Futa Daughter's Naughty Temptation 8: Futa-Daughter's Naughty Pics by mypenname3000

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Futa Daughter's Naughty Temptation

Chapter Eight: Futa-Daughter's Naughty Pics

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Sky Marlow

I sat in Mr. Tate's boring class thinking. Pondering. Plotting.

I had to figure out a way to fuck Mrs. Reyes, my math teacher, before my lunch break. That was when I had thought I would do it. But, of course, my mother had to find and seduce a virgin for me to fuck. She was obsessed with keeping me from having any fun with married MILFs.

So what if they were married?

I would give them a big treat. A huge futa-dick fucking into their cunts would be just the thing they needed. Their husbands couldn't compete with what I was packing in my panties. The big clit-dick that Spice the Futa-Demon had given me was irresistible.

Even my own mother hadn't been able to resist, and before she'd become a virgin-obsessed futa, she'd been the most repressed, uptight woman in the world. I swear she only had sex maybe twice: her wedding night and the night she conceived me. Both times with my dad who had ended up leaving her for a woman who would have sex.

So I knew I could seduce Mrs. Reyes. But when would I fuck her?

I had my bestest best friend in the world in Mrs. Reyes's class. Natalie was also my mother's sex slave. She'd tattle on me, a horrifying thought. I glanced at Natalie. She was staring down at her phone.

“I knew Aoi was a virgin,” Natalie whispered so low that Mr. Tate couldn't hear. “Mmm, you're getting cherry pie for lunch.”

“Yep,” I said, not having to fake my excitement. I mean, it wasn't like I didn't enjoy popping Georgia's virginity yesterday. I just wanted MILFs more. Married MILFs. That was what was hot.

Plus, my mom was just trying to control me. She was jealous that I wanted to fuck other MILFs. She had totally cock-blocked me from fucking Mrs. Matthews, the reverend's wife, last night. I wouldn't let that stand.

Mrs. Matthews would be mine.

And so would Mrs. Reyes.

So how could I do it? What technique could I use to get in Mrs. Reyes's panties? There had to be something. Some awesome technique I could employ. Some sultry and hot and naughty idea that would melt her bones. I bit my lip, my cunt on fire. The heat rippled through my body as I squirmed here in class.

I needed a way to communicate to Mrs. Reyes that I had a big dick that would make her married pussy explode in ecstasy without Natalie catching on. Mrs. Reyes's math class was next. Natalie and I had almost the same schedule. Four out of six classes together. After Mrs. Reyes, I had Mr. Claes's biology class. But Natalie didn't. She had social studies. Then came lunch.

Could I...?

Okay, okay, but how to get Mrs. Reyes's attention. It wasn't like I could flash her in the middle of class. I bit my lip. What else could I do? Arrange for her to see me fucking Natalie or something? That didn't seem likely. Where would I fuck Natalie that Mrs. Reyes could watch us and no one else? And if Natalie realized Mrs. Reyes was watching us, she might get suspicious.

I bit my lip. I needed something else. Some way to show her my dick that would be undetectable to Natalie. Something between just the teacher and me. I chewed on my lip and then stared down at my phone.

The picture of Aoi Suzihara naked, bent over a table, with my mother parting her pussy folds to show off the girl's hymen and my futa-mom's jizz leaking out of her asshole was still on my screen. There was a text from my mom promising me excitement and...

My plan crystallized in my mind.

I squirmed in my seat at this burst of excitement. I had such a great idea. A naughty plan. So, when could I take the pictures? Natalie would be all over me on the way to Mrs. Reyes. If I tried to sneak off, she'd join me thinking we were up to some naughty hanky-panky.

“Are you okay?” asked Natalie.

“What?” I asked.

“You're squirming around like you have the squirts or something,” Natalie whispered.

It hit me, and I shot my hand in the air.

“Uh... Sky?” asked Mr. Tate.

“Can I use the restroom,” I said, putting a breathy pleading into my voice. “It's sort of an emergency.”

“Oh, sure, sure,” he said.

I bolted to my feet and walked through the class, clenching my butt-crack tight to give that urgency to my step. Natalie didn't follow. She must have bought it. This was perfect. I burst out of the classroom and darted for the nearest restroom. I raced down the hallway and slammed into the bathroom door.

Operation Dick Pic was in effect.

Operation Dick Pic! chortled through my thoughts. Spice approved. I love it. That's so amazing. You are a clever girl. We're going to stick it to your mom.

Literally, I thought back. I'm going to literally stick it to my mom at some point today.

My clit throbbed as I set my phone on the counter. Then I ripped off my blouse and threw it down next to my phone. The odds of being caught were slim but it was worth it. My small breasts jiggled, topped by pink nipples. My blonde hair danced around my face in the reflection. I was nineteen and sultry, a hungry predator on the prowl.

