A Gangbang Fantasy by Robsam1991

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Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Hardcore, Reluctance

"Your boss is an asshole." the man in front of me said before gulping in a mouthful of beer.

"Tell me about it." I shrugged.

"How can he just fire you after what you've done for him?" he leaned in. His face was close enough for me to smell him. My core tightened a little bit as I took a whiff.

"Apparently, it was not enough. I guess he just wanted me to give him a blowjob." I shook my head, still unable to believe that he actually asked me to suck his dick.

"That sucks. So what now?" he asked.

"I think I'm going to take a vacation." I sigh, holding my martini and flickered at the tiny umbrella. "Hawaii maybe."

"Romantic choice. Going with your boyfriend then?" he raised his eyebrow at me.


"A friend, perhaps?"

"I just moved here. You're the bestest friend I have in this part of town."

"God. Now that's pathetic." he chuckled.

"Would you rather join me instead?" I blurted out before realizing what I was asking of him. I would have blushed but the 3rd cup of martini had my face red already.

"Unlike you, Janice, I got a job." he leaned back to the chair and smiled. Smug bastard. I flipped him off.

"What is your job? Eric." I rolled his name out with the same emphasis as he did with mine.

"Getting inquisitive now are we." he said, "I work as an agent."

"Double oh Seven, or selling kitchen ware?" I quipped.

"Neither. I deal with commodity."

"What sort of commodity?" I narrow my eyes. Eric leaned in. His eyes turned serious. He looked around as if afraid of being heard by someone else.

"If I tell you, I'll have to kill you." he said and I bellowed.

"Come on. Serious. What do you deal with? I hope is not cocaine." I joked.

"Lame." he rolled his eyes. "I would never deal with that sort of crap. I deal with properties." he said proudly.

"Like selling houses?" I cocked an eye.

"Big houses."

"Really? Who's buying them?"

"Some people."


"Client confidentiality." he clicked his tongue and downed his fourth pint of beer.

"Come on. I've been telling you everything." I protested.

"I can't. It's unprofessional." he laughed. "Anyway, I'm done here. You?"

I looked at my martini glass. It was already empty, except for a few melted ice cubes and a piece of umbrella. "Yeah. Let's go."

When we were outside, the cold wind of November kissed our face. I tugged my trenchcoat tighter around me. The sky was already dark.

"Where do you stay?" he asked.

"5th Lake Bed street" I answered. I had grown quite comfortable with this man even for the fact that we'd just met two hours ago.

"I'll take you. I drive." he offered as he held out his hand. I cast him a smile and grabbed his hand, allowing him to guide me to his car. It hadn't occur to me that this man was actually really handsome. Even from the back I could tell he was a good man. I wondered if he would come up to my flat for a cup of coffee.

It wasn't a long walk. His car was only a few yards away from the bar. He opened the door for me and closed it as I sat comfortably inside. I fastened my seat belt dutifully before he climbed in to the driver's seat.

"Alright. Let's go." he gunned the engine and drove into the main street.


My mouth felt dry when I woke up. My head hurt a lot and instantly made me regretted to down the third serving of martini. To make things worse, my back was killing me as well. I took a deep breath and tried to turn my body to a more comfortable position. It was then I realized something was tugging my ankles and wrists. My eyes flew open instantly.

I was in my bed room lying on my king sized bed. My wrists and ankles were tied to the bedpost. The bed was large enough that I was essentially spreadeagled. I squirmed against the ropes around my limbs.

"Looks like your catch's awake." a man said. He had tousled black hair with a stubbly chin. His abs were well sculpted and I wouldn't doubt that he might be an underwear model.

"Look's like she did." Eric came into view. "Alright boys, time to party."

The man with the black tousled hair beamed at me. I turned around the room and saw six more men. All of them, including Eric and him, were unbuckling their belts.

"Jake. You want to go first?" Eric said to him.

"Go what?" I mumbled. My voice was mushed into an unintelligible moan. Something was keeping my mouth from closing.

"We both can go. I'll take the pussy." Jake smirked.

