Then again they could, force the issue by fucking him she joked.

Mel on the other hand, wasn't certain that her sister was joking. As they dressed, Michelle had started a game about what they would do with him. This ranged from letting him watch them, make love to having him fucking them after dinner.

Michelle even talked, her into not wearing a bra and panties on this date. Just the thought of this, was arousing her and she knew her sibling was feeling the same way. The way she was aroused at the moment, she was tempted to drag him back to their room and give him a night he would never forget.

Mel told her sister, that last part partly joking but mostly to feel out what her sister was thinking. Michelle told her, they needed to talk to him in private about even having a relationship. If that talk went, well then she was all for letting him in her panties.

She even pointed, out they could even get married on this ship if they wanted. Mel was certain, now her sister was going to go through with it no matter what she said. She had to ask, herself could she go through with it?

From what she had seen, either one of them could be happy with him but could both of them? What would, he think if he found out about their existing relationship? What would, he think of Michelle's three way marriage idea?

Mel was being plagued, with a thousand questions as she stared at her sister. Michelle understood, the look on her sister's face all to well. So she suggested, that they take him back to their room and talk to him about it.

Part of Mel was suspicious, of her sister's motives but figured it would be the best if they had a private conversation with him. Though she was certain, her sister was planning on the conversation ending with both of their pussies full of cum.

Robert was surprised, when the girls came back and asked him to go back to their room for a private conversation. He figured, it was about the information he had to give them. However, he had no idea what they had planned would change all of their lives forever.

As they left the restaurant, Michelle ordered a bottle of wine and three glasses to be sent to their suite. When they got to the room, Michelle asked Robert to handle the wine while her and Mel handled something. With Robert waiting on the wine Michelle pulled her sister into the bathroom.

Mel was shocked, when Michelle stripped naked and threw on a robe quickly. Her shock only, increased as she unzipped her dress to. As Mel stood before her sister naked, she asked her if she was going to talk to him or fuck him.

As Michelle helped, her sister put on her robe she said she will talk to him first and if she liked what was said then yes she was. Mel was stunned, by this answer. She knew, Michelle wanted her to do it to and if Michelle did then she would be obligated to join in as well.

Could she sleep, with a man she just met? She kept asking herself, as her sister dragged her back out to Robert. She was thankful, now that Michelle had ordered the wine now. As she thought, what the hell is she getting herself into?

Robert had just poured, the glasses of wine as the girls came back. He was surprised, to see that they were now in bathrobes.

"What is going on?"

He asked the sisters as each one took a glass from him. The look on Mel's face was between uncomfortable and terrified. While Michelle look more confident but she also showed some fear as they sat down facing each other.

He was shocked when they told him of their suspicions about why they were really sent. However that was only the beginning of him being shocked. As they told him they would except a relationship with him on one condition.

He was floored, by their revelation of a sexual relationship between the two sisters. He was still, trying to grasp it when they hit him with their condition. If there was going to be a marriage, he would have to marry both of them. They refused to be separated no matter what.

He had suspected, his grandfather had been trying to arrange something between the three of them when he found out who the twins really were. When he was thinking, about it he was wondering if he could choose one over the other. As he had found, he had feelings for them both but to be told if anything was going to happen it would be with both or not at all.

He had to ask, if this would only be for show or would it be a real marriage. He said, he didn't want something that was just to hide the pairs relationship. If it was real though, he had no problem if they had their relationship as long as he wasn't an outsider.

When he said the last part, he was floored once again as Michelle stood up and untied her robe. He was rendered , speechless as she let it fall off of her shoulders. This was the part, that had concerned Mel as she also disrobed in front of him.

Robert could only, stair at the two naked sisters in front of him as Michelle walked over and began to kiss him. Mel watched, her sister kissing Robert wondering if she could go through with it. As Michelle broke the kiss she looked into his eyes and had her answers. However, she still needed to know if Mel could live with this arrangement.

Mel saw the look, in her sister's eyes as her and Robert stared into each others eyes. She realized, in that moment that Michelle was going through with her plan and she would have to go along also.

She pulled Robert, from her sister and kissed him herself. As she allowed, his tongue into her mouth she felt something click inside her soul. She didn't know, that both Robert and her sister had felt the same thing.