I then dropped my skirt. I wasn't wearing panties on underneath, my shaved slit on display, nice and tight. Like I was a virgin, but I wasn't. There was nothing virginal about me. I admired myself in the mirror, my green eyes flashing.

Then I spun around and wiggled my rump. I smacked my ass, the stinging sound echoing through the bathroom. It was such a wonderful delight to hear. I loved it. I smacked both my hands down on my ass, loving the way the sound echoed through the room.

“Yes,” I purred, wiggling my rump at the mirror while admiring my butt over my shoulder. “Mmm, that's a great ass.”

Careful, Spice said. She appeared in the mirror, a busty, young demon with huge tits topped by pierced nipples connected by a chain. She had red hair and cute, black horns that peeked out of her tresses. Spreading from her back were black demon wings and she had a matching tail with the spade tip that swished behind her. You don't have forever.

She was right.

I'm always right!

I rolled my eyes and turned around. I picked up my phone and aimed it at the mirror to capture my reflection and hit record, a sultry smile on my lips. My right hand trailed down my flat stomach as I let my bud sprout.

My clit grew into a dick. The pink nub swelled forward, thrusting out of my tight folds. It grew thicker. Longer. This big and throbbing shaft that would fuck into Mrs. Reyes's pussy before the lunch period started.

I grabbed it, letting the shaft fill my hand as the video recorded. I licked my lips and stroked the growing shaft. Shivers of delight ran down my shaft every time I reached the pinnacle. It was such a delicious feeling. A wonderful delight that had my cunt on fire. I wiggled my hips, my snatch on fire. Juices ran down my thighs.

Then I reached my full girth. My thumb stroked over the pink, spongy tip, smearing the precum around it. The crown gleamed as I pulled my hand away. I let the footage record for a few more seconds, my futa-cock throbbing before me.

I winked.

Ended the recording.

Spice stroked her futa-cock in the reflection. Then she ducked her head down and pretend to suck on the tip of my cock. It was a pity that I couldn't feel her doing that for real. My pussy clenched, this heat rushing through me.

“Now, for some selfies,” I said.

I spun around and set on the edge of the counter. I spread my right leg wide, my futa-cock thrusting out of the folds of my pussy. I arched my back and held my phone above my head wishing I had a selfie stick on hand to get an even better shot.

I pursed my lips in a cute duck face and snapped the photo.

Then I got a nice close up of my futa-dick thrusting from the folds of my pussy. The flash strobed. I spun around and then snapped one of me in the mirror, hand on my cock and winking at the camera.

I took ten pics in total. That, with my video, was how I would seduce Mrs. Reyes. And I would do it without my “bestest” friend even noticing. It super, duper sucked that I couldn't confide in her. She would be all over this plan.

She would find it hot.

I sighed and let my futa-cock shrink. It grew smaller and smaller, dwindling into a little clit-dick. I shuddered as it vanished. Then I drew in a deep breath. I had to just accept that I couldn't trust her. It sucked.

But that was life sometimes.

“You can be such a cunt sometimes, Mom,” I muttered.

That's right. You should just stop listening to her. Why let her control you at all. Why play this dumb game with her.

I blinked at that. Why was I playing this dumb game? I was nineteen. I could leave home. She had been controlling me all my life. It was why I had jumped into sex so much. At first, it was all about sticking it to her behind her back. Then I just came to like being a slut.

So why was I sticking around?

I didn't know.

My cock shrank back down into a little clit—which was hard when I hadn't come with it. Could a futa suffer from blue balls or something? Not that I had balls. Blue ovaries? I felt that ache deep in me to cum as I dressed.

Then I headed back to Mr. Tate's class. I clutched my phone as I headed down the hallway. I re-entered the class. The teacher nodded at me. People were glancing at me, triggering a faint tinge of embarrassment to run through me.

It wasn't like I wanted people thinking I had some sort of bathroom emergency.

Natalie gave me this look of concern. “Feel better.”

I nodded as I took my seat, gripping my phone. “Just... I'm not sure what that was. Just... you know.”

She nodded. “Maybe you should see the nurse.”

My clit throbbed. The school nurse was a MILF. I had seen her a few times. A Black woman with big tits. That was a possibility. I couldn't remember her name, but I bet she would be just perfect for me to seduce.

“I'll go let your mom know,” added Natalie.

“I don't need the nurse,” I muttered. Mom was the school's secretary. She was way, way too close to where the nurse's office lay. My mom would have to check in on me. “I'm fine. I feel much better. Thank you.”

Natalie beamed at me.