"I'll take her mouth then." Eric climbed onto the bed and straddled between my chest. His manhood was huge with a couple of vein showing. It wasn't even completely hardened. I swallowed instinctively. I could already smell the musky scent of his cock.

Jake climbed up as well and positioned himself between my legs. I felt the tip of his cock rubbing along my exposed cleft. It was then I realized I was completely naked.

"Woah." Eric held my head down with two hands. "She's a feisty one."

With a tug, he pulled my head up. My gaping mouth took in his entire length. I gagged at the sudden intrusion.

His cock was twitching inside me and it was still growing, expanding its size, stretching my mouth. He kept my head locked in position, preventing me from pulling back. My tongue had no where else to go but to lick the bottom of his shaft.

"Mmm." he growled.

My body shuddered as a sharp pain ruptured between my legs. I groaned at the brutal assault as the second cock forced its way inside me.

"Oh, she has a tight pussy." Jake exclaimed. "You sure she's not a virgin?"

"Does it make a difference?" Eric retorted.

"No." Jake groaned and he began thrusting his hips against mine. The bed squeaked at his undulating weight. My pussy screamed in pain against the merciless intrusion. I didn't see Jake's cock but from the moment he penetrated me, I knew he was big. My pussy was practically stretched to the limit as the tight lips flowered around him.

Eric thrust his hips to my mouth, his cock rubbing against my wet inner cheeks and tongue. He pushed all the way in until his tip was at the back of my throat. I tried biting him several times to ward him off but the metallic frame kept my teeth harmlessly apart.

The two pumped inside me at their own personal pace, both minding their own business, both having their own personal time with a part of me. Something stirred inside my stomach and I couldn't quite put it. I barely knew these men yet the moment they forcefully took me something inside me exploded. It wasn't fear. It was something else. Something virile. Something exotic.

"Ughhhh..." I moaned through Eric's cock when Jake quickened his pace, mercilessly pounding my pussy with unchallenged access. My pussy clenched against his hard cock, greedily milking him for his hot cum.

As soon as Jake shifted gears, Eric did so no longer than a minute later. Sometimes their thrusts coincided and both cocks slammed into me at the same time. The other half of the time their cocks were alternatively hammered into me, sending me into sensory overload. My head was sucked into a swirling whirlpool of ecstasy. I couldn't focus anymore and my body reacted at the most basic form of instinct.

I came! Hard.

My back arched as my pussy exploded into violent release. The tilting of my hips allowed Jake to penetrate me further into my core which turned my inside a foundry of hotness. I squeezed around his cock, forcing him to give in to my pussy's demand. In mere seconds, his cock spurted out a healthy amount of hot cum right into me.

"Ohhh..." Jake sang breathlessly and left my pussy. His warm cum slowly leaked out of my gaping pussy.

"Fuck!" Eric cursed.

Before I could fully appreciate the warmth spreading inside my core, Eric's throbbing cock released its load deep into my throat. I didn't even hesitate and swallowed his salty seeds. My tongue swirled innocently around his tip and cleaned off whatever bit of cum still left.

As Eric was still recovering from his mind-blowing orgasm and his cock shrinking inside my mouth, Jake left the bed. A second later, another man climbed on to the bed and pressing his cock onto my mount. He rubbed his shaft along my wet pussy, teasing me.

When Eric left my mouth, the fresh cock slammed deep into my core. I jerked against the restrain as he massive log stretched me deliciously.

"You're right, man. She's tight." the man between my legs said. Eric moved from the bed and I saw the man fucking me. He had blond hair, swept backwards. His torso was bulking and a snake tattoo on the right side of his chest. I turned my attention to the thing going in and out between my legs. It was huge. I couldn't believe I took that thing without tearing anything.

Then, another man came into view. His cock stood right in front of my eyes. Very hard and throbbing. He wasted no time and as quickly as he got up the bed he plunged his manhood into my gaping mouth. I took his cock deep into the back of my throat and I almost gagged.