As they embraced, Michelle began to unbutton Robert's pants. As the kiss ended, Mel helped her sister by taking off his shirt. As soon as they had him naked, they each grabbed a hand and pulled him to the bed.

Once in the bed, the girls took turns kissing him. While one would kiss, him the other would be sucking on her sister's breasts or rubbing her clit. It wasn't long, before the sisters tired of the foreplay and wanted to move to the next step.

Mel pulled Robert, on top of her and as they kissed she lined his cock up with her pussy. As he felt the tip of his cock, enter her pussy he broke the kiss to stare into her eyes. This was when Mel, nodded to Robert to tell him to proceed and make her a woman.

Robert thrust his shaft, into her virgin pussy tearing through her maiden hood. Mel latched onto, Robert's back to hold him still as the pain from her torn hymen shot through her body. As she, asked him to wait Robert felt like his dick was going to be crushed by her tight pussy.

The part he hated most, about what was happening was seeing tears in Mel's eyes. It was in this moment, a bond was formed between them and he vowed that he would never allow something to hurt them ever again. Unfortunately, he also knew that Michelle was going to want him to take her virginity as well.

He didn't have time, to dwell on that problem though as Mel had whispered to him that she was ready for him to continue. He slowly, began to work his cock within her gradually increasing his pace as he felt her pussy relax it's vice like grip on his dick. Soon as the pain, was overwhelmed by pleasure her grunts turned into moans.

Soon the pain was pushed entirely, from Mel's mind as she began lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. Michelle was busy, rubbing her pussy as she watched them. She was so turned, on at this point that she had to join in.

Mel had almost forgotten, that her sister was there. This changed, when Michelle placed a kiss onto her lips. This was the final piece, needed to push Mel over the edge. Michelle held her, in a tight embrace as her sister cried out in orgasm. Michelle tightened the embrace, as her sister screamed into her mouth.

As her climax passed, Mel collapsed into her lovers' arms. Both Michelle and Robert held her, as she tried to regain her strength. Mel looked, at the two loves of her life as they held her.Part of her wished, they could stay like this forever.

As Michelle went to kiss her, Mel nudged her towards Robert. Michelle understanding her sister's intentions, began an embrace with her new lover. Just as with her sister a little while ago, Michelle felt something missing fall into place as she kissed Robert.

As the embrace continued, Michelle pulled Robert onto her. Robert, broke the kiss and look into Michelle's eyes. Part of him was hoped, she would back out of this. Unfortunately he didn't know that once, the two set their minds on something there was no changing them.

As Robert moved into position, on top of her Michelle began kissing him again. Feeling his hard member against her leg, Michelle reached down and guided it over to her waiting pussy. As she inserted the tip into herself, she felt him tense up slightly.

She had seen the pain, in her sister's face when he took her virginity and saw Robert's reaction to the pain it had caused her. Knowing he would be hesitant, to initiate things she rapped her legs around his hips. Once she had ahold of him, with her legs she pulled him into her with as much force as she could muster.

As his cock tore, through her hymen she cried out while holding him as tightly as she could. Andrew panicked, upon hearing this but his attempts to pull out of her was stopped by her limbs tight embrace of his body. Her hold on him, was maintained till the pain began to pass.

As he calmed down some, he was finally able to look her in the eyes again. Seeing the tears he had caused, made him want to pull from her body again. However, she refused to relax her hold of his hips preventing it.

"It's OK Robert, this was what I wanted. The pain, is mostly gone now. "

Michelle told him, as she relaxed her hold of him. This finally calmed him. Seeing him relax some, she kissed him with as much passion as she could. As she kissed him, their bodies molded together as one.

As she felt this, she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. As she smiled at him, he was able to put his guilt aside and focus on making love to her.

As Michelle felt him, slowly began to move inside of her as he calmed. She began to match his thrusts, as he gradually picked up his pace. Michelle's moans, filled the room as their mating intensified.

As the speed of his thrusts, into her reached their peak Michelle could feal her climax building. Robert was, fighting to delay his own orgasm at that moment. This turned into a futile effort, when Mel joined in and began to kiss her sister.

The sight of her kissing Michelle, while she fondled her sister's breast was all Robert could take. He gave, a final groan and shot his seed deep into Michelle's pussy. The added sensation, of his cock filling her with cum was the final piece needed for her to reach climax herself.