God, she was being such a cock-blocking bitch right now. I stared ahead. Why was I letting Mom control me so much? I could just go. Find a MILF to take care of me. Be my sugar momma. I would fuck her with my big dick all the time. Fuck her friends. Fuck all the sexy and mature women. I didn't need this, but...

This dread rippled through me at the thought of abandoning my mother.

I could have gone to live with Dad when I turned fourteen, but I had chosen to stay with Mom. I didn't understand it then, either. My emotions were all so confusing. I closed my eyes and took a few calming breaths.

I had to regain my equilibrium.

It wasn't long before class ended. I shuddered and grabbed my purse and backpack. I stood up, ready to implement Operation Dick Pic into full force. I hummed with my excitement as Natalie fell in line with me.

“Mmm, you know who's in our next class?” asked Natalie.

“Uh... Heather,” I said, racking my brains at who was in the class with us.

“Yep, Heather,” said my friend. “Mmm, I bet she's a virgin.”

“Maybe,” I said, swallowing. Mom couldn't keep distracting me with virgins forever. She was mad if she thought that was a plan.

We left the classroom and, to my shock, Aoi was waiting for me. The Japanese girl dressed in a tartan skirt that would be sexy on her if it didn't fall nearly to her ankles. Her blouse was crisp and white, fitting loose about her. She had glasses on her delicate face, her black hair a little mussed.

“Your mother asked me to give you these,” she said and then shoved a pair of panties into my hand. They were striped teal-and-white. “I'm looking forward to having lunch with you.”

“Mmm, I know I can't wait,” Natalie said.

“Yes,” I said, my dick throbbing. Then I ducked in and kissed her on the lips right there in the hallway. A few guys wolf-whistled.

Aoi blushed, her cheeks darkening in such a cute fashion. She was definitely a virgin. My dick throbbed. Part of me wanted to drag her to the bathroom and fuck her right here and now. Deny my mother the chance to see me deflower her.

But Mrs. Reyes... I had to seduce her.

“Lunch,” I told Aoi when I broke the kiss, my pussy molten. Juices ran down my thighs. My lust for the girl held no bounds. I wanted to pin her against the wall and just ravish her right here, right now. It would be just perfect.

“Lunch,” she said and scurried off.

“Damn, I like watching her leave,” Natalie said, hooking my arm with hers. “Doesn't she have a cute ass. Especially dripping with your mother's futa-cum. God, that was a hot pic.”

“Yes, it was,” I said, the panties in my hand. I held them up to my nose and breathed in. A tart musk filled my nose. “She does smell delicious.

My friend leaned in and sniffed. “Yes.”

I shoved the panties in my pocket, an idea forming in my mind. Something I hadn't considered. I hummed my delight as Natalie and I headed to Mrs. Reyes's math class. Juices ran down my thighs like my pussy was a leaky faucet. The tangy musk of my aroma filled my nose.

“God, you are excited,” Natalie moaned. “I can smell you. Mmm, I want to eat out your cunt.”

“No time,” I said. “We'll be late.”

“And?” she asked.

“And would my mother be happy about that?” I reminded her.

“Oh, shit, right,” she said, blushing. “This is so different being a good girl for your mother. But I'm down for it.”

“Why?” I asked as we kept walking. “If it's futa-cock you want, I have plenty.”

“But she's a MILF.” A shiver ran through her. “A mommy. It's so much hotter with her. She controlled me. Disciplined me. She treated me like a daughter should be treated. And I don't mean the sex stuff. She didn't want to be my best friend. Didn't let me do whatever I wanted. She's everything my mother's not.”

I blinked at that. “You sound like you're in love or something.”

“Or something.” She smiled. “I hope you don't mind sharing your mom with me. I'm her honorary daughter. Like Georgia. You should date her. The preacher's daughter as your girlfriend would freak her parents out.”

“Yes, it would,” I said, frowning. Georgia was in my math class. “Let's sit by her.” Other ideas danced in my head.

“Nice!” Natalie moaned.


Madeline Marlow

“Dropped off the panties,” Aoi's text message read. “Sky seemed really eager for lunch. She even kissed me. She's so pretty. I can't wait for her to deflower my pussy.”

I smiled as I sat at the school's secretary's desk. Lunch would be amazing. I had the perfect place to have it. There was an empty classroom on the second floor. It wasn't being used at the moment. There was some debate over what to do with it.

I had the key.

I hummed in delight, my pussy on fire. Deflowering of Aoi's pussy would be so amazing.

“Sky is so eager to sit by Georgia in Mrs. Reyes's class,” sent Natalie. “She's a gorgeous MILF, so I was a little worried that Sky would try something. You know, backslide, but I don't think she would. I think she plans on flirting with Georgia. She seems really excited to date her.”

I sighed in delight at reading this happy news.