A mouth cupped my left nipple and I squealed at the delightful touch of the coarse tongue. My right nipple didn't receive the pleasurable treatment as the left, instead, it was pinched brutally. My mind shattered into million pieces as ecstasy exploded inside me. Torn between the pleasure of my left and pain of my right, and the merciless penetration in my mouth and pussy, I was once again brought to a mind-blowing orgasm.

"The slut came." The man fucking my pussy groaned. "Come more for me, bitch." he growled and I felt his thumb rubbing against my clitoris.

I groaned at the collective assault on all my sensitive parts, especially my clitoris. I felt another torrent of orgasm lurking nearby. It hadn't been a minute passed since my second orgasm and I wanted to cum again. If my mental calculation's right, there were four more left that hadn't fuck me yet. And I had a feeling that they won't stop just there.

Shit! I would died!


After being fucked by everyone in the room repeatedly, I was able to know all their names. The friendly cheer and casual conversations between them gave me not just their name, but a bit of their life. While I wasn't able to hear everything, ps: it was difficult to focus when you have one cock fucking your pussy and another fucking your mouth, I did manage to pick up certain details of their conversations.

Apparently, other than being fit to be models, they were all very rich too. Eric was an agent that deals with high-profile houses. He basically had the entire state's high value estate in his grasp and every dealing landed him a big fat paycheck of several hundred thousands. Jake and Brad acquired wealth from their parents and both were multimillionaires. Joseph, the redhead in the group, was a model for Armani Exchange but owned quite a few share in Bryan and Tyrone's company that made him a multimillionaire too. Felix wasn't particularly chatty among them but he did bet with Aaron to see who could make me cum more. Aaron won and Felix grudgingly handed his Rolex to the smug victor.

Hi, Eric, Jake, Brad, Joseph, Bryan, Tyrone, Felix and Aaron. I had a great time yesterday.

That's what I would have said if they hadn't woke me up with a cock in my mouth! Apparently, they hadn't finish with me yet.

They fed me with milk and cookies for breakfast after the third serving of cum. Brad, the guy with the snake tattoo, was told to get supplies with Joseph. Eric told them that they'd be staying here for quite some time. My stomach still quivered just thinking about the conversation they had.

"A week here?" Brad exclaimed. "Shouldn't we take her 'there'? Someone may be looking for her."

"Don't worry about it. She doesn't have any friends. She recently moved here. Plus, she doesn't have a job now." Eric said. "Don't you, slut." he patted my ass.

I would have said yes to that if Felix wasn't pumping his cock inside my mouth.

"Great. I hate it when you bring the girls 'there'. It's too damn far. Here's much better. It's only ten minute drive from my work. I will be pissed to have to spend 2 hours driving instead of using most of the time fucking this little sweet cunt." Tyrone said, humping his cock behind me. Mind you, I was on all four with shackles on my ankles and wrists.

Girls? How many girls were there before me? Was I just another replacement, like a new bulb swapping out the old? And for some reason, the thought made my blood boil.

"If we are planning to stay here," Jake said, "I need a mattress."

They are sleeping here?!

"Yeah. Jake's right. I don't want to drive back and forth to my home." Bryan added.

"You two can share the bed in the bedroom with Janice. I'm sure she won't mind." Brad suggested.

"The hell I would." Jake snapped. "I don't mind sleeping with her, but I'd be damn if..."

Tyrone's groan interrupted the conversation as he came, pumping his load inside my unprotected pussy. I shuddered at the warmth spewing out from his massive cock.

"Sorry." He apologized. "Don't mind me."

"The bed is filled with jizz, dude. I'd be damn if I were to sleep on it." Jake continued.

Tyrone pulled out his collapsing cock. His large load leaked out and crept along my inner thigh. I could feel the wake of his merciless assault emanating like a burning fire in my pussy. It was definitely sore and swollen to a bright red. And extremely wet. Luckily for me, no one seemed to be interested to take his place and resume having me fucked.

"Come on. We've been swapping cum with our dicks while fucking her." Eric said.

"I can fuck with your cum inside her. But I won't lie on a bed knowing that your cum could be at the back of my head." Jake retorted.