Michelle held Robert tightly, as their orgasms surged through their bodies. As their climaxes dissipated, they kissed one last time before Robert moved off of her. As he came to rest, between the sisters they move to snuggle up to each side of him.

All but exhausted, the three drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. The next morning, Michelle awoke on top of Robert. As she stretched, she saw that he was awake and had been watching over the two of them as they slept.

Mel woke to see, Michelle giving Robert a good morning kiss. As Michelle separated, from him Mel took her place. Michelle waited, till her sister had finished with Robert before she embraced her with equal passion.

As their embrace ended, the trio held each other as they laid in bed. None of them, wanted to move and spoil the moment as they snuggled tighter together. Soon though, they knew they had to get up and face the day.

The twins, pulled him with them into the bathroom. They didn't release him, till all three of them were in the shower. The trio took great pleasure, in exploring each other's bodies as they washed.

They were tempted, to fool around some more but decided that they had to much they needed to do today. So other then some fondling, in the shower and as they dried each other the behaved themselves. The twins sent Robert, back to his room to change and they would meet him for breakfast.

Hours later Robert, was in front of the girls protecting them from the man that appeared out of nowhere and killed their bodyguards. It was indescribable, the speed the man possessed as he gunned down their defenders. As terrified trio, were staring down the barrel of his gun with one imaginal outcome they were going to die.

They watched in horror, as the assassin's finger tightened on the trigger. As he saw this, Robert dove on top of the twins. As they fell to the ground, Robert caught a sudden movement and a flash out of the corner of his eye.

As they landed on the ground, they expected to be riddled by blaster fire. Instead, they heard the man screaming. This was followed by the girl's screams, when they saw the assassin's severed hand next to them still holding the blaster.

As they looked back at the man, they had been certain was going to kill them they were shocked to see an stunning woman holding a knife to the assassin's throat. Just behind the assassin, was another man that had the killer's other hand penned behind his back.

The twins recognized, the woman as lieutenant Monica Draper one of Steven's Death Dealers and Robert recognized the man as Major Brandon Whittan one of his grandfather's Elite Praetorian Guard. The three of them, cautiously rose to their feet as their protectors struggled with the killer.

The struggle ended suddenly, when the assassin bit down on a poison capsule but before he did he made a final boast.

"Your actions are meaningless, Lord Bourgeois has taken steps to ensure that the disappointment dies. The fleet will finish, what I have started and him and everyone on this ship will be dead."

With his statement complete, he took his poison and quietly died. As he fell to the deck, they contemplated what he meant by the fleet would finish what he started. They quickly realized, that they were going to attack the ship with a warship and they needed to worn the ship's captain.

As that sunk in, the sisters grabbed Robert and rushed through the ship. With the soldiers leading the way, they headed to the bridge. Thankfully they had their defenders with them, particularly Major Whittan.

As a member of the Praetorian Guard, he could bypass the security locks that would prevent them from reaching the bridge. When they burst on to the bridge, demanding to see the captain the crew moved to restrain them. As the bridge crew, struggled with Major Whittan and Lieutenant Draper the captain came onto the bridge demanding to know what was happening.

The first officer explained, that they had unauthorized persons on the bridge and were trying to remove them. This was when the captain, saw the sisters and Robert. Unlike the rest of the crew, the captain knew who they really were and why they were on the ship.

The crew were shocked, when the captain walked up to the princesses and bowed to them.they were even more shocked, when he addressed them by their titles. He then asked, what the crew could do for them.

The twins told him, about the assassin killing their bodyguards and his dying claim that the ship was going to be attacked. The captain upon hearing this, ordered the ship be put on alert.

As the alarms, began sounding the crew went to their damage control stations. That was when, the jump point formed. The Confederation destroyer that jumped out of hyperspace, gave no warning as it locked weapons on the ship. They knew there was no hope, of escape when the first shot impacted against the starliner's shields.

As the captain ordered evasive maneuvers be asked for any suggestions. The only option, he had was to try and stay alive till help could arrive. However when he saw, that all signals were being jammed he knew that there was no hope of rescue.

To the shock of the crew, it was Major Whittan that gave them their only chance of survival. It was, a risky plan but it was a lot better then waiting for the destroyer to blow them up. So with nothing to lose, the captain gave the order.

"Set course, for the Charybdis and may god help us."

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