Grace's face appeared in my phone's reflection. The petite, if mature, angel bit her lip. She was a worrier. I smiled at her and thought, See, everything is working out. My daughter will start dating Georgia. They'll fall in love, get married, have babies. It'll be wonderful. She won't be fucking any MILFs.

Yes, it is working, Grace said. But Spice is devious.

She has nothing on a naughty futa-mommy.


Grace always was so doubtful. But I would show her. I just had... two hours until lunch. I sighed. I had work to do. I used to have no problem sitting here, but now my body was so alive. So aware of what it could enjoy. Sky had awakened me from a lifetime of repression.

It was hard to control that. But I would. I picked up the phone and answered in my bright voice.


Sky Marlow

“Hey, Georgia,” I said, sitting down beside her. She was in the middle of the classroom.

She blushed as she glanced at me, her fair cheeks coming so alive with the color. She squirmed in her seat, clearly pleased by the attention. Natalie sank down on the other side of me, this approving smile on her lips.

Approving. She was thrilled I was picking a partner. Neither of us dated in the past. Didn't believe in dating. We just hooked up. Fucked guys or girls that caught our eye. My mother's tendrils had poisoned my best friend. It was all so insidious.

Like some sort of sexy horror movie.

Invasion of the futa-pod-people or something. Well, that did sound pretty sexy.

Mrs. Reyes was getting ready to teach upfront. I opened my textbook and slipped my phone down, ready to send her the ten dick pics and then the video. I had it all worked out in my mind. What I would say. Now, I would see if she responded. This would be perfect. Amazing. My pussy was drooling just thinking about the naughty fun I would have with my teacher.

“Okay, okay,” Mrs. Reyes said. “Calm down.”

“Are you going to be okay for today's lesson?” Georgia asked. “We never got to do that studying last night. We got... distracted.”

“Yeah, I just came over to your house to have sexy fun,” I said.

“With me?” she asked, her eyes so wide.

I smiled. “Yeah. With you. We definitely should do it again. Say—”

“Miss Marlow, you can chat about boys with Miss Matthews after class,” Mrs. Reyes said, her Latina accent growing thick for a moment. “We have to talk about trigonometry today. Are you ready for that?”

“Nope,” I said, my fingers typing on my phone. “But fire away.”

Mrs. Reyes shook her head as she began talking about all this boring stuff while pointing at triangles on the screen. There were three different types. Why? Because nerdy people like to make the world as complicated as possible.

But it gave me the chance to start sending my texts.

“Look at this big clit-dick I have for you, Mrs. Reyes,” the first one went, captioned with that pic of me leaning against the counter, my legs spread wide. I hit send. Her phone was on her desk. I could see it vibrate slightly, shifting on the wood.

Mrs. Reyes kept lecturing. “So that brings us to the right-angle triangle. It has one corner that is always 90 degrees and since a triangle's corners always add up to what, class?”

“180 degrees!” Georgia said excitedly. “So the other two angels have to equal 90 degrees and since it's a right angle triangle, they both have to be equal. So 45 degrees.”

“Excellent,” Mrs. Reyes said.

“Yes, that's right, I have a clit-dick and a pussy,” I captioned the next pic. The closed up one.

“I bet your pussy is getting so wet right now,” I captioned the third pic, a saucy one with my fingers buried into my twat.

“I know mine is,” captioned the fourth pic. It was me bent over and showing my futa-cock dangling between my thighs, my ass looking hot in the reflection of the mirror.

“So it's easy to know how to figure out the angels on a right triangle, but it can be harder on the others.” She smiled. “But if you know two of them, you can figure out the third. Easy stuff. But now is where it gets interesting. The dimensions of the triangle. How long the lines are is affected by the angle of the triangle. This is where trigonometry comes into play.”

This did not sound fun. “Look at me right now and now that I have a big futa-dick that can fuck your married pussy until you explode,” I captioned the fifth picture.

“I'll pump away at you. Fuck you. Have you ever seen a dick as big as mine?” captioned the sixth one, a straight down shot of my cock with my fingers spread from thumb at the base to my pinky in an attempt to reach the tip. I fell short.

“No, you haven't,” I captioned the seventh.

“So this brings us to those buttons you've seen on your scientific calculator apps. Sine, cosine, and tangent. These let us figure out all sorts of properties of triangles so long as we know a few basics. It can be hard at first, but you'll pick it up. I have complete faith in all your abilities!”

For the eighth pic, I typed: “You're a math teacher. You have got to know just how much volume my futa-dick has. So you know that you're going to have that pussy stretched out like never before.”

“We'll start with sine,” Mrs. Reyes said, writing on the chalkboard.

“I know you're soaking your panties right now,” I captioned with the ninth pic.