"Point taken." Eric said. "Can you get us a few mattresses while getting the supplies?"

"Oh God!" Felix growled quietly and shuddered. His warm seeds was shot into my mouth.

"Are you fucking kidding me? A week's supplies and mattresses? No way I can carry that."

"I can go with you." Joseph offered. "Need to get her birth control too."

"You don't have to." Aaron said. "She has an IUD. We can fuck her for years and not getting her pregnant."

"How do you know?" Joseph asked. I was curious too. How did he know?

"While fingering her yesterday, I touched a short string. An IUD always has a short string behind it for easy removal." he elaborated. "Don't believe me?" he plunged two fingers inside me and parted my pussy. "See."

I felt the whole world was watching me now. Even Felix removed himself from my mouth and went to the back. My stomach cringed and I was aroused again. I wasn't sure if the plunging of the fingers that got me going or the fact that everyone here was staring into my most intimate part.

"I can't see shit." Brad complained.

The fingers parted further and I jerked.

"The tiny green string?" Brad asked.

"Yup." Aaron affirmed.

After seeing the IUD for themselves, Brad and Joseph went to shop for supplies. Tyrone didn't stay, saying that he needed to go to his office for a couple of hours to settle an internal problem. After his departure, the rest of them except Eric got on with their morning routine. Eric took me to bed. He unshackled my wrists before tying them to the upper bedpost with a rope. He did the same thing to my ankles as well. However, instead of a spreadeagle, my legs were lifted up and my back curved into a C as he tied my ankles to the same posts he tied my wrists to. MY pussy was practically facing the ceiling. Once I was completely bound again, he moved back to appreciate his work.

"I have a client today. But don't worry, Brad and Joseph will be back in an hour or two." He said sardonically, his fingers rubbing along my swollen slit. "In the meantime, these three will keep you company."

Eric pulled out three pink egg vibrators. Each vibrator was attached to a small controller with a long wire. He slid the vibrators into my pussy one by one. When all three were inside, he pressed the vibrators firmly until it was fitted snugly inside me.

"There." he said, satisfied with his work. "It should stay inside."

I didn't doubt that. Gravity's making sure of that.

One by one, he turned the vibrators on. I was surprised when he turned on the final one. It was no where as powerful as I'd imagine. I always thought it would be stronger. And there were three of them pulsating inside me too.

"It's at low setting." he smiled as if telling me he knew what I was thinking. "I don't want you to come too much. Just enough to keep you wet until we are all back."

He walked out the room. "And then you can come all you want." he said and my core instantly clenched sweetly against the mild vibrations.

An hour later, my pussy was overflowing. My juice crept until it pool at my stomach. I had been trying to push those bastards out. They were driving me crazy. Constantly edging me to a point of no release. I tossed my body. I twerked my hips. I even tried to squeeze them out. Every time I did a little, gravity would just pull them back down into my excellently lubricated pussy. Nothing would get them out.

Another hour past and I was at the verge of losing my mind. I had banged my head against the pillow to knock some sense back. My pussy throbbed against the mild pulsation within, desperate for a long sought release. I groaned through my gag.

The door swung open. I turned and saw Brad. He's eyes met mine and something seemed to amuse him as his lips curved to a lopsided grin.

"Want to cum?" he asked.

I didn't respond. Despite my tendency to enjoy being fucked by eight fit men, I wouldn't acknowledge that fact to any of them. I still had my pride.

"She didn't nod. Eric." he talked into the phone. "But I can see that she's crying for an orgasm."

He looked at me and then laughed. "She's soaking wet but nice try. I really can't miss it. Look, Eric. I'll be back in another two hour. Don't worry. She's not going anywhere.Yeah. Joseph got a call from his manager and ran off..." his voice trailed off as he closed the door.

Another two hours! FUCK!

I trashed against the restraint. I was screaming inside. I couldn't stand for another two hour with these inside me. I would die.

Just when all hope was lost, they suddenly stopped. All three of them. Not at the same time, but one by one the vibration gradually died down.