“Now, since this is turning you on, go to the bathroom and watch the video I'm about to send you. Enter the last stall. Leave your panties behind if you want to hook up next period. I'll fuck your brains out.” I sent that with the final pic of me looking so cute and adorable, my small breasts quivering, my futa-dick thrusting out hard before me.

I smiled as she began explaining how we had to calculate sine. It was truly the most mind-numbing thing in the world. Which sucked as I had a wet pussy and a throbbing clit. I crossed my legs tight, putting pressure on my throbbing bud wanting to sprout into a dick. I shuddered, the heat swelling and swelling in me. I wanted her to go for her phone.

To see my text messages.

Georgia and a few other students were giving input as I squirmed. I was so horny. So wet. My tangy musk filled my nose. Natalie was discretely playing on her phone instead of paying attention to the boring stuff going on.

“Okay, turn to page 104 and work on the problems there,” said Mrs. Reyes. She headed to her desk. “If you have any questions, ask. Miss Matthews, I'm sure Miss Marlow and Miss Tailor are completely lost, so help them out.”

“Yep, I'm lost,” Natalie said.

“I will, Mrs. Reyes,” Georgia said, glancing at me.

“Yeah, completely lost,” I said and shuddered as Mrs. Reyes picked up her phone. She swiped the screen. Her brow furrowed. I had her number, of course. Teachers often sent out text message reminders to us on homework and even could send us updates to it.

So annoying.

Her eyes bulged. She shot me a look. I smiled at her, sitting up straight. She shot her gaze back down to her phone. Her jaw dropped. Her chair creaked as she squirmed. Students were talking, helping each other through the problems.

Oblivious to the dick pics I had sent Mrs. Reyes. To the effect they were having on the MILF teacher. She kept scrolling down and down. Her eyes wide. She licked her lips, staring at her phone. Then she shot her gaze to me again.

I winked at her.

She swallowed. She looked around. She looked down at her phone again. I loved the sight. This was so hot. My pussy clenched with excitement as she stared at all my naughty futa-dick pics. She scrolled down her phone to the end and swallowed.

She glanced at me. Shot down to her phone. Then back at me.

“Okay, Sky, do you see how this works,” Georgia asked me, drawing my attention to her.

I glanced at her notebook. “I really, really don't. How did you get that number from that?”

“By using the sine function on my calculator,” she said, holding up her phone with its calculator app running.

“Okay,” I said, pressing my thighs tight.

“I have to use the restroom,” Mrs. Reyes said. “Keep working.”

She stood up. I hit send on the final text message, just the video of my transformation. My heart pounded in my chest. This was it. This was what would throw her over the edge. She would have to have me after she witnessed how sexy my cock was.

She strode out of the room, her ass swaying in her skirt. I tried not to watch. Instead, I leaned closer to Georgia and said, “You really, really have to explain this to me. I need to get it.”

“We can have another study date,” she said. “At your place.”

“Sure you just don't want to come over and fuck my mother again?” I asked.

Her cheeks pinked. “Well... I mean, you and her are both so exciting. I know it's sinful, but I just can't help it.”

“I'm just teasing. Although, we could go to a coffee shop. You know, have a proper study date.” An idea popped into my head. A way to get to her mother. Mrs. Matthews would be mine. This would be wonderful. “What do you say?”

“Really?” She blushed. “I'd... I'd like that. Daddy won't let me date boys, but he doesn't know what you are.”

“That's right,” I said and took her hand. “We're going to have some fun, aren't we?”

She nodded.

Mrs. Reyes came back into the classroom five minutes later. She looked flushed, her hair a little mused, her skirt a little wrinkled. Her hands had the gleam of just being washed. She glanced at me and then quickly sat down.

“Mrs. Reyes, can I use the restroom,” I asked.

“You can, Miss Marlow,” she said quickly.

“Again?” whispered Natalie to me. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine,” I whispered and headed to the restroom.

There, in the last stall, was the MILF's panties. They were a pair of bronze, silk delights. I picked them up and inhaled them. I breathed in deeply and shuddered at the sweet scent that spilled over my nose. It was wonderful. Intoxicating. A heady rush swept through me that had my cunt clenching.

I smiled in delight, so eager for what was to come next period.

I whipped out my phone. “I have Mr. Claes next period. Pull me out for whatever reason and I'll fuck your brains out.”

“Yes!” was her reply.

I peed, wiped my juicy pussy, and headed back to the classroom with two pairs of panties in my purse. I hummed as I sat down and let Georgia walk me through the problem while Natalie smirked and no doubt reported on me back to my mother.

Perfect. Operation Dick Pic was a success.

When the period ended, I felt Mrs. Reyes's hot eyes on me. I didn't look at her. didn't acknowledge her presence. Georgia and Natalie parted ways, but not before Georgia gave me a hug and a quick kiss on my lips. The warmth of her fleeting lips lingered.

I smiled as she darted off.

I hummed as I headed to Mr. Claes's class. I slunk in and leaned down in my chair. The teacher was eating an apple as we walked in. He was a gross guy. There was only a handful of male teachers at the college, and he was the ugliest. He had such hairy arms and his hair was always so greasy. I shuddered at how much product he must use to make it like that.

Or maybe he didn't use any product and was just a slimeball.

“Okay, okay,” he said as the period started. “We—”

The door opened and Mrs. Reyes's head popped in. “Sorry, Bill, but I need to borrow Miss Marlow for a project. Is that okay?”

“Again?” he muttered.

I blinked at that. Again? What did that mean?

“Take her,” he said.

I stood up, my pussy on fire. The sexy Mrs. Reyes awaited me in her gray pencil skirt, her dark nylons cladding her legs. She must have had to take those off to remove her panties. I shuddered, so eager to tear through them to get at her married pussy. Her wedding band gleamed on her left hand, standing out against her golden-brown flesh.

“Mrs. Reyes,” I cooed smoothly as I stepped past her. As she closed the door, I asked, “Whatever do you need my help for?”

“You know exactly what, hermafrodita puta!”

“I'm a futa,” I said. “Futanari. Though hermafrodita does sound sexy. And, yes, I am a slut. A whore. A naughty, wicked puta that wants to fuck your cunt hard.”

She marched ahead of me at a brisk pace, her flats slapping on the floor. I followed after, admiring that ass, my clit throbbing. She moved like she was marching off to battle. She had such a stride. It was sexy. I loved it. Made my dick throb and ache as I struggled to keep up with her.

She threw open the door to her classroom and whirled around. “Show me! Show me that I'm not crazy. That you didn't do some video-editing to make it look like you have a cock.”

“You think I deep-faked it or something, huh?” I asked, remembering thinking the same thing when I saw Spice's naughty video appear on my phone. “Sure!”

I popped off my top and bared my breasts. She stared at them, this look of hunger sweeping over her face. Her hips wiggled back and forth. Her breasts swelled her purple blouse while her dark eyes locked on my titties. I massaged my itty bitty boobies, loving that she was getting turned on.

But this wasn't what she had come here to enjoy.

I wiggled out of my skirt and let it fall down my thighs. It whisked off and puddled down around my feet. My naked pussy came into view. I plopped my ass on the nearest desk, threw my legs wide, and felt the folds of my cunt part. My clit was in plain view.

I winked at her and let it sprout.

She gasped as my futa-cock swelled. She leaned down to get a better look at it as it blossomed thicker and longer. Her left hand grabbed it, the diamond sparkling on her wedding band. Her knees buckled. She fell to her knees before me.

“Madre de Dios,” she breathed. “It's real. And you're still growing. You're huge.”


Then she swallowed my futa-cock. I gasped at the feel of her hot mouth over my cock. I groaned as she suckled on me. My pussy clenched from the hunger of her nursing. This was so hot. I loved it. I shuddered, my body quivering. My heart pounded in my chest as she worshiped my girl-cock. She suckled on me with such passion.

She bobbed her head, working her lips up and down my cock. Her left hand stroked my dick as she suckled with all her hunger. It was incredible. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Then her right hand rubbed at my folds, exploring my texture.

She thrust her middle and ring finger into my twat.

I gasped, “Mrs. Reyes!”

Her digits reamed me out while she suckled with hunger on my girl-dick. My toes curled at how incredible this was. I was so turned on. After taking my dick pics and teasing her in class, I was on fire. Primed to explode.

I wanted to enjoy this blowjob longer, I did. We had an hour to have fun before I had to meet up with my mom and Aoi. My toes curled. I shuddered, my face contorting in bliss. My futa-dick quivered in her mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, Mrs. Reyes. You naughty teacher!”

She thrust her fingers in and out of my cunt. She buried them in deep. She wiggled them around in me. I groaned, my hair dancing from side to side. My small breasts quivered. I groaned, my orgasm building so fast. My ovaries tightened.

She suckled, her mouth working up and down my cock. Her fingers stimulated my cunt. Those naughty digits sent delight racing up to the tip of my futa-dick. Her tongue stroked around my naughty crown while her left hand fisted the base.

It was too much. She was too sexy with her black hair and golden-brown skin. An exotic beauty. “Mrs. Reyes! Fuck!”

I came.

My pussy convulsed around her digits. My futa-cum fired out of my dick. Spurt after spurt of my salty jizz pumped into her mouth. I bucked at the intense, dual pleasures that slammed through my body. Waves of ecstasy. Jolts of euphoria. A storm of rapture swept over my mind.