I let out a sigh of relief. The batteries must be dead. My body relaxed instantly. The vibrators were now just three dormant plastic objects. I couldn't have been much happier. I was about to cheer in victory when Brad swung the door open.

"Let me check, hold on." he said to the phone.


He slid a finger into my glistening pussy. "Yup. Battery's dead." he went out of the room again. In a short while, he came back.

"Extra long life." he read from the packaging and smirked at me.

I shook my head. I would have begged if my mouth wasn't gagged. I would have told him to fuck my pussy or my mouth.

Anything but that! I screamed inwardly.


Soccer was never my thing. I never understood the reason for twenty two men to chase over one ball no larger than a watermelon. I never understood the excitement of it. In fact, I would rather watch some documentary about a long lost tribe in Africa than watching soccer.

But today was different. I was watching football. Arsenal was up against Chelsea. Why, you might ask. It's because the eight men surrounding me were watching.

Brad, Eric, and Joseph supported Arsenal. It was obvious judging from their attire. I didn't know which group the rest supported but clearly it was not Chelsea. None of them wore Chelsea jersey.

"Which team will win?" Jake looked at me.

My mouth was no longer gagged but I didn't feel like answering. It's not like it meant anything at all. When he kept looking at me, expectant for an answer, I obliged. "The team wearing red?"

"Arsenal. Good choice." Brad chirped in and took a swig of beer. He was sitting on the floor right in front of me.

Does it really matter? I thought silently. Why would they even want to watch soccer with me? In fact, why would they watched soccer here? There were many places that could offer satellite TV and a 32 inch plasma. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a 70 inch TV in their own home. A most of all, I thought they would come back and fuck me all over again. But they didn't.

Brad came back first and released me. I pulled out the fucking vibrators as soon as my hands were freed. Before my hands could dive back in to finish what the vibrators failed to, Brad grabbed hold of me. He tied my hands behind me without much resistance. In fact, I didn't think I put up any resistance at all. There's no point. One of them was enough to manhandle me easily. Throw in seven more, it was an overkill.

He took me to the bathroom and asked me to clear my bowel. I crapped and pissed and was then taken to the shower. Brad kept me company while I cleaned myself, perhaps he was making sure that I didn't kill myself. I could hardly do that with my hands tied behind me. And I didn't even feel sad or angry. If anything, I kind of felt liberated. Like I was dragged from my frustration of losing my job and put into the care of eight wealthy good looking men. Even though by care I meant constant fucking.

Once cleaned and dried, he gave me a short dress to put on. It was white with lacing at the hem. The hem was just a couple of inches lower than my pussy and my nipples peaked through the thin material. Without any underwear, it practically didn't cover anything at all. But then beggars can't be choosers. I didn't expect they'd want me to put on anything at all in the first place.

Brad also fed me lunch. Properly this time. I wasn't on four with a cock in my pussy like how it was during breakfast. I was seated at my dining table and was served a plate of spaghetti meatball. Once I was done eating, Brad led me to my couch and told me to sit. He also warned me not to touch myself. My hands were never tied again after I put on the dress but even without the warning, I was too full to masturbate. Instead, I took a nap.

When I woke up, I was flanked by Jake and Aaron. In front of me was Brad and beside him was Felix. The single couch was taken by Eric. Joseph dragged the dining chair to the living room and sat on it. Bryan and Tyrone both laid on their own recliner that they brought here. They were really making themselves at home, in my home!

"Want a beer?" Aaron asked me. He was the leanest among the eight. His large geeky glasses and his turtleneck fetish made me thought of someone famous but I couldn't remember who.

"Yeah." I said.

"Here." he passed me an opened bottle of beer. I took a long pull and didn't stop until only a quarter of the content was left.

"Thanks. I needed that." I sighed.

"I bet you did." he smirked. Even with those geeky glasses, he still came out to be quite hot.

"Goal!" The room exploded. I jerked and almost dropped my beer. It would be a bummer to taint my newly bought carpet with beer.