She gulped down my cum while her fingers reamed out my cunt. She swallowed down every drop of jizz that was in me. She sucked it all down with hunger. It was incredible to enjoy. I loved every second of it.

“Mrs. Reyes!” I gasped as I hit the peak of my pleasure. “Oh, Mrs. Reyes, that's awesome. You're awesome. Fuck, yes!”

I shuddered, the pleasure that wreathed my body was incredible. I loved every moment of it. I savored every last second of the bliss that blazed through my mind. I groaned at how delicious it was. How fantastic.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Oh, my god, that's amazing. That was the best.”

She slid her mouth off of me, cum and drool running down her chin. She licked her lips and ripped her fingers out of my pussy. She stared at them covered in my tangy juices. Then she stared up at me. “You have both. This is amazing.”

“I know,” I said. “Now strip. Let me see that body!”

She shuddered and then she attacked the buttons of her blouse. The sexy, Latina teacher ripped open the front of it. A black sports bra constrained her large tits. She threw her blouse to the floor and then peeled off the bra. I grabbed her tits in my ivory fingers as they spilled out. MILF boobs. I groaned and ducked my head down, sucking on one.

She gasped as I nursed on her nipple. My tongue danced around it. I closed my eyes, savoring how wonderful this was. There was something so hot about sucking on a MILF's nipple. On my futa-mother's fat nub. So relaxing and comforting.

“Miss Marlow,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that's so naughty. Let me just... just take my skirt and pantyhose off.”

I popped my mouth off her right nipple and, on my way to engulf the left, moaned, “Leave on the pantyhose.

I engulfed her nipple.

She shuddered and dropped her skirt. It whisked down her legs to the floor. I shuddered at how that made my futa-dick throb. I nursed on her nipple, loving that she was now naked. Mostly. She had that pussy I wanted to devour. To feast on. My futa-cock ached to fuck her.

I popped off my nub and moaned, “Bend over a desk. I want to fuck you from behind. I want to pound that married cunt and make you cum harder than your husband ever has.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her voice so thick and throaty.

That made me smile. My futa-cock throbbed. I was so ready to tear up her pussy. To ram into her and make her cum hard. It would be incredible to make her howl. I licked my lips, my futa-dick throbbing and aching.

She went to the desk and bent over it. Her rump aimed right at me. It was such a naughty sight to witness. My clit-dick throbbed as her pantyhose hugged her ass. I fell to my knees behind her and grabbed at her nylons. I ripped them open.

A black bush appeared, her sweet musk filling my nose. With a growl, I buried my face into her curls. Her silky strands whisked over my face. Then I found her hot cunt and lapped at her. I licked my tongue up her married snatch and made her whimper.

“Miss Marlow!” she groaned.

“Mrs. Reyes!” I groaned back.

I licked and lapped my tongue through her folds. My fingers squeezed her ass through her nylons. Her sweet juices soaked my taste buds. I reveled in them. They were so delicious to enjoy. I swirled my tongue through her folds. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. I feasted on her with all the passion that I possessed.

I swirled my tongue through her snatch. I enjoyed the flavor of her cunt. I enjoyed how good she tasted. How wonderful. My tongue danced through her folds, stroking her married flesh. She gasped, her butt-cheeks squeezing beneath my fingers.

“You naughty hermafrodita,” she moaned.

“Futa,” I corrected.

“Such a wicked, naughty hermafrodita puta! Seducing your teacher. Sending her dick pics. You are so bad.”

My fingers dug into her nylon-clad rump. “So bad, Mrs. Reyes. That's why I'm going to do this!”

I sucked on her clit.

She gasped, her silky bush rubbing on my lips and cheek. Her sweet musk filled my nose. That wonderful flavor seasoned the air. I reveled in it while I nursed on her bud. My lips nibbled on it. I groaned, juices running down my chin.

My tongue danced around her clit. I loved stroking her. I savored playing with her. She was such a treat to enjoy. I fluttered my tongue around her bud. I loved how she gasped and moaned. She made such sweet noises. The pleasure was such a delight to hear.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, you naughty hermafrodita. I came so fast in the bathroom watching your video. Seeing your clit turn into a dick. And now... now... I want your cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck me, Miss Marlow. Pound me!”

Pussy cream gushed out of her twat.

I groaned and drank down the flood, savoring all her wonderful pussy juices. She tasted so good. Such a treat for me to enjoy. I groaned, gulping down the flood of cream. It spilled over my chin and ran down my throat.

My futa-dick throbbed as I swallowed the MILF's passion. My tongue thrust into her married pussy, feeling her walls convulsing. My cock ached in envy. I had to fuck her. I had to pound into her right now.

“¡Si! ¡Si!” she howled. “¡Hermafrodita !”

“I'm going to fuck that cunt so hard, Mrs. Reyes!” I moaned and rose, my futa-cock throbbing before me. I gripped her hips, pussy cream spilling over my chin. I aimed at her married pussy, so ready for this.

I beat my futa-mother again.

I rammed my cock to the hilt in Mrs. Reyes's cunt. I sank to the hilt in her, reveling in that wonderful pussy clenching about me. It was amazing to experience my third MILF's cunt. Mom, Mrs. Spencer, and now Mrs. Reyes.

Such delight rippled through me.

My cunt clenched as I reveled in the teacher's married twat squeezing about me. My tip drank in the silky flesh. The friction sent bliss rushing through me. I could just spend the rest of my life with my dick buried in the MILF's pussy.

But I had to fuck her.

Fuck her hard! Spice cheered in my mind.

I drew back my cock. Mrs. Reyes moaned, her pussy clinging to my huge shaft. Her back arched and her twat clamped down around me. The friction was incredible, shooting bliss down to my cunt. I smiled and then thrust in hard.

I buried to the hilt in her. I slammed deep into her snatch. I reveled in being buried to the hilt in her wonderful twat. I savored that amazing pussy squeezing around me. My crotch smacked into her pantyhose-clad rump.

“Oh, Miss Marlow!” she groaned, her head tossing. “That dick. That big cock. ¡Hermafrodita! That's incredible.”

“I know,” I panted as I pumped away at her. “Ooh, yes, yes, you're going to have my ovaries spurting.

Already, the pressure built and built as I pumped away at her snatch. I drove my cock into her hot flesh, reveling in her twat. She squeezed her cunt around me. She held me with such a tight snatch. I shuddered, my pussy coming closer and closer to melting.

Juices ran down my legs as I pounded the MILF's cunt. I buried deep and hard into her. I fucked her with passion. I reveled in the tightness of her snatch. I savored this amazing moment. This was great. An incredible delight to enjoy.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” I gasped, my dick throbbing in her cunt. “Mrs. Reyes!”

“Fuck me!” she moaned, humping back into me. Her hands gripped the desk. “Your cock is amazing, Miss Marlow. Just fantastic. ¡Mierda!”

I grinned as I fucked her with passion. I rammed to the hilt in her. I buried my cock deep and hard into her cunt. her pussy squeezed about me. This wonderful pleasure swelled and swelled at the peak of my dick. I groaned, so close to exploding.

So close to bursting in her cunt.

I shuddered, the pressure reaching that peak as I slammed into her. I groaned, my pussy so hot. My ovaries tight. Her moans echoed through her classroom. I rammed my cock into her married snatch with all my passion.

Her plump booty jiggled in her dark nylons every time I slammed into her. The rip slowly spread across her right asscheek. I shuddered, her MILF pussy squeezing about my cock as I drove hard into her. I buried to the hilt in her, savoring that wonderful snatch clenching about me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Mrs. Reyes!”

“¡Hermafrodita puta!”

Her pussy went wild around my cock. I savored the feel of my teacher's pussy writhing about me. That Latina hottie sucked at my cock as I drew back. I reveled in her hot grip about my dick. That wonderful sheath sucked at me. Brought me closer and closer to cumming.

I hammered into her convulsing depths. My small titties quivering. My boobs jiggled from the impact of driving into her. I fucked into her with passion. I buried every inch of my girl-dick into her snatch and did it with a smile on my lips.

A big grin at the delight that this generated. I groaned, my cunt on fire, my pussy dripping juices down my thighs. The married MILF came on my cock, her moans echoing through her empty classroom.

“Yes, yes, you're my MILF!” I howled.

“Yours!” she moaned.

I grinned at that as I drove my cock to the hilt in her snatch. I threw back my head and then I erupted into her cunt. My futa-dick basted her pussy. Her married cunt spasmed with more delightful force around my cock. I savored the pleasure. I reveled in the bliss. It was amazing to experience. I groaned, my body shuddering from the bliss of this moment.

“Oh, my god, that's it!” I gasped, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her.

“Miss Marlow!” she moaned, her naughty cunt milking me dry.


I shuddered at that thought. If my futa-mother would use Natalie against me, I could figure out how to use Mrs. Reyes against my mother. I trembled, pleasure racing out of my convulsing cunt, mixing with the bliss from my dick.

I hit that wonderful pinnacle and quivered there.

Then I fired the last of my cum into her pussy. She panted while I groaned. My hand stroked over her nylon-clad ass. We still had plenty of time to have fun. To think of my next scheme. Oh, yes, I could feel it.

Mrs. Reyes would be perfect. My futa-mother would never know what hit her.

To be continued...

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