The rest of the match went off rather uneventfully. After Arsenal's goal, the losing side took up defense. After countless of dribbling, passing and kicking the ball, and sometimes the rather nerve-wreaking corner kicks, the match ended with 1-0. The commentator was up and beginning to cast their analysis about the match.

"Arsenal once again securing its place in the league and..."

The TV was offed.

The eight men turned to me and their eyes were virile. The sudden change of atmosphere caused me to cringe inwards. I once saw a doe being surrounded by a pack of wolves in an animal documentary. I always wondered how I would feel in such a position. I knew now.

"We have a present for you." Eric grinned. He then turned to Jake, whom took out a thin velvet box.

Jake took away my empty bottle before placing the box on my hands and asking me to open it. I flipped open the cover, revealing a strip of brown leather collar with a rectangular silver tag hung at the middle. When I read the words on the tag, I clamped my thighs together.

"Property of The Eight." I read silently.

"Here, I'll put it on you." Jake offered.

What the fuck!

Without seeking my approval, he took the collar and wrapped around my neck. The clip clicked. Instead of being offended like I should, I felt a strange comfort knowing that I belonged to them. It's like I had a place to go to.

The second click caught back my attention. I turned around and saw a leash connecting to the back of the collar.

"You are our bitch now." Brad said.

Jake then grabbed a handful of my hair. He didn't pull hard, but merely guided me to his lower region. I saw his erection, trapped under the tight blue jeans he's wearing. He opened his fly efficiently and pulled his cock through the opening. Pre-cum coated the tip of his cock.

I didn't resist but merely opened my mouth to take him in. Without the metal frame keeping my mouth open, I could finally tightly wrap my lips around him, feeling his length completely. I swirled my tongue around his tip and then stroked it as I took it deeper.

Someone grabbed me by the hips and lifted me until both my knees were on the sofa. The hem of my skirt raised above my hips, revealing my pussy to whomever was behind me. The smooth penetration into my pussy made me realized how wet I was. The low growl escaped from his throat as he sheathed his massive cock into my pussy told me that it was Aaron.

Once the two shot their load inside me, I was pulled by the leash towards Eric. He was still sitting on the single sofa but his cock was out of his pants. Unable to think clearly, I obeyed and straddled him. I lowered my hips and my pussy swallowed his massive length. As I rode him, Brad came from behind and began nudging his cock on my asshole. I wanted to protest but before I could, Felix grabbed my face and plunged his cock into my mouth.

Without the ability to verbally deny entry, my hands flew back in an attempt to push Brad away. He grabbed my wrists and held it with one hand, effectively subduing my resistance. His cock continued to dig deeper into my reluctant asshole.

"Damn it. It's too dry." Brad complained.

Suddenly, Eric lifted me up by my waist and removed his cock from my pussy. Brad muttered thank you to him and then thrust his dry cock into my wet cleft. He pounded his meat into me for a few times and then took it back out.

"Noooo...." I protested through the Felix's cock.

With Brad's cock coated with my juice, my reluctant asshole yielded to his massive cock as he sank into me in one hard thrust. I screamed at the painful invasion. I could feel my anus being torn apart.

Regardless of my screams, Brad fucked me. With Eric and Felix fucking my other two holes, the painful claim of my asshole soon faded into the growing pleasures. The constant fucking quickly turned my brain into mush. I couldn't think other than wanting more. I never thought being fucked in the ass could be so enjoyable. Perhaps it wasn't but only served to heighten the pleasure of my assaulted pussy. Soon, everything melted away as my body ruptured into the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had in my life.My body shuddered and then went limped.

But even then, they would not stop. Eric held my body up and Felix held my head. The three would continued to pummel all my orifice until they cummed. Then, the next man would take their place. And the next. And the next. Just like Eric said, it was only nine. Tomorrow's a Sunday. They had just only started.


My eyes flew open and I jolted up from my bed. I was heaving. My t shirt's soaked with perspiration.

I looked to my side and found Eric sleeping soundly. His soft snoring permeated the room.

I could only stare silently. Was that all...just a dream?

Rating: 92%, Read 39295 times, Posted Nov 18, 2016

Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Hardcore, Reluctance


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